“I would have to be (expletive) dead.”


That was Jaromir Jagr in the hallway a few minutes ago when I asked him if he was playing tonight.

It’s inspiring stuff. Enough for a team to rally around, even. Only one problem: it was Jagr who took himself out of the last minute last night against the Red Wings. And I’d have to check this, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t dead.

But tonight is a new opportunity against the Devils, and that’s part of the beauty of the back-to-back games. Maybe the Detroit game was the low point of the season. But at least the Rangers have new problems to worry about tonight.

Some updates:

  • Glen Sather on the story today about Mark Messier one day replacing him as general manager: “If you’re asking me about the Messier story, I have no comment.” Asked if he was quoted accurately, Sather said, “What did I say?”
  • Tom Renney was evasive when asked who the newly acquired Sean Avery will skate with tonight, although it sounds from Avery like he’s expecting to be alongside his former teammate from Detroit, Brendan Shanahan.

    “I think I’m going to be able to get Shanny the puck, and he certainly doesn’t have a lack of scoring touch,” said Avery, who will be at left wing. “Not to take anything away from what other people have done. He’s playing great. If there’s an opportunity to pass or shoot, I’m going to pass to him, that’s for sure.”

    Indeed, when it comes to joining the Rangers, Avery sounded delighted, already indicating that he wants to re-sign once the season is over. Perhaps he’ll decide otherwise once he’s actually played here.

    “This is where I wanted to go. If I was leaving, this was the spot. It was pretty exciting this morning even putting on the practice jersey,” he said. “I wanted to play in a big market but New Yorkers are a little more passionate about their sports. And Madison Square Garden is center stage as far as I’m concerned. If you can play anywhere, that’s the place.”

    As for Avery’s reputation for outlandish statements, he said he’s learned how to reel it in. That’s bad news for guys like me. But maybe something the Rangers want to hear.

    “I haven’t changed my beliefs,” he said. “I just don’t share them with you guys.”

  • Michal Rozsival still hasn’t fully recovered from his knee sprain, so Renney will skate Bryce Lampman in warm-ups as a precaution.
  • In another effort to counter Cam Janssen, Colton Orr will take Adam Hall’s spot on the fourth line.

    OK, that’s all for now. More later…

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    1. YES, Orr is playing. While some of you may not be high on him, his presence in the lineup allows Avery and Hollweg to be more effetive doing their thing as they don’t have to worry about Janssen because Orr can take care of that. You may not realize it or see it (some of you), but Orr allows them to do their agitating big hitting thing fully. They don’t have to worry about Janssen taking care of them because Orr will handle the fisticuffs. This could be an exciting game. I’m excited about a Rangers game for the first time in a while. Renney makes an excellent move here.

    2. Game after game I promise to myself that I’m not going to watch next game, just for my personal health… but the reality next morning (after loss like vs Red Wings) is different… I guess I’m a Rangers fan… I have to watch it – either they lose or win… LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

    3. Hope Orr’s presence (which is totally a waste) doesn’t mean that Hollweg sits, but it probablly will…..Hossa-Betts-Orts; Prucha-Krog-Orr??? Can’t see Krog sitting..

    4. STF I agree. After a bad loss I curse the team but come next game Im excited to watch. LETS GO RANGERS!

    5. it certainly should be more interesting than the last NJ -Ranger game. that was a snoozefest chess match with more line changes on the fly than action.

    6. Hopso read carefull “Colton Orr will take Adam Hall’s spot on the fourth line.”

    7. Orr just needs to worry about skating….

      hall is sitting

      straka – nylander – jagr
      avery – cullen – shanny
      hossa – krog – prucha
      hollywood – blair – Orr

    8. Meshuggah– Ifthe worhtless Orr is skating it comes down to Krog vs Hollweg, and Renney likes seems to like Krog..and he is a moire natural C…Hate it though

    9. Sam,

      I was only reminded of this because of the Avery-Laraque situation being mentioned in some of the trade articles, and I know it’s not relevant to the current Rangers team, but I was always really curious about the incident involving Beezer and his racist comments. I never felt like the media in NY addressed that enough, seeing as how big a fan favorite he was. I know it’s a really old story, but have you ever heard a reasonable explanation for what happened? If not, no biggie, but I was so disappointed when I heard that…


    10. of course, as usual, doodie does not know what he is talking about. he said that Avery would be playing C, and anyone who has watched Kings games knows he did not play there, and he is NOT going to play C here either.

    11. Mmmmm. Messier would like to GM the Rangers some day and Sather has not comment. Hey Slats, I am a PR guy and used to putting quotes in people’s mouths. How about this: “I am ready to retire. Good luck, Mess.”

      Slats: those of us who remember you as a Ranger, loved you as a player. But you and Dolan have ruined us in the front office.

    12. Sam- I have one good question you can ask Tom Renney: Why does he refuse tohave the Stanley Cup Champion (Matt Cullen) on the point during the Powerplay. He played the point all last year but Renney plays Straka who has no shot play the point. This is another thing that makes no sense seeing as one of the reasons they signed (from what I understand) Cullen was to play the point.

    13. “We are very happy to add Matt to our lineup,” said Sather. “He brings speed and versatility to the team, with the ability to play center or wing as well as the point on the power play.”-Glen Sather

      He can play the point? Really? What a shocker. He has not played a minute on the point ALL year.

    14. Cullen on the point.. i think i may have dreamt that happened, or I may have seen it in one PP shift a couple months ago.. either way, it should be more consistent..

      go RANGERS!

    15. Go NYR I can hope can’t I? Otherwise it’s not very hopeful. The owners going nowhere, the pres leaves when he feels like, so if he’s willing to give up the GM job, there is hope.

    16. NYR– I totally agree with you. but you KNOW why he hasn’t played the point. it is the undue Jagr influence on the running of the team, that’s why, and you know it.

    17. Sam, What’s up with the Hollweg scratch again? I know this season has been rough for him, but c’mon scratching again? And has there ever been talk of putting Ortmeyer back with Hollweg? Even though the COP, PCO, OCP line was doing so well.

    18. Everyone is a complainer. Sather sucks but Messier sucks too. What the hell do you want, anyway?

    19. All you need to know about Aaron Ward is wrapped up in the Devils’ second goal. Give away the blueline to Oduya like he’s freaking Rocket Richard, backing up so far that Henrik had to use pliers to pry his nose from between #4’s cheeks. What a waste of time and money.

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