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A natural subplot of tonight’s meeting with the Red Wings is Brendan Shanahan “facing off against his old Red Wings teammates”: with whom he won three Stanley Cups in nine seasonsshanahan_73841.jpg.

Given the dysfunctionality of the Rangers, along with the fact that the Red Wings are again cruising through their regular season, one might think Shanahan would be regretting his decision to leave the Motor City in favor of New York. At least outwardly, Shanahan has said otherwise.

“They made me a two-year offer, but my gut feeling is that it was time for them and time for me,” told reporters over the weekend. “Though I strongly considered going back and they made me a great offer, I just couldn’t ignore my instincts. It was time for them to go with some other players and it was time for me to find something new.”

“Something new,” of course, means scrambling for a playoff spot with the Rangers, a process that enters into another crucial stage with back-to-back meetings beginning tonight against the Wings and Devils. Shanahan admits squaring off against his old friends will elicit mixed emotions. But maybe the one upside of the Rangers’ desperate position is he can’t afford to be distracted for too long.

“It’s one of those games you go down the schedule and look for, yeah, I mean it’s a game I’d love to win,” Shanahan said. “Obviously I’d love to win all the games at this point, but it’ll be a special game. It’s gonna be strange out there against them seeing those jerseys and colors.”

More from the skate later….

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  1. I honestly don’t give a shit about this story.
    I didnt care when Detroit played St. Louis
    or when St. Louis played Hartford.
    and Shanny is one of my favorite players of all time.
    Players facing off against their former teams just never interests me. Even when Pronger went back to Edmonton. Who cares?
    Lets just win the damn game.
    I was ejected from my game last night with two minutes left. I need the Rangers to win tonight to feel better.

  2. Im not insulting Sam, I know damn well 99% of the sports population eats this stuff up. He has to write about it, and good on him for doing it. Im in that other 1%. He know’s its nothing personal.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Another reason why this game is important (much more so than Shanahand me a Kleenex so I can cry about the refs): No Atlantic team has a win against them. Pens and Devs Regulation losers, Isles in OT. 2 Points that the Pens and Devs won’t have and an extra point over the Isles would be pretty big.

  4. Doodie, good point (no pun) except we dont have the poins we need against the Atlantic, the Isles in particular, so I have a hard time believing, at the moment, that their will be any relevance in this victory come April 8th.

  5. I’m not watching Rangers games until I see some smart moves from Sather… (like getting some balast off and bringing Callahan up or maybe firing Renney or himself).

  6. Doodie Machetto: I have herd and Shanny has said he was offered two years in Detroit, and from what I read they were pissed because they offers like 4.2 and 4.5 for the second year…not allot more…but coming to NY wasn’t about money. From what Shanny has said it seems like he left because he just felt his time was up in Detroit and it was time for a change and new challenge…boy did he ever get one ;)

  7. This game is on nationwide in Canada. Let’s hope the Rangers can avoid embarrassing themselves again.

  8. Every team has figured out how to stop the 1st line circus act of Jagr, Nylander, and Straka. They aren’t fooling any good defense corps anymore- simply put.

    What we need is a serious mix up in line combinations. A shot of youth from Hartford, 3 or 4 healthy scratches, and an upgrade trade for a descent center could make all the difference.

    What the hell goes through the peanut sized brains of Sather and Renney all day?

  9. Heck, this game is nationwide here in the states–for people who get VS, anyway. Here’s to a big win. Ok, more enthusiasm: Here’s to BIG win!!! WooHOOOOOOO.

    I doubt I’ll have to run home to watch the highlights and post-game comments…..

  10. BlueClue: I think first of all..the trade market is DEFINITELY a sellers market. Players are going to cost…and teams are being stupid I bet asking for like..Prucha Staal, and a 1st rounder for Conroy…as long as those are the terms I will be glad to NOT make a trade. and 3 or 4 healthy scratches?? Come on, that many at once or do you mean over the next few games. I can see bringing up 1 or 2 kids from Hartford, maybe 3, but roster spots need to be open, and the only way to do that smartly is with trades. HOPEFULLY they are trying…but I don’t know if they are waiting for the perfect trade or what…but anyway. There is an order of things that need to happen, and kids cant be brought up from Hartford with ought someone being waived of moved.

  11. WC- 4.2 mil a year or total? I doubt he walked away from 2 years at 4.2-4.5 a pop. Show me a source for that one

  12. Wildcard…

    I was referring to scratches to experiment over the course of a few games.

    I’m not going to speculate who to trade for who at this point.
    I know what the team needs and that is the GM’s job to figure out the logistics of it; atleast a good GM would attempt to deal and possibly give fans a sense of assurance that he’s on the job; but sadly, we’ve had none of that.

  13. This guy is cut from the same cloth as Messier. Extend his contract now and rebuild around him. If, as pointed out by others, Jagr’s contract makes him untradable, so be it. He is one of the best and makes his linemates that much better.

    We still can rebuild with a new coach, some call ups, and perhaps some trades
    (as well as waivers)…..

    When Shanny was overused early on, many fans wrote begging Renney to be a leader and cut back his minutes. Now he is exhausted. No surprise. But when he dropped the gloves against Brokeback Brashear (remember what Donald called the New NHL?) he showed himself for the leader he is.

    We need players who can play tough Shanny styled hockey.

  14. he’s cut from the same cloth as messier, except that he’s 37 right now and there wont be a lot of time to “rebuild around him”

  15. We’re not going to have time to really rebuild around Shanny or Jagr. Two seasons, at best, won’t cut it.

    Sam, are there just no more moves coming in the forseeable future? And what’s your take on Renney’s job security? Dolan still happy with his team — one that may also generate no playoff payoff AGAIN?

    I’d love to hear the other side of your blog — what do the Red Wings players have to say about playing without Shanny and about his departure? Do they assume there was 4 million reasons, or do they believe he wanted a new challenge? And are they laughing at the one he found?

  16. Coach Tom Renney won’t move Michael Nylander off the struggling No. 1 line (with Straka-Jagr) and onto the second unit, instead choosing to keep his struggling first unit intact while leaving Brendan Shanahan to play with either Jason Krog or Blair Betts. – NY Post

    Enough saying… I’m sick of it.

  17. Patrick Hoffman on


    What is the goaltending plan for this week? I would assume that Lundqvist makes the start tonight against the Red Wings but what about the remaining games? Will Kevin Weekes make an appearance?

    Your Friend,

    Patrick S. Hoffman

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    bklynblue, the only amount of money i would take is the amount it would take to buy out Dolan and take control of the Garden.

  19. David,

    one year of youth under Shanny could make a great difference. Players that are young LEARN how to make the necessary sacrifices it takes to win from guys like Messier and Shanny.

    I also agree that Jagr is still one of the world’s best, but if we are going to be sellers, some of our vets should go and we start from the beginning but we NEED a messier-type player –I think Shanny is that guy. *he’s 38*

    Also, I do hope there is a “fireRenney” chant. He is awful. He may be a good man, and of intergrity, but he is not a NHL coach. We’ve been through this a hundred times before….

  20. what integrity? yes, he is an affable man to interview. but Renney is a backstabbing double-dealer as far as treating Ranger youth properly is concerned.

  21. er, Jagoff, basically I was just repeating what others have said about him, but…

    if you judge by the very words he spoke to Pock, he might be a backstabing double dealer………….

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