Avery a Ranger


The Rangers have indeed acquired left wing Sean Avery and a prospect from L.A. in exchange for Jason Ward and prospects Marc Andre Cliche and Jan Marek.

A few immediate reactions:

  • The Rangers now have only one Ward, which may alleviate some confusion.


  • This allows me to post a photo of Elisha Cuthbert since the actress and Avery are currently dating (also, for the record, there were, um, better photos to choose from of the Canadian starlet. But seeing how this is a family site, I’ve opted for the conservative route).

    As for real hockey ramifications, this obviously shows the Rangers have no interest in being sellers just yet. It sounds like Cliche is the real loss here, and depending on who you talk to, Avery will either be a breath of life in the dressing room, or a source of unrest.

    Though listed as a center, Avery has actually played mostly wing this season. He has 10 goals and 18 assists in 55 games so far, along with 116 penalty minutes. He’ll be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

  • Also, this obviously means Adam Hall will take Ward’s place on the fourth line tonight. Avery is expected in the lineup tomorrow.

    I’ll pass along more when I have it…

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    1. losing cliche sucks


      avery is one of those pieces of crap that we really lack on this girlscout troop of a hockey team. he’s also 26 and imo is on pace to become very close if not better than what darcy tucker has turned himself into.not to mention throw in elisha and the deal is fine with me.

    2. he is a better player than Ward. but giving up Cliche is once again mortgaging the future.

      this guy is a dressing room cancer. source of unrest is putting it mildly.

    3. I kind of like the trade, it’s not like Cliche was a first liner, he was going to be decent, but I think it’s certainly worth the risk. I feel like a guy like Avery could really stir things up and get some things going for the team…

    4. Worst trade ever.

      Were going to have fun with a diving, locker room divider that cant find the net to save his life. Horrible shooting percentage, terrible decisions with the puck, cant/doesnt kill penalties, spends plenty of time in the box…

      I hate you Slats.
      I love you, Dean Lombardi.

      Can’t wait to get my MAC kings jersey.

    5. there is a big difference between Avery and Tucker. Tucker, besides being a better player, is not a problem to his own teammates like Avery is.

    6. You never see whats really happening. Jagr has 1 goal on the PP in 33 games. The Rangers are dead last on offense in the whole NHL since December 18. And Lundvquist is 7-8 with the second lowest GAA in the NHL in the same time span. Is Forsberg a Ranger yet??

    7. Maybe he’ll put a beat-down on Renney. Heck, he was thrown off the Kings for a while going after Asst Coach and former Ranger Mark Hardy…

    8. Character issues aside, I don’t think he’s just some throwaway 4th line guy…He’s been a big impact in the games I’ve seen here in LA.

    9. Love this trade. If only because Jason Ward was so useless and we already have enough of his type on the team, i.e. Ortmeyer, Betts, Hall, Hossa, and Krog. Avery brings some much needed banging ability, not necessarily toughness as he is a cheapshot artist. Would love to see a Hollweg-Avery-Orr line.

    10. Doodie Machetto on

      Yeah, but at least we’re rid of Ward. Cliche was at least 4 years away, so I’m not terribly broken up about it. There were a lot of players above him in the pipeline and unless he made some drastic jump, I don’t think he would’ve really fit into the program anyway.

      I’m not a huge Avery fan, by any means. But as I’ve done with every player and part of management, I’m willing to give him a shot before I say the deal is no good.

      Official press release:

      Another benefit from this is that the Rangers won’t waste higher level prospects or Petr Prucha for a better 2nd line center like Smolinski or Forsberg.

      Who said Avery doesn’t kill penalties? He has a shorthanded goal this season and 3 last year.

      PS- Ward was one of Renney’s favorites. He fell out of favor and I’m not surprised to see him go.

    11. So, let’s see. Instead of waiving Ward and bringing up Callahan, and still having Cliche, Sather keeps Callahan in the AHL and gets rid of Cliche.

      brilliant. future blue would be proud.

    12. Doodie Machetto on

      Avery is here to play center, not wing. Callahan still doesn’t help the center problem. Avery is a VERY cheap solution.

    13. Avery centering Shanahan could be an exciting line. Avery can bang and create some room for Shanny, while still having some offensive capability (at least as good as the rest of the garbage that’s been on Shanahan’s line).

    14. dammit, this trade has nothing to do with Ward, other than dumping salary and a roster spot, so stop the nonsense.

      this is about trading a very good prospect for Avery, period.

      and it shows what liars the brass are, and that they are not serious, and never have been, about future blue.

      Baloney lied through his teeth just a few days ago that this would not happen.

    15. Avery’s 26. Young. Not like he’s 32. What are the chances Cliche develops into half the player Avery is?

    16. WHOAAAA… Avery and Shanny used to PLAY TOGETHER ON THE WINGS… how about that for a little chemistry on a line, maybe he was requested by Shanny because they played together before… or maybe not requested, but you know what I mean

    17. WOW! Classic Glen sather move right here. Doesnt even surprise me. It really is scary how dumb they are. Too bad they didnt fire that loser Sather.

    18. Waive Hossa MVP on

      We get it Hossa. It’s Avery and a prospect for Cliche, Ward Mrek. We all can read too.

      Also, the Rangers have traded a grand total of 1 prospect over the last 2 seasons.

    19. “very’s 26. Young. Not like he’s 32. What are the chances Cliche develops into half the player Avery is?””

      Sather and Dolan just love fans like this.

    20. I don’t think I would trade Jason Ward straight up for Avery, never mind the two prospects. I mean, please, let’s make it even worse. Dump the top tier of prospects for Forsberg and confirm that this franchise is once again being run into the ground. There is no way this is even a remotely good move. And in 1o years I’ve never been forced to eat those words.

    21. Avery will be popular in the stands, yes. because he is a Barnaby-like disturber with some scoring ability.

      but you don’t give up top prospects to get him. it is long-term foolishness.

    22. Peter.

      Be real. Regardless of how the trade works out this is not exactly Gretzky to LA or Brad Park to Bostone.

      Tone it down. Ward was a zero, Avery is more physiscal and a better skater, we will see. Even if it works out which I think it may this is not that big od a deal…..

    23. Hey david g,

      “Where going to have fun with a diving, locker room divider that cant find the net to save his life. Horrible shooting percentage, terrible decisions with the puck, cant/doesnt kill penalties, spends plenty of time in the box…”.

      Wow Avery will fit right in, sounds like the rest of the rangers.

      Sather, please go back to Edmonton.

    24. Ok, Cliche is a good prospect, but it’s not like he’s a Sidney Crosby or something… We don’t even know for sure if this kid would even make it, let alone chnage the entire team for the better in 3 years. Let’s be realistic people; you may HATE Sather, but he wouldn’t have the job if he was a total idiot!

    25. Doodie Machetto on

      Avery is much better than you give him credit for. He’s not a 4th liner as some have suggested, and he WILL play center, despite the fact that he hasn’t in LA. That’s like saying Straka can’t play center because he plays wing in NY.

      Give the guy half a chance before you crush him. Ward was a nobody, they would never sign Marek because his demands are crazy, not to mention he’s 27. Cliche is one of our lowest prospects that is currently in juniors. Easily replaceable in the next draft.

    26. Right, but either way, Cliche was no Malkin, or Crosby, or even a possible franchise player, so everyone freaking out about this should really relax! I mean realistically, it’s not like losing Marc Staal… that would have been a HUGE loss, much much MUCH bigger than losing Cliche

    27. this is all about bread and circuses. Avery will provide the circus, and Dolan will make the bread.

    28. you’re wrong, Jane. he was on the same champion team canada as staal was. and the BB guys who follow prospects rate him highly.

    29. Question– How many guys at or under 26 on our roster have more points then Avery— and how many hit/aggitate like him? Its a solid move guys..

      While Cliche was promising, we do have players like him in our system, and he is far enough away where it wont hurt us.. we can replenish with the draft, and continue to build from our current prospects..

      Low risk, potentially high reward. You do have to trade something to get something.

    30. Hossa you are wrong. Staal will be on the Rangers team next yr. and without an injury for 10 + yrs. Cliche in Staal’s league, that is funny………..

    31. Doodie Machetto on

      Bleecker and Sullivan got it right.

      The BB guys are biased. They make all of the prospects out to be much better than they actually are.

    32. HossaMVP, he is no Crosby. I know that he was on Team Canada with Staal. And this is in no way a ridic loss, any why that you look at it. Really, would he have made a difference this year? No. Next year? Don’t think so. Year after? possibly. Right now we need guys who can helo us win. We have more than enough good prosepects, and to say that I am “wrong”, is, in fact, untrue, because neither of us know for sure. Thank you for trying though.

    33. ok. I am here to talk about hockey, not about my “constant company like Sather renney defending”, because that is, at this point, inconsequential. Here’s what I do have to say; with Avery or without Cliche, I think that we should be more concerned with the Rangers as a TEAM, so LETS GO RANGERS

    34. enjoy your circus. I never said he was Crosby. and neither is Staal.

      is Markov related to Malik?

    35. company line. I have many a disagreementw with sather and his crew. they have many more young D men then in the past, obviously up front they have very limited skilled youth.

      that is a problem.

      goaltending looks good for yrs with henrik and montoya..

      they need young O help…

    36. a casual observer on

      I think Sather made a good move here. As far as on ice this will be a big lift to the team. Kinda like Hollweg with an upside. We NEED more fire on the ice. It’s a good first step. With the pick we got we might pick up a player of Cliche’s level or better. You never know. We do know what we get in Avery. And we know what we had in Ward.

    37. Oh No!!! Maybe Marcel will finally move out of Marian’s shadow!

      I think not, but he does have a good set of offensive skills. If he could learn to pick and choose his spots, he could eventually evolve into a two-way player. We already know he can play D, he’s pretty good on the PK. But if they can get him with some good linemates, maybe he could be a 15 or 20 goal guy.

    38. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i like avery he is kind of likechris nilan was.would have loved to have kept cliche and traded hall instead,or oliver.have seenhim play doesn’t look like much.

    39. No surprise. Det. has had its share of blowouts on the road this year. the Sharks spotted them a 3-0 lead, and then scored 9 straight, including 6 on the PP in a 9-3 Wings loss a few weeks ago.

      there are nights when their age catches up to them.

    40. Clement just said that Shanny and Avery have a good relationship and that Avery has drawn the most penalties in the league.

    41. I like that they got Avery. I don’t like giving up a good 2nd round pick like Cliche to get him.

      Avery will give the Rangers some edge, and will be entertaining.

    42. czechthemout!!!!! on

      when is hall going to get the boot as well so that we can bring up callahan?also dump orr we don’t need him now,bring up dubinsky.you guys think i may be nuts but i think that if we make these moves we may be a very tough team to play

    43. great trade, we did not give up anything of note(even cliche) for a guy who has intangibles that this team is sorely lacking. He also would rank fifth on this team in points. He is not ecxactly a stiff like say adam hall

    44. czech I don’t think they’re going to bring up Callihan until they maybe make another deal. The genius is trying to save face with Hall, but I doubt Orr would even get claimed, but sather’s CYA philosphy is to never admit mistakes. So he’s needs to find a trade for one or both. LA probaly didn’t want them.

    45. Doodie Machetto on

      Cullen and Ortmeyer really play well together. I’d like to see them stay on the third together and Avery get that 2nd line C spot for a couple of games.

    46. beautiful pass by Cullen. walked right by Lidstrom.

      they look like the Detroit Dead Wings tonight.

    47. doodie I agree but the genius doesn’t seem to. He probably thinks he can get something for him , Who knows how that idiot makes decisions?

    48. Doodie Machetto on

      4Rangers: it’s about time we play against a team that is normally good but then plays bad, it’s the reversal of our season long play terrible teams/players and they have season best games

    49. I am just so sick of seeing the fancy crap, no matter which team it is. Lang pulling that fancy crap when he had a good shot from the slot.
      No wonder games are 20 shots total per team these days.

      one of the drawbacks of the new rules is giving the fancy dans even more room to be fancy rather than play the game north-south as it should be played.

      it is boring, and the silence of the crowd shows it.

    50. The loss of Cliche may seem bad, but the Rangers have several players that have the same potential as Cliche does. They have too many forwards down looking or a shot in pro hockey. Its not like they were gonna trade Ward and Hall for Avery.

    51. I used to like Avery’s game and potential when he was in Detroit, but his nonsense/baggage makes him undesirable IMO.

      He doesn’t fight, so whoever said he’s like Chris Nilan fuggedaboutit.

      He’s not a center, but a wing so I don’t know why people would think he’s the answer at 2nd line center.

      He’s another 3rd/4th liner on a team with too many of those guys already.

      Cliche made the Team Canada roster and that’s significant. Those of you spouting off about him being a low level prospect are full of it. Here’s an article about his contributions at the WJC with some quotes from Don Baloney:


      I love losing JWard and normally I wouldn’t mind Avery if it meant getting rid of some of the crap defensemen on this team but Cliche will turn out to be a high price.

      No surprise that some of the more ardent “Defenders of the Faith” here are happy with this deal.

    52. TWIN

      Jagr has 1 goal on the PP in 33 games. The Rangers are dead last on offense in the whole NHL since December 18. And Lundvquist is 7-8 with the second lowest GAA in the NHL in the same time span.

      The problem is offense.

    53. ohh and only leave it to the rangers & maybe the flyers or LA to give up a 2-goal lead and not get a single point in the standings

    54. So we get a guy that scores little and spends a lot of time in the box. Oh, and we also get a Ranger team that collapses again this season in the third period.

      I give them until this weekend. If things don’t turn around by then, take the perverbial fork and stick it in them cause they will be done. I would like to take that fork and give it a twist, too.

    55. This season is over so I don’t know why you would bring in Avery. What need did he address? Scoring? No. Lack of team d? No. Leadership? No. Glen The Savior is at it again!


    56. Last year was 2 steps forward, and this year we have taken 10 steps back.


      They have embarrassed themselves, Ranger Blue and the fans.

    57. they lost another tough game.. Lundqvist lost that game. ook at Detroit vs the Rangers, Detroit so much smarter it is scary..

      I never give up but why do the Rangers play so stupid. I was just thinking being a Ranger fan is painful.. The red wings going into the 3rd thought with some breaks they could win, imagine having a team like that!!!

      Goal 2 and 3 were terrible goals for Lundqvist to give up. The Devils up 3 – 1 in the 3rd what are the chances they lose that game???

      2 more points given away……..

    58. henrik was far from stellar and this team does not, i repeat, does not know how to play with a lead. it could be a 5 goal lead, yet u’d still find turnovers that lead to goals (see phoenix game when jagr just loses the puck and leads to a 1 on 1 on lundqvist)

      very very disappointing. obvs the rangers arent making the playoffs, but can we at least play to earn some credibility (and maybe finish before the islanders. is that too much to ask?)

      and another the rangers suck at- failing to clear the freaken puck out of the zone. way too many times to count where were on a PK and a failure to clear the puck leads to a goal. great job betts. *and ask me the difference between betts and j ward, i couldnt find one. but yet betts gets an extension on his contract adn ward gets traded? go figure.

    59. Avery will be the big savior, won’t he ?

      I’m so glad we traded away a good prospect to try to salvage a season that was already lost.

      maybe Sather can now trade Staal and Callahan for Forsberg.

    60. that was a good 40 minutes of hockey. now they have to learn how to play 60. Renney for the most deteriorated coach of the year.

    61. After Hasek gave up the second goal, one of his teammates, I didn’t see who, went up to him and said something. Probably said we’ll bail you out by the end of game. That’s what winners do. They pick up when it gets rough.

      These Rangers can’t. They make a mistake and then all collapses around them. It’s the lack of chemistry, the lack of will, no spirit, no leadership on the ice or from the coach, or from management.

      Back to the old days of several years ago!!!!

    62. Avery is a loser and a racist. Who ever thinks this team can win one playoff round is smoking crack. Heck I doubt they can even make the playoffs. Hey Sather, when you try to dumb players at the deadline this time you should actually try to get some prospects with potential

    63. I love the deal! We finally got some grit. Not to mention 28 pts from a 4th liner. Cliche is another 3rd liner we don’t need.

    64. Avery isn’t a second line center or a good D man which is what the Rangers needed. How does this help?

      To give up on Cliche before he leaves jrs is a risky thing to do. What was he a second rd pick?

      Marek to me has Zidlicky all over him.

      But hey Sather has made so many good deals while GM of the Rangers why question this one.

    65. stuart –

      Now who needs to tone it down? Stop eating what Sather and Co. are shoveling and get real. This team is actually WORSE than the five ones before the lockout. At least then the Rangers didn’t pretend they were rebuilding.

    66. Peter.

      I will try some logic on you but with your mental capacity I doubt it will work. Last yr. they made the playoffs and had about 90 points.

      They added; cullen, hall, rachunek, shanahan, Aaron ward and subtracted Poti, moore, Sykora, Strudwick, and I think that is about it.

      They kept all there young supposed prospects and had numerous picks. I guess I am the fool who thought those additions would help. Do you wake up to whine or complain or is it your lose rlife that causes this?

      A Sather apologist, really I hate Sather but I do not own the team and do not make management decisions.

      Sorry for some logic, go back to your rant.

    67. Since the Rangers 04 sell off they have traded Kondratiev, Cliche, Marek and a 3rd pick for all of right now …..Avery.

    68. what the hell is avery gonna bring? ok, he creates the most PP. but lets look at the PP; we’re awful on it. he also gets the most penalties; w/ the rangers having trouble scoring goals, i dont think getting into more trouble on the PK will do it.

      but yeh, he’ll bring excitment and fights. that is what wins hockey games, isnt it?

      time to break up the first line. i dont care what jagr says.

    69. Dave

      That is my point they faded last yr. at the end but played well most of the yr…and had 100 points with that rew….

      the subtracted guys the fans hated and I think could be upgraded and look at where they are this yr.

      Lamiorello is a dictator and would be sitting guys and making moves if they blew games like this. He also has fired numerous coached while they have been very good for about 14 yrs. What does the country club Rangers do????

      Really these guys are obsessing about the Avery trade, it is not that significant..

    70. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i am about to catch some flak for this but it is time to change up the whole first line.they have not done d–k in a month.jagr needs to get benched to send a real message to this joke of a team.straka has now cought what ever the f– jagr has.i have been saying it for a month.bring up callahan.renney i hope they fire your stubborn hyena ass.you are a digrace for a coach.and your team is a gutless copy of your pacifist personality.you keep playing shit like krog out there who is as useless a player as you are a coach.yes i know that the king let us down tonite to an extent,but he has earned some understanding from us fans wich is more than i can say for you who don’t deserve an once of good will from us fans.this game should have been a blowout and because you have no killer instinct in your personality,your team folded it’s tent as soon as it had a measley 2goal lead 10 min. into the game.detroit was ripe today as was hasek.but you with your stupid game plan,let them back in by sitting back on a lead that your team had no buisness having, based on their uninspired play throughout the game.this from a team supposedly fighting for the playoffs.i ask you renney,when you look at the tape of the game today ,ASK YOUR SELF THIS QUESTION.DID MY TEAM SHOW UP TO PLAY FOR 60 MINUTES TODAY?OR WERE THEY GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS.IF YOUR ANSWER TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS IS THE WRONG ANSWER THAN AT THIS POINT IN THE SEASON YOUR TEAM HAS TUNED YOU OUT,AND YOU NEED TO DO THE HONORABLE THING AND RSIGN BACK TO YOUR PLAYER PERSONNEL POSITION AND LET SOMEONE IN WHO WILL DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY AND PASDSION FROM THIS TEAM,WHILE ALSO DEMANDING THAT YOUNG PLAYERS WHO ARE READY BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.

    71. Instead of waiting and building a team they trade kids so they can add Avery to an already deeply flawed team. No long term thought by Rangers brass just the here and now and that has worked so well over the past decade.

    72. Here is what the guy at BB who covers the Ranger prospects exclusively for the paper says—-

      “I have finished barfing now so I can comment on the deal:

      We gave up:

      Marek who I did not see as a legit NHL prospect so no loss

      Cliche who as a member of Team Canada won a gold medal as their checking center and who I had projected as a solid prospect even before his concussion. The captain of the MAINEaics who was a true team player. He played a secondary role as a checker when they needed him, he scored clutch goals in the big games (ask the Russians about him) but more than anything you do not give away a second round pick for nothing like the Rangers did today.

      They get Sean Avery who will hear cheers for a while until he opens his mouth and shows how much a moron he can be and the rights to John Seymour who has done NOTHING with the Brampton Battalion.

      It is poetic justice on a day where the Rangers made such a stupid worthless deal just to be able to say you made a move that they blew the 3-1 lead and lost the game.

      Sather and Co ought to be ashamed of themselves for making this deal.”

      Posted by: Jess | February 05, 2007 at 09:46 PM

    73. peter.

      Sorry my wife always corrects me on that also.

      I just post, do not always check the spelling. But yes you are correct.

      we are all fans. Long suffering fans.. I just do not understand how everyone acts like a GM, when they have not really seen these players play(minor league and 18 yr olds).

      If you said we should hire the Devils scouting department and Lamiorello I would concur obviously they have been much smarter then the Ranger staff for yrs.

    74. tsalad.
      Avery is 26 years old, and is probably one of only 3 players i can remember in the past decade that uniquely combines agitation, scoring ability, and non stop hustle.

      the other 2 are Darcy Tucker and Matthew Barnaby.

      Averys a good pick up, i just hope we keep him beyond the remainder of this year. he could be a 3rd line staple of this team for the next 10 years.

    75. inferno

      I respect what your saying but that is the best case scenario and how many times has that panned out with the Rangers?

    76. remember that trade with LA that sent a young Ranger prospect to LA for a couple big name vets like Kurri and Mcsorley.

      oh, that young Ranger prospect was Mattias Norstrom, who is still there on D and is their captain.

      the same people on this board were probably dissing Norstrom and cheering that trade at the time too.

      and another Ranger kid in the deal was Ian Laperriere who also is still a good C in Colo.

    77. LA gave up Avery because they’re sellers (and cellar dwellers; couldn’t resist), not heading to the playoffs this season, much like this rangers team seems to be.

      Where is my friend LennyNyr? Lenny your wish came true: you wanted a Sather-like player and I can’t think of anyone more Sather-like in the league than Avery.

    78. Maybe this team needs some poison and antagonism in the room. The Czech party is long over and the Shanny diplomacy obviously isn’t working. Maybe the threat that your own teammate will punch you in the face and spit on your family will scare some of these guys into playing…

      I mean, come on, without some rare Detroit mistakes early, we wouldn’t have been in it. And, yes, our team also made mistakes. But the difference is our mistakes are commonplace for our team and their team believes they can rally just the same way our team is convinced that the slightest setback is a sure sign of inevitable doom.

      I’ve never seem a team be so casual about a lead or allow themselves to stop playing so often. Pathetic. And anyone who thinks Lundqvist playing constantly doesn’t have something to do with the result tonight is mistaken. Same way the early season minutes have left Jagr, Shanny and Co. exhausted (on top of being dead-on scouted by the rest of the league).

      Ugh. Nauseating.

    79. The tired excuse for Lundqvist is bunk.

      No all star game, no Olympics, Brodeur has done it for 11 yrs…

      Bonk……….He let in soft goals, no different then the softies in the emplosion agains Tampa Bay in the 3rd ets.

      Lets stop blaming Sather and others it is the players fault. They should be better, the players have underperformed. WHo on the Rangers has played up to his potential? Straka(he has definitely cooled off), who has overachieved.. Please fill me in on whom has played up to expectations…

    80. im saying he COULD be, not that he will be. this day and age of the cap, its gonna be hard to keep guys on your team for long periods of time.

      i think its a good trade IF he re-sign him, if we dont, it was a completely pointless trade.

    81. Infernal Rangers on

      here’s the guy who claims he doesn’t like Sather defending him again.

      talk about nauseating.

    82. SykoraMooreRucinskyRucchinPotiStrudwick on

      Is it gonna help? Probably not enough to make the playoffs, but if he could be re-signed for next year (he has a 1 year deal and will be a free agent next year… restricted or UFA?) he could be useful. He’d be the first Ranger to throw a body check correctly since Barnaby and Simon did in ’04.

      Marek was never gonna be an NHLer. Cliche was probably the piece LA wanted and Marek was a throw in.

    83. czechthemout!!!!! on

      RENNEY’S gameplan has been exposed for the farse that it is.while wtaching the game,you could tell det was confindent they were going to come back and win.while our pansys were shocked that they were actualy leading this game.

    84. What an embarassment it was to be Shanahan tonight.

      The Red Wings must pity him and laugh at him in the locker room behind his back…look what he gave up, all for an uncoordinated circus act!

    85. Hey Sam, you’re a crap writer! You should be fired!

      Just kidding, but with that terrible loss and a controversial trade, someone has to pay the price and I thought I’d beat the others to taking it out on you.

    86. The TrueBlue Vermonster on

      Love the picture Sam! Maxim has a couple good ones on her. I don’t like losing Cliche, but if Avery can use his talent and bang some heads, maybe he could toughen up the team. Tonight’s loss was a tough one. Have you heard of Doug Weight’s name mentioned at all? It would be nice if JD could throw us Dougie for a Garden redux.

    87. Sam

      Please kick Renney in the nuts when you see him in the hallway.

      I just wonder if he has any balls-

    88. BetterThansSlicedBreadAvery on

      you bleepin Ranger fans can kiss my bleep. I don’t care what you think. I am the world’s greatest punk, and you can kiss my bleep if you like me, ’cause I don’t like you anyway.

    89. Stop blaming Sather. Give me a break

      His coach, his players the whole mess is his and has been since June 2000.

    90. prucha straka jagr
      shanny nylander CALLAHAN
      avery cullen orty
      hollweg betts hall

      WHY THE HELL NOT!?!?!?

    91. So since the 04 sell off its been Balej, Kondratiev, Cliche Marek and a 3rd pick for……..Avery.

      Laugh all you want at Balej but remember he was the main piece Sather got for Kovalev along with a pick, Bruce Graham who plays in the ECHL.

      That is some steller asset management by Sather.

    92. Enough with blurting out line combos.
      It is always to no avail.

      “Why the hell not?”- Kovy

      Because it would make too much sense. That’s why-

      And sense is the key element lacking in the Renney Bros. Sather & Maloney Circus.

    93. BetterThanSlicedBreadAvery on

      what about the great Hossa. I’ll kick his bleepin bleep if he plays soft with me.

    94. listen if i dont’ “blurt” them out here i “blurt them out to my gf and she sure as hell doesn’t care!!!

    95. stuart –

      I actually would argue that many on this team have overacheived – their potential just isn’t that great, they’re not particularly talented. But as I’ve said before, merely by being on an NHL roster, Betts, Ward, Orr, Hossa, Rachunek, Malik, even Rozival to a degree – these are all players that if they weren’t on our team, would be on nobody’s team. If Hollweg didn’t hit the same would go for him. The problem is that really none of them can put the puck in the ocean and all of them have been taking regular shifts all year. Guys like Weekes, Ward – those guys have underperformed, but they’re not very good to begin with. And then there’s Cullen and Prucha, who have both been misused but underperform ed as well (Cullen is a third line wing and PP point guy and Pruchs needs PP time).

      The guys Sather’s gotten are playing as well as they can. He just hasnt assembled a good bunch of players.

    96. The ONLY line that has stuck all year has been the Jagr Straka Nylander line.

      Now after it being flat for over a month and our genius coach still not mixing it up, people actually expect the spectacled spectator to call up some young flares and mix it up?

      It is laughable even thinking that would happen till the last week of the season; playoff contending or not-

    97. Infernal Rangers on

      it’s safe to say that Sat., April 7 at Pitt. will be the Ranger’s final game, and that the golf clubs will come out the next day, if they haven’t already.

    98. Peter.

      I think their secondary scoring stinks.. Roszival can play, he is not a superstar but he is more then adequate.

      The others I agree with.

      They won last yr. with 1 line only.

      The have 6 forwards that should be able to play. The Jagr line and then Prucha, shanny, and Cullen.

      Tyutin has a chance to be vry good, I think Roszival is better then others think, the young guys on D the jury is out, the other D men are nothing.

      Lundqvist should be vry good. I do not think they are a cup team, but they should make the playoffs, look at the competition, I think the league is weak… Pick a team, they all have issues.

    99. Direct from the mouth of He Who Speaks With Forked Tongue – about Cliche on 01/21/2007:

      “We were fortunate to get him,” said the New York Rangers Assistant General Manager and Vice-President of Player Personnel Don Maloney to Hockey’s Future in Sweden. “We didn’t really know Cliche until we hired Tim Murray not long before the 2005 draft. Murray was scouting for the Anaheim Ducks until then and he had seen Cliche playing many times and he strongly recommended us to draft him.

      “Just before the draft, we invited Cliche to New York to evaluate him. We felt comfortable with the results and then made a move at the table when the time came.”

      Maloney was satisfied with what he saw from Cliche in Leksand. “He was rarely out of position here. On this team, he was playing a very specific role, indeed a checking role and a penalty killer. He played his role really well. He can though play a more offensive role, as he is doing so with his junior team in the QMJHL.â€?

      Maloney stated that the Rangers have the intention to ink Cliche before the 2007 draft and therefore not lose him. “We want to protect him, I have talked lately with his agent [Paul Corbeil] and I’m confident that we will reach an agreement.

      “He is a terrific skater,â€? said Maloney. “In today’s game, speed is an essential quality. If you can skate fast, you have great chances to succeed in the style played now.

      This deal should have been Ward and a late round pick for Avery — period. To think that Cliche and Marek were included just shows the total stupidity and baldfaced lies of the unholy triad – Sather Maloney Renney.

      You can bet there’s more to come. The procession of kids going out of town has just begun. More worthless dreck will be coming back this way.

      I hope this team doesn’t win another game until 2007-2008… with a new GM, Asst.GM, and coach. A new owner would be the topping on the cake.

    100. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?articleid=288543&page=NewsPage&service=page

      from NHL.com – article re trade. I see that Avery is making $ 1.1 mm this yr and is restricted free agent next yr. I don’t like giving up a player drafted in 2nd round in 2005 for Avery. It also shows the wrong mindset (that we are buyers in this fiasco of a season). But since I’m a fan I’ll hope for the best and that Cliche does not blossom down the road to make all of us feel even worse.

      Jane – since none of our youth is as good as Crosby or Malkin should we trade them as well?

      Tsalad – your comment re the trade for a 4th line player (as compared to getting a 4th round pick for Ward reminds me of this joke. Guy keeps dreaming of the number 4 so decides to go to the track and bets on the 4th house in the 4th race – of course you know where the horse finished!

    101. baron 34 good evidence & there’s plenty more to prove what needs to be done, Sather, Malonney, & Renney must go.

    102. right, Baron. I posted many hours ago that Baloney had lied through his teeth in that recent interview when he laughed off the possibility of the Rangers trading kids this year.

    103. Doodie Machetto on

      Cliche has injury troubles, including concussion. That makes him a VERY high risk prospect.

      I’m not saying I like Avery, but it could have been a lot worse, and you KNEW that something was going to be done. This was pretty light.

    104. a prospect and a euro we’re too cheap to sign for an upgrade in role player.

      we’ve come a long way baby!!

    105. If you root for the rangers to lose, how do you call yourself a fan(from the word fanatic)?

      Also do you really think Dolan the total schmo will ever sell the team??

      You guys live in the fantasy world..

      I cannot believe how many cliche fans there are… I bet there are as many Cliche fans as Rucchin fans, Poti fans, and on and on.. You guys want to be the GM, just buy the team. I think alone it will cost you about $400 mill.to buy the Rangers but including the knicks and the Garden about $2.5 billion. Marek is 27 yrs old and has not signed with the biggest overspending team in the league, do you think there may be a problem with his expectations?????????

    106. The funny thing is that prospect they got along with Avery, what is so good about him when he can barely make the 4th line in OHL?

      Cliche looks like a bust this season

      now how about trading Hall, Betts, Orr and Krog? And throw in Isbister

    107. I’m not sure about this Seymour kid – his stats don’t jump out at you, there’s a little piece at the bottom of this page which suggests he is nothing to write home about:


      I like the acquisition of Avery, he will at least make the opposition think about going near Jagr and provide more goals than Orr, Holly and JWard combined. He might even get onto line 2 and the PP (depending on if we make another move).

    108. It speaks volumes about our organization’s depth and lack of talent that people here and in the Ranger locker room think Sean Avery is the answer to our second line woes. I agree he could temporarily help and is certainly worth having given up on Ward for. But I think we need to look at the big picture and pray: Sather, don’t trade away any more of our prospects for 3 weeks.

      Look at it this way: Right now, regardless of the cause, Pock, Tyutin and Girardi continue to gain invaluable experience on the blueline and going into next year will be that much better and more ready. Rachunek will then be easier to not re-sign, Malik can be bought out or traded, and there will then also be room for Staal. I’ll bet Ward gets traded at the deadline. Our blueline is going to look a whole lot younger and better next year. And in addition, I’ll bet Callahan, Dawes and Dubinsky all log some time here with the big club over the last 25 games or so. Hell, if Jagr cant go tonight, let Callahan come up and play with Shanny and Avery and bump Prucha up to line #1.

      For those of us really wanting this team to rebuild, as long as Sather can avoid the same boneheaded mistakes he’s always made for 3 weeks, we’ll be in great shape. I foresee no fire sale, but I also don’t think he’ll mortgage the future. The team has put tiself in such a hole it’s already too late for that. The entire fan base knows they’re not making the playoffs.

    109. Peter.

      Very reasonable post… I hope they do not resign Rachunek he plays too loose.

      I though A ward would be steadier, he makes alot of mistakes and has too many penalties. I am suprised Witt is so much better then him.

      The Rangers are not that old, Hartford is stocked well, and they have some supposed real players in Juniors. They are not that far off. They have given away many games this yr. with dumb plays, turnovers, etc…

      The Rangers biggest deficiency is secondary scoring. The D is doing fairly well. They have too many guys who just cannot score at all. They play on any given night at least 5 guys with hands of stone and their blueline is not high scoring either..

      I also pray Sather does not trade any of the young high potential players…

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