Approaching a balmy 18 degrees


*UPDATE: No official word from the team yet, but reports have the Rangers just acquiring Sean Avery in exchange for Jason Ward and prospects Marc Andre Cliche and Jan Marek. I’m assuming we’ll have confirmation shortly*

I’m always impressed by the cluster of Rangers fans who wait outside the Garden entrance as early as 4 o’clock in hopes of seeing one of their favorite players.

Was there no one there because it’s so cold I couldn’t feel my own toes? Or because the Rangers are in 11th place?

Probably a combination of the two….


Anyway, a few updates:

  • Apparently another one of Tom Renney’s reasons for putting Matt Cullen and Petr Prucha back with Brendan Shanahan is that a line of Blair Betts, Marcel Hossa, and Jed Ortmeyer gives the Rangers more of a traditional shut-down line, presumably to be used against Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk line (Cullen and Prucha, you may notice, are adept in a forechecking role, but neither are exactly defensive specialists). What’s unclear is if the coach intends to match lines on a regular basis, but it’s something to keep an eye on.
  • Adam Hall won’t be a scratch, after all, seeing how Jason Ward was just traded to L.A. as part of the Sean Avery deal.
  • Barring a Detroit barrage tonight, count on Henrik Lundqvist tomorrow against the Devils. Actually, given the first part of that sentence, maybe we should just wait and see.

    “If we play a smart game, and Henrik feels good, then my tendency will be to come back with him,” Renney said. “But I have no problem going with Kevin (Weekes).

    Back with more later…

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    1. well anyone hoping things would ever get better under glen sather you can forget it…trade just reported on tsn, we just sent jason ward, jan marek and marc-andre cliche to la for sean avery.

      words can not describe how much i hate this organization and everyday they make my decision of whether or not to renew my tickets next year an easy one

    2. Just posted on TSN
      The Rangers got S. Avery from LA for A.Ward and Marc Andre Cliche.

      Not Bad.

    3. Its Jason Ward – and the Rangers sent Jan Marek as well and got back a low level prospect in return

    4. I dont like the trade, giving up cliche is a bad move at this point, we are not a threat in the playoffs, in my opinion we should be sellers if anything, not buyers. we dont need to give up prospects for avery, we overpayed for him. Cliche was good in the WJC, and the fact that he made the canadian team is great, and we send him packing…

    5. I agree with Leetch. trading Cliche is just more of the same by Sather. Avery is a bad attitude guy.

    6. remember recently when Don Baloney on TV laughed out loud when he was asked if they would trade kids for a quick fix ?

      well, the liars in the brass just did it again.

    7. I think it’s a good deal.
      Some added Grit, He’ll center Shanny.
      That combo sounds good to me.
      Cliche is a loss to be sure, but he’s a couple of years away at least.
      If Avery sticks and and makes some noise- he’ll be a nice character guy to have around. He’s just got to keep his act together.

      I’m new – be gentle.

    8. Avery is not exactly old – he’s only 26, so its not like trading “kids” for an aging vet. Besides he’s not a quick fix (what’s he going to fix already?)

    9. here it goes. what ever they do you JR GM’s don’t like it.
      Avery can skate and hit. Jason Ward stinks and has not produced..

      The other guys are not remotely there top tier minor league talent.

      Stop whining. I live in LA. I don’t really like Avery, but he is more capable then Barnaby at similiar times in there career

    10. Sather finally gets one right. Good deal for a 26 year old pest and banger. Nice to see the Rangers do something right for a change.

    11. Marc Andre Cliche is not even in the top ten ranger prospects as rated by (an Excellent site for prospect information). He has sholder injury problems.

      Avery give this team some attitude. this team is full of soft players with the exception of Shanny, Orts and Hollweg.

    12. Cliche is one of the Rangers best prospects. he was on the WJC team Canada.

      the worst team in the west would not trade Avery for the crappy Ward . It was basically a Cliche for Avery deal.

    13. LISTEN.
      I live in Southern California.
      Ive watched EVERY SINGLE game Sean Avery has played for the King’s as long as Ive been in the country.

      We should all be VERY FRIGGIN PISSED this deal just went down. AVERY IS RUBBISH.


      So friggin pissed at Slats right now. THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER TO ANY PROBLEM WE HAVE.

    14. anyone who says it was Avery for ward is stupid. It was Avery for Cliche, with crappy ward thrown in.

    15. I live in LA, too — he’s a nasty player, who I’ve seen score some key goals. Could be good, in my opinion. That being said, I’ve heard many rumors he’s an s.o.b. and I’ve heard he was one of the few players still around to reference race in his trash talking. Maybe Sam could ask around about that; I’d hate be repeating really unfounded stuff, but it’s wack if it’s true.

    16. Now I don’t LIKE giving up a kid, but the Rangers ONE strength is that they have a ton of 3rd/4th line players in the system. Cliche was projected to be a 3rd line player if he made the NHL. Its not like the Rangers traded one of their top prospects here…there are other guys who could have been moved, but all in all I think Cliche will have the same career as many other rangers prospects. I mean, the one thing people complain about is that the rangers have no top level prospects just bottom two line types…we all knew eventually a few lower line prospects would be moved.

    17. Cliche is a gamble. Marek wouldn’t have been signed for what he was asking. This is exactly the kind of player the Rangers have been lacking. Slats pulled off a steal here for a 26 year old who will be an RFA at seasons end and could be resigned for several years. A no-brainer IMHO.

    18. Here is a direct quote from the Rangers Website gleeing about their splendid trade today.

      “Sean Avery led the NHL in penalty minutes while playing for Los Angeles in both 2003-04 and 2005-06.”



    19. you guys are such loser whiners. Avery is a good skater and will hit.. He can play center or wing. he is 4 yrs younger then Ward..

      Cliche obviously is not one of there top 10 prospects.

      let it rest……

    20. He currently leads the Kings and ranks fifth in the NHL with 116 penalty minutes, ranks second on the team with 160 shots on goal—–



    21. Doodie Machetto on

      Yeah, but at least we’re rid of Ward. Cliche was at least 4 years away, so I’m not terribly broken up about it. There were a lot of players above him in the pipeline and unless he made some drastic jump, I don’t think he would’ve really fit into the program anyway.

      I’m not a huge Avery fan, by any means. But as I’ve done with every player and part of management, I’m willing to give him a shot before I say the deal is no good.

      Official press release:

      PS- Ward was one of Renney’s favorites. He fell out of favor and I’m not surprised to see him go.

    22. Doodie Machetto on

      Here’s the bright side to the Avery deal: We won’t be trading higher level prospects or Prucha for a higher level center, like Smolinski.

    23. Ortmyer has barley played all season…Hollweg’s job is not to score and Hall sucks.

      Ward had 4 goals in 46 games with almost no ice time.


    24. The amount of goals that we will give up due to dumb penalties of his versus the amount he scores is pretty lopsided…..Simple math

    25. As soon as he sets foot in that locker room, Avery already has more or equal the number of goals as 6 Ranger forwards who play regularly. He has more then Betts, Hollweg, Ortmeyer, Hall. He has as many as Cullen with a heck of a lot less icetime in LA and he only has 2 less then the “vaunted” Peter Prucha. Get a grip.

    26. It sounds like he’s worth the gamble. A guy that hits & plays with grit. Getting the feeling there’s more to come. Hopefully they’re looking with next year in mind. This year their only goal is to make the playoffs, if they even do that.

    27. GOT IT..

      Now counter his goals with the amount we will give up when he takes one of his many penalties-

      The Kings aren’t stupid-
      They realize that the way the game is played today, especially with the officiating, a playoff bound team can not afford a liability like Avery.

      THE END

    28. Blueclue
      Avery cut down on penalty minutes and increased his point production this year.
      Stop whining.

    29. Joey

      i’m not whining…Avery is very good in some aspects.. his toughness and he leads the Kings in drawing penalties

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