You now officially have reason to be depressed


And to think, it’s still only February 4.
That’s either a good thing given that the Rangers still have ample time to save the season. Or a troublesome thought in that they are only delaying the inevitable, and causing thousands of fans needless suffering in the process.

Either way, my advice is to eat yourself into a nacho-induced haze tonight watching the Super Bowl and try to forget about this maddening team for at least a day.

In the meantime, a quick thought: I’m not about to tell you that Ryan Callahan is the answer to all of the Rangers’ problems. I think we all know the concerns run deeper than that. But this team has still reached a point where there really is no reason for Hartford’s leading scorer to *NOT* be in New York. Put it another way: it’s certainly not going to hurt.

Naturally, this would mean making a difficult decision on someone in an effort to clear a roster spot. Or maybe given how bleak things look, that sort of decision is not difficult at all.

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    When you break down the top Ranger line you get 2 players who have traversed the NHL their whole career and a moody goal scorer who has played for 3 teams. The really good players aka Modano,Sakic,Yzerman,Leetch, Alfredson, Sundin,Koivu do not move from team to team. That is a very real reason for the Rangers to try to trade the top 3 forwards.


    John, the Rangers need to fix the second and third lines first. If they don’t produce, it’s all on Jagr and his line. As can be seen, Jagr doesn’t flourish under adversity.

    With two other lines that could score, there would be a lot less pressure from the opposition on the Jagr line since they now have to worry about other lines.

    Given what’s there now, you got a point since the Rangers don’t intend to fix that problem with the 2nd and 3rd lines which is definitely idiotic.

  3. It shouldn’t be a tough choice at all as you eluded to Sam. Fact is any one of Hall, Ward, Hossa or Krog are pretty much useless. Callahan and Dawes could replace any two and the team could not possibly be any worse.

  4. Sam …#1 line Jagr / let him pick them from Betts / J Ward / Krog / Hossa/ Hollweg / Orr/ Hall/ Callihan / Immo / etc. #2 Straka / Nylander / Shanahan. #3 The COP Line. #4 let Renney pick from the leftovers that Jagr doesn’t pick. Let Renney rotate the D and finally decide 7 from the 9, have to let him do somethings ;)

  5. Hey Sam,

    If the Rangers wind up waiting on making a trade and the Rangers lose the next two (NJ and Det) or more, will the Rangers be sellers at the deadline? If so, which vets may be traded on the Rangers? Also, will this lack of a trade or movement on management’s part be a key reason in Shanny not returning next year?


  6. The Rangers need to get a leader from within the organization. That should be the first point of order. The top 3 guys are usable trade parts for high draft picks for next year. That being said, if it happens, the Rangers could re tool the top line with players who are better character players if they would be available around the UFA in the summer.

  7. what does anyone really expect from Sather, not what you want him to do, what is he going to do?

  8. Here’s an idea. Dump Jason Ward, Blair Betts, Adam Hall, Matt Cullen, Petr Prucha, Rachunek, Aaron Ward, Malik, Roszival. Bring up Callahan, Dawes, Isbister, Immonen. Keep up Lampman, Girardi. Get a defensemen that isn’t afraid to to actually hit someone or get physical.

  9. Rumor has it Jagr made some snide comments about how Shanahans comments screwed the Rangers in this one.


    Sam, you got quotes for us?

  10. for next yr I would like the team to look something like this

    keep so called # 1 line the same
    2nd line – Drury Shanny Callahan
    3rd Line – Cullen Ort Prucha
    4th Line – Betts + open + open to be filled by Hartford or whats left over among this yrs team

    D in no particular order
    Staal Tyutin Ward Rozsival + open + open to be filled similar to 4th line above



    the keys to the above working are Drury, Shanny coming back and getting and keeping youth up

  11. Trade Shanny…and here is why.
    1.He is on a one-year contract.
    2.He can bring back some very valuable prospects, such as
    Hudler from Detroit, or maybe re-acquire Moore from Pitt
    3.He wants to be in NY, and I see no reason not to re-sign him
    in the offseason
    4.Finding him a center won’t make him that much better, he
    went through a similar slump last year with Detroit
    Basically, I love the guy. But team comes first, and he has to understand that. The Rangers are in the same position as they were in for 7 straight years – on the cusp of the playoffs. Trading Shanny can prove to be a good thing. Many teams out there would kill for him, and Sather could get some very good blue-chip prospects for him. This isn’t a matter of leadership, or anything else. This is a matter of building for the future, and the future isn’t now.

  12. Inferno, where did you hear that? Sam, you got to find out if that’s true. That seems like a really big deal and a terrible sign. Not that Jagr would be wrong…

  13. Bryan(and all the trade Jagr advocates in the previous entry): I’ll bet you any ammount of money that A)Jagr is here to stay; and B)Shanny is here to stay. Niether player will be in another city until their contract runs out. Bottom line, is that with this level of play, the team will remain barely in playoff contention, which is enough to either make Slats make a rental player move for the push(MOST LIKELY), or keep the squad he’s got. Here’s why:

    Since 2001, MSG has been slammed by a lack of playoff revenue. Combined, the Knicks and the Rangers have added I believe six extra games worth of revenue for the Garden, the latest being last year’s sweep by the Devils. And with the Knicks not looking like they have a chance this year, the Rangers are Dolan’s one hope to get some post-season revenue. Trade Jagr and/or Shanahan, and the possiblity of post-season play all but evaporates. Hence, if Shanny leaves, it’ll be in June. As for Jagr, I beleive he’s got at least one more year on his contract and is a BIG name known worldwide who draws fans(regardless of whether the diehards like him or not). Do you bring your business clients from Berlin to a game featuring Ryan Callahan? No. So get used to seeing Jags in Blue. He’ll be there at least until his contract’s up.

    INFERNO: I hope that’s not the case. But speaking from a players perspective, it’s ALWAYS a bonehead move to slam refs. I’ve yet to have played in a game where the hothead on my bench screaming “hey ref, you blow” doesn’t end up counting our team dearly. Refs can call the game strictly by the books and fill up the box, or they can let the small stuff slide. Frustrating as the officiating can be, its never good to blast the zebras.

  14. Chris & Inferno:

    From today’s New York Daily News (John Dellapina):

    The Rangers were whistled for too many men, setting up Lecavalier’s game-winner.

    “We had four guys on the ice,” Jagr said. “But I don’t want to talk about it. It looked like it helped us a lot, huh? The last comment we made?”

  15. Yep, i heard stuff along those lines Kyle, that Jagr wasnt happy w/ the officiating and even more unhappy that Shanahans comments may have cost them the game.

    Personally I think its time Jagr looked in the mirror. hes got what..the 4th most goals on the team?

  16. Yeah, Shanny’s comments may have bitten us in the ass, but they didn’t cost us the game. Uninspired and undisciplined play cost us the game — just like so many others. Time for Jagr to stop making excuses and put some more pucks in the net. Shanny, too.

  17. Bryan: I’ve always liked Hudler’s game and was frustrated when Slats chose Lee “Captain ECHL” Falardeau(who they also picked over Jarret Stoll, Duncan Keith and Mathew Stajan incidentally). He could be the second-line center this team needs and really doesn’t get enough playing time with Detroit. His only problem is his Prucha-esque size.

    As for the reinvigorated Forsburg rumors, I think it’d be a mistake, and one that would cost Prucha. Although there’s a part of me that would love to see Shanny and Fopa on a line together.Jozef Stumpel, Brendan Morrison, Yanic Perreault and Bryan Smolinski, as Zipay reported? HELL NO.

    As for Dominic Moore, I’d love to erase that trade. But seeing as though he’s clicked nicely in Pitt(more points than Hall and a SIGNIFICANTLY better +/-), I think the only time you’ll see him in Ranger blue is in photos from last season.

  18. Jagr should read his own quotes & put them into action. Let’s see him carry the team this year. He played invisible last night. He needs to grow up .Too bad Nolan is not the coach, he give him a dose of humility & some team lessons; or put him on IR .

  19. Jonathan Probber on

    I thought that ridiculous call on Shanahan – which sparked Joe Michelleti – was clearly and plainly the officials retaliating for his comments.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    This is what Jagr said after the game about Shanahan’s comment (from the AP):

    “It looked like it helped us a lot, the last comment we made,� Jagr said.

    I like that he said that, maybe Shanahan will learn to keep his mouth shut about the officiating. How many times has he complained about it this season, 3? Go cry hall of famer.

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Inferno: oh no, he has the 4th most goals on the team. You mean to tell me that Nylander or Straka would have more than 30 pts playing anywhere else in the NHL? didn’t think so.

  22. Jagr definitely needs to step up and score. But I didn’t take his comments as directed at Shanny. I think he felt Shanny had a valid point and like the rest of us was shocked at the absurdity of one-sidedness in the calls last night. It’s understandable for the Rangers to, after Shanny complains, not get a break. It’s far worse to see them then punished with last night’s game. The calls against the Rangers were completely ridiculous. Sure, Tampa may not have committed infractions, but they certainly did the stuff – mostly nothing – that the Rangers were called for.

    tdchi – never mind the lost playoff revenue. Because the team has been so bad for so long, Dolan has not been able to justify increasing ticket prices since at least 1999. When I first bought seasons in 1999, the 300’s were $40/seat. They stayed there until the year after the lockout, when in keeping with Dolan’s promise they were actually lowered by 10%. Then after they made the playoffs last year they rose by 10 %, and so this year I paid EXACTLY the same amount as I had in 1999. But that’s where the real money is lost. And Dolan screwed it up for himself again by saying there’d be an increase if the team made the playoffs (at the time they were #3 seed), which implies that if they didn’t make the playoffs there would be no increase. If the team were contending for the Cup year after year like the Devils, who knows how much more he could be chanrging for tickets? (not to mention how much more ad space would cost because of the increase in viewer base) And people would gladly pay it. But he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, only the biggest.

  23. Another Sather team circling the drain, not a surprise.

    Not looking for an 04 type sell off which is impossible, but be sellers none the less at the deadline.

    Dolan sure can pick em.

  24. 1. Sign Shanny for next year
    2. New coach who won’t run him to death with 21-22 min per game early
    3. Trade Jagr and Nylander NOW to a true contender and get some young studs for them!
    4. Waive the deadbeats
    5. Promote the hardest working in Hartford

    look to next year.

  25. Sam did you hear Larry Brooks on with Dave Maloney between the 2nd & 3rd periods? Are you going to try & get Renney to give a straight real answer on Callihan, & on changing Jagr & Shanny’s inemates? I know it’s next to impossible besides getting alot of fast talk, GOOD LUCK.

  26. I just want to see some indication that somebody knows this will not work. Something has to change and I don’t care what. Call up youth, sell this year and rebuild, fire Renney, whatever. Something different, anything, really, nothing could be worse.

  27. Jagr with all the talent in the world, will refuse to kill a penatly, throw a check, or play some rough N American hockey with Shanny.

    Would HUGE Jagr have ever dropped the gloves to lead the team?

    TRADE him now while his value is high. Give Shanny the C
    Hire mess as coach.

  28. Sather might hire Mess, but Mess has said he wants to be a GM. He could view him as a threat. But they are like step faher & step son.

  29. all of that is true, Seamus. and Jagr was traded by Pitt. for crap in return because they just wanted his bad attitude out of there.

    then, when Wash. got tired of the same pouting act, they were so desperate to get rid of him that they took crap in return, AND agreed to pay almost half his salary.

  30. Id say trade Shanny, Straka, Jagr, Nylander because they can all bring in some valuable prospects. Especially Shanny because we dont know if he would even sign with the the Rangers anyway. Would you if your career was nearing its end and you wanted to win a cup? Probably not. Also Sam you said they had to make a difficult decision but its really simple to clear a roster spot.

  31. Pens and Isles each got one point on the road today.

    Rangers are now closer to 14th place (4points) than 8th (5 pts.)

  32. the Sharks would be the perfect team for Shanny. he could play with Joe Thornton, and it would put the Sharks in serious contention for the cup.
    and of course, they have some great young talent that would help the Rangers.

    But, it won’t happen because Sather will grasp at straws trying to get 2 playoff games.

  33. Sam do they serve NYR kool-aid to he press? What’s so difficult to waive Orr? If he clears Shonny will teach him to play 2 way hockey with an edge, and he’ll help the Wolfpack. Otherwise another team will get him. It will improve his chances to have a career in hockey. Now it is about somebody’s life, but it’s a business too. All will survive, hopefully.

  34. don’t be depressed Sam. It could be worse.

    You could have the literary skills of a hockey rodent.

    Where would we be then?

    Perhaps the dopiest of articles today accusing Shanny of other motives for signing with the Rangers….little hints of nepotism…….as if he is a huge insider, who cannot afford NHL Center Ice.

  35. “”I’m not about to tell you that Ryan Callahan is the answer to all of the Rangers’ problems. I think we all know the concerns run deeper than that. But this team has still reached a point where there really is no reason for Hartford’s leading scorer to NOT be in New York. Put it another way: it’s certainly not going to hurt.””

    I agree 100% with that! I’ve been wanting Callahan up here for months now.

    Sam, any word on the emotions of Shanny about playing his former team tomorrow night???

  36. I don’t want to lose him either, because he would be the best leader for the young kids. But I can’t see him wanting to re-up with this zoo of a disorganized org.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Screw Shanahan. He had a fast start that even he was surprised by and has done nothing ever since. He’s finished and should consider hanging them up.

    I’m so sick of all of this Shanahan worshipping when he’s done NOTHING but complain since November, coincidentally when he stopped putting up points.

    Everyone wants to bash Jagr but forget about how he literally took the WORST team in the league and carried them to the playoffs. He’s not at his playing weight, his shoulder is much weaker, and teams double and triple team him every second he is on the ice, not to mention he’s logging 20+ minutes EVERY night. He’s turned two second line caliber players into top scorers. He’s made Marek “I have more assists for the other team” Malik a PLUS on the plus/minus.

    Oh no, he doesn’t play enough defesne! Neither does Shanahan except when he’s on the PK! Shanahan is by far the slowest player on the team and hangs more than anyone else. Funny, the POC line is the same thing as the 2nd line with Shanahan and yet that line was a defensive disaster, but when Ortmeyer is out there and they play against the best lines the other teams have, they work incredibly well!

    Shanahan is right up there with all of the washed up veterans that have been signed by the Rangers in the past, and I seriously have no idea why everyone else can’t see that. Lindros had more ppg in his first season with the Rangers than Shanahan.

    And all of the Shanahan defenders will say it’s because he has no 2nd line center! He didn’t at the beginning of the season either.

    Then they will say that he’s finished because he was overused by Renney! That’s SHANAHAN’S fault. He should say “Hey coach, maybe you can cut down my ice time a little, I’m a little tired.” Renney even said that he does it by asking Shanny if he wants less, and Shanahan, as selfish as he is, says give me as much as possible!

    Then there will be the North American/Euro comparison. But that is such BS! Plenty of Europeans play a tough game, and plenty of North Americans are cream puffs.

    Shanahan is just the latest post-prime offseason vet pickup. When they signed him during the offseason I was so pissed. He came in and surprised me and did really well. But now he’s doing what I expected him to.

    Now, it may be the beer talking, but I’m sick of seeing all of the Jagr bashing, he’s been by far the best player on the team ever since he’s been on it, at all times.

    Jagr is NOT what’s wrong with this team. What’s wrong with this team is that it’s JUST NOT GOOD. I had them picked to finish 15th in the East last season and I was surprised, and it was all on Jagr’s shoulders offensively (Lundqvist defensively). The team is NOT any better this year last year, and with Jagr not 100%, it’s actually much worse.

    Jagr is still on pace for a 100 pt season and still everyone thinks he’s not producing enough? It’s like if the guy doesn’t break a record then he isn’t worth a damn. Maybe if he scored 100 goals a game you’d get off of his back. Maybe.

    PS, Shanahan had only one 100 pt season(102) in 1993-94. Ever since, his highest is 87. Last year he had 81 with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. They are the reason he had his numbers, not the other way around. Jagr is the Reason why Nylander and Straka have their numbers-THE EXACT OPPOSITE F SHANAHAN.

    Trade Shanahan and don’t bring him back. He’s polarized the locker room and he can’t keep his cry baby mouth shut. You know how Jagr handled all of the hooks and holds he had against him in the game Shanny complained about? He said that’s life and I have to deal with it. Shanny cost us a game by being a little crybaby.

  38. Sam what are the rulesfor IR? It looks like it’s way around waiving or tradng.The NYR might be doing it with Malik, the NYI are supposedly doing it with Yashin. If it’s as easy as getting a doctor’s note, try it with Orr or Hall, and bring up Callihan.

  39. oh, that’s rich. the guy who has spent all season praising Hossa, and saying Zach Parise sucks, and is still praising Renney in this latest post, is now pouting like his hero, and attacking the only leader this team has. what Shanny should have done is to let Brashear rough Jagr up. why waste a fight for a guy who doesn’t deserve it. his own posse will not lift a finger to protect him, so why should Shanny.

  40. Blaming one player for this season is ridiculous. There is enough blame to go around its a team game and this team under achieved this season. From Sather and Renney on down no player escapes blame.

    They are where they should have been last season when they got lucky.

    Sell at the deadline and get the best pick you can for the draft and try to fix what went wrong this season. I’m used to that… playoff round in 10 years.

  41. No reason to get mad, guys. Because even the most boring Ranger game is 100 times more exciting than the Superbowl. If it weren’t for all of the Bud Light commercials, I might’ve passed out from watching the most terrible Superbowl that I can remember.

  42. Let’s get to the fact here….Rangers are back to their old habits of being underacheivers and there’s only one solution…Renney MUST go and they have to bring in a coach who will lead this team on how to play and play with pride!

    Don’t expect to see Shanny wearing a Rangers Jersey next year either if this is the way the team is going to play.

  43. Split up the Jagr, Nylander, Straka line. Call up Callahan. Put Straka back at his natural position, center. Put Prucha on the first line.

    Prucha-Straka-Jagr (Czech Line).

    Callahan-Nylander-Shanahan (Nyllanahan Line).

    Better chemistry = goals scored.

  44. I actually tend to agree with Doodie to a degree. I think what I see is people looking at Shanahan and seeing Messier, but you’re seeing the Messier you saw when he was 38, 39 as well. So he talks a good game and some of his actions help pull the team together for brief spell. But he is not the Mark Messier of the early 1990’s, who not only talked a big game but went out on the ice and led the league in scoring and single-handedly won a game six and literally willed the Rangers to a Cup. Yes, Shanahan played a huge role in Detroit. That started almost 10 years ago.

    Jagr leads in a completely different way than Messier did – he actually does not say much but tries to lead through his play. Unfortunately right now he’s not getting it done at all. Huge problem number one – then when he doesn’t play well, Straka and Nylander are ineffective as well. To say the remainder of the team is underachieving is to make a completely wrong evaluation of them: the remainder of the squad is actually overachieveing merely by being in the NHL. Hossa, Hall, Krog, Orr, Ward, Betts – these guys are all fourth liners or AHLers at best. The defense is made up entirely of #4, 5, 6 ,7 and even 8 derfensemen.

    It may be Jagr’s fault that he’s not doing more, but it certainly isnt his fault that when he is unable to deliver there’s nobody else on the team even remotely capable of picking it up.

  45. Guys look at the bright side. They played 4 young D men yesterday.

    They ahve a very good young goalie, and Hartford has plenty of good young players.

    Staal will be on the team next yr. and they are not that far off.

    If; Cullen, Prucha, Hall( done absolutely nothing), and Jagr(been hurt) just played close to last yr. they would have 12 more points..

  46. Using Jagr and Shanny as examples.

    Jagr isn’t scoring on the PP, this season only 4 PP goals and Shanahan isn’t scoring at ES only 9 goals. Combine that with no player on the bottom six scores at all and this club doesn’t put a lot in the net. There d isn’t strong enough for that so they lose games. Blame all over imo.

  47. officiating-

    The officiating in this league bahlows! Shanahan can say what he wants, he’s the guy that got this league even playing again, he’s the guy the team looks to for leadership and he’s the guy with the rings around his fingers, and he’s the guy other teams aren’t paying $5 million a year to have OFF their roster.

    Last time I checked Shanny is the guy who drops the gloves, sticks up for his teammates and his team.

    The officiating against the Rangers is beyond ridiculous. That penalty against Prucha the other night against TO during the scrap along the bench boards? Pahlease. 10 minor penalties against in the Tampa game? A joke and Shanny should call the refs on it, because they do stink.

    There is no fire whatsoever from Renney or Jagr, nothing. No emotion whatsoever from this team unless Shanahan/Hollweg/Orts/Toots/Henrik does something. I’ll take a player who inspires others over Jagr any day of the week, Jagr doesn’t inspire me one bit.

  48. Longtimerangerfan on

    Doodie wrote:
    Everyone wants to bash Jagr but forget about how he literally took the WORST team in the league and carried them to the playoffs. He’s not at his playing weight, his shoulder is much weaker, and teams double and triple team him every second he is on the ice, not to mention he’s logging 20+ minutes EVERY night. He’s turned two second line caliber players into top scorers. He’s made Marek “I have more assists for the other team� Malik a PLUS on the plus/minus.

    Let me see if I have this right, he (Jagr) took the WORST team in the league and carried them to the playoffs…I seem to recall that the Rangers, for most of the year, had some of the best penalty killing in the league, good thing that he was killing penalties…and Lundquist was near the top of the goalies with his SV. pct. and GA avg Jagr helped there too. Hmmm, you’re right, he did it all himself…sorry I missed that. Damn that Devil’s player that got in the way of his flailing arm that dislocated his shoulder in the playoffs. He could have carried us all the way to the “Cup” if not for that.

    Jagr’s a GREAT player but it pisses me off when it’s said that HE carried us to the playoffs.

  49. Longtimerangerfan on

    Doodie wrote:
    Now, it may be the beer talking, but I’m sick of seeing all of the Jagr bashing, he’s been by far the best player on the team ever since he’s been on it, at all times.

    I hope it’s the beer talking…go sober up!

  50. Doodie:

    “Now, it may be the beer talking, but I’m sick of seeing all of the Jagr bashing, he’s been by far the best player on the team ever since he’s been on it, at all times.”

    Yup. It’s the beer. Do you kiss your Jagr poster every night before you turn in?

    Nylander’s horrible play is killing the first line. Passing up golden open shots, peeling back into the defensive zone, spinning like a top until he loses the puck, mindless penalties late in games…

    Get him out of there, put in Prucha at LW with Straka at Center, and that line will start scoring again.

    We still need Immonen to center line #2. That’s the only logical option to patch things until the season’s over without giving up the farm.

    I guess unlike Hossa, Immo doesn’t have any incriminating photos of Renney.

  51. Here is the math. The Rangers have 32 games remaining this season. 16 of the remaining 32 regular season games the Rangers have left to play are against teams that are as of today in a playoff spot (one of the top 16 teams in the league). That means the Rangers will be playing half their games against current playoff teams. This is how it looks down the stretch for the Rangers:

    (p) denotes team currently in a playoff spot

    NYI – 4 games
    Pittsburgh(p) – 4 games
    Montreal (p) – 3 games
    NJ (p)- 3 games
    Philly – 3 games
    Carolina (p)- 2 games
    Boston – 2 games
    Detroit (p)- 1 game
    Tampa Bay (p)- 1 game
    Washington – 1 game
    Chicago – 1 game
    Columbus – 1 game
    St. Louis – 1 game
    Ottawa (p)- 1 game
    Atlanta (p)- 1 game
    Toronto – 1 game

    Another note, there are 10 games remaining before the Feb. 27th trade deadline. Of those 10 games, 6 are against current playoff teams (Det, NJ, TB, Car).

    Who still thinks the Rangers will still make the playoffs now?

  52. I would gladly trade Jagr for just about anyone. Why is Jagr captain again? I’ve never seen him once say anything of value in recent interviews. Most of the time he just mopes around and says “I don’t know” to reporters. Does anyone think that if Shanny was getting pushed around, Jagr would drop his gloves? I can’t even remember a recent game where Jagr has thrown a decent check. When the puck is in the defensive zone, he’s usually just waiting by the blue line, standing still. Maybe he should go cherry pick, since it seems to be all he wants to do anyway.

  53. Jagr will not be traded. His contract terms are extremely favorable to the rangers, and exremely unfavorable to anyone else.

    even though his contract ends next year, he will almost deffinitely meet the incentive laden option requirement and he will be on the hook through the 08-09 season.

    currently, the caps are paying close to half of jagr’s salary. however, if jagr gets traded, the team acquiring him will have to pay the entire salary. not sure why this agreement was made like this, but that’s how it is. the meaning? jagr is a great bargain, and he is also nearly untradable, as few teams can or want to acquire a player making the maximum with 2 more years on his contract.

    besides, jagr’s not the problem. maybe he is symbolic of a greater problem. but it’s certanily not jagr’s fault that sather abandoned mostly all semblence of a rebuild this year.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    longtimerangferfan: I gave lundqvist his due for the defensive side of the game, I said Jagr was the entire offense.

    I’m not defending anyone but Jagr. I hate Renney and Sather for how much WORSE they’ve managed to make the team even with the ability to have easily made the playoffs this year because of how mediocre MOST of the teams in the East are. If Jagr was leading the league in points right now, no one would be complaining. Instead he’s tenth and everyone is calling for his head. Let’s not forget that he also has turned Straka and Nylander into ppg players and that they have the highest producing line in the NHL.

    PS, Shanahan lovers: He’s in Callahan’s spot (2nd line RW). Trade him now and you’ll have all of the space for Callahan that you need.

  55. “besides, jagr’s not the problem. ”

    1 PP goal in the last 33 games. and it is run HIS way.

    and Malik the geek is his creation. taking a job away from a kid.

    He was the problem in Pitt, and he was the problem in Wash.

    That is why they traded him.

    etc. etc. etc.

  56. is it possible Rozival & Nylander don’t shoot much because they are mostly looking to pass it to Jagr or he wants them to pass it to him?

  57. do the math, they are scoring much especially on the pp which means they have to improve their offense . WRONG if they play team D & keep the goals against down , they’ll have a much better chance to win. Take a look at the arch enemy njd, 29 of 52 have been decided by 1 goal and 12 more by 2 goals. So 41 out of 52 were close . The difference between them & the NYR is 7 wins which = 14 points. If the NYR play TEAM D their chances of winning wll increase, without it usually they will lose.Boring maybe, but a win or a tie are points.

  58. Sam please give Mr. Renney a copy of Larry Brooks’ article in today’s NYPost. Maybe you can talk him into trying at least some of it.

  59. StedEd – good lines!


    How about that?

  60. bvklynblue –

    The Rangers have done a great job of keeping the goals against to a minimum – they’re tied for third in the Conference right now for lowest GAA. The problem is they are not scoring. Lundqvist rarely gives up more than 2 goals and yet they are below .500 over the most recent stretch. They’ve lost games 2-1, 1-0, 3-1 (with an empty netter) and 3-2. They are not scoring AT ALL.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a complete reversal of the beginning of the season. At the beginning, we were scoring like crazy, but Lunndqvist was mediocre (Weekes was actually pretty solid, not anymore though). Now the offense is anemic while Lundqvist has gotten back to his Vezina and Calder nominee form. If we could get them both lined up, we’d be in great shape.

  62. Peter ga NYR 154,njd 127, ott 147, nash 136, det 127, cal 133, van 136, minn 137, ana 135, sanj 123, dal 130, .they not scoring, so keeping teams to 2 or less should be their objective.

  63. you dont need to trad Shanny to bring up Callahan, he could just be moved to his natural position at left wing. He is a great player for the youngsters to learn from.

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