Another big one. No, really, this time we mean it….


And now for our daily recitation of the obvious:

You would be correct in saying tonight is another essential game, even more so given that the Rangers lost their “last essential game”:, to Toronto on Wednesday.


For those of you who have already scanned the standings (and then had a good cry), you know that Tampa Bay is one of three teams four points ahead of the Rangers for the last spots in the playoff race. Yes, the Lightning have played two more games than the Rangers while Carolina has played three more games (Pittsburgh has played one less). But it doesn’t change the fact that another loss tonight could be devastating.

And believe it or not, at this stage in the season, the ramifications have less to do with the Rangers literally falling out of playoff race as it does the *perception* that they’re falling out of the playoff race. Consider the difference. We’ve already talked at length about how this isn’t the most mentally strong of teams. So to think that they would have the consititution to just buckle down once the going got really tough is probably a stretch.

And let’s not discount the fact that the team faces Detroit and the Devils on back-to-back nights at the start of next week, so it’d be very easy to see a two-game losing streak suddenly become four.

And to think, I’m generally an upbeat guy.

Meanwhile, some updates:

  • For those of you calling for a youth movement, you’re getting one of sorts tonight, with Thomas Pock, Daniel Girardi, and Bryce Lampman all set for a baptism by fire against Martin St. Louis, Vincent Lecavalier, and Co. If at any point tonight those three start pining for the good old days against the Sound Tigers, you can understand why.
  • In a related story, this might not be the best night for Kevin Weekes to shake off the rust, so Henrik Lundqvist will be in goal.
  • As we expected, Ryan Hollweg’s stint in the press box was short-lived, and he’ll be back in the lineup tonight.

    OK, that’s all for now…

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    1. from a friend, he said it might be a 3 way. I told maybe what he heard was the skipper was with Ginger & Maryann; the Profeesor & Gilligan are going to be jealous. But I wouldn’t doubt old glennie is panicing to get vets.

    2. What 3 way? Looks like the young D can show their worth tonight. Tuytin, Girardi, Pock and Lampman, now if only there were some youngsters in the forward positions and im not talking about Hollweg, Betts and Hossa, I mean ones with a little more talent…..Calahan.

    3. czechthemout!!!!! on

      yeah,glennie must haveswallowed his cigar when he heard malikenstein was ir’rd.and now rozy not playing,my god what has the world come too.i will tell you one thing,if they get blown out tonite,the wildcard”s of the world will come out to tell us “see what happens when you go with a young squad.i for one would change our strategy for tonight’s game.i would go to an allout offensive game.i think we can go head to head against up the game.i would take my chances with the king against holmquist tonight.

    4. they’re looking for a center for Shanny & probably a D man. They don’t really trust the kids. The genius is a vet lover & so are his croonies renney & maloney.

    5. czeck did you read Wildcards post about putting Shanny in Jagr’s spot. He’s cut down or kicked the kool-aid. He was even looking for more kids up front. No wonger glennie is on the phones, he lost his last fan!

    6. bklynblue February 3rd, 2007 at 1:26 pm

      “word from Tampa, the genius sather is on the phone with Edmonton & Pittsburg.�

      What if I told you he’s getting Crosby and Malkin from Pittsburgh for Hall and Hossa? WOuld you forgive his past…and present indiscretions??

    7. czechthemout!!!!! on

      the problem is lampman sucks.i wish they would bring up baranka instead,but i don,t really think he is ready though.maybe lifiton.he has some positional issues but he is tough and is a good skater too.

    8. In the last 10 games, our problem has been more in scoring goal s than in giving them up; albeit a lack of good defense. The King has kept us in almost every game in the recent stretch.

      What we clearly need is a shot of youth in the offensive game. I don’t understand why this is taking so long to be addressed!

    9. czechthemout!!!!! on

      lennynyr-that trade woukd only happen in bizzaro land.the trade that is comming is more like cally,dubinsky and staal for pisani and a 3 round pick.

    10. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wilcard has stopped drinking the nutra sweet kool aid. he’s now sarted drinking the old fashioned kind.even his spelling has improved.

    11. Bill Chadwick — Many times remember him telling the story of his difficulties with the Rocket. Rocket would refer to Bill as one of the three blind mice and each time, Richard’s penalty minutes would increase.

      Bill was a classic.

      “Hit em with your pocketbook� was another favorite. Harry Howell and Carol Vadnais were the usual recipients.

    12. Longtimerangerfan on


      I think the playing of “three blind mice” was banned from being played at any arena because of that.

    13. Longtimerangerfan on

      I for one, would like the NHL to go back to a one referee system…to damn many people out on the ice.

    14. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i agree.another dumb dicision by the owners.they could just aseasily give the linesman the ability to call penalties and have more room out there on the ice.

    15. Longtimerangerfan on

      This fromn Dellapina’s blog:

      So Bryce Lampman will get a spot in the lineup on defense for the Rangers tonight. And the just-recalled 24-year-old will pair with Aaron Ward. Fedor Tyutin and Daniel Girardi will reunite as Thomas Pock and Karel Rachunek form the third tandem against the Lightning.

      Marek Malik took part in the entire morning skate and then did some extra work with the forward scratches (Adam Hall and Colton Orr.) But Malik said he knew he had done some significant damage to his right shoulder when he landed on it during the second period of Wednesday’s home loss to Toronto.

      It turns out Malik sprained ligaments in his A-C joint, the same injury he suffered against the Devils late last season that caused him to miss seven games in March and April. Malik said the injury isn’t as severe this time and he expects to return when he comes of IR in time for Tampa Bay’s visit to the Garden Friday.

      * * *

      Jason Krog gets another chance to center Brendan Shanahan tonight as Tom Renney shuffled two of his forward lines at the morning skate. The Straka-Nylander-Jagr and Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer lines stay together. Krog centers Marcel Hossa and Shanahan with Ryan Hollweg and Jason Ward returning to the lineup to flank Blair Betts on a fourth line.

      * * *

      Pock said that he was told by assistant coach Perry Pearn that he and Girardi were dropped from the rotation late in Wednesday’s game just as a normal shortening of the bench, not as a punishment for letting Mats Sundin get behind him on the deciding goal.

      But Pock and Pearn did go over that goal.

      “Should we both have made better plays? Of course,� Pock said of himself and partner Rachunek. “Should I have been further back? Of course. But, looking at it, he cheated a bit. He’s one of the best players in the game and I’m sure he did it on purpose and I’m sure he knew what was going on.

      “That’s the difference between 15 years’ experience and 15 games.�

      * * *

    16. Longtimerangerfan on

      Malik said he knew he had done some significant damage to his right shoulder when he landed on it during the second period of Wednesday’s home loss to Toronto.

      More likely when Savard knocked him on his keester.

    17. Longtimerangerfan on

      Henrik Lundqvist will face his understudy on the Swedish national team, Johan Holmqvist, who was drafted by the Rangers back in 1997 and made four appearances as a Ranger between 2000 and 2002. After his shutout of Carolina Thursday night, Holmqvist is 7-1 in his last eight starts, with 17 goals against in that time. Lundqvist has given up only 13 goals in his last seven decisions, but is only 3-4 in those games because the Rangers have scored only two goals in three of the losses and were already down 4-0 in his fourth loss before coming back to tag him with the decision by scoring four goals in a 6-4 result against Ottawa.

    18. Sam run this by Renney…Wildcard
      February 3rd, 2007 at 2:27 am
      czechthemout!!!!! : I agree…Renney needs to start being proactive. I say he should tell Jagr its time to take one for the team AND do something for the team. I say, don’t go and find a center for Shanny…put him in Jagrs spot on the top line. Jagr can produce with just about anyone…and can play a lot of min. SO, put him with Betts and Hossa, not allot of offense out of that line, but it cant be left alone with Jagr out there, that would probably give the Straka/Nylander/SHanny line more space, or the COP line more space, than since JJ can handle bigger min, you double shift him in Orts spot on the 3rd line, he will get the PP time, and he can even step in for Shanny now and again, just to keep the other team on its toes. I don’t know if that idea would work, but I think its a kink that Renney hasn’t tried…

    19. Malik knew he was hurt & either he didn’t tell Renney or he did , so he played injured when they needed a goal while Pock & Rachunek sat it out. Great idea!

    20. Doodie Machetto on

      “touche to you hyeena from pock.”

      I don’t think he was taking a jab at Renney, I think he was just pointing out the cleverness of Mats Sundin.

    21. Ranger Rebuilding: True Rebuilding!

      We are in 10th and it is looking hard and harder to just make that 8th spot. 8th spot = first round ko.

      1. Approach Shanny. Tell him the plan. Ask him to sign for next year, Captain the ship, and teach the young players. Remind him that NY will love and respect him for it. Give him 2 years if need be.

      2. Jagr sells now. Jagr brings a bounty of talent. He would be THE final piece to one team close enough to the cup.

      3. Go public. tell the fans what the plan is. New coach is Mark Messier. Give him full power for rebuilding. Have him go public with our plan.

      4. Nylander would also bring in something strong and young. I would look to grab a young, strong defensive d-man from a team who is THIS close to the Cup and who’s city is yearning for it.

      5. Give full assurance to Shanny that inspite of all the young players who will be auditioning in Feb-March-April (including bringing up Staal to Hartford after his season is done and if he plays well, some time at MSG) that we WILL aggressively pursue a free agent to play center for him should no young player fill that slot.

      6. Let the waivers/trade offs begin in earnest.

      7. Take the muzzles of the announcers. Let them mix it up strongly….it is interesting.

      any agree?

      Sam, am I certifiable? time to blue-paper himself?

    22. Sorry, more Renney criticism here. Weekes should never have been sitting for so long to GET rusty in the first place.

    23. “New coach is Mark Messier”

      Everyone loves Mess, but lets not forget how he was more about his cronies and less about youth than anyone near the end of his career. I would be very concerned that mess would be even worse than Renney as far as playing favorites goes. From his comments, it seems like Mess wants to GM more than coach anyway.

      I’d like to see a young coach with some fire that we can build around in the vein of a Laviolette. Building around a coach is just as important as building around a player.

    24. both the Pens and Isles have already won today, so the Rangers have now fallen to 11th place.

    25. According to Renney he has mapped out the goalie starts back in Sep. In this stretch HL plays 20 straight.

    26. It was Pock and Girardi who sat out after Sundin scored the other night. Did seem ridiculous, especially with Malik injured, though he must not have told Renney. … Hannu Pikkarainen is a Finnish defenseman who was to start his North American career this season but sustained a dislocated shoulder in the Rangers’ prospects tournament in September in Traverse City, Mich. He had surgery and rehabbed in Finland for four months, then joined the Wolf Pack and has been working out. It’s usually a 4-6 month recovery, and he hopes to return in early March.

    27. I wouldn’t mind getting Jarrett Stoll from Edm. a 24 yo C who has experience as a good 2nd line C, and he also has a blast from the point as PP point man.

      trading for a YOUNG center like that would be OK to me.

    28. 1. * Buffalo 53 74
      2. * New Jersey 52 68
      3. * Atlanta 54 66
      4. Montreal 52 62
      5. Ottawa 53 62
      6. Pittsburgh 51 60
      7. Tampa Bay 53 58
      8. Carolina 54 58
      9. Toronto 52 56
      10. NY Isles 52 56
      11. NY Rangers 51 54
      12. Florida 53 50
      13. Washington 53 49
      14. Boston 50 48
      15. Philadelphia 51 31

    29. Another Bill Chadwick story…

      Bruce Hood was a referee in the late ‘70s. He was nicknamed “turn-em loose Bruce� after a NYC judge who refused to jail convicted criminals. Hood used to let ‘em play, with few penalties, hence the nickname.

      During a very intense game (I think it was vs. Toronto), there were a number of scrums. This went on for quite some time. There was almost no action except for the constant wrestling after each stoppage. The game was really dragging on. Finally, an exasperated Hood pointed at a Leaf and motioned to the penalty box.

      Chadwick blurted out (between sips and hiccups) “They had better be careful… if Hood gets that finger warmed up, they’re ALL going off!�.

      My 2 brothers and I just broke up and we couldn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes.

      I believe Bill is 90 years old and still going strong.

      Big Whistle, the sport needs more personalities like you – we miss you! – a Chadwick article from 2002.

    30. Speaking of Cullen, Why doesnt the genius put him at the point on the powerplay? I cant figure it out. I saw video of him on the point and he has a great shot. He played the point for the CHAMPIONS last year! Its just another thing on the list of things that make no sense

    31. Seamus. I like some of your poinst about the rebuilding prospects, but I don’t see it happening. I’m actually with you on trading Jagr for some young pieces but it won’t happen.

      Well, we are in dire straits right now on the outside of the playoff picture and all the teams around us are gaining points and getting wins.

      If Sather doesn’t make a deal for a center very soon, he might as well not make a deal and just accept the fate that the Rangers will not make the playoffs. If that is the case, Sather should trade some vets (Ward – either of them, Hossa, Krog, Malik) for some young guys or picks. And if Renney doesn’t think that Immonen has the feet for the pro game or doesn’t want to play him, then trade him while someone else might still see value in him.

      Hey Sam, any trade rumors that you may have heard involving the Rangers?

    32. that being said, at the end of the day, the mantra is , karma, he did? ;) actually his stupid answer was he didn’t want cullen & straka on the points. That’s because he only plays 1 pp unit for the majority of the time. and when he puts a 2nd unit he puts 2 D men. go figure.

    33. The Jagr line again were just skating in retarded circles the whole period and not driving to the net- as usual

    34. Longtimerangerfan on

      I don’t care what anyone says, Prucha gives up his body for the team…where are all the heavyweights?

    35. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 5:59 pm
      According to Renney he has mapped out the goalie starts back in Sep. In this stretch HL plays 20 straight.

      You’re not buying that either?

    36. Yeah, I wonder how Jagr would play with a real #1 center who drove to the net? Nylander sure has looked terrible these last few weeks. Somebody wake him up, please.

    37. At this rate, if the Rangers keep playing so undisciplined, they wll just about be shorthanded the equivalent of an entire period– how bout that?

    38. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 6:39 pm
      Another Bill Chadwick story…

      Bruce Hood was a referee in the late ‘70s. He was nicknamed “turn-em loose Bruce� after a NYC judge who refused to jail convicted criminals. Hood used to let ‘em play, with few penalties, hence the nickname.

      I remember him well…thought Art Skov was the best back then.

    39. Sam Great blog today I couldn’t agree with you more about how important tonights game is. While it may not be “do or die” if the Rangers lose tonight I don’t give them much of a chance to make the playoffs.

    40. Jagr is the best bargain in the NHL for what the Rangers are paying. Considering the Cap, why on earth would you trade him for more youngsters when there won’t be any room on the team for them to play anyway? It would have to be one hell of a deal for trading Jagr to make any sense… and there just aren’t that many GM’s on drugs.

    41. Longtimerangerfan on

      Hmmm, I forgot about Joe Tampa.

      The kid D looks pretty good so far…no worse than Malikenstein that’s for sure.

    42. Longtimerangerfan on

      I’m wondering if Shanny’s rant against the refs is biting him in the ass now? How can they let Ward have Gresh’s #4?

    43. 4 penalties on the Rangers, none for Tampa. I think we now have the ref’s answer to Shanahan.

    44. Jagr has 1 power play oal in 32 games!!! Why why why is he out on the power play?? Iknow, I know, Jagr is one of the top 3 forwards in the league and Jagr is the best player on the Rangers. I know I know Jagr is a BARGAIN in the new NHL.

    45. Longtimerangerfan on

      The Rangers need a face-off man…they suck at them. Maybe they could hire Messier to teach them.

      BlueClue wrote:

      Ward blows…which one?


      Who did you plan to give up to rent an injured Forsberg for the rest of the season?

    47. “”Jagr has 1 power play goal in 32 games!!””

      don’t point out facts to his worshipers. they just deny everything.

    48. That would be Aaron for the Dumb penalties…
      Jason is just a good 4th liner and penalty killer with good hustle-

    49. When Jagr breaks out, the Rangers will be so far out of playoff contention that no one will care. Except the wide eyed stats keeper fans who think stats are what makes a good player. As those same wide eyed observers will no doubt base their 2008 rosters on stats instead of the mental toughness and coacability of certain players.In my opinion of course.

    50. Longtimerangerfan on

      If you circle this way, then circle that way, by golly, they won’t be able to score on you when you have the PP.

    51. Its February 3rd – yes, there are over 2 months left in the season – and our team is about to be put out of its misery already.

    52. my spelling sucks. Sorry people. the word was coachability.

      T BIRD … whats the difference who the Rangers trade? They have no one who can be Forsberg so whomever it is …it is!

    53. Longtimerangerfan on

      How long ’til baseball starts? I’m a Cubs fan…I know, I know a glutton for punishment. According to Back to the Future II the Cubs will win in 2015…yeah, go Cubs!

    54. T bird

      thats not my problem. The player (Forsberg) only cleared his no trade to 3 teams. The Rangers are one of the 3. Too bad Flyers. BOO HOO I really feel bad for them..LOL!!

    55. Anyone want to buy my box of Frosted Flakes with the ‘94 Cup Ranger’s on it?

      is it full? Got milk?

    56. POCK is the smartest d man on the ice for us. He took his medicine last game when Rackunek left him out to dry and made sure he was back when his horrible defense partner screwed up again in the third tonight. NICE JOB T POCK!!!

    57. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 10:40 pm
      Anyone want to buy my box of Frosted Flakes with the ‘94 Cup Ranger’s on it?

      is it full? Got milk?

      Never been opened…I’ll even throw in a gal. of milk, if the price is right.

    58. John M Rangers are in the rumor mill for just about everybody. Maybe I’m being too practical about your desire for Forsberg. Either the flyers won’t like what we offer, or Sather will have to overpay to get him. (See: Lindros)

      Personally I could care less about the flyers, they may be dumb, but they’re not stupid.

    59. Never been opened…I’ll even throw in a gal. of milk, if the price is right.

      1994? Too stale, just like Sather.

    60. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 10:49 pm
      Never been opened…I’ll even throw in a gal. of milk, if the price is right.

      1994? Too stale, just like Sather.

      Yeah, but like Sather, a classic.

    61. MY whole argument for being pro Forsberg is that I feel the stud players on your team have to begin at center and goal. And stud centers are tough to get. And the Rangers have none in the NHL or AHL.

    62. Longtimerangerfan on

      Well, I think Forsberg is a moot point now unless the Rangers rally to tie and win this. I know, I know, I’ clutching at straws.

    63. I’m not anti Forsberg but I think if the Rangers want him, let them bid for him as a UFA instead of giving up good players for him just to have his talent until April.

    64. Ward’s 3rd penalty and the Rangers 9th overall.
      Like I said earlier, they will be shorthanded almost
      the equivalent of an entire period.

      How the hell can any sane person expect a win out of that?

    65. Fair point T Bird as long as we are out of it. But the trading deadline is too early to make the determination of whether the Rangers are in or out of the playoffs. Ex the sarcasim, The Rangers will still be in the playoff hunt a week from now. So the decision must be made earlier than other years on whether to take a shot or not.

    66. Leafs won, and Ott. got 1 point, and devils won. further in the hole now.

      with Det. and NJ and Tampa coming up.

    67. Longtimerangerfan on

      Did anyone notice if any of the “youngsters” took a penalty or turned over the puck? I didn’t see any glaring mistakes on their part.

    68. This team makes me feel sick to the stomach. So much skill with absolutely no thrill.

      Now what is tomorrow’s Blogline gonna be?
      “Another big one. No, really,REALLY, this time we mean it….

    69. I certainly don’t think the Rangers are out of it yet. But I don’t see any indication that they can make it, not currently in tenth place and losing to Islanders, Leafs and Tampa- the very teams they have to beat just to get into the playoffs.

      And, if/when they get there, and go up against Buffalo or NJ, I don’t see it going past 1 round. They should look more to the future than losing assets just trying to make it into the playoffs this year.

    70. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 11:13 pm
      I certainly don’t think the Rangers are out of it yet. But I don’t see any indication that they can make it, not currently in tenth place and losing to Islanders, Leafs and Tampa- the very teams they have to beat just to get into the playoffs.

      And, if/when they get there, and go up against Buffalo or NJ, I don’t see it going past 1 round. They should look more to the future than losing assets just trying to make it into the playoffs this year.

      That’s sound thinking T-Bird but is it what Ringling Bros. will do?

    71. I just cannot watch it no more… when I see top line on the ice I’m about to throw out… there is only HENRIK right now, nobody else that I’d like to keep on this self-destructive team. To be a Rangers fan is a really frustrating thing. I guess, I have enough of it. Season is just over for me. See you next year. I’m sorry but this is just too much for me. New York Rangers is a great hockey club and I love it, unfortunately ran by bunch of fu**ing morons! Take care.

    72. Longtimerangerfan on

      Remember when Ray Handley was coach of the NY Giants and the chant was “Ray must go”? Well I think it’s time for a “Tom must go” chant at MSG.

    73. the kids were OK

      they lost the game on a too many men penalty caused by the Euro circling crap by the Jagr line.

    74. Why are you so sure that the Rangers have only the prospect that would be traded for a Forsberg? Is that it? So according to you guys the Rangers have only 1 or 2 decent prospects in the system and on top of it, you guys are 100 % sure that the BEST ones will be traded for a Forsberg? Is that what you are saying? WOW!!

    75. Renneee – they lost because they were a lot worse team. Stop this b/s with euro this and euro that… it’s just stupid.

    76. Longtimerangerfan on

      Ouch, I just cut myself and I’m bleeding Ranger Blue…unfortunately Ranger management doesn’t bleed the same!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. That’s sound thinking T-Bird but is it what Ringling Bros. will do?
      That’s the scary part. Sather may make the moves to reach the playoffs so Junior can raise ticket prices.

      John, with Forsberg they just may make the playoffs, but won’t go too far. And probably lose Forsberg in free agency.

    78. OK, Glen, how long are you gonna wait to make a trade? Should we be8, 12, 14 pts out before you do something? Or are you wiser than all of us – waiting for the Rangers to be completely out of the playoff picture before you start dealing all of our crappy players on February 27th?

      Also, no matter how much this team misses the playoffs by, and they will indeed miss the playoffs, Renney will be back next year. As a previous reader says, Renney just placates his players.

      I how I wished Renney was fired and that Sather can get rid of some dead weight.

    79. That sucked. Our young defense was decent but our offense(including total lack of offensive from our d) has just been completely exposed as a sham by every team in the league…

      Stupid penalties, lack of motivation, inability to close. I can’t watch Shanny miss the net too much more. And, yeah, it does look like Shanny’s ploy was too obvious and backfired. Wish Renney knew how to adjust.

      Bench minors? At this point in the season? At the bottom of the pack? Unacceptable. Giants-esque. Why not play Luke Petitgout?

      I’m thinking Lundqvist is wishing he could leave with Shanny at the end of the season.

    80. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 11:17 pm
      I just cannot watch it no more… when I see top line on the ice I’m about to throw out… there is only HENRIK right now, nobody else that I’d like to keep on this self-destructive team. To be a Rangers fan is a really frustrating thing. I guess, I have enough of it. Season is just over for me. See you next year. I’m sorry but this is just too much for me. New York Rangers is a great hockey club and I love it, unfortunately ran by bunch of fu**ing morons! Take care.

      Bye, stf…I probably won’t be far behind you.

    81. I do not think the Rangers will make the Forsberg deal unless he signs with the Rangers. It’s a moot point. No signing no deal.

    82. John, what I’m saying is the Rangers will have to give up something of substance to land Forsberg. Is it worth it to rent Forsberg for 2 months? If he wants to come to NY, and the Rangers want him, they can get him for no assets lost in the summer.

      That leads me back to my original question. What would you give up to get Forsberg?

    83. BTW..Krog is the best pick up for free Sather has made in 4 years. He is ahead of Hall,Orr,j Ward,Betts,and Hollweg on the depth chart in my opinion

    84. T Bird

      I would sacrafice Byers,or Liffiton and send them Weeks and a pick 3d rounder maybe. IF and only if Forsberg agrees to sign with us. If I could include Hall maybe we could get Eager or Fydorik too

    85. John M – please no on Peter F. He WAS a great player. Just because the team pucks (sp?) this year does not mean we blow up the future. The season has 2 months before they can melt the ice on April 6th so we will be out of our misery soon enough. As was said above they can go after Forsberg as a FREE agent (but I’d much rather go after Drury). I am not advocating even going after Forsberg in the offseason – but I’d rather do that than overpay for him now. I want another cup or 2 im my lifetime and trading for Peter F this year will significantly lessen the chances of that in the next several years. Now if you were advocating getting rid of the 4 amigos (JD, GS, DM, TR) that I would gladly do.

      BTW in the Ranger program they list the hockey club personnel and I see a Shanon Sather as one of the amateur scouting staff. That has to be a relation to our infamous GM right? Gotta love the nepotism.

    86. I would sacrafice Byers,or Liffiton and send them Weeks and a pick 3d rounder maybe. IF and only if Forsberg agrees to sign with us. If I could include Hall maybe we could get Eager or Fydorik too

      Now we just need Holmgren to have a brain anyurism and accept the deal just before he keels over into his 3 bean salad…

    87. Longtimerangerfan on

      Man, I just switched to the Ducks, Predators game and the Ducks, Moen just gave the Predators, Webber a right-cross haymaker that knocked him cold. It will be on the highlight reels for sure.

    88. the vets are the problem. so, brilliant, let’s go get another one who has led his team to the worst record in the league. just brilliant.

      this is exactly the time, desperation time, that dumb trades are made to give away youth for a quick fix that is useless on all counts. even if they luckily squeak in, all it does is give Dolan his 2 games playoff revenue, and the team is set back youth wise again.

      keep all kids. play all kids.

    89. John M – try again – try 1st rounder, Montoya and Dubinsky, Callahan or Prucha. That is what Philly would want and that type of deal would go down as one of our alltime worst.

    90. I’m not counting on Sather gaining any advantage if he decides to initiate a fire sale. Remember the last one? He really got zilch. Plus Umberger who could have helped this team never got signed.

      This teams management sucks and as long as they remain, the situation is hopeless.

      I’ve had a lot of reason to be frustrated in the past with this team but this is the worst. Why? Because last year I thought Sather finally acquired brains. I was wrong.

    91. Longtimerangerfan on

      Let’s see…I was 50 when the Ranger’s won the cup in ’94, if they hold true to form, I’ll be hmmmm, 104 when they win the next cup…hope I can hold on. Nah, my heart won’t be able to withstand it!!!

    92. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 11:37 pm
      the vets are the problem. so, brilliant, let’s go get another one who has led his team to the worst record in the league. just brilliant.

      this is exactly the time, desperation time, that dumb trades are made to give away youth for a quick fix that is useless on all counts. even if they luckily squeak in, all it does is give Dolan his 2 games playoff revenue, and the team is set back youth wise again.

      keep all kids. play all kids.

      Exactly. Go with the kids now, lick our wounds and look to the future. F*&k Forsberg and any other old wounded veteran that is available.

    93. Canes are slumping badly right now. maybe they will take Cullen and Ward back for a couple draft picks.

    94. my post game thoughts straight from my blog:

      We got screwed….again. Sorry, I dont care what any of you say, the refs took this game into their hands and decided it. Period. End of post game thoughts.

      Lets look at the bigger picture though. With 52 games played, the Rangers have earned 54 points, projecting out to 82 games that gives them about 85 points. Assuming Carolina wins tonight (they are playing Boston…they definitely should win that) that ties them up with Pittsburgh, and Tampa for 8th in the league with 60 points. Lets use Pittsburgh as kind of a worst case scenario. 51 Games, 60 points, for 82 games that finishes their season with just about 96 points. Meaning the Rangers would have to, hypothetically, finish the season with 97 points to beat them. On a best case scenario, we will take the Canes. (still winning tonight, which wont be final for another hour) Using the same math, since the Canes have played more games, they will project out to about 90 points, meaning the Rangers would need to finish with 91 points to overtake them. or about 6 points more than they are currently projected to finish with.

      So on a best case scenario they need to finish with 91 points, and on a theoretical worst case, it is 97 points, and they are currently projected out to 85. Meaning they need to finish anywhere from 6 to 12 points MORE than they are projected out to. What does that mean? Well, with 30 games remaining and 54 points in the bank, they need 43 more points on the high end, and 37 more on the low end.

      Last season it took 92 points to get in the playoffs, so we can use that as further proof that this is for all intents and purposes a correct assumption.

      Lets look at this one step further, the best team in the league right now is the Nashville Predators, who are averaging 1.415 points per game up to this point. For the Rangers to finish with 92 points they will need to play at a 1.233 points per game clip on the LOW end, and 1.4333 points per game on the high end. That means they have to play BETTER than that BEST team in the league for the remaining games just to sneak into the playoffs (on the high end) or, BETTER than the southeast leading Thrashers on the LOW end.

      Simply put, I dont think it can be done. I think the season is just about over folks. Barring a miracle, I simply don’t think the Rangers can get 6 to 7 points every 5 games for the remainder of the season, I just don’t see it happening.


    95. Longtimerangerfan on

      LI Joe

      Maybe we can get together with our walkers and toast the Young Rangers with a prune juice cocktail. lennynyr, you’re really going to have to hang on buddy but I know you can ’cause we’re tough. We can talk about the “Big Whistle” and everyone will say, who?

    96. T-Bird

      “Hopefully, my kids put me in a nursing home that gets MSG…”

      Not if they like you and you keep them in your will as compared to a won’t!

    97. Longtimerangerfan on

      Sorry T-Bird, I didn’t know you were in our company or I would have included you in. One thing you have to say, being a Longtimerangerfan means you MUST have a good sense of humor.

    98. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 3rd, 2007 at 11:57 pm
      Think the Big Whistle is still alive, probably in his 90’s by now.

      Hey Sam, there’s a story for you. Find him and interview him.

      Be more interesting that covering the Ranger’s. Sam has golf to fall back on soon.

    99. Yep, Ranger fan since ’74. Weaned on Chadwick and Gordon. Man, those guys were funny sometimes. Especially when Chadwick had one too many Schaefers…


    100. Longtimerangerfan on

      Ok, I lied, I didn’t go to bed yet but could anyone say “SCORE” like “Marvelous” Marv?

    101. Golf, I picture Sather’s face on the ball for the 1st hole, Renneys face on the ball for the 2nd hole, Dolan’s face on the ball for the third hole and Maloney’s face on the ball for the 4th hole. Whichever one I hit the furthest, I see their face on the ball the rest of the match.

      Fortunately, I’m still out West and playing golf. Got a match tomorrow. I’ll let you know afterwards which face worked the best for me. What a positive way to vent. WHAMMMM!!

    102. Longtimerangerfan on

      Yeah, I’m in Pinehurst so maybe I’ll play tomorrow. Should be warm enough…not as warm as you will have though.

    103. It’s a deal. Probably won’t be until next winter but if our pain tolerance can stand posting here and on other Ranger blogs, we’ll make plans.

    104. 1. * Buffalo 54— 74
      2. * New Jersey 53— 70
      3. * Atlanta 55— 66
      4. Ottawa 54— 63
      5. Montreal 53— 62
      6. Pittsburgh 51— 60
      7. Tampa Bay 54— 60
      8. Carolina 55— 59
      9. Toronto 53— 58
      10. NY Islanders 52— 56
      11. NY Rangers 52— 54
      12. Boston 51— 50
      13. Florida 54— 50
      14. Washington 53— 49
      15. Philadelphia 52— 33

    105. Sam:

      Another night of terrible officiating. Looked like the refs were enacting thier revenge on the Rangers for Shanahan’s comments. Also, Jagr looked disinterested for most of the game. The bottom appears to be falling out of the good ship Renney.

    106. Forsberg

      Well , I cannot see why the Rangers would not try to improve the team with a guy like Forsberg who is 33. Can recuperate from his injury. It’s not a knee or 2 knees. He is truly a force at CENTER not on the wing. We have no one in the Rangers system who can play like Peter Forsberg for the next 4 years. Assuming that we can sign him. Our draft picks are not considered to be of anything close to Forsbergs caliber coming up in the next 4 years. So what the hell? I want a Ranger grown team too. But it would be great to have Forsbergs grit as a study for the young guys instead of Jagr. The Rangers need him to change the face of this Franchise. Drury will not be able to do that.

    107. Is it me, or is shanny completely off his game? His shots are either missing the net completely or he’s fanning on them…his passes arent crisp anymore. He looks run down.

    108. He’s 38 going on 39 Joe. What did we expect? He is great but he has to pick his spots now at this stage of his career. Thats why it was crazy for Renney to put him out there 20 minutes a night in the first half. I sometimes think Renney coaches like he’s playing NHL07. Just keep playing the same line . Its only a video game. LOL!!

    109. yeah, those Philly young players who all took a step backward this year were sure inspired by Forsberg all right. inspired to play terrible, worst in the league.

      maybe we can get a motel room for you and your Forsberg.

    110. John M

      To bad Renney’s treatment of Pock will likely make him leave to free agency. Could easily be a top defenseman on this team if given the proper opportunity.

    111. the team is contemplating bargaining their future for a second line center for shanny and he looks like he’s packing it in for the season.

    112. Here is Jagr on Jan. 25, talking to Sam Weinman…

      even more noteworthy are the remarks made by Jaromir Jagr just now.

      The message? This is all on him.

      “I think when your top guy and your captain does well, the team does well,� Jagr said. “I understand it’s a team game but when the game’s on the line, the individuals have to
      make a difference. That’s what I truly believe. If you want to be the special guy, you have to have those special moments. That’s what I play for, that’s what I live for.�

      While the Rangers’ captain still made it clear that he didn’t consider himself above the team, he also emphasized that it’s up to him to to get the Rangers out of their current rut (in fact, Jagr was so concerned about making sure that message came across correctly he actually turned back to us after our interview just to clarify. “Did I answer everything right?� he said. “I don’t want to sound like the team isn’t important.�)

      “I’m not going to sit here and talk about how the team should do. I have to be the first guy to do it. I don’t play good, the team don’t play good. That’s how it is. I’m not saying I’m the team….But I don’t think I’m going to help anybody by talking about how the team should play if I don’t play good,� he said.

      He says he is going to carry the team.


      the only thing he is carrying is his check to the bank.

    113. Chris, At this point, we have as much chance of making the playoffs as a sheep does in killing the butcher.

      Thanks, Glen. Thanks, Junior.

    114. The whiners are out tonight…

      Typical. The NHL today is a game of mistakes and turnovers kill.

      The Rangers are not too bright and that is a problem. Too many men on the ice with 9 minutes to go.

      The Devils win games all the time that they should not. How many games have the devils either tied or won late this yr. 5 or more??? The ranger terrible losses are Tampa and FLorida last time, Pittsburgh early in the yr. with the Jagr o end penalty.

      How many goals have the Rangers(especially A Ward) hit in there own goal?? The Rangers breaks so far this yr. have been limited.

      The Rangers offense is disappearing. Too make a trade for Forsberg and to give away young guys would be idiotic like they use to do.

      The played 4 young d men tonight and survived, Lundqvist is 24 or so. If they can just plug away and use there brain it would help.
      Peanut gallery I know now all of you are against the Hall for Moore trade the problem is 4 months ago everyone liked it. My point is you never know…….

    115. Aaron Ward and Malik should be packaged together in a deal for a good Centerman; not necessarily Forsberg.
      Hall has to go to. I’d rather see Isbister honestly over him.

      I have seen nothing positive from Ward or Malik all year. They’re always in the wrong place at the wrong time and take the dumbest penalties.

      Management really needs to start taking out the trash- for this year and for the future.

    116. My previous post is using the premise that management will not bring up Callahan, Dubinsky, Immonen, Dawes, or any young pack player that makes sense-

    117. Doodie Machetto on

      re: shanahan’s comment

      “It looked like it helped us a lot, the last comment we made,” Jagr said.

      Where was Sam today?

    118. Just a couple of observations. 1) The PP didn’t get allot of time…but did anyone see Jagr shoot from the point with two guys in front?? That’s something I haven’t seem EVER, also, right before the Shanny “hooking” call, Renney had put Cullen out to man a point on the PP…Something else we haven’t seen. Lampman played a nice quiet game…had a couple hits, made some nice deflections, doesn’t look nervous out there at all…I know some were worried about him being called up, but he seems like he will be a decent 3rd pair defenseman for the rangers….he and Girardi seemed to work well on the PK together for the most part. Did anyone notice that HOSSA had probably his best game as a rangers…I know he didn’t score, but man did he make some powerful moves to the net. IF this is what he can be, than I hope he gets there…and fast…that would be nice on the 3rd line. I dot think even if he gets better at that he will be a 2nd line guy, but he would be good on the 3rd line if he can drive to the net more…OR at the very least, if he shows a little more of that in the next few games he might fetch a decent pick from a team willing to take a chance that he will develop further.

    119. SykoraMooreRucinskyRucchinPotiStrudwick on

      BlueClue, what kind of psycho GM would trade Forsberg (or anyone) for Ward and Malik? They see what we see. The +/- stat isn’t fooling anyone.

    120. czechthemout!!!!! on

      what a gutless display by this pathetic team.the young d were as good as could be for this game .all3 played pretty well.renney the clown shortened his bench tonite on d in the third but he benched the wrong two dmen should have benched krapubek who played like shit,and ward who played like dog shit.when i first started posting here one month ago i kept saying that you can not win inthis league with one line and 6fourth liners.some people(wildcard etc.)said that offense was not their problem,it was defense.well as you can now see it is offense that is the major problem because the rest of the league has figured out how to shut down the first line.while professor renney has no answer for any additional scoring when it is in front of his nose.BRING UP CALLAHAN AND DUBINSKY FOR GOD’S is a disgrase that lundquist has given up 12 goal in his last 8 games and is 3w closing let me just say that it may be time to lokk to move jagr and the rest of the vets.jagr may have lost a step from last year.he has played alot of hockey this year because of a lack of a second and third line and it has caught up with him and shany.thanks renney you briliant coach you who burnt out two vets with 26to 28 mins per night of ice time.


      Firstly, I never said Forsberg Necessarily.

      Second, if you claim that they see what we see, Malik happens to be leading the Rangers with a +18 rating on the season and Aaron Ward is dead even at Zero.

      That stat is misleading to a real observer watching day in and day out; but to a psycho GM as you say, hey you never know.

    122. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard-when will you stop cheerleading for hossa he sucks period end of story.HE CANNOT SCORE A GOAL IF HIS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.that means at best he is a 4th line 3 to 5 min a night player as a replacment for another injured fourth liner.

    123. Czech…Renney should be the 1st one to get the boot.

      Look ay what he has at his disposal in New York and in the Pack and look at how he utilizes the factors.

      He is simply a clueless spectacled moron-

    124. czechthemout!!!!! : you know…Hossa was robbed by TWO great saves in the game. All I am saying is that if he dose that regularly he will be a good 3rd line player. He gets WAY too much crap from fans…he isn’t that bad of a player. He doesn’t always bring his best game, but the fact that he can do things like he did tonight shows that if he can get it together he will be a good 3rd line player who will score some goals.

    125. Shanny and Jagr haven’t had more than 23 min of ice time in long time…what are you talking about? I know they were played to much early in the season…but most nights now…like tonight…Shanny had less that 20 and JJ had only like 22 or something like that. If those guys can’t handle 20 to 23 min of ice time…well, that’s a big problem. Top line guys on most teams get 20-23 min of ice time or more. Why is it so bad the Rangers guys do??

    126. Wildcard..
      I agree with you about Hossa.

      He is the type of player that if traded, 2 years down the line the Rangers will regret it.

      I think he has the potential to be a 20/20 guy.

    127. haha, this garbage team is in 11th slot in the east and have not developed any young player. Hyena Renney puke still has a job, and this team is now freefall nose diving just as I predicted in the beginning of the season. And they started season as one of the top scoring teams, now they are one of the lowest.

    128. Alex :Havnt developed any young palyer? Callahan, Dubisnski, Dawes, Girardi…ummm i think they have Developed some nice young palyers

    129. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i was talking about the first 30-35 games.hossa is 25 years old.he was a firstround draft pick,that is why he shows a flash of ability every 10 gms or point is he gets way too much rope from the coach,more so than any other young player i have ever far as the young players you mentioned that we have developed,renney had nothing to do with it at all.

    130. Obviously we are not sellers, if Shanny isn’t going to re-sign here, why would he, might as well move him, along with Nylander, Straka, and explore value of JJ

    131. Everybody on this blog seems to miss the big picture. I liked what I saw from pock and giardi. I have had it with jagr and his european figure skaters. The reason why the rangers are loosing is because jagr and his line does nothing to score goals in the past few months. I know this is a pipe dream but I say trade jagr and his line mates, get good picks for jagr and whatever you can get for the other two and which will free up cap space. In the off season I’m sure there will be some young superstar players that will be a free agents, sign them and start bringing up the kids. I predicted earlier this year the rangers won’t make the playoffs and if anyone still think the rangers will your fooling yourselves.

    132. from another “blog”…Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 05:10:18
      what time is the barn fire, before or after the Super Bowl?……RAYNGER I agree dolan would never go for a Pitt rebuild, because he’s the Butcher of Broadway. He could give 2 craps less about his 2 teams until the seats are more then 10% empty,,,There’s a cliched sayings which I’ll combine , ‘don’t throw out the dirty water until you have clean’ and make sure the baby is not in it.’ …. Yeah I’d like Renney fired but given a choice I want sather fired. But since neither one is going just yet, let’s deal with the present reality. Break up the so called #1 line , either give Shanny one of them or give him JJ’s spot. The way they are now they are a D liability & their O comes & goes. Give Jagr his make believe choices to play with so he doesn’t pout otherwise give him a seat in the skybox. Since that won’t happen give him J Ward & Betts. Leave the COP line & play Hollweg, Hossa, & Krog/ Orr/Hall. Leave the D alone , just put Rozi back when he’s ready. A Ward is teaching Tuts what to do in words & what not to do in actions. Give it 5 games with no changes except for maybe the one spot on the 4th line. If it doesn’t work bring up Callihan & Immo, waive or trade 2 of the 3 that are the fill in 4th line guys, & see what happens. Now is the time for patience, which not many seem to have. Imagine if this was a real rebuild, forget the fire sale, there would be a lynch mob. I’m tired of hearing get this guy, get that guy, GET HOMEGROWN! That’s what this so called rebuild is supposed to be about. Short term would be getting a vet center & a real D man, but that only makes sense & $ & cents,if they can get them for guys they want to get rid of, not the other way around. And I really don’t trust their judgement enough for them to even make a good deal…..For next year, my choice would be get Burke as GM/ President , & give him free reign. The guy is a real man, there’s a story about somebody saying he needs a #1 center, & he says he’d like to meet the guy who said it in a dark alley. Sather , Maloney, & Renney would want to negotiate a peace settlement. That’s the difference, & everybody knows what Shonny would do. That’s the kind of guys this team needs in management, not this mismanagement. But that’s hopefully the future…DEAL WITH THE PRESENT…. oh & by the way without TEAM D, the D will stand for DEAD!


    133. officiating in this league is a joke. It’s getting hard to watch these games when phantom penalties get called every game.

    134. from a b….Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 06:54:10

      Forsberg would make Bure and Lindros look like Lou Gehrig. Signing him as an UFA would be a horrendous move by the Rangers, the kind we used to make. We need dependable players still in their prime who want to come here for other than just money. Signing Drury or Gomez would do the trick, but I have doubts either hits the market….fans act like you can make trades or “improve the team” like snapping fingers. Does anyone think the Rangers aren’t trying to make a trade to fill their obvious holes? If your a buyer, the trade market sucks right now – and I don’t see that changing this month…I feel this is a critical week for the Rangers – 4 games, three at home. We need five or six points out of these games…


    135. Longtimerangerfan on

      Stop tinkering with the rules etc. to try to bring in more TV spectators…you have to go to a game to really find out what hockey is all about. Get rid of one of the refs and let the linesmen call majors and too many men etc.

      This “new” NHL is too Namby-Pamby in my estimation!!!!! I didn’t like the “clutching and grabbing” from before either but the CRAP they are calling is a joke. If a guy even touches you with a glove, it’s a penalty now. Enough! I say if the goalie plays the puck out of the crease, he’s open game and could be hit,like it USED to be. Why should the goalie get a “free” pass to handle the puck when everyone else is waiting for a freight train to hit them.

      Oh, well, I’ve vented enough about the Ranger’s, to no avail, so thought I’d vent about the situation in general.

    136. I would have taken a step back (i.e. no playoffs)if we were rebuilding, but with the talent that we have an no rookies on the team (excluding the D) it is infuriating.

    137. Longtimerangerfan on

      I’ve just had an “Epiphany”. It makes absolutely no difference at all what we blog here…no one from Rangers management reads this stuff and even if they did they couldn’t care less. Even if Sam shows some of these blogs to Renney, et al it won’t make a difference.

      This site is just a place to vent our OVERWHELMING frustrations about our beloved Rangers so let’s not get upset with our fellow bloggers when there is a disagreement. By and large, we’re all on the same page.

      Here’s what we need to do, go to the window, open it, stick our heads out and scream “I’m not gonna take it any more!” And I’m not. Next year I’m gonna save myself a bundle by not subscribing to “Center Ice” which, BTW, pisses me off by going off the air the minute they go to comercial after the game is over. For all that money, a little pre-game or post-game wouldn’t hurt. Next year I’ll just watch the games that are on network tv and read about the Rangers on the net.

    138. Called up a few of the Ranger players to get a group of foursomes for a golf outing April 2nd in Glens Falls.

      Pitchers and catchers report soon!!

      Let’s face it fellow Ranger fans, last year was a fluke. The “new” NHL fooled Sather so much, it took a season for him to figure it out and begin screwing up again.

      He really has it figured out and is definitely screwing up as “good” as ever.

    139. Observations from the Tampa Game –

      Jagr – Don’t know what the deal is with this guy. But after watching his line stink up the ice last night shift after shift, not to mention Renney sending the line out there shift after shift, now I understand why the Caps payed the Rangers to take him off their hands to the tune of $5 million per season! The guy is a bum, and he’s our captain!

      Mike Keenan would never allow Jagr to touch the ice again after the first period. And that’s the reason why the Rangers have Renney as a coach, he’s won’t discipline, he won’t rock the boat. He’s a real tough guy, benches Pock, Kaspr, Hollweg, Prucha, Ward, but doesn’t bench the big baby captain who has to sulk around the ice and barely break a sweat to get to a puck.

      Hey maybe Jagr could be the 1st player in NHL history to have 3 teams paying his salary. Jagr needs to go to a team where he can just fade into the background and play his game. Trade him this season. I honestly thought Jagr was coasting through the first half so that after the all star break he could turn his game on for the stretch and was trying to conserve his strength in light of the Ranger fade down the stretch last season, but I was wrong. To me, Jagr is the player holding the team back. And Jagr could get something back for the future.

      Renney –

      1) One of the most glaring issues with this team is their inability to get to the puck and move the puck quickly out of their zone when they win the face-off clean in their own zone.

      2) The Rangers don’t know where each other are on the ice out there. If you watch the most consistent teams, Devils, Tampa, Carolina, etc and now even the isles are starting to show signs of this, they know where each other is on the ice without have to take a look, as a result, these teams are quicker to the puck and quicker moving the puck, most evident in the offensive zone. Other than the inablity to do anything with the pick after winning a defensive zone draw, I feel the Rangers are very good in their own zone, but in the other teams’ zone, Renney’s coaching is lacking.

      Trade Jagr to a west coast team and get back a centerman and a fighter. Keep Shanny and re-sign him, keep Marty. I don’t think Malik is an issue, but I do think Jagr is hurting the team. Time to turn the team over to Shanny, Orts, Toots, Straka, Cullen, Pruchs, Rozival, Pock and Henrik.

      Girardi – looks good, not great, but I would give him enough games to prove if he can adjust and keep getting better.

      Pock – still makes mistakes out there, but right now is one of our best defensmen, and looks like he’s only going to get better. He’s got a cocky air about him which I like and if given a full season at the NHL level can develop into a heck of a defenseman.

      I don’t know what to do about Renney, as a person I like him, and I always hate losing good people, but we need a tough SOB behind the bench, and Renney ain’t it.

    140. you are going to turn the team over to a 38 yr old!!!!

      Really do not apply for a GM job.

      Also Jagr has 1 yr on his contract…

      Trade Jagr and get 2 nobody’s back. Newsflash teams double and triple team him he still is top 5 player in the game……..

    141. I named a number of players Stuart, not just Shanny. Shanny is the only one talking to the press anyways, so why shouldn’t it be Shanny?

      Hey Stuart, The Caps are paying $5 million not to have this guy on their team, and to me it’s becoming obvious as to why the Caps (Leonsis) did this, because they didn’t want the guy in their organization. And the Caps are working with a revenue engine a bit smaller than Dolan and Co.

      Only an 11th place coach would continue to look the other way with play like this. How about going to the front of the net? How about initiating some contact and winning the puck and going to the net? How about some sense of urgency on the ice?

    142. LENNYNYR

      Do you still think keeping Jagr -Nylander-Straka together was the best plan of action for the Rangers? I remember having that debate with you a month or so ago. I would still like to get a chance of balancing the offense and see what would happen. For the rest of the season. Including the power play.

    143. Nylander is destroying the first line with his crappy play lately. Too many drop passes, spins, peel-offs, refusals to shoot, and dumb third-period penalties. Get whatever you can for him NOW.

      That line needs a gritty, more physical center.

    144. Got back from golf about an hour ago and for the record, I hit the “Sather” ball the furthest so I used that image for the rest of the game. It’s been awhile since I hit some long drives, until today. Don’t ask me about my short game though!

    145. When you break down the top Ranger line you get 2 players who have traversed the NHL their whole career and a moody goal scorer who has played for 3 teams. The really good players aka Modano,Sakic,Yzerman,Leetch, Alfredson, Sundin,Koivu do not move from team to team. That is a very real reason for the Rangers to try to trade the top 3 forwards.

    146. John, the Rangers need to fix the second and third lines first. If they don’t produce, it’s all on Jagr and his line. As can be seen, Jagr doesn’t flourish under adversity.

      With two other lines that could score, there would be a lot less pressure from the opposition on the Jagr line since they now have to worry about other lines.

      Given what’s there now, you got a point since the Rangers don’t intend to fix that problem with the 2nd and 3rd lines which is definitely idiotic.

    147. amen, Vogs, for reiterating what I have been saying for months. Jagr’s favoritism treatment prevents the Rangers from being a real team. all they are is a collection of individuals broken up into cliques.

      I wonder what people would say if Shanny told the coach “I want only Canadian Dmen with my line who play my style”. because that is exactly what Jagr has done since day 1, with his cronies Ros-Malik.

    148. Funny, the top line are without Malik and Rozival and nobody can understand what were wrong with Jagr last night?

      The offensive motor for any line in the game today is to have a good transition game, the top line, with especially Nylander, Rozival and Malik have had a tremendous transitiong game for much of the season.

      Have Malik made some misstakes playing that type of game, yes. But he have played it, and overall the team have benefited allot from it.

      It should come as no suprise that the top line struggles without Rozival and Malik. And people how have asked why Renney are playing Malik now got the reason…

    149. Vogs I forgot last yr. you were bitching about Jagr also!!!!!!!

      The reason the situation is where it is simple; cullen, hall, prucha, and Jagr’s productivity are down. They have very little secondary scoring.

      Jagr played and still might be playing at 85% health.

      They cannot score, even though there D has improved quite a bit they need more goals……………………

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