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To start today, a broad thank you to those of you who passed along your endorsement of the work on this site. As I said earlier, I don’t take any of that lightly.

But to be clear, the purpose of my previous entry was more to emphasize that dissent in this sort of forum is not only inevitable, but in many ways, encouraged. I’ve always said that the readers here have opened my eyes to things I normally wouldn’t see when it comes to this intriguing but ultimately maddening team. And as long as it’s done in a respectful manner, I have no problem with folks taking issue with what I write.

But enough about me. Let’s move on to a few odds and ends:

  • The “Bring Up Ryan Callahan” campaign has moved well beyond the grassroots level, and my guess is given how the young wing is lighting up the AHL, the Rangers want to make it happen.1282322_299830.jpg The problem is two-fold: the Rangers have to clear a roster space, and their no. 1 priority is still a second line center (not that the defense isn’t a trouble spot as well). To that end, this all might be solved in a single stroke. The Rangers move one or more expendable players (Jason Ward? Adam Hall? Karel Rachunek?) in a deal to land a center, and then bring up Callahan. As for who that center might be, you’ve all heard the same names I have: Bryan Smolinski, Yannic Perreault, even Mats Sundin. I wish I could tell you of an imminent deal, but I’d be reaching.
  • OK, last day talking about the Brendan Shanahan state of the officiating speech from Wednesday. Here’s “my story from today”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070202/SPORTS01/702020411/1034/SPORTS getting Jaromir Jagr’s perspective on the issue.
  • Many of you like to point out that I haven’t been critical enough of Tom Renney in what has been a disappointing season. I’m still of the belief that many of the problems this team has confronted extend beyond the head coach. Still, it’s worth passing along an observation presented to me from a fairly respectable NHL source, and it pertains to Renney’s body language on the bench. Specifically, the source said, Renney often portrays a look of dissatisfaction, and that sort of attitude can easily trickle down to your players. Hence, a team that is battling in a tight game is at its core, lacking in confidence.

    I think there might be something to that, but the irony is that Renney is also criticized for being too much of a player’s coach and not bringing the hammer enough. And yet another criticism has been that he doesn’t show *enough* emotion.

    It’s a lot to think about. Of course, if he got players to shoot more on the power play, that’d probably help most of all.

    OK, more later…

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    1. “Bryan Smolinski, Yannic Perreault, even Mats Sundin”

      Sundin? How about Tkachuk – not hot topic anymore?

      I’d love to see Sundin here to be honest. He’s a great, amazingly strong player, great center. That’d be a WOW!

    2. i to believe that callahan will be on whatever newly constructed line is formed with shanny once the deal for the center goes down. HOWEVER if that deal doesn’t go down today we pretty much are shot. these next three games could probably put us out to pasture for good.

    3. Sam,

      There was lots of talk about bringing up Dubinsky before the all-star break. You talk about Callahan here — and he certainly deserves a shot — but what’s going on with all that talk we heard about Dubinsky?

    4. Gregg, nobody, that’s what I’ve been saying all season long. Everyone wants to trade away our weaker players, but who in their right mind is going to agree to it? I see only two options, trade some dead weight for another team’s dead weight and hope that the equal swap makes a better fit, or give a player we wouldn’t want to lose plus one we do for someone even better.

    5. From what i can see Dubinsky will not be arriving this year, it sounds like they want him to finish the year in Hartford.
      I don’t think the Rangers are going to be able to trade for a good center without giving up something (ie draft pick or prospect). As long as they can package one of the under-achievers with a draft-pick or lower-tier prospect then i’m for it.

    6. Sundin?? Can’t wait to hear the asking price. If Toronto is truly moving him it would show a management team dealing in reality and truly investing in a long term plan. I only wish Dullen & Co had the same sense. Could probably get a couple of top prospects to build for the future by trading Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Shanahan, Cullen, Ward, Malik, Rachunek.

    7. Maybe the Russian team that just lost Evgeni Malkin.

      The thing with Tkachuk, who I still believe has a few more productive years left, is he’s a wing not a center at this point. We don’t need another wing, we need a center. Let’s call up Mark Messier, he wants back in the game on some level.

    8. those 4 points the rangers blew when they blew 2 3rd period leads in Florida will probably cost them a playoff spot. Also, that goal with 1 second left before overtime from the corner by Sydney Crosby off of A. Ward’s skate cost them a point. Thats 5 points that without question should be in the bank. That would move the rangers to 6th or 7th.

      I know you can’t think like that and I am sure the rangers stole points they didn’t derserve, but when you look at it like that, those are tough to swallow.

      lastly, waive Malik to call Callahan up. Let Pock take Malik’s spot and sit someone up front to make room for Callahan

    9. Did you see this article?
      I agree, they should trade shanahan like they did leetch, 1st he getting older,2. tension will increase with Jagr, 3 the clubhouse will be divided between the jagr camp and shanahan-canadian camp. Hopefully they can get a first rounder and package that with their own and move up in the draft and get one of the 3 top center prospect in the 2007 draft.
      what’s your opinion
      Should Rangers shop Shanahan?

    10. Steve,

      Thanks. That’s an interesting piece. Sadly, the idea of unloading Shanahan for some youth is probably a good idea, even if a bummer. Of course, since there is no way that we are going to offload Jags and Co. the Rangers will probably be buyers…in which case, Sundin would be the sweetest prize, although costly as heck I’d imagine. Bye-bye youth…

      That article mentions trading Montoya — Sam, any thoughts on that possibility?

    11. Longtimerangerfan on

      “What do you want me to do? I don’t call the penalties,” said Jagr, who leads the Rangers with 62 points. “I don’t know what’s going on behind me. If somebody is holding you, you don’t turn and see it, you just play the game. … You’re focused on making plays and scoring goals.”

      You know, he says this, but how many “frustration” penaties have we seen him take this year? I think Shanny had a valid point and the fact that the league didn’t fine him speakes volumes.

    12. Sam you’ve just proved that Renney is inconsistent & so is the team.They should bring up Callihan now if they have any real desire to make the playoff & improve Shanny’s line. Waive or trade Orr, Hall, whomever, they have to move now or they’ll be out of it by the deadline. Of course they need a C & a D, but if they put their best guys out now & break up the # 1 line , it would be an improvement. Maybe then there would be a #2 PP unit that gets more than 20 seconds. Maybe Renney should put a #2 unit out for first & go from there.But team D to cut down the goals against is Job 1, since the PP & O in general is usually lacking, especially when they get scored on first or fall behind.

    13. Why would the Leafs trade Sundin when they’re still very much in the hunt for the last playoff berth?

      Having seen Dubinsky play in Hartford last weekend I think he needs to finish the season there. I don’t think he can step into a 2nd line role centering Shanahan yet. Immonen is the top center on the Pack at the moment, and based on Saturday’s game anyway, he and Callahan are the two players I think should be up with the big team right now.

      If the Rangers sink out of the playoff picture by the trade deadline, I’d consider shopping Shanny simply because of the bounty he’d get in return. But it’s still too early to think that way.

    14. Steve, great article, thanks for sharing.

      I think they’ll be doing both themselves and Shanny a favor. Otherwise they’ll end up trading prucha for a 2nd line center that becomes UFA at the end of the year, and won’t be able to resign shanny and the 2nd liner and we will be right back to where we don’t want to be, no future, no cup, no hope.

    15. My issue with Renney is not that he is or isn’t a “players’ coach.”

      It’s that he’s a “double standards coach.” A veteran can make mistake after mistake, never lose a turn while a kid, if he’s lucky will be benched during a game and if his name is Pock he’ll be exiled.

      Yeah, Renney’s spouting that song-and-dance about it being part of Pock’s “development.” But, Pock doesn’t seem to understand it – maybe he’s off-base, but it’s incumbent on Renney to straighten it out.

      Trouble is that Renney exemplifies a “…and that’s that” attitude even if he’s not specifically verbalizing it.

      Hey, a kid doesn’t even have to screw up to get benched, witness Girardi in the latter part of the last period against Toronto. I cannot, for a second imagine he’d be any worse than three of the quartet of defensemen that Renney played and who accomplished nothing.

      Sam, what it comes down to is that many have had enough of the platitudes about “development.” It’s voiced by Maloney (the “good” cop), ad nauseum but that’s about the extent of it.

      Sather’s been in charge since 2000 and Renney’s approach is the latest manifestation of Sather’s “rebuild/develop while remaining competitive” MO.

      The treatment accorded Pock and now Girardi is hardly “developing” them – it means that they’re not allowed to fail, something’s that’s intrinsic in the learning process of arriving at meaningful evaluations.

      And staggering into the eighth seed (which I wouldn’t bet on) is hardly “bemaining competitive.”

      What, of a substantial nature has changed from the beginning of the Sather era to the present, really?

    16. If they become sellers, Shanahan and Nylander could bring back nice prospects or picks and both be resigned next year. If Sather goes to them and explains the plan, if there is one. Then bring up the kids and hope for a burst of energy, kids could bring. There be no pressure at that point.

    17. Longtimerangerfan on

      They might as well trade Shanny as it’s highly unlikely that he would want another year here. I just hope, as others have suggested, that Rangers don’t trade away the future to just make it into the playoffs to bounced in the first round ala last year. A higher draft pick would be better…hmmmm, but would he ever get to play in the NHL?

    18. steve,

      that Chen article is ridiculous…..this guy really doesn’t know much about us, or our farm for that matter….he says that we have no future up front other than Prucha…ohhhhh….ok…..how about that little thing called research?!?!….hartford wolfpack?!…juniors?!…Cally, Dubi, Dawes, Pyatt, Cliche….yup, now future whatsoever…

      and while i agree Shanny would bring back a decent return, and he makes a valid point there…he’s not well informed and obviously hasn’t done his homework if he thinks there will be tension…there would have been already…a camp doesn’t change that….and when Shanny is coming to JJ’s defense, then you know there’s no tension…he’s his teammate and they’re both leaders and good teammates…

      i wanted to post on this guy’s blog because he posted it there…basically just saying he should learn to inform himself before he writes an article that has things that make no sense in them…


    19. Tradding Shanny is not the answer.
      Why trade away a proven goal scorer and leader?
      The formula should be to build around Shanahan.
      How hard could it possibly be to create a line
      where a 600+ goal scorer can succeed.

      Just get someone who can get him the damn puck!

    20. EXACTLY Blue…..

      i wasn’t eluding that we should trade Shanny…just that i thought he would def. bring back a nice return…but I DO want this to work….and with Callahan on the line…it’s got great potential to succeed with the right center!…WHERE’S ADAM OATES WHEN YOU NEED HIM?!?!?! :P


    21. Longtimerangerfan on

      Blueclue, I’m not saying they SHOULD trade Shanney, I’m just stating the obvious, that he probably won’t sign with them for next year anyway. Who would the way this team is run? Building a team around a 38 year old isn’t something the Rangers should do either. He was supposed to be a stop-gap soultion and would have been if given quality line mates to work with.

    22. I am saying that they SHOULD trade Shanny.
      I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but he deserves better than this. He deserves a shot at another cup. And he can always return after the season ends.

      So, best case scenario, we get some prospects or picks, Shanny gets a chance to fight for what truly matters to every Hockey player, we get to keep Shanny for next year.

      Worst case scenario, we trade some future talent for a soon-to-be UFA, just so Shanny can have a 2nd line center on a team that isn’t going anywhere past the 1st round.

    23. AZ
      I would shop Malik, Hall, Betts, J. Ward and even a lesser Hartford prospect for a decent centerman for Shanny.

      It shouldn’t be all that difficult to work something out with our ol’ buddy in J.D. in St. Louis!

    24. blueclue–you don’t ‘build’ around a 38 year old. shanny (as well as jagr, nylander and straka) have 1-2, maybe 3 good years left. so you have to ask can we fill enough of our current voids to make the team good enough to win now with those guys. if you can win with those guys great, but if the team around them isn’t good enough to win then in a way you are wasting them and it would be silly to not atleast think about the other option…

      but they aren’t going to dump shanahan for a draft pick, so that option would depend mainly on what other teams offer. i doubt the rangers move him for less than a monster return…and moving him would also signal that the rangers are throwing in the towel on this season which isn’t happening.

      there is ZERO chance of shanny getting traded cause the rangers don’t work that way, but if we can’t fill the 2nd line center void it might not be the worst idea either.

    25. Many problems would be resolved if the Rangers power play consisted of pass-SHOOT-rebound-shot-score, or pass-screen-SHOOT-deflection-score. Instead we have pass-look for Jagr-stickhandle-look for Jagr-have the puck knocked out of the zone-pass-look for Jagr-work the perimiter again-find Jagr-shot-blocked-out of the zone-pass-look for Jagr-look for Jagr again-pass…..

    26. “Shanahan’s stated that he’s happy in New York, but Glen Sather may want to look at the bigger picture — trade him, get a ton in return, then try to bring him back next season to finish what he started.”

      Yeah, ok. “Sorry Shanny, I know you love playing here, but we gotta trade you. But we want you next year. You understand, right?”

      Please, get real. Will never happen.

    27. Leetch3, I fully agree with the logic behind that.

      But in todays’s NHL, any team that makes the playoffs
      with a solid goaltender and good supporting staff
      has a shot at winning the Cup.

      The Rangers almost have all the building blocks to make a run and just need a little tweaking in a few areas.

      The difference between us now and us as a possible contender is as little as one more solid guy on defense and a good center to solidify our second line.

    28. Trading shanny would be a slap in the face.
      He went to sather for a deal and took less money to play here. Shanny is a classy player with more heart than the rest of the team combined. You don’t trade him unless he wants to be traded.

      Then again, The way this season has gone- He might want to be traded.

    29. Send Sather to Cuba, So he could start a Ranger farm team there and smoke all the cigars he wants!

    30. A few responses:

      1. Montoya: One would think this could be the team’s biggest trading chip (and an expendable one with Lundqvist in front of him) but I’d have to imagine this is one they’ll hold on to for a while. If you’re assuming Kevin Weekes is left to walk after this year, then Montoya steps in next season as a back-up, and the Rangers work him into the rotation. Let’s put it this way: there is room for a back-up to play much more than Kevin Weekes has played this year, but given the Rangers’ precarious spot and the fact that Weekes hasn’t inspired much confidence of late, the team is going to continue to heavily ride Lundqvist. But with Montoya you have an opportunity to have a dynamic like the Rangers briefly had with Beezer and Richter. At some point you decide Montoya is ripe to move, but it’s not now.

      2. Dubinsky: Word from Hartford is that Dubinsky has had flashes of brilliance but has also revealed his inexperience (mismanagement of the puck, etc.), and that he needs at least a full season in the AHL to be ready. At some point he is at least a No. 2 center for the Rangers, but right now — hard as this may be to hear — the likes of Blair Betts or Jason Krog are less of a liability. Again, what you’d like to see is the Rangers bring in a second line center that would enable them to drop Betts down to the fourth line. Point is, that guy isn’t Dubinsky just yet.

      3. Moving Shanny: It’s not going to happen. This team is still under the impression that it can make the playoffs, and once it gets there, that a player of Shanahan’s stature will be invaluable. Now, if the Rangers lose 10 straight before the deadline and they realize the playoffs are out of reach, maybe their philosophy changes. But my guess is thing is going down to the wire.

    31. Longtimerangerfan on

      Sam, much as I hate to say it, this team just doesn’t have the “charater” to make it to the playoffs…they can’t hold leads, unless it’s against the Bruins who were awful, and they can’t come back once down. Say what you will about the Devils but they never quit and twice in recent memory they have scored in the last minute and gone on to win the games. When was the last time the Rangers did it? I can’t remember. There play against the Islanders this year, deplorable!

    32. Longtimerangerfan on

      Ummm, that should read “character” and THEIR play against the Islanders. Better watch myself or I will be the next Wlidcrad!

    33. LongtimeRangerfan

      The issue is that all the components have never worked like a well oiled machine all season.

      Either the Jagr line was workng and the Goaltending was sub-par for that stretch, or the powerplay was working, but few goals at even strength and way too many dumb penaties taken.
      The only thing that has been consistently inconsistent all year round is unreliable defense.

      Until these problems are addressed and until all components can work together in harmony, we are going nowhere no time soon.

    34. Longtimerangerfan on


      Couldn’t agree with you more…but when do you think that the problems are going to be addressed…not much time left and I have seen no one in management addressing the issues have you?

    35. Longtimerangersfan

      If anything is being addressed, management is either dragging their feet, or being super secretive for some reason.

      One thing that everyone can agree on is if we don’t get a good passing center for Shanny soon and a solution to our defense, or should I say lack of, then this season is officially over and we should start thinking about next.

    36. Sam,

      if you can just confirm it, but Ozolinsh is against the cap right now, correct?

      could his salary be preventing us from making multiple moves, or the big one we’re waiting for D help or a center(if any of course…which i would prefer NOT)?


    37. also, i understand that the Kaspar waiving helped us with the cap….but i just figured i’d ask in regards to the Bozonator…


    38. Bottom Line, if they are WAITING to clear space before they can bring up Callahan, then they might be waiting til next year. They are NOT going to be able to trade J.Ward, Hall, or Hossa…We have a second line or third whatever you want to call them with 2 guys on the line who don’t even have 10 goals between them(Betts / Hossa)…one of the 3 aforementioned need to be waved, and callahan needs to be put on the line with shanny.

    39. Doodie Machetto on

      I think management really believes they are one or two players away from a cup. Truth be told, I think I agree. The problem is that one of those two players is currently completely unavalailable. The two players: 2nd line center and a number 1 defenseman.

      A 2nd line center would probably get us into the playoffs. But to go all the way we need a TRUE #1 defenseman. None are on the market nor will any of them be. If we had both of those things and Malik sat for the rest of the season, I SERIOUSLY think they could contend for the cup. But that whole defense situation isn’t going to pan out, so making the playoffs is their best hope, which they still need a 2C to do.

      They should try and deal J.Ward to a team that needs help on the PK like Atlanta, Buffalo, or Toronto(especially now that Peca is out for the season) and try and get a 3rd or 4th rounder in return. That clears up a roster spot for Immonen to come up and center Shanahan. If they can make the playoffs on his ability, great. If not, he’ll be set for next year.

      As for bringing up Callahan, maybe they could trade Hall for a 4th rounder to some team looking for size. Whether they do or not, this is the LEAST of the team’s concerns.

    40. Sam,

      I am very critical of Tom Renney’s coaching methods and policies, but if you are not, so be it. That subject belongs in the specific debate. No need to apologize in general.

      This is another reason this blog is so interesting…..

    41. Ranger ‘Fans’ – Through the years ! (A Tribute)

      25 years ago – We have a bad GM and a horrible coach ! Beck sucks !

      15 years ago – We have a bad GM and a horrible coach ! Djoos sucks !

      10 years ago – We have a bad GM and a horrible coach ! Driver sucks !

      5 years ago – We have a bad GM and a horrible coach ! Poti sucks !

      Today – We have a bad GM and a horrible coach ! Malik sucks !

    42. Longtimerangerfan on

      This is the team line up for the 78-79 Rangers that went to the cup finals before losing to Montreal in five games. BTW it was Montreal’s fourth cup in a row. The only “superstar” on the squad was Esposito who was at the end of his career but the team had “chemistry” and was a lot of fun to watch. I was at game six against the hated Icelanders when the Rangers eliminated them. It was also true that had it not been for JD’s heroics they wouldn’t have gotten that far.

      15 Anders Hedberg
      77 Phil Esposito
      16 Pat Hickey
      11 Ulf Nilsson
      10 Ron Duguay
      27 Mike McEwen
      4 Ron Greschner
      8 Steve Vickers
      5 Carol Vadnais
      18 Walt Tkaczuk
      14 Don Murdoch
      Pierre Plante
      25 Mario Marois
      19 Dean Talafous
      23 Lucien DeBlois
      22 Dave Maloney
      Don Maloney
      3 Dave Farrish
      Ed Johnstone
      22 Nick Fotiu
      20 Greg Polis
      Dan Clark
      Mike Korney
      Mike McDougall
      Dean Turner
      Tim Bothwell
      Frank Beaton
      Andre Dore
      33 Doug Soetaert (G
      1 Wayne Thomas (G
      30 John Davidson (G
      Bobby Sheehan

    43. AZ : As long as Bozo is on IR his salary counts against the Rangers cap. Can somebody assasinate Bozo???

    44. Kirill

      If somebody actually does, you are the prime suspect.
      Play nice please. No one, atleast in pro sports deserves rhetoric like that-

    45. Mark wrote:

      Mark February 2nd, 2007 at 12:58 pm
      My issue with Renney is not that he is or isn’t a “players’ coach.�
      It’s that he’s a “double standards coach.� A veteran can make mistake after mistake, never lose a turn while a kid, if he’s lucky will be benched during a game and if his name is Pock he’ll be exiled.>>>

      Well said, Mark.

      Renney is not a straight shooter (at least to the public) and I think it falls from Dolan on down that they simply do not understand how savvy and passionate New York Ranger fans are.

      As to shills, we hear Sam and Al and, at times, we are disgusted. We like the familiarity of the voice, but the comments are so scripted it is embarassing. I think MSG (Dolan) simply does NOT understand.

      Remember when the Mets first hired Tim McCarver? He was OUTRAGEOUS, at times, and ratings soared. He embarassed Fran Healy repeatedly, and really spoke his mind. Later, when fame came and he started to go more and more national, he toned it down, but he was SO interesting to listen to in the begining. I remember once he commented on the size of Mike Schmidt’s rear end. Healy giggled like a girl and Tim basically ripped him a new one (yes, I know) talking about how some athletes are built this way with large, high hips and buttocks (he even mentioned race, but that was before the sensitivity classes, so I will let it go).

      When Trautwig said, “I just cannot understand why the Garden fans are booing Marek Malik” he was being a company man. That is the way MSG likes it; which is why I so desperately want to see it sold and out of Dolan’s hands.

      A little controversy would bring up some noise….some excitement. Brett Hull never bored you, like him or not.

      Ranger fans are very sophisticated which is why you see the overwhelming majority of them (hey, kids post here too!) in agreement about certain play, certain players, etc and the overall majority wanting to see kids get a chance. they know the game. They know kids will lose, and kids will need ice time.

      We are, currently out of the playoffs. We can:

      1. Perhaps stumble into 8th and get a first round KO.
      2. Trade for a center, give you some youth, and get KO’d in the first.
      3. Sell.

      Look at a few of the teams who would really be odds-on favorite to win the Cup with Jagr. Sell now BEFORE they see us fall out of playoff contention and our leverage drops.

      sign Shanny for next year. Get him on board with the youth movement and let him Captain the ship. Promise him a free agent signing or two. Let him know that he will have the honor of taking kids and teaching them what it takes to win. This guys knows how to win.

      Hire Mess for the coach. You will NEVER see Malik wave his stick at someone instead of hard-nosed play ever again. Wholesale trades, waives and all for youth. True rebuilding.

      If we wait until we are OUT of contention, our bargaining power diminishes, as teams know that well. There are some West-coast teams that are THIS close to the Cup. Jagr puts them over the top. Nylander is a good piece to some of the puzzles out there.

      Waive the deadbeats bye bye.

      We have a really solid goaltender and we don’t know how good he can be with a strong defense. Build from him on down. Start with Defense. Girardi gets a chance. Tytyin has played much better since a slow start. Give Pock a chance. Let’s see Staal in Hartford after the close of the junior season (what a waste that was! Staal playing with 16 year olds!!)

      Let’s have an open camp where everyone gets a chance.

      Let’s take the muzzle off the announcers who’s voices are so familiar to us.

      Sather’s lust for big name players has done nothing for us at all…….Sam pointed out the Lindros era as an example.

      In March 2004, we had our fire sale. I really thought we were going to be one of the youngest teams out there, brimming with mistakes and hope.

      Never happened.

    46. We are alowwed to go over the cap as long as Ozo is on IR. Once he comes off of IR we have to be back under. But yes, technically, his sal. counts against the cap.

    47. Seamus, great post, especially about the annoucners.

      But I don’t think it’s realistic to expect any New York team to really go through a true, lose 75% of your games, rebuilding period anymore. Just won’t happen due to the financial implications. Too bad, but true, I suspect.

    48. Sam, do you think Sundin is a real possibility?
      Or is it only because he scored goal aganist Rangers the other night and that is what made Sather think about getting him on Broadway?

    49. Longtimerangerfan on

      Speaking of Jagr’s influence on the team, is there anyone here that thinks Kaspar has played worse that Malikenstein? I agree that I hate to see anyone get hurt but Malikenstein has hurt the Rangers continually all year.

    50. STF —

      Is that kind of like when Slats discovered Ozolinsh at the Olympics (“Hey, who’s that guy? Sign him up!”)

      No, let’s be clear that I’m riding speculation from others — mostly from the Toronto side — that it might be time for the Leafs to move Sundin, and that the Rangers would be a good fit. I haven’t had a conversation with anyone on the New York side that says this is in the works. But just like my buddy Dellapina loves Forsberg, I love Sundin, even if he’s getting older.

      But mark it down that it’s still very unlikely.


    51. Sam,

      I’d say the reason that the team won’t trade Shanny is that it makes too much sense. I thought they were turning a corner the year before the lockout when they dumped all of the vets to bring in prospects and picks, but it’s now the same old Rangers — relying on vets in their 30s to chase down the last playoff spot and inevitable quick first-round exit. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they gave up on some of those prospects they got in the fire-sale to overpay for a stop-gap 2d-line center.

    52. I’m amazed that no one has commented on the repeated mention of Yannick Perrault as a possible trade target. Was he not just available as an unsigned free agent? And did we not just pass on signing him?

      Just like Sather to consider trading for an asset he could have signed for no cost in players or picks. Who’s next on this list? Umberger? Nycholat?

    53. Mark:

      Well said. Perfect. That’s exactly it. I have nothing to add.


      Glad to see I got you back on the Immonen bandwagon ;-)


      Just wanted to say, in case you didn’t already know it, that your blog has become THE must-read for Ranger fans wanting to know what’s really up, and this forum the best on the web on the NYR. Kudos. Well done.


      A current meme that’s being repeated by half the people on this site as well as a lot of media commentators is that the NYR’s majot problem is the lack of a second line center to get Shanahan the puck.

      Yes, we do need another good playmaker to fill that spot (Immo, Immo, Immo…) But Shanahan has been getting chance after chance over the past 2 weeks, and just can’t put the puck in the net. Maybe his luck and confidence will turn tomorrow. But it isn’t lack of a playmaking center that’s responsible for his lack of recent production.

    54. they’ll never admit that they’re out of the playoff race in February so they won’t sell off. Admitting failure is not in Sather’s genetic code and they want to keep the building full so they’ll push on with some cockamamie(sp?) story about the “playoff drive” even though most knowledgeable fans will recognize it as a scam.

    55. Sather passed on few players that I bet he would love to see in the lineup right now (Rucinsky, Sykora or mentioned Perrault). I still don’t get why he didn’t re-sign Sykora…

      Sam – I like Sundin a lot as well, he’s one player that could fill two missing puzzles for Rangers – physical presence in offense and centering Shanahan (or even Jagr and also can score. But I agree, I think it’s not going to happen as long as Leafs are on Playoff bound. Thanks for you reply.

    56. Actually twin, knowledgeable fans know that being 4 points out of 6th place means the Rangers may or may not make the playoffs. If you think you’re being scammed just don’t watch.

    57. Why would the Leafs trade Sundin?

      Why don’t the Rangers go back to the line that had Shanahan get all his goals in October – Cullen and Prucha …put Ortmeyer and Betts and Callahan together …

    58. Sam,

      Thanks for the comments on Dubinsky. I was actually surprised when people started talking about him being called up because of the comments you said. I’ve had the same thoughts about Dubi. I know he’s going to be good, but just not yet. Thanks again.

    59. there is no chance Leafs would trade Sundin if they are still in playoff contention.

      Bruce Berlet of the Hartford Courant, who has the best media analysis of the Wolf Pack, says that Dubinsky is not ready this year, so a trade is almost certain.

      it may be a moot point if they lose most of the next few games.

    60. PJ — anything’s possible I guess, but they need a lot of other teams to stumble since most have games in hand. And, when I do watch I keep the sound off and listen to the radio feed so I don’t have to put up with Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs (Micheletti, Fischler, Gianone and Trautwig) and their inane babblings.

      jbfour: good to see you posting here. Don’t you know that Immonen is too slow for the NHL ;-)

    61. Craig Conroy brought a 2nd and 4th round picks, so you can expect the price to be higher for better Centers to come.

      and here is Bob McKenzie of TSN confirming that the price is high right now for trades of any kind.

      “”for the trade front, the Boston Bruins are trying to move defenceman Brad Stuart, but the price right now is high.
      Related Info

      * TSN.ca TradeCentre Page

      Very high.

      And yes, the Edmonton Oilers would be interested in “renting” Stuart but not at the current cost of a forward like Raffi Torres or Joffrey Lupul and a top prospect like defenceman J.F. Jacques.

      If the Oilers are going to give up one of their underachieving young forwards like Torres or Lupul, they must get a young, non-rental defenceman like Joni Pitkanen in return.

      The struggling defending Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes have a surplus of defencemen and are keen to add a centre as quickly as possible. Carolina wants Peter Forsberg and has made overtures for him, but that may not happen quickly so the Canes will continue to look elsewhere. “”

    62. Longtimerangerfan on

      Please stop talking about Sundin, Forsberg et al. Short term is NOT what we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Jacques Plante
      Boom boom Geoffreon
      Guy Lafleur
      Phil Esposito
      Mark Messier
      Pavel Bure
      Wayne Gretzky
      Eric Lindros
      Pat Lafontaine
      Luc Robitaille

      The list is endless and we know the only one that bore fruit was Messier!

    63. if you have read my posts, you know that I am on the play kids bandwagon. BUT, I am talking about the reality of what the Ranger brass will do, whether we like it or not. and I am hoping that they won’t be stupid enough to trade away top prospects for a quick fix.

      but, face it, Sather cares less what the fans think.

    64. Why not get Sundin and keep Shanahan & Jagr for 2 more years and try to build-up Stanley-contender-team around them using young players like Callahan, Dubinsky, Dawes, Prucha, Ortmeyer, Girardi, Baranka? Do you think it’s short-term solution? I don’t. Within two years Rangers should be able to make it.

    65. in all fairness longtime…can you imagine Bure in this current league had his knees not been totally shot?!?!…the guy was potting 60 when the trap was nearing its height!!!…..so….when it comes to a draft pick and Ulanov getting us him, i don’t care….it would be scary IMO to think about Bure playing in his prime in this sort of atmosphere!….now that’s a guy who could go 50 in 50 easily IMO

      the others however, you’re right….


    66. Longtimerangerfan on

      Now we’re not content with the Rangers but now we go after the announcers? Cut Sam Rosen a break, he is the play-by-play man after all and he doesn’t have a JD with him anymore who was the best “color” commentator around, in my estimation. Sam is a fine man and if you have ever hung around outside the Garden after a game you would know that he signs everyone’s autograph and will stand and talk ’til no one is left to ask him questions. Would you rather have “Doc” Emerick? That said, they are, as someone pointed out, employees of MSG so what do you expect them to say? I can’t imagine anyone here saying, in public, that their CEO is stupid and should do things this way or that.

    67. Longtimerangerfan on

      My point exactly, when we got Bure his knees WERE shot or pretty much so…we don’t need any more BIG EGOS on the team…we need a TEAM!

    68. you think teams are just going to hand over their top C for free? even if they were willing to trade Sundin, it would be at the expense of 2 or 3 of those young kids you list. talk about going backwards.

    69. Why would the Leafs trade Sundin to the Rangers a team chasing them for the playoffs?

      Its Smolinski or Perrault.

    70. no, you are just vague. one kid means Callahan or Dubinsky. and they will want even more than that. they are not stupid. that is who they will demand.

    71. Longtimerangerfan on

      Hossamvp I was being facetious…we should be done with trading away our prospects and do the rebuild that was promised us by Don Maloney and friends.

    72. I doubt Toronto makes Plaoffs, there is Buffalo, Montreal and Ottawa ahead of them in Northeast and they’re better teams than Leafs so if Toronto skids a little bit I guess they may want to move Sundin before 27th.

    73. how many times do you need to hear it, even if they want to trade him, the price is too high in youth.

    74. selling high, grabbing kids, and losing all the way to draft picks….

      where are we, in New York, or Pittsburg?

    75. Longtimerangerfan – do you believe in these kind of promises? It’s New York City, they need stars to bring fans attention to the team and just make more money. They’ve promised that after FLY line era (do you remember: Fleury-Lindros-York) and that was about 4 years ago. I see only Prucha (who they want to trade) and Ortmeyer as rebuild seeds in the lineup… instead of that Sather & Maloney brought us… you know who…

    76. A trade for a top center at this point will cost one of the following (Stall, Callahan, Dubinsky, Montoya) plus a lower prospect and/or draft pick. And if we are really in a “rebuild” although unorthadox do we want to part with that much? We dont need Forsberg or Sundin, although they would be nice they will cost too much of the future. A lower tier center would be a better solution in my opinion, a sleeper pick, someone to pass the puck to Shanahan.

    77. “(…)how many times do you need to hear it, even if they want to trade him, the price is too high in youth.”

      It all depends who’d they possibly trade. I agree, Dubinsky or Callahan plus 2nd rounder might be too high but Dawes? I know maybe I’m not being popular saying that but do we need so many young, small wingers (Prucha, Dawes, Callahan)? Look at Sundin – he’s exactly what we need right now. I’m just saying, maybe it’s worth it…

    78. young, small forwards….hmmmmm

      i didn’t realize the Debbies were in first place….


      Elias, Gomez, Parise, Gionta,Zajac…..ALL HUGE GUYS!!!! WOW!!!

      come on….Dawes should be on the ride with Cally when he comes up!!!


    79. you still don’t get it. they don’t want Dawes. it is not what YOU want to give up, it is what THEY want.

    80. Zajac is at 6-2….their 2nd tallest forward!!!….6-2!!!….we have the debacles that are Hall, Hossa, Ward…..all standing at the same height or bigger…and these guys can’t get out of their own ways!!!…..i’ll take the small forwards thank you very much!


    81. hey longtime — you missed Marcel Dionne, Kevin Hatcher and Tim Kerr on your list but your point is valid.

      As far as broadcasters, I used to like Sam and even JD but since the Dolan’s took over they went downhill and their repeated calling out of rookies/youngsters for mistakes while overlooking vets doing the same thing has made me ill. That and the endless yukking it up over trivia etc.

      Sam might be the nicest guy in the world, but as Marv Albert will attest, if you work for the Dolan’s you gotta be their shill. It’s a shame but that’s what he’s become.

      And, no I’d rather not have Emerick, but there are plenty of decent guys out there. The Bruins play by play announcers aren’t bad, and Andy Brickley is a very good analyst IMHO.

    82. Longtimerangerfan on

      stf wrote:
      do you believe in these kind of promises? It’s New York City, they need stars to bring fans attention to the team and just make more money.

      To answer your question, no I don’t believe in the promises that management blows up our asses…that said, the Rangers are almost always sold out (I realize that many are corporate seats and empty a good deal of the time) so no they don’t really need to bring in more stars to make more money. No matter how good the Devils and Islanders are they will NEVER have the fan base the Rangers have! How many empty seats are there in NJ or Nassau unless we’re playing them?

    83. Maybe I still don’t get it. That’s ok. I don’t have to. Dawes just doesn’t impress me. And how do you know they don’t want him?

    84. “”Dawes just doesn’t impress me. And how do you know they don’t want him?””

      you just answered your own question.

    85. Longtimerangerfan on

      Twin wrote:
      As far as broadcasters, I used to like Sam and even JD but since the Dolan’s took over they went downhill and their repeated calling out of rookies/youngsters for mistakes while overlooking vets doing the same thing has made me ill. That and the endless yukking it up over trivia etc.

      You have a valid point but IMO they had too little to talk about when it came to the team. Let’s face it they were out of the playoffs (and not even close) for seven years. Pretty hard to stay upbeat all that time. Probably one of the biggest reasons why JD bolted.

    86. “(…)“â€?Dawes just doesn’t impress me. And how do you know they don’t want him?â€?â€?

      you just answered your own question.”

      I did not because it’s only my impression, I’m not Leafs GM.

    87. longtime:

      Staying upbeat? I think they did a pretty good job of it. Actually they should have taken the management of the team to task for the terrible way they’d constructed the team, like a true journalist should. That’s why Marv (a GREAT announcer)is no longer around. But instead they rolled over. Fine, we all have families to support, but then don’t tell me that they’re good announcers.

      Interestingly the radio guys are much more honest in their appraisal of the team. Maybe it’s b/c Little Jimmy doesn’t listen to the radio (and now that they’re off 660 nobody else can listen to them either).

    88. Longtimerangerfan on


      First of all they aren’t journalists, they are announcers paid by the Dolan’s and second if they did take management to task and got fired for doing so…who else would hire them? I know I wouldn’t want someone around who was second guessing me all the time. I do agree, however, that they did jumb on the rookies more than the vets and I DEFINITELY did not like that.

    89. Longtimerangerfan on


      I agree, it was boneheaded thing to say. Maybe he has an earpiece direct wired to Sather and, come to think of it, maybe Renney does too and it’s him that makes the bench moves every game…but Renney won’t admit that ’cause it would be his job.

    90. Longtimerangerfan on

      On another note, I wonder if Malikenstein is really hurt of if it’s the only way to sit him out without looking really STUPID as all of Ranger land has been for asking for it to happen.

    91. Do you guys really want sather to conduct the firesale? He’d trade Jagr for Josef Balej, Shanny for some other joke of a prospect.

    92. In my opinion there are 4 teams classified as sellers at this time. Flyers,Blackhawks,Cyotes,and Bruins. Sharks are getting close.

    93. Lets relax here…Trading Shanny would be a joke we are 4 pts out of a spot and being that all of the top 8 seeded teams can’t go on winning streaks together, we can make some noise with a player like SMolinski…WE had our firesale already when we traded Leetchy which was the biggest mistake of sather’s incredibly horrible tenure. He’s actuallu got some decent players, but he’s got to do things a lot quicker like getting Smolinski or Perreault.

    94. the Sharks? putting the Sharks, a great franchise, in with those 3 bumbling teams is ridiculous.

      the Sharks have the youngest team in the league, and yet they lead the league in Goals against.

      they are looking to trade Nabokov, yes, and probably Mark Bell too. those are 2 disappointments who they need to trade. but they are 180 degrees from the laughingstock Flyers, Coyotes, and Blackhawks.

    95. Sam why did they bring up a 7th D instead of bringing up Callihan? Is Rozi out tomorrow & were they looking to sit Malik anyhow? If Rozi is ok are they going to send Lifton back down?

    96. njoe they played with only 6 avail wed night. But I don’t completely disagree with you, but if Rozi is back tomorrow I’d like Callihan up, & sit Orr & Hall., nevermind both should have been traded or waived already. Instead of taking spots on the roster that could used for better players who should be able to contribute more with their eyes closed. So how far is mgmt willing to go to make the playoffs if those 2 are still here? It doesn’t look like it’s far to me unless it’s to get a vet. Even Isbister contributed more in his brief stint.

    97. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i hope i had some small impact in hopefully lobbying these idiots to bring up callahan.and now without any further”adew”bring up callahan!!!!! renney you idiot ,you yourself are now saying that he is ready for the nhl, how can you be so stubborn as to not have him in the lineup when this team is starving for scoring as much if not more than defense.8g in the last 6gms 3w 3L, the king cannot score.i don,t care what bertlett thinks,dubinsky is better tallent now than anything else we have.we are losing games we should be winning,either make a deal for a center or if the demands are too high, bring up dubinsky and give him a try.if it does not work , start selling off players for prospects and draft picks for the future.

    98. Two Leafs staying put

      Friday, Feb 2, 2007 11:53 am EST

      There has not been an official announcement, but Darcy Tucker and Mats Sundin of the Toronto Maple Leafs are not going anywhere.

      Now, it cannot be written in stone they will not be traded – either Tucker or Sundin could walk into GM John Ferguson’s office tomorrow and demand to be moved – but it is highly unlikely.

      Both players say they want to remain with the hockey club and the Leafs’ strong play of late has them positioned to play the role of buyers at the trade deadline.

      Source: Toronto Globe and Mail

    99. NHL= NASCAR Hockey League ??

      Eddie Gossage

      There’s no denying NASCAR’s popularity in the United States. To what degree Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage is responsible for the sport’s growing audience is up for debate, but NHL officials are reportedly targeting the marketing master to jumpstart interest in the league.

      According to sources, NHL headhunters have contacted Gossage to gauge his interest in a yet-to-be-determined executive position with the league.

      Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

    100. Doodie Machetto on

      jbfour, I never really got off the bandwagon. I just saw that there could be a better fit than him in our lineup. As our roster currently stands, he is the best choice. That’s not to say there are other players in the league that wouldn’t be better, because there are. But since management seems intent on NOT playing him, I merely suggested that they package him with Hall and others to try and land the player that would be a better fit.

    101. czech the moves are too slow just like the post olympics last year. History is repeating itself early unless they right the SS Minnow. Maybe the skipper has Maryann & Ginger blow up dolls he’s playing with.They are 2 players or possibly 2 line changes away from getting back on course but the Professor is still thinking & rethinking.& Gilligan is talking about oh the kids, yeah maybe next year & the year after . The solution to lack of O is to clamp down with team D.

    102. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i just wathced the first period of the pack game.all i have to sat is tohse of you who don’t think dubinsky can play now with the strangers right now are simply wrong .the kid can skate has some real creativity hits everything that moves and wins faceoffs.in fact that whole line with callahan and byers looks real good.they should at least try him and callahan with shany for 3 games it can’t hurt ,in fact it might actually work .at this point they have nothing to lose because 3 games will not hurt the development of dubinsky he does not work out,they can always send him down and still make a deal for a center.

    103. czechthemout!!!!!: Problem is you cant decide in one or two games if a kid is ready for the NHL…he may be ready, or he may be having a great game tonight, and the next game, he could look like he needs more AHL time. I am NOT opposed to him getting a shot if the staff in Hartford think he is ready for that step, if there is any question, well, he should stay. I am not to worried about this season for the Rangers, I have looked to next season as a important season since the summer.

    104. czechthemout!!!!! : I do agree that 3 games would be, if nothing, a good learning experiance for him, but im affraid of the Rangers going back to rushing kids.

    105. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard-how if he is having a good game, does that mean that he can play in the nhl?what if he has 3good games?does that mean that he is ready ?what if he plays 5 gms and scores 2 goals and 2asts,you know what that means?he has more points than hossa our new great offensive threat on the second line.by the way he hit one post in the second as did callahan as did dawes.score after two is 1-1.the hershey goalie is keeping them in the game.montoya gave up a goal on a 2on 0.will keep you posted .

    106. I agree with you, cto, but reality is what Sather intends to do, not what we think should be done.

      I would call up Callahan and Dubinsky. but the brass thinks otherwise.

    107. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard-exactly wich kids have they rushed in your opinion over the last few years or more?

    108. czechthemout!!!!! on

      hossamvp-you never know.it seems that sam says the pressure on them is having an impact.they want to now bring up callahan,they just wan’t to clear a roster space for.i don’t understand why that should be so difficult for them to do being that they have so much shit(krog,hossa,hall,orr,jward,)on the team.

    109. Longtimerangerfan on

      cto wrote:
      renney you idiot ,you yourself are now saying that he is ready for the nhl, how can you be so stubborn as to not have him in the lineup when this team is starving for scoring as much if not more than defense.

      How can Renney be so stubborn…remember last year? “Weakes is my #1 goalie. We brought him for that spot and he will be the #1 goalie even if Lundquist outplays him every game, so there!”

    110. czechthemout!!!!! on

      renney the hyeena is starting to remind me of colin cancer.that genius wanted to turn luc robitale into a checker.this idiot is trying to make shany a forth liner with his brilliant line combos

    111. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 2nd, 2007 at 9:23 pm
      wildcard-exactly wich kids have they rushed in your opinion over the last few years or more?

      No answer yet…I’m waiting to find out who also.

    112. Since Sam signs autographs outside the garden, and Longtime has intimate knowledge of such,

      it certainly proves that Sam is not a shill nor reading cue cards, nor just really hesitant to be truthful in his play by play.

      great point, Longtime. I must have missed the logic somewhere.

    113. Longtimerangerfan on

      Seamus wrote:
      Since Sam signs autographs outside the garden, and Longtime has intimate knowledge of such,

      it certainly proves that Sam is not a shill nor reading cue cards, nor just really hesitant to be truthful in his play by play.

      great point, Longtime. I must have missed the logic somewhere.

      You must have missed my other post where I did agree that Sam and the other Garden announcers aren’t entirely forthcoming in their assessment of the Rangers but I don’t think you’ll hear disparaging remarks from any other team’s announcers either. I could be wrong as I don’t watch any but Rangers games but that said since I don’t live in the NY area anymore I must watch them on Center Ice and don’t always get the Garden feed. The other teams announcers don’t sound much different.

    114. no not to bed…but away to eat actually…I don’t mean recent past…but in the past the rangers have rushed kids, and or looked at them to soon and decided to trade team for “something better”. That was a MAJOR point that people hated the rangers for. Oh and if points in the AHL equal points in the NHL than Krog should be the 2nd line center. Just because an AHL player gets points doesn’t mean he hi ready for full time NHL duty. I am NOT saying he isnt ready, just saying that looking at stats and watching a game or two cant tell you that. If the Hartford staff says he is ready by all means get him up to the Rangers, if not, than let him stay and call next season his chance to stick for good right out of camp. I don’t want him to stay down if ready, but watching one or two games, or taking one stretch of games doesn’t mean he is ready. Players can not be judged by their stats alone. There is also a mental aspect that is hard to see in games, the coaching staff may think he needs to mature more mentally, that unless they say something we cant know….they don’t say much about mental maturity unless its good. I have read that Callahan is mature, Staal, and a couple of others over the recent past, but if they don’t say anything it doesn’t mean anything I know…but its an aspect we cant know. All I want is the Rangers to make sure they handle the kids properly, they don’t rush them, and don’t take to long to get them the shot they need in the NHL. And when they get a shot try to use them properly, not like Dawes, he shouldn’t have been kept up if he wasn’t going to be put in offensive situations, same goes for vets, they shouldn’t be used out of position either, Krog the 2nd line, Betts…Cullen the set up guy for Shanny Hossa on the 2nd line?? WTF, that’s not using players properly. Again, I just want the right thing done to make sure the kids developed properly, and I HOPE the rangers are using all their resources in Hartford to find out which players are ready for a call-up. It seems they were right on Girardi, and in fact not to many people on any web site were calling for him to get a call up.

    115. Opening up a roster spot is as easy as waiving Orr…unless a team has said they would take him off of waivers…and I doubt he would be discussed in that way, even in passing, there is no fear of him being taken…and if he is, well the rangers can use a 9th round draft pick and make a trade for “another Orr” . Hall J.Ward, and Hall should be being shopped. J.Ward it now has been proven that he isn’t needed in the lineup, even for the PK….oh Hossa should shopped as well…I am sure at least one of them would get a pick from a team that dosnt have much depth with experience on the PK, or maybe want a little more size on the 3rd/4th line or something….at least enough to give up a 4th or 5th round pick…or even a 6th rounder, the rangers are fairly good at finding decent players later in the draft so it wouldn’t be a nothing trade. If they arnt trying to do that, well their stupid, they have 5 or 6 players that are essentially the same type player, they only need 2 or 3 for the bottom two lines…and there are kids on the way who could do what they do and more. They should be trying to sell that these younger guys are that, YOUNGER and get what they can for them.

    116. czechthemout!!!!! on

      no one said goals in the ahl means goals in the nhl.to use krog as an example is just silly.quite simply krog sucks.i think however that you are starting to come around to the light wildcard,based on your last comments.and your spelling has improved too.

    117. czechthemout!!!!! : LOL….actually my spelling hasn’t improved…my patience to slow down and type properly AND my spell checker on word have improved though…but thanks for noticing. And actual my thoughts havent changed…I have felt pretty much this way all year…I just think that sometimes people don’t want to give things a chance at all. I mean…putting a couple of 4th liners with Shanny for one game I get…try to jumpstart a bunch of players at one…but for 3 or 4 games…that’s not good.

    118. czechthemout!!!!! on

      your right it’s not good.they are just going through the motions right now as far as the direction they are heading.renney just keeps trying to shuffle the deck on a sinking ship .they should start being more proactive and start doing something beforethe seasonis lost.

    119. LongtimeRangerfan:

      you wrote:
      “No matter how good the Devils and Islanders are they will NEVER have the fan base the Rangers have!”

      A few more seasons with Dolan and Sather, et. al. at the helm and this team is going to start losing many fans who have been loyal their whole lives. Like me, who started watching the Rangers in 1970, and lived and died with them.

      The franchise is at a tipping point. I’ve said it before, it has been hijacked by people with no regard for the long history of the team, who are in it just for the money (Dolan), and should be put out to pasture (Sather).

      Maloney dismantled a good Islander team as their GM before Milbury. What did he ever do to deserve his job except be an ex-Ranger? And Renney was run out of Vancouver.

      So how did we get so lucky to have all four of these winners descend on us at the same time? Is the moon in the seventh house or something? Is Tex Rickert’s curse still working?

      If they once again shed the youngsters for washed-up ex-stars just to barely make the playoffs and get swept, I’m out of here for good. There are plenty of good young teams who are being run by real hockey people.

    120. watching rhe rangers is like watching th wwe.you know exactly what to expect! what their breakout system is(no clue)nylander making 2-4 great spins and loses the puck,wasting about 1min killing own power play ,no chemistry getting physically pounded in all the game especially at home,having 6-7 4th line players that would not be playing with any contenders, basicaly everyone knows let them play with the puck and eventually they will shut themselves in the foot. Renney used to talk about accountability…Hall (very physical,can’t score_)( Hossa trying to figure out why he’s on the ice) Cullen being a great pt for the hurricanes,rangers no need for pt, teams watch our films and know exactly what the rangers will do in every situation.Renney(like coughlin constantly out coached) CHANGE the attitude and accountabilty( not just the POCKs but for lazy veterans) and most of all team toughness not the fighting but the sacrifice each player must give for the TEAM.Sorry but Messier Had everyone one the same page. seems like every ranger has a different page every nite.once saw a FEAR T-shirt with a picture of a
      spine, caption read “don’t leave home without it” take that attitude every shift and u will win games.

    121. flee: I think you underestimate the Rangers 3rd and 4th liners, or over estimate other teams guys in that role. YES the Rangers have too many of the “same” player. However, Hollweg, Orts, Betts would most likely be on any teams roster, Hossa, Hall, Ward, would be on many teams rosters…just not all on teh same one….thats the Ragners problem. Those players are not bad; it’s just there is no balance to those lower lines. The Rangers 3rd line as it is now, Prucha/Cullen/Orts is a good third line, but the 4th line SHOULD be Hollweg/Betts/ and one of Hossa, Hall or Ward. The 2nd line needs new bodies…but anyway, the individual players on the Rangers are not usually the problem, with the exception of Malik and Hall as two biggies, it’s the fact that there are to many of the 4th line types, and not enough of the others.

    122. czechthemout!!!!! : I agree…Renney needs to start being proactive. I say he should tell Jagr its time to take one for the team AND do something for the team. I say, don’t go and find a center for Shanny…put him in Jagrs spot on the top line. Jagr can produce with just about anyone…and can play a lot of min. SO, put him with Betts and Hossa, not allot of offense out of that line, but it cant be left alone with Jagr out there, that would probably give the Straka/Nylander/SHanny line more space, or the COP line more space, than since JJ can handle bigger min, you double shift him in Orts spot on the 3rd line, he will get the PP time, and he can even step in for Shanny now and again, just to keep the other team on its toes. I don’t know if that idea would work, but I think its a kink that Renney hasn’t tried…and it would help out in so many ways, Getting Shanny going, and either get JJ away form the other teams top defenders OR get Straka and Nylander away from them. I mean…what do you chose? a line that with Straka and Nylander could get points on most nights with me on the line with them, but with an all-star in Shanny there, or Jagr, which do you give extra time and space to, than after you deal with them you have a high speed, high energy line of Prucha Cullen Orts that at times will have JJ thrown on….just seems like a no brainer to me.

    123. To add to my last post…that is if the roster stays the same…if call ups are made it would be e different of course…

    124. Straka/Nylander/Shanny

      And if Call ups are made properly

      Dawes/Dubinski (if ready) or Immo/ Jagr

      I know allot of people don’t like the idea of Callahan on the 4th line…but if Renney will give the 4th 8 to 10 min a night, I think his energy and drive will get him some points. Than also, he could be tried with Prucha/Cullen if need be, Dawes and any center from Hartford could benefit from Jagr, who really doesn’t need a supper center to have things go, he develops his own plays, as long as the center and Dawes can get the puck in the zone than over to JJ they only have to go to the front of the net and or get open. And Shanny would have a center who can pass the puck, and a winger who can pass as well on the other side, he would have time and space created by the speed of the other two…especially Straka, and with his driving to the net will get goals they Jagr doesn’t on that line, that actually no one gets on the line as it is now. Just seems a more balanced approach to the team…IMHO anyway.

    125. My PP units would be



      Now Orts would stay up on the point…I think Cullen could take the Draws, or even Shanny, but if Cullen takes the draw, afterwards he could cycle with Orts to the point, Rosival can distribute the puck and Cullen can blast it front he point…I’m sure Orts wont be afraid of the front of the net, and with Shanny and Callahan out there…well it would seem some goals would be scored. Renney could also use Tyutin, Rachunek, Girardi, Dubinski, Immo and Dawes from time to time, and orts may not be the choice if there is allot of PK time or something. But I think that would make the PP more dangerous.

    126. I’m not talking about that, you want Renney to shake up Jagr & maybe bring up kids? Word can’t do that, can it?

    127. bklynblue: I have been talking about breaking up the top line for a while. And I have NEVER been against calling kids up, I have only ever said that if a kid gets called up make sure they are 100% ready, because being in the AHL doesn’t hurt them while they are still developing.

    128. Wildcard how did you kick the kool-aid habit? Good job, now if Sam can get to Renney maybe the season can still be saved.

    129. bklynblue : what’s funny is I haven’t changed my outlook on the young players. I still say if they arnt read leave them in the AHL…just like I always have :) Just no one wanted to pay attention to what I said, they always wanted to say I thought the kids were not ready…in fact I only sad a few things along those lines. Like Dawes didn’t look ready when he was up, and Immo seemed to lack consistency, somehow that was turned into me not thinking kids were ready, or I didn’t like kids in the lineup…I couldn’t get the connection…but it was made. I just think that its better to wait a little to long to bring a kid up rather than not wait long enough. It would take a long time of being ready but not brought up to stunt a kids growth.

    130. Longtimerangerfan on

      Baron34 wrote:

      A few more seasons with Dolan and Sather, et. al. at the helm and this team is going to start losing many fans who have been loyal their whole lives. Like me, who started watching the Rangers in 1970, and lived and died with them.

      I too started watching the Rangers in the 70-71 season and I agree with you 100 %. I was just answering the smug Islander-Devils fans who when their teams arn’t winning jump ship. That hasn’t happened with the Rangers but, like you, agree it can. I would love to see a line like the “Bulldog” line again…Walt Tckaczuk, Billy Fairburn, Brad Park and Dale Rolfe ragging the puck on a penalty kill. Once, they held the puck for the “full” two minutes…just spread out and passed the puck back and forth to each other the opposition never touched it. Don’t know if it could be done anymore but would be fun to watch.

    131. Longtimerangerfan:

      Yeah, that was a great time, when it was fun to be a Ranger fan. Tkaczuk was a puck-control specialist and I always enjoyed watching him play.

      One night when he was playing “keep-away” and the other team was getting very frustrated, Bill Chadwick (the color guy) said, “Jim (Gordon), they should check Walter’s stick – it looks like he’s got a nail on the end of it”.

      I’ll remember that line as long as I live. Chadwick was a gem. He put today’s color men to shame. If you listened carefully, around the 2nd period you could hear the *pop* of a beer can opening, and then every 10 minutes or so you’d hear another one. He got funnier and funnier as the game went on.

    132. Longtimerangerfan on


      But the “Big Whistle” could really mangle the english lanquage, couldn’t he? I remember one time they were in Minneapolis “Minnsenota” lol. And remember “shoot the puck Barry”? His interviews with “King” Clancey were the best though.

    133. So now there’s a poor kid out there that has an Uncle Doodie.

      When he brings his friends to meet his uncle, the friends will say Howdy Doodie!!

      Priceless, can’t make this stuff up!!

    134. czechthemout!!!!! on

      any word from sam about the morning skate, i am curious what lines the genius has come up .

    135. Longtimerangerfan on

      I was a real “diehard” back then…the only games televised were some away games on WOR channel 9…so the games from the left coast wouldn’t come ’til 11 or so, I would get home from work, eat, go to bed, get up and watch the game then get up at 4:30 to go to work again. I would also listen to every game on WNBC.

    136. Longtimerangerfan, czechthemout:

      Chadwick was the top referee in the NHL for many years. He then lost an eye (I think he was hit with a puck during a game) so he had to retire. His personality made him a natural to move to the broadcasting booth.

      During his refereeing career he made many great friends throughout the league – players, coaches and owners. So they were always happy to do him a favor and come on TV for an interview.

      His partner, Jim Gordon, was an ex-marine and very straight-laced. Chadwick was a speak-first, think-later type, so there were many funny incidents when Chadwick would say something outrageous and then Gordon would try to soften the impact. Even on a black-and-white TV, you could see Gordon blushing at some of Chadwick’s antics.

    137. Whiners. Looks like today you will have tyutin, girardi, pock, and Lampman on D. That is 4 guys under 25… Is that enough youth for you?????????????????

      Please start Lundqvist…..

    138. Longtimerangerfan, I’d rather say Uncle Rodney than Uncle Doodie. But no, no relation. I had a friend who collected autographs for a living and he once chased Rodney down the thruway to get an autograph. He said Rodney was just as funny in person as he was when he was performing. Heard he was also a Ranger fan.

      In the old Garden, Jason Robards, usually three sheets to the wind, would go to the games and stand up in the balcony. Many times I met him and had a few beers with him (after turning legal age of course).

      You and my friend Baron are short timers compared to me. I started watching them in 1946. Lots of great stories back then.

    139. Longtimerangerfan on

      I’ve only been to the “new” Garden which isn’t anywhere NEAR Madison Square.

    140. Longtimerangerfan on


      How do you keep from getting ulcers? That’s a LOT of years of suffering…I’ll bet you never thought you would see a Rangers Stanley Cup.

    141. Anthony (Abev) on

      Holy moly Sam, 177 comments. I think this is a new record?

      Is this the storm before the calm?

      Sam, Aaron Ward looked less than entertained at the White House. You could see him the whole time over the CIC’s right shoulder. I wonder what he thought of it.

      The video is up on the WhiteHouse web site. (I actually found it through the ‘Canes site). How did he get along with Kevyn Adams?

    142. I don’t think Callahan, or any of the other “Mighty Mites” in Hartford is the answer. We don’t need a second line center either. What we need is a first line center who can get Jagr scoring again. Nylander has become a bad match with Jagr. Two guys on the same line, looking to make the perfect pass. How many times have they bumped into each other in the corners on the PP? How many times has Nylander opted for the perfect pass, instead of taking the perfect shot? Too much Euro style on the first line, not enough Euro style on the second line. In my opinion, the best solution is to have Nylander center for Shanahan on the second line, and find a good center for Jagr.

      Sam, you’re great. Read you everyday. This is my first reply.

    143. LTRF, I vent on various sites (ask Rodent or Bird).

      I just missed the 1940 cup by 6 years. Edgar Laprade still thinks he scored the winning goal in the 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals in 1950 so had to wait until 1994 for a winner.

      The 71-72 team and the 79-80 team went deep but no cigar.

      That’s a bad word to use considering who our GM is.

    144. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i think i found another shill over on BB blog.his name is mitch beck.he said dubinsky did not play well and was burned on the second goal by the bears.i told him that he was watching a different game than i was because it was byers who was out muscled for the goal.dubinsky looked really good yesturday.he had at least half a dozen setups that were stopped by the bears goalie,hit one post,had at least 3 big impact hits ,and won faceoffs.when you watch him play he seems to have a certain swagger and creative instict that i have not seen in a rangers center prospect in a very very long time.this kid will be a palyer.i also think unlike mitch beck that he is now the second best center in the entire ranger orginization.

    145. czechthemout!!!!!

      Right now I’m out west but plan to be back east next month. Some of us are getting together to go see a Wolfpack game. Any interest, check the proboards forum where we put it together.

    146. bklynblue February 3rd, 2007 at 1:26 pm

      “word from Tampa, the genius sather is on the phone with Edmonton & Pittsburg.”

      What if I told you he’s getting Crosby and Malkin from Pittsburgh for Hall and Hossa? WOuld you forgive his past…and present indiscretions??

    147. Lenny – I think you meant 78′ – 79′ season re one of the deep runs.

      re the big whistle – 2 quotes I remember “the goalie is going to get sunburn from the red light going on behind him”
      and “gene carr couldn’t shoot the puck in the ocean if he was standing on the pier”

    148. Bill Chadwick — Many times remember him telling the story of his difficulties with the Rocket. Rocket would refer to Bill as one of the three blind mice and each time, Richard’s penalty minutes would increase.

      Bill was a classic.

      “Hit em with your pocketbook” was another favorite. Harry Howell and Carol Vadnais were the usual recipients.

    149. Another Chadwick story…

      Bruce Hood was a referee in the late ’70s. He was nicknamed “turn-em loose Bruce” after a NYC judge who refused to jail convicted criminals. Hood used to let ’em play, with few penalties, hence the nickname.

      During a very intense game (I think it was vs. Toronto), there were a number of scrums. This went on for quite some time. There was almost no action except for the constant wrestling after each stoppage. The game was really dragging on. Finally, an exasperated Hood pointed at a Leaf and motioned to the penalty box.

      Chadwick blurted out (between sips and hiccups) “They had better be careful… if Hood gets that finger warmed up, they’re ALL going off!”.

      My 2 brothers and I just broke up and we couldn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes.

      I believe he’s 90 years old and still going strong.

      Big Whistle, the sport needs more personalities like you – we miss you!


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