Quick hits from practice


While making it clear that he had no intention of retracting what he said, Brendan Shanahan also made it known today that he didn’t want to revisit his comments about the officiating from the night before.

Still, there was Shanahan sitting cross-legged in the middle of an otherwise busy Rangers’ workout room, silently watching the highlights from the loss to the Maple Leafs.

So much for moving on…

I’ll have more later, but in the meantime, some other tidbits:

  • The team hasn’t yet heard anything about a fine from the league for Shanahan’s comments, but that’s not to say it isn’t coming.
  • As for Jaromir Jagr, the captain did chime in, but his response was consistent with what Shanahan had said the night before. In other words, Jagr’s used to it, so there’s no sense in complaining.
  • Michal Rozsival skated only briefly, and his status for Saturday in Tampa Bay is unclear.
  • At least Sandis Ozolinsh is around to take his place. I’m kidding, sort of. Truth is, it doesn’t look like the spurned defenseman is in position to be playing in a game at any level. Having returned to New York after extensive physical therapy out west, Ozolinsh took to the ice for a brief skate after practice, but looked like he was struggling the whole time. I asked him what his status was. Four words: “I have no idea.”

    OK, have to hop for now. But I’ll be back later…

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    1. Anyone see the pregame spot with Shanny being followed around with a camera at the All-Star Game? In particular the part where he runs into Colin Cambell?

    2. Patrick Hoffman on


      I was just wondering as to when Kevin Weekes would return between the pipes? He has not played in quite awhile and remember, your team needs two good goalies if they want to succeed.

      Remember to visit my Rangers blog at http://www.hockeybuzz.com

      Thanks guy!

    3. Sam,
      save us the time from reading a post/blog that has absolutely nothing worthwhile contained.

      just post one blog with the players quotes and feelings and save us all the Ozolinsh garbage and that shanny was watching a replay of the game balogne.

    4. ethan – re 2nd line center – they should address that next yr with someone like Drury. for this yr unless they can get a 2nd line center for a cheap price like Immonen and Pock I would much rather pass. That includes not trading the better youth or top 2 round draft picks. The goal is THE CUP not 2 home playoff games this year.

    5. JT, “save us the time?” speak for yourself and not “us.” If you don’t like what Sam is doing, don’t visit his blog.

      Sam, thanks for the info. Keep up the great work.

    6. JT: who knew your time was so valuable that it was spent reading Rangers blogs, then thinking about the fact that some blogs are a waste of your valuable time, and then posting about blog postings on Rangers blogs being a waste of your valuable time. How ironic that you’ve posted on this particular subject, however: you’re as valuable to the discussion as Sandis Ozolinsh was to the Rangers. Maybe, if you have some valuable time to spare, you can read this, think about it, and then post a reply. If you have the time, that is.

    7. Sam you might want to start singing that songs’ lyrics ‘why’s everbody always picking on me’, but you’re not alone especially after a loss;)

    8. JT:

      Don’t waste my time posting insults of Sam, especially ones with misspellings. Go somewhere else for your Rangers news…


      As always, I like the details about what’s happening back there(Shanny watching vid, etc.) And I think Rach is easily as to blame due to the ill-advised nature of that pass. And I didn’t see him sitting while Pock — and Girardi — did. Renney is really pushing his luck by choosing not to see how flawed his vet d-men are…

      Any more word on trades or waivers?

    9. get out of the guys crack boys and get some air.
      i read his blogs and most of the time find them to be beneficial. but this post was an utter waste of space and was almost like a kid in high school who turned in something to his teacher just for the purpose of turning “something” in, albeit nothing worthwhile.

    10. I’m sure Sam reads all our comments, both pro and con. It’s his choice how he reacts to them as well as our choice what we do about it.

      Personally, I have been critical of his approach but do appreciate that he relays info to us almost on the fly.

      I know I win my points when chaps like Doodie resort to namecalling and primitive adjetives. Keep trying Doodie, you might make sense one of these days.

    11. JT- If you just want quotes and “feelings” (interesting choice of words- wasn’t the bit about Shanahan about his “feelings?”) the just read the dailies. This is a blog. I for one like to hear anything from practice as that is stuff that can’t be reported in the paper because of space constraints and I’m in Colorado and couldn’t go to a practice even if it was open to the public. That’s the whole point of this blog. I think it’s valueable insight into the atmosphere surrounding the team. If you aren’t interested, go somehwere else. This blog is probably the most popular Ranger blog as far as poster interaction goes. Personally, I’m thankful for short little posts like this so I don’t have to scroll down a mile to get to the end. At least Sam is smart enough to know that one malcontent doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

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