No fine for Shanahan


Brendan Shanahan was spared a fine from the NHL for his tirade against officials on Wednesday night.

“We don’t muzzle our players,” NHL vice president Colin Campbell told TSN of Canada. “We’re not happy that Brendan Shanahan chose to be critical of our officials but he is, within limits, free to say what he wants.

“Brendan is a veteran player and has been in our league a long time. If he feels this criticism will help him or his teammates or his team, that it might give them an edge or that it just needed to be said, that’s up to him. But I can say that our referees aren’t going to change the way they call the game because of criticism from anyone. Our referees have a great deal of integrity and they call the game as they see it,” Campbell said.

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  1. I feel bad that Colin Campbell thinks that, because he is part of the NHL ruling system (or whatever), he is therefore higher than the players. He should know that he is not, and that if he would have WATCHED the hockey game, he would not have had a biased opinion towards the subject, and would have stated that there were some bad non-calls in recent games. I can draw from his statement that he feels that he is always correct, no?

  2. Thanks Sam. Just for the record, my criticism aside, I think you are a hard worker and make an effort to give us the latest info. Hope you take my criticism in a positive fashion and consider it.

    Doodie had me so busy today with all the things he identified me with, I’m lucky I have time to respond here.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, you have critics. Looks like you’re getting pretty big because critics don’t care about nobodies.

  4. “according to, Bryce Lampman has been called up by the Rangers. WHATS UP!?”


    looks like Pock is getting the blame again. Renney is a disgrace.

    I will retract that when Malik sits out.

    IOW, I will never have to.

  5. My question is that unless Rozy got placed on the IR, don’t they have to waive/get rid of someone?

  6. Ah, could be giradi, he was lost last night. Or giradi and pock. either way not much quality on the blueline young or old.

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