Lampman up, Malik on injured reserve


The Rangers have called up Bryce Lampman to take the place of Marek Malik, who sustained a shoulder strain on Wednesday.

No word yet on the severity of the injury, although the fact that Malik is going directly to IR says it’s not slight.

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  1. Let me be the first to rejoice. thanks to the Leaf who slammed Malik into the boards last night.

    since he is not seriously hurt, I am glad that he is out of the lineup.

  2. “These things happen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the league 15 years,� Pock said. “But I have to see it again. I’m still not sure what happened.�

    Well put and right on the money Thomas. The real issue is how many times a defensemen is caught out of position on a given night and over the span of a season. Karel Rachuneck played so bad last night that you could smell it in the seats in the Garden. He consistently gave up the puck at the point. Rachuneck can make Doug Wilson or Larry Robinson look bad as their partner. Lets be honest Pock has his head on straight. He knows what his role should be depending who is on ice with him. What he must learn is which of his many defense partners are going to leave him out to dry ,so to say, and adjust.

  3. Heave Ho, one to go. That one being Hossa.

    I beleive it was Ponikarovsky who hit Malik right along the boards. He went down and was then flexing a lot on the bench.

    Any thoughts on Colton Orr last night. He only played 4:42 but had an SOG and a big hit. He did a decent job on the forecheck and in the defensive zone clearing the puck after he was caught on with Nylander and Straka because of an icing. He didn’t take any penalties either, only in the box because of a too many men.

  4. I Miss Steve Rucchin on

    I saw the hit and became instantly giddy. Looked like a concussion the way he hit his head first.

    Colton Orr didn’t suck last night, but let’s not waive Hollweg to give him a permanent spot.

  5. Good.

    but, does this now make that stupid trade with Chicago for Smolinski and Cullimore more likely. I hope not.

  6. czechthemout!!!!! on

    all i can say is pock will sign next year with another team .he will then go on to score 12-15 goals and have some thing like 30-40 assits.but we will still have renney and his czech posse of dman.malik being hurt will finally allow pock to play with rozy and tyutin with girardi and ward with krapunek.also any one who knows a tiny bit about hockey knows that krapunek was clearley at fualt yesturday.pock was on the blue line where he was supposed to be.sundin should have been caught out of his zone by what should have been a slap shot to the net ,not a fluff pass attempt.the guy who made the worst play was sundin.the only reason he scored was because that crap pass was intercepted and fired out to him while he was goal hanging.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    On the eighth day, God injured Malik and said “I’m sorry Ranger fans, getting him out of the lineup was long overdue.”

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, let’s hear it for management bringing up Lampman instead of Kaspar. One of the few decent moves they’ve made this year.

  9. I disagree with you about the goal-hanging, cto. what is the point of having done away with the 2 line pass rule if teams are not going to take advantage of it.

    I would like to see more cherry picking, at selective moments, and breakaways by the players. it just moves up the shootout to regulation time.

    and if the Rangers had scored because of Sundin being out of position, then THEY would have won 2-1 in reg.

    so, it opens the games up, and relieves the tedium of robotic trapping.

  10. the only reason they didn’t bring kasper up is because the isles would have plunked him off re-entry waivers. kasper’s career as a ranger is over and will definitely not be brought back up this year.

  11. i will never rejoice @ someone elses injury, but it is a little nice to know the guy who always seems to be giving up the puck will be out for a bit. just hope rozy is back and that lampman will not be too “inexperienced” like we’ve been hearing all season.

  12. If Thomas Pock scores 15 goals and has 40 assist in any season as a DEFENCEMAN ONLY i will eat a cat turd out of my cats litter box.

  13. “a DEFENCEMAN ONLY i will eat a cat turd out of my cats litter box.”

    can we call that “Close Encounters of the Turd Kind” ?

  14. czechthemout!!!!! on

    it’s not about goal hanging as much as it was about taking a chance at the right time.sundin made a mistake.what made it look like a good play by him was krapunek making a fluff pass istead of a hard shot at the net.pock had nothing to do with thst goal period end of discussion.pock was doing what you want a dman to do at times wich is help out on the pffensive end in the 3rd oeriod with the game on the line.hey maybe next year we can have malik,rozy,krapunek,baranka,martin richter,sign another soft czech dman so that renney can have a good czeching defense.and now without any further “adew”bring up callahan!!!!1

  15. czechthemout!!!!! on

    ron-pock scored over fifty pts last year in hartford.he has good speed ,is a good passer,and picks his spots fairly well when to join in on the attack as evidenced in the first period when jagr set him up in front when he joined the rush and was stopped by raycroft.pairing him with krapunek shows just how inept of a coach renney is.bpth of them like to join the attack and what happend yesturday proves it.rozy on the other hand thinks dfense first.pock reminds me of rafalski of the devils accept he is much bigger than him and can also deliver a hard hit.rafalski broke in wih the devils when he was a 28 year old rokkie who played in finnland.and if you think the rangers are a good judge of talent just look at who is one of the leading dman in scoring he wasthought to be too one dementional by our brilliant gm and coach.his name is marek zdlicky.

  16. Man, if this is the way the ranger brass will play there young players when the veteran player gets hurt than this organization is in big trouble. Anybody have any ideas how to get Karel Rachuneck and Hossa, nylander, straka out of the lineup so the brass can bring up more players from hartford? Lets face it, they certainly can’t do any worse than this motly crue.

  17. czechthemout!!!!! on

    lampman is not the answer here,he sucks.they need to bring up lifiton.he is really good tough steady dman.lampman should play only if krapunek sits they are basically the same.maybe they can fake some injuries to some more dmaen and call up staal on an emergency basis.

  18. Well I’m never thrilled about a player being injured, and even though I’m no Malik fan, I think he has been singled out for a lot that other d-men get passes on.

    Speaking of passes, I’m not going to miss those lazy ones through center ice from the defensive zone, but I think the Rangers are going to find it tough going to fill his minutes up. I wonder how long it will be before people will be fed up with Rachunek and hoping Malik will be back soon.

    In terms of Lampman, I was a big fan of his a couple of years ago…but the injuries (always at the worst times for his career) have really put a dent in his development. He has one more year before he becomes a free agent, so perhaps they want to give him one more look.

  19. Sam was Malik hurt all during the game and did Renney know? Rachunek was a part of both goals.

  20. david liffiton is TERRIBLE. either way lampman is just here to be the extra dman a job he very well could have next year. rozy should be ready to go by saturday you’ll probably see

    rozy pock
    girardi toots
    a.ward rachunek
    lampman the seventh pretty good stuff

  21. here is Kevin Greenstein of Inside Hockey and XM radio–

    “”regarding the Rangers building, all I’d say is this. Roster spots for rookies have only come as a result of injuries or because veterans have underachieved in an egregious way.

    In order to make a serious commitment to youth, the Rangers need to go into training camp with open spots available for youngsters to fight for, not logjams filled with too many veterans.

    Going into this season, the Rangers’ blueline was incredibly overcrowded: Malik, Rozsival, Ward, Tyutin, Rachunek, Ozolinsh, Kasparaitis. And as a result, there weren’t any spots for Pock and Girardi to fight for, to say nothing of Baranka. And the same was true up front.

    The Rangers should really go into training camp in September 2007 with only 9 forward spots and 4-5 defense spots pre-determined. It’s high time some youngsters were given a chance to win spots in training camp…””

    Posted by: Kevin Greenstein | February 01, 2007 at 07:31 PM

    “”It’s time for more youngsters to get a shot, so that step backwards is actually in the name of progress. As long as guys like Rachunek, Ozolinsh, and Kasparaitis are given the opportunity to chew up meaningful ice time, this season’s struggles cannot be considered “progress” by any measure.

    One step backwards, yes. But not for any meaningful purpose. Taking a step backwards to suffer the mistakes of Pöck, Girardi, Dawes, and Immonen would be for a meaningful purpose, but that’s not what we’re seeing here.””

    finally, a media guy who sees it right.

  22. and Dellapina thinks that the Rangers will get Yanic Perreault for “a mid round pick and a second tier prospect” .

    that just proves Greenstein’s point.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s not a reporter, he’s an op-ed guy. There’s a distinct difference. Sam is a reporter. He reports the news, not his opinions and suggestions on how things should be done.

    CTO: you mention Liffiton. Liffiton would be a monumental disaster at the NHL level at this point. He would be totally lost positioning wise and would easily be responsible for at least one or two goals a game against. I like his size and his grit, but he is VERY green as a player. And this comes from actually watching him play, not from reading reports.

    As for someone mentioning Kaspar being plucked off of waivers, that’s a good point, I hadn’t thought of it. I think Lampman is probably the best choice to bring up with as leaky of a defense we have right now. He’s the most positionally solid from the Pack right now. Baranka has much more potential for growth, but he’s not as intelligent at this point.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    what a surprise .this guy could have been had for nothing, he was a free agent.this team just never learns .immonen is a clone of this guy. good on faceoffs,slow foot speed,good passer.this guy has been on 8 teams in his career.this definitly puts us over the top.and it still remains to be seen what the rangers consider a mid round pick or a second tier prospect.

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on

    doodie-i don’t think he is as bad as you say ,i have also watched him play 4or5 games this year.he cannot be any worse positionaly than ozo or malik or krapunek they all got a shot.i think he deserves his too.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Ozolinsh, no. The others, I think so. He literally just chases the puck. Has no concept of playing positionally.

    Perreault would have been a great addition, but I don’t really see the “clone” comparison. Perreault is a scoring center. Immonen is a playmaking center.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Ozolinsh is so bad on defense, if he continues his playing career, perhaps he should consider switching to forward.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I certainly hope Rozsival returns by Saturday. I liked the Rozsival-Pock pairing. Maybe when they see how superior it is to Rozsival-Malik, it will stay together.

  29. Haha, I knew the fans would rejoice that fact the Renney was basically forced to replace Malik.

  30. Did anyone hear Sam Rosen last night?HE doesnt even know the rules of hockey! First off he was saying it wasnt a goal if Shanahan deflected it in with his skate, secondly he thought it was a 2 line pass when they blew the whistle for the illegal subsitution. How a hockey announcer doesnt know the rules is beyond me

  31. Anyone remember the scene towards the beginning of “Major League” when the GM is reviewing the owner’s list of possible players and someone says “This guy here is dead” and she responds “Cross him off, then.” That must be what it’s like to be in the room with Baloney, Sather and Renney…


  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I caught the 2 line pass thing right away. I even made a mention of it. I think he’s circling the drain now that JD isn’t there to carry him.

    It caught Michelleti so off guard that he was like silent for 10 or 15 seconds.

  33. Also I thinnk you people are sick for being so happy Malik got hurt. It is a shame that you people are willing to have a person get hurt for what you think are some wins even though we dont know what we will get with these kids

  34. czechthemout!!!!! on

    what ever the reason he is out of the lineup that is what people are happy about not because he is hurt.and i got news for you go nyr they are not going to win anything unless they play the bruins or until they get rid of all but 3 if thier 8 4th liners.bring up callahan!!!!!

  35. Go NYR you can thank Renney for never benching Malik even though he deserved to be more than a 1/2 dozen times. So some of this is misplaced. Renney talks accountablity, but enforces it only for some, & hardly for himself or his assistants.

  36. Renney lost that game last night too, but he’d never admit it. And he’s cost them plenty of points this season & last. Show me where he is willing to take any real blame or responsiblity. Including his non-handling of the refs.

  37. \Cezchthemout
    Remember he got a lot of his points in Hartford playing a foward position not stricly defense.
    And defense is not his strong suit i watched for 2 full seasons in Hartford so unless God came down and touched his head and blessed him with new found defensive skill he aint no leetch nor Zubov for that matter and you will get more from Girardi than Pock i would bet Dan ends up a 15/40 player over Pock.

  38. Doodie – Kaspar can’t be brought up as it would negatively affect our cap by approx $ 1.5 mm in next yrs cap if claimed and the NYI have expressed interest in him that way. Why have that much dead money. They can afford to pay him to stay in the minors and not affect the cap. I bet the small mkt teams close that loophole in the next go around.

    Czech – Staal can not come up under any circumstances until his junior season is over.

  39. czechthemout!!!!! on

    ron you are wrong about where pock played or you did not watch the games closely.he played with girardi last year,and with lampman the year before.if you recall when they put him in at forward for one game this year he told al trautwig that it was his first game at forward since his earley days @umass. and i never said he was the next leetch or zubov.players like that come along once every ten years or so.and leetch once in a generation.but he can be like zidlicky or rafalski only bigger+his defensive game is not all that bad my erlier post he was not at fault at all.

  40. we cant have any new additions to our roster untill we open up a space, so a draft pick/prospect trade for a player will not get that done. we would need to move someone. also Liffiton = Purinton

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