The game within the game


Please take a moment to acknowledge there are two former UNH teammates, the Rangers’ Jason Krog and the Bruins’ Mark Mowers, facing one another tonight.

I simply wouldn’t be doing my job as a UNH graduate…I mean, a journalist, if I didn’t mention that.

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  1. giradi was the rangers best dman by far that period…very calm with the puck, made some great plays and also played the body well

  2. czechthemout!!!!! on

    and malik was the worst. 3 bad give aways in his own zone.prucha is starting to get some bounces in his direction now.even with all the adversity he has faced most of wich was renney’s mishandling of him,prucha will still score 20 goals .

  3. Longtimerangerfan on

    How good did that second PP unit look on the second PP? It made the top line look anemic!!! Good for Prucha…he always works hard and should be rewarded. Malikenstein is up to his usual stuff…giveaways galore!

  4. in Sather’s warped mind, this just means that Prucha is better trade bait for another big name castoff.

  5. Longtimerangerfan on

    Prucha scores again…I’m beginning to really love the Cullen, Prucha and Ortmeyer line…time to break them up to try something else.

  6. Longtimerangerfan on

    Man, I love Ortmeyer…what a play to out skate two Bruins and pass out to Cullen for the short hander.

  7. look at that hustle by Jed Ortmeyer. that is what has been missing. for all the morons who look only at point totals, this is for you.

  8. I’m loving the Prucha-Cullen-Orts line right now. Tons of energy, tons of opportunities. Looks like Cullen has found a home on the third line.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    They do look very, very good together. Ortmeyer has shown a VAST improvement in his offensive game this season.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t look now, but with 1 goal and 5 assists, Ortmeyer has the most points on the team since his return. This of course is excluding the Jagr line. Cullen and Prucha are 2nd with 5.

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    yeah renee and hossa looks so great today.ortmeyer has more points than hossa this year and he’s a better and more effective checker always was always will rozy injured or was he hopefully traded?any news sam?

  12. Prucha…Prucha…Prucha. Give him more ice time. When will Renny give up on the first PP unit? How long does this 0 for have to go until they shake it up? Put Prucha on the first unit.

    Get Pock back in the lineup.

    Wake up Renny.

  13. straka-nylander-jagr


  14. Like I said earlier – it’s all about the balance and 3rd line is very, very well balanced. They look like there is a lot of chemistry! Each player on this line is completely different one from another. That is what makes them dangerous! Now, at least we have some fun watching Rangers!
    But still, second line (especially Betts & Hossa) look just terrible. You cannot have a success in Playoffs not having strong 2nd line… that is why I hope we move Hossa somewhere – he’s the worst player on the team tonight (and evenly with Betts), maybe the worst 2nd liner in the NHL.

  15. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hossa mvp – great lineup like it we have find some thing better than crapooneck on d.maybe staal or a trade for someone like stuart or brewer.

  16. Longtimerangerfan on

    What’s good about Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer is they are all fast and they hustle their butts off!

  17. break up that second line and let Hollweg play with Betts and Ward (in the future of course). That would be a MUCH more effective 4th line. Then maybe Renny could get Hollweg on the ice. He’ll need him in the third, things seem to be getting a little chippy.

  18. Longtimerangerfan on

    What’s good about Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer is they are all fast and they hustle their butts off!

    Renney HAS to give them more PP time…please, Renney, I promise I won’t call you a dumb f*&^k anymore if you do.

  19. Sam

    Could you PLEASE inform Renney that Malik has been and continues to be an albatross around Rozsival’s neck this year. Rozsival has played his best hockey next to Pock. Everytime he’s reunited with Malik, his game just drops. Anybody wanna chip in for a bus ticket to Charlotte for Malik. Make it a long slow drive.

  20. Longtimerangerfan on

    Malikenstein continues to stink up the ice…he must play badly on purpose so no other team will trade for him!!!

  21. No way! ;)

    Anyway, my conclusion after this game is I guess final – Sather should get rid of Malik and Hossa asap! Oh, yeah – that was told million times over this season… nobody listen?


  22. Longtimerangerfan on

    Rangers rout…how long has it been since you’ve heard that? If Rosival is injured at least Pock will play unless they recall Ozolinsh.

  23. All we need to do now is bring up Callahan to play second line wing and somehow find somebody to play second line center. Forget Forsberg. Lets grab Mike York from Philly. He’s healthy, he loved playing here, and he’ll undergo a major renaissance (like that word?) with Shanny and Callahan. Betts relaces Krog, Hossa or Hall stay on the fourth line with Hollweg.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i meant staal after his season is over.hossa was horrible was malikenstein.krog did nothing.betts should be the fourth line center with hollweg and hossa/jward.hall is and should be trade bait.overall good showing by most of the team though they came to play.girardi/tyutin were good especialy.

  25. York is washed up. he has 1g-1a and minus 8 in 14 games in Philly.

    Dubinsky should be at C. if people really want a youth infusion, then quit talking about other teams vets.

  26. I would play JWard on that 4th. He fits better.

    What’s the word on Rosival? Hurt or traded? If they said anything durning the game I must have missed it.

  27. Longtimerangerfan on

    Peter, I like the idea of Mike York coming back here…you’re right he liked playing here and I think he would be a good fit too and have a renes…renasi…have a good turn around.

  28. czechthemout!!!!! on

    reneee-good point on dubinsky.i would also look into nagy from pheonix if they don,t bring up dubinsky although i think they should just for 3games to see if he is ready and if not go after a guy like nagy from pheonix or maybe someone like naslund on the cheap.

  29. Longtimerangerfan on

    “What’s the word on Rosival? Hurt or traded? If they said anything durning the game I must have missed it.”

    Rosival has a knee sprain and left in second period I think…no word as how bad.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Ryan Callahan scored the GWG in the AHL all-star game with like 3 seconds remaining. It was amazing.

  31. czechthemout!!!!! on

    bring up callahan!!!!!!! ithink i will end every post this way until they bring him with out further “adew”,bring up callahan!!!!!!

  32. czechthemout!!!!! : I wouldn’t make a trade to replace Rachunek…not with the Defenders working their way up…Rachunek is fine for the rest of this year until other kids from Hartford are ready…I just don’t want to give anything up when the Rangers have a few Defenders getting ready for the NHL, Lampan, Baranka, Staal, Giradi, Pock and Ward could be the D next year…or maybe Roszival since Ward could be moved with only one year left on his deal…but in any case…why give up ANY asset even if it is a late round pick or something when next year Rachunek could be moved for a mid or late round pick and the Rangers lose nothing. NOT saying he is great or anything, but why give up something, he is doing well enough….

  33. Anyone else take a good look at the powerplay? It seemed as if they were getting away from the right side overload and attempting to set up more of an umbrella at times. anyone agree? It was also great to see them taking shots on goal and fighting for the puck along the boards, keeping it in. Hopefully that will lead to more bulges in the twine.

    and to agree with cto, “so with out further “adewâ€?,bring up callahan!!!!!!”

  34. By far the best player on the ice tonight: Ortmeyer
    By far the worst player on the ice tonight: Malik

    Anyone who saw otherwise is either a communist or wasnt watching the game. Therefore, if Malik is in the lineup on Wed, Renney is a communist.

    But I think we all see how this timeline plays out: Malik gets to keep playing on Wed because Rosival wont be rushed back…no one ever is. Pock will replace him. Malik will be below average but not bad enough to cost them the game. Rosival will return against Tampa and tonights give aways will be forgotten. (PS – Has anyone noticed that when Malik skates he looks like he is rowing a boat or on an elliptical?)

  35. Wildcard

    “I wouldn’t make a trade to replace Rachunek”. If Girardi continues his transition to the NHL as well as he has so far, I’d move Rachunek in a heartbeat. With Ward, Rozsival and Girardi on the right, and Pock and Tyutin on the left, you could afford to use Rachunek to either upgrade on D, (Brewer perhaps), or use him as part of a deal for a 2nd line center.

  36. Unless Shanny will move to the right wing, dont put Callahan there…he is doing well in Hartford as a LW isn’t he? If im wrong than OK…but I thought he was a LW, and its not fair to him to try and make him switch side AND get into the NHL and do well. I say this…

    Dawes/(Immo or Dubinsky)/Shanny

    The only reason I say Callahan o the 4th line is that he has the style, it seems at least, to be able to be productive playing a game from the 4th line….I think that would give better balance to the team. With ORTs back Hossa isn’t needed, I think a couple of kids with Shanny would be good, I don’t think both will defer to Shanny, Immo was in a tough spot between two vets and he tried to defer to them all the time…and the youthful energy might take some pressure off of Shanny and maybe give him some more energy. There would be a number 1 line and two number 2 lines and the “4th” line could be the defensive first line…spread out the ice time make it even. on D I would go with


    I don’t think any of that is so bad…any remarks….well seeing as how its me I am sure there will be some ;)

  37. even if there were no injuries, Malik would be in the lineup and everyone knows why. it is spelled J—.

  38. jas: what I meant was don’t make a trade to get a defender to replace Rachunek…No I agree, move him to get a better player…but don’t go and make a trade for a defender that will cost anything other than Rachunek…I don’t want the Rangers giving up an asset JUST to replace Rachunek…dose that make sense??

  39. Shanny does play the right side. Also, Pock play the left and Ward plays the right.

    Callahan on the 4th may not be a bad idea. Betts is defensive and Hollweg can force turnovers giving Callahan lots of chances. The only problem is the 4th line hasn’t been getting ice time, at least not tonite and they won by 5. Although I can’t blame Renney for that because the Cullen line got a bunch of time.

  40. Renneee: everyone said that Rucisky would be resigned because of Jagr as well…so I don’t put to much into that…

  41. Wildcard

    I move Rachunek if its an upgrade. Since he has a decent salary, it might be needed to balance out a deal anyway. As for Immonen on the 2nd line, that ship has sailed. If the Rangers look within to solve the 2nd line center problem, Dubinsky gets the next chance. Immonen most likely gets dealt at the deadline. With Dubinsky nearly ready, and Pyatt, Anisimov and possibly Olver ready to join Hartford next year, I think Immonen’s days a dwindling in the organization.

  42. I don’t care what you put too much into. we see with our own eyes the quotes of Jagr. and we see Malik on the first unit despite his crappy play. no other non-posse Ranger would still be on the first unit if they had played so terribly for months.

  43. Wildcard, is someone typing your posts? I actually understood the last two and they had ZERO TYPOS!

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    wildcard-because well enough is not good enough for a highly paid i see it, we have about 3 weeks to try to tweak the line up for a run to and in the playoffs.crapunek is part of the problem not part of the solution.stuart is an ufa,so is brewer they might be had cheap or for a mid level prospect or two and a 2nd or 3rd rounder.most of our current d with the exception of girardi and tyutin is expendable next year.therefore they can sign an aquisition like stuart or brewer long term.if dubinsky and callahan show something with shanny maybe just maybe we might have something going here for a nice run into and in the playoffs.let’s see if mgnmt has the foresight needed to try something bold like without further “adew”bring up callahan!!!!!!

  45. Renneee : The Pair of Malik and Rosival was good last year…thats why they are together this year…Malik should be out…but I doubt is Jagr…I just dont by it..

  46. czechthemout!!!!!

    In order to bring up Callahan, the Rangers have to create a roster spot. Yes, they could waive someone like Orr. But, as far-fetched as it may sound, it’s possible Sather/Maloney are trying to get something for someone like Ward, as in a late round pick.

  47. I know Isbister is not the answer, but why not bring him up, show him off a little at LW with Shanny, then use him in a deal? He did have 23 pts in 58 games last year for Boston. He could add some depth to another team. It isn’t like he’s doing anything for the Rangers in the AHL.

  48. czechthemout!!!!! : If they are UFA its even MORE important to NOT give up ANYTHING to get them…I don’t care how much Rachunek is paid…you don’t give up draft picks or a prospect for a player unless it’s a big upgrade and cant be replace or a hole filled from within the system. I don’t agree with trading picks to replace a guy who isn’t that bad, and who is playing as a 5th/6th defender tight now. AND he is only like 27/28 years old AND he makes less than 2 mil…its not like he is Malik

  49. “”The Pair of Malik and Rosival was good last year…thats why they are together this year…””

    oh, I see. all he has to do is have some success before the Olympics. and then the last 77 games since March 1 don’t mean squat . he can continue to live on yesterday’s news. wtf

  50. wildcard, bring your Uncle Glen in so we can talk to him directly. we want Sather instead of your blather.

  51. czechthemout!!!!! on

    wildcard-both are around the same age as crapunek and either of the 2 can be signed long term prior to a you not think that stuart or brewer are any good?i think is a big upgrade over any thing we have on d right now?either of them would look good long term wearing blue and would be worth the price i mentioned,especialy without further “adew”bring up callahan!!!!!

  52. please acknowledge the C.O.P. line!
    wonders what you can accomplish when you play players where they should play! Cullen is an excellent 3rd line center and it’s great to finally see him play that role. Not to mention booming shots off from the PP Point.

    Hurray for Girardi.
    HAVE to scratch Malik after that one.
    Bring back Pock!
    Vote for Pedro!

  53. Renneee : its getting old IT really is…IM not a Sather…and would kill myself if I was…just cause I point out the obvious doesn’t mean I even like everything he has done…all I said was Rozsival and Malik are together this year because of last…who else do you put Malik with?? I also said he should be out…I can only hope against hope that Malik is in because they are trying to move him in a trade.

  54. czechthemout!!!!! : I agree that Stuart is better than Rachunek…but seeing Brewer paly a few games…he has games as bad as Malik at times…I think hi sup and down play makes it a scary thing…he could come to NY and be great, or he could have a bad time…and again, With Tyutin, Pock, Girardi, Lampman, Baranka, Staal all seemingly ready for next year, why bring in ANOTHER D who would get in the way of one of those kids??? You will already have at LEAST one of Roszival and Ward back for a vet on D…why bring in another guy? There are others who may be a 5th/6th defender in the Rangers system and another 1/2 defender possibly in Sanguinetti(sp) I just think if ANY draft picks are given up it better be for a 2nd line center…if anything at all. I am NOT saying that those D wouldn’t be an upgrade…I just don’t want to see the picks or prospects given up, or any Rangers kids blocked by a vet that’s traded for.

  55. wtf!! my spell check didn’t catch “palyâ€? as incorrect just now…how weird…

  56. Stuart is a UFA, so if he does not work out, he can be allowed to walk and no kid is held back next year.

  57. Renneee : but that why risk giving up draft picks of prospects for a rental…I think that’s a bad move. again, if picks or prospects need to be traded…get a 2nd line center…or something else the team doesn’t have in the system…not a spot that is dep in the system…like D or 3rd/4th line players…

  58. I mean as Rangers fans…cant we live with Rachunek for 30 more games, and NOT give up anything and just let him walk next year, or trade him for a pick if anything…but there are other kids who can fill his role on the 3rd Defensive pair…why get a rental? or a vet? that will cost something that COULD help build more of a future for this team

  59. Also in regard to Stuart…I know stats arnt everything…but he makes 2.4 mil this year, compared to Rachuneks 1.8… Stuart Career doesn’t have that much better stats…the assists are almost identical per game wise, goals he has a bit better, but points he has .1 points per game more. RStuart is a +8 over his career Rachunek a +45, Rachunek takes less Pims per game, and has taken almost te exact number of shots, that’s all going into this year….and for being on pace this year, Stuart is on pace for more gaols… but only 4 more points…Staurt a -24 and Rachunek a -17, pims are almost the same as are shots…I don’t see the reason to replace Rachunek with Stuart..who catches wrath from Bruins fans for not hitting…

  60. Renneee : I really think Sather is trying to move a defender in a trade…I mean teams are looking for D..and I think that Sather is probably just waiting it out hoping for the right deal. I hope it isn’t something stupid…but I really think they are trying to move a vet D, and they are HOPING for a team to se something they like in one of the vets…

  61. Nice win tonight keyed by the third line that skated circles around the B’s slow and immobile d. It’s amazing how different a player Cullen is when put in his rightful place. Orty played the game of his life keying all 4 of the lines goal with hard work and mucking and grinding along the boards the guy really and truly is the heart and soul of the team. Prucha showed whatta fool Renney is for misusing him all year. Giradi was very sharp once again as was Henrik.

  62. from Dellapina,

    “”Shanny took me aside and said, ‘Just play simple, but don’t play like you’re just a fill-in – play like you belong here,'” Girardi said. “He gave me some great words of advice like that.”

    Girardi responded with a poised performance that undoubtedly earned him a place in the lineup for tonight’s key game in Boston.””

    that’s a leader.

  63. I like HossaMVP’s lineup.



    let malik be the odd man out, fill in

  64. Except Callahan is a RW, that’s were he is in Hartford getting lots of goals…there is NO point in bringing him up to play out of position…that’s why I say let him star on the 4th line, let Dawes play on the 2nd line with Shanny and Dubinsky, and put Hossa out as well.


    I think that’s a good mix, and all players will be in a decent spot…and maybe if the Cullen line losses some steam they could try Callahan there and Orts with Hollweg again…but ONLY if the line doesn’t keep it up….but this lineup would give REAL depth, and would give the team a “listâ€? of forwards that could move up the lines if there was an injury but not be out of place. It seems that Callahan has a game type that could work on the 4th line….Dawes would get in the lineup, and I don’t think the team would miss Hossa on the PK, or defensively…but that’s just me.

  65. he doesn’t have to play out of position. Shanny played LW in his years in Det., and he still does on the PP. Shanny would play LW with Dubi at C and Callahan at RW if that is necessary.

    you don’t put a scorer on the 4th line. not Prucha, and not Callahan

  66. Also…why break up a good D pair in Giradi-Tyutin and put the best skating D on one pair with Pock and Giradi?? Roszival and Pock play well together…I think


    Except for Pock those are the D pairs as they are…and I don’t think they were that bad, with Ward and Rachunek getting the lesser amount of ice time its not as bad when they arnt the best. this gives each pair a skating defender, with the lesser being the 3rd pair. And each pair has a shooter…Pock can shoot and dose, Giradi had a great shot tonight, and Rachunek will shoot as well, but not as much as I would like…but form the 3rd pair its OK as long as they don’t make to many mistakes…

  67. Renneee : If Shanny gets moved thats great…but not Callahan out of position…that’s not a good thing to do to him, it would be better to have him play out the year in Hartford, or try him in Orts spt with Cullen and Prucha…but that line is good with Orts…

  68. I don’t mind, but since Gir-Pock played together in Hartford, he probably put them together.

  69. Renneee : oh I thought Pock played with Lampman in Hartford…but I didn’t get to see the Pack very much except for a few games last season…I just thought someone said Pock played with Lampman most of the time…but anyway, if they have chemistry, im sure Renney will put them on separate D pairings ;)

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s give Renney SOME credit. Who would’ve suggested a Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer 3rd line? Seriously.

    If only the second line wasn’t so terrible!!

  71. I think it was more of a blind squirrel, pick-’em with darts, luckout by Renney. he has tried most other combos. and Cullen and Prucha had already played together before with Shanny.

  72. I don’t get it – why did they sign Betts… he is as bad as Hossa is… zero effort in last few games…

  73. doodie Renney figured it out in a dream, he put Orts in Shanny’s spot. That was the #2 line he still is toying with. All that happened is Prucha & Cullen have reawoken from Renney’s nightmare .

  74. czechthemout!!!!! on

    and now for my final post of the night;with out fyrther “adew”bring up callahan!!!!!!

  75. Well, we all know Callahan is ready, but he seems more of a scorer than a set-up guy. Question is, while Im sure he’ll be given every opportunity next year (he better), is Dubinsky ready at this point to be a second line center or is that going to be too daunting for him? Does he center Callahan in Hartford, or is he their second line center as well? If Callahan were a center then using him there would make complete sense. “Washed up” though York is, he’s got more offensive upside in his pinky than Betts and Hossa combined, he would cost nearly nothing, and as Ive said before, in my mind he should have been our second line center for the last 5 years.

  76. Boston defense malik’d the puck more times than our own Marek Malik!

    Rangers-English, English Rangers Dictionary:

    1. Malik: verb. To pass the puck before the white’s of your own goaltender’s eyes. Ex: “Boston malik’d the puck more times in the first period, given the other team excellent chances, but giving their own goaltender actute anxiety.”
    high school coach: “Hey, you malik that puck one more time and you’re sitting!”
    2. Kamensky. noun. Overpriced vet cashing more checks than he throws. No breaking of a sweat permitted.
    3. Youth: A ranger in his late 20’s, just recalled from the AHL for his “rookie” season.
    4. Youth Movement: two Ranger youths (see above) playing together in the same season.
    5. Color Commenator: cue card reader. Must graduate from Hooked On Phonics U.

  77. That pass in the first period where he just turned and passed directly to the bruin behind ther ranger net witrh all the rangers moving up the ice was just pricelss.

    What does the front office see in this guy that every single Ranger fan doesn’t? Waive him and clear the cap space.

    Its a no-brainer

  78. Longtimerangerfan on


    I love your Rangers-English dictionary!!!
    At least the play by play announcer, Doc Emrick, has cut down on all his former adjectives ie: he “paddled” the puck around the boards, he “knifed” it into the stands, the puck “squibs” around the boards etc, etc.

  79. Longtimerangerfan on

    Here is a Renney quote to John Dellapina…you figure it out as I racked my brains as to what this man is about and I just don’t understand him!!!

    Renney was asked if he worried that not playing Pock more might cause the 25-year-old to choose not to re-sign with the Rangers this summer.

    “Yeah, that’s possible,” Renney said. “So it’s all about my relationship not only with him but with all of my players. Those good young players that I want to see here in the future, they have to understand me, I have to understand them and there has to be a mutual trust there that we’re going to grow this asset to the point where they’re a full-time Ranger.

    “And if they believe that, like what they see and the landscape looks good for them, great. And if they don’t, then they certainly have the option to do other things. And I respect that.”


  80. Longtimerangerfan: I work around politician types….that sounds like something they would say LOL….so in a way I think I get it. From what I read, is that, Renney wants to make sure the young players, like Pock, know that he is trying to build them for the future…basically wants them to see that with less playing time and more practice doing the things he thinks they need to do now, the more he will play them in the future, and he wants them to trust that he will make them better off for it. That’s what it would sound like political speak to real life speak…but I could be totally wrong…but MAN dose he sound like a politician

  81. Oh…and not that I agree…Pock SHOULD be in…I mean if he makes a huge mistake…I could see after than cutting his ice time until after the next period break, and that go over what he did, and tell him what he should do, with video or something…but not for a game off, or for an entire game of less ice time. I think the only real major screw up with young players Renney has had is with Pock.

  82. Malik +3 on the game.

    Stats are not everything, but I just don’t agree that Malik is terrible. He’s being placed in a wrong #2 spot, but other than that the guy is was and has been reliable as long as you don’t go crazy with his minutes. Unfortunately we have nothing better ready to play now, just a bunch of 2nd and 3rd pair D-men.

  83. Longtimerangerfan on

    More Renney quotes.

    Whether it has been because they believe they can move one of their veteran Ds before the Feb. 27 trade deadline or fear that scratching one might cause the Rangers to mentally lose that player, Renney has continued to give his older players the benefit of the doubt while scratching Pock when there’s a numbers crunch. (No shit)?

    Renney insists that does not mean he is losing sight of the big picture to which he has repeatedly referred. (Big picture)?

    “I could probably be guilty of even over-thinking that kind of stuff,” Renney said. “I’m all about development. My history would certainly suggest that. (Oh, really)?

    “What I’ve had to learn is making the tough choices between development and dressing the appropriate lineup. And that’s incumbent with my position on the team. And I completely accept that and take full responsibility for it. (Ready the firing squad)!

    “But I think about that stuff a lot. And my history would suggest that I’m a development coach. Some days I’m going to nail it. Some days I’m not. But I’ll always defend my choices. (Of course, you’re Sather trained)!

    “I had a really good chat with Pockie yesterday and we’ll put together some more clips for him. This kid is an NHL defenseman. There’s no two ways about it. And I’m quite excited about (Daniel) Girardi and Pock – and we’ve got a couple of more down there – it’s really exciting to be a part of. (Yeah, so exciting you won’t play him instead of Malikenstein)!

    “Again, it’s the paradox of coaching and trying to win for the moment and realizing there are some growth to be had there. So as much as I’m sure a lot of people think that Pock should be in there every night for the great things that he does, there are some areas that he needs to shore up. And he can’t do that by himself. (Maybe he can go to the Malikenstin turn-over school to learn the art of puck finesse in you own end)!

    “That is coaching and that is development. And we have to pay attention to our side of the equation in helping him do that.” (Great job of development)!

  84. Longtimerangerfan on

    January 30th, 2007 at 11:51 am
    Malik +3 on the game.

    Stats are not everything, but I just don’t agree that Malik is terrible. He’s being placed in a wrong #2 spot, but other than that the guy is was and has been reliable as long as you don’t go crazy with his minutes. Unfortunately we have nothing better ready to play now, just a bunch of 2nd and 3rd pair D-men.

    Bluenote13 you must be watching last years games…this is 2007 and Malikenstein is HORRIBLE!

  85. Jon Prescription on

    I sincerely hop that the COP line is drilled into everyone’s heads so the line at least gets a chance to play a few damn games together. Renney has finally had success with one of his random combinations. Midway through the season!


  86. In following with Renny’s logic, the lineup for Wednesday would be the same. Its almost a shame that we won last night because while it showed the strength and effectiveness of the third line it will also cloak Malik’s horrible play. And he will play again. :(

  87. Renney is off his meds. He belongs in player destruction, not player development.

    Malik plays and Pock site. Come on Sam, time to call him on this!!

  88. I dont understand some people. I mean you guys will tear apart anything about this team. Yes, Malik did not have a strong game, i was there and i was making sure to pay attention to him, but he is not as horrid as everyone is saying. He just seems to be “the guy” this year that everyone seems to blame for everything. He is the new Poti. Yes, Malik has had some bad games and made some bad decisions but he also makes some strong offensive plays and he is a big guy (who does need to hit a little more). Either way, i wouldnt be sad to see him go but i think it is ridiculous to be blaming him for everything wrong with this team. They came off a great game and i know this doesnt mean everything is perfect, but they actually played a game with a lot of heart and you have to respect that and applaud them for finally actually playing. Hopefully they can continue this the rest of the season.

  89. malik literally was passing the puck to the other team everytime he had it bro. he looked like he was doing it on purpose. he’s terrible.

  90. Not only is he attrocious with the puck, he is slower than kasper. The only reason Savard got called for interference with him is Savard caught up to him before Malik got to the puck. With any other dman, the hit would have happened right in front of the puck. He has to go.

  91. Sam,
    I know you have written and blogged about Pock’s situation a fair amount, but based on Renney’s recent quotes, could you ask him specifically where his (Pock’s)game is lacking compared to Malik? And if it’s “development” that he says is the purpose of Pock sitting, then wouldn’t Tyutin be an example of letting a guy play through a rough patch as a rookie last year, which has reaped benefits this year.

  92. Malik’s been doing this his whole career, like Richtergal says, he’s the new Poti, you guys need to whip someone. Even Renney, who has been wrong at times(admittedly), gets bashed for taking his time to develop, but no its no good because its not the way YOU would do it.

    We finally get a coach in the system who says he wants to commit to developing youth and the fans get all over him because they DON’T understand that harvesting youth is not always gonna be about PLAYING youth.

    Get it through the thick skullbone already….

  93. would testosterone injections lower doc’s voice? when he gets excited, I reach for the iPod.

  94. note of reality: Pock is 25. He sits in street clothes and watches marek malik Malik the puck in front of Lundqvst over and over. Then, after the game, he listens to Renney lecture him about development versus need to win now.

    If there is anything left of this guy’s confidence by the Summer, expect him to sign ANYWHERE but with our organization.

    Immonen, however, will also leave. He will start getting his confidence back and have a couple of solid seasons for another team. Then, he will have a break out year. when he is about 35, we will trade away youth for him. His revenge? He will Kamensky on the ice for us, and laugh, all the way to the bank, preserving his 35 year old body, for his second career in golf.

  95. “harvesting” youth?

    Yeah, we’re all idiots and you’re the genius Bluenote. You sound like Renney. “Harvesting youth is not the same as playing youth” LOL.

    This isn’t about blindly calling for “youth” to play. Hell, most people know that Pock is no kid at 25 already. It’s about observing that Pock is better than Malik. Period. I would also say he’s been better than Roszival, Ward and Rachunek as well, but since Malik has been worse than the others and plays the left side that’s the logical place for Pock to play.

    And, the criticism of Malik isn’t limited to this year. He was awful last year as well, and many informed (ie not brainwashed by meaningless stats such as =/-) observers were critical of his play then. In fact on other boards on the net I was critical of his signing by Slither because among other things I observed him as a soft pylon of a defenseman who would turn the puck over when pressured. Guess what? That’s what he is.

    Really, you and Richtersgirl need to open your eyes and watch the games.

  96. No, you just don’t understand development. Some coaches/programs throw their kids on the ice, to varying dgrees of success. The same for having patience and sitting players out. Renney just obviously is coming from the latter.

    And you know what, i’d rather be called out on the double-speak’ than actually believing this team can win it all this year and cry after every game cause one or two guys were not in the lineup. Hell, we didn’t even have these kind of problems a few years back cause we had no youth to speak of.

    At least now we have some decent youngsters(afterall these guys are not Phaneuf & Crosby here), i’m willing to say lets see what kind of return we get back from being patient instead of feeding them to the lions right out of the gate.

  97. Rookies Are Cute and Have Soft Skin on

    Hearing about Boyes’s struggles on last night’s telecast was interesting. Not scoring, demoted to 4th line. Hmm, sounds like someone else who had a pretty good rookie year a season ago. Guess what a lot of the rookie worshipper’s call “mistreatment of young players” actually happens outside of MSG too. Go figure.

  98. No, Dave Lewis is RUINING ALL HIS PLAYERS !!!!

    Boyes on the 4th line !? A CRIME I tell ya !

  99. if its indeed true that this kid is on the block i want him and would would even go as far as giving up our first for him. he’s getting “pruchaed” big time in boston. 70 points as the second line center last year so what does boston do they spend 5 mil on savard and take boyes job from him and stick him on the wing on a checking line (where he’s never played a day in his life). you get this kid with shanny and cally and you have a great second line.

  100. Winning this year is not in the Rangers future. This team will be lucky to make the playoffs.

    Pock is a UFA and I doubt he comes back to finish his “development” under Renney.

  101. And thats fine too !

    If Pock decides to leave great, he just opened up a spot for a better, maybe even younger D-man next season.

    If he stays we still have another young D-man in the system.

    Win – Win

  102. Anyone else notice that Sam’s AWOL after what was one of the team’s most complete games of the year? Maybe he’s really an Islander’s fan.

  103. Longtimerangerfan on

    January 30th, 2007 at 1:41 pm
    Winning this year is not in the Rangers future. This team will be lucky to make the playoffs.

    Pock is a UFA and I doubt he comes back to finish his “development� under Renney.

    That’s absolutely correct and if I was Pock there is no way in HELL that I would re-sign here to ride the pine.

  104. Longtimerangerfan on

    January 30th, 2007 at 1:45 pm
    And thats fine too !

    If Pock decides to leave great, he just opened up a spot for a better, maybe even younger D-man next season.

    If he stays we still have another young D-man in the system.

    Win – Win

    Never mind Sam, Bluenote13 must be an Icelander fan.

  105. Longtimerangerfan

    That is some kind of development program run by Renney. Pock deserves to play but won’t because the coach is truly shortsighted and then he leaves. That is not how good teams handle there youth.

  106. Longtimerangerfan on

    January 30th, 2007 at 1:48 pm
    Anyone else notice that Sam’s AWOL after what was one of the team’s most complete games of the year? Maybe he’s really an Islander’s fan.

    Maybe Sam is a UFA too and is choosing his words carefully to prepare for the upcoming negotiations to his contract.

  107. Rookies Are Cute and Have Soft Skin
    January 30th, 2007 at 1:34 pm
    Hearing about Boyes’s struggles on last night’s telecast was interesting. Not scoring, demoted to 4th line. Hmm, sounds like someone else who had a pretty good rookie year a season ago. Guess what a lot of the rookie worshipper’s call “mistreatment of young players� actually happens outside of MSG too. Go figure.

    Dear Rookies and Bluenote…How are you? Just dropped you a note to let you know that in Rangerland, accountability for youth is different than accountability for vets. Renney demotes youth. For vets? The words accountability and demotion aren’t even in Renney’s dictionary. Have a nice day and look both ways before crossing. Sincerely, Chardkerm.

  108. I was thinking, before I signed on line, about Renney and what he must think about the fans, press, and internet postings about how awful Malik is…I thought to myself, “man, there is no one out there that says ‘this guy is no star, but he is okay’ that I have read.

    then, I signed on and read Blueshirt and Richter’s girlfriend.

    No offense intended to either of you, but are we watching the same guy?

    As to Poti, he was RENNEY’S whipping boy not the fans. Many of us posted how puzzled we were to see Poti picked on by Renney, constantly, and that at one point, there seemed that he could do nothing right. He was far better than malik and for a lot of games, Kasper, but he was the ONLY one Renney put in the doghouse…even down the stretch.

    Many fans DID NOT AGREE with Renney making Poti the whipping boy. But as a reader of a lot of posts, newsgroups, articles, etc……I firmly believe that the fans DID NOT voice this kind of complaint against Poti. The noise against Malik is loud. When he puts the puck in front of Lundqvst it is just unthinkable at this level. When he does it consistently, it is stunning. With his size, when he HITS NO ONE (“he may need to hit a bit more”, Richters girl??), and about the only thing he can do is poke check, but as the skater speeds past him, he takes a hooking penalty. (of late, he has taken less penalties and has chosen to let the skater go instead).

    rarely do you ever see someone play so terribly for so long and be entrusted with SO MUCH ice time. HE is ALWAYS out there in the last minute of a one goal game.

    Pock must be pulling his hair out in frustration watching Malik, after all these years, STILL just lightly feed the opposing player……… naseum.

    Sorry, but Bluenote13, you remind of Al Trautwig, mocking 15,000 Ranger fans for voicing their disapproval of the lack of skillful play by Malik.

    IT IS A COMPLETE MYSTERY why this guy still plays. On Kasper’s WORST night, he was better than Malik on Malik’s best day; whatever that looks like.

    We are mediocre and have been for Renney’s tenure. We appear to actually and finally have some young players to put out there……yet, Malik plays and Pock sits? I am not even a huge Pock fan, but this is just so illogical………..

    please, someone tell me that Renney is not really mentally ill, but that his sister dates Malik or some nepotistically excuse (I think I just invented a word), so that I can believe that he is rational.

  109. DVF:

    There’s no Post article today, either. Just an AP retread. Maybe Larry and Sam are still out partying with the team after last night’s “turning point.”

    Seriously, when is Renney gonna declare last night’s game THE watershed effort of the season?

    Not that it wasn’t fun as hell to watch, but I feel like I’ve seen this before. Here’s to hoping we don’t now lose 8 in a row.

    COP line – Can they collectively win the Steven Macdonald award? That would be perfect. And deserved, if they keep it up. Prucha’s really amazing; every time I convince myself his habit of getting repeatedly crushed is going to wear him down, he proves me wrong. Love that guy and Orts, too. Maybe they’ll convince me not to dismiss Cullen.

  110. Kovey27,

    please add “pruchad” to the New York Rangers Lexicon!

    that is a great addition!

    Malik +/- looks pretty good especially when he is in the penalty box for the opposing goal.

  111. That posting came out more negative than I meant it to — the game was sweet. Praying for more like it…with a little PP competence thrown in.

  112. tsalad– i’m curious if you would be singing the same tune if the rangers start hustling and winning the second half of the season. They had a difficult first half yes, but not difficult where they cant get out of it. There is still about a half season left and there is plenty of time if they put the hustle and work in like last year. I’m not saying they are necessarily contenders for the cup but dont count this team out yet, have a little bit of faith.

  113. What tune am I singing Richtersgirl?

    I know its Reality. Mine apparently is different than yours.

  114. Longtimerangerfan on

    January 30th, 2007 at 2:16 pm
    tsalad— i’m curious if you would be singing the same tune if the rangers start hustling and winning the second half of the season. They had a difficult first half yes, but not difficult where they cant get out of it. There is still about a half season left and there is plenty of time if they put the hustle and work in like last year. I’m not saying they are necessarily contenders for the cup but dont count this team out yet, have a little bit of faith.


    Take the jock strap off your face…those ain’t roses your’re smelling! The way this team is run “not necessarily contenders” is so far of a stretch it’s incredible that you can even consider it!

  115. Bluenote13

    So, you’ve been outed as an IceHole fan, huh? Don’t feel bad. I got outed as a Satherite since I don’t see Immonen as the 2nd coming of Savard. It gets a little reactionary out here in the wilderness. Where’s a good ol’ JO41 trade proposal to distract everyone?

  116. LOL

    Good stuff Jas

    Yeah, I love Sam’s blog, but some of the reactions…well, like you said, where’s my daily dose of ‘Hossa & Pock for (fill in name of vet rumoured to be on block)


  117. I always felt the the loss of Ortmeyer at the beggining of the season was going to hurt this team. In my opinion, the loss of Ortmeyer is the real reason that the Ranger’s third line has been horrible when compared to last year’s third line. Most people cited the loss of Moore as the reason, but I feel like Ortymeyer’s strong play since coming back has justified my feelings.

    Also, Hall reminds me of Knuble when Mike was with the Rangers. I still think the Hall for Moore trade can be a big win for us as long as we are patient with the Adam.

  118. Burnsy

    That is a great call on the Knuble/Hall comparison. Knuble probably a better skater, but, Hall, I have felt, could be successful when he plays his game, which is using his size to maintain puck control, and going to the net and causing chaos. It’s how he set up the game-winner in Philly on saturday.

  119. Tsalad

    So coming to the defense of a fellow Ranger fan who I have traded barbs with for many years on different websites is taking myself too seriously. Thanks for clearing that up. Then again, I’m not the one screaming bloody murder over this coach or franchise. Must not have my priorities straight.

  120. jas

    People disagree. You know that. This team is a disappointment to many and that is the reality of the situation. You don’t seem to like that.

  121. Rookies Are Cute and Have Soft Skin on

    Dearest Chardkerm:

    I thank you for your lovely note. In these modern times it’s so nice to receive a letter!! You are both a gentleman and a scholar. You too should look both ways before you cross or not, either way, it’s good with me!!

    Regards and bugger off!,


  122. Tsalad

    No, it’s not disagreement that bothes me. Too much of what I’ve read is predictable. Four years ago, I’d bitching and moaning like the rest of the fanbase. Because there seemed to be no hope. But, there’s a lot of hope regarding what’s now in this franchise. On defense we have 5 players under the age of 30. That didn’t happen three or four years ago. You’ve got a franchise goalie whose 24, and a potential elite goalie playing well at Hartford. You’ve got four quality defensive prospects, Staal, Sauer, Baranka and Sanguinetti, who along with Tyutin, you can use to build a big time defense. And, while this franchise doesn’t have a Crosby or ovechkin, there’s a bunch of solid, gritty young forwards who fit the mold of what this team has in mind. In two short years, they’ve completed filled the prospect pool, which didn’t exist prior to 2004. Sather doesn’t get a pass from me, because he failed on so many counts before March 2004. But, in my mind, March 2004 is a line in the sand. The first fruits of that 2004 draft (Montoya, Korpikoski, Byers, Dubinsky and Callahan) are basically carrying Hartford to the top of the standings, and are building trust with each other along the way. Next year, Staal, Sauer, Cliche, Dupont and Pyatt will be playing their first year of professional hockey. In my lifetime of watching this franchise, they’ve NEVER had this many good young players enetering the system. As for the NHL team, last year was a surprise to me, since I expected that team to flounder. They didn’t. So they set out to improve the team, which, in my mind they did. Sather/Maloney made two mistakes this off-season 1) not getting a top 4 d-man, and 2) not getting a 2nd line center. That 2nd problem is at the root of everything that has been a problem among the forwards. It forced Renney to play Cullen at 2nd line center, and misuse Betts and Hall. I wasn’t shocked by seeing Cullen and Prucha play well together. It only reaffirmed what I’ve believed all season. And, when you see a kid like Girardi move in and play well next to Tyutin, and moe Ward down to the 3rd pairing where he should be, the defense isn’t nearly as awful as some people want to claim.

  123. jas

    I think a lot of frustration this year is that so many kids are getting close or are not getting a fair chance at least in my eyes. It seems the team is just treading water and not making a commitment to the future by playing some more kids. I don’t mean 6 or 9 just one or two more.

    Not getting a top 4 d man was the big mistake imo as well. Rangers have given up more goals, 25 or so more than at the same time last year.

  124. third pair my fanny, Ward won the Stanley Cup last year as a top 4 guy, so you don’t know squat.

  125. John

    And Malik played well last year. Last year is last year. Ward shouldn’t be getting top 4 minutes this year. he a valuable vet to have; he just shouldn’t get that workload.

  126. if you are going to try to claim that Malik is better than Ward, and Malik belongs on the top pair, then you have totally disqualified yourself.

  127. John

    Who declared that Malik is better than Ward? Malik should be on a long slow bus to Charlotte (Forget Hartford.) I’d rather see top pairings of Tyutin/Girardi and Pock/Rozsival. And, if Baranka’s ready, I’d ease him in on the 3rd pairing with a mentor like Ward. My point is that Ward is 35, and he’s wearing down, so why overplay him. He can serve a role as being a leader on D. But, let younger legs get more minutes.

  128. Jas,

    that was a good post; well thought out.

    My frustration lies in the names you mentioned NOT being given a chance to play. I just don’t see it under Renney. When Tomas Pock sits and Marek Malik is allowed to wave his stick at peoples’ bellies, and pass in front of Lundqvst, and still be given LOTS of minutes, I just don’t have the confidence that youth are going to be given a fair shake here.

    Having said that, I like Holweg’s energy, but hell, a lot of guys can bring that and actually add, say, 1 or 2 points per season, doubling or even tripling Holweg’s production!

    just a jab!


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