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Some early morning thoughts while the Rangers are busy locking up Jason Krog to a multi-year deal.

I’m kidding, of course…

Put down the defibrillator….


  • Apparently all is well between Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr, with the two clearing the air after “Friday’s mild theatrics”: I didn’t doubt that this was going to happen, and no matter how pathetic it may have looked on paper, the Rangers’ power play was actually more cohesive on Saturday. It’s all about movement, folks, both of the puck and of bodies. And while I’m sure splitting the two players up on different units remains a consideration, I think it’d be a complete waste to not figure out a way to get those two clicking together.

    Speaking of which, give Larry Brooks credit for this gem:

    “The Blueshirts went bowling in a team-bonding exercise after skating at the Boston University rink yesterday. It is not known whether Shanahan rolled the ball straight down the middle of the lane while Jagr tried to finesse his ball with a spin.”

  • As for Brett Hull saying that Shanahan has been begging for the Rangers to snag Peter Forsberg, let’s just say I haven’t heard Shanahan say that directly, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard that. I think it’s mostly tongue-in-cheek. As Shanahan said about the power play, he’s interested in results, and if he thought Colton Orr would work at center, he’d try that, too. But it’s hard not to be intrigued by the prospect of playing alongside Foppa. In a related story, sounds like “Forsberg is at his wit’s end in Philly”: and that something is imminent.
  • I’ve decided the only real solution to my hectic dual existence as golf writer and hockey writer is for the Rangers to bring in “Tiger Woods as second-line center”:;_ylt=Am1SLZ.vzPN2UdyRnnXXf9U5nYcB?slug=ap-buickinvitational&prov=ap&type=lgns. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time the team took a chance on a high-priced star…
  • The Rangers don’t skate until midday, but sounds like the lines from Saturday are likely to be intact. Whether that applies to the defense as well is to open-ended.

    More on that later…

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      Knowing how intense of a competitor Tiger Woods is, I’m sure if someone told him that he couldn’t do well, he would buy a pair of skates and learn just to prove them wrong.

    2. Brett’s just being fatuous. That’s what he gets paid to do.
      I did enjoy his pirouet @ the Rock and subsequent analysis of the new uni’s.
      He’s gotta stop eating the texas BBQ though.

    3. Doodie Machetto on

      A win is NOT a win.

      Renney needs to do one of three things:

      1) Split up the top line and do the
      Cullen/Hossa-Nylander-Shanahan combinations
      2)Call up Immonen or Dubinsky
      3) Reunite Prucha-Cullen-Shanahan

      I liked the way Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer played. If they play that style of game with Shanahan instead of Ortmeyer, they might’ve scored some goals.

    4. a win is a win, but betts at 2nd line center is just plain stupidity, and obviously not a realistic solution…
      as well as cullen,prucha, and orts played, you need to reunite them with shanny…lets betts go back to checking line with orts and hossa…keep the 4th line intact…only way mr. callahan gets into the lineup is if tommy boy lets go of his blind loyalty…at this point all his boys are in the lineup…29 goals in 43 games deserves to be on the big club..

    5. Doodie Machetto on

      Not all of his boys are in the lineup. Ward is definitely one of his guys.

      Speaking of Ward, any chance that either he or Orr will replace Hall?

    6. Sam any truth to the rumor Renney is going to sit Pock again? If so why, & he can’t take an insanity plea ?

    7. the reason that prucha cullen orty line looked so good was because cullen was playing as the third line center WHICH IS WHAT HE SHOULD ALWAYS BE DOING. putting shanny back with them just makes them a target for the defense and takes cullen out of his role. that line looked great exactly the way it was and im convinced that prucha is a better third line player than he is a top 6 player. he’s a great forechecker blocks shots and can get that 20 goals a year. i think thats where he should be honestly and there is nothing wrong with that. but that line looked great. the only problem is you have ZERO second line with the lineup constructed as is. renney would be smart to just insert dubinsky or immonen for a few weeks there with shanny and see what happens. because then you have at least 3 lines that make sense, straka/nylander/jagr prucha/cullen/orts hollweg/betts/krog/hall

    8. Longtimerangerfan on

      “The Rangers don’t skate until midday, but sounds like the lines from Saturday are likely to be intact. Whether that applies to the defense as well is to open-ended.”

      This is really quite incredible!!!! They BARELY beat the worst team in the league and Renney is patting himself on the back for his AWESOME line combinations. I’m sure that Pock will sit again ’cause we need to have Malikenstein in the lineup as he is the best at passing the puck through the crease and up the middle. Too bad they don’t count assists for opposing goals or he would be right up there.

    9. Doodie,

      We need points! Keep the freakin’ lines the same and see what happens. The new lines need to develop some chemistry, no matter how bad they look on paper. When they lose, change them.

    10. Girardi looked good in his first game. I hope he gets more than the standard 2-3 game look before he finds himself fetching coffee and cigars for Sather in the management suite.

    11. Clarification: The skate today is optional for the Rangers, so we won’t know the lines until a little before game time. As of now, I’m told there are no changes.

    12. For all of you that are bringing up just beating the Flyers…last night the Flyers went and Beat Atlanta 2-1…so Atlanta must be a lot worse than the Rangers no?? I think when the Flyers are near 100% healthy, they are a good team, its when they have 5 or 6 guys out, or their top producers are hurt that they are easy to beat. DON’T forget, with ought Forsberg they have ZERO wins, that’s a big deal, that team is like last years Rangers team, take out one or two pieces and the team falls apart. But with all the pieces of the puzzle they are a team to be reckoned with. Not that I think they are agreat team, but they can definatly have a chance to beat most teams when they are all nearly 100%…

    13. Doodie Machetto on

      Yeah, nothing like an all-star break, a close win against the worst team in the league, a day off, and an optional practice the next day to keep the team sharp.

    14. Doodie Machetto on

      Wildcard, I saw that game. Atlanta was TERRIBLE. They should’ve easily won that game by 5 or 6 with all of the WIDE OPEN chances they missed. they must have breen drunk. \

      And don’t mention Forsberg as if he was some big part of the win. He played like crap and was even benched for the end of the second.

    15. “This is really quite incredible!!!! They BARELY beat the worst team in the league and Renney is patting himself on the back for his AWESOME line combinations.”

      And this worst team beat one of the best teams in the league yesterday. Philly is looking better because their injured players came back to the lineup. It was not an accident.

      Our line combos. I also think that 3rd – Prucha-Cullen-Orty looked very good and it’s very well balanced line – opposed to 2nd line which looked really bad, it’s a nonsense to put Shanny together with unproductive Betts & Hossa…

    16. It’s funny how you have to consider context with any of these games. The win on Saturday wasn’t bad until you consider the quality of the opponent. Then you wonder.
      Similarly, the Rangers won a game in Dallas in December and another one in Toronto back in October that saw them play some of their worst hockey of the season.
      On the flip side, you had the 1-0 loss in Jersey two weeks ago when I thought they played fairly well (except for the no goals, of course) and the 1-0 loss in Ottawa that was pretty impressive as well.
      The bottom line is good teams win the games when they’re clicking, but even when they’re off as well. The Rangers aren’t at that level — at least not yet.
      This concludes the ridiculously obvious portion of our program.

    17. Doodie Machetto on

      Sam, how about the less obvious portion of our program:

      Any word about other possible callups/moves?

      PS, I saw a replay of UNH beat the piss out of UMASS.

    18. I don’t know this for sure, but I’d have to think the Rangers are going to give Ryan Callahan another look. The problem is there are no forwards no one who can be sent down without being subjected to waivers, so the team might be first trying to see if they can get anything in return for the likes of J. Ward or Colton Orr (Ward, maybe. Orr, less so). In other words, it might not be right away.

    19. Sam:

      “The bottom line is good teams win the games when they’re clicking, but even when they’re off as well. The Rangers aren’t at that level—at least not yet.”

      Very true about the good teams. Teams like the NJD win many games where they are outplayed. Bad teams, like the NYR, lose games where they outplay the other team.

      Do you really expect that with the personnel they are using, the Rangers will EVER be at that level? Not me. You can’t win, even in this watered-down version of hockey, with six 4th-line forwards, and four #6 defensemen.

      I firmly believe that the Wolf Pack would give the Rangers a run for their money in a 7-game series. It would take Henrik standing on his head to win that series, especially with the improvement of Montoya.

    20. Give Larry Brooks his due: He knows the power play sucks…

      Get Prucha out there on the 1st unit; with a man advantage the other team can’t commit to muscling him as easily and he can be more effective (hopefully). And get Cullen on the point. Pronto.

      And if Shanahan convinces the Rangers to get Forsberg, my respect for him will plummet.

    21. Is there anyone out there besides Forsberg that is consistently rumored to be coming to Broadway?

    22. I’m a little bugged by the line number talk. I also wish we had a couple of “top 6” guys for Shanahan to play with, but it wasn’t like the Betts line was out there for 22 minutes against the Flyers. The “second” and “third” lines had about the same amount of ice time. The 4th line a bit less at 10 minutes each.

    23. Sam who’s going to claim Orr? The guy needs to go down & learn how to be a good 4th liner. He’s wasting away on the sidelines.

    24. Orr was a waiver pickup, he has really cost the organization very little. As much as I’d like to keep him, because he really is the only policeman we have, there has to be an organizational examination as to who has any trade value.

      Hossa is expendable, and to me, is the one reason there’s a stagnation at the forward spot this year. Even is he only brings a draft choice (any round), it’s more than we’ll get in return for Orr. Ward has limited value, too, as far as trade, and at least he can play the 4th line and kill penalties, which is more than Hossa does, and there’s no expectation of more than what we already see.

      To keep potential improvements at Hartford (Callahan, etc) while continuing to exhibit blind loyalty to Hossa, and create logjams because of him makes ZERO sense….and it’s been going on now for too long.

    25. Cmon doodie, keep the lines the same? More attention with shanny back with cullen and prucha…That’s a reach..the only line that gets attention from the opposition is the euro line…You can’t have betts center the 2nd line, it has ZERO chance of success. Cullen might not be a playmaker but he has great speed, he works well with prucha..If theres a line that makes sense to let them build some chemistry, it’s this one…

      Assuming Orr or J. Ward gets moved…It’s time to make the room for callahan..we could use his grit and scoring.,,But then who sits, looking at Saturdays lineup? You have to think Krog bought himself some time with that big goal…Problem is, you have Betts/Cullen who we know realize are both 3rd line centers. If you bump betts to the 4th line, then Krog has to sit…which is fine with me…

    26. Chris – I heard they got interested in Nagy.

      btw – now Krog is cool? That’s funny no one’s complaining about him playing 4th line C… and Hall is cool as well?
      I’d bet 90% of you guys will stop asking to drop these guys after 2-3 good games… ;)

    27. I know somebody in Atlanta and he said that they did not want to loose Krog at all… he was actally “stolen” by Rangers. Just a small off-topic.

    28. Doodie Machetto on

      Thanks Sam.

      Baron, If you had said that to me before tha all-star break, I might have believed you. After seeing a Hartford game for myself, I can tell you that with the exception of the Blue Jackets, every NHL team would CRUSH the pack, including the Rangers.

      I’m not just saying win. Crush.

    29. I still think Hossa is a good player on this team. More effort, grit and responsibility than most. Lose J. Ward, lose Orr. Orr may be the tough guy, but that just doesn’t come up often enough these days…besides, we got Shanny…

      I know this won’t be too popular, and I like the guy, but maybe we should trade Hollweg…his spirit might actually fetch something. Obviously his numbers won’t.

    30. hockeymanrangers on

      I am so for getting Callahan up right now. He is hotter than hot right now, he had a hat trick on Saturday, and he is playing with the allstars tonight. We need this kid up with the big boys maybe he would get us going on some scoring. You know if this young kid can score than we should be able to also. The thing is if they call him they MUST play him and just let him go for the year I bet he put’s the puck in the back of the net YEAAA.

    31. I heard that Krog and Cullen had to “clear the air” after the game as Krog was allegedly heard saying with his recent goal output, he wanted “Cullen money”. ;)

    32. Bite your tongue, Chris! Trade Hollweg? What’s next, changing the team colors to red and black?

      Seriously, I know what you’re saying but I think with Hollweg and Ortmeyer, you have the exact opposite dynamic — two guys who are worth more to the Rangers than you can get for them on the open market. And I would hope the Rangers already learned this lesson the hard way with Dominic Moore.


    33. I think most of us want Callahan up here on Broadway. We struggle with scoring and he can scores. I can see him in 2nd line with Shanny.

    34. If they lose tonight the win vs the Flyers won’t matter because you have to beat the clubs chasing you.

      Renney said the Rangers will need 92 points to get into the playoffs and that means 40 pts in the last 33 games. I know one thing if Jagr can’t score 92 pts won’t be made.

      I watched Forsberg yesterday and he did nothing. He looked slow and bad. Trading for him has Bure trade all over it except Bure games played will seem impressive when compared to Forsberg’s. Plus it is going to be a big time sellers market and buyers will be fighting over one another to get the player they want so the prices will go up and any good player will cost a ton.

    35. I don’t mind Callahan/Nagy/Shanahan line. I think I’d be a lot of balance there as well as in current 3rd line – Prucha/Cullen/Ortmeyer. That’d give us 3 complete, strong lines. That’s why I’m all for getting Nagy and bring Callahan.

      Sam – agree 100% – we should keep Hollweg & Ortmeyer for all costs. They’re young and have a lot of heart to play. You just cannot afford loosing guys like these.

    36. coach

      im no fan of hossa, but he is an effective penalty killer. he’s more valuable to the team in my opinion than a j ward

    37. Longtimerangerfan on

      I read Larry Brooks column today and I have to agree verbatim with what he wrote…ie: same PP combos game in and game out etc, etc, etc.

      This is the most frustrated I’ve been as a Ranger (not Ragner, Wildcard) in my 30 some odd years of rooting for them.

    38. Naked Joe:

      Valuable as what? Hossa gets more ice time than he merits, and he has been valuable time as a 2nd liner, with ZERO production. Other than a few shootout goals (showing he HAS talent), what has he done?

      We can get more for him in a trade than Ward or Orr, and trading him serves more of a purpose than waiving either of the others.

    39. Doodie Machetto on

      LongtimeRangerfan, are you really Jason Ward? Is this how you spend your free time now that you’ve been scratched so many games in a row?

    40. Interesting comparison worse or better than last year? I have to believe worse.

      last year –
      jagr nylander straka
      prucha rucchin rucinsky
      sykora betts ward
      orts moore hollweg

      tuts kaspar
      malik rozy
      strudwick pock

      I really feel last years club was better w/ rucinsky and sykora over hall and hossa..moore over krog..u can make the argument rucchin for cullen has been a wash…and on D you can make the argument we are the same…

    41. there are some real einsteins on this board. yeah, that’s right, trade Hollweg, the 6th leading hitter in the entire league, to make a soft team even softer, while you praise that soft piece of useless crap Hossa. brilliant.

    42. sorry Sam, but the PP is NOT “more cohesive” when you still have Rosival intimidated by his crony Jagr to pass up a wide open shot from right in front close in on a 4-on-3.

    43. Sam,

      TSN.CA reports that Craig Conroy was traded by LA to Calgary for Jamie Lundmark, a 4th round Pick in 07, and a second round pick in 08… Conroy has 16 points on the season, and is a minus 13… So the question is: What would Michael Nylander fetch on the open market? He IS an unrestricted free agent, and there is great demand for 2d line centers…The Rangers should be selling NOT BUYING…Shanny is unrestricted as well. Wonder what Detroit would give up to get him back. Since the team is clearly not Cup ready, shouldn’t that be the goal? While several teams are buying, the Rangers should be selling and thinking of the Organization for not just the remaining 36 games, but for the next 5 years.

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