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*UPDATE, 5:50 p.m.: Same lineup against Bs. And that includes Thomas Pock out of the lineup for the second consecutive game. More later…*

*UPDATE, 2:45 p.m.: Don’t order that No. 21 Liberty sweater just yet. Now comes word that Forsberg has NOT waived his no-trade clause. This is why I shouldn’t post anything until I know it’s fact. But I’m pretty sure that runs against the whole without-a-net spirit of blogging. Either way, I’ll follow up when I know what’s what.*

Just when you thought you’ve heard enough Peter Forsberg speculation, the Flyers captain is indeed ready to “waive his no-trade clause”: in order to go to a Cup contender.

Punchline: I guess that rules out the Rangers.

Or apparently not. According to Sportsnet, the Rangers are one of three teams — Montreal and Toronto being the other two — mentioned as having already contacted the Flyers.

No truth to the rumor that Brendan Shanahan is already headed to the airport to pick Forsberg up….

Either way, the Flyers are in the middle of a conference call with their beat writers to discuss the issue. More later…

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    I heard Shanahan is going to get a pilot’s lisence and fly a helicopter to Philly for him. By the way, if the Rangers don’t trade for Foppa, Shanahan will kidnap him, shave his beard, and throw a Krog jersey on him.

    That’s why Renney had Krog center the 2nd line in that other game, so people would actually believe that Jason Krog could center an NHL 2nd line.

  2. Bye, bye, Ryan, Nigel and Brandon. We hardly knew ye. And just think: next year, you’ll all be playing alongside Forsberg for Philly beating the living daylights out of the Rangers!

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I still say he ends up in Montreal.

    By the way, it seems that the trade will be for a pick and “future considerations”, which will be defined upon how much he plays, how well he does, and whether or not he returns to Philly at the end of the season, so it’s not even guaranteed that any actual prospects will need to be traded.

    1st round pick is pretty much guaranteed, but if the Rangers could get away with that, and Malik, Hall, Ward, Orr, and possibly Hossa to tip the scale, I’m all for it.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    I haven’t heard any buzz about this year’s draft class, has anyone else? I know the CSS rankings have been out, but I still haven’t heard any buzz like I have for the past 5 or 6 years.

  5. if im glen im calling philly


    these guys aren’t going anywhere we’ll give you our 2nd round pick in 07 plus a conditional first in 08 if he stays healthy/re-signs plus any other forward prospect and one of girardi/pock/rachunek. take it or leave it. thats about as fair as it gets (pretty close to what the leetch and weight deals were like)

  6. Eklund is reporting now
    Reports NOT True. Forsberg has NOT waived his NTCToday @ 2:33 PM ET |
    This according to Anthony SanFilippo who sat down with Peter today and will be blogging on the subject shortly. Apparently Peter is not happy about the reports.

  7. Sam,

    Do you know if any of the Philly beat writers has a blog that will post some info on the conference call?

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d rather have Doug Weight if he didn’t have that hefty salary.

    I’d try and work something out with JD where he trades Weight away for the rest of the season for a 2nd rounder, with the promise of Weight’s return for little or nothing in return during the offseason.

    Even if the Blues are selling, with that heft contract he has for next season, he’ll be next to impossible to move. The only team I could possibly see trading for him is Detroit. The ONLY team.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Forsberg has probably said that he WOULD waive his NTC if he likes where they would send him. Until there is a conrete deal in place, I’m sure he won’t even think about waiving it.

    Besides, after being benched for part of last night’s game, I’m sur ehe’s plenty pissed with the Flyers. Maybe he’s trying to screw them.

  10. So, after the Lindros and Bure experiences our resident brain surgeon [i]still[/i] doesn’t get it?

  11. Its not like we need a Forsberg to fix all our problems. We have a number one center, we need a number two center that can actually create even strength scoring chances.

  12. He waived his no trade clause/he didn’t waive his no trade clause. He wants out/he doesn’t want out. Enough of this spectulation already!! I’m getting a headache.

  13. How many sellers are there going to be? 5 or 6 and 25 or so teams wanting to be buyers. That means any player will cost more than we think he will.

    No Forsberg or any other rental old vet at the cost of youth and picks.

    Draft class. USA born Pat Kane is going to a great player. I think he goes 31 overall. What i have seen of him he would be a player you could build a team around.

  14. This isn’t on topic at all but I figure there are some Ranger fans who might have the answer I need here. Sam might even have the answer now that I think about it. I heard that optimum online was streaming Rangers games. Anyone know what the link is to that site?

  15. that gagner kid looked terrible during the world juniors my number one choice would be pat kane but no way is he available when we’re drafting he’s gonna be a top 5 pick no doubt

  16. If forsberg becomes a ranger I will bet anyone on this blog that he doesnt play out the rest of the season without be injured again.

  17. sure, 38 year old Shanny wants him……………..he isn’t even signed for next year and won’t be here for the following decade when:

    if we were a team that plays youth, we would be having the likes of:


    but really, what should that matter? These names won’t get to play for us anyway….they will be buried at Hartford until they run away, and we will sign others off the waiver list to save money. If it is anything but a 2nd rounder, or some of our “career AHL players” (we got lots of them…mid to late 20’s, stone hands, just-about-almost NHL players) or even Kasper, Krog, and Malik! Yeah, that will do it!

  18. If they could trade up to get a top pick like Kane, it would be good. How about sending Cullen, Hossa, and Rachunek and the Ranger #1 slot to Chicago for their #1 pick.

    it that would get Kane, then great.

  19. I’ve been a die hard ranger fan since 1968. If sather trades away young prospects or any young players on the rangers team to rent a player to do nothing but maybe squeak in to the playoffs and loose in the first round, well, i am done being a ranger fan. This is saying alot. I also will loose whatever passion I had being a ranger fan and a hockey fan.

  20. If I were Chicago, I wouldn’t take Jagr, Nylander, Straka, and the NYR-1 for their pick. I would call up my entire AHL team and try to lose out to ensure the #1 pick. Why would they take a center at the end of his career, a star’s brother who can only play one end of the ice, and a bottom 3 DMan for possibly the future of their organization.

    This is the same reason I wouldn’t want any of our prospects going to Phili for Foppa

  21. How bout we send every under achieving player on our roster for the top pick in the draft. i love the trade offers people think up…

    I really don’t see the rangers getting forsberg. If you heard maloney on WFAN last week, he was laughing when asked if they would offer Staal for forsberg. This is the type of player philly will be asking for, so I can’t see any deal with them happening…

  22. I love how people praise Hossa, but then when we say trade him, they say oh he stinks, no one would want him. well, I just did that to smoke out the phonies.

    that’s right, he stinks, and no one would trade a top draft pick for him.

    that was a test of the emergency trade forum system.

  23. P.W. – are you crazy or just found this blog accidently?
    Jagr, Nylander, Straka & NYR 1st pick for Chicago’s 1st pick? And you say if you were in charge for Blackhawks you wouldn’t take it? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on this blog…

  24. What did the Rangers get for Lundmark? Oh year taffe and then Sonenberg. The Flames paid a lot imo for Conroy. The price for any player is going to be high.

    Jamie Lundmark, a fourth-round draft choice in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft and a second-round draft choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft

  25. stf, I know it was overstated, but the point I was making was the Blackhawks would need to be given a lot to give up a chance at the #1 pick. If they got a guy like Jagr, they would probably be to good to compete for the #1. Also, who knows how long guys like Jagr, Straka and Nylander are going to stick around. With a bad team, I would much rather keep the #1 and build for the future than make a stupid trade for a superstar and join the ranks of the mediocre like the Rangers.

    Now, to another topic. Here is a list of former Rangers out there still playing that were either traded or given up on. Some of these guys are great players, some are definitly busts, and others may evolve into good players.

    Doug Weight, Mike York, Radek Dvorak, Jan Hlavac (playing in Czech Republic), Jamie Lundmark, Maxim Kondratiev, Johan Holmqvist, Manny Malhotra, Jason Labarbara, Ian Laperiere, Dominic Moore, Marek Zidlicky, Sergei Zubov, Alexei Kovalev, Dan Cloutier, Marc Savard, Chris Simon, Matthew Barnaby, Bryan Berard, Kim Johnson, Tim Taylor, Tie Domi

    Personally, I would like to have any of the five defensemen on this list over Malik.

  26. From BB

    At the 49 game point Rangers have 52 points, scored 143 goals and gave up 147. Last year at this point in the season Rangers had 63 points, scored 154 goals and gave up 125 goals. Not a suprise, we are not as good as we were last year.

  27. Jason Krog for Prime Minister!! Who wants to help run the campaign?

    I would like to see Krog continue to get time with the 4th line. He did hustle, and with Hollweg, created multiple scoring opportunities.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    “The price for any center just went up with one taken off the market.”

    Add to that how overpriced he was. Conroy has been terrible this year and they traded two picks and a bag of pucks for him.

    Thanks for the info on guys from the draft. I’ve read up on them through CSS, but none of those guys are like a sure fire star. I mean look at some of the top 3 picks since 2000(and this is literally off of the top of my head):

    Crosby, Malkin, Staal(s), Heatley, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Gaborik, Spezza, Johnson(s), Fleury, Nash, Lehtonen, Bouwmeester, and to a lesser extent DiPietro. I just named 16 out of the 21 guys, and I knew all of them going in. This time, no clear cut favorites.

    The ones I missed (I looked these guys up):

    Alexander Svitov(TB #3, 2001), Nathan Horton (FLA from PIT #3, 2003), Cameron Barker (CHI #3, 2004), Bobby Ryan(ANA #2, 2005) and Jonathan Toews (Chi #3, 2006).

    I really should’ve remembered Ryan.

  29. Horton, too. He has elevated his game this year after being relegated to the fourth line early in the season. He has since moved up to the #1.

  30. Hey Guys, there is almost no way to know who has the #1 draft pick- Its a weighted lottery. Even if the Blackhawks gave us their first round pick, with the luck the Rangers have, it wouldn’t come out in the lottery until the twenty ninth pick. (see 2003 lottery for S Crosby, rangers one of Four teams with the most lottery balls- Rangers got the 19th pick or some stupid # like that.

  31. And that isn’t to say the Blackhawks could improve with the players we would have to give up for their pick. This would result in less lottery balls and less of a chance to get the #1. Knowing the Rangers luck, the pick they would give away would be pulled before the one they would get.

  32. “”At the 49 game point Rangers have 52 points, scored 143 goals and gave up 147. Last year at this point in the season Rangers had 63 points, scored 154 goals and gave up 125 goals. Not a suprise, we are not as good as we were last year.””

    the more pertinent stat is that the Rangers have won only 33 of 77 games since the Olympics. they have been mediocre since March 1.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    did someone say Guinness? I think with Renney at the helm, Shanahan will want more than a few. O’Callahan as well.

  34. Please tell me the Pock sitting is somehow 100% a result of the need to play the others with an eye to trading them…please?

    Can Renney really be too afraid to have Pock and Girardi play in the same game? They simply can’t be worse than what else there is…

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    The first time I read that update, I thought it said “Same lineup BS.” I think that would be a lot more appropriate.

  36. Sam, do the reporters get to question anyone when the lineup is announced? Or is it just handed down?

  37. czechthemout!!!!! on

    once again the player who has been the best of the defensemen the last 2weeks sits while garbage like crapooneck,the pilon play because they are czechs.only prucha was benched for a game or two,but he is one of the young players that renney seems to always mentally abuse.renney(sather)is scared to deatth of playing 2 young defensemen in the same game.

  38. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i am also calling on sam to pressure renney on behalf of us fans to get callahan in the lineup,this kid has absolutely no buisness playing in the ahl after tonights allstar game,especialy when your team is having trouble scoring goals.

  39. czechthemout!!!!! on

    can someone please get malik of the ice .3giveaways right in front of his own net,good god why is that dog not held accountable ever by the hyeena?

  40. czechthemout!!!!! on


  41. in the draft only the 1st pick is done by lottery (except the Crosby yr since there was no hockey the yr before). So Philly is guaranteed the 2nd pick in the draft.

    re Forsberg – was a great player, now too injured and too expensive. NO thanks even as a rental – let some other org trade for him (although I think Dolan, Sather and co are dumb enough to do it putting another dagger in most of our hearts).

  42. Sam,

    Please ask Renney this specific question:

    “Seeing as how Marek Malik has made about 10 mistakes in the Bruins game, is it safe to say that Thomas Pock will play in the next game? If not, why?”

  43. Rob why ask Sam to ask Renney? Ask wild missing card he knows all , & if he doesn’t he’ll ask his imaginery friends;)

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