Pieces not all quite there


I’ll have more later from practice, but in the meantime, some quick updates:

  • Martin Straka is still out with some sort of flu and will not be traveling with the Rangers to Philadelphia when the team flies out at 3 p.m. There is a chance he’ll join the team tonight, but as Tom Renney said, the left wing right now is “hour-to-hour.”
  • Naturally, this throws a wrinkle into the lineup for tomorrow, or at least trying to figure out the lineup for tomorrow. Renney was coy when asked about potential combinations, but this is at least what was together today.

    J. Ward-Nylander-Jagr
    Hollweg-Jason Krog-Adam Hall

    Defensively, Dan Girardi looked to be practicing with Fedor Tyutin, while Aaron Ward was with Karel Rachunek, and Marek Malik was with Michal Rozsival. The real head-scratcher had Thomas Pock out of the rotation and practicing with Colton Orr. I’d love to offer an explanation, but I was knocked off course by something else. Which was….

  • Brendan Shanahan and Jaromir Jagr have not yet talked about the faltering power play, or for that matter, the remarks Shanahan made about the power play after Saturday’s loss to the Thrashers. More telling is that Jagr didn’t even know of them, and when I gave the Captain a brief summary — that Shanahan thinks they need to shoot more, etc. — Jagr seemed annoyed.

    “I’m a different player than Brendan,” he said.

    When I then told Shanahan about my conversation with Jagr, the 38-year-old veteran was fairly diplomatic. “That’s why we need to talk,” he said. “I don’t care what we do as long as we get results. And if we’re not getting results, we need to change something.”

    For the record, Shanahan and Jagr’s lockers are about 20 feet away from one another — not exactly on opposite ends of the globe.

    More later…

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    1. Sam,

      It is amanzing that a beat writer has to be the one to get the team’s two leading players to talk about a subject as crucial as the power play. This team never fails to boggle my mind.

    2. figures pock sits lol. ridiculous. and by the way those lines are the ugliest lines ive ever seen in my entire life. if today isn’t a good day to bring up a winger cough callahan cough dawes cough i dont know what is.

    3. Sam this seems to be a step backwards if anything. We’re back to experimenting with Betts at center? I thought it was pretty clear based on a previous game and his own comments that he’s not the man for the job. Looking at these lines I’m finding it hard to find one good line in the bunch that can be considered an offensive threat (minus jags of course).
      I like many fans were really hoping for swift changes after the all-star break. This is an abomination. And why is pock out?
      In the past i would give the organization the benefit of the doubt and would say something like: “well maybe rachunek is being shopped so that’s why they’re playing him this Saturday.” But i think I’d be lying to myself at this point if i game them any credit or assumed strategy.

    4. “a step backwards”. Good and accurate quote.

      This IS the time for the call ups. This is not time for our most horrid defense to remain intact.

      this IS time for Dawes, Callahan, etc..

      this IS time to waive bye-bye to malik and rachunek. I do not, for a minute, think that putting rachunek on waivers means he will be scooped up by anyone…..not a chance.

    5. no the worst part is we WILL win the flyers are terrible so that will make renney think he did something right and he’ll go with it.

    6. Oh look, a nice, soft line-up to go against Fedoruk, Eager and company who have nothing to lose. Good luck fella’s. Keep your heads up.

    7. I’m amazed… these lines are so crappy I just cannot believe it! Pock will probably sit (and I just don’t get it, does it make sense to bring Girardi and put him on instead of Pock???). And the there is J.Ward, Krog & Hall -all in the lineup… Renney is one stupid son of the b#&*&!!! He’s blind for God’s sake!!! R I D I C U L O U S ! ! !

    8. Anthony (Abev) on

      Shanahan and Jagr have the typical blue-collar/white-collar relationship. I doubt they will ever be best friends.

    9. gee what a suprise pock sits. typical rangers bs. they take 1 step forward and counter it with 2 steps backwards. prime example of why we rangers haves should have zero hope of this team ever getting better.

      boy am i excited about getting to see the great jason ward on the 1st line *puke*

    10. Thinking the Rachunek/Pock thing through a little, the only rational explanation I can come up with is that the team is trying to move Rachunek and thus needs him in the lineup (he looks a lot less valuable in the stands).

      Meanwhile, this team is not going to move Pock which is why they can afford to have him sit. That’s an educated guess. Otherwise I don’t see it.

    11. Sam, next time you talk to these guys, perhaps you can suggest the captain and the assistants have maybe a weekly dinner together? perhaps bring in a mediator? this is redicoulous. I know they dont make the decision, the coaches make the final call, but for gods sake what the hell..

    12. I hope you’re right, Sam.

      What about not-calling anyone else from Hartford, what do you think?

    13. as for shanny and jagr talking. there is no point. last year renney said the same thing ‘we need more shots’ and jagr’s response was “thats stupid” end of discussion they continued to do it jagr’s way. and until they get a 2nd line center capable of running a 2nd pp unit shanny is gonna be stuck doing it jagr’s way too

    14. hey sam if they keep sitting him the kid is going to walk away come july 1st whether we want to keep him or not PERIOD. rachunek has been terrible he should be the seventh guy thats all.

    15. Pock is not the one who should be sitting. The more he plays the better he is. Unless they are showcasing more than just Rachunek.

    16. hockeymanrangers on

      Although it not a easy thing to do at all, It is actually gut wrenching. But I have come to terms that this team will not go anywhere this year. My only hope is that even with a little success SOMEONE will get rid of Renny AND Sather before next year. And hopefully THE RANGERS will start going down the right path. After I read on the Blueshirt Bulletin the peice on how are draft picks have pretty much sucked I have giving up on them. B/c it’s true we can’t find even one player to come up from Hartford if this is true then our scouting crew needs to go as well. Ok we have A defense coming up, big deal.
      Sam could you print out some of our comments and put them on Renny’s and Sather’s chair so they can read them, maybe they will resign themselves. We need to clean house like Philly did a couple of months ago. I will watch throughout the rest of the year but I expect NOTHING.

    17. Other teams have seen Rachunek all season long they know what he can and can’t do. They can put lipstick on the pig but it’s still a pig.

      They will just trade Pock like they did Kondratiev last season. Or they will trade a draft pick for someone like Ozo.

    18. Why do we try to make logical sense of the illogical?

      When is Leetch going to join? Maybe we can sit Prucha and make him our 2nd line winger.

    19. Sam, you miss the obvious. Rachunek is simply a better all-around defenseman that Pock is right now, regardless of what the “youth at all costs” brigade might say.

    20. I bet ya Malik and Rachunek are traded by Monday morning.
      Dan G. fills in for Rachunek and Pock for Malik.

      Make it happen.

    21. sam–if you are trying to raise the trade value of our dmen, letting other people watch them play defense is NOT the way to do it.

    22. LAURIE: “Rachunek is simply a better all-around defenseman that Pock is right now…”

      Rachunek’s got 6 even strength points and is -12. SIX and MINUS TWELVE! Keep repeating those numbers to yourself.

    23. Kondratiev went back to Russia after the youth-friendly Ducks refused to give him a one-way contract.

    24. renney sucks. say what you want about drafting and trades, but look at renneys lineup and lines…and explain how any of those make sense..my favorite is j.ward on the first line instead of prucha..and is anyone really shocked that pock sits for girardi…

    25. What is the definition of a “rebuild?” I thought back in ’04 when we moved a number of players (Leetch, Barnaby, Nedved, Simon, Kovalev, Malakhov, Rucinsky, DeVries, Markannen) for some younger guys and draft picks that was supposed to be the beginning of our rebuild stage. I expected to go another couple of seasons dealing with the growing pains of youth mistakes, not making the playoffs etc. while icing a team of alot of youngsters.

      Do we move Hall, Cullen, Malik etc. for whatever we can get and call up Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky? I’m all for it.

    26. Sad to say, but the only way we’re gonna rid ourselves of these utterly incompetent failures that are running our team, is to miss the playoffs. If we don’t, then we’ll just have more of the same grinding frustration listening to and watching these arrogant jerkoffs talking out of both sides of their mouths and expecting us to buy the crap that they’re selling. And if we continue to buy it and don’t put hard pressure on the press to confront these j.o.’s on lineups such as the one we’re hearing about today, then we deserve what we’re getting.

    27. If we miss the playoffs, Dolan has indicated he won’t raise prices. Is that enough to motivate him either to sell the team (we can hope), or change the guard starting with Sather?

    28. I doubt that Cullen and Malik will be traded. Hall on the other hand is an interesting possibility, as he has some value. Would have been nice to see Dawes on the first line on Saturday against the Flyers. Lines could have been


      I know we need to move (trade/waive) a player in order to bring a kid up

    29. Hey Anthony, you said..
      “Shanahan and Jagr have the typical blue-collar/white-collar relationship. I doubt they will ever be best friends.”

      What’s wrong with having both blue collar and white collar friends? Having that privilege gives you a uch broader insight into dealing with people (I should talk, right?) and I highly recommend it to everybody including Jagr and Shanahan.

    30. Doodie Machetto on

      Wow, I’m thoroughly convinced Renney has NO idea what he is doing.

      Granted, without Straka in the lineup, any 2nd line combination was going to be terrible without any call ups from Hartford. But that doesn’t mean he had to ruin the first line as well. The first line has been dominant against the Flyers this season, holding in the offensive zone for long periods of time as if it was a PP. This would have been the perfect opportunity to get Prucha some top line time and instead he’s given it away to Ward.

      I’d even have preferred Hossa there because of how that top line controls in the offensive zone. Holding the puck in the zone along the boards is all Hossa is good at offensively. Good thing he’s on the second line with Betts to recall that winner of a line they used in the past. Remember the Betts back pass? I’m sure glad they gave him another chance to prove why he’s a 4th line/PK guy.

    31. Doodie Machetto on

      Also, sitting Pock is retarded, but I’m sure others will make that point ad nauseum, so there is no need for me to do it.

      I don’t know why people are complaining that it’s Rachunek who is playing. Malik is FAR worse.

    32. Doodie Machetto on

      Sam, when you guys(and by you gys, I mean the beat writers) see these line combinations in practice, do you laugh? Or is it more of a resigned sigh? I’m sure some of your mouths water at the chance to have another thing to rip Renney for (Larry Brooks, anyone?). I wish I could just look Renney square in the eye before a game and say “those lines are dumb.”

    33. Rookies Are Cute And Have Soft Skin on

      Let’s face it, Shanahan has done a whole lot of talking this season. We all like him so no one says anything or we commend him for being a leader etc. And Jagr, playing at least somewhat injured gets crapped on. It’s quite a nice, little double standard.

    34. Sam is right. The potential for a rift between these guys is real – and it is the last thing this (any) team needs.

      Two top players and leaders at odds with each other. Either way about what one said or how one believes something should be done.

      Could be a disaster.

    35. If we ask just about everyone on this board what the Rangers were missing, we might agree that it is a second playmaking center. If the second line were a solid positive group, then the standings might look differently. As it is, there is ONE line that has a plus rating, and every other forward is in the negative, more or less. Cullen was broght in to be the second line center, and hasn’t cut it. He may be a better winger than Prucha, so theoretically at least, Prucha gets less ice time for now, while the staff tries everything they can think of to make the second line click. I’ve heard it suggested that we clone Nylander, whatever the ethical grey area.

    36. Somebody on a previous blog here provided a link to a video clip of a fight between an Edmonton player and a LA player in 1988 when Sather was their coach.

      There is Sather, with fire in his eyes challenging the LA player and calling him a f*n fa*got. He had that same fire in his eyes when he played for the Rangers and was an outstanding protector. The guy could fight.

      Now flash back to today and what do you see? A fat jowled guy with emptiness in his eyes and $$$ in his pockets. What a shame!!

    37. Ward goes from healthy scratch to 1st line LW…. meanwhile Prucha gets to play with Cullen and Ortmeyer? Betts at 2nd line C? Why doesn’t he just name Weekes the #1 goalie while he’s at it?? Renney must be deliberately making the worst combos possible to force Sather to acquire better players. Ridiculous to sit Pock out for Girardi when Malik has done nothing all season but take lazy, stupid penalties and then bitch about it the whole way to the box. I’m tired of that lanky freak. I thought Pock and Rozsival have played well together.

    38. Sam: Is there a center somewhere in the league in the 10 goals, 20 assists range that is paid less than 2 million dollars?

    39. Doodie Machetto on

      I know I’m gonna catch it for this one, but I blame Shanahan. He’s tried to take the team over. Being a leader is one thing, but he the way he has talked has essentially been usurping Jagr’s role as captain.

      I’m not saying what he has been saying is wrong. In fact, I think most of the time he’s been dead on. However, you don’t walk into someone else’s locker room and tell them what’s what. Besides, I don’t see Shanahan scoring any points, not that it’s entirely his fault, but he didn’t seem to have this problem earlier in the season. All of a sudden when he isn’t scoring, it’s the team’s fault?

      I’m sorry, I’m sticking with Jagr on this one. I stated a while ago how he was the unequivocal choice for captain this year and I still stick with that choice. I’d say his biggest fault as captain was not getting together with Shanahan in private so they can sort out their differences, of which it is becoming increasingly apparant, there are many. That’s Jagr’s job and that’s where I see his main failure as captain.

    40. Doodie Machetto on

      I agree, I think Orr should be in the lineup instead of Hall. Although the last time they played the Flyers and Fedoruk took runs at will and Hatcher layed out Jagr with an elbow to the face, Orr sat and watched, too afraid to fight.

    41. more like a blue collar and a stuffed shirt.



      well pardon us, o great king of hockey.

      you told the coach to stuff it, now you told a hall of famer to stuff it, so yes a stuffed shirt who gives us Malik.

    42. Chardkerm said: “Rachunek’s got 6 even strength points and is -12. SIX and MINUS TWELVE! Keep repeating those numbers to yourself.”

      Rachunek’s got 5 points in the 12 games he’s played since Ozolinsh was placed on waivers. In that time, he’s been a -1.

      Pock is -2 with 0 points in the same timeframe.

      Tyutin is -6 with 1 point in that timeframe.

      Ward is -1 with 1 point in that timeframe.

      Rozsival is -8 with 6 points.

    43. Doodie Machetto on

      Good stats Laurie.

      What are Roszi’s and Ward’s numbers in the same time period?

      PIMs would be nice too.

    44. Pock sits out. so all they did was replace one kid with another.

      Sam, you said that the games just before the break were Pock’s best games that you have seen. some reward for playing well.

      if both Pock and Girardi were playing, then you could say its a small sea change. but this is just more of the same ol’ Rangers of the past decade.

    45. Doodie Machetto on

      Malik should be the one sitting, and anyone who disagrees is just wrong. Numbers 1 and 2: Renney and Sather.

    46. Laurie said Kondratiev went back to Russia. How the Rangers would like to have his presence back. Doesn’t matter anyway, we know he would be sitting right next to Pock.

      Screw Hossa on the deuce, put him with Krog and Hall. Maybe they will do something good and we could trade the entire line.

    47. dont worry about jward chris he’s just a seat filler since straka was sick. be more worried about the hossa betts shanny line now that is nauseating

    48. Doodie Machetto on

      Sam, any chance you can get Pock’s take on this? I’m sure he won’t give you much, as he never had much to give when he was watching a lot of games with you in the Press box.

      Also, see if you can get Girardi’s take on how he feels playing with the big boys.

    49. Doodie Machetto on

      By the way, its being reported in a lot of places that Montreal has offered Philly a 1st rounder and a mid level player for Forsberg. I don’t think Philly will receive a better offer, so if Forsberg wants to go to Montreal, expect him to do so.

    50. I am convinced now that just squeaking into the playoffs would be a bad thing that would just encourage more of this retread vet mediocrity for years to come.

      a braintrust that can’t be trusted.

    51. Doodie Machetto on

      HossaMVP, you mean like last year?

      They’ve locked up Straka and Jagr, Nylander will probably follow suit because he knows that he will never get as much playing time or as many points as he does here. Shanny will either stay, retire, or go somewhere with a lot of depth at center, like San Jose. That doesn’t leave too many spots open for kids to come in and play an offensive game.

    52. So the Rangers problems were all Kaspar sitting in the press box and now he’s gone they are all fixed. These guys running the show make me ill.

    53. Doodie – It would have to be a use Metrocard, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it.

      Kovy – It is nauseating. I’d rather see Hollweg or Ortmeyer, move Prucha to 1, J. Ward to 3 and Hossa to 4.

    54. a casual observer on

      Once again I reiterate: Renney is a deer in headlights!
      Look at this possible lineup card. wow.

    55. Longtimerangerfan on

      I agree that if the Rangers make the playoffs that everything will remain status quo, however, the way things have gone for the last several years it may not make any difference either way.

    56. LAURIE: “Rachunek is simply a better all-around defenseman that Pock is right now…�

      Hey, listen, you said this, not me. My question is why Pock? Why not Rachunek is better than Malik or Ward or whomever? Why Pock? You think Rachunek should be in the lineup, fine. Remove a guy who been playing like doodie all season, not one of our young future d-men. Where’s the accountability? Stop drinking the Sather/Renney Kool-Aid.

    57. I’d love to see a scrimmage game between Hartford and NY. I would bet money that the big team would be soundly trounced. I know that they’d be physically bounced around.

      The only way they would win is the usual way, if Lundqvist saved their asses.

      I wonder how many other franchises have minor league teams which many believe would defeat the big team?

    58. so, let’s see. during the break NOTHING was accomplished as far as improving the PP. wasn’t even talked about. and Jagr is pouting that anyone dare suggest that guys shoot the puck.

      and the line combos have gotten worse, and the retread vets who were sitting out are now back in. and the Renney Pock mushroom treatment has resumed again.

      during the break the ONLY thing done was to bring up Girardi, and he will likely get the same patience that Pock gets.

    59. tsalad said, “Kondratiev and a 3rd pick and what do the rangers have to show for that?


      Maybe Sather thought he was drafting Karpotsev.

      To those of you who want to bash Thomas Pock…you DO realize he only has 321 games nhl experience, right??

    60. Longtimerangerfan on

      It just occured to me that Sam just stirs the pot and sits back with big grin on his face reading all our comments of his line combos, etc. C’mon, Sam, fess up.

    61. Malik should sit but he’s Jagr’s buddy so that ain’t happening anytime soon.

      Rachunek has been better of late, and he deserves to play as much as Rozsival does at this point.

      Pock and Girardi should both be in but Rachunek should not be the one sitting.

    62. Sam ,thats a crappy lineup .
      the only real legit NHL players are jagr,shannahan,Hall Adam Hall,Nylander(sigh) and Cullen ,all the rest can play with the ‘Pack,Thats why the rangers are Putrid.

    63. Doodie Machetto on

      “eh wsa upp alll nite thaiping”

      hahahahahahaha. That’s a GREAT one.

      I actually think Jagr or Shanahan could decimate Hartford singlehandedly if they wanted to, but that’s just me. I do think the kids would hustle more, that’s for sure.

      And while I liked Laurie’s Rachunek stats, they definitely were misused to sit Pock. Malik or Ward are the guys who should be sitting. Malik first with Ward a distant second. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, just that Malik is the most worthless defensemen in the NHL.

    64. Here’s some fuel for the fire, Prucha for Mike York! It would fill the 2nd line center issue.

    65. Chardkerm, I was responding the Sam’s post regarding not understanding why Pock is sitting instead of Rachunek. Period. Nowhere did I say there were not other defensemen on the team that should not sit ahead of Pock.

      So kindly shove your kool-aid comments where the sun don’t shine. ;)

    66. Longtimerangerfan on

      The way things are going, Shannahan will be BEGGING other teams to get him the HELL out of here and he’ll probably waive his salary to boot! Next, he’ll go see a shrink to find out why he wanted to come here in the first place.

    67. Aaron Ward is 16th in the league with 115 hits.

      there is no comparison.

      Malik is 323rd in the NHL with 32 hits.

      even Matt Cullen and Tom Poti have more hits than Malik

      and Rachunek is 234th with 41 hits

    68. Doodie Machetto on

      Rachunek is an offensive D-man. Ward’s job is to go and hit everything. Malik is supposed to be the defensive guy, and he gets first line minutes, and still only has 32.

    69. sam, i think the opposite. i think pock is one of the only valuable trade bait they have and they are looking to move him , and that is why he’s out. rediculous

    70. Ward has more goals than Rachunek even though he does not play on the PP. and he has only 3 less assists.

    71. Longtimerangerfan on

      york is 30 prucha is 23, bad idea…………………..

      A bad idea to anyone with brains…but Ranger management……………

    72. Straka goes out and they put J. Ward in his spot instead of Prucha??

      Girardi comes up and they choose to sit out Pock to make room for him??

      W T F!

    73. IMHO, Prucha is a one-hit wonder just like our old buddy Yorkie. Dump Prucha while he has some value because he will never repeat his numbers, from last year, no matter what line he is on. He’s not sturdy enough for the long haul.

    74. Let’s face it fellow ranger fans. Sather has had his chance by far to place this team in the wright direction and all he seems to do is either trade or sign via through free agency over the hill veterans. If you guys are happy with the rangers squeaking in to the playoffs and going nowhere than your missing the big picture. I will say this until the day Sather is gone. Play the kids; I am sure that the kids can’t do any worse than most of the players that are on the ranger’s roster.
      I realize though this is a pipe dream. I don’t think I actually have watched a ranger game since early December. Why, there is nothing to watch except the same old thing. It’s past a broken record.

    75. Doodie Machetto on

      NYR_ROB, I have to disagree. While I am aware of the distinct possibility that he may never put up 30 again, I definitely think he is good for 20 if given a real chance. Why trade a 20 goal a season winger? Most importantly, he has a great work ethic, something that is sorely missing from this team.

    76. lennynyr “If we miss the playoffs, Dolan has indicated he won’t raise prices.” Did you get that confirmed by wildcard?;)

    77. Laurie: So kindly shove your kool-aid comments where the sun don’t shine.

      I just did. Do you feel it yet?

    78. Doodie,

      I like Prucha and he does work hard, but if he’s the linchpin for a deal to get Forsberg, he’s gone.

    79. So Straka didn’t accompany the team to Philly. Of course, Renney’s line combinations are just a reshuffle of the same players that have been crap for the past month, six weeks. For example: Jason Ward on the first line. My question and so should be the press’s question…Jason Ward? Are you kidding? Why not call up Callahan or Dawes?

      Answer: Because the big transparent charade where Renney and Sather and Maloney visit Hartford to see who’s ready, was just that, a charade. The beat goes on. And so do the beat reporters.

    80. This Girardi call-up was pointless. If Pock is gonna sit, there was no point in calling up Girardi. Calling up one kid to replace another doesnt seem like they are trying to light a fire under this team. It really seems like this whole thing was an absolute joke. I will be surprised if Girardi actually plays.

    81. Sam –

      was there any reason offered as yo why jason ward got the top line spot instead of prucha? renney’s use of prucha this season baffling. im not one to jump on the “fire renney/renney sucks” bandwagon, but why prucha not even given a shot to play with playmakers who can give him a chance to score is frustrating. any explanation would be great. thanks.


    82. Sam, no offense to you and your work, this blog is very good and more informational than Rangers game night, but aomeone really, really needs to put Renney on the spot if Pock doesnt play tomorrow. I dont care if the defense shuts Philly out tomorrow. It doesnt matter which way you put it. If Pock doesnt play it is a rediculous, bonheaded move.

    83. Prucha given time on the 1st line isn’t going to change the fortune of this team. A #1 or #2 would certainly do so. Prucha doesn’t fit the puzzle any longer.

    84. How can you say all this negative stuff about Prucha? He is having a sophomore slump and got delegated to the Hollweg line. Thats a great way to get him out of it. Put him with the guy who has one point in 2 years. There is no way Prucha is gonna get out of his slump if he doesnt get a chance to play with offensive players

    85. Is Forsberg a Ranger yet? Don Maloney was supposed to be on XM Radio with Phil Esposito at 5 PM . Maloney never showed. Is he working on something? Or is he afraid to get tough questions asked of him??

    86. Blair Bettsky, who has, count ’em, 3 assists in 114 Ranger games, is Tom Tom, the pipers son, Renney’s choice to set up Shanny with passes.

      the fact that Betts has already failed twice this year at 2nd line C does not faze Renney.

      in fact he cheered when Bettsky was tendered a new contract extension, because that will stifle a kid for even longer.

    87. if Pock has only 32 games he has no chance at 80 games by the end of this yr. Would that make him an UFA after this season at his age 25? Would the same be true for Immonen? Or is the age 26 or does some other factor come into play.

    88. The lineup for tomorrow is completely baffling. I know Straka sitting is causing some re-shuffling there. However. The two forwards on this team that have been the most disappointing as far as offensive production this season have been Prucha and Cullen. When is Renney going to wake up and realize that having the two of them together is ineffective? How many times has Prucha found his spot in the low slot to have one of two things happen. Cullen blindly skates the puck out from the corner up the boards to Shanahan. Or. Cullen puts a pass into Prucha’s skates? These two on the ice as forwards in any situation is completely unacceptable. The numbers tell the tale. Another note on Cullen. Last year he had a career year as a third line center and playing the point on the PP. Why did it take so long to move him down to the third line? Why keep him on the second line as a winger? Why hasn’t he played the point on the PP? Renney’s lineups this year are an abomination. Renney’s handling of this team has taken 10 steps back since the Olympic break last year.

    89. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard is being schooled now as we speak with the rangers talking points about today’s strange happenings at the worlds most stupid arena.

    90. because Renney thinks he knows better than Peter Laviolette.

      Laviolette has a Stanley Cup ring,

      and Renney has a bathtub ring.

    91. SAM…RUMORS……

      I saw on hockeybuzz.com that Leetch and Blake are rumored to be going to Edmonton and Boynton to Toronto. They also said that Forsberg will play for three teams Rangers, Sharks, and Ducks….What are your thoughts?

      I don’t believe any of them to be honest!

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