Never mind the new guy (Updated with Jagr quotes)


I say that because as much as the Rangers’ promotion of Dan Girardi is significant, even more noteworthy are the remarks made by Jaromir Jagr just now.

The message? This is all on him.

“I think when your top guy and your captain does well, the team does well,� Jagr said. “I understand it’s a team game but when the game’s on the line, the individuals have to make a difference. That’s what I truly believe. If you want to be the special guy, you have to have those special moments. That’s what I play for, that’s what I live for.�

While the Rangers’ captain still made it clear that he didn’t consider himself above the team, he also emphasized that it’s up to him to to get the Rangers out of their current rut (in fact, Jagr was so concerned about making sure that message came across correctly he actually turned back to us after our interview just to clarify. “Did I answer everything right?” he said. “I don’t want to sound like the team isn’t important.”)

“I’m not going to sit here and talk about how the team should do. I have to be the first guy to do it. I don’t play good, the team don’t play good. That’s how it is. I’m not saying I’m the team….But I don’t think I’m going to help anybody by talking about how the team should play if I don’t play good,â€? he said.

“That’s why I didn’t go to the All-Star game. That’s why I want to make the playoffs and do something in the playoffs. These people in New York deserve it. Our team deserves it. I live for it. There’s no better place to play. There’s no better organization to play for. We get everything we need. Now we have to do it.�

It was fairly dramatic stuff, and dare I say, Jagr’s most convincing moment as a captain.

  • Will Girardi be the lone call-up? To hear Tom Renney, not necessarily. The coach said he saw some other players in Hartford that can help the team, but there obviously has to be room cleared on the roster.

    “I went down there to be sure, to confirm in my own mind what I thought and what I had been told. It was a worthwhile trip because there are some kids who certainly, I think, are in a position to play here and help us,” Renney said. “We have to make some provisions in order for that to happen, so whether we choose to do that remains to be seen.”

    Here’s again where the question about who is actually making these decisions arises, because Renney, in reference to Glen Sather’s office, then said, “That’s something that’s happening down the hall there.”

    When I then asked the coach if he’s not involved in those sort of decisions, he said that he was, but that at some point in time, he leaves the room before the final verdict is delivered. Then Renney said, “I feel very comfortable I have a voice here.”

    Maybe I’m overanalyzing it, but it struck me as interesting.

  • Girardi, meanwhile, will play Saturday against the Flyers, meaning he will not play in the AHL All-Star game in Toronto. Since the rookie will only play the right side, it sounds like Karel Rachunek would be the odd man out. But that’s undetermined because….
  • More illness has struck the Rangers. Jagr missed a day of workouts because of a stomach bug, and Martin Straka was also out of practice today as well. So much for a team recharging its batteries.

    OK, more later…

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    1. I guess Renney has to wait for Sather to finish off the cake before something happens, geez just waive Krog for the love of god!

    2. ummm HELLO! something big is DEF going on if Renney said that… and is there any speculation as to who may be traded, or dare I say it, waived? Any more info would be great.. and Jagr, WAY TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE…. I have a good feeling about NYR part II, mark my words.

    3. “””When I then asked the coach if he’s not involved in those sort of decisions, he said that he was, but that at some point in time, he leaves the room before the final verdict is delivered. “”””

      so, he has to leave the room so Sather and Baloney can conspire to taint the jury pool. they have already tainted the gene pool.

    4. I really do not understand why Krog is still with the team. Have I missed something, do we not have enough third and fourth liners on this team? Hopefully Immonen and Dawes or Callahan get called up.

    5. “”“I don’t want to sound like the team isn’t important.â€?””

      to his ego, it’s not.

    6. Yeah, I hope this doesn’t just mean Jagr is going to be more committed to his 5 man team and to his misdirection of the power play. He could start by not taking bad penalties.

    7. Meshuggah : I think because Krog is a natural Center…and Immo isn’t a 4th line center…Krog will be good for depth at center…this team really is not that deep with natural centers…I would like Immo up, but Callahan may do more for the team right off the bat…but it all depends on if a move is made, and if it is, what player(s) are gone…than that will set the tone for who gets called up I imagine.MALIK: He wont be waived…unless teh team really wants to get rid of him AND they can move him for something…even a 9th rounder in like 2010 is better than nothing…

    8. “Malik is not going anywhere….as unfortunate as that is, he isnt”

      of course he’s not. and you know why. it’s spelled J—

    9. Wildcard please Hollweg and Ward have played center so the Krog can’t be waived cause he’s the 4th line center is pure bs as usual.

    10. Chris: I really hope JJ doesn’t try to do more, I mean I hope he tries to do MORE but just with the same amount of ice time…or less. Like giving in on the PP, not being the guy who is scoring, but be the draw for the others teams D, he wont get as many points…but it would help the team…Let, or rather suggest breaking up the top line, ask for Cullen and Straka or something, or ask for a change in the lineup to get things going on other lines. I don’t know if he has ever played like that, but it would be a change for any top scorer to become the bait so to speak…even if he doesn’t get that drastic, I hope he doesn’t hurt by trying to help.

    11. Ward played center on the first line when Nylander was down and actually did a half decent job. Hollweg does it all the time. My big problem is I would like to see Hollweg off of the 4th line. If given more ice, I really think his offensive game will develop. We have seen glimpses over the past few weeks, he just hasnt’ been able to break through.

    12. he’s taking it upon himself. boy, I can’t wait to see the neutral zone overstickhandling now.

    13. krog is a journeyman. Let’s give Dubinsky a chance. what’s the worst thing that could happen. he plays bad and gets sent back down. o

    14. blueshirts2k7 : that’s nice…and in the NHL they play center like crap. Krog is good for depth…that’s all..I don’t think he is the savior…but he is a good face-off man. I think he is worth being the extra forward. I am not saying he should always be in the lineup. I am saying that other players, ORR for one should be waived before him, and others should be traded before him. Should he be untouchable…no…but I think for a depth guy, in case of injury, he is OK to have. The rangers could do alot worse for a depth center than Krog…

    15. HOLLWEG: the biggest thing is he plays so much better at wing…at least hitting and energy wise. When he played center he didn’t get as physical. I would rather he play wing and have someone else take care of the defensive responsibilities as center.

    16. Rob: I have herd from a couple of people in Hartford that Dubinsky is one of the guys who looks like he could use more Hartford time, compared to Immo, Callahan, and Dawes, on wing at least. But if he could be brought up I would say give him a chance…but there will be a limit of how many players can be brought up to take a look at. You don’t want the rangers to get rid of players that can at least play in the NHL, and be forced to use a kid who isn’t ready. I just think that for now the Rangers should stick to the players who are more ready, Dawes, Callahan, Immo, Giradi, Lampman, and the like. Than after the season, a guy like Krog can be bumped by a young center for next year…I don’t think that Dubinsky will be hurt id he finishes the season in Hartford…as well as the rangers wont be hurt by Krog being the depth center. Again, I don’t think he should be a regular in the lineup…

    17. the bottom line is that if Jagr plays the 2nd half like he played all of last year this team will cruise into the playoffs.

    18. Hard to imagine anyone worse than Krog at center maybe if they moved Hossa there. There’s a bunch of guys on the team that should be waived.

    19. WILDCARD: I’d much rather have Betts center the fourth line with Hollweg and Ortmeyer. Cullen is much more apt to centering the third line with say Byers and Hall.That said I still like Immonen

    20. krog is a journeyman. Let’s give Dubinsky a chance. what’s the worst thing that could happen.””

      you’re right. but the worst thing that can happen to Sather, Renney and Baloney is to be shown up by their poor choices of the Krogs, Isbisters, Halls etc. of the world. a kid playing well would put the lie to everything they have done.

    21. I have seen Dubinsky play and although I think that he will be very good his overall game can use some refining. If he is brought up those weaknesses that he has will be exposed quickly. That said I do not have a problem with him finishing the year in Hartford.

    22. blueshirts2k7 : god get off of it…I have friend in CT…lots of them…that’s were im from…I Had Season tickets to the Pack…I was actually Number 275 to get tickets, my Boss was 274, my buddy 276, so please chill out with the annoying crap about me working for the front office…is stupid and overused already. A couple of my buddies said he looked like he could use the rest of the season in Hartford…MY GOD..not EVERY kid in Hartford that is doing good there is ready for the NHL…that’s just a stupid assumption…having one or two kids who arnt ready for the NHL but are doing ok in the AHL is OK…it really is…I say keep him there but bring up Immo for the 2nd line…come one…how many center on the Rangers roster need to be moved?? Betts dose a good job, not great but OK..and Cullen is good for the 3rd line…let some of the kids develop more..jeesh…

    23. “the bottom line is that if Jagr plays the 2nd half like he played all of last year this team will cruise into the playoffs.”

      no, the bottom line is that it would prove that he was dogging it the first 48 games.

    24. Kermit the Krog on

      yes, if Dubinsky came up and played well the entire Jason Krog era would be exposed as a fraud. Nice one.

    25. Meshuggah : look out…they will say you work for Sather LOL. Anyway..I think the Rangers 4 centers should be
      1st Line : Nylander
      2nd Line : Immo
      3rd Line : Cullen
      4th Line : Betts

      Than Krog could sit in the stands and if one of the centers was injured he could step into the 4th line and the others could move up. Like I said, Krog will make a good depth guy.

    26. You know…Sather doesn’t have to worry about looking like he was wrong…I a kids dose well and sticks, and he pushes another player out of the way, Sather can talk up the kids for developing faster than they thought, and he can point out how as soon as the kid was ready he made room. He can spin it anyway he wants…and we would be only able to guess if he was telling the truth.

    27. ”But I don’t think I’m going to help anybody by talking about how the team should play if I don’t play good” I take this as a subtle dig at Shanny.

    28. 4Rangers : Krog has been a Rangers what…a handful of games…come on..and he has won a majority of his face-off…I agree that him at 2nd line center was silly…but as the 4th line center he is OK….a depth guy he is..and that’s all…he shouldn’t be a regular, but Putting him in the same group as Malik…come on…or even Hall…At least Hall is still young and can get better.

    29. “He can spin it anyway he wants…”

      Sather does not have to, Wildcard. you do the spinning for him.

    30. Im not ready to give up on Hall just yet. He as so many others has been misused by the Rangers

    31. Krog has been a Rangers what…a handful of games…come on..”””

      I give him the same patience that the br-ass gives to Ranger kids. goose and gander, get it?

    32. Hall’s gotten pp and pk time and been on the third line getting more icetime than Prucha and has done zip.

    33. HossaMVP : im just saying it like it really tired of all these people who seem to think they know more than is possible….they act like they have some interal knowlege of people who they have never met. The act like they know what goes on behind closed doors. its annoying…I dont claim to KNOW anything…but some people do. I dont spin for Sather…if he dose something wrong I dont spin it good so get off it. Same goes for Renny, I dont support not palying Pock, I dont support Keeping Hall in the lineup, or even Krog as a regular, but somehoe I spin fpr Sather..what a joke…how blind do you need to be to say that???

    34. Lets be real folks. Jagr interviews are worth about as much as the paper and ink it takes to print it. I don’t think any Ranger fan who cares enough to spend their extra time reading and or writtng in this blog cares much about what Jagr says in print. Tell him to go play the game like he is capable of playing and we as Ranger fans will get off his 250 pound 6’4′ back.

      I think Krog is ahead of J Ward,Hall,Orr,and possibly Betts on the depth chart. He wins faceoffs, keeps the puck in on the boards and skates pretty well. In my opinion of course.

    35. 4Rangers : as a 4th line guy Krog HAS done good…winning faceoffs is the biggest part of what the Rangers needed from him…again…He should be the spare forward, not in the lineup every night. You have to admit, its better to have him as an extra forward in the stands than a kid right? Even better than Having a younger guy like Betts. Also…him on the 2nd line must have been the dumbest thing Renny did…I dont what he was thinking with that…on HALL he isnt working on this team…I think he can help a team who doesnt have very much depth or many young players to chose from, or a team with a really weak PP, with more PP min and a team that shoots from the point more he would get more points and be a bigger help I think, but he should be moved from the Ragners…he isnt getting it done here for one or more reasons.

    36. John M —
      The only reason I disagree with you is because that’s what Jagr was saying — that it doesn’t matter what he says, that what he does on the ice is all that matters. I think him acknowledging that, and also acknowleding how much of this season depends on him, is still important.

    37. John M : But Betts, Ward, Hall and Orr can still improve…they are all relitivly young…I dont think Krog will get any better…not to say the others will get alot better…but there is a chance that Betts could turn into a better center than Krog is…and Krog is used to sitting on the sidelines…he has for a chunk of his career…so he probably can get back into the game faster than a younger player after sitting…it seems that its takes a certain type of palyer to sit out and jsut come back into a game at a decent level withough time to reajust to game speed and all.

    38. I’m sorry Sam. It’s all a bunch of PR damage control as far as I can see. His Team Leadership image seems to need a boost is how it’s coming off. I respect Jagr as a 50 goal 75 assist leader. Not as an interview.

    39. Anthony (Abev) on

      Sam, as usual I love quotes. And ever better, I love how you quote Jagr as he speaks, not cleaning up his english. I dunno, it makes it more meaningful.

      It’s funny, if Jagr was on any other team, their fans would plaster this stuff all over their avatar’s and sigs.

      But you guys got so much urine, you just spread it everywhere:)

    40. “”Ha brass with a dash so the end looks like ass…funny..ha…that’s comedy.””

      I’ll be here all week. enjoy the veal.

    41. Why dose everything have to be a lie?? You all are very untrusting….do you beleive anything from anyone???

    42. I think it was Jagr seeing Shanny speaking out and showing leadership just before the break, and thinking that he had to ante up some comments to avoid being marginalized. sort of a “I’ll see you and raise you one” situation.

    43. Doodie Machetto on

      “I think it was Jagr seeing Shanny speaking out and showing leadership just before the break, and thinking that he had to ante up some comments to avoid being marginalized. sort of a “I’ll see you and raise you oneâ€? situation.”

      I certainly hope so. Because if that were really the case, the team could certainly pick things up.

    44. Sam this is a team sport & they need to play team D first. I hope Jagr returns to the offensive form of last year, but he also needs to learn the word WE, I is a part of WE! That’s part of what Captains do, they lead but they also are in it with the rest of the players, hopefully doing what the coach wants them to do, not what they think they should do. They all want to win but they need to bring back the 94 slogan, Heave Ho, teamwork while executing the coach’s game plan while doing their job w/o trying to do too much. Everybody has to work together.Even on nights when he isn’t playing good they have to find ways to win. For him to think that’s not possible is a little over the top.

    45. Doodie Machetto on

      “Even on nights when he isn’t playing good they have to find ways to win. For him to think that’s not possible is a little over the top.”

      I don’t think he said that it’s not possible to win without him, just that they are much more likely to win when he’s on his game. Conversely, it’s much harder for them to win when he is not.

    46. I would like to see the following lines:

      Straka – Nylander – Jagr

      Daws – Callahan – Shanny

      Pock – Cullen – Prucha

      Hollweg – Betts – Orts

      why not Pock up front? He can skate, shoot,and has can score if given the chance. Goodbye J. Ward, Hossa, and Hall.
      Time is slipping away. We are in the playoff hunt with too many teams. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Give Daws lots of playing time.Does anyone remember the goal he scored in P.R. during the pre season?

    47. ” I have to be the first guy to do it. I don’t play good, the team don’t play good. That’s how it is….”

    48. Reading Renney’s quotes wha’s being confirmed is that job #1 is getting (staggering) into the playoffs (which really is no big accomplishment since more than half the conference does it.

      And BTW, they want to give the kids a shot.

      I have the very uneasy feeling that the kids’ “shot” will be limited to the extent of those of them who get auditions won’t have much time to impress and probably won’t be allowed many mistakes.

      Girardi’s forte is his dependability, his doing the “little” things, like being where he’s supposed to be and not making mental mistakes.

      Someone said to me today that he’s not going to “wow” anyone and that’s true.

      It’s inevitable he’ll suffer some setbacks, but it’s also important that he (or any other young player) be given reasonable TOI in order to prove he’s got promise or confirm that he’ll flop.

    49. Hopefully this makes Jags so angry that he plays like a possessed maniac out there with tons of hustle and heart. We have seen glimpses of brilliance this year from him, like the Atlanta goal, but he has been a shell of the player he was last year and I think it is both him not being 100% into the games and his shoulder. Hopefully we see a new Jags after the break, but first he needs to recover from his bug

    50. Wildcard

      You may be right about Krogs ability to be resilient. But I have watched the J Ward, Betts, Orr auditions on Broadway long enough to waive all of them. I have been an avid hockey fan for 30 plus years. And have watched quite a bit of garbage pail kids play for the Rangers on some super bad teams. Enough to be able to say with certainty that Jason Ward, Marek Malik, Mike Rosival, Karel Rachuneck , Darius Kasparitis, Adam Hall, Colton Orr, and Ryan Hollweg cannot all play on the same night every night for 25 games in a row and not have success at all and waste my time typing that these particular Rangers can improve!!! I just cant make that statement with a straight face. Sorry Wildcard. I can’t. In my opinion of course.

    51. Maybe the Rangers should suit up Bobby Granger. We know HE can play some D. He proved that when he took one in the junk from Shanny. We also know he can take hits after Prucha, Kaspar and those two hot Czech models laid him out.

    52. Wildcard has a vivid imagination with imaginery friends, a bad attitude that leads to the possiblity he’s related to sather. So if you want to learn about hockey & the NYR just ask him & he’ll talk it over with those ‘friends’, together they know everything. So the rest of you just sit up & read. He lives for his own BS and the attenion he’s getting. Now stop picking on him, and ignore his posts, unless you enjoy talking to genius II, the sequel. Everybody else here are just stating opinions, this guy knows all and has a hard time agreeing with anyone, including himself.

    53. I think you guys are basically ridiculously harsh and unfair to Jagr. I think he is still one of the best players in the NHL; I think he came out and made a statement that fully acknowledged what he thought of his and the team’s play so far, and that demonstrated that he completely understands the kind of leader he is and needs to be. When people say things like “yeah, well I respect him as a 50-goal and 75-assist leader” they are repeating EXACTLY what Jagr is saying. Meanwhile, Shanahan can do no wrong. Despite the fact that he hasn’t scored a freaking goal since we were all sitting around eating turkey. Whe Jagr takes long shifts, its because he’s a lazy European; when Shanny does it and continues to love playing on the PK (“because someday I may not be able to contribute by scoring goals so I need to be other things” – and guess what, Shanny, there will be young guys named Dawes, Immonen, and Dubinsky who have fresh young legs and can kill penalties too by then) it’s because fool Renney won’t take him out. So everyone blames the season on Jagr not producing enough (although he’s still on pace for close to 100 points), then Jagr acts like a team captain and steps up and SOMEHOW AGREES WITH YOU and acknowledges all of the fans, and is instead met with scorn and derision from the people on this board.

      I’m all for bashing Sather and his grotesque mismanagement of this franchise. I’m just as tired of the dreck that makes up our defense and third and fourth lines as the rest of you. But you can’t blame Jagr for Malik and Roszival when Glen Sather makes those decisions and nobody else. The notion that Jagr wouldn’t be happier playing with defensemen who could actually play the game so he could focus more on offense and actually have some room to breathe on the power play because they might not be Czech is laughable at best. That was Sather’s idea and Sather’s concoction as a way to get us through a year that we were supposed to be terrible.

      If you want to blame Jagr for this team’s fortunes or lack thereof, fine. But then don’t sit there and say this is Shanahan’s team. Don’t blame Jagr because he’s not Mark Messier, or not a younger Brendan Shanahan, or not North American. Statistically speaking he’s alreqady had a better year than Messier ever did here, with much less of a supporting cast. And yes, I know Mess won us da Cup. And there’s no comparison between them as leaders.

      The reality is that Jaromir Jagr is the LEAST of this team’s real problems; but the guy is such an incredibly good player that he can actually, possibly, single-handedly compensate for all of that. We’ve really never had anyone like that play here before. And not only that, Jagr is now acknowledging that he understands that, and embracing that as his role. Despite the fact that he has a miserable supporting cast in so many ways, Jagr is saying “this is all on me. It is my team, it does how I do. Blame me if we don’t do well enough.” I’m not sure he could say anything that’s any more selfless or captain-like.

    54. I get a kick out of those who post points per minutes played for several players. What would the results be for Hollweg (ie what is the answer when the numerator is zip). Why does this guy get a pass when any player, even someone in his role, needs to put some points on the board. Will he keep the puck if and when he even gets an assist.

    55. I am Much more interested in stating some obvious flaws with the Rangers than with other bloggers. But it was a pretty funny rebuttal by bklynblue!!:)

    56. OK I know it’s been discussed over and over, but it’s bugging me that so many of you (including Sam) have just sort of fallen into accepting the meme that Immonenen can’t play at the NHL level. He was here for only a few games… in the 2 or 3 tilts in which he was given 2nd line duty he scored, he set up others (at a rate per game higher than anyone else who’s played there this year) and he was as defensively responsible as anyone on the squad. Some say, well, now that they’ve pointed it out to me, I see he IS slow. So? Hossa has bad hands, Malik is awkward, Jagr is moody and loafs on line changes, Shanny is streaky, etc. No one on the roster is perfect. Immo was filling that role well, and helping the team be more, not less, likely to win. Maybe it wouldn’t have lasted, but you never know if you say, yes, he’s doing everything well, but I want to try Cullen there again, and Immo can’t play a 4th line role. What a bunch of Big Lie doublespeak. Don’t fall for it.

    57. a casual observer on

      Somebody mentioned Isbister before, I forgot about him already. I am really curious as to what names are being thrown around in trade talks. We have a fair amount of role players…thay just aren’t used in the right roles.
      I just hope we don’t pick up a “rental” player for the playoff run. I’ve seen enough of that crap in the last decade! I’d rather lose with the energy of our youth than get knocked out in the first round with “hired help”.

    58. If the Rangers really want to win they’d run this out there:




      Dawes-Betts-Ortmeyer (Ward)



      Rozsival-Liffiton (Rachunek)

      bye bye: Malik, Hall, Hossa

    59. Doodie Machetto on

      jbfour, I hear you on Immonen, but the problem is who his linemates would be, not his personal play. He would be on a line with Shanahan, leaving two slow players on one line. On our team that is already giveaway prone, this seems, to me, to be a formula for odd man rushes and giveaways.

      I’m not sying he can’t do well, he’s a smart player. It’s just that either the team needs to put him in that 2nd line role, or he isn’t going to help us. It seems that they are going to pass, so I say trade him before he gets any older.

    60. All this conspiracy type stuff is hilarious. They may be awful at their jobs and make bad decisions but Renney, Sather, Baloney, Jagr, etc. all want to win — because their competitive, because they’re pros and because that’s what gets them rich[er]. They’re not going to tank games or players or not make changes so they can cover their tracks. Besides, if they bring up some kids now and flush the dead weight the people on this blog might not give them credit, but you know other people will, including themselves and most of the media: “We waited til our young guys had more seasoning and we brought ’em up at the perfect time.” Pat on the back, pat on the back.

      I, for one, hope this team comes out roaring and kicks ass. I’m not too confident, but I’d be happier if they play well and win than if they don’t. Am I the only one who likes watching them win? Sorry if that’s embarassingly short-sighted.

      Finally, it was interesting to note on they did an NHL Players poll and Renney didn’t get any votes as best coach — this for a guy who was a finalist for coach of the year last season…Guess the league’s players get it.

    61. If you bring up Liffiton, you should play him with Pock. They paired in Hartford. I agree Toots and Ward should be kept together, they have been the teams best pair. If Dawes isn’t on one of the top two lines, he should stay down. I glad someone has decided to keep Jason Ward. If you get rid of him, who is the second PK. You need Ward with Betts and Shanny with Hollweg.

    62. I guess the fans in Pittsburgh and Washington missed the memo from Jagr’s supporters. sounds like booing to me.

    63. Doodie Machetto on

      Shanny and Hollweg? Don’t you mean Cullen? And if Ward is gone then Ortmeyer kills PK.

    64. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard-is thier anything that the rangers do that you do not agree with?also why do you always say stuff like we don’t understand hockey like they do.just because we are fans does not mean we know nothing about fact one can argue that most of us know the game pretty well considering that ever move that this crap orginization has made this year most of us have panned.we have been proven and them on the other hand have been proven wrong.krog is a useless piece of crap,hossa simply sucks you talk about dawes lack of emotion for his combined 15 minutes of ice time in the 8 or so games that he played.hossa shows nothing just about every game that he plays.any one with half a brain knows that hall won’t bring any thing more than a pile of fertilizer.j.ward might bring a 12th rounder \,oops sorry ther is no 12th round.malik is an overpaid #7 or 8 defenseman.hollweg who i truly respect as far as his hustle and grit should be the one sent down to work on the other aspects of his game and maybe find a little scoring touch.also today the hartford current has a video link to a news feature on the pack , it is very current ,it also has some hilights .i encourage you to watch just how good callahan looks with dubinsky and byers.all three should be brought up now they will not only add a spark to the team but will also give us something we don’t have enough of ;scoring and gritt especially from byers and dubinsky .

    65. Peter

      You seem to be reading my mind. I agree with everything you think I personally feel about Jagr as a player. He is the HIGHEST PAID player on the Rangers. He is paid a LARGE sum of money to score 50 and assist on 75 others. He is paid Large Money to make the players that play with him look better than they would be without him. He gets MUCHO DINERO to make the difference 50 per cent of the time.
      Now , when Jagr does not do these particular things I feel like he can play better, show up more often and be grittier when he is being double teamed, and try to make me feel like he played a full hockey game. That being leading the team in shots on goal, fighting his way to the front of the net, coming back on defense,and then and only after I see him perform that way in October, January and February and in the playoffs for the NY Rangers will I feel Jaromir Jagr is EARNING his LARGE Choking our Cap Salary. In my opinion as usual.

    66. DM,

      I’m not against getting value for him if he has no role to play here.

      It’s that the determination that he has no role to play here is wrong. If he’s good enough (and I think he is, and Renney during his convoluted explanation* seemed to say so), you figure out a way to use him and make your team better.

      *As I recall, it was along the lines of, “He’s good enough to be a number 2 center for an NHL team, and we’re an NHL team that doesn’t have, and needs, a number 2 center, but here he has to be a number 4 center, so it doesn’t work.” Or something like that.


      I know you think Tom is a good guy, and from what I see I agree. So, I’m sure is Don Maloney. And for all the criticism of Sather’s work habits and attitude, look, I know he’s a good human being too. But do you really think that in general, the Rangers brain trust knows what they’re doing?

    67. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard- you also talk about being ready all the time.lets talk about some of the rangers and thier so called readiness.what is hall ready for?the ahl.what is hossa ready for?the bench untill the first 16 forwards on the roster get injured.krog is ready for another career.malik is in the wrong sport ,maybe curling.

    68. John M I’m glad you got a laugh;) …czech …I know & you know the guy who could be the new booooby granger, TV color guy, & the head of PR all rolled into one, and he’ll probably do it for free. I can just hear the NYR TV audience reactions. LOL

    69. Hollweg hits people and is just about the only one who does it everygame. Plus he is just about the only guy who stands up for his team mates. Be nice if he scored some points and kind of hard to see how he hasn’t but maybe the Ranger D and guys in the lineup who do nothing are a bit more to blame

    70. (((this guy has a hard time agreeing with anyone, including himself.)))

      he wrestled with his conscience, and his conscience won, 2 falls out of 3.

    71. and one of the guys in Hartford can’t hit people also (and score some points to boot)? think of a young Barnaby, or young Graves. What you see is what we’re going to get with Hollweg – nothing more nothing less. That does not mean I am supporting Hall, Krog, J Ward et al. I’m just (unlike Casablanca where they round up the usual suspects) adding other names for possible improvement.

    72. LI Joe

      I hear you. Hollweg gives it his all every shift. Some guys don’t. A guy like Byers could be an improvement hope we will find out.

    73. Hollweg is 6th in the entire league in hits with 144.

      Aaron Ward is 16th. Tyutin is 20th.

      there is not a Ranger forward in the top 100 other than Hollweg.

    74. czechthemout!!!!! on

      look i totally get taht hollweg busts his butt every shift ,he just needsto go down to find the other part of his game for a week to 10 days.

    75. Doodie Machetto on

      Rob, first I’m going to point out why his lines are terrible. Then I’ll put up what I would like to see.

      Hollweg on the third line is a mistake because the guy can’t score for his life. He’s a fourth line energy guy, period. Dawes on the fourth line is not only wasting Dawes by putting him in a position to fail, but also makes us very small on the left side. With the exception of Hollweg, you’ll have three shrimps on the left side. The second line is going to be very prone to odd-man rushes. Immonen and Shanahan are slow and Prucha sometimes finds himself out of position. That’s the formula for a lot of 3 and sometimes even 4 on 2s.

      Defense is OK, although I think I’d split the pairs so that each kid skates with a vet.

    76. peter- I’m with you on Jags. I don’t think he has had a year up to his standards, but I’m sick of the “Shanny should be captain” crap. I don’t believe that this team would be in any better position than they are now if Shanny was wearing the “C”. He can lead even without an “A” on his sweater. I, for one, find Jagr’s honest comments refreshing. He is so much more real than most athletes. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He doesn’t make excuses when he plays badly, and is hard on himself. He has flat out said this team isn’t good enough. I can’t think of anything he has said that wasn’t true. He’s still producing and he has raised the games of Nylander and Straka since he’s been here. But he gets trashed because he’s a high risk-high reward kind of player. Gretzky used to lead the league in giveaways. There aren’t many guys who can do it all (which is why I think it’s ridiculous that people think Hollweg isn’t doing enough. Yeah, lets bench Holly cause he isn’t scoring. Kaspars waived, Orr sits and you want Holly out of the lineup? Good for All-Star game hockey and that’s about it.) The problem with this team isn’t leadership and it isn’t any of the top four guys and it isn’t Ortmeyer or Holly. It’s the collective D and everyone else who has tried to play forward for this team. It’s probably a lot to do with coaching and even more to do with GM’ing. Most of the snide comments about Jagr are conjecture at best (“He picks the lineup”, “He is feuding with Shanny”, “He runs the Power Play his way”, “He only likes Czech players” “He pouts when others are scoring and he isn’t”). I don’t think even Sam could claim any of those things with absolute certainty. Jagr (and his contract- which is a bargain, as people forget we have him at half price) needs to earn his keep, and isn’t above criticism and has his faults, but I’d get rid of a lot more players before him. A superstar who produces as well or better than he did before coming to NY. I could count on one or two fingers the times that’s occured.

    77. Doodie Machetto on

      I have two versions of what I’d like to see, one with splitting up the top line, one without.

      Dawes-Nylander-Shanahan OR Shanahan-Nylander-Callahan
      BLANK-Cullen-Callahan OR Dawes-Cullen-BLANK

      The “BLANK” spot could be filled with either Hossa, Ward, or even Byers. And if they want Orr in the lineup, Ortmeyer can move up to the third line and they can slide Orr in on the fourth.

      The pressure would be off of Jagr to shoot and all he would have to do is pass. It would be easy to find Straka or Prucha open since Jagr would always draw double or even triple coverage. Nylander could feed Shanny and Callahan or Dawes can crash the next for rebounds.


      The BLANK space could still be filled by the same players.

      Also, in this scenario (the “keep the top line together” scenario), I’d consider trying to package Immonen and Hall and whatever other garbage we have lying around for a 2nd line center to finish out the year with us. Maybe Jozef Stumpel (although I don’t know his contract details).

    78. Doodie Machetto on

      You know, in soccer, they have loans, where teams will loan out some of their players to another team. They will usually loan out one of their young players that doesn’t have a spot in the lineup. I wish we could loan out a couple of our players to the west coast so they could get that NHL exposure while we wait for the lineup spot to open up. Two perfect examples are Dawes and Immonen. Not that they aren’t good enough to play for us, just that with the makeup of our best forwards, they really just don’t fit in that well right now, but that will all be different within 2 years.

    79. My lineup: (Dreaming because I drop Malik and Hossa)

      Prucha- Straka- Jags
      Dawes-Nylander- Shanahan

      Bench: Hossa, Orr, Baranka/Liffiton

      Waive/Trade: Hall, Malik, J. Ward (wouldn’t be opposed to keeping him around)

    80. Or Byers if I’m dreaming! Other than that, my lineup is pretty similar to yours, Doodie. I was typing it for ten minutes before I posted, so I when it published I was thinking “Hmm, I don’t remember saying two lineups?”

    81. czechthemout!!!!!: Forst of all..HALL..yeah…he ahs a few more gaols than Dawes…and in the same amount of ice time Callahan showed mroe than Dawes…im not the only person who has posted that Dawes didnt look lik ehe belonged in those games he was in. Why is it so hard for you to accept that he might not have been ready?? Maybe it was the line he was on, maybe he was just in over his head mentaly…that can happen you know…a kid who seems ready untill the regular season starts…its happened before. But no…be I say it its totaly wrong. HOSSA: I have said all along, he catched to much crap formt he fans, but that he shuudnt be re-signed unless he has some magical turnaround. HE is a guy who fills in desently on the 3rd/4th lines and the PK, I also said that once Orts got back to 100% he was even less needed becasue ORTS can do the PK duty. SO what is Hossa ready for, a stop gap, than traded or not re-signed. You dont think Ward can fetch a 4th or 5th rounder?? What?? A Goalie that was in teh ECHL last years jsut got a 4th rounder…I cant imagine an player who is in the NHL wouldnt get a 5th rounder. And I dont remember if it was you or not…but yeah, teh Rangers do alot of things I dont like…but I dont dwell on them for weeks and weeks on end…or as some people do, I dont bring thigs up 3 or 4 years later. I dont bitch about every little thing that I dont like as if its teh end of the world like some do. I love how people really show what kind of lowlifes they are because their opinions differ…its funny how other people will say nearly the same thing as me…but noone even batts an eye, they will even agree with someone else, but tell me I dont know what Im talking about. Like I said I have a couple of firends in CT that goto the Pack games…OMG!! I must be makeing them up!! I cant have friend from my Home stae that goto hockey games…thats not possible…and there is no way they can have opinons and know a little about hockey to say they think one player or another in their opinon needs more time in teh AHL or is ready to be called up…there are people here who have never seen a pack game who say guy are ready…but of corse my frineds who goto every pack home game and some raod gaems…naa they wouldnt know..and since they do know…I made them up.seems strange that if I bring something up and it counters what somone else thinks, I am making it up, OR the best one is, I work for the Rangers LOL…so funny…and I wouldnt be a good PR guy, whoever said that, I would ahve to lie to much in order to make everything sound good. Some of you people are real peices of work. What a joke….why is it that its always the same two or three people who say stupid crap…than when I respnd to it in a less than happy way they say I dont have a sense orf humor or something…lets see…things that are said arnt ment to be funny after the 50th time…it gets old. Jsut becasue my opinons differ dosnt mean that IM wrong…Some hate everyone on the Ragners roster except for a couple palyers and everyonr on the staff and managment…and in tehir minds every word is a lie and every move is wrong. Just becasue I feel that not every person is out to get the kids, or out to ruin the rangers and force up ticket prices dosnt mean I am wrong…and when I say something that differs from what you all say, instead of countering my points with some valid argument it turns into a personal attack..which jsut tells me, weathers its towrds me or someone else for tehir opinions that teh differing opinons must be close to right…because if tehy were so crazy you would be able to counter them with something other than childish insults.

    82. Doodie Machetto : loans would be a very good thing…they do it in the AHL, was it last year, Rullier was on loan to Manchester and Smyth to Hartford…a near trade if you ask me, but a loan is what they called it. The best thing that could happen would be for the AHL to get better…but that’s not going to happen…at least not in the next year or two…

    83. Doodie Machetto on

      Wildcard, seriously, use a spellchecker.

      If Renney had two Pruchas, one would be on the 4th line, the other a healthy scratch.

    84. Doodie Machetto : LOL actually I have been except for the last couple of posts…didn’t anyone notice?? oh well…your right…if there were two Pruchas one would be on the 4th line…or better yet, Renny would probably scratch them both because he wouldn’t want there to be confusion on which one got to play…so for the sake of his (their?) metal health he would scratch them both so they wouldn’t end up mad at one another (himself?)

    85. Jagr (and his contract- which is a bargain, as people forget we have him at half price)

      That is a phenomenal bargain! LOL!! You could put another line on the Rangers for what JJ makes.

    86. Wildcard
      January 26th, 2007 at 2:18 am
      bklynblue : it people like you that give humans a bad name…you know that right? … is this a personal attack?
      turns into a personal attack..which jsut tells me, weathers its towrds me or someone else for tehir opinions that teh differing opinons must be close to right…because if tehy were so crazy you would be able to counter them with something other than childish insults….. the whole blog knows your nonsense and your instigating & attacks. But ignorence is bliss. The pot calling the kettle black. Grow up ! You talk & act like a devil fan.

    87. John M – Am I wrong or you’re complaining about having one of the best players in the world for half price of his contract? What line are you going to set up for $4M? Another worthless 3rd or 4th line? I don’t understand people like you… He might not play at his best right now but he attracts half of the other team, don’t you think Straka has the best season yet simply because of that? Jagr is one of the few Rangers that does not go below some game level. I admit – he’s not the best choice for C but I think it’s not that important – remember last season – we didn’t have C and we played well.

    88. First: Anthony (Abev) and Peter – WELL SAID. It’s frustrating to have a dialogue about this team when there are stuborn windbags that seem hell bent on being critical of Jagr. And I’ve notice very few of those windbags have disputed what either of you said. As for my thoughts, I think JJ’s statements show a maturity that might just dispell much of his career-long label as a prima dona if he can follow them up by going on a tear. One FACT is that when Jagr is hot, this team is hot. It’s indisputable that he’s factor numero uno on this squad, and that’s why he’s wearing the ‘C’ instead of Shanny. Jagr scores 30 goals in the second half, the Rangers go to the playoffs. Jagr goes cold, the Rangers either squeek into a first-round elimination or get nipped out.

    89. Hey Doodie:

      I see what you are saying but,

      Straka/Nylander/Jagr: Obviously has to stay.

      Dawes/Immonen/Shanahan: The speed of Immonen/Shanny together did not seem to be a problem before. If you are suggesting it was because of Cullen being faster than Prucha, that is a bit of a stretch but Dawes is quick.

      Prucha/Cullen/Callahan: This line seems kind of small with Prucha and Callahan (though neither plays small) but I’d be willing to let them ride together to see how it fares. The reason I had Hollweg up there was because I wanted to see some more size and grit with Callahan and Cullen.


      I tried to balance my lines as best as I could, no two rookies together, keep the size and grit spaced out.

      Prucha/Immonen/Shanny: This does not seem like it would be too slow as you are suggesting, but maybe you are on to something. I could concede to move Dawes up, or Callahan up and Shanny over to the LW where he’s played a lot.

      The problem is that Sather does not like small players, and with Prucha, Callahan, Dawes and Straka in the same lineup you might have to split them all up onto different lines to keep Sather and Renney happy.

      Of course none of them deserve or can be productive on a 4th line so where does that leave us? If we had a big center like Lindros two smaller guys would work (think the FLY line) but for the most part our centers are smallish.

      Dubinsky (220) and Immonen (210) are the biggest ones we have. Cullen (195) and Betts (205) and Nylander (195) are not exactly small I know, but neither are physical.

      How about a kid line of Dawes/Dubinsky/Callahan?

    90. Doodie Machetto on

      Straka/Nylander/Jagr: Obviously has to stay

      Why? They work well together, but at the cost of the second line. Mix them up and then you’ll have two lines that produce well.

      Immonen and Shanahan actually did result in more than one oddman rush in the time they were together. And you’ve missed my point about Prucha, Dawes, and Straka. It’s not about having them on the same line, it’s that they all play the same position. Teams could just load up their right side and steamroll over us for the entire game. Someone like Tucker would score 10 times by himself.

      Thaat all rookie line would be a mistake in terms of their development. You need a vet on ice to help teach them when they get off.

    91. Doodie:

      Well they’ve tried to split up Straka/Nylander/Jagr several times over the last two season, and to no avail. They just don’t seem to produce long without each other. Of course the 2nd line is suffering because of it, that’s the entire point of the 2nd line being weak. They signed Shanny to fix this problem.

      I do not recall Immonen/Shanny getting burned for an inordinate about of odd-man rushes against, but it does not look like Immonen will ever be back up anyway so this point is moot.

      You make my point with not having two many kids together. My original lines you called “the 2nd worst” had all the rookie split up with vets.

      And I never meant that Straka, Prucha and Dawes should be on the same line. You missed my point. I was saying that Renney does not like two smaller players on any same line. Like I said, Straka, Dawes, Callahan and Prucha makes 4 small players and only 4 line with which to split them up.

      There is no way to have all of them on the team without having at least two on one line unless you put one of the 4 on the 4th line. Which we all agree is not good.

      So in some line configuration, two of those 4 will be on one line. Be it Callahan and Dawes with Cullen, or Straka and Prucha with Jagr.

      Of course this is not totally impossible to have success with several smaller players, I have no problem with it. But both Sather and Renney would apparently rather have the BIG and SOFT likes of JWard, Hossa, Hall, Betts, than the small and gritty like Dawes, Callahan and Prucha.

    92. hey tdchi, you gasbag. you want to call names, we can respond. why don’t you go to pitt and wash. and ask the fans there about the pouting diva you love so much. and a couple years from now, when he leaves on bad terms like he did in Wash and Pitt. you can still defend him. if you want a team that is broken into cliques with garbage Dmen like Malik who are there for one reason only, to placate Jagr, then be our guest.

    93. Renneee: So your predicting the future? What, did you place a call out to the psychic network for your ideas? What rotten turnip truck were you plucked from? I’d love to hear YOUR experience with Jagr that convinces you of your stance. Because you beleive some beergutted pig from Pittsburgh, who’s fans LOVED Jagr right up until their lame franchise couldn’t pay him anymore. Or was the fan from Washington, where they thought throwing money at Jagr would bring a cup back in return? Or is it that you don’t know period, because you formulate your opinions by licking your crusty finger, sticking it to the wind and seeing which way it blows?

      Now, if you’ll grab your head and pull it out from the smelly nether-region it seems to be lodged, please juice up that troglodyte brain of yours, pick up your knuckles and reread my post with an ounce of clarity. I’ll quote myself for you to make it a bit easier: “[Jagr’s] statements show a maturity that might just dispell much of his career-long label as a prima dona if he can follow them up by going on a tear.”

      Now, take a deep breath and remember the air here is a bit cooler than it is where your head has been. Tell me where in that you see me as Jagr’s number-one fan? Let me paraphrase for you, as there were some large words like ‘maturity’ that might have flown right over your enlarged cro-magnon brow: if his speech is followed up by his play, then maybe Jagr will proove he’s changed for the better since Pitt. and Wash.

      Now, with that said, you may go about your business of throwing dung at inanimate objects.

    94. hey, dipsheet, just read Sam’s report today where Jagr “was annoyed” that any changes to the PP might be suggested. He is exactly like you, an egotistical twirp.

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