It’s Dan Girardi and….


…..actually, it’s just Girardi.

I don’t know the reasoning, but the defenseman is the lone call-up on the ice for the first practice back from the All-Star break.

You may now begin second-guessing.

I’ll have more after practice….

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  1. not surprised, arent we at our roster limit? in order to call anyone up the Rangers would have to waive someone else.

    and since Girardi is a puck moving defenseman, it makes sense to call him up as Dubinsky just isnt ready yet.

  2. OK, the front office doesn’t have the stones to make another move, or maybe they read this blog and love all the contraversey they stir up. Either way, Dolan doesn’t care. Look at the Knicks and Rangers combined. He will always make money in New York, people will come, so why put out a superior product when you don’t have to.

  3. no, RENNEY IS NOT READY ! He is not ready to be an NHL coach who will put performance over cronyism.

  4. On the one hand, I have no problem with no kid forwards being recalled because they are doing and developing nicely in Hartford..And especially with 2nd C being our main need and Dubinsky best suited for more learning in Hartford and me not being a fan of IMMO as an NHL player…

    On the other hand, the Rangers can’t go with dregs like Krog at 2nd C or Betts and Cullen being used out of position….The team needs change up front badly and a forward like Callahan could have been a shot in the arm..But it still wouldn’t solve the 2nd C problem….The only solution for that problem is a trade

  5. sure, trade those prospects for another washed up big name. repeat the same mistakes over and over for a decade. sure, do just what Dolan wants the fans to say.

  6. 23 man roster limit. Couldn’t call anybody up if they wanted too unless they put another guy on waivers.

  7. I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if we lost a guy like Krog, Hall or Orr on waivers but maybe they will be additions/throw-ins to a trade..

  8. Please go ahead and put some guys on waivers.

    Wow one move waiving a guy who wasn’t playing.

    Seasons fixed.

  9. My understanding to calling up just Girardi and not sending back anyone else is that Sather is just preparing for some trade moves.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I think they don’t want to put any of the other guys (Hall, Ward, Orr, Krog, etc.) because there is a possibility that one, or two, or more of them could become part of a package in a trade. Teams would definitely be interested in Hall or Ward off of waivers, and the same goes for any of our D-men that are on the current roster.

    Notice that I didn’t mention Hossa or Malik, as I feel they are untouchables.

    I’m pretty sure, however, that both Jason Ward and Adam Hall have played themselves out of New York.

  11. On waivers Hall and J Ward would be picked up but what team would give up anything in a trade to get those guys? I just can’t see that taking place.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    HossaMVP, some teams that have bad penalty kills would be interested in a guy like Ward. some that are in desperate need of size would gamble on Hall. A team in need of depth in the middle wouldn’t mind picking up Krog as an “in case of emregency, break glass” type player.

    Also, every team in need of some defensive depth would trade for any of our D-men, even Malik, who I know isn’t going anywhere.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Or they could package Immonen with Hall and anyone else and bring in a 2nd line center that way.

  14. Are you 100% sure Girardi is the only one called up?This would make no sense at all. They NEED a center. This shows that they are trying to make a trade, Sorry to say it Sam, but your amigo Krog is not gonna cut it

  15. the fact that Renney said that Immonen could be a good C “somewhere else” is an obvious clue that he will be traded.

  16. tsalad: your obsesed with not thinking beyond a moment in time. Yes Kasper wasnt playing…but now another kid has been called up. Pock will get more time, and like i said, we have NO IDEA what is going on. Another player might be waived or traded this weekend…and after all the GMs were together in Dallas I wouldnt be shocked if Sather started some dialoge about moveing a player or two. Maybe Hall gets traded for a mid round pick…than maybe Callahan gets called up, or maybe Hall and CUllen go for a pick and a prosepct or something, we dont know..we wont know untill it happens..and the crappy part is that we wont know if it was in the works UNLESS it happens

  17. Immonen and Hall would not get a second line center.

    Sather and his clown car may make a trade but it will be kids going, not the stiffs like Hall, Ward anmd Krog who was just on waivers

  18. tsalad : you must also not remember the typs of trades that go on around the NHL…guys liek Hall only 28 years old…and Ward about the same age, former AHL MVP, will get some kid of picks…Hall would be worth a 4th round pick, Ward probably sothing near the same….4th or 5th rounder, thats worth waiting for a trade…but would you rather have it that they go for free?? That would be a mistake…bigger than makeing the Moore for Hall trade would be giving up Hall for nothing…that means Moore for nothing…good move though…I am sure we can all understand why you would want to do that (sarcasim)

  19. tsalad – I think actually it would. It’s not a bad package at all for teams looking for young, talented center (are we among these teams?) and some size…

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Immonen and Hall could land a 2nd line center, maybe not an elite one, but someone who is capable of centering Shanny for the rest of the season. Doug Weight maybe? JD knows all about Immonen too. Weight would probably head back to St. Louis at the end of the season anyway, so it’s not like JD is going to lose anything on the deal. We would be getting a plug for the rest of the season, ditching Hall, and getting *some* value from Immonen because it’s pretty clear that the Rangers do not plan on making a committment to him being a part of our future. And as I’ve said MANY times, either they need to commit to him now, or deal him before he gets any older.

  21. they might bring late round picks, but they will not bring a second line C, and that is the issue at hand.

  22. wild

    If Pock sits and giradi plays and no other player is brought up then this is all smoke and nothing more. Hope I’m wrong i really do. Seven years have shown me these guys in charge can’t do anything right and you keep saying its right around the corner. Sorry if i can’t buy that.

    I doubt Hall who hasn’t been playing has much appeal to any club but maybe your right he will be traded for a mid round pick what is that a 4th? I won’t hold my breath.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Even if they bring only picks-their removal from the lineup clears the roster space necessary to bring up a 2nd line center from Hartford. So it’s better to try and deal them than it is to waive them.

  24. If Hall or Ward get a 4th rd pick I will be amazed and wholeheartedly commend all of you that predicted that.

    I can’t see it taking place but hope I’m wrong.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Throw Lampman in the package too. We have a lot of young defensemen and he’s the worst of the lot. Immonen, Hall, and Lampman for Weight. C’mon JD, do us a solid.

  26. tsalad : you are so sure about what the Ragners will do…how is it that you have all this inside info?? The Rangers have not traded away all these kids like you seem to think they are about to do…you dont think that Hall and Ward and others would be worth anything…so they should be waived and risk being given away…but you expect everyone here to listn to what you say like you are some expert…the fact is, you have no more idea what the Rangers will do than myself or anyone else. The last two plus years have shown the Rangers not tradeing away top youth for vets…so now you say they will do that, after holding on to the kids…after NOT going after the crazy big and long contracts for guys like Chara, and taking a shot at mid level UFAs in Cullen and Ward, you seem to think suddenly the team really wants to trade Staal and Sanguineti for Forsberg….I dont get it. I think that if the Rangers make NO youth for vet moves this season, you will STILL say they are about to trade youth for vets next year as well…I tihnk you just want to hate this org, and cant see anything else other than what you think the team will do, you cant seem to see there are other posibilities.

  27. wild

    try to keep this realistic please. I have never said nor would I say the team really wants to trade Staal and Sanguineti for Forsberg… Keep grasping if you want.

    Seven years is what I base my thoughts upon. They don’t do much right. You think otherwise and I’m fine with that. The proof for me is the failure of the past seven years.

    As for the rangers i love them but really have zero confidence in the guys running the show. If you take that personally that’s your problem.

  28. You guys are all so negative. Lets have some faith and just hope they dont sit Pock. There is no way they could seeing as he is at least the second best defenseman on the team. Renney better play Girardi on a regular basis

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought he had signed only a one year deal. Sorry for the mistake. Forget Doug Weight.

  30. HALL: He was worth Moore…and other GMs know he didnt get the same type of playing time as last year, so his numbers will be less…he is also young still so teams will take a chance on him for a 4th rounder IMHO. In fact…Ryan Munce…was just traded for a 4th rounder in 2008, from the kings to the Lightning…this guy was in the ECHL last year…granted he is only 21…but if an ECHL/AHL goalie who didnt tear it up inthe ECHL is worth a 4th rounder…dont you think a NHL player who is young, and has had some success is worth a 4th rounder??

  31. This is my opinion nothing more. If they don’t trade any youth that will be the best imo. Play the guys in house in Hartford and see if they can get the job done in the NHL that is all I have ever wanted.

    I have been more than willing to suffer short term pain for the long term benefit but that isn’t how this season is being conducted. and that is a mistake.

  32. tsalad : so than in your eyes…ozo never should have been waived…casue over the last 7 years…..I weas making a point about that trade thing, the past is in the past…you say “7 years” well I say the last 2+ years is more recent, and more telling of the mindset…I did things 5 yeras ago I wouldnt do now…and I bet you did as well. People learn things, GM’s learn to you know. Sather and co very well could be sticking to their guns, and NOT tradeing youth for vets. The chances of that are EXACLTY the same as the chances of them tradeing youth…or IMHO its MORE likely that they DONT trade youth…

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    The problem is that so many teams are still in the playoff hunt, so no one wants to start selling yet. I mean, the only teams that are clearly out at this point are LA, Columbus, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

    It’ll be a couple of weeks before teams really start to figure out what their plans will be at the deadline.

    Fortunately, the Rangers don’t have a very dense schedule through February 3rd. Maybe by then, some of the fringe teams like St. Louis, Phoenix, and Florida will know by then.

  34. tsalad
    : OK…so why get upset about Hall, Hossa, Ward and other players who are under 30??? I think thats still an age that a palyers can STILL develope..IM NOT saying that these guys will suddenly become top 6 players…but the fact that peopl ewill say they are wiling to let younger palyers make mistakes to get better, but than when a younger polayers dosnt tear it up or develope fast they want them gone. I agree with Malik, and Kasper being gone, I agree that Cullen is far from Ideal, but for a stop gap they are or in Kaspers case were fine. I think that becasue I went into thios yeras with the idea that NEXT year would be the next big infusion of youth, I dont get as upset as others do. There was a bit of a gap in the youth pipeline…only a few players were close to ready at the end of last season, thats why I tihnk they went after Cullen and Ward, but next season more will be ready…

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    tsalad, by my count, you want 8 or more hartford players to be in the NHL right now. Who plays in Hartford then? Then who plays for the Checkers? You can’t move the whole farm at once because it would ruin the whole system.

    the ones that I think you want are (not ranked, just numbered):

    1) Dawes
    2) Callahan
    3) Immonen
    4) Girardi
    5) Baranka
    6) Dubinsky
    7) Byers
    8) Liffiton

    Am I incorrect about this?

  36. wild

    Where are you coming up with this stuff. I never would have traded for Ozo and after his DWI he should have cut loose. But he wasn’t and Sather Renney kept him around.

    You have your opinion and I have zero problem with it. I have mine and you are taking it personally. That is your issue.

    I have no confidence in Glen Sather Tom Renney and Don Maloney and the past makes that easy for me to reach that conclusion. That is my opinion nothing more.

  37. doodie

    I have never said i want eight players up from hartford I have said this season would have been nice to have 2 or 3 from the start and added to that if the guys currently there can’t get the job done.

    Have no problem with Baranka, Dubinsky, Byers and Liffiton playing in Hartford.

    With prucha on the fourth line Dawes would be in the top six. Callahan would be third line and immonen would be second line. Girardi in for malik.

  38. tsalad : im not takeing it personal…not at all…just countering it. But you will use the past only to uphold your points…not if it goes against your point. I can come up with many people in the NHL who changed what they were doing over time…and Sather and co. can change waht they do as well. Pre-Lockout they went for big names and big money, since jsut before the lockout they made a turn, and since than have gone after lesser palyers and lesser contracts…Shanny isnt lesser player, but he is a lesser contract due to the length. The past that you talk about tels me that Sather and co. are building a team from within, following what is best to do in the “new” NHL. You want to use the past…but only a portion of it. Didnt Sather build from within with the Oilers??? I mean…I thought he did, and I thought the biggest gripe was that he wasnt good at drafting…but in any case, the lat 2 to 3 yeras have shown the Rangers have changed tactics…and there is proof of that, why you choose to overlook that I dont understand

  39. From what I heard, Girardi up and Pock sits. I am not happy about that. One step forward and two steps backwards, that’s the dance this team does over and over and over and…..

    It’s called the Wildcard Smokescreen, not even close to the Tarentella!!

  40. wild

    The cap has kept Sather from signing guys to contracts. sather has had 2 winning seasons in 16 years. Sorry if I can’t disregard the past when I judge Sather. The Rangers have one playoff round since Sather took over in the summer of 20000 that is pathetic and he should have been fired for his total lack of success.

    You know what your right silly of me to judge sather by his history as any two year period is outweighed by the overall failure of the previous five.

    You are never going to convince me otherwise and i’m not going to convince you so i will just agree to disagree.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    tsalad: I’m sorry, I projected the requests of others onto you. There have been some that have requested that we get rid of 4 or 5 forwards and 2 or 3 defensemen. Even still, you have Prucha on the 4th line. Why would you want him there? And furthermore, why would you want three shrimps on the left side at the same time?

  42. kids who outplayed vets in training camp and pre-season games were sent down anyway. Pock was sat in the stands for 2 months. Dawes was given very little ice time. Immo’s quick hook, Prucha on 4th line, Callahan’s cup of coffee.

    don’t try to give us that crap…

    “but in any case, the last 2 to 3 yeras have shown the Rangers have changed tactics…and there is proof of that, why you choose to overlook that”

    pure fantasy.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Lenny, while I think you were defending me (and I appreciate it), I’m not sure against what. Thanks anyway.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d much rather see Prucha given a legitimate shot before Dawes. Unless they decide to slide Straka over to center, I don’t want to see Dawes on the big club for that very reason. Nothing personal, it’s just that we already have two small left wings, and since the team is already as soft as it is, no need to add a third.

  45. Doodie, you wrote….

    you want 8 or more hartford players to be in the NHL right now. Who plays in Hartford then? Then who plays for the Checkers? You can’t move the whole farm at once because it would ruin the whole system.”

    Didn’t you ever play musical chairs? When you reach the front of the line, only one place to go afterwards is the back of the line. It’s like a bicycle chain, going round and round.

    Malik, Hossa, Ward, Hall and Cullen should go to juniors and raise the guys they replace one level each and put the domino effect into play.

    Hope I cleared it up for you.

    At least you can speak English!!

  46. Doodie,

    “Lenny, while I think you were defending me (and I appreciate it), I’m not sure against what. Thanks anyway.”

    When I figure that out, I’ll let you know.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    By the way, if they did slide Straka over to center, it would literally solve the problem with the Rangers offense. The only thing is they are too afraid to break up what has been the best line in the NHL for the past two seasons.

    Dawes-Nylander-Shanahan OR Shanahan-Nylander-Callahan
    _____-Cullen-Callahan OR Dawes-Cullen-______

    The ______ spot could be filled with either Hossa, Ward, or even Byers. And if they want Orr in the lineup, Ortmeyer can move up to the third line and they can slide Orr in on the fourth.

    The pressure would be off of Jagr to shoot and ll he would have to do is pass. It would be easy to find Straka or Prucha open since Jagr would always draw double or even triple coverage. Nylander could feed Shanny and Callahan or Dawes can crash the next for rebounds.

    But nooooooooooooooooooo. We need Straka-Nylander-Jagr! Jerks.

  48. tsalad : I didnt bring up anything about winning…all I was talking about was youth vs. vets. And if the cap has kept Sather from signing vets…well…you know waht, than he is going to build from within. ALso…he COULD have signed a couple more vets on the offseason, I am sure there were some 2nd line guys, some 3rd line guys who were vets…thats what the rangers used to do…before the lockout…so I tihnk Sather has shown that he isnt going to go after stupid big and long contracts…thats good enough for me…at least the Rangers arnt on the hook for any 5 yeras deals..those truly block kids…a 3 year deal is treadible halfway through the second year…meaning a guy like Cullen can be traded next year…I mean yes Chara could be moved as well, but its not as easy becasue hi cotract is so big, and who would trade him? I am glad Sather went after mid level guys.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    That third line got screwed up. It’s supposed to read:

    BLANK-Cullen-Callahan OR Dawes-Cullen-BLANK

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    None of those guys would clear waivers though, especially Cullen and Hall. And I really like Cullen as a third line player, I really do.

  51. HossaMVP: Callahan had just come off of surgury…thats why he got called up for a look, becasue the Ragners didnt get to see him at 100% in the pre-season. But other than that I get what you say…but I dont think that Dawes showed anything even for the ice time he got. He palyed withought emotion it seemed…maybe thats his style…but he didnt leave me wanting more like Callahan did when he got some min in the NHL…I think his being sent down was a good thing for him, I HIGHLY doubt he will want to do it again, and that will give him extra fire in the NHL that may well last his entire career.

  52. Wildcard, I read it on some of the forums. I’m sure Sam will report that in his next blog

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Wildcard, you are just totally wrong about what you said of Dawes, totally.

    I still don’t think he should’ve been on the roster due to my size concerns that I have stated and restated time and again, but the one thing that I do give him credit for is that he plays with fire. In fact, with a couple of exceptions here or there, it seems that on this team, the smaller you are, the more intensity you play with (Straka, Prucha, Dawes), and the bigger you are, the less you play with (Malik, Hossa, sometimes Jagr).

  54. Dawes played on the fourth line and a little on the third. What was he supposed to do there in his 5 mins of ice time?

  55. I think the biggest problem is there there is alot of things that can be done…and trying every one would doom the season to fail IMHO, to much change isnt good. SO what dose Renney do. i think breaking up the top line is a must. MOve Straka to the 2nd line, Put Prucha on teh 1st line. Move Immo in and let him live or die, make it the point in which he defines his career…and tell him that…if he cant take teh bull by the horns than he isnt the Player that all of us hope. Move Cullen to the third line. Call up Callahan for teh 3rd line wing, Put Hossa on the other side. OK..if you cant follow that…


    if they want to play ORR for some reason, Put Hossa out, move Hollweg up and Orts over to the other side (I think he can paly both sides) and put ORR in…or even better…it dosnt seem to matter were ORR lines up, he will be just as useless…so jsut put him in Hollwegs spot on move Hollweg up to Hossas spot, and Hossa to the stands. Trade Hall…keep Krog around as an extra if possible. Trade Ward as well…I tihnk he is redundant…but not useless. Dose anyone have a prob with those lines?

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Cullen was overpaid, yes. It doesn’t change the fact that I really like him as a third line center.

  57. no, wildcard, you said that

    “the last 2 to 3 years have shown the Rangers have changed tactics…and there is proof of that, why you choose to overlook”

    and I am saying that statement is pure hogwash. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  58. lennynyr : ok..thanks…I hopw its not rue…but we will see….

    tsalad : oh my bad…I thought one of Ward and Cullen was signed for 3…was that Ward or am I totally off??

  59. I actuallyy like Cullen on the third line as well. But he was signed as and paid as a second line center.

  60. HossaMVP: nothing has changed…the big purge of vets…the LACK of big singings, the lack of youth for vets trades…hmm…the talking about building from within…the refusal of the team to give up Prucha…yeah nothing has changed…except the team is younger, mush younger, and the kids arnt getting traded for a one palyers that will put the edge…liek the 4 vets thats are the one. but nothing has changed…hmmm…

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree, and it was a mistake. But it’s not one that can’t be fixed, at least partially.

    By the way, I’ve always wondered: if he was a PP pointman in Carolina, how come he can’t pass or shoot that well?

  62. the big purge of vets…the LACK of big singings, the lack of youth for vets trades…hmm…the talking about building from within…the refusal of the team to give up Prucha…yeah nothing has changed…except the team is younger, mush younger, and the kids arnt getting traded for a one palyers that will put the edge…liek the 4 vets thats are the one. but nothing has changed…hmmm…”

    are you working for the Ranger front office, or are you just a relative of Sather?

  63. tsalad: Callahan made me want more of him…in what 5 min of ice time?? Dawes made me feel like he was pissed that he was only getting 5 min and wasnt trying…why dose everyone defend a young palyer for costing fro shift to shift but not a vet??? Dawes didnt paly well REGARLESS of his ice time. You dont need 10 min in order to show you can do something….he might not be able to score mich with that kind of ice time, but he could at least brgin some youthful energy…IMHO he didnt bing much of that at all..only for like on game and a few other shifts. I kept expecting him to start showing energy, and pressing for top 6 min…even at the cost of Prucha, but he didnt…Liek I said, if being sent down lit a fire under him, and his stats in hartford seem to show that, than when he comes back up he will, or should, show more energy, and probably stick…it may help his career, that fire under him that is. If you dont know already I try to see positives in things…you can spend time complaining about how bad everything is…or you can looka t the posibilities things create…for instance even though I want Pock AND giradi in, the vets KNOWING pock is a good defender KNOW he wont be out for good…if Giradi dose well…than they have to lookout, the very worst is they stick with the Ragners and paly better…the best is that their trade value goes up and they get moved…again, I dont want pock to sit…but some good can come of it over time…especially if Pock remains professinal…and he seems to be doing that rather well.

  64. a casual observer on

    “Notice that I didn’t mention Hossa or Malik, as I feel they are untouchables.”

    I disagree…. I think Tom touches them.

  65. hmmm…I thought one of them got 3 yeras…oh well…my bad…bt in any case…as some said…Cullen as the 3rd line center is OK…I was actuly hopeing that Immo would get the 2nd line spot and Cullen the 3rd…but Immo didnt, and thats were the probs came in. Thats why I say Immo should be given the shot…tell him its his last chance with the rangers…he will get the hint that it will greatly affect his career, if he has it in him it should show, let him live or die in the spot…if he dosnt get it done more nights than not, than he can be let go, or not be on the roster next year, and if he cant do it in nearly half a season I imagine MOST people here would agree that he isnt what most think he can be.

  66. HossaMVP : nither…but if you can say that there wasnt a vet purge, and there were big signings, or youth for vet trades go ahead…casue the truth is, the vets were traded off right before the lockout. Cullen, Ward, and Shanny were the biggest signings, and If whoever said it was correct than Ward is done after next season, and Shanny is going yeras to year, so they are stop gap palyers…Cullen is, but a longer one…and I imagine he could be moved, its not liek he would kill the cap of a team who wants a vet center to help in the playoffs. Just becasue I think the Rangers arnt doing the same things dosnt mean im in love with the jsut means I am level headed…I dont liek everything they do, but I dont make things up just so I can make them seem worse…

  67. Blueshirts2k7: same old rangers???how so??? They used to play like NO kids…maybe one or two that were under 30…so how is this the same team…I think ALOT of people are stuck in the past…they are afraid to look forward or even to the present. What..are you all afraid you might agree with something Sather or Renney dose? You all talk about Sather not wanting to admit mistakes…well I guess people who don’t want to admit they are wrong, or might be wrong, can recognize someone who dose the same thing.

  68. new update from Sam….go check it out…

    lennynyr: Sam says it looks like Rachunek is out..since he plays the right side…same as Girardi…I guess we will have to wait and see who plays…just like always…everything conflicts…

  69. HossaMVP: OK….sure…I talka bout the things I dont like from this team, and the things I like…I dont say everything is good, or everything is bad…I am ALOT more level headed than MOST of the posters here…

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