Girardi does NOT have to clear waivers


So say the Rangers, although they have yet to officially say who is coming up. Chances are we won’t know until closer to 5 p.m., when the team hits the ice for its first practice back from the All-Star break.

But obviously if exposing Dan Girardi to waivers is not a concern, it seems one of the Wolf Pack’s two All-Stars this year is on his way up.

And in defense of the writer who originally reported otherwise this morning, this is someone who usually knows far more about this sort of stuff than I do. And to his credit, he’s already clarified his mistake.

Meanwhile, I on the other hand have never made a mistake. And by “never,” I mean not in the last five minutes.

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  1. Sent an email to Bruce Berlet – who said “Girardi doesn’t need reentry waivers to be recalled. He’s only in his second year, first with a NHL contract.”

  2. dellapina knows he recanted his story. but larry brooks is screaming that the rangers didn’t inform kaspar about the waiver move when both you and dellapina said renney did it face to face. you guys are killings us :)

  3. Stf —
    My guess is yes, but it’s contingent on who the team is willing to part with. But again, it’s more likely to be a center like Dubinsky than a wing like Ryan Callahan.

  4. Daniel Girardi, the undrafted 22-year-old defenceman who is having a second straight strong season with Hartford, has been recalled. Girardi’s age and experience require that he be exposed to re-entry waivers in order to be brought up to the NHL, so the Rangers will sweat until noon Thursday, waiting to see if any other NHL team takes the 6-foot-2, 200-pounder away from them. – New York Daily News

    Got that from . Idk much about how this entry and re-entry waivers stuff goes, but I hope we don’t lose this guy.

    So if you can just make sure that your headline is correct…. i mean i’m believing you since you’re around the actual team, and tsn doesn’t cover the rangers that well….. but there’s obvious controversy here

  5. rob look at where tsn cited that story from. THE DAILY NEWS they have already informed everyone that they were wrong. dont worry

  6. Thanks Sam. I hope the call up all three (Girardi, Callahan & Dubinsky).
    Rob – TSN took that news from our “Daily News”. Sam has it from first hand (NYR), so I guess there is nothing to worry about.

  7. frohli,

    the article just says WHEN he’s called up…. meaning he’s a sure bet TO be called up, but the question still remains as to WHEN that is…. probably next year…. Girardi’s still our guy

  8. nowhere in that article does it say staal is getting called up..If Girardi subs in for Pock which we all know is what renney will do then i dont see the point…Girardi needs to push some the vets like malik, ward, and rachunek who are clearly not playing well and just going through the motions…
    if they bring up a forward who else gets sent packing? my guess is they send Krog down to hartford…

  9. I wouldn’t be so fast to assume that Pock’s the guy sitting…. I’d say rachunek is… Girardi’s a right hander… if Pock sits there will be an uneven balance of rightys to leftys which is an important defensive fundimental. My guess is the pairings will be

    Malik Roszival
    Tyutin Girardi
    Pock Ward

  10. “Girardi subs in for Pock which we all know is what renney will do”

    Kaspar (who wasn’t playing) goes to Hartford.

    rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    And the band played on…

  11. … Now if the brought up Baranka too we might have something….

    Pock Roszival
    Tyutin Girardi
    Baranka Ward

    Sit Rachunek, waive Malik, and thaaats-a-niiice

  12. Staal cannot be brought up until his season with his junior club ends. Once he is sent to the Major Juniors he cant be brought up.

  13. froli what date is this from?
    Apr. 13, 2006 – 9:55 a.m. ET

    Marc Staal may join the Rangers for the remainder of the season and playoffs.

    The junior sensation is eligible to join the Rangers now that his OHL team, the Sudbury Wolves, have been eliminated from the playoffs. When coach Tom Renney was asked whether he would use Staal in the final three regular season games, the coach smiled broadly and answered, “Yes I would”. It appears that the younger brother of Eric Staal is poised for greatness in this league as well. He will be worth drafting next year, and even playing for the final three games this season on a flier.

    Source: The Star Ledger

  14. staal can’t come up geez he’s going to come up to hartford at the end of his junior year and MAYBE MAYBE then the rangers if they need help might want him to join the varsity team if they feel he can help right away. my guess is you won’t see him until at least next summer.

  15. If Renney sits Pock than we’ll have to admit that he’s totally blind. Pock has made a huge progress in last few games with Rangers. I’d rather see Malik or Rachunek benched.

  16. Can foreign teams pick people up off waivers? Could Kaspar go back to Lithuania or Russia to play?

  17. 1. Girardi won’t be called up UNLESS the Rangers want to keep him up all year, as he’ll need to go through waivers if he’s sent down, as I understand it; I doubt that’s the case.
    2. I don’t think Baranka or Lampman would need to go through waivers, so I’d suspect they’re the likely suspects.
    3. WTF was Dellpina smoking to make such a claim? That’s not only an error of fact, it’s a major error of fact and one that a veteran reporter shouldn’t make.
    4. Anyone who thinks the name ‘Staal’ will be on this roster before the spring needs to have their head examined. Save for a trade that would bring Jordan or Eric(not happening even in the most EA Sports of trades), we won’t be seeing Generation Staal skating in the garden.

  18. we waived Kasperitis but kept Malik.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    We should have waived Malik, Rachunek, and THEN Kasper.

    all 3 need to go.

  19. My money is on Pock sitting.

    Prucha has to come off the fourth line. Prucha averages a point every 30.7 mins of ice time. Cullen every 38 mins. Cullen has played 189 more mins than Prucha has this season. But Prucha plays on the fourth line. Maybe if Prucha played more on the PP and got more mins the Rangers would score more often. The evidence sure points to that taking place.

    Others…. Hossa a point every 101 mins. Hall every 58 and J Ward every 55 mins.

  20. girardi does not need to go thru waivers to be sent down either. he’s got plenty of time before waiver options kick in.

  21. The points-per-minute stats are very telling.

    Outside of the “big 4” (JJ, Shanny, Straka, Nylander)-

    The lower PPM, the better Renney likes you.

    The higher PPM, the closer to Renney’s doghouse you get.

    Kaspar was safe until he got a couple of goals in the last few games, showing up Renney’s boy Hossa. That sealed his fate.

    More proof that Rangerland is the Bizarro World.

  22. Seamus – Unlike Kaspar and Malik, Rachunek is worth something and is a tradeable asset. Were he put on waivers, there would be a claim for him in a heartbeat. This is not to say he’s the next Leetch-incarnate, but that he’s got an upside and CAN play the blueline. Kaspar’s gas can is empty, largely due to his crash and bash career. At 34, the guy simply can’t skate fast enough while keeping the muscle that let him hit as hard as he did. Malik is another that could spend the rest of the season on the waiver wire with out as much as a nibble. Teams other than the Rangers aren’t going to pay $2.5 million for a slow-footed stay-at-home that can’t punish with hits. Rachunek, at the very least, has speed and the abilty to do the aforementioned. Malik and Kaspar, well…you know the answer to that. Sad as it is, Kaspar is taking up a roster spot. Maybe he can prove his critics wrong, but at this point it doesn’t look likely…and frankly, I’d much rather see Tyutin with Malik’s minutes, Pock with Tyutin’s minutes and Baranka and Girardi scrambling for the scraps…anyone else think it’s odd that the two worst defensemen on the team both make more than the two best combined?

  23. Kermit the Krog on

    That’s true. If you want to get rid of him, you don’t waive Rachunek. There’s blind hate for the guy, he might even suck, but he has value.

  24. I see that Ville Nieminen has been a healty scratch for the last 5 games. We could use his grit. How about Nieminen for Hall?

  25. Rob,

    If both of the kids are called up, wouldn’t you want them playing together? Wouldn’t they already have some chemistry to build off of?

    As a defensmen, I enjoy being on the opposite side of my shot. Is it that fundamental to be on your ‘appropriate’ side?

  26. Why does everyone think Kasper is better than Malik?
    As much as I want Sather to trade Malik, he has more potential and has done more this year (which isn’t saying much) then Kasper has.

  27. Malik will stay because you can’t teach 6’6″. He shouldn’t be on the top pair, but he does use his reach well just like our old pal Poti.

  28. NYRich- Everyone (well, not everyone) says that because we watched Malik do his impression of a pylon for all but a few games this season while Kaspar and Pock sat. Kaspar was not the same as last season, but neither is Malik and at least Kaspar had a bit of toughness left in him.

  29. On Malik vs. Kasparaitis:
    Malik was once described to me by one respectable NHL source as one of the best eight to 10 foot passers in the league.
    Whether you choose to agree with this source or ask him to please check himself into the nearest asylum is up to you.
    What I will say is that Malik does have some offensive savvy. His bad can be spectacularly bad, but he does have the ability to move the puck well. And the reach can be fairly effective provided he’s using it to knock the puck away and not to reserve two minutes of quiet time in the box.
    Are there better options out there? You know it. But I don’t think Kaspar was one of them.

  30. I posted yesterday that rumors are Rangers are talking about Niemenin. I would be surprised if Girardi is the first call up. Isn’t the AHL all star game Sunday in Toronto? I heard he is buying lots of tickets for family. Don’t be surprised if another D comes up temporarily, or a forward, and then another move is made Sunday to bring up Girardi.

    I have tickets for the Feb 23 and 24 Wolf Pack games, my first for this season, and was looking forward to seeing Girardi and some of the kids. We may be like ships passing in the night!!!!!

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    “in the most EA Sports of trades”


    “Malik was once described to me by one respectable NHL source as one of the best eight to 10 foot passers in the league. ”

    He is, just to the other team.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather doesn’t admit he’s wrong, bringing back Niemenen would be doing just that. Don’t expect it to happen.

  33. bringing back nieminen would be making a mistake twice, not correcting it. he is the last thing we need. the mistake made was after trading niemenen they should have kept the draft pick instead of dealing for bozo. but trading away niemenen wasn’t the problem.

  34. Everything went downhill when they unloaded Niemenen. I’d love to see him back, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Does anyone think that Ozo might be plucked off waivers, when he is deemed healthy? There’s a lot of teams looking for an offensive defenseman.

  35. malik is jagr’s buddy so there is no chance of him being the first guy gone. if we are LUCKY malik sits saturday instead of pock but thats doubtful

  36. wow sometimes you guys just amaze me beyond belief. ville nieminen?!?!? are you kidding another 3rd 4th liner???? whats wrong with some of you do you even watch the team? jesus

  37. Not Niemenen. The guy stinks. Well I guess he would fit right in.

    Zipay reports Girardi will practice with the team today.

    No other players waived. Just the guy who wasn’t even playing. So far less then impressed.

  38. Kovy 27 – It has been argued that the third and fourth lines are really all fourth liners.

    Ville is easily a solid third liner.

  39. No Nieminen!!! That’s not was is needed. Why do some folks continue to want to go back instead of forward?

  40. Leetch3 January 25th, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    malik is jagr’s buddy so there is no chance of him being the first guy gone.

    exactly. when are people going to stop pretending. I keep seeing posts about why Malik gets favored treatment. as Leetch said, he gets favored because he is Jagr’s crony. so stop writing posts wondering about something you all know but won’t admit. the Jagr cronyism issue is part of the problem with the team.

  41. Neimenen is a low-cost rental (300K, UFA after the season). Much better than J. Ward, Hossa, and Hall. Those clowns can’t even forecheck! Neimenen irritates the oppostion. J. Ward, Hossa, & Hall only irritate Ranger fans!

  42. Sam, apparently your source did not also notice those 8 to 10 foot blind drop pass turnovers at the offensive blueline by Malik.

  43. Hossa, I couldn’t agree more. I find Malik to be the most gawdawful defenseman, and cannot even understand why he is in the league. 15,000 Ranger fans boo him, while those in the profession praise him.

    Also, I do disagree about Rachunek. NO ONE is going to pick him off waivers. He also is overpaid.

  44. This is the same Neimenen who didn’t irritate a fly in his previous Ranger stint. The same player a majority of fans wanted out of here and the same player a majority of fans were happy to see go. Now we want him back? Another 300K on the payroll to do what Hollweg does? Not a chance IMHO.

  45. by the way nieminen has barely played in the last month the sharks can’t stand him so of course you guys want him when we have about 8 guys that are just as bad already on the depth chart blocking guys like dane byers and ryan callahan ridiculous.

    another thing if girardi is the only call up im going to be pissed.

  46. it might be worse than that, Kovy. if Pock is odd man out then it will be total b.s.

    Pock played his best games just before the break. so if they are just replacing one kid with another, then the Rangers are still not serious about a youth infusion.

  47. i am not a rangers fan but i did play with girardi this summer. you guys are lucky to have a guy like this in your system. i got to see how much this guy loves the game and how hard he works. my teams the avs and the habs would be lucky to have this guy. hope he is able to stay up.

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