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As many of you already know, the Rangers waived Darius Kasparaitis today, a move that many could see coming given his uneven play of late. I’ll have more on what this all means, both the good and bad, later. But in the meantime, a quick matter of housecleaning. The Rangers are saying whatever call-ups are made will be made tomorrow. Naturally, we had speculated on a center, potentially Brandon Dubinsky, but obviously this opens the door for a defenseman as well.

Since my exposure to both Ivan Baranka and Daniel Girardi has been limited to training camp and one game in Hartford, I’m curious to hear from those who know the Wolf Pack better who they think gets the nod.

More in a bit…

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  1. Baranka might have more upside (ie skills), but hard to argue with Girardi’s steadiness. I think a 2nd year AHL guy makes the All-Rookie team in Year 1 and the AHL All-Star team in year 2, you owe him a shot.

    But this is the Rangers so you never know. Renney will probably tell everyone that he’s concerned about Girardi’s foot speed and that will be the end of that (IOW, he’ll be “Immonen’d”).

    If they really wanted to make a statement they’d call up either Baranka or Girardi and sit Malik. If they do that I’ll be impressed.

  2. So long Kaspar, its was fun while it lasted.

    I hope this not the only move, there are three or four more guys that have to be moved/benched/waived.

  3. Malik should be waved as soon as possible

    Doubt it will happen, we will have him for the remainder of his contract, couldn’t give him away


  5. The TrueBlue Vermonster on

    This is sad. I hope he catches on with someone real soon and finishes his career strong.

    Can we start lobbying for a Doug Weight rental? I’m sure J.D.could find it in his heart to do the Rangers organization a favor and loan un Weight at a low cost (Hugh Jessiman?)

  6. if one dman gets recalled it will be girardi. baranka is great and i like him better but he’s been a bit inconsistent and is the younger of the two. girardi has been nothing but great since he’s been in the ahl actually translating his junior game to a T right on over. so i’d say he’s earned it.


  8. Ann,
    It’s very clear he’s NOT the same player he was even last year. The games he was in prior to the appropriate benching, he was a step behind most plays and without that step, he wasn’t really able to hit as effectively either.
    However, respect is one thing he certainly deserves from Ranger fans.

  9. Malik is absolute GARBAGE and he should have gone before Kaspar! What is wrong with this team??

  10. Kasper’s best days are behind him. This was long overdue. He looked slow, bounced off players when he tried to throw hits and it diodn’t look like too many guys were afraid to skate down his side of the ice. It’s a move that had to be made. He was making waaay too much money.

  11. Right now Girardi is the better player. Might not be that way over the long term but tough to find a lot wrong with girardi in the AHL.

  12. Someone has to stick up for the guy, right? It doesn’t seem like anyone is and his accomplishments seem to have been forgotten. I guess Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympian and a 14- year NHL career that he has sacrificed his physical health for doesn’t mean anything.

  13. I’d say that Baranka has more potential upside to show. You see flashes of it, but he’s still a kid and has’t put it together yet. Of the two he’s the more physical and a better skater — give him time and he’ll be in the NHL.

    But you can’t denigrate Girardi and what he’s accomplished since coming out of nowhere. A walk-on, signed to an AHL contract last season and farmed to Charlotte. Called up as an injury replacement and there’s he’s been there (and dressed for every Pack game), ever since.

    He’s Mr. “Steady-Eddie”, not flashy, but also not prone to mistakes. Doesn’t do anything to pull spectators out of their seats, but fans also don’t see him caught out of position –he seems to be where he’s supposed to be which indicates that he’s got an intuitive feel for the game (and that’s not something that’s learned).

    He doesn’t panic and rarely, if ever commits those damning blind passes that turn into turnovers and offensive opportunities of the other club. Executes clearing via use of the boards as well as anyone.

    He runs the Pack’s #1 PP, has a good, hard shot that’s accurate and generates rebounds. He’s also an excellent passer.

    Schoenfeld (who knows a little something about what is expected of a defenseman) has been effusive in his praise for this kid.

    Two hopes – that whoever is called up gets the time and is the beneficiary of the patience and playing needed to let himself get acclimated to the NHL.

    Both Girardi and Baranka have given evidence they belong in the show.

    Hopefully as Rangers, but that’s a decision that will be made by someone else.

    We can only hope that when it’s made that it doesn’t add another to the list of lousy ones made by Sather, his cronies and hangers-on.

  14. Calm down, Ann. Kaspar was awful this season but I think he should be traded, not waived. I fyou don’t see that you must be in love with him ;) Anyways, I hope they’ll do something to Malik… soon.

  15. stf: read my reasoning up above. He was not given the opportunity or support to get his game together. No, just a fan and friend.

  16. Nevermind all this hockey crap.

    You are totally correct about Dude Where’s My Car.

    Good for you.

  17. Wasn’t Kasper going through a divorce as well, Sam? I think his body & mind were not in game shape.

  18. “I guess Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympian and a 14- year NHL career that he has sacrificed his physical health for doesn’t mean anything.”

    Actually, it means zero in terms of making Playoff run this year. I agree he should have Rangers fans respect and I’m sure he has (at least he has mine) but that’s it. No bad feelings, we have better D’s in Hartford. If they move at least Malik and Krog I’ll be happy. I don’t think they waive Hall or Ward, trade is more possible, I guess…

  19. the reason they did not trade Kaspar is no one wanted him.

    Of course we should thank him for his effort, he did his best and last yr. palyed pretty good.

    This yr. he is too slow to participate. He had a great run, and still is getting paid….

    Thanks Kaspar, good move Rangers……..

  20. david liffiton is terrible forget him. ann sorry but kaspar has been horrific this year and the last game he played was probably the single worst defensive display ive seen from one player in a long time. he quit bottom line (ottawa game) everyone knew it he knew it and thats why he was benched in the third and since then. he’s finished. you can’t keep rolling guys out there that are clearly DONESKEY. great guy sure, great effort absolutely, worthy of taking a roster spot from a kid who is better right now, no way in hell.

  21. Kasper had 2 surgeries and a divorce.

    Unfortunately, he had a high salary and therefore couldn’t be traded. As much as I like Kasper, I’m not surprised, nor dissapointed. He was slower than Orr and Ozolinsh (Who I assume is retiring?).

    Malik might not be any better, but I bet we could at least trade him for someone’s draft or prospect. Either way, he’s not going anywhere, be sure of that. Even if one of the two kids work out, you’re still going to need a 7th incase of injury.

  22. a casual observer on

    Does it really matter who gets the nod to join the big team? We all know they will spend most of their days sitting on the bench watching Malik get beat from the leftside, the rightside and inside out! Coach Renney Rarely corrects anything. He just keeps re-aranging the deck chairs. It starts from the top. He has to be the next casualty if “rebuilding” is to continue.

  23. Sam is it obvious to you like most, that Renney has a pet club, which is not based on performance or accountablity? Does he realize the karma implications? ;)

  24. You can’t keep rolling guys out there who are Doneskey.

    Sure you can Renney does it everygame with Malik and others.

  25. I gotta agree with ann… i mean kaspar hasn’t been THE best he’s been in his career this year, but he hasn’t been any worse than much else we’ve had back there….. I like when someone brought up the question of what if it were Jagr?….. it WAS Jagr in the same possition…. he openly addmitted he wasn’t 100%, but still Renny played him…. granted it’s Jagr, but i’d much rather see malik in the possition that kaspar’s in right now… but it’d done i guess

    I don’t know why they didn’t bring in one or two of these guys in from the start. The Rangers defense is the best thing going on in the future… Pock, Baranka, Girardi, Staal, Sanguinetti… Sauer, Liffton… These are all guys who i think will be NHL ready SOON…. Staal and Sanguinetti might be the only guys to ever be Allstar calibre maybe one day, but the other guys are good hard working players. The future on the blue line has alot of potential, I hope they develope correctly.

    With that said I’d say Girardi is ready now this year. Baranka and Staal should be up next season…. maybe even Liffton

  26. id like to see callahan get a regular shift. i thought he looked good in the 5 minutes he got a few weeks ago.

  27. Ann

    Renney basis nothing on performance just loyalty to guys who have never performed. There is zero accountability on this club and no team that wins has zero accountability. That is all on Renney.

  28. you guys know why Malik gets favored treatment. say it. Jagr’s cronyism is what keeps Malik sitting pretty instead of sitting out.

  29. tsalad it starts from way at the top from Daddy Dolan down to jimmy to sather, & on & on…

  30. Kasper needed to go…he is SOWER than Malik, he cant get into position to hit very often, he cant get into proper defensive position, and he is just a skater with a stick. malik has always been this slow, and he knows how to paly within those limits, kasper seems to be having a hard time changing….not that Malik is good at that game he palys…but its his game. Kasper looked difrent almost every game….Malik has been consistant, bad yes, but at least you know what hes brining to the ice. Kaspers game, I think, has finaly caught up to him, and his body is just breaking down…it happens. How can people be all pissed off at the Rangers for not calling a kid up, but when they waive a vet who isnt playing well at all people are pissed off about it?? Malik will be gone soon enough, probably Roszival and Ward as well…along with vets form the top two lines, and other younger guys who arnt as good…just get used to it, some players that are well liked will be set free because a kid will be ready to step up.

  31. nakedjoe: He did show alot…I jsut want to make sure he is 100% ready and that playing in the NHL is the BEST thing for him…it may be….but if he shows anything that says he should still be in the AHL for the rest of the year than he should be there…I mean of corse he could still develope more, but if he can do it in the NHL than fine…I jsut dont want kids rushed jsut because the team isnt doing well…thats not good, but it dosnt seem that the team is paniking, they seem to be taking the proper time to make the correct decision…wich is great.

  32. “Hopefully Krog/J Ward and Malik are next”

    Hope for too much and you’ll be disappointed.

    Right now I’d settle for Bobby Granger.

  33. Let’s pray Ozolinsh and Hall are next. Let’s get Dubinsky, Girardi (for Kaspar), and Baranka (for Ozolinsh) up here. I would also like to see Callahan come up for Hall or Orr. Look at Anaheim with kids like Dustin Penner, Ryan Getzlaf, Francois Beuchemin (sp?), Chris Kunitz – all of which played in the playoffs last year and Calgary with Giordano, just to name a few. They have done, and are doing fine with a mix of kids and vetd.

    Just because kids come up, doesn’t mean the team will falter. Yes, we will have to live with growing pains at times, but with our first line, Shanny, Henrik, etc. this team is still good enough to play some kids and still be a playoff team.

  34. “Nobody bumps our goalie”
    “Thats a penalty”
    “thats a penalt too”
    “Maxim show him the Hooking”
    “Say hi to the camera Toots”
    Just a few Kaspar classics. Good luck to Darius, He will find a new job. Not to name any names but there are worse defensemn on this team than Kaspar

  35. Mitch over at BB said his sources (cough, cough) have told him that the Rangers are making deals today that will make all of us happy.

    If Kasper on waivers is it, Mitch should go back to comedy.

  36. Saying bye bye to Kaspar is best for the team. They need room fo oyung players and im gonna go out on a limb here and say Sam’s personal hero Jason Krog could be goin next

  37. I know Hall has not played well but he is 25…..

    Malik is nor great but he is much better then Kaspar… I guess Malik is the flavor of the week to get rid of a player.

    They need better scoring depth(line 2,3, and 4) and D men who commit less turnovers…. Nothing too scientific there….

    I would allow some (only a couple) of the young guys to get a real chance to bring some energy to the team, scare the S out of some of the older guys, and maybe a few young guys will be productive. How hard is this to do?? NJ cuts there losses(Mogilny and Mcgill, etc.) quick..As far as whom to bring up since I have never seen any of the young minor league guys play, I have no opinion.

    why the Rangers putz around is besides me.. Krog is not a star by any stretch but he has good vision and if he had more then some stiffs on his line he may turn out to be decent.

  38. There is now room on the roster for one of the kids from the minors. Mark: Thanks for that in-depth scouting report. Hopefully you are right and Girardi brings good defensive play to this team if he gets the call

  39. yeah, it’s those other stiffs like Shanny that are holding back Krog. brilliant. and he loves Malik too. go figure.

  40. I Miss Steve Rucchin on

    Sorry to see him go, when I think a forward like Orr (no hits and 1 giveaway in 7 minutes of ice time) or Hall (playing like a man 4’6″ instead of 6’4″, but Sather wouldn’t admit his own mistake) should go.

    I just hope this opens the door for something good. Losing his high salary helps in the quest of finding a Morrison or Stumpel.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Go NYR, its funny you mentioned that commercial (“nobody bumps our goalie”) because that was the only decent hit I saw him make this entire season.

    It was also the only time I saw the defense clear out traffic in front of the goalie.

  42. Stuart
    I guess Malik is the flavor of the week to get rid of a player.
    Krog is not a star by any stretch but he has good vision and if he had more then some stiffs on his line he may turn out to be decent.

    Did u just wake up?

  43. tsalad : ummmmmmm…it makes room for a kid to come up, and its a step inthe right direction…if he was playing or not dosnt matter…the fact the team sees that he isnt going to help this team move forward even in the short term is what matters. Its funny that everyone was calling for waiving or taradeing and whatever, of vets who wernt up to snuff, they get rid of one, and whats dose everyone do…bitch and complain…I SAID IT WOULD HAPPEN, people here will never be happy, I NEW that as soon as the Rangers let a vet go people would be uoset about wich one….and they would say someone else should have gone first…I can almost guaratee that is Malik was waived people would be like “great, now slow Kasper will take his place” its a joke. Ask the team to do something, so they FINALY do it, and people are upset…I am sure Malik wil be soon behind Kasper, but at least Malik isnt one bad step away from injury…Kasper is, he has gotten frail, thats not good for a guy who likes to hit, it seems he dosnt want to even hit now…its kidna sad to see him go, but its the right move.

  44. KROG is what he is..a depth guy, who can come in and play a safe game and bring some energy with the ability to win faceoffs and pass the puck well. He sint going to save anything…but he COULD come in useful in the playoffs if there is an injury to a 3rd/4th line center, this team IS weak at center so I hope he isnt lost to waivers if he is sent down, but if he is there are others out there. He isnt the answer OR the problem…Malik I hope will get traded or waived, I tihnk the Rangers will try to trade him and get something for him, I am sure they shopped Kasper, if they can get ANYTHING for him tis worth it. The BAD thing is the Rangers will proabably have to take on a cotract in order to get something….like they trade Malik for a guy who makes more for like 2 more yeras and a draft pick…than the Rangers can use there deep pockets to buy the guy out…a type of trade that will help another team take care of some cap problems, that cant afford to buy out a contract after the season…thats the only way I see Malik going.

  45. Of course it matters if the guy who was waived was playing or not. Who gets bumped if they bring a guy up? Pock?

    Give me a break you said it would happen. I’m not complaining just asking how does a reserve guy getting waived help? It would be one thing if he was playing but one guy who wasn’t even playing and the problems are solved. Sure they are. The problems are a lot bigger than one guy in Kaspar.

    I want Malik, Hossa, J Ward, Krog and Hall waived.

    But you can tell me again the kids aren’t ready. Because the other way of doing things is working out so well.

  46. this is Tom Renney in the Hartford Courant–

    “The synergy and chemistry of the group hasn’t collectively got it done,” he said. “We haven’t hit on all eight cylinders on a regular basis, but we’re in the NHL, so we’ve got to be careful we don’t overanalyze this thing to the point where we paralyze ourselves.

    “We’ve got to right it as quickly as we can without burdening our players so much with the technical components of the game where they’re frozen, but at the same time pay attention to a game plan for our needs right now without mortgaging the future.”

    Renney doublespeak for “we screwed up, the retreads failed, now I hope the kids can bail us out”

  47. tsalad : are you thinking OK???cause it dosnt mean they will bring up a Defender…you know that right…and you want a bunch of under 30 guys waived (except Malik i know he is older) those guys CAN be traded, and if they are moved that should be the way. The Rangers will probably bring up a forward, not a defender…and if they do bump someone why dose everyone say Pock first?? Cause EVERONE said that Pock would see the linuep becasue when Malik got back kasper and Malik would always be in…cause that what Renney dose…well look how wrong everyone was about that…do I see anyone saying “oops…my bad I was wrong” nope cause they arnt big enough to admit they saw things the wrong way. It dosnt matter who is waived…it amtters who plays. If they bring up a D and replace Malik or Ward, will you be uset?? You seem to be in the group that loks at part of the story and makes up the rest, you dont even know the Rangers palns, yet you say they did the wrong thing…and people ARE complaining about the move…or at least “sound” like they are. We dont know, tomorrow the Rangers could call up two guys and waive another player, maybe they knwo a trade might happen before the next game were a ranger palyers goes for a pick or a guy in the system so they have one more spot open. I am NOT saying that its hapening that way, but I am not going to jump wo conclusions…lets give it till tomorrow, they said thats when the callup would be made, lets see what they do. Maybe they are giving palyers a couple more games to get on track before the make a decision on them. Seeing Kasper gets waived should get some guys going…again, lets give it a day or two and find out whats up…and after that we will have to be waiting to see if any trades are made. I knwo the GMs are talking face to face now, that should get some deals working…

  48. tsalad: I always say, not that the kids art ready to paly inth e NHL but that alot of the kids will be beter served by spending a ful season int he AHL…thats true…but I guess osme people read “kids arnt ready” when someone says” better that they are int he AHL” funny how that is…there are only a couple kids I said arnt ready, or wernt early on, Dawes wasnt ready to show his stuff in the NHL, he seems to have turned it around and gone back to Hartford with a purpose, thats good, Immo seems liek he is ready for the NHL, but could use work, and consistancy, so maybe he was told that, but I think being sent back down was a good thing for him, Callahan, Byers, Dubinsky, Baranka, everything you see says they are ready for the NHL, but could still gain experiance from the AHL, Callahan is the first I have herd anyone say (Malony) he might be ready for the NHL and not neeed the AHL anymore. All I say is dont rush the kids MAKE SURE they are ready, and dont just call them up JUST becasue the Rangers are stuggling. SO you think that winning now is more important that letting kids develope…since you talk about how what they are doing now isnt working…thats not sap[osed to matter in a rebuild…so which do you want, a rebuild from the inside, from the system, meaning dvelopiong kids and putting them in place when ready…or do you want to win now??

  49. “wading through Renneyspeak is like trying to decipher Wildcard ’s hieroglyphics.” Im sorry you dont have the breain pwer to figure out a few typos…seems to me when I read, half the words can be spelled wrong and mistyped and I can figure things out…I do it every day on dofrent blogs and chat type things…why is it that so many peopel seem to have problems with my posts?? ?Hmmmm….maybe casue they are to worried about being Richard craniums and not worried about reading things peope say…especially if *gasp* the opinions arnt the same as theirs GOD FORBID!! someonw who dosnt think the same way on a blog…my god, the worlds comeing to an end !! LOL waht a buch of losers some of you are…

  50. “are we sure this team has 8 cylinders?”

    maybe he meant the Detroit Pistons.

    or the Saginaw Gears.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Wildcard, normally I don’t care about typos or misspellings, but don’t insult people just because they are cracking a joke at the expense of your laziness. Because that’s all typos are. Just a little more readability in your posts(preferably through proper punctuation and eliminating typos) would stop the cycle.

    Try typing your posts in Word and then cutting and pasting them to here.

    PS-I’m sick of the Rangers. I can’t waste my time worrying about them anymore because it’s clear that management(starting with Dolan, all the way down) has no plan in place and is just playing for today.

  52. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hey wildcard,malik always plays like he IS injured.i am a big fan of kasper but he clearley is done.but so is malik the pylon.i will have more confidence in mgmnt when they wave one of the many useless fourth line forwards and some of jagr’s czech posse like malik and the racoon.i can also bet that not a single callup will be in the lineup on saturday against a crap flyer team.hyeena will tell us that he would like to get the call ups several practices to get used to thier new surroundings and that it would be wise to let them watch from the stands while we are forced to watch the same sheeet product on the ice.

  53. Renney… all he does is blah blah blah…. and so on and so on… 8 cyclinders, maybe if Jagr gets his game out of 2nd gear and if the team had a defense that was somewhere near mobile.

    Adding Girardi, who can skate btw, much better than Malik or Rozival or Ward, saw him play last year in Hartford and he was the Packs best defenseman and Dawes was the best forward, will add mobility to the back line and some youth and energy.

    Moving Hall/Hossa/Ward/Orr/Krog for Callahan will give Prucha more ice time and Callahan a chance to get a goal under his belt and add some life to this team.

    Right now there are too many forward bodies on the roster for a mere call-up to make a difference. Hall/Ward/Hossa/Krog are in the way of Dawes and Callahan and unless these moves are made Prucha’s ice time will be limited as well.

    Sather… what a clown this guy is, been here 7 seasons and he’s waiving Kaspir, has Malik, Rozival and Rachunek to show for his backline. I mean what’s this guy been doing for 7 seasons?

  54. wild

    You and I differ on one main point about the kids. I feel they should be able to develop in the NHL, like other teams do, not the AHL now that the Rangers have shown over 50 games they can’t get the job done.

  55. czechthemout!!!!! : LOL…I dont disagre with Malik playing like he is injured…but the fact remains that he is prbably healthier than Kasper…and I bet that came into play with deciding who would be waived….I would think that if Kasper was healthy, and a guy like Ward (ither one) or someone else was in kaspers health position they would have been waived…but I DO think that Malik should go very soon…but again…I hope they can get SOMETHING for him…maybe a number 200 and something pick….thats were they found Lundqvist :) maybe they can get lucky again…

  56. vogs: I havnt seen Giradi, but maybe they were learny of him being a one hit wonder…I mean he was a FA signing, but I wouldnt be shocked if he gets called up…if not tomorrow than pehaps before the end of the year. I think it will depend on what type of Defenseman the Rangers want when they look to hartford. It seems that right now a good skater is the way to go, kinda fits the Ragners style more than a slower bit hitter.

  57. czechthemout!!!!! on

    listened to maloney on the fan, liked what he had to say ,even agreed with most of it.problem is slither will not allow changes to be made that are needed.maloney’s nuts have been cut off and he is just a yes man for now.slithers ego won,t allow it.

  58. malik shouldn’t have been waived, and kaspar should have.

    and the reason? malik has SOME trade value.

    while kaspar doesn’t any longer with his contract next year.

  59. wild

    Win now? How are we doing that. That isn’t working. I want a rebuild from the inside as I have said all along. Lets the kids, not eight, but 2 or 3 develop in the NHL like most teams do.

    Win now isn’t part of this Ranger team imo.

  60. Joey Dag : no its trying to type 100 words a min when I have the skills for like 30 LOL…I miss hit keys all the time, and my spelling sucks…and frankly im to lazy to keep checking, since im so long “winded” on blogs and such…when i slow down I am much better, except for the spelling, but hey, noone is perfect… ;) It also dosnt help that some of my keyboard keys dont work every time, so letters are missed…thats annoying, it goes click, but nothing showes up. I do need to go back and check them…or liek someone said use word or something…its really not fair to make peope eyes sorry everyone..

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    What about making our brains hurt? Sorry, it was an easy joke.

    The Rangers make my heart hurt. I wish I could quit you.

  62. Renney also said this in Hartford

    Renney said the Rangers’ most pressing needs are a better power play “with more diversified looks,” more depth at center and a well-rounded defenseman who can help quarterback the power play. He said a lack of consistency has led to bad starts and finishes.


    IOW some shots from the point, no matter how much Jagr pouts about it.

  63. Doodie Machetto : I was going to cahnge “eyes hurt” to “brains hurt” but I decided to leave it LOL

  64. Straka-Nylander-Jagr


    How do those seem?

  65. tsalad: I agree…I just thought that Immo was the only one who really had a spot on wing or center…I mean I dont want to see Dawes in a defensive role…do you? And on D there are one or two…I have said that myslef…however, I dont think that first year pro guys who had slow stars in the AHL should be moved up just to say there are kids in the lineup to prove a rebuild. Callahan was comeing off an injury, he needed to start in the AHL, and I have said that if the AHL will do nothing else for him that he should be called up, but I also think that playing deep into the AHL palyoffs would be better than making it into the 1st round or just missing the playoffs in NY. Now he could get sent back down, but if it will help him to stay down, than so be it, let him stay down. From before this season, I thought this years would be a vet type years, win or lose, and that next year, 2 or 3 kids would be bigger parts of the team with 1 or 2 more getting time on callups and after the trade deadline when the team could move a vet or two makeing room in the lineup. Maybe becasue thats the way I went into this season I dont get as upset about the kids not in the lineup…in anycase, this trade deadline should start that movement towrds more kids next season full time. Kasper started it, Malik should go, and he can be traded IMHO, than maybe a younger D like Rachunek will get moved, than Staal, Baranka maybe, Lampman, can push for spots on D, maybe all make it, and Rosival should go as well, than Ward would be the only vet on D, and I think we could all live with one vet on D..couldnt we??

  66. czechthemout!!!!! on

    if it were up to me i would want jagr/nylander/prucha,immo/shanny/straka,byers/dubinsky/cally they have been lighting it up in hartford as a line and orts/cullen/betts.on d i would have rozy/pock who have played well together,tyutin/ward,girardi/and the pylon

  67. wild

    If Prucha is playing on the fourth line then Dawes should be playing top six. Of course Prucha should never be playing on the fourth line in the first place.

    I could live with one vet on D sure. It would be painful but I would know the long term benifit would outweigh the shortterm pain.

  68. Andrew: that might be to much to fast…some of those guys really probably caould be helped by more time in the AHL. And I would liek to seperate Pock and Giradi, they would be the two best skateins for the D on one pair…the “wealth” should be spread out some. And you would still be holding Prucha back with Cullen at center…it seems like ither Dawes or Prucha will be held back untill a top line wing opens up. That will only happen if Shanny, JJ or Straka get moved…and its not hapening this yeras or next most likely. I dont know about forward lines…but for D I would like…


    Not perfect, but Pock and roszival play well together it seems, Tyutin and Rachunek dont look bad on the ice together…they are both still young so there are some mistakes. And I tihnk Girardi would be well places with a vet who dosnt panic, at least to start, than he can also get PP time and such. Again, the forward lines are hard to figure out, I would liek to see the 3rd line remain Defensive, but your 4th line could do the trick, and I think Prucha deserves the 2nd line spot…but can Dawes deal with those linemates you had Prucha with?? I tihnk untill JJ, Straka and Shanny are gone, or at least one of them, it will be hard to find an easy answer on the lines…

  69. czechthemout!!!!! : I could go for that…its would just be hard to waive that many players…I would think that SOME of the players that would have to get off the roster could get something in trade, not alot, but at least some picks. I dont think anyone wants the Rangers to give up players that are young, weather or not they bring alot to the table, for nothing. Some mid round picks or whatever will at elast keep the system full to overflowing, and than there is depth to trade when the team gets to the point that they are one player away.

  70. tsalad: I think Prucha plays simple on the 3rd/4th line, and on the top 6 well no, the 2nd line he complicates things, when he palys with Jagr and Nylander like he has a couple times he palys simple as well. I dont know if its Cullen or Shanny, but on the 2nd line he dosnt paly his game, its like he is trying to force himself to be a difrent palyer. But yes, if Prucha isnt there in the top 6 Dawes should get that time. I would like to see Straka moved to center on the 2nd line with Sawes and Shanny, and Prucha with Nylander and Jagr…than have callups and other palyers on the other two lines….and those lines would depend on who was called up and who was palying well with who and all that…

  71. With no HMO line anymore, I could deal with HBO(Hollweg-Betts-Ortmeyer). The programming on that line would a lot better than the crap I’ve seen on MSG the past few weeks. Could be like the Sopranos on ice with all the hitting going on.

    Maybe the Rangers could trade Malik to the Miami Heat for Shaq, maybe then there would be a little D in their game.

    They should keep Tyutin and Ward together, they have been the teams best pair all year. Rachunek and Pock do work well together, which would leave Girardi and Rosival.

  72. Go NYR

    we should definitely be MAJOR players in the FA market, really splash some cash around. It’s true that we really are ONLY a few players away from being a MAJOR cup contender.


  73. a casual observer on

    this is Tom Renney in the Hartford Courant—….

    “The synergy and chemistry of the group hasn’t collectively got it done,� he said. “We haven’t hit on all eight cylinders on a regular basis, but we’re in the NHL, so we’ve got to be careful we don’t overanalyze this thing to the point where we paralyze ourselves.

    “We’ve got to right it as quickly as we can without burdening our players so much with the technical components of the game where they’re frozen, but at the same time pay attention to a game plan for our needs right now without mortgaging the future.�

    This guy is a friggin deer in headlights!!

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