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*UPDATE, 12:45: Never mind. From ESPN.COM: There won’t be an imminent change in the NHL schedule, after all. After sources indicated that the NHL’s board of governors were set to revert back to the pre-lockout schedule format, the group was again unable to reach an agreement on the issue when it met Tuesday morning in Dallas.*

There are so many people I could be referring to with that sort of headline.

Van Halen getting rid of David Lee Roth? The Rangers getting rid of Dominic Moore?

Actually, I’m referring to the word out of Dallas that the NHL Board of Governors are looking to “return the schedule to its pre-lockout format”:, with divisional rivals meeting only six times a season instead of eight, and all other teams meeting at least once.

h121615a.jpgThis is actually a much bigger issue in the Western Conference, where many teams aren’t getting a chance to stars in the East like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Alexander Ovechkin, or even traditional favorites like the Canadiens and the Rangers. In fact, word is the whole uprising started when fans in Edmonton complained they were deprived of the chance to see more Blair Betts. I kid, of course.

Anyway, I suppose it’d be the right move. As much as there is an extra charge in the Garden when the Rangers meet the Islanders or Devils, it loses just a bit based on the fact that the teams seem to be playing one another every week. Six games a season is probably a more reasonable number, although the Rangers wouldn’t have the luxury of as many nights sleeping in their own beds. And this is probably not as ideal for reporters like myself who are already constrained by limited travel budgets.

But again, it’s all about the greater good. And if I can put a smile on a kid’s face in Western Canada by letting him see a Karel Rachunek giveaway, then I’m all for it….

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  1. Horrible decision to keep it the same for another year. Rivalres are now watered down because of this boneheaded move.

  2. Ah, Sam, it’s amusing when you reveal yourself with a honey of a comment like that Rachunek one…

  3. They should change the schedule back. The Rangers only visit SoCal once every 3 years now. That sucks.

  4. I’m probably the only one happy about the schedule staying the same, but the fewer games against the West, the better.

  5. I think they just don’t want to move their as**s to West Coast, that’s it – it’s nothing about promoting this sport…

  6. I like the fact we see division rivals 8 times and confrence rivals 4 times, I just think the games should be spread out more evenly over the course of the season. It builds up more hate for our division rivals, it almost feels like they old Patrick division.
    I am not crazy about staying up till 1:00 A.M to see the rangers lose to the LA Kings.

  7. People have stunningly short memories on this issue. Prior to the lockout, changing the schedule to include more divisional games to enhance natural rivalries was a change people were crying out for. Rob S- rivalries are ‘watered down’ now? Where’s the evidence for that? Maybe it sucks for us this year because we’re under .500 against the Atlantic, but, really, would you rather have extra games against the Isles, Devils, and Flyers, or more games with Columbus and Minnesota? I’ll take the former anytime.

    And all this hogwash about people out west bemoaning the lack of Crosby and Ovechkin sightings…it’s easier than ever now to see the superstars. 10 years ago there was no Center Ice and the Internet was in the stone age…but now you can see games and highlights of these guys all the time. And sure, nothing is better than seeing it live and in person, but you never got to do that anyway unless you managed to be in the building that one night a year in vancouver when the Penguins came calling. I say, with the regular season as long as it is, better to err on the side of too many rivalry games as opposed to too few. We should be lucky to be dealing with such a ‘problem.’

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, by the way, key points for Rangers fans in that article:

    1) We will still be able to have the lace up collar
    2) He takes a jab at Marcel Hossa(the link for baggy jerseys)
    3) He gives respect to Rod Gilbert(the link for better fits)
    4) The Classic Rangers logo will still be able to stitched on
    5) There will be no usage of third jerseys next year(thank God), although it sounds like they will return after that.

  9. Doodie I agree with point #5…I feel like our classic Broadway Blueshirt has become this year’s third jersey. It looks especially ridiculous in Original Six and division rivalry games

  10. I hate the current schedule and think the NHL blew it big time, again, in not making the change. I’m actually sick of seeing the Devils, Islanders, etc… What a refreshing change it would be to see some teams out West. Hopwfully they will get it right for 2008-2009.

  11. Personality, personality, personality. That’s the only thing the game should be concerned with. Creating emotionally investing, passionate hockey and the packaging therein.

  12. if your sick of watching the rangers play the isles devils flyers and penguins other than the reason being because we keep losing this year than your days as a hockey fan are probably numbered anyway. if you can’t get up 8 times a year to see rangers isles then you certainly are not going to be watching rangers blue jackets

  13. hmmmm….probably too many teams in the league, but not according to Alfred E. Commissioner*

    (* ©mstourin )

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