All Forsberg, all the time


I have only limited insight into the Peter Forsberg situation, which is hardly surprising seeing how I have limited insight into pretty much everything else, both related to hockey and not.

But what I do know is that the injury prone Swede’s name “hasn’t completely disappeared”:, which reminds me of that “Seinfeld” episode when George is looking for doctors to quickly dismiss the idea that he has cancer.

“I want them to say, ‘Cancer? Get out of here!'” George says.

That’s sort of what I’m waiting to hear when it comes to Forsberg.

“Forsberg? Get out of here!”

Maybe I’ll never quite hear that, but it’d make my life easier if I did. And in the meantime, count me among those who will at least be listening to the rumors. If I find any of them have substance, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

But until then, let the Jason Krog Era continue!

(You now have permission to cry).

  • More shameless self-promotion: Reader Patrick Hoffman, who some of you know is an aspiring hockey writer himself, somehow saw it as a worthwhile venture to conduct a Q-and-A with yours truly (which you can “read here”: Surprisingly, the first question was not, “Who in the world gives a clown like you a job?”

    Actually, that was the second question…

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    1. “Who in the world gives a clown like you a job in the first place?�

      Actually, that was the second question.

      that was the first question for me, your lovable Harry.

    2. Here’s to wishing that the Sather regime ends the way “Seinfeld” did: with every crap move ever made exposed to the world and him imprisoned.

    3. czechthemout!!!!! on

      okay i am now on board the peter foresburg band wagon.lets trade dubinsky and baranka for him and pitkannen,maybe we can also expand that trade and give them montoya,prucha,hossa,and immo.they would also throw in richards and carter

    4. RE POST

      Sorry for getting back to you guys so late.. The news report which aired Monday on XM Radio during the Home Ice channel 204’s updates reported that Forsberg had told the Flyers he would waive his no trade clause to go to the Rangers.

    5. czechthemout!!!!! on

      that last one would be great for us.we dump dead wood pick up a semi washed up york and not resign him during the off would open up cap space,bring in some good young talent in pitkanen and richrds and carter might still develop into a player.we would certainly be giving up some good talent but i love richards i think he can be a real good player for us.

    6. let’s get Hatcher and Rathje and Therien. I just love big slow Dmen. with me Harry, we would have a top 4 that would look like statues in the wax museum.

    7. I know I’ll take a lot of flack for this, but why not give Ryan Hollweg a few games as the second line center. He has succeeded in every other role the team has put him in. He was more of an offensive player in juniors and in the minors and plays a style the could work well with Shanny. I also think Prucha would play well on that line. He doesn’t play a real finese Euro style, he goes like the energizer bunny. Then you have the third line of Hossa, Betts and Hall and a fourth of Dawes, Krog, and Ward. Get rid of Cullen (and Hall if you want).

    8. Doodie Machetto on

      John M, you should send that in to Spector’s Trade Rumours, he’s been doing a Forsberg watch of sorts and I’m sure he would want that info.

    9. Doodie Machetto on

      P.W. aside from the fact that Hollweg can’t score at the NHL level, youre lineup leaves out Cullen and Ortmeyer under Hossa, Hall, Krog and Ward. That’s just wrong.

    10. P.W. —
      I don’t think anyone should get flack for making a suggestion, especially given the dearth of compellling options on the team.

      I’m a huge fan of the way Ryan Hollweg plays the game, and I think his energy and his forechecking ability at least merits a look on the third line. But he’s not a playmaker and that’s what Shanny needs out of his center. If you want to put Hollweg at wing there, that’s not so far-fetched. But even then you need someone who can distribute the puck with some consistency.


    11. Sam, the Rangers have won only 32 of 76 games since the Olympics. ask Renney about THAT.

      44 losses in 76 games. and they wonder why fans are upset.

    12. Doodie – I did leave Orty out, and I definitley didn’t mean to do that. Put him at 4th wing and move Ward over to center. I like Cullen in the lockerroom, but he doesn’t fit well with the Rangers on the ice. He and Shanny hasn’t worked, and he isn’t a 4th line center. I did mean to leave him off.

      Sam – Thanks for the insight. I agree Shanny does need a playmaker. I also like Hollweg’s intensity and ability as a forechecker. He forces a lot of turnover and scoring opportunities that would be more valuable with shooters on the ice with him. Maybe trying him opposite Shanny with Nylander could work, although I don’t necessarily like that combo either. Looks like some kind of deal will have to be made because Krog isn’t the answer

    13. czechthemout!!!!! on

      don baloney was just on wfan he laughed almost histerically when summers asked about a staal for forsberg deal. he also said they will notdo any more bure or lindros type trades.they would however consider adding another 28-33 year old vet if they thought he could help develop the team.they would however consider any move if they thought they were one player away from a stanley cup.he also said that there would be lineup CHANGES as soon as saturday or monday.probobly from hartford. he also thinks the team needs a spark that only young kids can provide,and if that spark turns the team around to the point where they think they can compete for the cup they would be players at the deadline.

    14. czechthemout!!!!! on

      watching some of the young stars game .very disheartning not a single rangers player.

    15. Doodie Machetto on

      Interesting. Thanks for the update CTO. The Staal for Forsberg is John, “I’m a hypocrite/Wish I knew anything about Music”, Buccigross’ fault. Even Sather wouldn’t trade a Staal brother for Forsberg. 28-33 year old vet. Chris Drury in the offseason if he doesn’t resign with Buffalo.

    16. czechthemout!!!!! on

      good point doodie i wonder why he did not make it he certainly should be there maybe because of his age or he did not want to go.

    17. that is laughable. so the kids that “weren’t ready, deserved benching, sat out for months, shipped down to hartford, told to wait while Isbister and Krog played”

      well now, according to Don Baloney, those same kids are the saviors, they will provide a spark, maybe get the team in cup contention so that at the deadline they can be traded for a 28-33 yo vet to start the recycled ranger process all over again.

    18. I’m a little impartial to Potsdam guys since I go to school there, but what about Chris Conroy out in LA. He is a New York guy from Potsdam, played at Clarkson (who is tied with St. Lawrence 2-2 right now if anyone follows college hockey), and played for the cup a few years ago in Calgary.

    19. Sorry, its Craig Conroy. I was just watching the game and they were talking about him and Chris Clark and I combined the names.

    20. czechthemout!!!!! on

      4rangers-mimthought that was a pretty strange comment as well.but that is what he said.he also though out names like jovo,conroy,morrison,and some others.

    21. czechthemout!!!!! on

      44 loses in 76 games is pretty pathetic.but they say they have a plan.the hayeena will come back from hartford and on thursday will come up with more of his hyperbalee and tell us how he feels asense of loyalty and that he feels he has the right horses to turn things around

    22. Factoid: Chris Clark is from South Windsor, CT.

      My dad went to Clarkson and I like those kids too. Eric Cole’s another one.

      Conroy would be a decent choice for 2nd line center depending on what they would have to give up.

      I still say if they’re not going to give the kids a chance then try to get York on the cheap. If it doesn’t work out you can cut your losses in the offseason, if he recaptures some magic it might turn the season around. Again, on the *cheap*

    23. it’s not strange for the ranger brass, cto. they are experts at spreading manure. it is just typical that they pretend that the kids are not the answer, then when the vets fail they change their tune, and call the kids sparkplugs, but if those sparkplugs are successful, well then they will be traded for another failed vet.

      only in alice in Rangerland.

    24. signing Matt Cullen to a 4 year deal was not a very good hockey move. It’s just one of the many bad deals that Sather has made. The signing of 37 year old Shanahan has stunted the development of Prucha to the point where he might be traded.
      In order for things to change Sather has got to go. Until Dolan realizes that it’s going to be more of the same.

    25. rl: Sather is on his way to turning the Rangers into a joke??? He started doing that in his first year with the team. It went from joke to disgrace pretty quickly after that….

    26. Dolan doesn’t give a damn except to be able to raise prices. He’s not an owner who really puts winning & championships as priorities. If he did his 2 GM’s would be gone already, and since they’re still here his ideas are he gives one a a pen to write his own ticket & the other the goal to improve. Dolan is the real problem.

    27. Prucha needs to get a little beefier ,he’s puny ,no size ,especially when theres no one to protect him.

    28. I think that Conroy would be a decent aquisition. Mike York out of Philly is another low risk, high reward. I’m also all for the promotion of Dane Byers, hopefully help add some toughness to protect Jagr, Prucha, Shanahan (even though he can protect himself it would be great to have someone stick up for him). Hollweg does the best he can, but he is more of a high energy, hit anything in a different sweater kinda guy, and Colton Orr has proved useless besides the occasional good hit.

    29. good to see nothing has changed.

      The Rangers are foundering, there is no plan beyond this season

      Sam – I like you’re writing and respect your willingness to participate in this forum, but playing along with rumors du jour and characterizing it as any sort of progress is played out. I know this is a new beat for you, but anyone who has been a fan of this team for more than a handul of years and has the brainpower to analyze events with a wider view than last game to the next game is sick of the crap that goes on with this team. We have been watching the clown car spin its wheels for a decade while fans are easily distracted by the next shiney object waved in their field of vision. Lindros, Messier, Jagr and now Forsberg – great theater of the absurb only to be enjoyed by those with a short attention span.

      While we have a five day break here, how about putting together a story that looks how the way Rangers do business has chnaged over the years? How about a comprehensive review of the ‘Sather Era’? Can we get some Ranger coverage beyond all the writers re-hashing each others trade rumors?


    30. Sam name some great moment or moments if you have a vivid imagination since Dolan has owned MSG, the NYR,or the NYK. It’s a lot easier to come up with the 1- 50 worst.

    31. if any other team such as the baseball teams or the football teams in town had lost 44 of their last 76 games, there would be all kids of columns ripping the coach and mgmt. of that team. But with the Rangers, it seems that the media takes a who cares attitude, and seems to defend the mgmt.

      even some of the better blogs who used to be more critical, are backing Renney which I find to be more about his kiss ass cooperation with the press than his performance in his job.

      I would rather have a miserable SOB coaching the team who knew what he was doing, rather than the clueless gladhander who now gets inexplicable media support.

    32. one nutless playoff appearance in six seasons should be enough to get anyone tossed. yes, the owner has frozen oatmeal for brains, but the local media also bears some responsibility for giving Sather a very easy go of it. It’s fair to say that coverage of the team has been lacking for some time.

    33. Its amazing how people put words in other mouths..Malony NEVER said that kids who stepped up and aplyed well would be traded for a vet…he said that if some kids came up and did really well (and was talking about being a cup contender) than some young kids(s) might be moved i order to secure a playoff run and to make it easier for teh team to win a cup. DOnt change what he said to “if the kids do well we will trade them for a vet” It seems that peopel WANT this team to do stupid things…but even when they dont noone gives them a break…teh rangers could hold off makeing a trade because tehy dont want to give up a young aplyer..and the “fans” here would rip them for not improveing the team…if they make a tarde they will rip them for giving up an asset…its a no win for the org…

    34. HossaMVP : Renney is far from clueless…is he great? no…but he isnt clules…come on…he hasnt done teh thnigs the fans want…but what fan really knows about how to run an NHL bench?? I dont ithnk he should have his job to much longer…but if the team is really wanting to rebuild fro within…he is a good guy to help that along…since he can teach the kids…if not get the vets going the right way, teh kids that play always seem to do OK…witha few exceptions…

    35. management’s favorite company man is at it again.

      if Renney says jump, Wildcard says how high.

    36. Joker : why do you say that???? Reny isnt some moron who dosnt know anything about Hockey…in fact…I would bet he has more hockey knowlege in his little finger than almost anyone on this blog has in their entire body. Im jsut staeing the obvious…but if your not smart enough to see that a man who has NHL caoching experiance, scouting experiance, and other experiance at high levels of hockey isnt some idiot who knows nothing, well…than why do you bother even writing here?? I jsut said that if the team is really trying to build from within than Reny would probably be a good guy to coach the team, seeing as how he is a teaching coach…but that if they arnt going to buld that way, or Ill even add that if the team dosnt need to be taugh anything anymore, than he shouldnt coach anymore. I tihnk you should get a better grasp on the englich language, cause aparently you dont understand waht I am saying…

    37. and all my points are valid…its teh fans that want other things done…but who knows more about the NHL? The fans? or a guy who is behind the bench in the NHL?? The kids who have palyed have done good, it seems that guys like Pock have learned alot this season. The only thing that Renny seems to have trouble at is getting the team all on one page…thats part him and aprt the palyers. But to say he is clueless can only be described as a clueless remark. I love how people try to bash me for stateing teh obvious…its just funny. Renny could bench every vet and paly all kids and some would STILL say he had it in for kids, and thats why he put them out there all togeth…so they would fail…its just stupid. People need to get over thier little emotions and look at how things really are, and whats really going on…but I guess when someone has nothing else in life other than the Ragners and hockey they cant looka t it withough some kind of crazy emptions going on…

    38. This is funny. I stated in the beginning of the year that I didn’t like the moore for hall trade and some bloggers said we didn’t need moore because we signed cullen. Well, again Sather who is Mr. Clueless strikes again. I rather have moore and you can keep culen and hall who is a total waste of space from what I’ve seen this year. As usual the rangers are a mess and as long as sather and his counter parts are running this team thigs wil not change. Sather’s M.O. is to always get overthe hill veternas and not give the young kids in the farm system a chance. When I say a chance I don’t mean bring a kid up and let him play 1 game. I mean to bring the kids up and play a season. This is the only way the kids will improve there game.

    39. Tomg : I was one of teh people who said that the Rngers needed a player like Hall more than a palyer like Moore…Not because of Culle, but because teh rangers needed more bigger guys to crash the net and help on the PP…thats what Hall dose…or at elast did…but now it dosnt look so good…at the time it didnt look bad at all…still Moore isnt a big loss…him being with the Rangers this year would ahve very little effect on the team…

    40. teetime: Prucha put on some weight in teh offseason…and I remember during one game they said he thought the extra weight had slowed him down a step, and he was trying to lose it again…I doubt we will see him put any weight on any tie soon.

    41. Hollweg44: Would love to see Byers up…he gets a by with all the talk about Dawes, Immonen and Dubinsky, the last I’ll admitt, I’ve never seen in action. But I saw Byers late last season during his five-game call-up from juniors and he was one of the kids that suprised me. He played hard in the corners, was quick on his feet and made things happen everytime he stepped on the ice…then again, at that same game, I thought Falardeau looked pretty good…

      Tomg: I agree. That was an awful trade, seeing as though Moore, IMO, has the skills to be a playmaker and was a first-line center in Hartford. Frankly, I could have seen him doing something with Shanny this year. And if nothing else, the HMO line really did add an element of forechecking that’s just not here now.

      Hall, contrary to what some might think, is doing about what he did last year(maybe not as much scrapping), just he’s on lower lines and isn’t getting as much icetime. He was a risk-reward player from the get-go…the Rangers risked he’d develope and instead, he’s done nothing but stagnate. I’d trade him back for Moore in a NY minute.

      York: lets just get this guy. It’ll take a mid-round draft pick, tops. That’s in essence what philty gave for him, unless you call Randy Robitaille. Maybe just give them Krog and Isbister. Now there’s an idea…

    42. From Wlicdrad

      “I tihnk you should get a better grasp on the englich language, cause aparently you dont understand waht I am saying…”

      After reading the above sentence by Wildcard, it’s obvious who doesn’t have a grasp on the English language. :))))

    43. LENNY: I don’t understand why you can’t take seriously, someone who refuses to clean up their unreadable posts. Shame on you.

    44. sam,

      nothing on yesterday’s hartford evaluations? apparently they held a 65 minutes audition if you will and are really discussing the possibility of maybe even bringing up 5 guys according to berlet. dubinsky, dawes, callahan, girardi, and baranka. whats the deal on this please we need a scoop partner!!

    45. let me just tell you people this if the rangers give those 5 kids spots on this team on saturday and STICK with it and let them sink or swim i will once again enjoy watching the rangers. this is everything we were hoping for. it would be a real pleasure playoffs or not.

    46. Here, here, kovy, agreed. I’d way rather watch us sink a bit with young players developing into important pieces for next year than continue to tread water (or sink anyways) with the dreck we’ve got now.

    47. Sam, hope you take this under consideration.

      In my opinion it’s time for you to get into this lack of kids philosophy, like Dubi, and expose this organization. Dubi shouldn’t be the only one reporting on this.

      You are a talented writer but for some reason has avoided the poor selection and handling of kids by the Rangers. Think about it and I hope you get into it. Thanks.

    48. larry brooks has been riding management for a solid 2 weeks now about the kids give him credit as well not to mention unlike dubi he’s an actual main stream media outlet (no offense to the bulletin but only about 25 percent of ranger fans let alone people in new york know about it)

    49. Hopefully with all the blogs now available, the BB will become more popular.

      Yep, Larry has been riding management about the kids, good for him but we need more!!

    50. If a few kids are called up, it will be a temporary victory for us early-season critics over Ranger mgmt. and their pollyanna posters.

      but it will depend on whether the kids are given playing time, prominent roles, patience, and permanence.

      Or will they be “Pock-checked”, put in the back seat, or showcased for trade bait.

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