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Maybe this isn’t the best time to be talking about Brendan Shanahan as an early MVP candidate. It’s only been a few weeks since “I made that case”:http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2007/01/15/the-shanny-dilemma/ to the folks at the USA Today, but in that time, the eight-time All-Star has been immersed in a prolonged goal-scoring slump, the Rangers have dropped out of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, and at least a slight whiff of unrest is now permeating through the dressing room.

Among my other brilliant insights:


  • Over time, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” will enter the pantheon of great American cinematic achievements.
  • I don’t have to worry about wearing a white shirt when they’re serving penne a la vodka in the Garden press room (hello dry cleaners!).
  • There is no such thing as too many buffalo wings (hello Pepto-Bismol!)

    You get my drift. In this turbulent season, I still think Shanahan has been the team’s most important component, and “my short story in our nation’s newspaper today”:http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/nhl/2007-01-21-mvp-capsules_x.htm?csp=34 helps explain why. But I’m not sure they give the Hart Trophy to a guy that joins a playoff team from the previous season and guides them into 10th place the next.

    Of course, if this team manages to right itself — and there still may be time to do just that — you can bet Shanahan will be at the fore.

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    1. the thing I like is that Shanny CARES. he spoke out because he hates losing. the other guys, including that supposed captain, just sit there with their thumb up their butt saying “gee whillikers, I don’t know what’s wrong”.

      Malik is a big part of what is wrong with this team, but he is untouchable as far as benching or demoting because he has the craptain DEMANDING that he be on his first line D at all costs.

    2. sather and renney should be league co-MVPS. They combined to give more points to teams throughout the league than anyone else.

    3. Putting any Ranger up for MVP is insane. Face it; this team lost everything, which made them fun to watch last year. Work ethic, attention to detail, accountability, and the potential of becoming a better, younger team in the near future. About the only thing they will never lose is money. But, Hooray we have a 38-year-old future hall of famer in his waning years that actually didn’t become an instant flop. No specific disrespect to Shanahan, he is just a symbolic part of the process, which leads to on ice failure year after year, yet oddly enough translates into financial security for everyone in the organization.

    4. Doodie Machetto on

      Forsberg also has a no-trade clause, I don’t think he would OK a move to a borderline playoff team.

    5. Congrats Sam on getting some national exposure. Very cool! Now all we need is for some of the kids in HFD to do the same! :)

    6. Shanahan is on the wrong team. I’m taking bets right now that Shanahan will not play for the Rangers next season by his own choice, unless the management changes.

      Lenny said it right here!!!

      No MVP for Shanahan, no player can show his value the way this organization is run!

    7. Doodie Machetto on

      If Shanahan doesn’t stay in NY, expect him to end up in San Jose, maybe even Kansas City to play with Sid the Kid.

    8. Naked joe wrote:

      nakedjoe January 22nd, 2007 at 5:34 pm
      sather and renney should be league co-MVPS. They combined to give more points to teams throughout the league than anyone else.>>

      As a Ranger fan, I am stunned and dismayed at the above comments. Surely you did not think this through, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

      MAREK MALIK has assisted on SO MANY GOALS for the other team with his pass RIGHT in front of Lundqvst as well as his “I’m so slow all I can do is hook” penalties that led to PP goals for the other team.

      SURELY he deserves the recognition along with Renney and Sather.

      I am positive that you have made this omission by accident.

      Please correct your post and restore my faith.

    9. you are right. I am the best ranger player since Harry and the Hendersons. My blind drop passes to the opponents are not matched anywhere. and don’t forget my between the legs shootout goal. Boy am I great when I go between my legs.

      and my cousin Maliki runs Iraq. and he’s just as incompetent as me.

    10. czechthemout!!!!! on

      came back from iceland yesturday,finally had a chance to watch some of the 2 games from last week.here is my take;the best players on the ice were pock,orts,tyutin,prucha,and the king.they all have one thing in common they are all rangers draft picks and they are all young.does anyone see a pattern here?on he other hand rozy has sucked lately,malik is is is i juust can’t say or i will get barred from this blog.shanny is worn out.jagr just is not into it as much as he was last year,what is a krog and who put that useless turd on my team?hossa,what can you say about the great hossa that has already been said.cullen was energetic but he is nothing more than a third liner at best.and the rest are what they are,a bunch of 4th liners who don’t score and who don’t always play to their limited ability.and renney is just strange with some of the line combinations that were put out their.how could krog be on te second line here when he could not beat out holik and rucchin in atlanta?thank god i was not here to see these games live.

    11. seamus…i blame renney more because he continues to play malik no matter how poorly he plays. but to respond to your comment, i think malik is possibly the worst player on the roster and is quite possibly on the devils payroll

    12. Doodie Machetto on

      Ortmeyer is not young. Pock isn’t exactly a child either. I agree with you otherwise.

      Malik’s best play of the season was against the Ducks when he kicked the puck right onto Getzlaf’s stick for the onetimer.

      2nd best play was his shift before that when he tried a behind the back clear up the middle that went onto Pronger’s stick and he skated in and ripped it home from the top of the circle. Only made better by the fact that he curled into a ball on the ice afterwards holding his knee. But boy did he recover 2 and a half minutes later.

      Something I just remembered about that game was Blair Bettsky having a coast to coast defense splitting goal.

    13. I made a comment early in the season that Shanahan should have been the ranger’s captain. I also said the rangers wouldn’t make the playoffs and I haven’t seen anything that has changed since I made this statement. I stated that Jagr is not captain material and isn’t a leader. When things go wrong Jagr pouts and becomes passive and distant.

    14. Nakedjoe,

      good post. I actually thought he was on Wang’s payroll!

      Did you hear the MSG broadcast where Al Trautwig said, “I just do not understand why the fans are booing Marek Malik. It makes no sense!”???

      it was a howl! Must be nice to get paid to insult 15,000 paying fans!

    15. Yeah, last year when JD was out there it was ok but now all three – Sam, Mike & Al are just terrible, terrible bad…

    16. This will probably be my last post this season – not that anyone cares. I’m just too tired to be so vested.

      Jagr is a great player but should not be captain. He his better off just playing the game and focusing on his on-ice abilities.

      Shanahan should have been captain but this is just hindsight. Everyone wanted Jagr to succeed as captain but it just is not in the cards.

      Renney is caught between the tough balancing act of gettting farm team players ready for the NHL and not losing too many games in the process. This is difficult with a guy like Sather trading for veterans at every deadline.

      The Rangers will probably not make the playoffs – even though they had (have) as good a chance as any team. Sute, there are a few players whose skill can be questioned but no lack of ambitious Hartford players to fill-in those spots.

      Hall and Malik are just poison to this team.

    17. Anthony (Abev) on

      Doodie FWIW I was sitting 10 rows behind the goal in Anaheim when Malik took his tumble and I could hear his yelp above the crowd noise. I said right there he was done for the season.

      Maybe it was a scream out of pain, or out of playing bad D, but I think at the moment he thought he was in serious trouble.

      Ranger’s didn’t have a Captain last year, I doubt it has any effect either way.

      You guys and your predictions. If I was *always* correct like some of you are I would take my act on the road (Vegas?).

    18. anything we give up for forsberg is going to come back to bite us in the ass for the next decade. there is no way im dealing any of our promising guys to philly for a guy that will probably shake hands with snider before he goes planning on signing again in the summer. no thank you. not to mention the guy’s foot is basically a club at this point he can barely get it in the boot. forget this guy

    19. I’m assuming John M meant Forsberg WOULD waive his no-trade clause to come to the Rangers. Correct, John? The forward has made no secret of his interest in the Rangers in the past.

    20. Doodie Machetto on

      John M, I’m more interested in WHEN he said that. I’m assuming it was before the Rangers were tied for 8th with the Pens who have 2 games in hand.

      Look how Sam’s eyes bulged at that possible juicy bit of information. The reporter in him is out!

      PS, the young-stars game is tonight, and it’s a crime that Alexander Semin from the Washington Capitals isn’t in it, while Alex Steen, Phil Kessel, and Patrick Eaves are. I suppose Kessel isn’t that bad, from a news story aspect, but Eaves and Steen just don’t deserved it over him.

      I’m not even going to get into the All-Star lineups(how can they not pick Straka!!?)

    21. Doodie Machetto on

      This is from Spectour’s trade rumours:

      “”malooga” sends in the following on the Sabres: “WGR550 reported to day that GM Darcy Regier has stated that it is the Sabres intention to retain both Briere and Drury after this season. He said that with the team raising ticket prices, they will spend up to or close to the cap again next season, with extra money coming in from Biron leaving as an FA and Numminen’s possible retirement. This is difficult to imagine, though, as Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy are both due raises, I believe. Unless Briere and Drury are so enamored with the team and the city that they both settle for 5.5M per season long-term.”

      So much for us picking up Drury!

    22. well, nakedjoe, if you do, Sather might just sign you up and put you on the ice. you might even block a shot or two.

    23. Sam
      Sorry for getting back to you guys so late.. The news report which aired Monday on XM Radio during the Home Ice channel 204’s updates reported that Forsberg had told the Flyers he would waive his no trade clause to go to the Rangers.

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