Shanahan: Let’s tear it up and start anew


I suppose it’d be misleading to say there’s trouble in paradise when there hasn’t exactly been a utopian feel around the Rangers all season.

But consider these comments from Brendan Shanahan about the Rangers’ sputtering power play. Yes, it sounds like he’s referring to the coaching of Tom Renney here. But it certainly doesn’t sound like Jaromir Jagr, who has been the power play’s focal point all season, is spared, either.

“We have a power play that really sets up for one shot every 30 seconds,� Shanahan said. “All you have to do is watch the highlights in the morning: the successful power plays put pucks to the net and get players going there. Penalty killers are too good. Players and defenses are too good where you can pass through them and have these clean beautiful looks. We have to get some gritty, dirty goals.

“I really do think if we’re smart we’ll change a few things and change the look of it. We really give the opposing team exactly what they scouted. It’s very easy for a team to do a pre-scout of the New York Rangers power play and we don’t disappoint. We do exactly what they expect us to do.�

As for Renney, the coach again pointed to a potential roster move. Headed to Hartford during the All-Star break, the answer, specifically a second line center, could come from there, or even from outside the organization.

“We’re going to continue to look for it,� Renney said. “You’d think it’s in your lineup. But it’s possible it’s not, and you can only guess your way through that need for so long. The bottom line is you’ve got to have results from that line.�

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  1. Shanny is exactly right. the goals that the Rangers scored after they got behind Ottawa 5-0 were the kind of goals that the team should be trying to score. Just going to the net and have guys just throw the puck on goal and then get tip-ins, rebounds, deflections, etc.

    the fancy, Euro crap has got to stop. and let’s not forget that it was Jagr who told Renney that shooting from the point is “stupid”.

    Shanny is right, and he saw it today in Jed doing more with his limited PP time to drive the net than all the Jagr line circling circus.

    all Detroit does is get a guy (Holmstrom)in front of the goalie, and then Schneider and Lidstrom just blast away.

  2. If Krog can’t get it done vs the team that just waived him he probably can’t get it done period.

    Has to be an article someday by someone that is critical of the job Sather Renney and Baloney have done. Right?

  3. Boy, nothing has changed in rangerland. The same old crap. Lets trade young prospects for over the hill veterans. Forseberg is always injured. What a great trade that would be.
    Can we get a GM with a clue on how to build a team, please? I’m begging you James Dolan. Better yet, could you please put me out of misery and just sell the rangers and knicks to somebody who knows something about how to run a sports franchise. When are ranger fans going to learn?

  4. RE Post

    After watching another NO Offense performance in MSG by the Rangers, It is a MUST that the Rangers get Forsberg. Forsberg is better than Betts, Cullen, Ward, and Nylander all put together. Even if he plays 50 % of the time. In my opinion.

  5. you’re the one with the problem if you think that they should give away young prospects for a rental of another washed up big name whose team is dead last in the NHL. he sure did wonders for them, didn’t he?

  6. Shanahan is correct in his statement. I don’t know about anyone else but I cannot watch another shift by the jagr, nylander, straka line. All these three do is skate in circles, try to make pretty passes and go more backwards than forward. It’s really annoying and non productive. I wish we could mold more players like Jed Ortmeyer. I’m sick and tired of the european way of trying to play hockey.

  7. Why we need Forsberg, St Louis, Brad Richards,or Vinny Laclavier;

    Hossa doesnt go in front of the net or score
    Betts doesnt go to the net or score
    Hall doesnt go to the net or score
    Cullen doesnt go to the net or score
    J Ward doesnt go to the net or score
    Hollweg doesnt go to the net or score
    Orr doesnt go to the net or score
    Krog doesnt go to the net or score

    Ortmyer goes to the net and doesn’t score
    Prucha goes to the net but doesnt play enough with linemates who go to the net.

  8. This is the first time I have logged any comments on this blog
    since November because frankly I got sick of talking and watching this ranger team. I watched parts of the game today and nothing has changed and it’s not going to change.

  9. John M – what you are preaching is the same ol same ol (sort of like the movie Ground Hog Day). we all know the team is not good right now – why throw the future completely out the window as well.

  10. I’m still no convinced that the answer is not in Hartford.

    Immonen’s audition was not spectacular but it was steady and the 2nd line was at least creating chances with him on it. Immonen has no problem going to the net, he does his best work in the tight space around the crease.

    Dubinsky too goes to the net, as does Dawes and Callahan.

    If Immonen was given enough time to get used to the speed I think he would be productive at the NHL level.

    But Slats will trade Immonen and Dawes for some 30-35 year old center who would probably not produce any more points than the kids would in the same exact role.

  11. Maybe we should look for a news coach in Hartford. I read Shanny’s comments as a dig at the Euros passing the puck around on the pp.

  12. One rookie is the whole future?? I hope not.


    Please don’t take it personal.It was a figure of speech dude. I was trying to make you laugh after another bad game!!:)

  13. tsalad, on the previous page he is willing to trade Dubinsky and Montoya for the lame and halt Floppa.

  14. I really don’t want a team that plays like the Devils in MSG. They are the most boring team to watch in any sport. The have no personality. The have robots on the ice. I know they win and that can’t be disputed. But it is sleep walk hockey. Stepford Hockey. I would rather complain.

  15. John M – 1 rookie could be a big part of the future. You do know that Forsberg has been hurt this whole season. If the team is terrible this yr so be it – we do not need to ruin the future. If you’re talking Jessiman or Immonen then I say fine deal them. Most of the others no way for Peter the Great. Why is this season so important to you anyway – do you have a stake in the team raising prices for next yr and are 2 home playoff games that important to you?

  16. LI Joe

    I am tired of watching a one line team LI JOE. Forsberg, St Louis or Lacavilier can fill the center position that would transform this team a bit. We have some decent players on the farm. Are you envisioning not using any of them to upgrade the big club? That would really be tough to swallow as a sport manager. Some rookies will be sacrificed for proven talent. That is why you build a strong farm or at least market it that way so other teams will envy your youngsters.And in turn trade for them.
    LI JOE .. do you think every rookie that is spoken about on this blog will be a sure fire top 6 player in the NHL? I don’t.

  17. I doubt the Flyers have any interest in trading Forsberg to the Rangers unless the Rangers really overpay. Montoya and Dubinsky is overpaying.

  18. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s Steinbrenner was an even worse owner than Dolan is now a fact that 96 bandwagon Yankee fans don’t get.

  19. Tsalad

    One rook and Kaspar or Malik or Hall or whatever will get him I think. If its one of the Tampa guys Montoya has to be in the deal I would think.
    Why not expand the Flyer deal to get Fydorik or Eagar from them as well? God knows we could use a gritty winger.

  20. John just trading the kids for a vet is the reason that Zubov, Zidlicky, York, Norstrom, and Johnsson among others are no longer here, and the franchise is worse off for it.

  21. 11 teams are talking to the Flyers about Forsberg you’re not getting him for one kid and dreck like Hall and or Malik.

  22. blueshirt2k6

    Re; 1980’s Stienbrenner

    Hey you win some and you lose some. But you have to be in it to even try to win. Agreed?

  23. I mention the 80’s and early 90’s losing and you mention stuff that has nothing to do with my comments. Btw the reason the team was a laughinstock with about 2 thousand people in the stands if they were lucky was because they traded away prospects like Drabek, Mcgriff, and Mcghee among others comparable to what the Rangers have done the last dozen years.

  24. You can see the difference every day in how the Rangers play and how both the hated Islanders and Devils play. Did you see how the Devils crashed the net to tie their game late today and eventually win it in the shootout? Do you see the energy that the Islanders play every game with?

    We don’t crash the net, we don’t get in front of it to block the view of the goalie, we get caught in our own end too often. We have too many Europeans who skate with skill, but don’t hit, bump, grind in the corners, clog the creases and knock the other team off their skates in their defensive zone. We need more North Americans who know how to play the game hard.

    I have no confidence that the Rangers will be in the playoffs this season — a huge setback for this year after what they accomplished last season. They better be doing the right thing with the kids in the system, otherwise we are in trouble for another 10 years.

  25. I just cannot watch this team no more… it hurts too much. Shanahan talks a lot but I wish he’d play like that… taking idiotic shots instead of trying to pass… and that was said 1000 times – please take Malik off the ice… PP indeed is ugly… I guess it doesn’t matter because Renney is smarter anyway… Have a great weekend all…

  26. Forsberg is such damaged goods at this point he should hang it up. He will not help the Rangers in any way. The Rangers lack that extra gear more than they lack a 2nd line center. If they were to pull a trade they need a player like Patrice Bergeron, Horcoff, Drury, or maybe Cajanek. Someone young who plays PP time and is a good set-up guy.

  27. John M – bottom line, there is no quick fix for this year’s team. There should be only one measurment of success and that’s the stanley cup. Forsberg won’t get us there. Our first line is not a playoff successful line. Do you really want a team limping into the PO’s with Jagr and Forsberg as your one, two… Maybe 5 years ago, but right now its incredibly short sighted and fruitless. Ultimately Forsberg = 3 extra regular season wins. And for who? Montoya? Dubinsky?

    As for the Yankees analogy… it’s plain to see that they’ve stopped winning championships in recent years because a good chunk of their core are free agents and trades… when they were winning all those years it was because they Had Rivera, Jeter, B Williams, Posada as their core and then they added other peices through incredibly nifty trades. Also look at the Braves. Look at the Devils. Look at the Red Wings. The Sabres. The Penguins of the 90’s. Look at the healthiest franchises over a period of time and you’ll see the same concept… build a core from within. In this new salary cap era, it’s even more important to hold on to your youth. You lose your youth, you will end up with an incredibly bad mix of players for year and years and years to come. The scenario where a cash strapped team needs to trade away it’s stars in their prime ala the oilers is over. If anything, the Rangers should be looking to unload players instead of the other way around. In this new era roster flexibility is most important since you cannot predict the future. The best way to do that is by developing players who you can keep around on the cheap. If they bud into stars, you can keep them at a hometown discount for quite a while and if you need to trade them away, you do so, by bringing back youth and picks to retain that flexibility.

    Right now, the team has very little flexibility because the players they’ve developed at the NHL level are not incredibly desirable. They should look into trading some of these players for picks if possible. Stockpile some picks, move up in the draft until you get that superstar to build around.

  28. I don’t want to give up anyone young for forsberg but if he gets dropped in our laps for dead wood, I would take him just to see if he can spark some of the kids. Against the Devils he played a very good game today, better than any Ranger played today.

  29. No way do I trade for forsberg. The future is the only thing this organization has and to trade any of it before it shows it can or can not play in the NHL is insane.

  30. Why would the Flyers do the rangers a favor by trading Forsberg for say Hall and some kid? It isn’t going to happen.

  31. Forsberg’s best fit would be in Montreal.

    Tampa Bay GM Jay Feaster has repeatedly said he’s not going to trade any of his top guys, all season long. Additionally, St. Louis has a no-trade clause and either Lecavalier or Richards has one too.

    PS, I hate that his name is also a city with a hockey team.

  32. They should either make a committment to Immonen now and start playing him, or they should trade him at the deadline to get a maximum return.

    I think he’s a smart player, but with Nylander likely to return, there is only one offensive center spot left, which could just as easily be filled by Dubinsky who is significantly younger and faster than the slow-footed Immonen. So, either mgmt can commit to him now and get him in there to help solve our problem, or trade him away for someone else that will/

  33. Keith Jones, who works for the Flyers as well as Versus, told the Flyers in an article yesterday to trade Forsberg for young players, and then sign him again in the summer.

    that may be their M.O.

  34. Sounds like Doug Weight.

    Speaking of which, he’d be a nice fit with Shanny if he wasn’t 60.

  35. Coincidentally, Weight turns 36 tomorrow. Happy birthday Doug, thanks for bringing us Esa Tikkanen.

  36. John M – there is a big difference between Vinny L and Peter the Great (who in his prime was a total stud). Peter is not worth giving up the youth. I do not think all the youth will work out – I already mentioned 2 that I don’t think will. Our history is filled with trades of people like Rick M to the Bruins for Ken Hodge and we see the guy coming back for 10 yrs to haunt us. I too don’t like watching a 1 line team. We can free up some salary and hopefully go after a Drury or someone like that in the offseason. The cost will be $ vs the cap and slowing down the youth movement. The cost would not include the 2 players or draft picks that would go for someone like Peter F now. I just watched the last episode of the top 50 moments at MSG. I always get teary watching 94′. The goal is to have more of those moments (and years) not a very short term fix that puts a band aid on the current problems.

  37. I watched him play. He’s slow. He cheats to make up for that. On our giveaway prone team, that’s begging for odd man rushes.

  38. If the Rangers could land Drury during the offseason, that would be AMAZING.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want to see a kid playing 2nd line Center next season, with the only exception being if they could get a top guy in that spot. Drury is DEFINITELY that kidn of guy. Others I’d accept: Datsyuk (who already worked well with Shanahan) and Gomez (if for nothing else than to take him away from the Devils).

    Any other UFA centers this year?

  39. not sure of who else is available but part of the plan s/b to jettison Kaspar and 1 other dman for some inexpensive youth from Hartford and some of the multitude of 4th liners should go as well replaced by youth and energy.

    I think 1 of the other top Sabres might be available as well but I could be off on that.

  40. Briere and Drury both, but the Sabres will keep one, most likely Briere. They would keep both if they could, but won’t be able to afford it.

    We can buy out contracts of vets that no one wants in June, aka Kaspar.

  41. Briere is also a UFA this summer.

    but the Rangers need to jettison Malik and Kaspar and their outlandish salaries to create room both for kids and cap.

  42. Kaspar is going to be bought out, no question. He can’t even make the lineup now, don’t expect him to be around when Marc Staal is trying to force his way into the lineup.

  43. why are we still talking about the rangers always trading away their youth for old vets? which OLD VET on the team right now do we have that we traded a good young prospect for? HOW BOUT NO ONE. NONE. dave maloney said today flyers asked for dubinsky and montoya rangers said no thank you like they’ve said a bunch of times this year. why do you think we don’t have that second line centerman yet? because they AREN”T going to give away future core kids for a quick fix. stop complaining i think we’re gonna see some call ups afte this break but we’re NOT gonna get a veteran center unless its for marginal prospects.

  44. kovy27- last year they traded kondratiev for Sykora. They also traded Niemenen/3rd round pick(however you want to look at it) for Ozo.

  45. stop complaining? who wants to watch Krog when kids could be getting that valuable ice time in prep for next season.

  46. Sam, tell your buddy Krog to retire or ask to be sent to the AHL where he actually does well.

  47. Anthony (Abev) on

    Here’s the rest of what Shanahan might have said:

    “We have a power play that really sets up for one shot every 30 seconds,â€? Shanahan said. “I mean look at me, I am God’s gift to hockey, and even I have 1 goal in my last 22 shots.”

    Shanahan went on to say, “I fought Brashear, and the fans love me forever for it. Who cares if I ever score another goal for the Rangers? You won’t see the “Captain” drop his gloves.”

    “I could never find reason to call out the coach earlier in the season because I was scoring goals, but now since I have stopped, it can’t be my fault. I am the Captain of the Eastern Conference of the All Star game.”

  48. of course, it’s all Shanny’s fault that he has to play with dreck like Betts and Krog at C.

    it’s all Shanny’s fault that Jagr and his Euro-circlers won’t allow a shot from the point on “their” PP, or get in front of the net.

    it’s all Shanny’s fault that young players come up to him for guidance and leadership.

    it’s all Shanny’s fault that Renney has overused him and worn him out.

    Sure, get real.

  49. “Tomg
    January 20th, 2007 at 7:00 pm
    Boy, nothing has changed in rangerland. The same old crap. Lets trade young prospects for over the hill veterans. Forseberg is always injured. What a great trade that would be.
    Can we get a GM with a clue on how to build a team, please? I’m begging you James Dolan. Better yet, could you please put me out of misery and just sell the rangers and knicks to somebody who knows something about how to run a sports franchise. When are ranger fans going to learn?”

    AMEN, Tomg!!

  50. If this team doesn’t make the playoffs,Renney will definitely be fired. The only reason he hasn’t been fired so far is because admist all the struggles, the Rangers are still very much alive in the playoff hunt.

    I’d be really surprised if Shanahan doesn’t come back next year. He’s taken on such a leadership role and is really the face of this team along with Henrik and Jagr.

  51. Agreed, Shanahan has made it pretty clear he intends to play at least one more year, and it seems like he is enjoying himself in NY, although don’t be surprised if he bolts for a true cup contender out on the west coast. Imagine if he had Joe Thornton to feed him passes all night.

  52. blueshirts2k6:
    id say stick to hockey but you know nothing of that either. the reason why the yanks werent packing the stands in the 80s is because the bronx was still burning. Gulianni and company get a ton of credit for cleaning up manhattan, they dont get enough credit for what they did to the other boroughs. you could get shot going to a yankee game during the day in the early 80s, now there is 0 crime. from 1980 to 1996 they won 85 games or more 9x not exactly “stinking”. and even with ALL these problems they ranked 4th in overall attendance from 1980-1989. so try again.

  53. orty please typical bs from a 96 yankee fan steinbrenner wanted to move the team to jersey due to lack of attendance. Go buy a Pink yankee hat and a gayrod jersey or something, and btw i’ve forgotten more about Hockey than you know.

  54. your seriously bringing up trading konratiev (um where is he again?) for sykora give me a break. and nieminen is not a kid he’s almost 30 i HATE bozo but he gave up nothing in that deal other than cap space

  55. Sadly Dolan will never sell trhe franchise even with both teams stinking he’s still making a ridiculous amount of money with the high ticket prices, as well as getting the perks of owning the Garden by having concerts among other things.

  56. im actually a met fan. cute comments tho. no facts to back up what you say again. just pure nonsense. steinbrenner NEVER wanted to move the team. here is a lesson in business 101 as i see you dont know baseball, hockey or business. he had been lobbying for a new ballpark paid by the tax payors of NY. At the time there wasnt open land to build the new stadium as the people of the South bronx were reluctant to give up the fight for their park. it was an idle threat which worked. the influx of revenue of the YES network, coupled with more winning seasons and higher attendance has led the yankees to win over the people they needed to in government and some pesky people in the bronx.


  58. orts is correct about the yanks and steinbrenner. i agree with dolan never selling the team either. he doesnt care about the knicks or rangers. he accepts mediocrity from both clubs. we arent going to see any new banners hanging from MSG unless they come from the NY Liberty. or does he own them too?

  59. Yeah if you’re a Met fan than I’m the freaking pope, and the 80’s and early 90’s drove Steinbrenner mad because they were overshadowed by the Mets big time those days. By 94-95 they had retaken control from the Mets who were godawful from 91 till 97, and again from 01-04.

  60. Darcy Regier and Lindy Ruff are in the last year of their contracts if Dolan had half a brain he’d fire Sather, Renney, and Baloney and throw money at Regier, and Ruff this summer.

  61. well your holiness the 80s were glorious for the mets. sad to see what happened to them. i still have visions of anthony young’s ineptitude, or darryl’s and doc’s fall from grace, bobby bonilla, our pitching prospects that never panned out(izzy, wilson and pulse). i wish we had the forsight to make izzy the closer that way i wouldnt have benitez and looper haunting me at night. but now we are back baby! gotta get some pitching and the NL is ours!

  62. Does anyone realize how foolish this Peter Forsberg talk is? The trade makes no sense for either side. It makes no sense for the Rangers because the Rangers are not going to overpay for a guy that is best friends with his doctor. It makes no sense for Philly because the Rangers are in the same division. If there was any chance the Rangers would trade for him they would not do it without signing him for at least 2 more years. Why would you trade a guy who has proven if he is healthy, is a dominant player, to a divison rival???? This trade has no chance

  63. Anthony Young?! God I felt so bad for that bastard whatever could go wrong went wrong for him. Trachsel had the reverse in 06 no matter how bad he pitched he still got the w because the team scored 10 runs a game for him.

  64. I believe Larry Quinn, Golisano’s right hand man is power hungry and doesn’t get along with Ruff and Regier wouldn’t be shocked if one or both bolt after the season.

  65. no question they should have won three or 4 but hey they never blew a 3-0 lead in a series now did they? lol anyway let’s stick to Hockey

  66. Yeah only nearly three weeks later than I should have, kindoff like 10 years from now Sather might get fired, nah who am I kidding.

  67. “GREATONE January 20th, 2007 at 11:25 pm


    Ahhh Greatone, a Yankee fan, so that’s what’s wrong with you!

    I can’t believe you are finally saying “Sather sucks”. Think there was a lot of objection to some poster with multiple names on Bird’s site who said this a long time ago. Finally coming to your senses!! Good!

  68. ilovetherangers on

    experiment: since the top 2 lines get 40 minutes a game anyway how about bring up the packs best players to fill out the 3rd and 4th line….how bad could they do? if they do well it will appease the the people that want to see the kids. if they stink sather can say “told ya so” to the fans.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    You need at least Betts, Hollweg, and Ortmeyer. B for PK and good faceoffs. Hollweg and Ortmeyer for energy, hitting, and heart. Orts for PK too. Don’t forget Prucha and Cullen. Prucha can slide 2nd line, but we all know Cullen sucks there but is actually a decent 3rd liner. So you need a 2nd line center and 2 3rd line wingers. Immonen centers 2nd line, Byers and Callahan on 3rd.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    “It makes no sense for Philly because the Rangers are in the same division. ”

    It makes a lot of sense for Philly. They are out of playoff contention, with or without a healthy Forsberg. Therefore, sending him to the Rangers for the remainder of the season doesn’t hurt them. They could agree with Forsberg on a contract from now so that when he becomes an UFA he’ll already be inked with them. Win-win for Philly. They get a higher draft pick from losing, keep Forsberg, and get whatever the Rangers send them.

    It would, however, be dumb for the Rangers to trade for him for the exact same reasons, adding also his injury woes, and the fact that they are further away from a cup contention than one center.

  71. I went today, just a few observations:

    1. Shanahan’s comments are interesting. First off, I noticed today that he seemed much less wuick to pull the trigger on shots – even he himself seemed to be thinking “pass” first and really didn’t play very well offensively. Jagr actually played very well today, had a great goal and numerous good looks and shots. The guy whose passing and never shootingwas just awful today was Nylander. And he is really the issue on that line – Jagr rarely passes up a shot and Straka has a good sense of when topass or shoot. It’s really Nylander who runs around playing keep-away while the entire defense gets itself entrenched.

    2. Malik is the worst defenseman to pull on a Ranger uniform since Kevin Hatcher. Just completely awful out there.

    3. Our entire defensive corps is the worst in the league, bar none. Rachunek is completely useless. Kaspar obviously bwas scratched, but that’s no surprise. I dont recall Kaspar EVER being thought of as a good defenseman, I thought he just ran around hitting guys. Rozival was horrible all day as well.

    4. Last year, the defense couldn’t score but they could at least play good defense. This year they never score and are unable to play defense.

    5. By the mid third period, the Jason Krog era at MSG had ended. I watched him carefully today, and that guy brings very little to the table that the Rangers need, at least as a second line center. I wonder if Sather had ever seen him play or if he was just flipping channels one night and saw the kid centering Kovalchuk and the saw him on waivers and grabbed him,

    6.Team is playing not to lose because that’s how Reeney is coaching. They’re not playing to win.

    If Im the Rangers, I bring up Dubinsky, Dawes, and Callahan and Immonen and waive or demote Hall, Hossa, Ward, Orr and Krog. If things get ugly at least all outr kids will be better next year. And things are gonna get real ugly.

  72. Kovy – the cap space Ozo costs us this yr was a big part of the cost of that deal – and why Anaheim wanted him gone. The Rangers at the time (I believe Maloney) were quoted as saying they were not worried about the following yr (meaning this yr) when they made the deal. Well in the cap era they have to worry about such things. In business there is an expression “opportunity cost”. Well Ozo costs us the opportunity to bring in a much better player.

  73. For all teh trade talk I say…who cares about trade talk..most of it is crap anyway. I mean, I bet most teams have asked about Forseberg..I would imagine eth conversation ended when the Flyers asked for Prucha…or teh Rangers than asked for the moon the stars and teh sky…its a rumor…if it hapens I will be pissed…but to rip teh Rangers for a rmor isnt fair. IMMONENN: I cant beleive that a teaching coach like renney jsut sent him back to Hartford withought things to work on…and dring teh allstar break I am sure he will watch him. If he has improved in the areas teh coaches in NY want he will probably get another look. I might not love the way things are being done, but I will NOT assume things like so many do, or try to even go beyond guesing what goes on behind closed doors. We all think Pock is all upset, teh kid seems fine, dosnt seem to be giving up on playing for the Rangers…he knows he needed to learn and that he is young…so he didnt get aot of palying time early on, but now he is taking what he learned and applying it…and wow, he is palying ALOT better than anytime last year or in teh first few games this year….so lets give the Rangers staff a break…they arnt ruining any kids…

  74. The NYR certainly aren’t spoiling the kids, they even leave them back in kindergarten. Where’s the ‘No Player Left Behind Act’? They use have the Black Aces , now they have the musical chair dunces, with Malik as their missing link, who should take Kaspar’s chair. And now back to the movie ‘Finding Immo’.

  75. the foregoing was a paid political announcement by Wildcard on behalf of his employer, the NY Ranger front office.

  76. GREATONE : Pruch even with moe ice time hasnt palyed well this year…the ONLY peopel who cant see that are the blind “GO with the kids” people. Prucha get sthe ice time he deserves this year…last eyar dosnt conut..he ahs played liek crap on more nights than not…I dont think its perminant, but it seems that he palyed well, than he gets more ice time, than he starts playing badly again…its not the ice time..its him. Just becasue I have a difrent opinon dosnt mean I am worng…or paid by the rangers…only blind idiots would not try to take a looka t the facts. POCK: playing his best hockey AFTER being sat and told what to work on…hmmm…must just bev dumb luck right? Immo starts out strong as hell…than decides to take a coupel games off, gets benched…shouldnt he?? I mean yes he is young, but why et him develope bad habbits? He is sent back to Hartford…MOST LIKLY with instruction to him and the staff in hartford about what areas of his game need work…bad or good?? To most here that s bad for some stupid reason. Whats really funny is that if teh Rangers were playing as well as teh Devils right now it would be OK to leave kids int eh minors to develope, and to sit them when they dont play well, but you would tihnk that ven with the team not palying well the WIN NOW mentality wouldnt crop in when it came to kids…but it dose. The ONLY reason to put kids in before tehy are ready is to win now…leting them play more in Hartford, and letting them work on the weak parts of their games IS teh RIGHT thing to do. But I cant forget that you all have one track minds…the great thing is, that if the kids were put in the lineup, and they arnt 100% ready or at least 95% of the way ready, you would blame the Rangers staff and Sather for ither bad drafting or for rushing a kid who wasnt ready, and come up with some reasoning why you were OK with it at the time becasue the staff said they were ready. BE PATIENT PEOPLE!! Let the kids develope…who cares about the teams rocord for the next year or two.

  77. Why is anyone talking about trading for Forsberg at all? He’s an invalid, plain and simple.

    And Shanny’s dead on about one thing, for sure: scouting our team is easy. Even the idiots on TV say “this is what the rangers will do” and the team does it and they NEVER change theur game plan during a game or after another “watershed” loss. Pathetic. Jagr needs to be silence, Renney needs to be fired and north-south hockey must return.

  78. For those of you wondering, the Rangers awaken to find themselves in ninth place this AM, not only outside the playoff picture but 4 points above 14th place in the Conference. Four points the other way? That would put them in eighth place.

    Let’s not kid ourselves anymore. We have a very bad team. They’ve lost every which way imaginable during the last month, right, Sam? That’s because that’s what bad teams do.

    Maybe it would be worth it at some point to consider dumping and accumulating more picks. After all, fourteenth in the Cnference gives us a legit shot at the #1 overall pick. I don’t know what the draft looks like this year, but that could be a good idea. Certainly the odds are much better the Rangers will pick up a talented young kid who can step right in than that they’ll get anywhere remotely near the Cup.

    Time for the kids in Hartford to sink or swim. Verty few real impact players in the NHL have benefited or been forced to play several years in the AHL first. Bring ’em up and let ’em learn the game so that 1 year from now we’re not in the same crappy position.

  79. Peter there are at least 3 teams in the West + Philly who will have worse records + probably Stl and Phoenix. So even discounting the latter 2 it looks like 5th pick at “best” (4th if they win the lottery). Still 5th overall is not bad (who is the best goalie available?).

  80. Greatone, my mistake!!

    With LA’s goalie problems, wouldn’t Weekes be attractive to them? His price may never be higher. Too bad it’s Sather at the helm!

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    LA picked up Burke off of waivers from Tampa.

    They may still go for Weekes, but in all honesty, I like Weekes as a backup. Yes, he’s not exactly a superstar, but he gives the team a chance to win, and he’s well-liked in the lockerroom, which is really all you can ask of in a backup.

  82. reading between the lines it looks like Shanny and JJ are starting to point the finger at each other re the pp. JJ saying the pp was moving the puck better last yr and Shanny saying we need to shoot from the point and go hard to the net. The chemistry seems to be lacking big time.

  83. If Steinbrenner owned the Rangers:

    Tyutin, Dawes and Prucha would be gone for Guerin & Rucinsky

    Staal, Montoya, Sanguetti and Immonen would be gone for Forsberg

  84. Doodie, have to disagree with you. Weekes needs to play a lot to be good which is not what you want from a backup. You want a guy who can come in cold and do an adequate job. Villequette has that makeup and would be an ideal backup for Lundqvist.

    I see Weekes being most successful when he can play on a team where the other goalie is about the same level of talent as he is. Remember Giacomin/Villemure? Also there was Rayner/ Henry (Sugar Jim). In a setting like that, only will Weekes be successful. He isn’t really good enough to be a number one, full time and doesn’t have the maakeup for a once in a while start.

  85. Tom,

    Not being a Yankee fan (LET’S GO METS)but watching Steinbrenner operate in his prime, you might be right about that but both Sather and Renney would have been fired a long time ago. Steinbrenner would not have stood for the less than mediocre performances duirng Sather’s tenure.

  86. Quote from Larry Brooks today:

    “Maybe while Renney looks at both his roster and at the Wolf Pack this week, he might spare some time for a quick glance in the mirror.”

    That’s what we need from you Sam, some critical analysis of what is going on. Time to play spme hardball, the “softball” season is over.

  87. Longtimerangerfan on

    Whoa, who cares about the Yankees and Mets on this HOCKEY site. Steinbrenner doesn’t own the Rangers, end of story and I’d hate it if he did. Anyway it wouldn’t do any good ’cause hockey has a salary cap and although baseball does, all they do is pay a premium if they go over. The Rangers wouldn’t have any problem paying said premium if that’s the way it was in the NHL!

    About foot speed in the NHL…Luc Robitaille, way too slow to be any good…nuff said!

    Forget the players…let’s get someone in management that knows what the %^&* they’re doing!

  88. It’s obvious that Dolan doesn’t give a rats behind about the Rangers. They bring in money whether they win or lose so he doesn’t care if they/we suck. Whatever the problems we have, as in Renney, won’t be fixed with Dolan as the owner. I hope he gets bought out if that’s possible.

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