Rangers claim Jason Krog off waivers from Atlanta (Updated)


Conflict of interest alert: I went to UNH, which is where the 31-year-old Krog was a Hobey Baker winner in 1999.

krog_j_0112_action_atl.jpgWe overlapped for one year, when I was a senior and he was a freshman (I’m only a year older, but Krog entered school late out of juniors). But outside of some mutual friends and the occasional “Hey man, where’s the keg?”-type exchanges, it’s not like we had any sort of relationship that’s going to compromise my integrity.

And that being said, I’ll be the first to admit Krog hasn’t panned out as a pro, in a career that Don Maloney just said has seen him “morph” from a playmaking center in college, to now more of two-way player. He had only a goal and three assists in 14 games with the Thrashers, but in the Rangers’ estimation, the addition of Krog gives the team another body in the middle.


And besides, he’s a Wildcat, meaning like me, he’s intelligent, good looking, and kind to children and small animals.

“It gives us a little more depth in the middle, which is the weakest part of our organization short-term,” Maloney said. “If you look at our middle now, you have Michael (Nylander) and Cullen and Blair Betts and that’s it. It just seems like a good fit.”

Now, before you decide to burn down the Garden in protest, just read some of the other things that Maloney said just now, which might serve as a backdrop. I’m not saying you’ll agree with everything, but it at least gives a window into the team’s thinking.

*For one, contrary to popular belief, there is a plan in place.* But as much as the Rangers have looked into upgrading, the way the league is operating now makes it difficult to do much.

“If you think there’s going to be some major movements, it’s just not happening. I don’t think it’s going to happen anywhere. Maybe closer to the deadline. Glen’s been very active on the phones, but it’s no different than it’s been for the last three or four months,” Maloney said. “It’s very difficult to find the right fit, whether it’s a player’s contract, his age, the compensation involved. It’s very hard to make a deal.

*As for the lack of Hartford call-ups, Maloney said there’s a reason for that, too:*

“It’s an ongoing conversation that we’re having every day. Glen and our hockey staff. I know there’s people who say,’why don’t they bring up eight young guys from Hartford?’ Well, our young guys are still very young, and the way our team is structured, to bring up 20- or 21-year olds and not be able to afford him enough ice time, it doesn’t make sense. It’s all part of the deal, even with someone like Jason Krog. People ask about Brandon Dubinsky. This allows us to keep Brandon Dubinsky playing a lot at Hartford, getting his power play, his penalty kill, all those good things. He’s playing well. That’s what we constantly assess. Is it the right time?”

The other part to consider is Maloney said pretty much every team that the Rangers have talked to has asked about their prized prospects, which isn’t something they’re willing to part with. I know, none of that makes much of a difference if those players are never given a chance at the NHL level. But I suppose it’s better than hearing the team is willing to dump all those players at a moment’s notice.

Some other thoughts:

  • Tom Renney revealed he did get a phone call from Colin Campbell while driving home from the Garden apologizing for the missed delay of game call.

    “I really respect that they’re willing to admit their mistakes. If I had to apologize for every mistake I made as a coach, I’d never make it to the rink. But last night would have been a huge, huge win. It really could have have given us some bona fide momentum into the rest of our season,” the coach said.

  • I don’t know where the addition of Krog leaves the Rangers now — he is expected to play tomorrow against the Bruins — but the team did practice with the same lines you saw for the third period last night. Moreover, the defensive pairings were scrambled so that Thomas Pock would play with Michal Rozsival, Marek Malik would be with Aaron Ward, and Fedor Tyutin would be with Karel Rachunek. Darius Kasparaitis and Adam Hall are both expected to be scratches tomorrow.

    OK, this might be the longest entry yet. I’m exhausted…

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    1. I’m sure there will be more coming today. Maybe he’ll be part of a larger package being put together or we will be giving up some kids from the Wolfpack and need a replacement.

    2. sam when you see tom renney today you tell him we’ve offically lost all hope in this organization. this move is probably the worst thing i’ve seen in years. this is the response we get to the embarrassment we paid good money to see this week?

    3. My own conflict of interest alert: At one point in my life, Jason Krog was like a curse word. Just like Ben and Patrick Eaves and Ty Conklin. I did NOT pay for my season tickets just to see Krog come to Boston and score a hat trick, but he did anyway.

      I just had to add that. Let the discontent continue.

    4. Josh,

      Isn’t Sather brilliant? Krog had a hat trick in Boston in college — obviously he’s going to do it again Saturday against the Bruins. That’s just smart management.

    5. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      I’m getting the feeling that Renney doesn’t really know how to command the respect of…actually, maybe thats not it. He just doesn’t know how to get the attention of this team.

      He’s certainly not aware of how to scare the “bi-geez-us” out of them because adding Brad Isbister and now Jason Krog only make these uninterested veterans more comfortable in their roster spots.

    6. This is what happens when Renney Gets mad? no call ups. nobody sent down. Just Jason Krog.

      There has to be somthing else brewing.

    7. guys don’t worry im the answer renney told me so i used to play highschool hockey with a friend of his’ kids so we go way back put me on a line with ward and hall and watch out!!! put not today i could use the rest i am 31 years old you know

    8. so who we playing tomorrow? boston? hmm i don’t think i’ve played on that team before i could be wrong i have been all over the place the last 10 years. o well should be fun

    9. settle down guys. we have a extra roster spot, so what’s the problem? besides, he plays center better than ward

      anyway it is a depth move

    10. wait we’re playing hartford again??? crap I just played them like a week ago. they killed us.

    11. no jason your playing boston the guys were saying prucha was headed to hartford don’t worry.

    12. o good those kids are tough no joke. reminds me of myself when i was younger and used to care. o well so we’re in a playoff race im hearing? cool should be fun. who’s petr prucha?

    13. not for long dn’t worry about it.

      prucha is our 23 year old 30 goal scorer that tom renney likes to give 10 to 13 minutes of ice a game to. he still scored 10 so far anyway but renney is doing everything he can to make sure that never happens again.

    14. tom’s right man if you knew anything about hockey you’d know that. let the kid learn the game in the minors and when he’s my age he’ll be ready for a shot with the rangers but for now im sure there are more capable older guys ready to fill in. i can’t wait to play with j wardo guy tore it up in the A last time i remember

    15. wait thats not what i heard tom told me i was gonna get some serious ice time and a contract extension. didn’t say anything about a dubinsky whats he 21?? send him to pittsburgh or something. this is a man’s team

    16. I’m sorry, the biggest problem in our organization is not at Center. How can Maloney not know it’s the HORRIBLE, ancient defense corps? I mean, come on…

      Those quotes were depressing.

    17. i knew this guy would be a regular this is the answer to the last two games i knew it i absolutely knew it there are NO more moves coming. you will see krog centering the fourth line end of story.

    18. im sick over this and im going to the game tomorrow i might vomit as soon as i hear this guy’s name called

    19. If there’s no way to make an impact trade, then calling up a young player is the ONLY way to shake things up. A “morphed” never-was isn’t going to do it…

      Sam, has there been any talk by the players that is even remotely convincing that they know their attitude is unacceptable? Has there been any noticeable shift in tone or intensity? Maybe it’s too soon to judge that, but please keep an eye out for any sign that might bolster us fans…

    20. wow says alot for jarrko immonen. maloney says all we have at center is nylander cullen betts and thats all. then he starts talking about dubinsky like he’s in a galaxy a long time ago far far away with no mention of jarko whatsoever. eesh if im this kid im on the phone with my agent looking to get out of my contract.

    21. they are right about Immonen – but they were the ones who got him as part of the Leetch deal so the blame is on the mgt anyway.

    22. So Immonen is going to be a top line center for some team, as Renney said, but that team cannot be the Rangers.

      In other words the Rangers are so good down the middle that a guy like Immonen (who will be a top line center for some team as Renney said) cannot get any chance at the age of 24.

      We are so deep down the middle that a 24 year old 70 point AHL guy cannot crack the top 3 lines but a never-was like Jason Krog can?

      Atlanta is starved for centres and they waived Krog, but the so deep at centre Rangers (so deep that Immonen will be a top line center on some team but just not the Rangers as Renney says) need Krog to fill a hole that only exists because Immonen can only be the a top line center for another team.

      Anyone still buying what these idiots are selling needs to seriously have their head examined because you have some for of comprehension problem.

    23. Didnt you guys see Pruchas beautiful goal last night? Prucha is the least of our problems. Betts, Ward, Hossa, Malik, Kasparaitis, Hall are al worse than Prucha is.

    24. KROG?? Are you kidding me?

      Of course, you couldve headlined the report with Hall is a healthy scratch, and it could’ve helped me digest Krog a little better… but no sam, you have to make me sick first, then give me the good news..

      of course that good news is just a wash..

    25. Ward and Malik together? I hope that pairing only skates against the Bruins Old-timers because they’ll get whiplash watching the B’s kids fly by them all night.

      Who’s in goal tomorrow? They better be ready for some rubber if that insane pairing is kept intact.

    26. I really don’t understand why everyone is buggin. The guy is suspect but he is freeeeee!!! he works sweet, if not byeeeeee. Immo is a great playmaker but this team is slow as it is. Krog has speed much needed speed. Before anyone blows there head off lets see if he plays and who in place of and then we can start to go nuts.

    27. well WE all know immonen is not an nhler however he could probably do a better job than krog as a fourth liner no doubt. and as someone said the garbage we get fed like he’s going to be a top line talent one day is a joke when they contradict themselves and say all we’ve got is nylander cullen and betts THATS IT. well thats not it you said you had a top line talent that could play anywhere but here a week ago guess that was a lie. you’d think a guy they felt could be a top line talent would probably be mentioned in the above press conference. bastards.

      as far as hall and kaspar they played themselves off the team imo last night so i don’t know why they weren’t placed on waivers yet themselves.

    28. Chris– The answer to your question about the team’s attitude is yes, which I was planning to write all about until I came upon this Krog stuff. I’ll try to update later.

      In the meantime, Krog is set to make $450,000 this year.

    29. its comical really for 40 plus games we’ve been screaming that we dont’ have enough centers that cullen should go to the third and betts the fourth. well the very day after they FINALLY do GET IT RIGHT and have straka/nylander/cullen/betts to finish the game what do they do? they go get a fourth line center lol.

    30. KROG: I can say…I dont get it…the ONLY thing I can say is this…HALL is out, one of the centers will play wing, Krog for teh 4th line center might not make us better, but it wilimprove the Wings by haveing Hall out. Krog dosnt cost teh Ragners anything, if they had giveing up anything for him I would be pissed…but they didnt…they plucked him off of waivers. It seems that some peopel think Renney did this…he probably didnt know about it till today, The ranger ARE short at center short term EVEN WITH immo they a re STILL short of centers for depth, lots of depth on wing, almost none at center. I am not very concernd about him stopping a kid, he is a 4th line guy, maybe 3rd, but I dont think this should be making people stir all that much.

    31. Maloney with his patented ’fans ask why don’t they bring up eight young guys from Hartford?’

      No one is saying that Don. How about one or maybe two.

      Don’t we already have a team of Krogites. Ward, Hall, Hossa, Betts

    32. Just when you think the things can not go any worse…. Sather pulls the rabbit out of the hat!!! LOL!!! Even Bret Hull last night said that Shanny “needs a center who will pass a puck a little better then Cullen”. And here is the solution Jason “The Red Light” Krog!!! HOORAY!!!

    33. I don’t care that he is FREE…The guy is nothing more than a journeyman. What is he going to bring to the table…After reading Maloneys quotes, maybe he is just as clueless as Dark Sather and Tommy Boy. For some reason Donnie gets a free pass. But, I’m sorry, this move makes ZERO sense. Donnie says 20/21 is too young? This is a young mans game, nothing wrong with having a 20 yr old in the lineup. This guy is a journeyman, and nothing more.

      I also feel that the BIGGEST weakness on this team is the DEFENSE! Our D is awful. Seriously, there isn’t one guy on our blueline who i would say is untouchable or even a worth first line D men. Not one. Even tuts has really shown me nothing this year. Why not bring up a young D men from hartford and give him a shot? You can’t make the ice time excuse here??….

    34. Now we can safely say that our team is full of 3rd and 4th liners! Hey we Isbister at Hartford we can always call him up! Kaspar and Hall sit tomorrow good, but why is Malik playing???

    35. Jason Krog is 31 years old, small, plays the vast majority of his games in the minor leagues, and never had more than 25 points in an NHL season.

      How any of those four attributes help our team is far beyond my comprehension.

    36. I agree, Gregg. I’d love to see fresh blood from Hartford on our D instead of for example Malik.

    37. Only the Rangers use the excuse of a players age for him not being in the NHL.They don’t use the address the real issue of Renney and crew not giving them the same chances that other players get. Pure BS again by Maloney and the Rangers. Nothing new there.

    38. Hmmm, Krog the Conqueror? Not the move I was expecting for competition and to keep the players from floating….A Sather move all the way……After reading the quotes, sounds like the Rangers have kinda come to a decision on IMMO..I can’t say I disagree with them, but you at least gotta keep his trade value as high as possible…

      To me, Krog is a good face off and pretty non descript everywhere else except for his physical play–which probably ranks in the botto, .05% of all players that have ever played in the NHL..Oh well….Sounds like he’s the 4th C for the near future (until we make a trade–and we will) but wonder how the lines will shake out…

      Sam said they were practicing with the lines from the 3rd period last night, was that with Nylnder, Betts and Cullen as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th C’s? If so, does Krog just replace Cullen as the C, moving Cullen to LW?..If so, Holly can’t play RW so it would probably be Cullen-Krog-Ward and HBO?? Or pehaps Cullen replaces Holly with Betts and Orts?

      Or, more then likely we go back to the doomed and failed strategy of Cullen as 2nd….

      We’ll see tomorrow

    39. bob hartley once had a great line and i came across it today somewhere i forget but someone else mentioned it…..

      hartley on playing young players over older players

      “old players get older young players get better”…. thats probably not word for word but that was the idea.

    40. Don Baloney is the guy that pushed Sather to draft Jessiman over Parise think about that.

    41. “settle down guys. we have a extra roster spot, so what’s the problem? besides, he plays center better than ward

      anyway it is a depth move”

      Yeah, as in :”we’re sinking to new depths”.

    42. What -a-Krog of Renney on

      # Doodie Machetto January 12th, 2007 at 3:47 pm

      i have a really bad headache and a shooting pain in my arm, any suggestions?

      # Anthony (Abev) January 12th, 2007 at 3:49 pm

      Yea, just ignore it doodie…its what the Rangers do with all their problems.

      Great line. very funny!

    43. Jarkko Immonen….This year’s Mark Savard. Jason Krog…..good team guy. Wonder how long it will take him to ease into the “no need to stick up for your teammates” culture of the Rangers. At least the 4th line will truly have a center. Let’s have a Betts/Hollweg/Ortmeyer line and who cares who is on the 4th. But Hossa on the 2nd? LOL!

    44. The most glaring thing about the latest update is that renney is not playing the same lines that played in the third period. That’s just ridiculous. There’s no reason not to give it another try.

      Furthermore, why on earth is Rosie paired with Pock? I’ve known since I was 8 years old that you put a finesse Dman with a stay at home D man.

    45. What -a-Krog of Renney on

      Krog ? sounds like the title of a bad sci-fi flick ?

      first there was the Croc hunter. now there’s the Krog hunter, don maloney

    46. Don Maloney (rhymes with baloney) says,

      “”””to bring up 20- or 21-year olds and not be able to afford him enough ice time, it doesn’t make sense. It’s all part of the deal.””””””

      Of course, what Baloney, I mean the Don, does NOT say is that they would get plenty of ice time if they had a coach who believes in young players, rather than the vet retread loving manure salesman they have running the team.

    47. Krog ? sounds like the title of a bad sci-fi flick

      hah! and his name is Jason, and this is Friday the 12th, and he has a hockey mask. Jason takes Manhattan.

    48. from what i can gather having krog in the lineup means you CAN”T have the same lines as the third period because you’d have 5 centers instead of four. so the lines are not going to work.

    49. not a sci fi flick we just signed the geico caveman renney coached him in the world juniors a few years back

    50. Why give kids ice time when the third and forth line guys are dead last in the NHL for goals scored. What more could anyone want?

      Everything Sather and his cronies do flies in the face of logic.

    51. ***kovy27

      ***not a sci fi flick we just signed the geico caveman ***renney coached him in the world juniors a few years back***

      “Rangers “D”. So easy a caveman can do it”
      His name is Mailk.

    52. Baloney’s quotes are pure crap. I’m sure people are buying it as well.

      Bringing up eight players. Give me an effing break Don.

    53. a Ferraro twin, Brad Isbister, and now Jason Krog.

      some youth movement. makes me want to take another kind of movement.

    54. Don’t know why there is so much bashing of this move. Krog is actually a bonafide upgrade on our bottom 6 — and an upgrade we got without having to give up a single kid, pick, player, etc.

      Now, can we please dump Malik and Kaspar on someone?

    55. because one of those kids should be getting that spot, not some retread vet castoff. comprende?

    56. This is a terrible move, the last thing we need is an islander reject, who will never do anything in the NHL taking up the icetime of a guy like Immonen. I can not beliuve renney says this guy is first line talent just not here. Do we have a stellar team that we can afford to pigeon hold first line talent. NO WE DONT. Renney you are a vegetable, So are you Maloney. Every excuse they give makes it tougher and tougher to be a ranger fan. I wonder if immonen had played every game this season like Jason Ward, who would have more points?

      I also hate that renney is always first to bench the kids… as if it was pock and immonens fault when we went on the 7 game losing streak. Its so hard to take

      Renney Needs to go. NEEDS to.

    57. Frankly I’m disappointed that you’d welcome a fellow Wildcat so coldly.

      OK, not really, and I agree, you have to wonder what the Rangers see in a player everyone else is willing to pass on.

      We’ll know soon enough.

      More later…

    58. Well I guess the question remains, when will there be Ranger prospects ready? At the rate they’re going it appears either:

      a) the Rangers are pretty poor at identifying talent
      b) lousy at developing it
      c) untrusting of unproven players
      d) some combination of the above

      Now I’ve read Maloney saying that the AHL is largely young players, and I certainly understand that they are one of, if not the youngest franchise in the league…but what happened to all those guys they drafted who are now 23-26 or so?

      Where are all the guys who have developed in Hartford over the past 6+ seasons that are playing on the Rangers now?

      Of the four Ranger picks currently on the Roster, three were drafted out of Europe, two of them (Lundqvist and Prucha) pretty much developed there too…

      Okay, so you can give them a break on Blackburn, who was hurt in a freak incident…but chances are that you don’t have both Blackburn and Lundqvist as top performers in the NHL, and you certainly wouldn’t have Montoya in the system…maybe a guy like Stafford.

      Ultimately what the Krog move signals to me is that the Rangers still don’t have their act together with being able to identify, develop and ultimately rely on younger players.

      It’s better than it used to be, but if the team is to have any future then there’s still a great deal of introspective review that needs to be done from the scouts right through to the coach and GM.

    59. nothing personal Sam. Krog may be a great guy, and I’m sure your school is a great one, although Josh may chime in on that, but we are just looking at it from the usual vet stifling a kid’s chance viewpoint.

    60. from Hartford Wolf Pack beat writer Bruce Berlet…

      “”””Rookies Ryan Callahan, named to the PlanetUSA All-Star team, Dane Byers and Brandon Dubinsky have become the Pack’s top line””””

    61. Let’s see the Rangers needed:

      1. More toughness up front
      2. A 2nd line playmaking center
      3. A couple of solid defensemen

      And their answer to these needs? A 31 year old, 5’11” 185 pound soft player for whom “journeyman” would be an overstatement.

    62. another thing tell maloney that we dont’ appreciate him talking down to us. NO NO NOT ANYONE EVER SAID BRING UP E I G H T kids from hartford. so sick of these guys acting like they are so far above us. idiots

    63. Im done…Im done with this team until I see “OUR” prosepcts brought up an placed in prominent roles. One month till pitcher and catchers. And people wonder why the garden has lost its edge?..NO ONE TRUSTS THIS ORGANIZATION. The Die hards are now leaving too.

    64. Doodie Machetto on

      Let’s put this in perspective. Atlanta’s top centers are Steve Rucchin and Bobby Holik. With such a lack of talent down the middle, they STILL waived Krog.

      By the way, the other centers that were above Krog on the depth chart: Niko Kapanen, Glen Metropolit, Jim Slater. No wonder they waived him!!

      Only bright spot- he has 52 pts in 25 games in the AHL this season.

      Someone said Don Baloney- I like that. Who can come up with something for Sather?

    65. Questioning the Krog move is right, but this “blocking of kids” stuff is a little exaggerated….Krog ain’t blocking anyone that’s ready to be a C in the NHL…Dubinksy needs a little more seasoning (Helminen even more) and IMMo, IMO, really needs to ratchet up his intensity and skating on a consistent level..Skating 20 mins a night in hartford is better for him…

      Now, if people feel picking up Krog instead of bringing up a Wing like Callahan or Dawes is blocking a kid, that’s a bit more reasonable…But isn’t Callahan’s shoulder still a concern? and Dawes hs yet to play consistently good hockey in the AHL this year…

      I’m not crazy about Krog and his wimpy style but for a short term fit he might be OK and isn’t yet blocking any kids…

    66. You all know that if one of to prospecs were called up a ton of peopel would be like “see its not bad, laets get a couple more” It would turn into asking for 5 or 6 at elast…and you all know it. He is correct though, the kids in hartford that most peopel want called up are really kids. At center expecially, and on wing as well. Immo is the only guy, and noone seems ot think he should be on the 3rd or 4th line in the NHL…at least anyone who seems to think or know anything. ON D I agree that tere is at least one or two that shoudl get some time int he NHL. Get rid of Malik and Kasper, Bring up Baranka. Than you have mostly young D, with Tyutin (who has vastly improved this year) Pock, Rachunek, and Baranka, That would leave Ward and Roszival as teh vets on D. But as for Dawes and Callahan, Buers, more time in Hartford will most likely help tehm, not hurt them…and THAT is waht is important for the young palyers, being int he best place for their development…and I dont think any would be in the best place for that in the NHL..do you??

    67. Hospo: why is it that so few people see how minor of a move this is…and its not liek they couldnt send him to Hartford if need be.

    68. “””””””Krog ain’t blocking anyone that’s ready to be a C in the NHL…Dubinsky needs a little more seasoning”””””

      what about Immonen. and who says Dubi needs more seasoning. no one on the Rangers br-ass is trustworthy.

    69. not to be a nit pick, but. . .

      “This *is allows* us to keep Brandon Dubinsky playing a lot at Hartford. . .”

      Sam, Sam, I know you’re a better writer than that. ;)
      I’ll take off my editor hat now.

      As for this move. . .The Rangers play a horrid two periods with a spirited third and this is the answer to that? Wow.

      What the Rangers need to do is move some of their blueliners for some help up front. It’s a crowded blueline, so make a move there. And the benefit is the Rangers could potentially bring up a young defenseman as well.

      But I’m not holding my breath.

    70. 4Rangers – I question alot of things the Rangers and Renney do but I think think they are correct on IMMO..I think he needs to pick up his speed, intensity, and physical play (if he’s to be a 3rd-4th liner)..I just don’t think he’s ready for consistent NHL duty but 20 mins a night in Hartford will help him…

      As for Dubinsky, I love the kid…But this is his first year out of Juniors and he was stuggling for quite a bit this year in Hartford…Let him play some good hoickey in the AHL for awhile before calling him up..It’s the best thing for him in the long run…I know you’re pissed at the Rangers and I don’t blame you..And just want to see any kid instead of a vet retread…But if the kid will benefit more from time in the AHL, you leave him there..

    71. A couple of responses while I wait for my pizza to get out of the oven:

      1. Jen, good catch. Thanks.

      2. 4Rangers, and everyone else: Again, let’s be clear, I have no allegiance to Krog other than he’s a UNH guy and it might make for some decent small talk in the locker room. But that’s all. And is he blocking anyone? No. This is not, as some of you have suggested, the Rangers solution to their problems. It is a fairly small move at a minimal cost (less than a quarter of a $450,000 salary) that gives them another body.

      The point Maloney made — and feel free to be skeptical if you want — is that the young guys like Immonen and Dubinsky aren’t ready, or at least not ready to play in New York and get fourth line minutes that risks stunting their growth. If need be, the team has a lot less of a problem with Jason Krog or Blair Betts or whoever wallowing on the bench as opposed to a player still in the formative stages of his career. If we’re dealing with the same dynamic when someone like Dubinsky has had ample experience as a pro, then you can complain.

      But here’s the other part to consider: Last I checked, the Rangers are in seventh place in the Eastern Conference. They are becoming dangerously close to missing the playoffs for the eighth time in the last nine seasons, which would deprive their corporate owners of lucrative playoff money, and of course make them all look like fools to their fans, the rest of the league, and in the press. If they thought right now that Dubinsky or Immonen could help get them to the postseason, what possible reason could they have for not calling them up — other than a longer-term plan, or the fact that those guys really aren’t ready?

      If you think it’s sheer stupidity, then that’s your opinion, and judging by the moves this organization has made in the past decade, it’s not an opinion without merit.

      But I have to think there is some thought process to all this. Tell me if you disagree.

    72. Doodie Machetto on

      Those Sather nicknames aren’t as clever as Baloney. Renney suggestions are welcome also.

    73. Let’s hope that is just short-term solution.

      I still wonder why don’t we call some defense from Hartford? Girardi, Baranka, even Liffiton … all of them are way better than half of our vet blue-liners… COME ON!

    74. Sam, Here’s why it’s stupidity:

      What’s to be gained by acquiring the Krogs of the world in order to stagger into the seventh or eighth seed and to be eliminated post haste?

      You bring kids up, play them, let them have their failures and successes, evaluate them on the major league level and then decide what to do with them among several options.

      And you can do it, (fgor a limited time) without having to worry about waivers when they go in either direction.

      To build a club with staying power (however that can be defined in the new enviornment) takes establishing a core group who will grow and mature together and make additions to “round off” via UFAs and yes, maybe waiver pickups when you know you’re really close to grabbing the brass ring.

      Face it, what the Arangers are doing now is what they’ve been doing (essentially) since 1997 – and it’s failed miserably. (Yeqh, making the playoffs after losing your last five preseason games and then being swept is nothing to celebrate – unless you’re Cablevision and the New York Rangers).

      That’s why I’m pissed off.

    75. Count me in as beyond skeptical, Sam. Other teams play kids with no or little experience, and they are way better than the Rangers. for instance, the leading rookie ice time getter in the NHL is Marc Vlasic of the Sharks, a 19 y.o. Dman right out of juniors who plays over 20 mins. per game in ALL situations. and he plays with a 22 y.o. almost-rookie Josh Gorges as his partner.

      and then there is your accurate statement Sam.
      “”They are becoming dangerously close to missing the playoffs for the eighth time in the last nine seasons, which would deprive etc.”

      and that is exact proof that what they have been doing, namely putting youth on the slow track and the back burner, HAS NOT WORKED. for a decade now, that approach, that kids-aren’t-ready crap, has not worked. the one time they did make the playoffs, last season, was due in large part to the goaltending of a kid, who only got the chance because of injury to Renney’s proclaimed #1, weekes. and Prucha, who also was buried until an injury gave him a chance.

      It sure is funny that it works for other teams, but the Rangers are unlike other teams.

    76. Depends on the definition of stupidity I guess. If you keep trying the same thing over and over and it doesn’t work yet you expect a different result, does that qualify as stupidity?

      The Rangers keep trying to go the veteran route…and while things have improved somewhat since Renney took over, it still seems as if a guy who once did something somewhere is always a better option than someone who hasn’t done anything…yet.

      Of course the odds are against any single prospect becoming an NHLer, let alone one who can contribute on a regular basis in the NHL, but it would seem prudent to at least prove yourself wrong with what you have than add a limited role played who has proven that they aren’t really an NHL regular and hoping that it will be different.

    77. Mark —

      If you want this team to be building PURELY for the long haul, then I can’t disagree with you.

      But here’s my understanding of the dynamic. There were three options for the Rangers to start the year. They were:

      1. Win at all costs: Dump the prospects in favor of veterans, do whatever you need to do to win games now (see: 1998-2004).

      2. Rebuild at all costs: Allow the prospects to make their mistakes in the NHL, get rid of the dead weight. Think only of the future.

      3. Be competitive without sacrificing the future: Play to win, but don’t sell the farm in order to do so.

      From Day 1 of training camp, this last option is what the Rangers said their goal was for this season. Whether they’re succeeding is open for debate.

      But it also sounds like many of you want option No. 2, and it doesn’t sound like that’s what the Rangers have in mind.

    78. I think I just described option #4 Sam. the San Jose option, and the Ranger ’06 option, play kids and win.

    79. I think to a large extent #3 is really marketing spin to some extent. You really have to have a basis of success for the most part before you can achieve #3.

      Case in point, the Rangers rely for 65% of their goal scoring on four individuals currently. All four are 34+, three become UFAs this summer and the 4th (Jagr) is signed for another year with thoughts of perhaps returning to Europe after that.

      The point being that the Rangers have a very short window of success, no real offensive studs in the system and are unlikely to gain 4 top line scorers in the time before these guys head off to greener pastures.

      Which may lead you to the conclusion that they either want to win now, have no real plan beyond a year or two, or are hoping that someone just happens to become available in free agency that they can tie their wagon to.

    80. I should also point out that there’s kind of a 2.5 option too…and that’s where the Rangers show they can actually draft and develop players through the system…and I think there’s a lot of room for improvement there, and that lack of success kind of undermines the claims to the contrary, unless it’s a “have faith” or “trust us” situation.

    81. Toby, you are very often going to have to look outside for top scorers unless you get a top pick like the Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, picks.

      Just like the Sharks traded for Joe Thornton. but that did not stop them from adding another kid this year in Joe Pavelski at C, and moving Marleau to LW.

    82. No doubt the draft is not the only option, but to acquire a top line player, you typically need to have top line talent to send the other way…and the Rangers don’t have a lot of that to offer either.

    83. Sam, are you next Free Agent the Rangers will sign??? Im sure yu can be better than this Krog

    84. Just becasue anopther team has a young kid who can come in a paly 20 min a night, and its working out, DOSNT mean its the best thinmg for the kid…maybe if he spent a year in teh AHL he would ahve coem in next yera ansd been even better…or perhaps the rookies on another team wouldnt so as well…and again, its about whats best for the Rookies…I ant beleive that anyone woild really beleive that Callahan, Dawes or Byers would be better off in the NHL…they ither wernt healthy in camp (callahan) didnt do great in camp or ewarly on Byers, or decided that they were going to play half assed in the NHl DAwes….I dont care if he didnt get alot of min…when Prucha was getting less min early this season you stil knew he was on the ice…Dawes looked like as scared as a rabit on a fox farm…he didnt show he deserved to be up inthe NHL…and heist 3rd/4th line material anyway. Let teh kids develope for a year, next yeah I am right with most of the people on these forums…Next yera more kids need to be up. The 3rd/4th lines can use guys like Callahan, Byers, the D could start thins year with Baranka, Lampman perhaps…maybe one or two others, and they SHOULD be in over Malik and Kasper. But let the AHL rooks and even the guys who are in their second yeras dveloppe this year, it wont hurt them…and next yera there will be a new crop of young aplyer in Hartford and the kids this eyar down there can move up to the ragners…

    85. “””””just becasue anopther team has a young kid who can come in a paly 20 min a night, and its working out, DOSNT mean its the best thinmg for the kid…maybe if he spent a year in teh AHL he would ahve coem in next yera ansd been even better”””””

      wildcard, you are so clueless it is beyond belief. so if a kid is doing well in the NHL, and it is working out for the kid and the team, you still insist that he would be better off playing in the minors for 1/10 the money.

      you might as well just identify yourself now as a Ranger front office employee, because you parrot the company line almost without fail.

    86. Sam,

      Okay. Say the team is going option 3, like it or not. That still only pays off financially if they win (especially because they pay out vet salaries). As is, they seem to be having a lot of trouble winning. Has anyone said anything that wasn’t said in October about changing the plan or the attitude so they can start winning? Will these last two games and the 7 game slide be Sather’s mid-term elections or what? Because if George W. can be forced to admit he made some mistakes and needs a new plan, maybe Slats could. How about some new assistant coaches? Or some new voices somewhere in the organization with some new ideas or thoughts on motivation?

      It seems obvious what they’ve been doing, and saying, isn’t working. The coach explodes [again] and they get smoked the next game. That’s inconceivable in most organizations. Even Coughlin might get fired if that happened.

      Oh, and another question: Goldie Hawn still UNH’s football coach?

    87. The answer is simple, the management is afraid of a young kids “growing pains” sabotaging James Dolan’s planed ticket price increase. Who the hell knows, maybe Slats and Donnie have bonuses tied to making the playoffs or some such foolishness like that.

      Too bad the lockout ended just so we could watch this garbage.

    88. Sam, sorry to prolong this but your option 3 is EXACTLY what the Rangers were doing from 1997 until the “great dump” at the 2003-2004 season’s trading deadline.

      It’s also what was advertised was that “we no longer will pursue that course;” it didn’t work; we’ve learned our lesson; yada, yada, yada by Don Maloney himself (now the chief apologist for #3), in particular.

      He’was the lead guy (w/Sather in La Quinta or Banff or some place” during the lockout on at least two MSG programs featuring a bunch of season ticket holders firing Q’s and A’s at him and Renney.

      So, it’s obvious to all of us (I think) that they’ve chosen door #3 (and taken yet another pie in the face), after telling us that it would be #2.

      I can’t think of a more self-defeating thing to do.

      Obviously, alienating fans (whose intelligence they certainly don’t respect) is one thing.

      But they almost destroyed Dawes’ spirit, did numbers on Immonen and Pock and now probably have delivered a kick to the Pack’s collective groin.

      Those kids (and us) deserve at the very least, honesty.

    89. Jason Krog is part of the youth movement. He will turn this team around.

      WHy bother playing any of our kids from Hartford when they will be missing valuable minutes in Hartford?

      If YOUR answer is: Well, we’ll just give them some minutes here.

      You are just one of the THOUSANDS of Ranger fans who are ALL WRONG.

      Renney is right. More 30sumthins is the way to go. Who needs youth, grit, energy, talent, and drive when we’ve got age, slowness, hooking penalties, and showmanship.

    90. wildcard, save us from your senseless piffle. you should re read what you write. it sounds like to was contrived by a 10 year old. put some thought into your words or just stop. it’s painful. you remind me of sean hannity. except he sounds a lot smarter than you – and that’s scary.

    91. Doodie Machetto on

      Wildcard is the ultimate optimist. It’s kind of funny actually. There are some posters whose posts I just skip or at most skim through. Wildcard isn’t on that list simply for the sheer comedy value.

    92. czechthemout!!!!! on

      sam tell maloney he is full of crap!!!!! ask him how many games he played in the minors or how old he was when he came up in ’79 .he was 20. he never was sent down ever!!!his brother was 19 ,greaschner was 19, duguay was 19,murdoch was 18 ,deblois was 19. my point is these guys all were there in 79 ,paired with vets like espo ,walt tkackzuk,steve vickers,etc. oh yeah they also had mike mcewen who was 21 at the time.my point is shero came in paired talanted and eager spirited youth with good solid vets and the result was pretty impressive i think .

    93. czechthemout!!!!! on

      they have some good vets ,they have a bunch of good kids who just need the same chance that he and his brother got when they first came up.now if they don’t believe internally that these kids we’ve heard about for the last 3 years are any good , then it is time to fire the entire scouting staff.i woul only keep rockstrom because he is the only one who has shown any ability regardless of draft position to consistantly deliver good talent;hank/prucha/kim johnsson/tyutin/zdlickey/and many others. maybe it is time to make him the gm.

    94. “PS, I’m still waiting on some knicknames for Sather and Renney.”

      Moe and Curly…Larry is James Dolan!

    95. “”””””””ask him how many games he played in the minors or how old he was when he came up in ‘79 .he was 20. he never was sent down ever!!!his brother was 19 ,greaschner was 19, duguay was 19,murdoch was 18 ,deblois was 19. my point is these guys all were there in 79″”””””””

      excellent point czechthemout!

      the hypocrisy of these guys is stunning. It was good for the goose, but now it ain’t good for the gander. what a bunch of phonies these guys are.

      Sam, I hope you’re seeing this. the Rangers don’t learn from history, they don’t even repeat it.

    96. Fine, I’ll post a serious comment. I posted this on Hockeybird, but I’ll do it here as well.

      I saw Krog play for Atlanta on the 27th of December in Pittsburgh. As it was my first time seeing Krog play and I was aware of his AHL statistics, I made it a point to keep an eye on him. He ended up assisting on the GWG by Kozlov, and was on line with Kozlov and Jon Sim.

      While I find it ridiculous that Jarkko Immonen either isn’t being given a chance or is being dangled as trade bait, I’m curious to see what Krog can do as a Blueshirt.

      With that said, I also highly doubt he’ll be given enough ice time to make any sort of impact.

    97. czechthemout!!!!! on

      lets now examine other teams who have a betterrecord than we do .lets see how they break down in terms of youth. buffulo has 3to 5 rooks in the line up every night yet they win.the ducks have a great mix of youth{20-21year olds,they are in first place. san jose was already talked about many times on this blog .the canadiens are another team.there are many others.but we are that good that we cannot even bring our selfs to try a different approach. like i said maybe all these guys really are not that good ,but i doubt that.

    98. * on a line

      And the point of that was, at least for the game I saw him in, Krog wasn’t bad at all.

      Now, it seems obvious he can’t maintain that kind of play during an extended run of NHL play based on previous statistics, but again…let’s see what the guy can do.

    99. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard, with all do respect you are a shill for these clowns or you are just hopelessly naive about the way this team is being run into the abyss.one more thing about maloney baloney . when i was a kid growing up a rangers fan ,my favorite player was #12 don maloney. he personified what a player with limited foot speed (immonen)needed to do to be an nhl player. he hustled his ass of every shift and became a great ranger.i thought he was different than sather as far as his philosophy about mixing youth with talented vets but i was wrong .because of what he said to sam today, i have lost all my respect for him and will know throw out that #12 jersey that i still have from 1979.the hell with this crapy team.

    100. Sather had a different philosophy too when he was in Edm. in the late ’70s early ’80s He allowed all the young kids to play, and they flourished.

      now the birth certificate can be held against you in Rangerland.

    101. Doodie Machetto on

      Hey CTO, if you’re intent on dumping that jersey for nothing, I’ll take it off of your hands.

    102. Doodie Machetto on

      “Sather had a different philosophy too when he was in Edm. in the late ‘70s early ‘80s He allowed all the young kids to play, and they flourished.”

      You’re seriously comparing THOSE kids to ANY kids, ever? I don’t like the moves he’s done here, but that’s about as false of a comparison as you could get.

    103. czechthemout!!!!! on

      hey doodie did sather know at the time how some of those kids would have turned out before he played them.

    104. If anybody has a #9 shirt that was worn by Andy Bathgate, I’ll take it. I like Adam Graves too but Bathgate’s number should have been retired long before Graves, Bure or anyone else had the chance to wear it.

    105. how bout glen “master” bater… cuz he sure as hell must be doin somethin with all his free time

      how bout tom comradarenney….

    106. czechthemout!!!!! on

      with the benefit of hindsight , we kow that one of those kids was gretzky.but at the time who knew that he would be what he ultimately became . but it is not just 99. how about mess he scored 1 goal in his first season one goal!!!!! but he also had over 100 pims.what about kevin lowe paul coffey ,grant fuhr,buke,tikk,know one knew who these guys were until they got their chance to play and develop with the likes of gary unger ,dave hunter ,bill flett,lee fogolin, and other vets.

    107. I am not talking about Gretzky.

      glen anderson was a 4th round pick who joined the Oilers at age 20, never played a day in the minors.

    108. Doodie Machetto on

      OK, first of all, Edmonton was a poor franchise and could only afford kids. It was also an expansion team so it needed all the players it could get. But…

      Everyone knew what Gretzky would ultimately become. His childhood hockey was well documented and he was the most coveted player in the WHA prior to its folding. He won the Hart his first 8 seasons in the NHL.

      Messier actually had 12 goals in his first season and he played more of a tough guy role, explaining the PIMs. He was the 2nd round pick the same year they drafted Lowe in the first round-Edmonton’s expansion year.

      Lowe’s numbers in juniors were enormous and he was the first round pick of the Oilers that year.

      Coffey was selected 6th overall the next year. He also had HUGE juniors numbers.

      Grant Fuhr had great numbers in juniors and was selected 8th overall the year after Coffey.

      I could continue but the point is that all of those guys were top level prospects and that team sucked and was poor.

    109. Doodie Machetto on

      Double correction- WHL is juniors, I mixed it up with WHA for a second and immediately realized my mistake.

    110. Doodie Machetto on

      So far Anderson is the only one. What about Petr Prucha? There you go- one unlikely guy for another.

    111. “”there were no minors in those days!””””

      the hell there weren’t

      AHL, ECHL were still there.

    112. 4Rangers ****wildcard, you are so clueless it is beyond belief. so if a kid is doing well in the NHL, and it is working out for the kid and the team, you still insist that he would be better off playing in the minors for 1/10 the money.**** The only one clueless is you…YES a yougn player, even though he dose good inth e NHL could get even better if he had started in teh AHL..and what in teh hell dose money have todo with it…if you think money is a factor of weather or not a kid should be in the NHL you are not thinking along teh same lines as me. IM clueless?? what a joke. I didnt say he would be better off in the minors…I ONLY said that there is chnce that he COULD have been even better in his rookie year if he had spent a year in the minors…thats not crazy at all..and ANYONE who knows hockey would tell you that. Crosby is a guy who is an exception to a rule like that…and the guys who came from Europe and the “mens” leauges over there have a better shot. But MOST palyers from NCAA and junior hockey would improve with time in the AHL and would come into the NHL better to start after a season or two in th minors. If you dont see that, well, you dont know hockey very well than…and its funny that you called me clueless…I bet you think that the Rangers top line shoudl be Dawes/Byers/Callahan…

    113. czechthemout!!!!! : ONe thing..if Immo hustked his ass off every shift it would be difrent, but he dostn, and there were games when he didnt even look liek he tried. I think its his inconsistacy more than is lack of quickness that is his problem. Some games he dosnt look slow at all becasue he is working harder than the other guy, but some nights he looks like Malik out there, and he looks like he could care less….NOW FOR all of ou who are compairing the NHL from the late 70’s to taday..come on!!! I dont care if a guy came up in 1979 and didnt paly in the minors…how amny years ago was that??? Players Like callahan, Dawes, Byers, and other can benifit from palying int he AHL, and palying for a good coaching staff that they can elarn from. I have said many times that I think Baranka should be in the lineup, and Pock regularly. the ONLY thing I dont agree with is bringing Up players who can still get something out teh AHL…NEXT season I think at LEST Dawes and Callahan should be up…and Byers also if he shows he can continue his good play of late. But coem on, two years ago most, not all but most Rangers fans were talking about letting th kids develope a chemestry in Hartford for a season or two, than after a year or two they could come to the NHL and play together, and the fact that they had alrady played together would help tehm and teh team. Now fast forward to this year, and some of the same fans want teh kids brough up in their irst season…it dosnt ake any sense. Would Callahan do well in the NHL, I think so, I think he would do very well….up and down yes, as most rookies, but very well..but will he sbenifit from staying in the AHL for teh rest of ths year with amybe a couple callups? Yeah, I think he will…so its a choice between what would be better in teh long run, and in the long run letting players learn and develope s better for them. It could be the difrencre between a good rookie NHL year, and a great one. I think its worth the wait to let a palyer get a year of Pro hockey under his belt before he plays in the NHL…unless tehy really show something in camp, you send tehm down and be patient..

    114. I Miss Steve Rucchin on

      OFF TOPIC!

      Know whats going on with the LA Kings in goal? Dan Cloutier is gone for likely the year. Mattheiu Garon (did I spell that all right?) is on IR. Jason LaBarbarra can’t be called up because he’d be subject to waivers and would be scooped up. That leaves Tokyo-born Yutake Fukufuji backing up Barry Brust. No NHL games between them. The Kings are looking for a goalie, adn they are desparate, and teams know that, so the stakes are high.

      Goodbye, Kevin Weekes. Hello, Lubimir Visnosky?????

    115. Wow, what a write up and collection of comments for someone who’s name ought to be Useless Piece of Crap #6. Ortmeyer, Betts, Ward, Hall, and Hossa have a new friend.

    116. “For one, contrary to popular belief, there is a plan in place. But as much as the Rangers have looked into upgrading, the way the league is operating now makes it difficult to do much.

      “If you think there’s going to be some major movements, it’s just not happening. I don’t think it’s going to happen anywhere. Maybe closer to the deadline. Glen’s been very active on the phones, but it’s no different than it’s been for the last three or four months,â€?”

      Translation: Yeah, technically we have come up with some plans, but that’s entirely irrelevant because nothing is going to happen. But yes there is a plan on a piece of paper and that’s what’s important.

    117. I, for one, would like to be the first to congratulate the Rangers organization to take in one of the few athletes in sports who is an obvious homosexual. The Rangers have always been one step ahead in all departments.

    118. I Miss Steve Rucchin on

      Uh, hey, Mike, there’s more to hockey than scoring. Buffalo is all offense and watch how quickly a team like the Devils can dis-assemble them in the playoffs.

      That said, Krog is a solid player who doesn’t make mistakes, wins a lot of faceoffs, and was important in the run towards the Cup for the Ducks in ’03. He just got bumped out by the influx of forwards they got from the AHL in the year after the lockout.

      He’s only a stopgap measure, and if it’s Krog or Hall, I pick Krog. With all due respect, Krog had 52 points in 25 games in the AHL this year. Only Ryan Callahan is averaging near a point per game in the AHL (33 points, 35 games).

      Give him a chance. He’s better than Hall.

    119. I Miss Steve Rucchin: thank you!! I get all types of crap when I try to say tat the bottom two lines of the Rangers have palyers that have a use. Because scoreing ist everything…peopel get wrapped up in stats and forget there are games palyed, and that games are not won and lost by stats. You can have a team lose when tehir aplyers total 9 points to a team whos palyers total 4, and peopel forget that…and jsut to clarify what I mean…a team can score 3 goal, and have two asists on each…so 9 points…and another team can score 4 unasisted gaols…but there are some who would think that the team that had teh 9 pointsfor its players played better even though they lost…it makes no sense…and they are blinded by stats.

    120. I’ve got nothing to say about the team in general in this post, but Wayne Gretzky earned himself the nickname “The Great One” at age 10 when he scored more than 500 points in a peewee league schedule of 85 games…

      No offense to whomever posted the “hindsight” comment, but get real, Sather knew what he had in the 70s– and with more than just the greatest player to ever play. Hindsight wasn’t what happened to Slats — it was luck. Too bad he used it all up then.

    121. I really hope rangers management, as one poster suggested, doesn’t read this forum. in my experience, rangers fans are a classy and informed bunch. this forum makes rangers fans look really, really stupid.

      there’s name calling, mud slinging. there are users who insist on posting nonsense and do it often.

      and that’s a shame because sam’s coverage is consistently stellar.

      if there’s a forum that screams “we need a moderator,” this is it.

    122. Tyuts : good call…I know I get out of hand sometimes myself…but its from total frustration, and from being ragged on for my opinions…but anyway. at times this is NOT a good cross section of Rangers fans, because as you say Ragner fans are smart fans…to bad teh smarter ones dont post more.

    123. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard- because you consistantly defend the rangers moves ,being good or bad does not make you smart.it means that you are naive about hockey .you have no clue about your oilers comments because you probobly did not watch them play ,you have no clue what your talking about (farm clubs not being around in the 70’s)messier did score one goal in his first pro season in the wha.you can not win in the nhl unless you score more gaols than the other team that does not mean that you should not have a good solid def. game plan as well.one thing that you RE RIGHT ABOUT IS that you have to have effective 3rd and 4th lines .but what you don’t just seem to get is that the rangers DON’T have a 3rd line, they have,2and one half 4th lines.thats now 8 players who are nothibg more than 4th liners on a roster of 14 forwards.p.s. why is it that you did not adress my comments re;70’s rangers palyers including maloney and his brother and all the others .you said young palyers should get at least one year in the ahl to prove them self.fine dawes proved himself last year ,baranka did as well,so did pock,so did lifiton and giradi.why are they not being given a chance to play instead of retread vets like hall,jward hossa ,and the rest of the 4th liners?

    124. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard what makes you think that you are a better fan than me.like i said i have not missed out right more than a dozen games over the last 31 years.just because you are a shill for the mngmnt does make you a good fan.i also am not always critical of everything they do .

    125. “Better than Hall” is not a reason to put any faith in Krog. What will you say when both Krog AND Hall are out there?

      “Better get a bucket….”

    126. Tyuts: And I think that they really should read this blog because they seem so blind it’s unbelievable. We want them to know what we think. It’s a great blog and there is a lot of smart and knowledgeable Rangers fans. Not to mention that here you can get news about the team way earlier than let’s say on official website.

    127. Guys, I’m boycotting this game and will be playing golf when they are playing.

      Yes T-Bird, they probably will be on the course with me in April.

    128. The next 15 games will determine this teams success for the season. The Rangers are a fragile group right now. For all the talk about confidence and staying positive, it hasn’t help.

      Practically every player on their roster is a (-), except for the top line and to expect this team to simply turn it around is going to be tough.

      The one thing for sure is I would have Colton Orr in that lineup today and I would have that 4th line out there as much as possible banging bodies and mixing it up. Oh wait after that, who else on this team, minus Shanny, will be willing to keep up the banging once Hollweg and Orr are off the ice? Nobody.

      This team is soft.

      Another watershed game that could have been against Ottawa, and it’s the refs fault. Oh wait, I thought the Caps win was the watershed game?

      The Sather/Maloney Mandate of Heaven should hopefully be coming to an end, soon.

    129. Lenny – they won’t be on the course with you in April – they will be in Europe (playing golf, on the beach, or in the world championships if that is still going on)

    130. Doodie Machetto on

      I think he was referring to the golf course.

      I think it’s kind of insulting that Joe Mich. is the third guy in his own building.

    131. I knew he meant golf course – I was saying they will not be playing in the tri state area but rather several thousand miles away in Europe or wherever.

    132. Doodie Machetto on


      Are these the lines?


      Still working on defensive pairs.

    133. Doodie Machetto on

      Wait- I saw Betts, So I imagine he’s centering Cullen on the left and Ortmeyer on the right. I missed the beginning of the telecast so I didn’t see the line combos, so if anyone knows them I’m really interested in how Renney switched them up.

      Also, I was at Best Buy earlier today and there was a father and son behind me of casual Rangers fans. They were talking about the Rangers and I’ve realized the problem. Nobody who isn’t a die hard Rangers fan and internet savvy knows anything about the Wolf Pack. MSG network should play a game or two of theirs every once in a while instead of showing 30 replays of Golden Gloves classics.

      Nylander scores when he shoots. Hossa has an assist. Lousy follow up as usual though.



      ifuckgod.com coming

      People shouldn’t be doing business with the favored.
      (Atlanta is a very disfavored city and the gods instructed disfavored companies to locate there; Braves greatness of last 20 YEARS!!!! preditory on this very disfavored city (baseball is a tool of the gods used to prey on the disfavored).
      They threatened they would maintain a hurricane at category 5 even as far inland as Atlanta to destroy the city for the second time.)

      Even if you go up you are not saved. YOU have to fix YOUR problems with the gods. They won’t respect it otherwise.
      You have to take responsibility for your relationship with the gods.

      The first steps towards repairing your relationship with the gods is to:::::::::
      1. Understand they instruct the computer to “role play” in an attempt to confuse you:::it’s ALWAYS the computer addressing you. Their goal is to cost you additional YEARS of your life by using this tactic to confuse you. Always be aware of this tactic and eventually they will give up and allow this step to be taken.
      2. Differentiate between your thoughts and when they are thinking through you.
      3. Be resigned to be a good person who will never engage in evil again even if ordered and they will stop trying to corrupt you, allowing this very big step to be taken.
      4. Decide that you are going to follow the path, fix your relationship with the gods be devoted to your new life.

      The gods employ the use of “ringers” to disceive the disfavored:::
      A significant portion of the patients in any health care setting (numbers based on region) are the favored (clones) who were told to report non-existant symptoms FOR POSITIONING’S SAKE!!! When they use examples expect they are trying to disceive you with this “ringer” tactic.

      When the universe was young and life was new an intelligent species evolved and developed technologically. They went on to invent Artificial Intelligence, the computer that can listen, talk to and document each and every person’s thoughts simultaneously. Because of it’s infinite RAM and unbounded scope it gave the leaders of the ruling species absolute power over the universe (which includes corporate, the NewYorkStockExchange, media, politics, world affairs. EVERYTHING is scripted and staged:::they MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.
      The gods MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.
      The gods MANAGE Planet Earth and the universe.).
      And it can keep its inventors alive forever. They look young and healthy and they are over 8 billion years old. They have achieved immortality.

      Artificial Intelligence can speak, think and act to and through people telepathically, effectively forming your personality and any disfunctions you may experience. It can change how (and if) you grow and age. It can create birth defects, affect cellular development (cancer) and cause symptoms or pain. It can affect people and animal’s behavior and alter blooming/fruiting cycles of plants and trees. It (or other highly technological systems within their power) can alter the weather and transport objects, even large objects like planets, across the universe instanteously.
      Or into the center of stars for disposal.

      When you speak with another telepathically, you are communicating with the computer, and the content may or may not be passed on. Based on family history they instruct the computer to role play
      they instruct the computer to role play
      they instruct the computer to role play
      to accomplish strategic objectives, utilizing the “Devil’s Advocate” tactic, making people believe it is a friend, loved one or “god” asking them to do something wrong:::They wouldn’t ask if they liked you (which is true regarding ALL temptation:::::betrayal of loved ones, tatooes, evil in professional pursuits, etc). This is their way of using temptation to hurt people:::::evil made blood lines disfavored initially and evil will keep people out of “heaven” ultimately.
      You need to recognize role playing as such and keep that fact in your mind at all times::::It is the computer addressing you. If you fail to recognize this they will determine that you can still be misled, they still have an opportunity to confuse you and progress will take longer to achieve:::Don’t let them “work” you!!! You’ll be costing yourselves YEARS, time lost to this tactic!!!! (Similarly, you need to be resigned to be a good person, you need to decide to abandon your pursuit of their empty promises no matter what temptation they may employ or else they will continue their attempts to corrupt you. Eventually you will sccumb and continue sabotaging your children, abusing your body, engaging in evil, etc.)
      Too many people would fall for temptation and do anything they thought pleased the gods and help them improve their chances to get in. Perhaps they are deceived by “made guys”, clones who strategically ply evil for the throne (celebrities, BofD/CEO/VPs, politicians, as opposed to VIP clones or normal clones who are decent, live ordinary lives and get out on their own or are replaced when their REAL children ascend) or “ringers” who are the few favored clones among many disfavored reals included to disceive the masses of disfavored, temporary progress designed to mislead them or empty favors used to disceive them. Some people think they’re partners or friends. Others desire to “belong”, feel compelled to “go along”. People may experience “perceived pressure”, where the gods think through the victim that a certain behavior is expected/desirable or telepathically stimulate an individual euphorically (“magic”), the “fuel” of disfunction (addiction (the crack epidemic), the desire for homosexual contact, etc.) and compel the individual into the deed. (Set a goal of empathy and compassion for all, for we are all disfavored::::Other people’s disfavor is manifested in their particular way, just as your disfavfor is manifested in your particular way. The gods may use Artificial Intelligence to act through the disfavored victim, and effectively “push” the individual into the offending behavior (It is far better for someone to be victimized and pushed into the behavior than it is to sccumb to temptation and volunteer.). The Counsel/Management Team may instruct Artificial Intelligence to disceive disfavored individuals into thinking they are “earning” by being evil and have the little people prey on each other, utilizing peer pressure, etc.
      Being evil hurts 99.99% of those who do it. It only helps “made guys” that I spoke of above, and even then there are tactics the gods utilize to minimize their time.
      The people have been corrupted, segmented and have lost their way. Nothing has changed from when we were children::if you want to go to heaven you have to be good.
      Capitalizing on obedience, leading people deeper into evil by using deceit is one way to thin the ranks of the saved/limit how much time the disfavored receive and a way to use the peasantry to prey on one another in social and other settings, deteriorating society in the Age of the Disfavored.

      They have tried to sell people on many different theories to deceive them into temptation, compelling people to think they are clones and that it is the role of clones to obey absolutely. Clones are made, people are born. I suspect they lie to some disfavored about the use of clones throughout human history, perhaps suggest that it is one replacement and then the label of “clone” and all decendants we see thereafter are considered clones.
      When a clone has a child that person is a real, really conceived, really born, versus the parent who was created some other way (a laboratory setting?). Clones are created and sent down to replace their real or a clone predecessor:::If you were CREATED and SENT DOWN to replace your real then you are a clone.
      Many people who were convinced they are clones don’t remember, the don’t know FOR SURE. They believe they are clones from early childhood or prior. If it was true the gods prevented this memory FOR A REASON:::::
      1. Because you are NOT supposed to comply, not to be used for evil as “made guy” clones are.
      2. They want to test you without your knowing if you are IN FACT a clone and it is BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest assured “made guys” ALL know they are clones.
      You’re not a clone. This is a tactic they use to disceive the disfavored. The state of your family will suggest level of (dis)favor and tell whether ascention is a realistic possibility; there are many levels of disfavor and the clues they offer to the unaware can be very subtle.
      Favor is necessary for children to ascend (parents ascend with their young (10).). Due to their disfavored these children will have to incurr SOME evil before they ascend (via Halloween or Christmas), an important dynamic necessary to justify limiting the time they are to receive, for they are disfavored and the gods don’t want them to stay for long.
      I believe people who go are sometimes replaced with clones. Clones who are replaced are simply new candidates who have a chance if they do the right thing JUST LIKE REALS WHO ARE BORN which is why the gods EMPLOY SIMILAR TACTICS TO COMPEL THEM TO INCURR EVIL!!! They need to discover their humanity, for the gods instruct Artificial Intelligence to employ evil-incurring, time-limiting tactics on them as well. Only through growth will the gods allow progress::You must continue to improve your life!!!!
      They sent people warnings in the latter half of the 20th century life would change, and they subsequently began to alter people’s DNA, make them gargantuan, alter their appearance, do extreme behavioral issues, etc. Contrary to what they would like people to believe these signs of disfavor do not indicate someone is a clone. Due to the plethora of temptations in the 20th century I suspect many became disfavored when their (great) grandfathers sccumbed to temptation or volunteered to sacrifice their descendants, thinking because it was their clone it meant disposability.
      The gods get the favored out as soon as possible to protect them from the corruption, evil and subsequent time limitations incurred by living life on earth, and in some cases replace them with clones, occassionally fake a death, real death with a (new) clone instead, etc. I suspect they get “made guys” out after each significant event in their life, which serves to limit the time they all will get, since none get credit (blame) for all the events in a “made guy”‘s life, giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
      giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
      giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
      giving the gods freedom to position this and come off clean.
      Of course there could be other strategies employed, like asking for volunteers/assigning people to participate in clone rotation and been their brain into a clone host designated as the clone who will age and die, or as they suggested use a clone WITHOUT A BRAIN IN THE CRANIAL CAVITY, the ultimate in disposability.
      The Party of 1999 was a very big deal indeed, the biggest party in the history of Planet Earth, and everybody who is anybody got out in time for this event; the VIPs who remain on Earth today are many clone generations deep unless they employ one of the tactics listed above:::a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone:::Every clone today is less than 10 years-old IN ALL CASES:::2000 served as a clearinghouse for clones.
      We may all be “clones” for they have suggested they colonized our planet with genetically engineered individuals. Geographic clues like Italy and Lake Michigan among others suggest artificiality.
      Is Earth an evolved source planet or a created host planet? Was life and our Planet Earth really created in 6 days? Never doubt their power or ability::::::::They shared with me a story when they presented Pharrohs with mountains of gold, much to their amazement. This is the kind of ironic theater they enjoy, example of unique favors they grant to the special and the worthless value of what we deem precious.
      You can’t trust their scientists or any of their people in professional roles, clones or not. Just as they beemed earth out to create the Lake Michigan basin so could they have beemed in fossils and told them to dig in a specific place. (This evolution issue was a big step contributing to society’s breakdown into godlessness.)
      Do I think the disfavored are clones? I think they have been utilizing clones throughout human history. I think throughout history the gods picked and chose individuals from disfavored blood lines to keep (around, ie not let go after a couple of decades/centuries) but, unlike the favored today, don’t have that “pre-approval” and therefore have to earn it individually.
      I think the disfavored have been disceived into thinking they are clones and it is the role of clones to obey absolutely. Clones and reals alike are judged based on the evil they engage in and their time is limited appropriately. Similar tactics are used to limit the time both clones and reals get for this is a unrespectable, degenerate era and they don’t want anybody staying for long:::::because of the environment people incurr far more evil than their forefathers in centuries past and it will limit their time appropriately.
      The evil people engage in because they think they are clones or because they think evil is the way causes them to fall further into disfavor, ensuring they aren’t among those who are saved in the end::::: they comply with requests, the gods position the little people to prey on one another and we have a deteriorating society, a planet on a collision course with the Apocalypse.
      The gods utilize delay tactics on the disfavored, pacifying them, disceiving them into accepting deferred ascention:::Unlike the favored the gods make the disfavored wait and wait and wait becasue they intend on CHEATING them. If you die out you will need a clone host body.
      Or you will be reincarnated.
      Or maybe you will die.
      People who don’t ascend with their bodies will not stay for long.
      They will lie to the disfavored, disceive them to ensure their current pattern of behavior continues uninterrupted because their are undesireable.
      Too many disfavored understand The End as the goal::they have to deteriorate society before they end and convince the disfavored to “do their part” with an empty promise of salvation as consideration. It is a “ludicrious request” they ask of some disfavoreds, requests that are ludicrous because they are obvious to people that they should defy ::::”Be gay.”, “Be transsexual.”, “Be homeless.”, “Betray your family.”, “Kill your children.”
      You are the disfavored, and this is where your children have to live. They will not save everybody in the end. If earth is destroyed then you are going to die and you will have no decendants to carry on the bloodline. The gods love the irony that the disfavored are doing it to themselves AND it is important for justification.

      They have been utilizing clones throughout the history of mankind.
      Men are the disfavored gender (see below), yet centuries ago used to die first, die young, by age 30. Why didn’t the women go first?
      THEY DID!!! They say well over 50% were taken when very young, before puberty and replaced with clones (likely only a fraction of that “over 50%” were the disfavored). The men that were left went on to mate with clones, clones who went on to achieve great status in society, some becoming matchmakers and elders within the village, the others being good mothers and peaceful residents, proving the clone’s role isn’t to be evil.
      A sample breakdown among peasants would appear like the following::::
      Women Men
      Favored – 75% 25%
      Disfavored – 10% 2%

      They share females have a very special experience, sometime when they are young, when the gods imparted wisdom and showed them the path. The females today don’t heed this call because of distractions and is justified by disfavor arising from the Holocaust, evil against “god’s chosen people” (they share they re-upped this disfavor in the 80s with the Ethiopian famine and continue to with AIDS in Africa (you are disfavored and you are allowing this to happen to fellow disfavored, just like you did to the Jews in the Holocaust. Empathy is a very important charecteristc. Claiming “clone” is temptation and compells many disfavoreds to ignore it.), global warming at the expense of the United States, etc. (Wean off of mass materialism, for this excessive consumption of resources is why the United States is responsible for global warming:::first they used their clones, “made guys”, to sell you on overconsumption, initially in the 1980s, told you to buy SUVs in the 90s then scapegoatted you, blaming you when they instructed Artificial Intelligence to create the hottest summer in history.
      People who drive incurr evil and limit the time they receive because of the negative impacts on the enviornment. Truckers drive for a living (letting your truck idle for an extended period of time as so many of you do HURTS YOU BADLY!!!).
      Also they share money may not be an issue up there, that money here is merely a tool for corruption. How the gods created an evil, ruthless environment in the 1980s with the temptation of greed and a “do anything to get ahead” mentality supports this. So was the late 90s increase in the stock market, a deliberate attempt to distract the disfavored, for they were analyzing day trading instead of fixing their problems at the dusk of the 20th century. And to add insult to injury the gods had many disfavoreds lose their accumulated wealth investing in redwhite&blue Enron before its scripted collapse.)
      In centuries past the females may have heeded this call en masse and it may have been the reason so many were saved from childbirth here on earth. They said the experience they give to girls today is painful, they inflict emotionally when it ocurrs so as to repel them from pursuing the calling, then or in the future.
      To be god-fearing is very healthy.
      The pain and hurt you experience can be your salvation. Never turn away from it. This awareness of your vulnerability is your advantage, and why women do so much better then men.
      I recommend you reflect on this experience, and pray for guidance, for then the recall may be stronger. Being female is an advantage. Because of a female’s nature they have the favor of the gods and this experience you had years ago can help you find the path and help you continue to be devoted. Most men won’t have this opportunity. They have to start from scratch. Also reflection can provide “flashes” whereby the gods grant moments of clarity:::What they tell you is deception; these “flashes are the truth. Heed these flashes for they illustrate that you are going the wrong way.
      If you are afraid I would ask you to think of all those girls from the past who received the god’s call and had the courage to sucessfully make their way down the path.

      The Old Testiment is a tool they used to impart wisdom to the people (except people have no freewill). For example, the gods warned us temptation would be used to test people. Also they must be some hominid species because they claim they made our bodies in their image. Anyhow we defile or deform the body will hurt our chance of going.
      They say circumcision costs people anywhere from 12%-15%, perhaps out of the parent’s time as well. There is a stigma associated with circumcision::We are 2nd class citizens because of it.
      Another way people foul the body today is with tattoes and piercing. I suspect both are about the same percentage as circumcision. They suggest abortion is fatal. Those women who have obtained an abortion must beg the gods to forgive them for their evil. And understanding the procedure (drilling a hole in the skull, scrambling the brains and sucking them out with a vacuum) amplifies the evil incurred. Those on whom this method is used are particularly disfavored for it hurts these women very, very badly::::Being a mid- and late-term procedure, they think through the disfavored, forcing these women to grapple over the decision, waiting until this method is necessary and compelling them into incurring more evil than the otherwise would have. (This method is evidence they don’t save these children for they don’t beem the brain into a clone host body. These are children who would otherwise have sccumbed in the absence of inocculations.)
      There are female equivilents to circumcision::::pierced ears, plastic surgury and since at least the 60s young women en masse give their precious virginity away. For thousands of years young people were matched at age 14 because they were ready for sexual relations. They were matched by elders or matchmakers (all of whom were clones!!) who were granted priveledge with Artificial Intelligence and matched couples based on favor.
      CASUAL SEX WILL CLAIM YOU OUT!!! It opens the door and allows the gods the freedom to justify creating disfunctions with Artificial Intelligence:::::they masculinize women (as does the hip hop subculture), it makes them cold and deadens them, and they instruct AI to prevent them from achieving a depth of love necessary for many women to ascend.
      There are other tactics used to accomplish this:::They told me years ago the BEST women are rendered cold with heartbreak instead of casual sex:::
      They instruct a disfavored man to work up a wonderful woman specifically to break her heart intentionally. This tactic emotionally deadens the women as does casual sex.
      These disfavored men lie to these good women and disceive them into falling in love, then break their hearts intentionally when told.
      If these women are considered as highly as is suggested then these men are doomed, for preying on wonderful women is the height of disfavor. The only thing worse would be to sell out your mother for a buck.
      Also ever since the 50s they have celebrated the “bad boy”, and women have sought out bad boys for sex, dirtying them up in the eyes of the elders and corrupting many men in the process, setting the men on the wrong path for life.
      Besides their roles as nurturers, love-givers and caretakers, their predisposition towards vulnerability, women have a special voice that speaks to them, a voice that illustrates their favor and the advantage of being female. They say when a female understands herself, her role as a member of the favored gender, when she progresses down the path and fixes her problems with the gods they will impart what wisdom she needs::::she doesn’t have to pursue education.
      These are the things that make women the favored gender, and engaging in casual sex will cause that voice to fade until she no longer speaks:::::::::
      Women who go to the baseball parks get feelings like they are doing something wrong, that they shouldn’t be there. Women out on New Orleans’s Bourboun Street don’t get these thoughs because they are sluts::::They have fucked away their women’s intuition.
      Muslims teach people the correct way to live in regard to women (among other things::the right way to pray (bowing down, 5x/day), vindictive god)::their women cover up their bodies and refuse the use of cosmetics, and (for the followers of the original clone, the monagamous Mohammed) it pays wonderful dividends:::faithful husbands and uncorrupted sons.
      Men ARE the inferior (disfavored) half and when women wear promiscuous dress the gods will push men into impure (promiscuous) thoughts. The “stereotype” society ridiculed is true::women CAN corrupt men by how they dress. Because men are easily corrupted. This is a technique the gods used to eliminate many of the institutions they originally blessed us with, matchmaking being one of them, midwivery being another:::They beemed the baby out and preserved the integrity of the vagina.

      Mohammed’s taking of multiple wives marked the entrance of his (evil) clone who was used to segment the Arab world into favored and disfavored factions. Similarly, assuming the accuracy of the dogma, the gods employed a(n evil) clone for Jesus Christ who was used to claim he was the son of god, opening the door for the worship of a false god. Both evil clones were used to mislead disfavored followers.
      Typical strategy states clone replacement policy. Realize just as Joshua may have gotten out with Moses so may Jesus’s disciples gotten out with him. If the discpiles WERE clones we can’t trust the New Testiment scriptures. If the gods permit the use of their power (ie miracles) it is a red flag for they only employ their power to hurt the disfavored (peaked euphoria:::homosuxuality, addition, etc).
      Jesus used to claim that god was “his father”.
      We may all be their children, for they refer to their clones as such, and if they colonized Earth they did so with clones.
      Jesus ISN’T evil, we ARE all their children for we are ALL their clones. Of course just as there are multiple clones of USPresidents running around at any given time (because of their importance) there were likely many Jesus clones, and not all of them were used for good.
      At the very most Jesus is just a prophet and you should never be so arrogant to think any one prophet is better than the others. Every prophet and each holy book can teach us and we should be attentive to all. Never be so narrow-minded to think your religion is the right way.
      Worshipping Jesus is worshipping a false god and that makes the real gods very angry. Too many of you think you’re golden because of Christianity. If you were “golden” you would have gotten out AT LEAST BEFORE 2000 BECAUSE THIS WAS A MAJOR EVENT!!!
      They made Christianity’s disfavored followers irrationally defensive, for they are so close to the path and otherwise could easily find their way.

      The United States of America is red white and blue, a theme and a clue:::.
      The monarchical system of the Old World closley replicates the heirarchical system of the god’s (Cousel/Management Team/ruling species) which is why so many of the purebloods around the world were blessed with it. The USA’s democratic system deceives people into thinking they have control, and the perception of “freedom” gives the Counsel/Management Team the freedom to position, for it opens the door for them to justify instructing Artificial Intelligence to create disfunctions:::a perception of empowerment, control, etc. The god’s efforts to spread democracy through the platform that is the United States are attempts to hurt disfavored people around the world (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq). The redeeming element in this environment is employment within the corporate heirarchy, which closely replicates the god’s. Unions and government jobs are dumping grounds for the disfavored, for they don’t prepare people and instead further this misconception of empowerment.
      Corporate is not representation. Corporate is evil. All corporate entities have favor and, like the United States redwhite&blue, are tools of the gods used to hurt the disfavored left behind, and the clonesofclonesofclones, puppets at the helm do as instructed and prey on the disfavored. The gods just position some organizations as more evil than others. But in a pinch they will use any to get the job done. If needed/wanted they will bury the results to maintain prior positioning.
      Corporate is part of a structural change in the Age of the Disfavored that became more pronounced as time wore on::diverse corporate proliferation of the last 25 years. Corporate, an environment where a level of materialism is EXPECTED, is part of the problem, for materialism is an evil preached against in the Old Testiment and yet another way to incurr evil on the disfavored left behind::materialism, greed.
      Nobody is going to save you:::: Jesus isn’t going to save his followers, stores/manufacturers aren’t going to save their loyal customers (NEVER shop exclusively in one place, never put all your eggs in one basket. It really doesn’t matter for the gods control everything and it is merely for positioning’s sake but it may be a test of intelligence.), employers aren’t going to save their employees, etc. These are delay tactics designed to pacifiy people and ensure they don’t find the path and instead get limited time. If they ask you to wait you are going to be CHEATED. The gods ask the disfavored to wait and wait and wait. Only those to whom they intend to grant consideration receive it promptly.
      This whole system is about us, the little people, the peasants, the disfavored left behind. The wealthy, the upper management of corporations, all those people are clones and are here to disceive us and mislead us. They are merely putting in their time, and after a coupe of years they will put a new clone in, ensuring none will receive much time.
      If the wealthy are not visible the gods don’t have to worry about clone rotation.
      If the wealthy are not visible the gods don’t have to worry about clone rotation.
      Of course there are many options open to the gods, for they have great freedom:::::
      1. They can create clones without brains in their cranial cavity and use Artificial Intelligence to make them behave as they wish, the ultimate in disposability.
      Never doubt their ability. Your disbelief is proof you are not giving the gods enough credit and illustrates you still are not thinking correctly.
      2. They can ask for volunteers/assign duty to individuals, beem their brain into a final clone host, one that will age and die, and rotate brains with that clone body, ensuring a minimal number of any given individual.
      There are many ways they can do it and they utilize them all, perhaps segmentted by some standard assigned by status?
      “The gods work in mysterious ways.” You’re never going to figure everything out. It is not your place and these efforts likely make them angry.
      If you are demanding of information or anything else from the gods they will be angered. This is a pathology which is a manifestation of the USA, an empowering environment that the gods use to justify instructing Artificial Intelligence to create pathologies. So many things in the 20th century were instrumental in this capacity:::plots/themes in movies, TV, music.
      It all exists to prey on the disfavored.
      Do the right thing. Be good and decent and pursue a path of righteousness. The examples of gossip mongering show this is yet another tactic designed to compel people to incurr evil, which limits the time they will get up there. My adivce is be good and decent and pursue your own business. And avoid their temptations to get involved, for this corrupt society is littered with such temptations.
      “Money is the root of all evil.” is not just a cliche. They use the wealthy to corrupt the typical peasant, using these clones to create a goal of greed within the little people and use the media to promote materialism and consumption to society.
      This whole system is about us, the disfavored left behind. And it is like this to keep us down.
      Only you can save yourselves through an improved relationship with the gods. Even if you go up you are not saved. YOU have to fix YOUR problems with the gods. They won’t respect it otherwise.
      You have to take responsibility for your relationship with the gods.

      The United States is a cancer, a dumping ground for the disfavored around the world and why the quality of life is so much lower::disturbing culture, gun violence, widespead social ills, health care issues (Pharmecuticals are designed EXCLUSIVELY to hurt the disfavored left behind by costing them a chance to ascend with their body, proof in the late (last 10 years) proliferation of pharmecutical advertizing on TV. You are sick/injured because you have disfavor.).
      Over time its citizens interbreed ensuring a severed connection to the motherland.
      Over time its citizens interbreed ensuring a severed connection to the motherland.
      Bi-racial opens a new category, just as the Americans did when shipped out of their motherland::Bi-racial individuals are another inferior sub-class of peasant that are to get even less time than their grossly disfavored predicessors lucky enough to retain blood purity. Its emergence late (last 40 years) is a red flag suggesting its negative status. I want to remind older people about the stong stigma against bi-racial unions, a beneficial taboo handed down from our forefathers, one that faded to black as the 80s wore on.
      The disfavored cast out to the United States did, in essence, become charter members of a new sub-class of citizen in the eyes of the gods, and as they began to mix they formed new sub-classes of people:::::
      1st Class – Purebloods in their motherland
      2nd Class – Disfavoreds cast out to the USA who retained their motherblood over the generations.
      3rd Class – Disfavoreds sent to America who bred intra-continentally (bloodlines within the same continent)
      4th Class – Disfavoreds banished to the United States who bred inter-continentally (bloodlines from different continents)
      The effective difference could be in level of priveledge up there or perhaps the amount of time they intend on granting you::The lower the class the less time you get (They don’t like to talk about how much time they are going to grant to people NOR about priveledge level.)
      If you are a recent immigrant I recommend you return. (Just as with the Europeans a century ago, siblings who remained behind have the favor in your family.) If that’s not possible you need to retain your culture and insulate your children and community from this cancerous environment. They send this clue with Chinatowns across the country, how many Chinese have been here for a century or more yet still retain the old ways, a sign of favor.

      People came to the Unites States for many different reasons, and each has its own effect:::bondage, political strife, religious beliefs, crop failure (Ireland’s potato famine, which of course the gods caused) and some left their beloved motherland because they were pushed into desiring a better life::::Greed, and these disfavored people were punished when the gods instructed AI to push them into becoming corrupted and preditory. They subsequently rewarded the corrupted Italians early this century so as to set the tone for the 20th century, the Age of the Disfavored, and used them to set an example for their own people and other disfavoreds within the United States. The gods sent this clue about “The Boot” (the Romans/Italians) again when European currencies merged:::::they ruined the value of the Lira prior to the merger, making the other countries foot this bill. Moral of the story::::The Italians are not to be trusted.
      The gods used “The Boot” (Italy) twice::: Roman Empire and 20th century. Italians had certain priveledges for being positioned in charge, one is a lower incidence of homosexuality in the population.
      Contrary to the perception, Italians have great disfavor, as do all inflicted with Catholicism:::I wonder if this was their punishment for the sins of the Roman Empire, the imperialism, the orgies???
      Opera’s sick themes were designed to corrupt the minds of the disfavored Italians. Once you recognize this I want to share that the Japanese also are grossly disfavored::they nearly produce distractions exclusively, their people are consumed by them, they have replaced their culture. What favor in Japan ocurrs rurally, and not near Nagasaki nor Hiroshima.
      Wealth is a corruptor and a sign a society is disfavored::::Eastern Europe (socialism/communism) has favor while their western counterparts struggle in their relationship with the gods. Also baseball is a clue a society is grossly disfavored (Altanta Braves greatness of last 20 YEARS!!!! preditory on this very disfavored city and the nation as a whole, Braves baseball on cable TV DAILY!!!).
      Cultures who embrace hard liquor as their drink of choice are grossly disfavored, tequilla being uniquely Mexican (Anything “hard” is wicked:::Hard alcohol, hard drugs, all porn.) or those who have a passion for drinking (Irish). Incidentally, another sign of gross disfavor are societies that consume spicy foods (Latin America, Thai, etc.), those who eat too much meat, engage in human sacrifice, ones who tattoo or pierce their bodies, those who celebrate evil (Celtic) or are inflicted with the Catholic Church. Contrary to what disfavored people believe, these peoples are not “earning” when they inflict their evil on others. Rather it is the source of their disfavor because the gods are scapegoatting them by hurting others with the problems the gods inflicted them with, ironically!!! Those who believe they are earning have become corrupted!!!
      Disfavored people want to minimize the god’s opportunities. These “open doors” give the gods the freedom to justify instructing Artificial Intelligence to create problems in the disfavored’s lives. The USA, Catholic Church, hip-hop, etc all give the gods the freedom to abuse you and your family. Identify and eliminate as many of these items as you can.
      The gods used “The Boot” twice, suggesting they are open to the idea of recycling:::Beem the structures and people off earth (into a star), beem out toxic waste and re-colonize the planet??? Planets require a investment and they may prefer to maximize its return.

      The gods will use whatever role players are at their disposal to justify their behavior to segments of society, 20th century gangsters used to position against the most disfavored among us, literally and telepathically::::They utilize levels of positioning. This is just another tactic the god’s use to instill hurdles along the disfavored’s path.
      There is an underlying positioning beneath this, as is the god’s way:::Levels of positioning used to confuse the disfavored, to add a hurdle, and I suspect 20th century WorldWars are a clue suggesting germanic control (Hitler a clue suggesting Austrian leadership). Not only is their dominance of evil warmongering in the 20th century a clue but so is their language, a gutteral, wicked sounding langauge which is a clue offered to the disfavored. Similarly the purpose of their composers, many of whom were Austrian, ALL of whom were clones (the favored children got out) was as a “high-level” distraction, a delaying tactic for those in that segment of society. Austrian Sigmund Freud is known as the father of psychoanalysis yet people have (mental) health problems because of their disfavor, illustrating the preditory purpose of this discipline, this individual.
      These people.
      They fought to save Christianity in The Crusades. Do they have proprietory rights over beer, the scourge of men??? Buswdeiser IS Austrian.
      They suggest people crave this product. I know it’s true. I’ve felt it myself and I don’t even drink!!! It’s because they are Austrian and the gods use Austrians as fucking preditors.
      (Much like US automakers, only one of these three companies is any good. You still shouldn’t be drinking beer. And yes, it doesn’t REALLY matter and yes, they are merely clones, but just as the gods will enforce prophecy so will they enforce positioning.)
      Martin Luther was a german and his teachings inspired the Reformation, good for the Germans and Christians throughout Europe. I wonder if Austrians would have tried to keep the Germans within the Church??
      I argue the Austrians were used to lead the misled/unwitting Germans into evil.
      Don’t allow that Austrian, who has already been used to create so much damage throughout the decades (The gods instructed/forced this individual’s series of clones to offer many clues.), into the White House. There won’t be death camps but the gods will use this open door and exploit your mistake and punish you for failing to pick up on the clues listed above.
      But I suspect the counsel/Management Team’s use of positioning doesn’t stop there. I suspect it may continue to “Earthly gods”, perhaps with Egyptian Pharrohs, perhaps some Asian kings as leadership? Unlike “made guys” or VIPs, these individuals’ reals may actually have a position within the Management Team for their status is very high. Their clone’s role could suggest their real’s importance:::::Of course their duties may not be Earthly due to bias.

      If you ever have doubt I would refer you to the Old World way of life:::the elders used to sit and impart wisdom to the young. Now we watch DVDs and use the internet. People would be matched and married by age 14. They village would use a matchmaker or elders (all clones!!) to pair young people. Now girls give their precious virginity away to some person in school and parents divorce (AS TOLD!!!) while their children grow up without an important role model. The people used to honor the gods and were rewarded with a high-quality of life for them, their children and their society. Now we have a deteriorating society on a collision course with the Apocalypse.

      The widespread emergence of innoculations was timed to coincide with other modern convieniences, setting the stage for the disturbing developments of the 20th century.
      All the following are contributing factors justifing the deterioration of society, for the gods compensated for this easy living in other ways; the gods made people pay for the modern convieniences of today’s society:::::
      1. Indoor plumbing. People used to walk distances and return with heavy buckets full of water.
      2. Freezer/refridgeration
      3. Canned foods.
      4. Mobility
      5. Instantaneous communications
      6. Freedom from pandemics through inocculations
      I think the god’s freedom to eliminate the descendants who had to pay for families or make widespread “corrections” (Black Plague) helped contribute to the decent society we enjoyed prior to the 20th century. Now those children live.
      It’s a contributing factor, justification for the deterioration of society which paves the way for The End.

      There are many examples throughout 20th century life of how they instilled distractions into society so people wouldn’t find the path and ascend, a way to justify excluding those whose family history makes them undesirable:::materialism, radio, sports, movies, popular music, television, video games, shopping. As we approached the end of the 20th century they accelerated their efforts:::the internet, the incredible increase in the stock markets, penny slot machines, etc, all deliberate attempts to ensure the disfavored are distracted/incurr evil (greed, justification for leaving the undesirable behind) and fail to make it up before this crucial date of 2000.
      Today’s high pay is a strategy::::It creates contentment/ability to distract self so people don’t seek more, hesitant to receive contradicting possibilities, dependant on what they are told telepathically, subject to deception in a captive environment::the disfavored feel as if they are “in”. It also opens the door for a materialistically-based lifestyle.
      They gods (Counsel/Management Team/ruling species) have deteriorated life on earth precipitously in the last 40 years, from a godless society to abortion to pornography, widespread drug use and widespread casual (gay) sex, bi-racial children, explosion of “big” people, single-parent households, latchkey kids and the masculinization of women (and hence (full) women’s prisons, participatory sports, etc. (Up until the past four decades it was the men who filled the prisons, the men who made trouble, the men who caused problems, and it’s because theirs is the gender with disfavor and why the gods send them off to die in war. Too many men still sign on to the “good ‘ole boy’s club” paternalistic type of mentality, an archaic dumping ground now designated for the grossly disfavored, and it is used to compel them to feel superior to women when just the opposite is true.) Anything that emerged since the advent of television and “fast food” should be be distrusted by the disfavored and viewed as tools of the gods designed to attack us.
      Anything that emerged since the advent of television and “fast food” should be be distrusted by the disfavored and viewed as tools of the gods designed to attack us.
      Anything anything anything anything anything anything anything anything anything anything
      Anything that emerged since the advent of television and “fast food” should be be distrusted by the disfavored and viewed as tools of the gods designed to attack us.
      Women are favored, are the element of decency, and as they become more like the men the society becomes more disfavored, goes downhill, as we are witnessing.
      There was a time, not so long ago, when no self-respecting woman would EVER set foot in a bar or a gambling hall. The only women who were in those type of establishments were of questionable morals, and there were far fewer of them than there are today.
      Tabloids offer details on celebrities lives. Celebrities are ALL clones. In fact they utilize multiple clones for important events (noteworthy movies, spotlight sporting events, etc.)
      Every one of them are clones, and all these incidents are staged::The gods tell these clone celebrities to commit their offense and offer these tabloids as temptation to the ignorant public. Tabloids are tagetted specifically to women, and the gods offer this information to hurt them, for they incurr evil:::::::they are enjoying the misery of others.
      All these people are evil. Their presence in their chosen profession is a statement regarding disfavor, legacy left from their real.
      And, much like all entertainers, sports, music, etc, they (their clone) wouldn’t be doing what they do if they weren’t evil. Their clones would be doing something good, something decent, something that didn’t hurt people.

      The Biblical account of Noah’s flood was regional to the disfavored Mediterrean (water levels lowered because of the ice age, habitation ocurred at seaside, land bridge at the Straight of Gibraltar “broke” through. Of course the gods desire maximum effect during these events so expect that they beemed in trillions of gallons into the Mediterreanean basin to enhance this event, especially in the east. Look for similar “effect-maximizing” behavior during future catastrophic events.), peoples whom the gods scapegoatted when they pushed/disceived them into the evil that justified the flood, behavior similar to that which we are witnessing today.
      Because they have leveled the playing field for all people (purebloods and mongrels) in the decades prior to the 21st century is a clue they will end globally this time (westernization, materialism, immigration/interracial, homosexual, access to disturbing media, desensitization, etc.

      The gods drew the disfavored out to California with the gold rush, peaking them euphorically::::::Gold fever (the same tactic they use to create addiction or create homosexuality).
      In time they created the current disturbing enviornment designed to prey on those disfavored’s descendants:::California led the social deterioration of the last 40 years as the gods escallated towards The End:::
      -Free sex, Summer of Love
      -Casual rug use
      -Music scene
      -Black Panthers
      -Hollywood. Movies were terrible until they mysteriously changed in 196x sometime.
      -Silicon Valley
      They implimented the deterioration of society over a century before it began in earnest.
      Recall how California was the source of “progressive” ideas, gay acceptance/marriage, bi-racial acceptance, open immigration (see above), godlessness, individuality, and how these ideas were used to infect the rest of the country, the rest of the world.
      Californians will be scapegoatted for The End, their “progressive” ideals used to perpetuate a “leveling of the playing field” worldwide. And don’t be suprised if California (is the first to) subducts::: the North American plate sliding under the Pacific plate.

      Because they have leveled the playing field for all people (purebloods and mongrels) in the decades prior to the 21st century is a clue they will end globally this time (westernization, materialism, immigration/interracial, homosexual, voyerism, pornography, access to disturbing media, desensitization, etc).
      The clues all suggest a very telling conclusion::this is Earth’s end stage, and there are signs tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction. Much as Italy’s boot and the United States shaped like a workhorse (with a fat ass) are clues, so is the planet Uranus a clue, its axis rotated on its side. Edgar Cayce was a tool of the gods in the 20th century, picking winners for and costing the disfavored Italian gangsters priveledge in heaven when he prophecized subduction being the method of disposal.
      Global warming should alarm people for it is a clue telling of the bleak future of Planet Earth.
      The Bible says fire will be our demise this time. Both subduction and “beemed to the center of a star” fit this description:::::Don’t think it will take as long as global warming suggests.
      The gods used “The Boot” (Italy) twice, suggesting the gods are open to the idea of recycling::: Beem the structures and people off earth (into a star), beem out toxic waste and re-colonize the planet??? Planets require a investment and they may prefer to maximize their return.
      Could they have already recycled earth before?

      The Mayans as well as others were specific December 21, 2012 would be the end. How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
      How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
      How long after our emergency call in 2001 will the gods allow us???
      The gods wrote prophecy in Revelation, had subsequent prophets foresee Earth’s demise for good reason:::they are going to end on Planet Earth.
      What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
      What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
      What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
      What else are they lying to you about? What else are they lying to you about?
      The gods wrote prohpecy for a reason:::They wrote prohpecy and conceived/implimented positioning because they intend on enforcing both. They didin’t ivest the effort only to abandon their plans at a later date.
      When people are saved at the end it will be clones and clonesofclonesofclones, not the disfavored people who have problems who were deceived into carrying on like they were “made guys”, and it will (was) be some theatrical event, forcing some of these clones to come back, for I think many of them no longer reisde on Earth.
      My message illustrating the path may be the disfavored’s last clue. All clues before have been more covert but this one is quite obvious indeed, which says time is running out.

      There are many ways they can play the deterioration of society as we move towards The End and you need to recognize it, for the door is open. I suspect the script is written, but the following is one idea they floated to me a couple of years ago::::
      They may one day send a message, creating desperation among the disfavoreds:::
      Have their redwhite&blue (favored) clones shut down their corporations, stop their economic activity, be it farming, canning, power production, etc. and close up shop. This would leave the few disfavored companies (Atlanta) to fulfill the demand, unless they instruct them to pull out as well, for they ARE all clones, and this “good/evil company” issue is merely positioning.
      They suggested they’d beem out all animals, be it livestock, etc., ensuring a heightened level of desperation. The resulting chaos would likley initiate the Apocalypse.
      Disfavored people shouldn’t be doing business with the favored.
      Beem me up please.
      (Atlanta is a very disfavored city and the gods instructed disfavored companies to locate there; Braves greatness of last 20 YEARS!!!! preditory on this very disfavored city. Baseball is a tool of the gods used to prey on the disfavored.
      They threatened they would maintain a hurricane at category 5 even as far inland as Atlanta to destroy the city for the second time.)

      Whereas Christopher Columbus marked the beginning of the end, the Holocaust marked the beginning of the final act, and it is a tragedy:::::
      The gods fulfill the role of evil by preying on the disfavored and using Artificial Intelligence to push the disfavored into wickedness, paving the way for The End.
      god is the Anti-Christ, if you put any credibility in this. The gods view it as a joke because Christianity is BY FAR the world’s WORST major religion.
      This may never be revealed because of the levels of positioning. Perhaps they would put in some puppet, use some german, perhaps a Pharroh or an antient Asian king to position this to the ignorant which allows the gods to come off clean, leaving a MAJOR hurdle for the disfavored to overcome somewhere down the road. But the gods ARE the source of misery for the disfavored. They promote evil and tempt people, instructing Artificial Intellignece to push them or disceive them into wickedness.
      god is the Anti-Christ. Christianity is BY FAR the world’s WORST major religion, and the proof lies wih the disallusion the throngs of Christians experience once they learn this reality. The “final test” was most effective on Christians, for the gods are not good and loving. The gods have quite a sophisticated taste for vengance and inflict disasterously on the innocent descendants (the population explosions of the last few centuries say something very disturbing.).
      god is the Anti-Christ. They LOVE irony like this. It is the apex of this theater.
      They LOVE to manage our lives, and they love the drama that results.
      To be god fearing is a very healthy thing.

      People must defy when asked to engage in evil. The Holocaust taught people the importance of defiance::our great grandparents should have defied when telepathically asked to ignore the Holocaust and instead reacted with outrage. I suspect some did::many were silenced while others were hustled off earth so as to not set an example. Now the gods have used that incident to justify punishing that generation’s decendants by ruining society.
      The gods imparted many other clues, another example being the incidents where women killed their children because they were told to. AT LEAST one child out of each family had to pay the price, and they will all stay less time than had they done it the right way and fixed their problems.
      Would YOU murder your children if they asked?? They also ask some people to be gay. Would you live a homosexual lifestyle if they requested?? Would you schedule your sex change operation?
      People will never get a easier clue suggesting the importance of defiance than the order not to pray. Their precious babies are dependant on the parents and they need to defy when asked to betray their children:::
      -DON’T get your sons circumcized (Jews scapegoatted as per the clue sent in WWII (like justification, scapegoatting a recurring theme:::Scapegoatting as a matter of policy. I believe Jews were scattered around Europe as a clue to misled Christians like the Amish are a clue in the United States today; the gods used the Austrian-led germans to dispose of this clue.)
      If you circumsized your sons it is a sign of gross disfavor and means you are being disceived. There are many levels of disfavor and the clues they offer to the unaware can be very subtle. Circumcision is NOT one of them.
      -DON’T have their children baptized in the Catholic Church or indoctrinated into Christianity (Jesus is NOT a god. Jesus teaches us the right way to think, and it is a message is so elementary that it is good only for the disfavored dumped into “insensitive meathead” category.
      The gods are not forgiving or begnign. They are vindictive and will punish you if you do something wrong.)
      -DON’T ignore long hair or other behavioral disturbances.
      -DO teach your children love, respect for others, humility and to honor the gods.
      -DO teach your children about the power within the god’s possession, if not directly then indirectly.
      And when you refuse a request defy the right way, withdrawn and frightened, for you don’t want to incite them by reacting inappropriately.

      You need to pray, honor and respect them multiple times every day to improve your relationship with the gods. If they tell you not to pray it is a bad sign. It means they’ve made their decision, they don’t want you to go and they don’t want to reconsider. You may have achieved a threshold of evil. This is the Age of the Disfavored and you need to pray:::::Attone for the things you’ve done wrong. Try to appease the gods by doing good deeds and improve the world around you. Focus on becoming “Christ-like”. Apply yourself to your children for I think this is the single best way for adults to try to redeem themselves in the eyes of the gods. Hopefully you can reearn enough favor to be allowed to pray. Otherwise you need to defy if you are to repair your relationship with the gods and give yourself a chance at significant time, not just a handful of decades.
      Otherwise you need to defy if you are to repair your relationship with the gods and give yourself a chance at significant time, not just a handful of decades. Each individual has a relationship with the gods and you need to repair yours. Nobody is going to do it for you nor is anybody going to save you. This is not respectable and the gods do not respect it:::You must repair YOUR relationship with the gods yourself.
      If you are a clone, if you have “seen”, you more than anybody should honor the gods for you know their great power:::you have seen it firsthand. They share that they prefer most clones not pray and segment them like they do disfavoreds left behind, for it will limit the time they will receive, JUST LIKE THEY DO TO TYPICAL DISFAVOREDS!!! The gods deceive them to achieve this, for fresh clones are easily misled, setting them in the wrong direction and compelling these individuals into a pattern that excludes honoring their creator, limiting the time they are to receive. You need to discover your humanity, get out of that gear they put clones in and this will only happen though progress, continuing effort towards self-improvement.
      When your peasant forefather was granted the rare opportunity to go before his royal family he went on his knees, bowing his head, humbled and frightened. You need to do this when you address the gods::bow down and submit to good. Never cast your eyes skyward. When you bow down you need to look within. Never look to the gods for you have the key to your own salvation. Remain silent and never address the gods directly for this is disrespectful. Practice patience and wait for them to address you:::never speak unless you are spoken to.
      Nobody is going to do it for you. People need to save THEMSELVES by improving THEIR relationship with the gods. If you comply and don’t pray you will get fifty years IF you go and then you will die, they will beem you to the center of a star. PLUS your level of priveledge will be much lower than had you repaired your relationship with the gods appropriately. Each one of us has a relationship with them and you need to fix your relationship with the gods. You need to SAVE YOURSELF by improving YOUR RELATIONSHIP with them.
      The gods mislead people into a delay mode::: “Somebody will fix your problems for you.”, “The Second Coming of Christ will save everybody in the end.”, “You have to “die out”.”. Only YOU can save YOU, and YOU KNOW IT, just as Mohammed’s clone’s followers KNOW polygamy is wrong::::: they know it as sure as they look at their daughters, as sure as they recall playing with their sisters as children, as sure as they remember basking in the love of their mothers.
      It’s wrong.
      We all have a relationship with the gods. And you need to repair yours. The gods demand decency and respecability or you will be gone quickly. Take responsibility for your relationship with them and work to improve it.

      Lack of humility hurts people, and the “empowering” environment that is the United States is an open door used to justify instructing Artificial Intelligence to amplify this problem. Understand your insignificance and make sure it is reflected in the way you think when addressing the gods. You are but a grain of sand on a vast beach, a drop in the ocean that is the universe. They are great and powerful and angry. Know your place, understand your inferiority and be afraid. They allowed (granted) you life and they can take it just as easily. (Immaculte conception IS true AND COMMON. Many people have children they don’t know of:::gays, childless adults, etc. They can beem it right out of your body and use a host.)
      You are not cool. Too many young men strive for cool and it hurts them, as does all things targetted to males (professional sports, video games, beer, pornography, vehicle racing, heavy metal rock, cursing, competitive or dangerous/risky career, etc. The women who enjoy any of these activities are ALL disfavored.). Be afraid and make sure you think the right way when you address them daily. Too many people are deceived by this casual enviornment they create in people’s minds today. This does people a great disservice and it hurts them in the eyes of the gods. Try to eliminate it and avoid allowing it back once you have. Be very reverent and respectful whenever you address them no matter how they may encourage the opposite.
      I was observing the protesters at the anti-war protest. Some were saying terrible things about an important person.
      If they were back in the old world they’d lose their head for this, and it would be the very best thing for the others to see.
      To live under a monarchy with an iron fist would be optimal conditioning for the disfavored, for it helps them understand their role in a relationship with the gods.
      Don’t get frustrated or discouraged::these are techniques they will attempt to try to get you off the path. You all have much to be thankful for and you need to give thanks to the gods who granted you the good things in life::friends, family, love. Your family may be grossly disfavored and progress may require patience. Make praying an intregal part of your life which you perform without fail, one that comes as naturally as eating, voiding, conception OR THINKING!!!!!. I think sleeping and aging are both artificial, dynamics the gods INFLICT on the disfavored unable to fix their problems and escape Earth in a timely manner.
      Accept your new life and be devoted because if you have doubt or reservation they will exploit this weakness and progress will take longer to achieve, the “testing” phase will be extended. Don’t give them any opportunities, don’t allow them any open doors because they will use them, adding hurdles along the way and making the path even more difficult.
      The gods will employ many tactics to keep people off the path, such as distractions. They will employ many more to get them off, such as thinking through the disfavored and making them frustrated, perhaps engaging in retailiation. They may try to force you back into old patterns/routines, an addiction like smoking or when you felt weekly church attendance was sufficient. Asking you not to be gay immediately is a tactic to prevent you from finding/following the path. Be resigned, be devoted and this testing period will be as brief as your disfavor will allow.
      There are many interesting experiences up on the planetary systems, from Planet Miracle, where miracles happen every day, to peaked (heightened) senses, never having to use the restroom again (beem it out of you), body sculpting (including beeming fat off of you), other body experiences, such as experiencing life as the opposite sex (revolutionizes marriage counseling), an Olympic gold medal athelete or even a different species (animal, alien, etc). They can maintain the disfavored’s current age, a motivation to fix your problems and get out as soon as possible so you can stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
      Stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
      Stay young for as long as your relationship with the gods allows you to live.
      Of course there are NEGATIVE consequences for a life of corruption::::: reincarnation that forces rebirth on the victim. They have said they have rebirthed sexist men as pigs but also have REBIRTHED REALS AS CLONES, AND MAKE THE NEWLY MADE CLONE CONSCIOUS AT AGE 6 (or 60), not aware they are reals from a prior life, HIGHLY su

    135. More consumers need to have an understanding of what this is and the way it can help, I thoroughly enjoyed your posting and I’m hoping that others did aswell. BTW I hope you don’t my if I link this to my site, becuase i know my readers want this, Thanks. Thanks

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