And today’s special guest is… (Updated)


…I don’t know.

But there have been days around the Rangers when you assume there’s going to be repercussions from a bad loss, and today would certainly be one of them.

If I had to guess, someone will be up from Hartford for practice in less than an hour after last night’s….actually I don’t know what you call it, but “here’s my story, anyway”:

*UPDATE, 11:15 a.m.: Never mind. No new faces on the ice, although there is still a chance the team calls someone up later in the day, as has been done in the past. More later…*

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  1. “If I had to guess, someone will be up from Hartford for practice in less than an hour after last night’s….actually I don’t know what you call it”

    Sam, you’ve just made me very happy….but i’ll be EVEN HAPPIER if you tell me that the reason for this is that Malik has been traded for a pick, or has been outright waived!!!


  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, great job.

    This from Steve Zipay via Spector’s Trade Rumors:


    NEWSDAY: Steve Zipay recently reported the NY Rangers are reportedly interested in impending UFA forwards Keith Tkachuk, Brendan Morrison, Bill Guerin and Jozef Stumpel to bolster their slumping offence. Nothing appears imminent but head coach Tom Renney didn’t rule out the possibility.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to “Paul” and “Sean”. The problem for the Rangers is what to part with to land those kind of players. It’ll likely cost them a good young player or a promising prospect. ”

    The offense isn’t the problem when compared to our swiss cheese defense!

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I figure he’s pulling the Larry Brooks. What do you think Sam? You think you can get him to reveal his sources?

  4. you haven’t been following this organization very long if you are expecting any kind of repercussions or accountability. sure they might talk about it and threaten to send guys down or whatever. but in the end they will do nothing…

  5. Sam, do you think all of the terrible officiating against the Rangers is maybe due to the fact that Bettman is an Islanders fan? He’s said it in the past that he grew up an Islanders fan, so it kind of seems fishy to me.

  6. i’d take Morrison….but out of the rest….hmmm…

    Guerin can still shoot the puck…no doubt about that after i went to the swamp the other night (work outting…no way would i pay to sit in that building)….he rips ’em….but JD ain’t stupid…he’d know what he wants, and IMO, we aren’t gonna be giving up anyone that he’ll want (or at least i hope we wouldn’t :-P)


  7. I think renneys drastic move will be sitting either hollweg or hall for Orr. that will be his big move..
    Kaspars game has really taken a dive. he is no longer a presence on the back line, and he’s is def a step behind…Ward is the new Dave Karpa…

    as far as hartford call ups…how do u not give cally a chance, not just for 2 gms w/ 2 min ice time…let the kid center the 4th line and see what he can do…a line of hollweg-callahan-orts would be nice…

  8. Sam,
    Great, GREAT! blog, been reading it all year… i guess you could say first time, long time (for me)… anyway, can you please ask Renny, why he insists on using adam hall on the power play. PLEASE!!!

    Mike Keanen would use his top 2 lines as his 2 power play units on every team he coached. He would brag about the fact that he would nbever practice the powerplay and still have one of the top 5 power play percentages in the league. We all see what Jagrs line does 5 on 5, imagine if they would play the power play together???

  9. So we’re going after Guerin or Tkachuk or whatever overpaid vet? Don’t you think GM’s like Davidson the former Bloated Shill knows that we’re desperate? Who do we think is going for a Guerin or Tkachuk? Montoya, Prucha, Pock, Dawes et al. That’s who’s going. Before Sather leaves town he will flushing this team so far down the toilet we’ll need scuba gear to figure out what happened. What a joke?

  10. Longtimerangerfan on

    Sam, I love the Rangers and I love hockey…in my opinion, the greatest team game in the world but now, thank God, I live in Pinehurst(used to live in Ct)and can play golf all winter long so have something to take my mind off the blundering fools that run the Rangers. Next year I’m going to think long and hard before I shell out the hundred plus bucks for NHL Center Ice.
    Look me up if you get down this way, we can play at one of the forty something courses that are within 15 min of my front door.

  11. I was dumbfounded when they couldn’t get revved up for the Islanders. And then completely collapsing in the second period after they collected themselves after the Islander game is astonishing. These are pros, not pre-teen players who just want to try and have fun.

    Where is the professionalism that each of the players has expressed on other teams during their long hockey careers?

    The third period was exciting, but it is not something to build upon. They shouldn’t have been in that position to make that game exciting. The D was awful. They look like the Keystone Cops in their own zone.

    Someone needs to step up and pull the players together. I think Shanny is the only one who can do it. If this malaise can’t be corrected in the next few games, then identify your core players who are untouchable (kids) and let the league know everyone else is available for youngsters and high draft picks, and then bring up the Wolf Pack and have them earn their NHL skates. The only non youngster who should not be discussed in a trade, unless he decides he wants out, is Shanny. He should decide for himself. In a very short time, he has proven worthy of the Ranger Blue.

  12. Rangers are going into Boston, eh? Sounds like it’s time we resign Bobby Carpenter. That’ll show ’em — and give us some fresh legs…

    Stumpel? Tkachuk?

    Players are like fine wine — the older they get, the more expensive and the greater chance of being corked. Drink up, Sather, you bum.

  13. enough with the outside help ENOUGH.

    keep the top six from the third together cut the cord with some of the ECHLERS and bring up some fresh blood

    prucha staka jagr
    hossa nylander shanny
    callahan cullen orty
    hollweg betts byers

    rozy pock
    ward toots
    baranka malik

    thats as fair to renney as i can be obviously he doesn’t want to get rid of all his buddies but come on throw us a bone or something

  14. by the way rachunek and kaspar QUIT last night half way through the second. don’t get me wrong they were bad the whole way but they literally QUIT half way through the period. they don’t deserve to play again for a long time.

  15. is anyone actually surprised that no one was called up?? i laugh at how everytime they lose people think the organization is gonna wake up and make changes despite the fact that they did nothing every other time in the same situation.

  16. the only young “prospect” I would give up for those names is Jessiman (who I think all now know will never make it). No top 3 round draft picks either.

    Unfortunately I think they will do a panic move whereas they should try to see if any of their non core players could bring back a draft pick. By core I mean HL; Tyutin despite last night; top line for now; Shanny; PP; – EVERYONE else should be fair game. A panic move will be even worse if the guy has another year on his contract like Ozo did (that was the absolute worst part of that deal)

  17. I would throw out if I see Malik & Kaspar on the ice again. They’re totally useless…
    Don’t you think that they haven’t called up nobody because they’re finalazing some trades?

  18. Ward, Hossa and Betts all scored last night! Sather should be on the phone this morning with a “Get ’em while they’re hot” pitch.

  19. Sam- Haven’t been able to post here in a while with allot of school work on my desk here in Sweden.

    Though, thought Id chip in with some thoughts on Pöck and the D.

    I feel the efforts of getting Pöck into the lineup is kind of like trying to get one of thoose qubick block to fit in a round hole.

    Pairing a offensiveminded D with a offensive minded D aren’t exactly a new invention in Hockey. With Kaspars effectiveness seriously hampered I think something must be done with our blueline.

    Rachunek and Pöck will never workout well, not only are neither of them good defensivly to play that role, but both prefer the rightside. The fact that Kaspar seems to struggle to keep his spot despite of it speaks volumes.

    I am a little suprised that more aren’t talked about to fix this issue.

    I also wonder if Renney aren’t seeing the forrest because of the threes, lets say we only had Pöck or Kaspar, and they played like they did, I wouldn’t at all been suprised if Girardi were given a shot…

  20. I think our Blue line is terrible…actually beyond terrible…most of the time. The thing i dont understand is there are games when the team plays very well and tight hockey. Even Malik to me plays really well some nights and then horrendous the next. I love Renney, he seems like a great and smart guy, but dont you think a good coach should be able to get a team to play their best all the time. This team has potential to be good but half the time they are playing lazy, sloppy hockey and look like they dont even care. Back when Keenan was coach he wouldnt stand for that and thats why he was so great. Remmember 94 playoffs game 4 against the Devs when keenan sat all the stars becuase they were playing horrible. everyone critisized him for doing so but look what happened afterwards!! Renney needs to learn to bench jagr to make a statement when he gives the puck away 20 times a game leading to scoring chances or goals. Instead what does he do? He benches Nylander once for a high sticking penalty which was a pure accident. Give me a break….bench the right people that make terrible mistakes all the time whether they are a star or not and make a statement to the whole team instead of being their friends. Maybe then we would see some consistency from this team.

  21. Sam, what have you heard recently from the rumor mill?
    At the game last night, I was told by another season subscriber that he was talking to a friend who works for (or with) the Rangers, and that he heard it was all but certain that Brian Leetch would be back on Broadway by the time the team returns from the All-Start break.
    I gotta say… I was never a proponent of bringing Leetch back, but after seeing what the defense did, or rather, didn’t do last night, I’m having second thoughts. Not strong ones… but there nonetheless.

  22. Here’s what is so messed up: Brendan Shanahan is on this team. One of hockey’s toughest players and best leaders and the Rangers STILL don’t show up, even after an a–whupping by the Isles. If he hasn’t fixed the soft attitude, who could?

  23. leetch is not coming back not to discredit you in anyway but the guy stopped skating months ago. he’s retired. forget him.

  24. Forget Leetch he will not make this any better only worse. I wish they sent Kaspar, Malik and Hall to Hartford as I think they are AHL ready. Also I am wondering why Jagr was throwing puck at the net at the end of 3rd period last night since there was nobody at the to collect the rebound. Effortless game – great 10 minutes do not make up for lazy game. I am disgusted with this team!

  25. sam i just read your story and to be honest you guys in the media did exactly the thing we as fans feared the most. you focused on the comeback. a comeback that only happened because ottawa stopped playing. 5-0 and the rangers rolling over to die and ottawa stopped. otherwise this game is 7 8-0. what you should have focused on and this is not just you but all the writers should have been a too little to late article focused on putting MORE pressure on management to make changes like you guys did two days ago. a buddy of mine posted right after the game. “worst thing that could ever have happened” and he was referring to the comback attempt because he like the rest of us knew that that would be the story today and all it does is give managment some extra time to avoid the obvious. that changes need to be made. the media should be our voices should be our ears. not one fan wants to talk about or hear about the comeback not one fan wants to talk about or hear aboutthe missed penalty and certainly not one fan wants to talk about or hear about the pride and resiliency they showed in the third. we want to know what the team plans on doing about being embarrassed two nights in a row at the garden.

  26. Leetch, I heard is still keeping in shape. Bringing him back at this point may not only be too late but would just be a PR move so Ranger fans can forget their troubles and heap praise on Dolan and Sather, who would admit their mistake in trading him.

    The problems begin with Dolan and Sather, and continue to filter down through the organization. Something is rotten internally, but none of us can put our finger on it. I thought Sather saw the light (actually the impending stoppage open the door to the dark room for him) and we were moving in the right direction. Who screwed this up and will he (they) pay for it?

    Ranger fans are the most knowledgeable and loyal NHL fans. We’ll suffer through losses if the effort and growth is there. But, where is it this year? Get rid of the rotten area and begin anew.

  27. also if they sign leetch and he doesnt pan out they’re stuck with his salary against the cap. we dont need a quick fix, we need to make some smart moves for the future

  28. Rangers management doesn’t really get criticized. The fact that the Rangers have had one playoff round since 1997 seems to have been forgotten. This organization is a failure under Sather and Renney will do nothing and roll the same team out vs Boston expecting something different.

  29. Comeback is good ONLY if they comeback and at least take the game to OT! This was an attempt to comeback which resulted in a failure for the 3rd time this season! Now Islanders came back last night against Boston and won a game in OT – that is a come back! The BS show that Rangers put on last night is not worth jacksh$t!!!

  30. tsalad : Well Renney has faith in his team!!! How can you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result? That goes back to the end of last season where Rangers had to win 1 game to clinch but ended up losing 7 in a row. Renney is “when not sure what to do it is safer to stick with what you have” menatlity coach. Which sucks because it will not fix itself shake up is in order people need to be sent down or traded, new blood has to be brought up. I mean after an awful loss even more effortless game – pathetic… But the main point remains Rangers NEED a new coach to shake things up!!!

  31. The problem is one of accountability. As long as the Dolans own the team, it will never change. There is no accountability with the Knicks or Isiah would have been gone a long time ago. And we all know that Sather has a lifetime contract. Nothing is going to change anytime soon. We can only hope we don’t see deals for more veteran re-treads before the deadline.


  32. They sure do, but with Sather calling the shots a new coach would be some stiff that will be a yes man for Sather. That is if the past shows us anything.

  33. Last year, as we now see, was a fluke, and a good run at the end was affected by the Olympics. However, we all accepted it as advancement and the new order of things in Rangerland, expecting to advance to the next step this year. But, nothing has really changed. As long as the Dolans own the team, we are stuck with this mediocrity, because they see the teams as revenue generators for their cable programming, have no idea how to develop a winning team, and see financial losses as tax deductions on the overall corporation.

  34. LOL!!! Rangers signed picked up Jason Krog now our problems solved! I hope Rangers are trying to get Nedved from Edmonton and Jeremy Roenick from Phoenix will be great additions to the team we have now ;)))

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