Ron Low is in the building (and John Muckler, too)


Sorry, had to mention it.

Among some other sights pre-game: Darius Kasparaitis traipsing around the Garden ice in sneakers; a five-minute major penalty assessed to Thomas Pock on the Garden scoreboard (and you’re wondering why he’s scratched); and Tom Renney literally backed against the wall while assessing the play of Adam Hall.

I’ll give you the verbatim in a second, but I doubt there’s anything a coach could say that’s going to make Hall anything more than he is to Rangers fans: a colossal disappointment. That the 26-year-old Michigan native has scored just four goals since coming here is one thing. That he’s scored four goals in place of Garden favorite Dominic Moore, though, is why Hall has become a lightning rod on 33rd Street.

“He is one of those guys, quite honestly, that we could use more physical play from,” Renney said.

So why does Hall keep playing? It’s a fair question, and one that might become more of an issue on Saturday, when Colton Orr is eligible upon completion of his five-game suspension (I know, Orr for Hall is not exactly the answer to all your prayers). But just as we discussed in the previous post, Renney is more likely to err on being too patient with a veteran than not patient enough.

Maybe Hall rewards the coach by emerging from his funk. Or maybe he doesn’t, and he comes to embody everything that has frustrated fans all season.

More later…

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  1. “”””””””So why does Hall keep playing? It’s a fair question”””””””””””

    because you have to CONVINCE Renney that facts outweigh blind, irrational faith.

    It is like Renney is hanging on to the edge of a cliff, and the cliff is made up of Renney retread vets.

  2. Sam:

    Compare Tom’s approach with that of Lindy Ruff. Accountability is non-existent if it is not the same for all players, youth or vets.

    Pock scratched again? Amazing. BTW, Marek Zidlicky had another 3 assists in a Pred win against the Ducks. You remember Marek……he was not good enough to be a Ranger accourding to Glen Sather.

  3. Thank God we don’t have to listen to Messier in studio anymore. “Uh, er, well obviously, er uh obviously it’s er a big game, obviously.” Great Mark, stick to selling your flu stuff, obviously! Hull is a welcomed addition.

    SAM, you interviewed Aaron Ward in the paper and he mentioned a Vietnam book that he read that he said was awesome. I read a lot of war books and was wondering if you knew what it was.

    Thanks a bunch a keep up the good work.


  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the direct quotes. Great job as usual. (P.S.- typo “upon completion *oof* his five…”

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I can’t watch or listen to the game, so I’d love to hear lots of commentary on who is playing well, who is not, and anything else re: the game.

  6. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i feel bad for weeks ,i am not a fan of his but he is actually keeping the game close. oops i spoke too soon3-0

  7. You SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!!! Shame, play like pu**ies! They look just TERRIBLE. I’m done for today. And this stupid Renney face after Sens goals… Jeeezzz!!!!!!!!!

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    brett hull just was amazing in the studio .he wanted to know why hall was on the power play ,sam said he has not produced like they hoped , hull said all the more reason to put him out there. he also said they need to find him someone otherr than cullen to play with shanny ,they immidiately tols him it was good to see him and told him bye bye .i guess his honesty is too much for sam and joe and the garden to take for ore than 5 min.

  9. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this piece of shit malik gets caught almost every shift.this is what happens when you have 7 4th liners in the lineup every game

  10. once again this team looks like garbage, 4-0 Sens and the Rangers are looking totally uninterested in competing.

  11. what the heck is this? on

    wow we look solid again…real tough in our own zone and real careful with the puck

  12. czechthemout!!!!! on

    racoon another piece of shit who plays instead of tomas “itsall his fault “ is clear that team is tuned out renney because nomatter how bad they play , the only vet to get benched is nylander once , or any rook in the line up.

  13. goodbye, Tommy boy. back to the player personnel dept. for you. you can shuffle papers instead of lines.

  14. Doodie Machetto on


    you could’ve made your point without the language. but if it means anything, I agree with you.

  15. None of this was Weekes fault and Renney pulls him out… great “coach”… I’m sorry but what the f*** Malik does on the ice??? Right now he’s one of the worst defenseman I’ve ever seen in this league!!! Kasparaitis is not even better… please God have mercy! Ottawa is flyyyying over us tonight. Renney must go!

  16. renney protects weekes from a blowout, but he had no problem leaving Henrik in to absorb the embarrassment in toronto. this guy is a joke.

  17. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i Am sorry doddie. iam just so fed up with this crap that i am seeing out there. with the exception of jagr, nylander,straka,cullen prucha,shanny, ,betts,orts can anyone honestly say that the rest of the forwards are better than any of the wolfpacks’ dubinsky,dawes,byers,callahan,korpikoski,moore,immo

  18. If all the fans at the Garden can do is come up with unsustained sporadic booing while this outrage is perpetrated, then they’re as lazy as the team and they deserve this team, the management and the ownership.

  19. I would not give any props to any of those forwards either. the last 2 games they have been horrible in the defensive end.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    sorry i am noot vinnypooh but i decided to call him that in his honor because it is so appropriate when it comes to renney , especialy after sams story on his retarted logic .

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Start the Fire Renney chants is I think the solution he’s looking for.

    Understood CTM.

  22. “what should they do genius? Burn the joint down?”

    You’re right. They should probably sit there quietly with their thumbs up their butts, inhaling anything and everything that management sprays in their direction. Because management knows that passionless fans like you will always line up for tickets next season. Enjoy.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Three goals by those bottom liners and all of a sudden there is silence from the peanuts gallery.

    I’m still stickin with Hossa.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    It was for dramatic effect!

    Games like this are why this team frustrates me so much! They can play so well at times but can’t string a whole game together.

  25. someone explain why after there was some hard work and goals scored by betts, ward and ortmeyer…they dont see the ice from about 7mins left, on to the end of the game?

    please tell me.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “someone explain why after there was some hard work and goals scored by betts, ward and ortmeyer…they dont see the ice from about 7mins left, on to the end of the game? ”

    Someone clamoring for Ward and Betts? I thought I’d never see the day.

  27. …and thank you refs too… what a frustrating game… Anyway, this is I believe first time I saw Renney scream and curse at refs this season…

  28. doodie, gimme a break. ward, betts, i dont care if its jeff toms. at least they were throwin the puck at the net. maybe you noticed, that actually worked. i know i know, lets have more of nylander looking for a pass 2 inches in front of the net.

  29. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this was the worst possible result, because all this will do is reinforce that dopes stubborness about what he is doing.and doodie, you can stick with hossa all you want.the fact of the matter is he sucks. thats now 6pts in his last 107 games WOW doodIE you and wildcard are right and we are all wrong hossa is great!!!!!!!!but i digress.this game proved my point that you need more than 5 nhl clliber forwards in this league to win , that will be it for the bottom feeders on this team for the next 20 games.our 3 and fourth lines are 30th in the nhl in scoring.

  30. weekes was par for the course. usually lets in about 4 a game and thats what he did. terrible for weekes is 7 8 goals great for weekes is 2 3 goals. par for the course well 4 5 goals.


    But, I really don’t understand how Hossa gets nailed so hard. Almost every other Ranger tonight sucked way worse and still people whine about him. To me, he seems like one of the few players who actually gives a crap, even if he isn’t the most talented guy ever.

    That being said, this was a pathetic disgrace to the organization and the jersey and no 3rd period excitement — and that was exciting — can change it. Renney must go. jagr needs someone to tell him that standing around isn’t defense. Nylander needs a punch in the face AND a kick in the butt. Maybe all the players should be given season tickets so they can watch from the stands instead of the ice and we should call up the entire Pack — including the full coaching staff. And maybe the Zamboni driver.

    Trade anyone. Waive everyone. Pull Sather and Renney’s work visas…anything.

    Is tingling in my left arm bad?

  32. Glad to see the Rangers showed up for 20 mins after Renney’s tirade after the Isles lost. Maybe next game they can get in 40 mins of good play.
    Weeks should never ever ever start vs the Sens as his record against them Ranger and pre Ranger speaks for itself. Yea why change anything when its going this well.

  33. czechthemout!!!!! on

    my response was to doodie’s comment about sticking with the way cris,did you watch hossa and how much he cared on the first goal and how much he cared in the second ?

  34. This was an exact microcosm of the what the season has been thus far. Win 5 lose 7 win 4 lose???? Spot the opposition 5 come back with 4.

    See Saw all the way to 10th in the conference.
    Never develop anyone from the farm.
    Hold no one accountable for their play except rookies with potential and may actually learn from them.
    Get a mid-round draft pick that never pans out.
    Use propaganda to tell the fans they must be patient during the “rebuild”.
    Play more vets than prospects during a “rebuild”.
    Following the most backwards organization in the NHL…Priceless!!!

  35. czechthemout!!!!! on

    4rangers you mean 32 of the last 54 don’t you? by the way renney actually seemed a little giddy during the post game show .

  36. Can someone please tell me why Jagr is the captain of this team? Shanny is always the person waiting to talk to officials at the end of the game or going over to question calls. I’m sure he does most of the talking in the locker room. Jagr disappears during the game. It’s ridiculous.

  37. no, I was just talking about this season, because when we bring up the record since Feb.11, the pollyannas go crazy and say how dare you bring up last season. and then they proceed to bring up last season by saying that Renney got them to the playoffs,look at the job he did. they want it both ways.

  38. What do you mean Pock isn’t the problem? The next personnel change is to send him to Hartford….

    Dolan sell the team.
    Sather drop dead.

    No, wait! Sather! Fire Renney, then drop dead.

  39. it was hysteria not giddiness, you know when you are so pissed you just can’t believe it and start crackin up to yourself, that was renney tonight he was boiling over.

    well the one change you will see is darius kasparitis either heading to the pressbox or being waived outright. he played himself off the team tonight no doubt in my mind. i’d be SHOCKED if you saw him again anytime soon.

  40. Renney will do nothing. Sather will just tell him to simmer down and take it like a man and Tom will.

  41. czechthemout!!!!! on

    what i want to know is why do some of the kool aid drinkers onthis sight never admit to the fact that the team has 7 minor leaguers on it masquerading as “young vets with promise”when real promising rooks are keptin cold storage in hartford?the truth will set you free kooladiers.

  42. Renney in postgame: “This is something to build on.”


  43. czechthemout!!!!! on

    yes prucha is the 5th he does have ten goals this year considering the misuse of him buy renney dope ,putting him on the fourth line,messing with his brain telling him how he does not want him to get 30 goalsthis year he would be happy if he only scored 15 and be +15.i can live with him taking a small step back this year ,he deserves the benefit of the doubt based on last year.he also will still probobly get around 18-22 goals this year,wich is not bad.

  44. I lost track, are the pollyannas now the kool aid drinkers or is it a different group than the People’s Front of Judea?


  45. One minute to go, down by a goal, pull the goaltender and put Marcel Hossa on the ice??? C’mon coach, give me a break.

  46. are you kidding? Hossa is the greatest player in the league. No goalie can stop him. His coach has the ultimate confidence in him. Opponents quake in their boots when the see the big Hoser, er, I mean Hossa.

  47. I love it…Renney thinks this is something the team can build on. He , nor anyone else in the organization, gets it anymore. We are doomed worse than we even realize. 8th place finish (if we are lucky), an early exit from playoffs again, and no youth developed at NHL level, again.

  48. I’m sorry but i dont understand why you are all so hard on hossa. i dont think it was so bad that Renney put hossa on when the goalie was pulled. He is very effective at handling the puck and hes got a lot in him. Maybe you all shouldnt be so hard on him. Who should renney have put on?? Jagr?? why so he can try to do something and then make a stupid pass and give it away so ottawa can score in teh empty net? Im glad he put hossa on and you should all give him a little bit more credit i think.

  49. I think Renney would be the most awesome high school coach…..loyal, sticks with players, blind faith…

    things kids need to push forward.

    He is probably a very decent family man, too.

    But the NHL is the end of the line. If you don’t make it, we cannot stick with you. His blind faith and loyalty is killing us over two seasons. He has to go.

    We cannot feel too sorry for him. He’s likely made more money in two seasons than many of us will make in 20 years. He may be great in the lower levels of the organization encouraging —–well, I was going to say young players, but he doesn’t even seem to like them.

    scratch this post and can him.

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