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There are thin walls at the MSG Training Center, to the extent that I am struggling to write because a handful of players — the always verbose Aaron Ward surely being one of them — are yucking it up in an adjacent room.

That’s my first excuse of the day. What exactly are the Rangers?

Among the concerns: They’re not tough enough. “They bowed down too easily to an inferior opponent last night at the Garden”: Their best hockey has been born of desperation, and for whatever reason, this disparate collection of athletes from around the globe aren’t very desperate.

I’m sure there are many of you who would like the next line of this entry to be something along the lines of, “and so the Rangers have traded Adam Hall for…” or “with that the team has called up…” But I’m not sure that’s going to happen anytime soon.

“We’re always going to try to improve ourselves. There are options. My preference is to ensure these guys get the message and get the job done,” Tom Renney said. “You never rule stuff out. You can’t. We’re here to win.”

What’s interesting to note is that while Renney and other Rangers today spent most of the time talking about how the team needs to be more physical, there was the concession that the team, as its currently constructed, has to overcome its own nature. But even then Renney said much of last night was unacceptable.

“Physical for me might be different than physical for you,” the coach said. “For me it’s going hard to the net. It’s going for loose pucks. It’s taking the last two strides to complete whatever the task might be. I love Western Hockey League hockey, the hockey back home that I was weaned on. But that’s not what we’re made of, quite honestly. At the same time, that doesn’t mean I don’t demand of them to take the last strides to complete the deal.”

Some other news:

  • Looks like Karel Rachunek will likely be back in the lineup tomorrow against the Senators.
  • And don’t be surprised if Kevin Weekes is in net. Renney allowed that Henrik Lundqvist is likely in need of a rest…
  • Great line from Brendan Shanahan regarding Tom Renney’s outburst last night: “That’s the coach’s job. Even Secretariat’s jockey had the whip in his hand.”

    Shanahan also pointed out that the difference between these Rangers and his Cup winning teams in Detroit — beyond the obvious gap in talent — is that team was never satisfied:

    “I remember hearing from people after winning our first Stanley Cup that there is a chance that group would become complacent. I thought it was the complete opposite. Like a wild animal getting his first taste of meat and is forever a meat eater. I think when you develop a winning culture you have an appetite that’s never satisfied. We’re not there yet.”

    I’ll have more in a bit. Sorry for the delay. But again, you can blame Aaron Ward….

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    1. I dont get why Henrik needs a rest. They just had three days off and hes the starting goaltender. They have another day off today, from games anyway. Im dont understand the logic of puttin Weekes in net against and Ottawa team that is really playing much better right now.

    2. I catched myself of being happy that Rachunek comes back to the lineup… it tells everything.
      Lundqvist – to be honest with you I don’t think he played a decent game yesterday.

    3. the defense against the Piles was weak however Lunqvist made 0 big saves in the game. He was hung out to dry but at some point he needs to make big saves. I tivo’d the game and looking back at some saves that he made that had Sam screaming they werent anything special. if anything he benefited from the isles not getting the puck in the air or shooting it right at him.

    4. Hey Sam,

      Any word on a big trade coming the Rangers way? A number of sources are reporting that Sather is ready to pull something big and that it might involve our friend Kevin lowe. Any truth with this?

    5. Renney will bench Pock and the sham will go on. All bark no bite and no accountability on this team which imo would be a good place to start in giving this team some sort of identity.

    6. Marco —

      There has been talk, and there will continue to be talk about the Rangers needing a top-6 forward, some needed grit, etc. Let’s put it this way: the team is looking, and might well be trying to hammer something out as we speak. But I’m short on specifics, sadly


    7. TRADES: Lets all not forget as well, that even if Renney KNEW a trade was about to happen, he couldnt talk about it. From a team stand point they dont talk about personell moves of any type untill they happen…AND the NHL dosnt alow for it ither I dont think. SO a palyer could be moved in the next hour, or a trade already given to the NHL but Reneny would ahve to go about his buisness like he didnt know untill its done. I read in a couple palces (who knows of the sources) that the Rangers contaced PHO about Comrie…we know they didnt get him, but that to me says the Rangers are looking for answers for the 2nd line center spot. I would be curious to know what deals Sather has been offerd, or has offerd…but well, we will never know…

    8. RE POST

      “They changed the coach and added a lot more toughness than last year,� said Jagr, who had a goal and two assists but could have been better in his own end. “The toughness wasn’t there last year. They can play both ways.�Jagr was asked whether his own team could play both ways. The captain paused for seconds, and when he responded, he was answering a different question.

      “For me, it was the battle level that was necessary that we didn’t have,� Renney said. “For the six or seven minutes we had anything at all going, we looked all right. But the Islanders work hard, they’re a desperate team, they’re a proud team, they have an idea how to play us that will give them an opportunity for success and we allowed them to do it.�

      Very telling quotes. It says it all.

    9. tsalad : lets not forget, alot of peaple though Pock would only get 5 to 10 min when he palyed his first game back in the lineup…and he palyed 19+…so dont jump to conclusions, you may well be right and Pock may sit, but its not a sure thing. I would VOte for Malik…but thats just me(and almost every other Rangers fan except for the 3 who have Malik jerseys)

    10. Brodeur hasn’t had a rest in 15 years and our 24 year old goalie can’t play nine straight.

    11. BRIAN: like it or not Brodeur is one of the best goalies in NHL history. dont compare our slumping sophmore with a hall of famer and 3 time cup champ.

    12. I most certainly hope malik is benched he deserves it but with Renney there is no accountability so benching the kid while leaving the vets alone is more Renney’s style.

    13. Brodeur is the best goalie in the league no matter what defense he plays with. It has nothing to do with the devils defense. He’s just a great goalie.

    14. my mouth has just began to water at the thought of a trade.. perhaps some sounproofing in the training center so that Sam could get his work done in exchange for Malik? Though, i am sure we would have to add more then just Malik in a trade like that…

      Remember, this team already looked from within for options on the 2nd line center replacing Cullen with Immonnen.. While i feel that the Defense is really what is needed in an overhaul, perhaps they are looking for that additional 2nd line center? Sam- keep that ear to those thin walls.

      At least the team is in agreement that the game last night was an awful showing, perhaps something positive can come (deja vu from that 7 game losing streak??)

    15. There are several players that need to sit:J. Ward, Malik, Hossa, Hall are the names that spring into my head. Our biggest problem this year(besides Jagr’s health and Hank’s inconsistent play) is that we have too many unspectacular third and fourth liners on this team. Our top six would do more damage than it has already done, if we had some scoring balance. Betts, although he doesn’t score much, is valuable because he is good on faceoffs. Hollweg provides physical play(one of the few players on this team) and a needed spark once in a while. Jed Ortmeyer is a good solid prototypical grinder, who gives you energy every shift. While those three won’t ever light up the scoreboard they do, on most nights, have use to this club. The rest of those slugs, on the other hand do not that toil around on the bottom two lines have to go. The Rangers have some kids down on the farm that could help(Dawes, Dubinsky, Callahan) it’s time they get a shot. There’s no way those guys in Hartford can be any worse than what we have now.

    16. I wouldn’t be too enthused about a deal. What other GM is going to give us anything worthwhile for the useless expensive junk we got to offer?

      Not a one!!

    17. rj : Last time I looked he saw some of the least amount of shits in the NHl year i and year out…and also…the last time I looked a good defense made a good goalie great. He is one of the best…but with a bad D he wouldnt be held in such high regard…I tihnk he put forward as the best FAR to much. On the rangers this year, his reconrd wouldnt be all that much better than Lundqvists…you can argue that all you want, but some of the loses the rangers have had have been from leaving the gaolies out to dry, and in that way, even in NJ the team loses.

    18. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      Brodeur’s not nearly as skilled as people would think. He has profited mightily from the Niedermayer, Stevens era as well as the Devils innovation known as the “trap” and a defense first style of hocky which leaves him facing fewer than 17 shots MANY evenings — especially pre-lockout.

      Brodeur’s best saves are when he puts himself out of position or in awkward positions (like Hasek) and uses his quick glove to bail himself out. I find it difficult to compliment a goalie who is saving himself from his own poor positional play.

      Brodeur’s assets are his glove and durability. He’s a hall of famer, very much so as a product of the Devils system and necessity for him to play 70 games a year. Its a symbiotic relationship but he’s no hockey god…heck Roy and Hasek are much more skilled.

    19. “Betts, although he doesn’t score much, is valuable because he is good on faceoffs.”

      You know who is REALLY good on faceoffs. 62% over the past two seasons. Jarkko Immonen. Remember him?

    20. Doodie Machetto on


      You could always be like Larry Brooks and just make it up.”


      If the rumors involve Kevin Lowe, then expect either Horcoff, Torres, or Lupul in return for an offensive or veteran D-Man.

    21. the only way a team can get better effort from its vets is to create competition for jobs.

      If you call up kids and bench vets, you send a message. why should Malik or any other vet give a better effort when they know that the coach will not bench them, will not sit them out, and their paycheck will arrive as usual. where is the incentive to motivate them?

      there is only one way to do it. Call up kids to light a fire under self-satisfied vets. those kids who shine long-term stay and get the job, and those kids who demonstrate that they need more seasoning go back down, but the vet they replaced is told that other kids will be brought up if they don’t show the effort that the kids do.

      It does not matter what the job is, if you have no competition or fear of job loss, you have cruise control effort.

      THAT is why kids need to be brought up.

    22. Believe me I’m not comparing Hank to Marty, I’m just saying why doen’t Brodeur ever get tired and our guys are mentally fatigued?

    23. hockeymanrangers on

      Hey all:
      Has anybody seen anything different in Hossa lately??? It seems he is holding the puck a little better and is trying to do something with it. Nothing real exciting yet but I think he might be coming around??? Any one agree??

    24. lil midget
      January 10th, 2007 at 4:07 pm

      BRIAN: like it or not Brodeur is one of the best goalies in NHL history. dont compare our slumping sophmore with a hall of famer and 3 time cup champ

      give us a flippin’ break. Lundy just beat Brodeurs ass in the meadowlands. your slumping devil let a soft shot by Nylander beat him, and he lost the head to head shootout to Lundy, who has the best shootout save % in the league.

    25. The TrueBlue "Vermonster" Intern on


      As always your points are well written and duly noted. Allow me to prognosticate, as they say…The team is definitely not tough enough. A legally blind person could tell you that. J.Ward, soft, doesn’t finish checks. Hossa, doesn’t finish checks, doesn’t shoot. “Adam-we traded Dom Moore for you-Hall”….is there another player in the league with his youth and size that also can’t hit or even attempt to finish a check? Do you see my pattern here?

      Betts should center Hollweg and Ortmeyer, because they seem to be the two who continually just go for it every night.

      Weekes should start because he needs to stay mentally sharp if he’s gonna sit the bench for 7 straight games.

      The defense…ah, the defense. I will refrain from starting a “We want Leetch” chant, because it’s obvious that no one listens or wants a defenseman who can carry the puck, doesn’t telegraph passes to Jagr, and most importantly, plays with poise night in and night out.

      I don’t know what the organization’s fancy for Malik is because he is slow, and has a minimal skill set. Rozsival is a 3rd tier defenseman at best. Rachunek has offensive skill but it is a liability in his own end.

      It’s time to bring the kids up or trade for someone like Doug Weight, get serious about making a run for THE CUP! Because that’s why we are here…TO WIN THE CUP!!!

    26. Wildcard: I understand that the Devils defensive system has something to do with Brodeurs success but the guy would be a good goalie if you and I were playing defense in front of him. He rarely lets up a bad goal and can handle the puck better than most of our defenseman. Put Brodeur on the rangers and they would have a couple of more wins. Lundqvist has been shaky all year. I can’t beleive that a lifelong rangers fan like myself is defending a nj devil.

      Let’s focus on how to get some toughness and grit back on the Rangers.

    27. and bringing leetch back is not the answer… we need someone who will actually clear someone from the front of the net. If beukebooms head has cleared they should try and bring him back..

    28. Here is Renney admitting that he has a pansy team.

      “Physical for me might be different than physical for you,â€? the coach said. “For me it’s going hard to the net. It’s going for loose pucks. It’s taking the last two strides to complete whatever the task might be. I love Western Hockey League hockey, the hockey back home that I was weaned on. But that’s not what we’re made of, quite honestly. ”

      THAT is a clear-cut admission that the team is not tough enough, and that nothing will change it unless personnel changes are made.

    29. put dom hasek in front of the devils team from 95-06 and they wouldve won 6 cups or more rather than 3. broduer is a very good goalie who’s stats will make him look like one of the best goalies to ever live because he’s played behind a team that was able to implement a defensive system better than every other team year in and year out.

      hasek, in my mind, is the best goalie to ever live, in terms of sheer impressiveness. the guy won 6 vezinas, whereas brodeur’s 2 vezinas, in my mind, were more like lifetime acheivement awards – recognition that he’s been so solid for so long.

      when hasek was on top of his game, he was clearly, hands down, without a doubt the best goalie in the game. broduer, on the other hand, is not that. at the top of his game, he is still not better on any given night than kiprusoff. 5 years ago when kipper was not on the scene, hasek and belfour had a leg up on broduer.

      additionally, hasek won 2 hart trophies. for a goalie that is a historical feat. the last goalie to win a hart was jaques plante in 1962, he only won 1. i don’t even recognize the names before his on the hart list to know if they were goalies.

      i’ll say it again, broduer is a very good goalie that benefited from a much better team and system that played possibly the most consistent defensive hockey of the last decade.

      he is certainly not one of the best goalies ever. it’s sad that a wife-beating adulterer like him has to look so good when he’s in fact just one of the very many very good players to come along.

    30. and i’ll say it again. wildcard, stop talking, nothing you say makes sense. where do you come up with this shit?

    31. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      Alex Roberts – I totally agree, i think we said the same thing about Brodeur.

      Roy and Hasek are both better – – and they were competing against each other. Brodeur hasn’t had any great competition and still doesn’t stand out amongst the league’s best.

      Great argument with the Vezina’s and Hart trophy’s also!!

    32. Doodie Machetto on

      “additionally, hasek won 2 hart trophies. for a goalie that is a historical feat. the last goalie to win a hart was jaques plante in 1962, he only won 1. i don’t even recognize the names before his on the hart list to know if they were goalies. ”

      Jose Theodore won a Hart. Jim Carey won a Vezina.

      Longevity at a high level is what defines a great goaltender. I’ll give you Hasek and Roy over Brodeur, but DEFINITELY NOT Belfour. Belfour saw about the same amount of shots/game (about 1.5 more/60 minutes of playing time), over his career as Brodeur. If it weren’t for his stint in Toronto, I bet it would have been less. So don’t give me the “doesn’t see a lot of shots” argument. Brodeur is an all-time great.

    33. Alex Roberts: What? that Marty the great isnt as good as his satas, and thats due to a great team in front of him. I have read two or three posts who said basicly the same thing…his team made him better. ANd on this yeras Rangers he wouldnt have a much better record than Lundqvist…so go screw yourself…what kind of Moron are you?? NOtithn I say makes sense…well maybe if you had a brain you could read and understand…hows that?? Maybe you shoudl stop talking since I gave my opinon on a hockey subject and you filthy peice of crap joind the club of neanderthal morons who go after perople jsut because you think your some kind of super human…and yes, I am lashing out fairly hard hear, but “people” like you are not needed anywerar around anthing to do with a hockwy forum since you dont seem to write about hockey.

    34. Doodie Machetto on

      Oh, one more thing on why Brodeur is a great that I forgot to stress: longevity. Look at how many games he has played! It’s not just good fortune that keeps a goalie from injury, it’s good conditioning. Look at Grant Fuhr: His numbers were never stellar, but he was ALWAYS there.

    35. Doodie Machetto : Yeah…but thats jsut part of it. I never said that he wasnt among the great goalies…i jsut think that the “hes the best” crap that is spewed by so many is way over rated. I tihnk top 5 or top 10, its hard looking back to a time when rules were DRASTICLY difrent and compairing netminders…but depending on how you do it Brodeur will always be near the top. Its just that the team in front of him has always helped him look better, and “play” better. That Jersey team wouldnt be much worse with ALOT of other goalies in net. Can you say that RIchter wouldnt have brought the Devils nearly as many wins?? I am not saying it would have been the same exactly…but that team did amazing things during the time when their stars were REALLY on top of their games…and perhaps, teh style of the team and the style of Brodeur meshed so perfectly that it wont happen ever again…but thats a long shot IMHO

    36. Doodie Machetto on

      “Can you say that RIchter wouldnt have brought the Devils nearly as many wins?? ”


    37. Marty is a top 5 or 10 goalie.
      Modern Times, I would take Roy or Hasek in a heartbeat.
      Current league I can think of 4 or 5 goalies I’d rather have for the average 30-35 shot game.
      Maybe in a must win game its a different situation. His experience is currently unparallelled.
      It’s not a slight against Marty, but there is good reason why butterfly goaltending has become so prevelant today, and is the only thing really “taught” in goaltending schools, AND is what Hasek has been able to adapt into his own game so well. He can diss BF goaltending all he wants, fact is, it gets the job done better than the rambunctious, out of position, pad stacking style Marty has perfected. He does have the athleticism to do it, but had he gone the way of Roy and adapted his style over the years to way Hasek did, we’d just be talking about a holy trinity of unbelievable modern goaltenders, all relatively equal, instead of relegating Marty to third wheel status, which, is where he belongs.
      PS, Kipper is the best goaltender in the league.

    38. I happened to switch over to the Islanders cable channel last night between periods 2 & 3. There was that self-important boob Fischler showing his true colors.

      He mentioned how stressful the game was on him sitting in the stands, because he was “trying to make all the saves” on Rangers’ shots for Di Pietro. He said he was more fatigued than Di Pietro.

      How does this little twerpy sellout get air time to spout his inanities on the Ranger programs? He is, and always was, and Islanders fan.

      Let’s clean house and get rid of all the shills… Rosen, Trautwig, and Fischler have run their course. Dave Maloney is the only media guy who has any credibility.

    39. Doodie Machetto on

      “PS, Kipper is the best goaltender in the league”

      absolutely not. I’ve followed Kipper his whole career. He’s not the best. Calgary is even more defensive than NJ. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very good goalie, just not the best.

    40. Doodie.
      Ive followed Kipper his entire career as well.
      He’s the best. Most fundamentally sound, top two or three most athletic, best temperment, his confidence alone wins games. You want to go to war with any team in the league, you start with kipper, good defense or bad.
      He faced 1951 shots last season (5th most in the league) and still managed a .923 sv% (third in the league only part timers Hasek and Huet were better).
      You can talk about Calgary’s defensive style all you want, all that really means is that their lack of offense and forecheck translates into a lot of time spent clogging the neutral zone.
      They still gave up 28 shots a game and had a team GAA of 2.35. Five teams gave up less shots than them, and they all averaged .5-1.5 more in goals SCORED per game.
      Kipper’s the balls.

    41. Doodie Machetto on

      Don’t look at number of total shots. He played in 74 games. Luongo played in 75 games and faced 500 more. Brodeur played in 73 and faced 150 more. Kolzig and Vokoun both played in about 15 less and both faced about 30 more. Lundqvist faced about 2 shots more per game and only trailed him in save % by .001.

      I’m not trying to say Kipper is bad. I think he’s great. You hit on the head- his attitude alone is enough to make him good. He plays tough for a tough team. That said, looking at his actual play(not just his numbers), he’s not the best.

      My following of Kipper comes through my brother, who is a devout SJ fan. I watched him in San Jose. When I’m at my brother’s, I watch the center ice package to see the west coast teams. I usually see Calgary and I’ve watched him play. He’s a great goaltender, but he’s certainly not the best. I am also going to make a bold prediction that in about 2 years his play will drop.

    42. How is it that Dave Maloney, and I haven’t heard him too much so maybe I’m wrong, seems to be the only person not always selling the management agenda, yet his own brother is one of them? Because he knows that will keep him from getting fired?

      Sam, do you think that Sam Rosen is aware that a lot of fans have lost respect for the announcers? I know who signs their paychecks, but still…

    43. czechthemout!!!!! on

      hey wildcard,you have me at a dis advantage .i cannot post from work so i can only respond to your total misunderstanding of hockey.hey i just saw malik at the knick game i think he should play basketball being that he does nothing but stand in the paint and retrieve the puck out of his own net while not boxing out any opposition players .maybe we can replace him with david lee.

    44. I think the shills read the message boards and hear the booing loud and clear. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for selling their manhood down the drain….

      “Great play, by Malik…puck is now turned over (No mention of Malik turning it over)…Hossa hustles down, playing two way hockey; puck is now turned back to the Islanders (no mention of turn over by blossa)…..

      I feel that this year has been the announcers worst. I know some of you aren’t big JD fans, but he was NEVER this bad…..though maybe the national games he was far stronger and I struggle to separate the two….

    45. czechthemout!!!!! on

      wildcard now back to you.I have been a ragers fan for 31 years now .i’ve missed maybe a dozen or so games outright.i either watch them live or tivo/tape them.that may not make me an expert on hockey but i clearly understand the game very well .and one thing i know is that you do not win in this sport unless you outscore the other team.that cannot be acomplished with six to seven 4th line players in the line up every also need an energy /checking line to stir things up emotionaly.the most capable players for that role on the team are betts,orts,and you need a third line capable of 3 things .some physical play ,defensive play and scoring .the players capable of doing this in the orginization are cullen(speed,scoring,some physical play and some defensive ability)byers(physical,good defensively ,canscore some as well)callahan (see the other two).next you need 2 scoring lines that can get what is ultimately needed wich is to score more than the other team.there we currently have shanny,prucha,immo,dubinsky,dawes,jagr,straka,nylander.on defense, you need 2 offensive d’s(pock,rozy)2 defensive guys(tuytin,ward,baranka).and 2 tough d’s(lifiton,kaspar).that leaves us with the rest of the crap that we have left(hall,jward,malik,rachunek,orr and last but certainly not least your boy the one and only HOSSA THE GREAT)please wildcard enlighten us exactly where in this mix of players does your boy fit in? p.s. holding the puck for a long time in the corner does nothing but put ruts in the ice . maybe if their was a 5th line called the no scoring no checking /holding the puck in the corner line he would be a star.

    46. Sam Rosen fits right in with the milquetoast finesse hockey that Renney presides over. Rosen, even though he does boxing matches, has made it clear over the years with JD that he doesn’t like fighting in hockey.

      So when the Rangers get pushed around, and tough retaliation is called for, you won’t hear it from Sam the sham.

    47. Never liked any of the Ranger announcers. If Sam says, “those arent boo’s, those are pruuu’s for pruu-pruu-pruucha” one more time, I might kill myself.

    48. Marco:

      Let’s hope the names comming this way from Lowe’s squard are spelled STOLL or TORRES or LUPUL(emphasis placed on the first one even though I know edmonton would never give him up). Nevertheless, I could see the Oil lifting a blueliner like Rachunek or Roszival from this squad, plus a prospect or two for either of the later…another Brooksian rumor I’d throw out there: Ryan Smyth. He’s a UFA next season and is from Banff…isn’t Sather from there?

    49. tdhci;
      Yeah lets hope we get some high quality player. If they do make a big trade hope they don’t get rid of Prucha. The kid has a lot of potential and getting rid of him would be devastating. They need to get someone to protect him on the ice so he can work his magic. Don’t think anything will happen tomorrow, but from past experiences think big trades the Rangers make happen late on Fridays. Lets hope Sather doesn’t do anything stupid.

    50. czechthemout!!!!! : If you had read other posts of mine about Hossa, i dont think he will or shoudl be here past this eyar, Unless he has a major breakthrough and starts scoreing regularly. I ONLY say that he takes to much flack for his paly right now, and once a kid is 100% ready he shoudl be gone. In fact I have even suggested that he get traded as part of a deal this deadline. He has shown enoguh that another team would probably take the time and teh chance to get him developed into a decent 3rd line player. A team like teh Blues or something that is looking for all the help it can get, and goign to tryto re-build some might want him as part of a deal. I have never said he is anything but a 3rd line guy, and if another player dose better he shoudl go, I have also said he should NEVER see top 6 min unless there is an injury during the game, or if a line change gets messed up, or something like that. Same goes for Hall, another guy who takes alot of flak, not as much as Hossa, but who i think deserves more than Hossa, he shoudl be moved as well. I also dont want to see an AHL rookie rushed into the NHL jsut to get rid of these guys. But next year, those kids should be up if ready, and the lieks of Hossa snd Hall, J. Ward, Orr, and maybe others should be replaced by kids who can do the job better..if they dont force those guys out, IMHO if the kids arnt good enough its better to have younger players in those “stop gap” roles than a vet, reason being, a young aplyer can always develope some more, and is worth more in trade.

    51. If Sather makes a deal, you can bet Prucha’s going to be part of it. Who else on this team would another organization want (except Tyutin and HL of course)? The only team that trades for overpriced vets is our own. If it’s Edmonton, you can bet that they’d want Prucha or some other lower priced talent back in any deal.

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