“We were brutal” (Updated)


Raise your hand if you’re noticing a trend here. Put it this way: you wouldn’t be the only one.

*For instance, there’s Marty Straka.*

“I don’t know, when you win four games in a row we think it’s going to be easy, we’re going to keep winning, we don’t have to do anything. It seems like everytime we get something going we think we’re going to win every game and we don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to work hard, and you can’t do that against anyone in this league.�

“We didn’t care tonight. They played desperate and we didn’t.”

*And there’s Tom Renney.*

“We’re awful against these guys. We have no concept of camraderie. We have no concept of team play. We have no concept of circling the wagons to play these guys intelligently. We beat ourselves.”

“I am really pissed off. I am really mad at this team”

*Of course, most telling was Renney’s response to a question about a potential fall-out personnel-wise.*

“There’s been signs. Look at our season. It hasn’t been stellar,� Renney said. “There’s been signs that would lead you to believe that maybe we need to improve ourselves in certain ways. And we just finished losing seven in a row, which means we weren’t doing a lot of things right. So let’s not hide behind the fact that just because we won four, we’ve corrected it. We have that ability, I believe. But whether we need to re-define ourselves with different personnel remains to be seen.�

I suppose there are two ways to look at a loss like this one: That it was an inevitable let-down loss to a desperate team. Or as seems to be suggested above, it is indicative of a larger problem.

I suppose I’m leaning toward the latter.

More tomorrow….

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  1. That was Renney’s most accurate assessment of his team all year. Too bad it took till January for him to make such admissions.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, that’s a quick post, I’m sure there will be plenty of good quotes. I’ll have my take on the game a little later. You’ve got a possible typo on “outselves.”

    Thanks for the update, looking forward to more.

  3. Please, oh please, someone tell Petr Prucha to stop trying to thread the needle, on either end of the ice!

    Why can’t the Rangers understand that you can tighten up defensively without removing all energy and passion from your game. They came out in the 2nd looking like Zombies…

    Oh, man, was that frustrating. Glad Renney knows it. Now if only he would do something about it.

  4. Now lets see Renney actually do something about it. Because the players in his lineup tonight sure won’t.

  5. I still get a kick out of Renney’s statements. “We have no concept of circling the wagons to play these guys intelligently”??? He’s too funny!!!

    I wonder if he really means that they had no “camraderie.” Does that mean that they don’t care about each other? Because that would be a pretty serious indictment of his team and the leadership.

    Great stuff, Sam. Thanks for the quotes — they truly are entertaining. Better than the game at least.

  6. Not that it’s worth looking for a bright spot in a crap game like that, but I have to say Hossa played pretty well again. He did have one bad turnover, but he seems to be getting tougher and better.

    Sam, why don’t you break it down For Michelle Wie? She should give it a rest and try again in 5 years. And while she’s at Stanford, maybe she can take Malik with her.

  7. you know who will take the fall for this, Pock. if Raccoon is ready the next game, it will be Pock in the stands again.

    even though all 5 goals were scored vs. the top 2 lines, 3 against the 1st line, and 2 against the 2nd line.

  8. hall didn’t play well. i think he needs to switch hall and hossa on the third line and on the PP. i also think it is time to switch the D. rozsival and tyutin could play together and they could play 28 minutes a game. pock and ward could play 18 minutes. and kaspar and racunek could play 14. malik needs to get demoted to mites. i would also make a semi major trade to spark the team. maybe trade weekes with a prospect or montoya alone for a true second line center.

  9. It is time to dump the 4th line and the bottom 2 d men. And that doesn’t mean Kaspar and Pock. It means Malik and Kaspar. We need hungry players. They reside in Hartford. The rookies will do what it takes to stick in NY. Enough is Enough with these 4th line bums. Let em go through waivers . who cares? If they pick em , the new team pays for em and we get rookies who are getting paid the minimum.
    Hall has to drop the gloves to protect or stick up for his teammates. Hall has to do more than just show up. He is 6′ 3″ tall. He has to play like it. Hossa is 6′ 2″ tall. He has to go to the net and stand in front of the goalie. Kaspar has to retire now. Malik needs a one way ticket out of MSG now.

  10. Pock and Prucha will get blamed and benched.

    Not one player stood up for Hollweg. This team has no backbone. Its sad.

  11. Alex: you’re right on the defense changes. Malik is a horror show, but his partner Roszival is also a nightmare in his own zone.

    Pock actually looked like the best defenseman on the team tonight. But I’m sure there are still some here who would claim that “he’s not ready for the NHL”

  12. terrible home ice team this year. they have won 13 of 24 road games, but only 9 of 20 home games. that is a big problem, you can’t go anywhere losing at home.

  13. Rachunek has deserved a spot lately. So has Pock.

    And I entirely disagree about Kaspar needing to retire. I think he’s still more effective than Malik, and from what I gather he’s an invaluable locker room presence. That’s all second hand information, obviously, but it seems to come at you from every angle.

  14. John M — right on about Hall. This team needs a couple more guys who will drop the gloves when it’s needed. If he doesn’t want to do it, waive him already and call up Byers. Hell, call up Purinton and play him at wing. He can’t score any less than Hall and at least he’ll fight when needed.

  15. When I read the opening quote, I thought it was the Flyers coach who might have spoken. How many in a row have they lost now, after getting trounced tonight by Washington.

    Instead of beheading players, why not just chalk this up to a bad game and go on. Things surely aren’t that dismal in rangerland?

  16. plus their record is now 4-8 in the last 12 games. I don’t call that just one bad game to shrug off.

  17. how come every time hollweg touches someone he’s sent to the box but he gets boarded twice and there’s not even a hint that the zebras cared?

  18. Kaspar is taking up space. Let him coach. Move em out! Give the Rooks room to show some desperation and team unity. No one does what they did to Hollweg, who is our teams banger, and doesn’t get a fat lip for it. This team is a bunch of displaced misfits. A collection of no emotion garbage. Except for Shanny, Prucha, Straka, Pock, Lundqvist, and very very slightly Ward. In my opinion of course.

  19. Hossa is contributing more than Hall, which shows you how useless Hall is. Rozsival and Malik were terrible tonight. Malik looks like a 6’5″ pylon. The second line needs a physical presence and a defensive conscience. It has neither right now. Renney pissed? Ha!

  20. 9-8 in last 17
    Other than that, the only line that seemed to get the puck in was Jagr’s line.”you can’t beat us” is correct. they can’t beat them. they get outplayed, outworked, outeverythinged when they play this team. The Islanders have a very hard time scoring but when they play the Rangers they explode every game. something has to change here. I dont know what, maybe the coach, maybe we call up some good young defensemen, but something must change. They seemed passionless and the only one that shows up to every game is Straka. Maybe a complete reconstruction of this team is necessary. As much as I love Jagr and Shanahan they could be traded to teams that are in it for great young talent. Nevermind that. Renney would not let them, play anyway. Im lucky I was at the game or i think i might have been buying a new TV tommorrow. Sam- Why not call up Girardi? You hear “oh Hes so good, he is an allstar, he is this he is that”, but he isnt playing for the Rangers. It all starts with defense. Thats what they need to win the cup. Im sick and tired of the Rangers not showing up for games and something needs to change

  21. *NEWS* Reney- a liar and a p*ssy

    Who is this guy kidding? Sickening. Liar.


    Lie some moron, you half-witted ff*ck

    Coach Tom Renney explained that C Jarkko Immonen was returned to Hartford yesterday after being scratched for five games because “he’s got to play” and couldn’t break into the lineup here right now.

    “He could be a top-line center in this league for somebody else, and I’m not suggesting that’s what we’re doing with him. I like the way Matt (Cullen) has been able to assimilate the position the last couple of games, so I want to stick with that,” said Renney. “That sort of shuffles Jarkko down the lineup and that has diminishing effects over time. I like putting offense on that fourth line, but I just don?t feel comfortable with that just yet at this point in time. I think he?s got to play a bit more and be in a position to come back and offer that up.?

    he could be a top line center in the league…but he’s not good enough for us? these are renney’s words coming out of renney’s mouth.

    this thread deserves to be kept. So now you have the coach (not the ‘moron’ bloggers) pointing to this guy’s talent…then he’s saying he’s deliberately denying the team his services…hints at shopping him…realizes he just gave that away…changes his tune.

    seriously- what are you doing, tom? fire yourself if you can

  22. By the way. Besides it being the Islanders, the Rangers have lost 8 division points now to them I think. What gets me P O’d is when the Rangers go into an alley fight,and come out beat in all facets.
    Then once every 2 weeks, they show a little guts. It seems as if Shanny is out of gas, there is no one to do the dirty work. Hence, when Shanny has time to recharge the battery, the Rangers seem to play tough. That works out to one game every 5.

  23. Girardi and Callahan were named to planet USA all star team in the AHL today.

    I know there not ready, right? But Hall and Malik are.

  24. MSG should be an intimidating weapon for the Rangers, but not when you have a team full of…well the GM from “Slapshot” said it best.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    “Not that it’s worth looking for a bright spot in a crap game like that, but I have to say Hossa played pretty well again. He did have one bad turnover, but he seems to be getting tougher and better”

    Bingo. I was at the game tonight and that is EXACTLY what I had to say about it. He even threw a couple of hits. Ortmeyer had a great physical game too.

    The team was flat. Cullen continued to show he is not an adequate 2nd line center. Malik continued to show he is not an adequate NHL player. I didn’t even notice Hall was dressed until the PP when he made a good pass in the 2nd period. Kaspar was bad but certainly not the worst.

    Hollweg should’ve stood up for himself if no one else did. Go out there and break Blake’s leg or something.

    All in all, a terrible performance. The personnel shakeup that Renney suggested should start behind the bench.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    DumbRenney, your post would have been just as effective without the personal attacks and foul language. Leave them out next time, we get the point.

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this loss was all pock’s fault.he will be benched next game .if it was not for hossa ,the score would have been 5 to nothing tonite.hey wildcard in response to my earlier post about immo,you are right he had 4pts in 3 games ,than he did not score any pts but played very effectively. he won face offs played solid in his own end and was robbed a few times by goalies.the team won 5 in a row ,his reward was that he was demoted to the fourth line for some reason and eventually scratched and sent down. this team can not or will not develope players that is the bottom line please face those facts. oh and by the way i am new to this blog but the more posts i read from you the more i am convinced you know nothing about hockey.

  28. you better tell your favorite coach about Hossa’s supposed great play, because teacher’s pet got the least amount of ice time tonight of any Ranger player.

  29. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hossa is great you are right doodie.lets see he had 0 shots on goal ,he had 0 shots @ goal .he threw 2or 3 weak body checks , had one terrible give away that almost led to a goal,other than that he played pretty well as did malik and the other 6 4th liners that we keep putting in every game .

  30. i just cannot believe that glen sather would build a team this soft. it is the complete opposite of everything he stood for as a player. and don’t give me the he’s not paying attention or he doesn’t care crap. glen sather is ALWAYS involved. guy used to have walkie talkies on the bench to his coaches. he is very much involved in the way this team runs. which makes it so hard for me to believe he likes what he sees out there. even maloney was no push over. they have GOT TO SEE what we are seeing. right now the new york rangers are the softest team in the nhl. you watch other teams you do not see them get slapped around like we do. doesn’t happen. no team in this league has two checking lines as soft as our checking lines no team in this league has 6 dmen softer than ours. its just sad hard to watch.

  31. Hossa is a shoo-in for the MVP award if those darn opponents would just get off the ice and let the shoo-tout began.

  32. czechthemout!!!!! on

    a good kid to look at might be byers ,he seems to be putting it together in hartford ,and he is tough too.would be a good replcement for the great hossa ,hall and j ward. they should try jagr nylander straka ,shanny,immo,prucha.byers,cullen,callahan.betts,orts, hollweg.on defense i liked pock and rozy ,tuytin and hall,lifiton girardi and baranka

  33. czechthemout!!!!! on

    lifiton can kick the crap out of a punk like hill and witt,so can byers. put the rest of the garbage thati did not mention in my previous post on waivers ,if they get picked up ,great lower the cap and move on .if they don’t ,send them down to hartford and move on .i am sure we here on this blog can live with some of the mistakes that will be made buy some of those young guys because the current bunch of so called vets is making them .the difference is the vets have no upside the young guys do is that not right wildcard?

  34. czechthemout!!!!! on

    sorry hossamvp you are right tuytin and ward .i don’t want hall anywhere on this team . maybe he can get a job to drive tom coughlin out of town along with him

  35. Tom Renney said,“I am really pissed off. I am really mad at this team�. what happened to smooth, glib Tom? did the multi-syllabic mumbo jumbo take a back seat to real, honest emotion?

    But when he says “But whether we need to re-define ourselves with different personnel remains to be seen.â€? what he really means is that the last time this happened Stogiepuss sauntered into the room and said ixnay on changes.

  36. czechthemout!!!!! on

    4rangers the problem with renney is he has 0 credibility with his players because he will not send a message to players who need it .he has 3 wipping boys .nylander from the older vets , prucha from the younger vets, and pock or immo or who ever they bring up to sit on the bench for 56 minutes of every game they “play ” in.

  37. I know, but major changes, trades or callups, have to get Sather’s approval, and he said no the last time the Isles whipped the Rangers at MSG.

  38. Sorry boys and girls, we got pushed around again. Aaron Ward is turning into Sandy McCarthy II. He yaps too much and hits too little and in turn gets abused. Breshear punched him last week and Witt massaged his puss tonight. The guy is a fraud as a hitting defenseman.

    The worst D is Malik. He was playing pattycake with the puck in his own zone which led to at least one goal. I wish he would have fought Witt, both guys are better for the Rangers in the penalty box.

    Mitch over at Blueshirt Bulletin, thinks that the Rangers are laying groundwork for the future. I countered that by noting the only groundwork the Rangers are laying is sandtraps that they’ll never get out of with this present management team.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    0 shots but he held the puck in along the isles boards, he also broke up a couple of centering feeds. yes, he did have a bad turnover, but overall he played pretty well in that limited defensive role. believe it or not, it is OK to have someone out there just for that purpose!

    and I don’t know what youre talking about weak hits. I was at the game, I HEARD his hits, something I can’t say about anyone on the isles, with the exception of two dirty ones, or on the Rangers (with the exception of Ortmeyer).

    You want to get on people, get on Malik for being terrible. Get on Ward and Hall for being worthless as wingers. Get on Cullen for being a lousy 2nd line center, or on management for putting us in a situation where he is the “best” choice for the job. Get on the whole team for being too soft. But Hossa actually did a good job tonight; don’t be afraid to say so.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “Sorry boys and girls, we got pushed around again. Aaron Ward is turning into Sandy McCarthy II. He yaps too much and hits too little and in turn gets abused. Breshear punched him last week and Witt massaged his puss tonight. The guy is a fraud as a hitting defenseman.”

    Someone else I forgot to mention, but you’re exactly right. What happened to his great play at the beginning of the season?

  41. Kovy27 and John M

    U guys are 100% right. I could not have said any of it better. Tonight sucked.

  42. “Someone else I forgot to mention, but you’re exactly right. What happened to his great play at the beginning of the season?”


    He joined a soft team and became one of them.

    Rangers should dump Hossa, Orr, Hall, Malik and J. Ward for starters. Then look for deals to get rid of Kasper, Rachunek, A. Ward, Roszival and Weekes.

    Replace them all with Hartford players.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d keep Rachunek and Roszival, but otherwise, I’d be happy to see everyone else go. Rachunek is still pretty young and has definitely been getting better as the season went along. I wouldn’t even mind keeping Hossa if he can keep up his recent string of good work. Everyone else is fine. Although, no one is going to deal for Weekes.

  44. Howdy, doodie. I see you agree with me that Hossa is the cat’s meow. he used to be a dog, but now he is going from kitty litter to the pick of the litter. I just hope those mean opponents don’t rock on his tail.

  45. The only one I would keep out of that whole list is Hossa.
    I would get rid of the rest for a bag of pucks. I dont even think we would get a bag of pucks for Malik, but he’s are #2 Defenseman…isn’t that funny.

  46. Honestly I would trade Shanny, Straka and Hollweg. They seem to have to much pride to play on this team. They don’t deserve to be on a team this soft.

  47. Hossa should be kept because otherwise he would have to publish those photos of Renney.

    Teams are clamoring for Hossa, they want him bad. and that is how he plays.

    Hossa should get 25 minutes per game to display his wares. Renney is holding him back, just like the refs do when Poti challenges him.

  48. You are a serious Hossa fan. But seriously there is alot of things wrong with the heart of this team. Hossa is not the answer or the whole problem.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I am just having a hard time believing that anyone could possibly focus on Marcel “the lowest ice time tonight” Hossa when Marek “The worst defenseman in the league” Malik is our #2 guy. I think Hossa needs to see a surgeon to get the lightning rod removed from his ass.

  50. I thought Malik was very poor, Roszy made a few mistakes, but Malik should sit and bring in Rachunek. Ortmeyer was excellent, he plays a pretty smart game (apart from the penalty on his first shift). Other than that they seemed to play in spurts and at some times, especially in p2, they were almost standing still and couldn’t get into the opposite end with any speed or co-ordination.
    When the Isles went with 4 across the blue line and one forechecker it took too long for us to adjust and there seemed to be 5-10 minutes of constant turnovers and dump-ins to no-one, that was when we lost momentum. Shanny nearly salvaged it in p3, but still we lacked energy. If you remember last year when things like that happened Renney could put the HMO line out and 9 times out of 10 it gave the team a lift. At the moment the 3 & 4 lines do a job but thats it. Hossa and Hall need to provide more energy and i think we need to find a new Dom Moore to center line 4 (or trade for Dom Moore himself?).

    Sam, has anyone mentioned any names of possible trade targets, or has Mr Renney acknowledged our need for another center (and a possible #3 D-man)?

  51. Hartford is actually a code for: A place you will rot away once drafted or signed by the NHL NY Rangers. No matter how much promise you show, how many points you put up or how great effort you give… if you are lucky you will get 2 games with the Rangers on the fourth line with a max. of 3 mins. a game. A road to nowhere, with the only hope to be seen by another organization and get traded for.

  52. czechthemout!!!!! : I know nothing about hockey…but you only look at shots…and one paly and say that Hossa wasnt any good. Thats funny..i seem to remember Hossa stealing the puck away 2 or 3 times…blocking ashot ro 2, holding the puck inth eoffensive zone while teh rest of the team changes. and keeping the puck deep against the Islanders top line…so other thna that yeah..he dodnt do that much. I like Hossa, not a ton, and if a better palyer comes along who is ready from hartford, or any better palyer especially a young one, he shoudl sit or be moved. But he didnt have a very good night tonight…but nither did Prucha, he was off and on tonight as well. Let the rookies who are in hartford, I mean pro rookies, get a year under tehir belts. I agree that Malik shoudl be gone. He had a stretch right before his injury that he looked pretty good..nto great, but pretty good. You cant say tthat its a fact that the team wont develope a kid, jsut becasue a kid that MOST peopel think isnt any better than Cullen and not made for a 3rd/4th line role isnt on the team. Renney basicly said what MANY MANY others say, on a team that isnt as deep at center, liek the Flyers, Immo would crack teh lineup, on a weak team he would be a regular, but for the Rangers who are not that weak at top two center, I know not great, but not horrid ither, Imo is a depth guy. He is inconsistant…and if getting robbed by the goali counts than Hall ahd a great game tongiht cause he was robbed right in front. And Hossa has been robbed, and so has betts and ward, and even Hollweg. But it dosnt mean they shoudl be on the top 2 lines. Dont tell me I know nothing about hockey when you quote stats and tell us how that shows what a 3rd line palyers is doing…seeing as how those types of palyers dont useuly factor in on teh stats sheets. also…just to refresh your clearly superior hockey mind, a body check dosnt have to do anything other than take a player out of the play or off the puck…even a soft check slows a player up. and Hossa was part of those 5 in a row as well…so why bash him…Immo had littel to do with the team winning 5 in a row…and since Cullen has been back at center the 2nd line has looked very good. It dosnt matter if Immo could be good there…right now that line is doing very good, and Cullen is FINALY looking like the palyer who was on the cup team last year. Useing speed that Immo and MOST of teh Rangers players could only dream of. Just because my oponions and what I have read dosnt go along with what you think dosnt mean I dont knwo anything about hockey..

  53. czechthemout!!!!! “and pock or immo or who ever they bring up to sit on the bench for 56 minutes of every game they “play â€? in.” Problem with that statement is that Pock regularly gets 18 or more minutes…and when Malik was out he was getting over 20….so that dosnt work. And Yes, young kids have more upside that Vets…well future upside that is. But you want to have a line of two PURE rookies in the NHL…thats dangerous, they can really quickly fold if they dont do well, than you damage them…thats not a good thing. Give them a year in Hartford, than I say that line would be great. I tihnk that some people are to quick to say a rook should be called up. SOme of the guys you mentiond have a couple years under their belts and shoudl be given a shot over Malik, and perhaps Kasper (however if the locker room is better ans its rumord he may have some improtance there) and Roszival. MAybe on the 3rd/4th lines as well. perhaps if a player liek Hall can be moved at teh deadline one of the rooks shoudl be brought up to play that role. Maybe Callahan, or Byers, I dont think Dawes though for teh 3rd/4th line. But I dont think to many of the AHL rookies hould be put in the NHL full time…get them in next year….let tehm try to win teh Calder cup and get alot of confidence. Also…next yera, Byers/Immo/Callahan may not be a bad line…a kid line with some defensive presence and some offense as well as some gritt. But Immo IMHO isnt a true 2nd line center ither…but at least Cullen brings speed to the spot. The rangers need a true 2nd line center…and long before Anisimov (sp) is ready to play there if he ever develops that far.

  54. tsalad: its not about weather or not those to AHL all stars are ready, it if more time in teh AHL will do them good….and it probvably will, I dont think it will hurt them at all. Its good that they are going to the All Star game, if they were in NY they wouldnt be, and that in itself, going to the game, can build confidence. Finishing strong int he AHL this season will make them better next, and they may force their way onto the Rangers roster. It may not be for vets, but it would improve the bottom two lines at least. HALL would get bumped I am sure, and perhaps Hossa, or Ward. Byers may make Orr redundant, and who knows, maybe a vet gets traded at teh deadline or at the draft or right before next season…anyway, I tihnk those two coudl be considerd ready, but its ot going to hurt them to finish teh year in Hartford.

  55. UKRanger: I agree that a line with more energy is needed. Orts looks to be getting back to 100%, IMHO he seems about 85-90 right now. Hall more than Hossa needs to step up…at elast Hossa gets the crowd going by keeping the puck deep…and he has been drawing a penalty almost every game lately with his work down low, or the line he is on has…that in itself gets the team going….and the crowd into it, or out of it onth e road. But Hall dosnt look anything liek the player he was last year. I still say its the system that makes him not so great…that and the fact that last seaosn he was a 1st PP unit guy. I bet a team would give up a 3rd rounder for him, a team that needs a bigger guy on teh 1st PP unit.

  56. Hossa?? Wy Hossa…one of teh palyers who is doing what he is told. People get stuck in the past more and more…he has imporved continuously…why not give teh kid a chance, he is still young. Hall the same thing, but at elast Hossa dose SOMETHING one the ice. Hall hasnt brough anything really…a few good games, some decent PK, but Orts is back for the PK..Hall is my vote on Wing to get sent packing. Malik definatly…and Kasper as well…as long as his lockerroom presence wont be to overly missed. I tihnk With Shanny they can get away with it, and moaye a kid can bring something over time…but the team likes Kaper, and that cant be overlooked.

  57. Malik, Hall, Kasparaitis – they all have to go, please. They are playing bad, bad hockey right now. Their current form is just simply disgrace for our jersey.

  58. stf: I agree…Liek i said, Kaspers only reason to be around is his ability to life the locker room…but that dosnt seem to be doing much right now anyway…so whats the point. He COULD take a coaching position, I mean he has ALWAYS had to be more thought than skill, he has never been fast so his positioning has always had to be better, teh reason he is ding so badly now it seems is because he cant get to the place he knows he has to be at. He can also help teh younger defenders learn when and when not to hit, he wasnt always teh best decision make in that area…but he learned over teh years and the last few seasons he has been much better chooseing when and when not to hit a guy. Its worse now cause he cant skate. But Malik and Kasper can be replaced by Rachunek/Pock, and a callup. Baranka peraps?? Hey anyone who watches hartford have anything on Liffiton?? Or Sam, dose the team look to him at all. When he was drafted he had a 96 MPH slap shot…and I bet his strength has improved, so perhaps that shot…wouldnt mind having that shot on the 3rd defensive pair…

  59. Dolan said on MSG that Baranka is tremendous player, very skilled and talented. So, please bring him up and trade Malik. Do it for the Rangers fans…

  60. stf: hell yeah..if he really is ready…and I havnt seen much of him so I dont know, than he should be brought up. Malik is still worth something…Teams will still think that last year and teh yera before are in him, and that his +/- will help with there team. I am sure AT least one team would liek a guy liek Malik for thier 4th/5th/6th D spots. He really is an upgrade over some defenders who are palying in the NHL right now. And well…maybe Vancouver would liek him back….he did have a career year up there.

  61. wildcard:

    You say a lot, but you make almost zero sense and contradict yourself at virtually every turn.

    I think you need to watch some hockey and come back in about 10 years when you are old enough to form an intelligent, well thought out summation of events.

    I think most people realize that Hossa is not the biggest problem on the team but merely symbolic of the failures of this organization to see the bigger picture.

  62. Malik is still worth something???

    Maybe to someone who hasn’t seen him play and only looks at +/- stats from last season.

    Wildcard you *are* a card.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    The Witt goal was pathetic. Roszival had no stick and no one gave him one. Then Betts lost his. It was just sloppy all over.

    the Rangers ARE soft. It’s in the defensemen. The only hitting defensemen(Ward started the season great, Tyutin was doling out hip checks) have stopped. Roszival is mediocre in both zones, Rachunek and Pock are offensive, Kaspar should retire, and Malik should be chased by the village mob (get the Frankenstein reference?). No toughness on D.

    The forward lines aren’t much better, but if the D was tough, it wouldn’t matter.

    The way I see it, this team will actually make the playoffs in the 7th or 8th seed. They were retooled over the summer to do better than they did last year in the playoffs, but they won’t, and if they do it will only be by a round. To win a cup, this team is missing:

    1) a Second line center (allowing Cullen to be a 3rd liner, solving the 3rd line lack of offensive punch- they don’t need to score, they just need to look like the will once in a while)
    2) a hard hitting defensemen (or three)
    3) a LEGITIMATE enforcer

    I want to write more but after last night’s effort by the team, I am giving a matching effort in this post.

  64. And if I can add something we need better coach, somebody who could bring discipline and teeth to this team. They all looked sooo tired and not happy they have to attend last night.

  65. bringbackmikekeenan on

    This team has no heart – period – And not just against the Isles. Did anyone else feel sick listening to Don Maloney during the pregame talk about all the great prospects in the Rangers’ system??


    1. You don’t play this awful against a team spiriling downward.
    2. You don’t play this awful against your geographic rival. If you can’t get up in a game against the Islanders, who can you get up for?
    3. You don’t play this awful on home ice in front of your fans against the Islanders. What an embarrassment Ranger fans have to endure. Thanks, coach. Thanks, stars (and I use that term loosely).
    4. The defense looked lost again in our own zone. I don’t care if you take a penalty, you have to clobber guys who are standing in front of your goalie. You have to clear them out. If you get stuck in that situation, that is your fault and you need to take the penalty. But instead, these guys are left standing in front and we continue to take penalties on stupid little tugs and hooks because we can’t keep our sticks on the ice.
    5. You would think at this level after playing so many games in their lives, a light bulb would go on and they would know that you clear your zone by banging the puck off the boards and not with blind passed up the middle. I AM TIRED OF THIS MAJOR FLAW.
    6. Something needs to be done with the braintrust and on-ice personnel. Shake-ups are needed to get the message across, even if it means that the key culprits of this game sit out the next one.
    7. Dee….Dee…Dee

  67. I’ve got a cramp in my scrolling hand from bypassing all the Wildcard posts. Nobody else can contradict themselves twice in the same sentence, no less the same post.

    As for Hossa: I’d like to see Hossa put on waivers. I’m betting that not one other team would even inquire about him. But if Marcel was gone, then Renney wouldn’t be able to watch this big, strong man, who skates so well (that’s about ALL he does), night after night. That’s what makes Renney’s job so much fun.

    Hossa, Hall, J. Ward, Betts, Hollweg, Ortmeyer… they all have the same offensive capabilities – none. At least Hollweg and Ortmeyer throw the body, so they get the nod. The rest of these slackers have to go. And SOON.

  68. IMO Rangers started out pretty good last night, but again our D cracks under pressure -pathetic. What pisses me off the most is that Isles are a garbage team with no skill players at all consisted out of tough guys and the spank Rangers every time….

  69. Doodie:
    1) a Second line center (allowing Cullen to be a 3rd liner, solving the 3rd line lack of offensive punch- they don’t need to score, they just need to look like the will once in a while)
    2) a hard hitting defensemen (or three)
    3) a LEGITIMATE enforcer

    Well said. Right on 100%. #1 problem by far: they Have a soft D that does not sick up for each other, does not clear the crease ( How many Islander goals were off second or third rebounds infront of the net) and does not hit.

  70. Anthony (Abev) on

    Finally we get some action around here. The online Rangers world was getting *very* boring during the winning streak.

  71. imo there is a simple solution

    you trade adam hall back west for a draft pick 3rd 4th rounder maybe.

    you waive jason ward easy decision

    you try and trade kaspar and malik. probably easy to do because alot of teams need third pairing guys like this and you can probably get a couple of picks back. nothing crazy but a couple of picks.

    bring up baranka, and the kid line in hartford (dubinsky, byers, and callahan) these kids DO NOT get pushed around. you then spread them out through your line up and you instantly have a much tougher team.

    straka nylander jagr
    callahan dubinsky shanahan (complete opposite of first line)
    prucha cullen BYERS (no one will go after prucha again)
    hollweg betts orty (basically the hmo line of last year but with betts who’s a better player than moore)

    roszival pock
    ward tyutin
    baranka rachunek
    girardi can be the extra guy and only come up from hartford if needed he and baranka both earned jobs in camp and were sent back because there was no room. you can also give marc staal a shot with the club after his junior season ends to see if he can help our at least be the seventh guy come the end of the year.

  72. The entire team is soft. With the exception of Ortmeyer and Hollweg nobody on the team throws their body at anyone.
    Witt has been taking runs at Jagr every game this year and nothing gets done about it. It makes me sick and reminds me that we really miss an Adam Graves type player. He would have been in Witts face immediately. Until they start sticking up for each other they are going nowhere…

  73. I sometimes wonder if any of you have actually followed farm teams before these past two seasons.

    “Girardi and Callahan were named to planet USA all star team in the AHL today.

    I know there not ready, right? But Hall and Malik are.”

    Ok, fine, Girardi and Callahan were named to the roster of an all-star team in the AHL.
    LaBarbera was named starter of one of the teams. Does this mean he is ready for the NHL? I don’t think so. Not according to his play with the Kings.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    Kovy- I like your defensive pairings, but I think you’ve missed the mark on the forwards. No biggie, just that Dubinsky is certainly not ready to center a 2nd line. Not that Cullen is, but definitely not Dubinsky. Otherwise, I don’t really mind the lineup other than the third line being pretty weak defensively. Cullen is really poor defensively in the middle, and Prucha, while he hustles and throws hits, is more like a mosquito bite.

    I think the defense needs to watch some tape on clearing the front of the net. Maybe Kaspar’s Bobby Granger commercial. That’s the only time I’ve seen a defender clear someone in front of Henrik all season.

  75. sat section 90 tonight! before even hearing all the post game comments my thoughts were the same.
    TOP CULPRITS – I thought ROZY and MALIK were awful. You watch there facial expressions, they could care LESS out there. And the results show it.
    TYUTIN, shows zero effort out there.
    A. WARD – zip.
    Common them here. our defense. These r for the most part veteran players who just don’t seem to worry about there position in the lineup.
    On the FWDS prucha made some bonehead plays but the effort is there along with hollweg, jed, and HALL. YES, HALL was playing more energy than ANYONE LAST NIGHT!very!
    If Tommy boy wants to send a message, he needs to follow through on his words. There’s plenty of guys in Hartford who would bring it every shift night, who u have to believe have just as much talent as these guys. WE’re not talking about top of the line d – men. When avg d men r giving little effort its not a good combo…

  76. brandon dubinsky has turned the corner in hartford weeks ago. imo and again thats just my opinion he would do quite well here. listen he wouldn’t be there to score 40 goals we all know that but he’ll bring the edge that line is missing and he’ll make plays he’s a much better player than immonen is at this very point and immo got his shot i think dubinsky should get his. callahan is ready period. the kid just is the goods and if you keep them together that comfort level will show. throw in shanny on that line who they both love and would be looking to set up and you have the makings of a real strong line right now. again thats my opinion from watching these two ALOT.

    dane byers is another story. dane byers is MADE for the nhl. in fact i’d argue that his game translates better to the nhl than it ever did in juniors. this kid is a perfect third or fourth line digger with some hands. if he can bring them with him to the nhl he’ll have a real nice career. i disagree with your assessment of cullen defensively. imo he’s good but as the second line guy he’s trying to make to much happen where as the third line guy he can focus more on the other end. prucha as well is a consistent back checker and forechecker and has always been a 3rd/4th liner in his career up until this year. i think that line would be a fan favorite honestly. but i respect your opinions as well.

  77. beamer that may not be the right way to look at it i agree you shouldn’t use the fact that they are allstars as the barometer as to whether they are ready or not, but its hard to argue that girardi DIDN”T make this ranger team out of camp along with baranka and were only sent back because well we had 8 signed veteran guys ahead of them. and when you look at ryan callahan he’s a rookie in the ahl and he’s basically dominating on a nightly basis. not to mention that when he did get into a few games with us he looked fine and assertive in both zones. he deserves a longer look you’d have to say no?

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    kovy, I’m still not sold on dubinsky. If you have Shanahan and Callahan on one line, you need a playmaking centerman. Immonen has almost as many assists in 18 fewer games played.

    I need to see Byers a little more defensively, aside from his meanness. I just have to go on what I read.

  79. kovy:

    Are you a Hartford season ticket subscriber? I’m just curious since you have such strongly held opinions about the kids, pro and con. How often do you get to see them play?

  80. ^I entirely disagree about Kaspar needing to retire. I think he’s still more effective than Malik, and from what I gather he’s an invaluable locker room presence.^

    Maybe we can make him the new GM

  81. I once got a reply of an email I sent Glen Sather and it was from Glen personally. The composition and thought patterns expressed in that email is exactly duplicated by Wildcard, including the awful spelling.

    Hey Glen (Wildcard), you’ll never learn!!

  82. Definitely, now is the time to bring up some youth from Hartford and I don’t really care it’s going to be Dubinsky, Callahan or Baranka. Just bring it on to show up our vets they should care a lot more to keep their spots. We should really trade Hall & Malik asap. They’re useless. At least it’s a good sign that Renney is furious (but it’s hard to imagine), maybe he’ll think over his coaching. Let’s hope so. One more thing – with all due respect to our Captain he looked so tired last night, I mean he played very well but I don’t belive that his injury bothered him so much…

  83. Bottom Line. There’s isn’t a single physical presence on our blue line, yet it’s not like we have a bunch of power play QB’s and offensive skilled D either.

    A. Ward was clearly a mistake. He does not play a physical game whatsover. He reminds me of Dave Karp!
    Kaspar – best days r way behind him.
    Malik – per the rodent, looks like he could care less out there. After attending last nights game i feel the same way about Rozy. He showed ZERO EFFORT out there!!
    Tutin is still so Inconsistent and Rachuneks numbers speak for themselves.

    If renney really wants to make a statement then personnel changes need to be made and not just talked about. There are plenty of guys in Hartford who deserve a shot.
    Girardi, Baranka, and even liffton. Liffton is a tough kid who isn’t afraid to drop the gloves.

  84. i am not im a fairfield alumn though so whenever they play bridgeport i usually make the trip to visit some friends and go to the games and i’ve gone out to hartford twice to see them as well. but mainly i catch alot of games on the B2 internet feed (huge rip off i know but im a big fan of alot of the kids there) listen i don’t see every game far from it, but i do catch quite a bunch. and from what i’ve seen in the past few weeks those three especially have turned a corner. callahan pretty much has been great all year but dubinsky and byers in the last few weeks have FIGURED IT OUT and are going and that’s why the team is winning.

    listen you don’t have to GIVE THEM PERMANENT JOBS with the rangers but you give them a fair shot. if it doesn’t work fine they go back and work on their games that is not what ruins a player. the good ones take it and work on it like prucha did last year with his demotion like callahan did this year. teams do it all the time. but why not see how close they are? it doesn’t hurt them it only makes them want it more. and if they are good enough they stick. thats all.

  85. I won’t take any bets here…….you guys are right.
    Renney will do nothing….
    Malik will continue to get valuable ice time
    Kids will not be called up

  86. Beamer

    I sometimes wonder if any of you have actually followed farm teams before these past two seasons.

    So by your analogy any player who made the AHL all star team can’t play in the NHL because of Labarbara. That makes zero sense.

    I have seen both Callahan and Girardi and they both should be in NY now. But hey you like it the way it is Malik couldn’t make the AHL all star team.
    Maybe you should try to watch both the Rangers and the Pack and then come back with something that actually makes sense.

  87. Lets see Malik and Hall or Girsardi and Callahan. Which two should be in the lineup?

    Oh that’s right Callahan and Girardi can’t play in the NHL because they made the AHL all star team.

  88. “So by your analogy any player who made the AHL all star team can’t play in the NHL because of Labarbara. That makes zero sense. ”

    Predictably, your reading comprehension is horribly low.

    I didn’t give a rule. I broke a rule. Someone implied that making the all-star team is an indicator that a player belongs in the NHL. I gave an exception to prove the rule false. I never said anything about either player. I simply said that AHL all-stars tend to NOT be NHL players. There is no rule. But typically the best players in the AHL are the lifelong players in the AHL. There are numerous reasons for this, some of which may or may not apply to any of the players mentioned.

    Also, people need to cool it on the “ALL THESE PLAYERS NEED TO GO BECAUSE THEY CANNOT SCORE!” The team does NOT need to be composed exclusively of players that can score. However, we’re low on ones that can. So if we have Hossa, Hollweg, Hall, Orts, Betts, Ward and Orr that can’t score, and 6 of them make it in each game, we likely need to replace 3. Maybe 4. But calling for them all to go is idiotic. We can be very happy with two or three defensive specialists that don’t do much scoring. Calling for them all to leave is baffling.

    We’d do no damage cycling Hossa, Ward and Orts as a fourth line.

  89. Then take one out say Hall and take one D out say Malik not six players.

    My reading compresion is fine but your argument isn’t. Let me ask this… What does Labarbara’s play with the Kings have yo do with Callahan and girardi?

  90. Callahan has 2 NHL games and girardi has 0. No one knows if they are going to be a star or a bust right now but I’m willing to take the chance that they can play.

  91. “They changed the coach and added a lot more toughness than last year,” said Jagr, who had a goal and two assists but could have been better in his own end. “The toughness wasn’t there last year. They can play both ways.”Jagr was asked whether his own team could play both ways. The captain paused for seconds, and when he responded, he was answering a different question.

    “For me, it was the battle level that was necessary that we didn’t have,” Renney said. “For the six or seven minutes we had anything at all going, we looked all right. But the Islanders work hard, they’re a desperate team, they’re a proud team, they have an idea how to play us that will give them an opportunity for success and we allowed them to do it.”

    Very telling quotes. It says it all.

  92. Beamer

    “I simply said that AHL all-stars tend to NOT be NHL players”

    Some surly do and Callahan and Girardi imo are worth looking at.

  93. Generally AHL rookies who make the ALL-Star team stand a very good chance of making it into the NHL.

    In years past the AHL has had a lot of former NHL players who made the All-Star teams, most of which were already washed out of the NHL.

    When first year players like Callahan make it, they stand a very strong chance of making it in the NHL.

    Second year players like Girardi share a slightly less significant chance of making an NHL impact, but some potential still lives.

    The longer they are in the AHL the less significant it becomes. Generally guys who make the All-Star team as rookies, are in the NHL the following season or during their rookie year.

  94. It’s my understanding that the only reason LaBarbara is not back with the Kings is a re-entry waiver catch-22 but whatever.

    If I had to choose 3 out of the “non-scoring six” to play each night it would be Hollweg, Betts and Ortmeyer. At least they work hard and Hollweg and Orts actually take the body regularly (Betts occasionally).

    I agree with those who think that Hossa has improved, but I’m not ready to order my #81 jersey yet. He’s improved from “totally useless waste of space” to “eminently replaceable by someone with more upside.” Ward and Hall fall into the latter category as well.

  95. I bet some of you who are calling for Callahan and other from Hartford were the same who were all mad at the Rangers managment for rushing the likes of Malholtra, and Blackburn, but here you go, asking for Kids who are (some of them anyway) in their first pro seasons. I agree that there are Defenders In Hartford who should be in over Malik, Roszival, Kasper, and Ward, but not ALL of them, you do need a vet or two on D. But in any case, you need to look at alot of things. But I imagine that since most of you arnt smart enough to look past your own personal feelings, and look at what ACTULY happens you probably think that there is no player over 28 other than Shanny who is any better than any kid in Hartford. Anyone reading this blog would see that some people actuly talk about the ability of a hockey player, and others see two things. Goals and assists….that seems to be al l that matters to some in hockey…and than they say I dont know hockey…LOL…how silly. Also I would love for one of you…ahhemm…super smart people to tell me what was so contradictiory apout my posts…but I fear that you may not have the mental capacity to read a long post and remember what was said in the begining…

  96. Twin : I agree about teh 3, if 3 were chosen. Hossa will eventuly be replaced by a player who can do what he dose, and can get to the net more. I just think that he takes more flack than he deserves. Its not like he makes those bad passes every game, ala Malik, and its not like he cant keep up with the play ala Malik, Kasper and sometimes A. Ward. I jsut think that if people stopped thinking of him as Hossa, and looked at him as a young 3rd/4th line palyers for a game or two, they would not go so upset about him being int he lineup. I have been one of his biggest supporters, but I have always said he will most likely be replaced by a kid from Hartford next year, or te year after. I dont think we see Hossa get a multi year contract, and I dont think we see Hosssa block a kid…I mean, if he starts scoreing, and palying ALOT better at both ends of the ice, than thats difrent, but if he dosnt than he is a 3rd/4th line guy who is young that is a stop gap. Better than a vet stop gap IMHO.

  97. I think Callahan will definitely be here.
    That does not mean I think he should be here now.

    A year or two of AHL play will not hurt him.
    Immonen has little left to prove in the AHL. Another year there will not necessarily hurt him. But we don’t seem to have the room for him right now. Solution?

    I honestly think he should be cashed in, traded for a younger prospect. Or a similar prospect that will fit us better. It’s no major loss, Immonen will likely be a 50 point scorer in the NHL, best case scenario. If we exchange him for another similar player I see no loss. He and Shanahan play different games and do not belong on the ice together. But the AHL does him no good. So let’s trade him somehwere beneficial for both of us.

  98. wild

    You assume way too much. No one is saying take the whole Hartford team just take two.

    How did rushing Blackburn to the NHL ruin his career?

  99. Beamer: THANK YOU! SOmeone else who sees that the AHL isnt a bad thing for young palyers. Immo IMHO should be traded if he dosnt fit the Ragners. Right now he still have value I am sure. Probably not a ton of value, but some, and other teams would be willing to give him a shot. Of course, if he scores 50 in a year everyone in Rangersland will be all up in arms like he is the second comeing, but if the Rangers can get decnt value for him they should. Its not fair to him to have him sit because he dosnt sem to fit the type of Game the Rangers need at center right now.

  100. tsalad : I know what peopel are saying…and I also think that 2 or 3 Pack palyers could come up…but only 1 at the most that is a pure Rookie. I am NOT saying that the Pack palyers ALL arnt ready…jsut that spending the first pro season in the AHL hasnt hurt anyone I can think of, so why rush them. on Blackburn, i dont think he career was hurt by him being in the NHL when he was…but some people do, that was my point. I was just saying that people who were all up in arms about saying those two guys were rushed are now probably saying the young kids in Hartford should be brought up because they have had half a good pro season. Callahan is close, probaly ready for the NHL, but the rest of the seaosn in Hartford wont set him back will it?? Byers, well I havnt seen him paly, but unless he has put on some pounds, it might be wise to get him a few before he goes up aginst the big guys in the NHL, now he might not need it, but even 5 pounds would help. (last time i looked they had him under 200 pounds) I am NOT suggesting that players couldnt do well in the NHL, but that for them, and for the future of the Rangers they should be given the time to develope fully. And for allthose who say they are mad at the Rangers because they are “win now” should be ok with Loseing now and NOT calling up kids to fast. Their reasoning is that the team may win more so isnt that a win now thought process? Forget developing them fully, lets win now?…but even if they think the team will do just as well, or badly, why wouldnt you want teh kids winning?? Maybe im misunderstanding, but thats the way alot of people come across.

  101. wild

    There comes a point that a prospect has to be given the time to show or not show what he’s made of in the big show. That means playing him and risking him making mistakes.

    Using Dawes as an example what more does Dawes have to prove in Hartford? Sending him back “to get ice time” is ridiculous what’s that going to prove? We know Dawes wull succeed in the AHL but that doesn’t matter now, the NHL is what does. Until these kids get that chance to prove that they can or can’t this orgainzation will just spin its wheels at 500 and that isn’t good enough.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    “listen you don’t have to GIVE THEM PERMANENT JOBS with the rangers but you give them a fair shot. if it doesn’t work fine they go back and work on their games that is not what ruins a player. the good ones take it and work on it like prucha did last year with his demotion like callahan did this year. teams do it all the time. but why not see how close they are? it doesn’t hurt them it only makes them want it more. and if they are good enough they stick. thats all.”

    OK kovy, I’ll buy that. It’s just a really poor time in the season to do it. It should have been done a lot earlier.

  103. the only way a team can get better effort from its vets is to create competition for jobs.

    If you call up kids and bench vets, you send a message. why should Malik or any other vet give a better effort when they know that the coach will not bench them, will not sit them out, and their paycheck will arrive as usual. where is the incentive to motivate them?

    there is only one way to do it. Call up kids to light a fire under self-satisfied vets. those kids who shine long-term stay and get the job, and those kids who demonstrate that they need more seasoning go back down, but the vet they replaced is told that other kids will be brought up if they don’t show the effort that the kids do.

    It does not matter what the job is, if you have no competition or fear of job loss, you have cruise control effort.

    THAT is why kids need to be brought up.

  104. Larouche, Wildcard is Glen Sather, their styles are too much alike like I’ve said previously.

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