No Jagr or Shanahan at practice


It might end up being just a day of rest for the Rangers’ Big Two. But it’s worth noting nonetheless.

More in a bit…

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  1. Larry Brooks’ article today is about the state of Jagr’s health — and it certainly doesn’t sound optimal. He ends his piece by arguing that the Rangers shouldn’t let him attend the All-Star game, if he’s voted in, so he can rest.

    Maybe they should sit his butt for a few games anyway.

    Is Renney now admitting that he’s riding Henrik’s hot hand and not using a magic 8 ball to decide who starts in nets? Or are we going to see Weekes again soon?

  2. imo both jagr and shanny should not attend the all star game. both need the rest. but i wouldn’t read to much into them missing practice today.

  3. It’s got to be the players call if they want to go to the All Star game. You can’t tell Shanny not to go. i’m sure you CAN, in theory, but its not a class move.

    if Jags needs the rest he needs to tell the Rangers he wants out of it. But I dont agree with going against the player and keeping them from going just to rest them. Its the player’s honor and right.

  4. Sam, this has to be your biggest blog of the year!! :)

    Taking the day off along with Jagr and Shanahan are you??

    Must be a nice day for golf. May there be some eagles in your game!!

  5. How dare the Rangers disappoint the TV audience of 178,000 strong by taking Jagr and Shanny out of the All-Star Game.

    Held in a prime mid-week slot!

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