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The Rangers are calling Jaromir Jagr’s groin injury day-to-day, which basically sums up our entire existence. But at least he has some time to rest: the team is off the ice completely today, then is only practicing tomorrow in preparation for Tuesday’s tilt with the Islanders.

My guess is that if the Big Fella is even slightly questionable, he’ll sit, if only to err on the side of caution. And having dealt with some groin issues myself this year — how’s that for too much information? — the only known solution is to rest.

In the meantime, happy football-watching. I’m a life-long Jets fan, but in my own twisted mind, I can’t help but think both New York team’s elimination from the playoffs might shift some needed attention on hockey. But I’m still behind them, and be sure to give some blog love to my two talented colleagues, “Andrew Gross on the Jets”:http://jets.lohudblogs.com/ (who many of you already know set a high standard as my predecessor on the Rangers beat), and the dean of the Giants beat, “Ernie Palladino”:http://giants.lohudblogs.com/ .

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  1. Sam – I agree that it woulf pay for JJ to sit, rest and heal if there is any danger of this injury perpetuating itself.

    Off topic I know but GO JETS

  2. Sit Jagr, call up Callahan, move Pruchs to Nylander’s line, play Callahan with Cullen and Shanny.

    I can’t remember the last time Adam Hall had a scoring chance. Tha being said, he does have size, which this team lacks and the replacements for him, Callahan, Immonen, Dawes have no size either.

  3. Immonen weighs 210 pounds, he’s actually a much stronger person than Hall who is around 208 and much taller.

  4. blueshirts2k6 on

    Move Prucha up with Nylander, and Straka, and have Immo center Cullen, and Shanny. I think Renney will probably have Hossa on the top line, and have Immo on the 4th line.

  5. Can we get some players who will stick up for each other? Komisarek’s shot on Prucha should have been avenged. Same as usual.

  6. Agreed, Hall has been a bust so far. Saw a youtube video clip of Shanahan beating the crap out of him when he (Hall) was with Nashville and Shanny with Detroit.

  7. It is amazing that Renney can sit there with a straight face and say Immonen is not quick enough to play while he has that bumbling ungraceful goon Hall out there.

    Hall looks like he is going to fall down half the time, he’s not quick. He is certainly not a better skater than Jarkko Immonen, not even close.

    Immonen is by no means fast, but he is not nearly as slow as Renney’s brain seems to be.

  8. I can’t see where JJ sitting out for a game or so would hurt. All due respect he has’nt done much in the last dozen games, except for a few untimely turnovers. It will give a chance for some others to step up!!! Go Rangers

  9. I agree, if Hall isn’t going to drop the gloves and add some deterent to the ice, then play Immonen in his place or Callahan.

    Callahan should be in this lineup on a regular basis. The first game the kid had he had at least threee scoring chances. That’s as many as Hall has had in a month.

    Callahan has more speed, scoring and has grit.

  10. We should play Immonen & Callahan on regular basis but please don’t underestimate role of our current Captain for this team. BTW – Giants & Jets lost their wc games. Goodbye Playoffs.

  11. I was told by someone who went to the Pack game today that Callahan was out with a concussion. Whatever it was, he was sitting in the seats.

  12. Captain Alexei Yashin was benched by coach Ted Nolan for all but one shift of the second period Saturday. Yashin hasn’t scored a point during the past six games. “It was a benching,” Nolan said. “He’s got to play better. He knows it, and we know it.” – Newsday


    it looks like Craptain Holdout is in the doghouse. He shouldn’t mind sitting. After all, he sat out a whole year pouting over his millions.

  13. Dawes is regularly scoring points again for Hartford. He’s better suited to be in the NHL than Callahan right now.

  14. My question is, if Renney won’t play Immonen and doesn’t think his foot speed is up to par, then why doesn’t Sather trade him? If Renney is going to be the coach here for the foreseeable furture and he refuses to play Immonen, its time to ship him out and get something for him while he is still valuable to other teams. Apparently, Renney doesn’t feel that Immonen is the answer on the 2nd line. Nylander is slotted in the first line center slot. Cullen, depsite his recent resurgence, is better suited for 3rd line center duty. Then you have Betts as the 4th line center. If Renney has evaluated Immonen and can’t find a place for him, then trade him. Maybe because Immonen was part of the Leetch trade, I believe, they want fans to see they got something worthwhile for him, who knows. I persoanlly like Immonen and think Renney should give him a chance. He is a smart 2 way player that I think will play in this league for a long time.

  15. Good for Nolan benching a highly paid player for not playing well enough…sad that the Rangers management could learn a little from those people.

    And that’s not good if Callahan was seriously banged up. Any more word on that?

  16. dawes hahahahahahahaha!!!! no one to get him the puck on our 3rd or 4th line. he cant play without a playmaker. he is brutal when he tries to make plays himself.

  17. Callahan was out with an injury to his shoulder. He did not play the 3rd period in Springfield on Saturday night and was scratched yesterday. It is not thought to be too big a deal.

  18. I like those lines, but there’s one problem. Both Prucha and Straka are midgets. I’m not sure if they’d be able to compensate with offense for the beating they’d both take. With 245-pound Jagr on the ice, he draws much of that beating. I’d probably have the same lines, just switch Shanny and Prucha.

    Actaully(and I know some will give me crap for this) it might be interesting to skate everyone’s beloved Hossa with Straks and Nylander. He’s got the size, speed and the hands to be on that line, just it’s a matter if he shows up to the game. If he played like he did Saturday, he’d be a great stop-gap for Jags, while allowing Shanny to continue on with Cullen(who he apparently like having as his center) and Prucha. Then slide Immonen between Hollweg and Orts, and Betts between Ward and Hall; role four lines instead of giving first their usual 25 minutes and insert Prucha into Jags’ spot on the PP(Prucha-Nylander-Shanahan-Straka-Roszival).

    Let the “you’re a fools” begin…

  19. “John M January 7th, 2007 at 7:26 pm


    Yep John, that’s the one!

  20. err…callahan had a injured shoulder i mean.

    just a precautionary sit down for him last night

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