Rachunek a game-time decision


“As I said in today’s story for the paper,”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070106/SPORTS01/701060382/1108 Karel Rachunek is still suffering from a sore foot after he was struck with a puck against the Flyers on Thursday. The team still isn’t sure if he’ll be able to skate on it, so Rachunek will test it during warmups. If he can’t go, Thomas Pock will take his spot along the blueline. The other five D-men are in.

As expected, Henrik Lundqvist will start in net.

Montreal beat writer Pat Hickey tells us in today’s story in the Montreal Gazette what many of you already heard: “The Canadiens are decimated by the flu bug.”:http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sports/story.html?id=0d6d375f-b246-459d-973b-5e4647d313ef&k=9394 Check out the story for more detail, but here’s what I found most interesting: Several players were apparently puking during Thursday’s 5-1 loss to Washington. That’s nasty. No wonder they lost to the Capitals by four goals.

According to the story, David Aebischer will start in net, not Huet. Aebischer is 4-0 with a 2.17 GAA vs. the Rangers lifetime, making coach Guy Carbonneau’s choice an easier one with the Devils looming tomorrow.

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  1. Sam, I have a question, and I must admit I am a little annoyed …

    While I am very happy about our current winning streak and the overall play of the team, specially the defense … Tom Renney said that he wanted to try and have a 7-D-Men rotation and that he didn’t want those D who sit to sit for more than a game or two back to back … so in saying that, if Pock does not play today will he go on Tuesday vs the Islanders? It just seems to me that Tom is more willing to have younger players sit and watch and “Take a breather” as he calls it because they have had some mistakes than the veterans who also make mistakes, and this is more glaring with the defense. I thought that Pock was playing extremely well and he also was willing to shoot the puck from the point and is defenitely speedier than about 3 of our current vets … I will be ok with his sitting if I see him vs the Isles because it means that Renney was sincere in what he said but if he sits again then why doesn’t Renney just say that now that everyone is relatively healthy is just another long draught for Pock?

    Not that I believe that Pock is a budding star on this league who is just being held down from breaking out … But today we go into a building with a team built with speed so it would’ve made sense to me to see him play today … oh well, we will see … I tend not to criticize Renney as some here do but I do not like it when he says something and doesn’t do it or does the opposite ….

  2. Let me guess Jarrko Immonen is sitting again because Cullen isn’t scoring anyways so why not try Immonen with Prucha and Shanny.

  3. why arent the refs calling these late hits? apparently you can wipe a player out away from the puck and potentially injure them but you better not hook em

  4. blueshirts2k6 on

    Probably the best Tyutin has looked this season in that first period. It was not just the sweet stretch pass he made to Cullen, but he made some nice plays on the pk and even setup Betts on the pk, as well as joining the rush more than usual. The team on a whole played a solid period even Hossa, and Ward had some jump vs their former team. Malik took his usual penalty due to him being immobile two more coming up.

  5. Well Henrik30 Cullen scored today and I think there is one other forward who deserves to sit long before Cullen ever will …

    Also, Sam, Pock is playing today due to Rachuneck’s injury but what I said still stands … he shouldn’t have to play just because someone is injured

    I am loving how our PK is playing, getting a lot more chances than the Montreal’s PP … Hossa has some guts blocking a Souray shot

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey everyone, I’m back, I don’t think too many of you missed me.

    Jagr might be hurt, say goodbye to the season.

  7. blueshirts2k6 on

    Good thing Renney refuses to use Orty on the pk cause god knows who needs a shotblocking winger on when you have Hall, and Hossa.

  8. blueshirts2k6 on

    Jagr played 5:49 in the first and 4 minutes even in the second, and stayed on the bench in the second after leaving in the first. I’m hoping he’s just sick, but it could and probably is his shoulder.

  9. Renney&Stimpy on

    you don’t just fold your tent because somebody got hurt, no matter who it is. you battle through it.

  10. Hey I wouldnt say goodbye to the season if JJ is hurt. He hasnt been scoring… not too many assists. This will give Immo time to play either on the first or second line. But then the other team’s D wouldnt have to worry about marking up on JJ, giving them a chance to do it more on Shanny.

  11. Renney&Stimpy on

    nothing could be a bigger indictment of Renney than to say that yaromeer yogurt is hurt, now let’s quit.

  12. Renney&Stimpy on

    with yogurt gone, they have permission to shoot from the point, and see the difference, 2 goals from there.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    “nothing could be a bigger indictment of Renney than to say that yaromeer yogurt is hurt, now let’s quit.”

    That’s how it was meant to be taken.

  14. Man i hate the canadiens…Best game as a Ranger for Cullen, he was flying today and he FINISHED!! I have been one of the biggest bashers of hossa, and i will have to say marcel played well today. when he uses his size like he did today he can be effective, and he had a few crunching hits…pock should be in this lineup everygame..rachunek should be the odd man out at this point….2 bad penalties by jed…i’ll be at the game tuesday night, we better kick the fishsticks ash….

  15. Don’t really understand how can you decrease role of Jaromir Jagr in this team. You must be blind…

  16. Hey Doodie, as far as I’m concerned, I always welcome intelligent comment even if wrong. :)

    Welcome back.

  17. Renney&Stimpy: Yeah, I see the results sharp. JJ creates a lot of chances for Nylander & Straka, both having great season so far because of Jagr presence. Don’t you really see that or you just came from Jersey or Long Island to this blog to make stupid comments. Or maybe you’re just 12 years old. BTW – I’ll not comment your posts anymore cause this blog is just too good for that.

  18. Well. I’ve been a Hossa dissenter but he played quite a game today. Used his size in the corners and more often than not, came up with the puck. If he could play like this on a consistent basis, the anti-Hossa tirades might just vanish in the dust.

    Jagr injured his groin and after that Renney gave a lot more time to his other lines. Something for him to think about whether Jagr is injured or not.

    I didn’t like that he is using Shanny on the PK. Didn’t help as Montreal got 3 PP goals accounting for all their scoring. Beautiful blind pass by Shanahan to set up Cullen for the final goal.

    Like Hossa, it would be nice if Cullen had more consistency. If both played every game like they played today, Rucchin, Ruchinsky and Sykora would be forgotton.

    Still would like Immo to get more of a chance on line 2.

  19. Callhob – Immo on the 1st or 2nd line. I better get more tickets to games now before the asking price goes up.

    I’m just trying to figure out when people will be asking for him to sit so a younger player can play. Remember Toronto gave him up as opposed to better prospects for a reason – he is not a top 6 forward and never will be.

  20. Hossa sooooo deserved a goal tonight… best game I ever saw him play… except for that icing at the end… but even he really wanted to score and I guess an empty net is too inviting.
    Cullen was awesome too.
    Great game.

  21. Even the icing was a positive thing. Why? Because he was able to get the puck in the corner battle to ice it and he did shoot it softly to take more time off the clock.

    Micholoby was critical of it and said he should have shot it off the boards so made it sound like a negative execution by Hossa but damn it, he won the battle to get the puck in the first place which was a lot more important.

  22. Lenny, give Shanahan some credit. That wasn’t a blind pass at all. He looked, saw Cullen behind him and fed him with a perfect pass.

  23. I like today’s game. the other players seemed to take more responsibility on themselves with Jagr out. the overall checking was more persistent and consistent. the lines all seemed to have a renewed vigor because it is hard to perform from the bench, or when you are just standing around waiting for the big names to get it done.

  24. Man, shooting from the point is so good for our PP.

    Totally agree that Shanny shouldn’t be used on the PK, especially if JJ’s hurt. He’s great at it, but I don’t think it’s worth the wear and tear.

    Hossa played great. Thought Hollweg did a good job, too…

    Hard for me to believe, however, that Renney’s supposed “goalie schedule” included this 4-game run by Lundy…Not that I’m against it, I’m just saying…

    Great to see the Rangers fight to get the win and solidify with JJ off the ice. Refreshing.

  25. Cullen scored both goals going high over the goalie’s shoulder. Too often this year he has shot low, and that won’t work against guys who are all in the butterfly these days. and Shanny can pass and open up some room for him like he did today.

  26. Hanny, no argument, I did give Shanny credit. I meant it being blind because he didn’t look, not because he didn’t know where Cullen was.

    We are on the same page.

  27. Blueshirts2k6 on

    That was a fun game to watch nerve wracking too what with blowing the 2-0 lead. It was good to see the third and 4th liners step up and play alot like they do last year. The Hossa performance was shocking as he was flying from start to finish trying to stick it to his old team, it’s too bad that he’ll probably go back to his old ways. Another good sign was Matt Cullen waking up as he drove to the net hard , and skated circles around the Habs dmen. I thought Rozsival, and Tyutin had terrific games as Rozsival looked really good on the pp. I’d say it was dissapointing to see no one get in Komisarek’s face after he drilled Prucha, and the pk was pretty dreadful, imo Renney needs to get Orty back on the pk unit. Jagr has had all kinds of groin problems over his career so no telling how long he’ll be out.

  28. Blueshirts2k6 on

    Gotta also say that Jason Ward played his best game in a long time, and that line of Hossa-Ward-Ortmeyer has good chemistry. I also agree with Dave Maloney on Souray great shot and offensive skills, but he’s dreadful in his own zone.

  29. Sam,

    Is your workload going to change completely with golf picking back up? Is that your main beat? Do you have a golf blog? Because I have a few choice words left to say about that Ryder Cup performance…

  30. Andy in the UK on

    I loved the US Ryder Cup performance! ;)

    Great to see Cullen picking up the slack – I still have my doubts about his ability to justify salary and 2nd line C duties but he seems a potentially valuable fit.

    For those of you who are in touch with what’s happening in the system I have a question: When we talk about forward prospects we seem to be talking about guys whose game, whether or not they possess the quality, fits a top-6 role – Callahan, Dawes, Immonen. Who are our genuine prospects/alternatives to play lines 3 and 4 right now?

  31. You cant feel sorry for them because they are “decimated” by the flu. Everyone has to deal with it. No one cared when the Rangers lost 7 in a row mainly because they had the flu

  32. Blueshirts2k6: i thik the reason teh rangers didnt respnod to the hit on Prucha was BECAUSE teh PK didnt look good at all….even when the Habs got no shots, it was more from them making errors than teh Ragners looking good. I think it was the right move to do nothing, its not worth loseing the game. at least IMHO they needed the two points.

  33. I’d just like to say that although winning a game against a team with a superior record in their own building is a huge plus, there are still a lot of things that leave me scared:

    1) Defensive zone giveaways, they should not be happeneing as often as they do.
    2) Every time the Habs came back to tie, the Rangers paniced and started playing loose. I think that although after the Washington game the players are spouting about their new found confidence, they are still VERY shaky confidencewise in key situations.
    3) I can’t say that Lundqvist had a poor performance tonight, but I can say that he wasn’t as sharp as the past games. I wouldn’t be against playing Weekes against the Isles.

    Hossa’s play tonight should at least quiet the naysayers for a week; Orty still looked rusty and needs a couple more games till I can feel confident with him replacing one of the other PK’ers (who can’t be proud of tonight’s performance)

    I still don’t think this team can stand up to real adversity at this point in the season, but I guess it is a work in progress.

  34. Jezmund : yes tehy stll get shaken up when they start to give up a lead…but unlike the loseing streak, tonight, or last night now, it early :) , after they gave up teh 2 goal lead they came out inteh 3rd and palyed hard instead of just packing it in. Lundqvist didnt ahve a great game, but he had an OK game, thats going to happen to every NHL netminder, and tonight the Ragners helped him get teh win anyway. With 2 days off I think King still palys against teh Islanders…if it was just one day maybe Weekes…but I havnt looked at teh schedule past that, maybe need Lundqvist more after…but a game against a team trying to catch the Rangers is a HUGE one..Hopefuly Jagr can go, cause even at 60% teams still ahve to worry about him and have to watch him close….that opens up room for the other palyers on that line and on the team.

  35. HOSSA: This is the second game in as many weeks that I’ve noticed him using the combination of his puck-handling and size to be a magnet on the puck. At one point(as he also did against Ottawa), he had posession deep in the zone for a good 20-30 seconds, even with the defense pressuring him hard. I’m really not sure why he doesn’t do this more often, but I have a feeling that is what Renney sees and hopes will become part of this kid’s day-to-day game.

    It’s good to see a ‘w’ even without Jagr. It’s also good to see some goals are starting to come from second line(Cullen, Prucha). I think the key to sucess with these guys will be similar type game as they played in the first Saturday: four solid rolling lines, each with comparable ice time and each with a threat to score.

  36. blueshirts2k6 on

    Wildcard as Maloney stated all they had to do is even get in his face nothing not good no matter how you try to spin.

  37. Many of us have said all along that Pock would do just fine if he ever got a chance. and it is outrageous that it took months of sitting in the stands and an injury to even give him a sniff of action. and he still will be benched more often than the 6 others.

  38. onetimer, if Hossa plays like he did the other night and puts a few pucks in the net, I’ll be glad to be his biggest booster but one game does not make a season.

    Tune in tomorrow night after the game for an updated Hossa report!

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