Rangers sign Betts to a contract extension


Finally, the long, acrimonious contract dispute between the Rangers and center Blair Betts is over.

Actually, I’m kidding. More likely it went something like this:

Rangers: “Blair, do you want a contract extension?”

Betts: “Um, OK.”

I don’t have terms yet, but I’m sure I’ll have it later. What we do know is Betts is slated to make $550,000 this year.

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  1. Damnit! Terrible move! Betts is gonna block a kid from developing into a 4th line center! What a shame!


  2. OK, I’ll bite. What exactly has Betts done to deserve a contract extension? He’s not that great on faceoffs, can’t score, doesn’t hit but can play decent defense.

    gk: like your sarcasm but the sad fact is that Betts is not a 4th line center in Renney’s world. He’s a third line center and that does block a potential kid from playing there.

    But, let’s all just make excuses for the poor job of personnel management done by this coach and management team.

  3. He only leads all forwards in the league in blocked shots and leads the team in faceoffs..Yeah..horrible signing

  4. You beat me to it,Sam. I just posted this on your previous page.

    for you guys, including me, who want more youth, here’s another nail in the coffin.

    The Rangers just signed Blair Betts to a contract extension.

    So Future Blue at the checking C position, Dubinsky?, just got pushed back even further.

  5. He leads the Rangers in blocked shots.

    He leads the Rangers in faceoff wins.

    He adds the odd odd goal and plays good defense, and he kills penalties.

    Betts is a 4th line center. And I’m pretty sure he bounces between the “3rd” and “4th” lines, due to the Rangers lack of scoring centers.

    I don’t see him blocking anyone.

    Can’t complain.

  6. I wonder if, when the “kids” are 26 and signed to a contract extention, people here will whine about them blocking other “kids.”

  7. I don’t buy that blocked shots stat. He does not go down to block shots like Jed does, or Shanny. and if he leads the league it is because he has trouble stopping his opponent from getting so many chances to begin with.

  8. you don’t know what you’re talking about. He is NOT being played on the 4th line. He has been played on the 3rd line all season, and he still is. J. Ward is the C on the 4th line with Jed.

  9. The same J. Ward that spent time centering Jagr when Nylander was out? Those lower lines get juggled all the time.

    And what, Betts leads the league in blocked shot by “accident”, but if it was Ortmeyer, he’d be a great shot blocker…

    Alright, back to my regularly scheduled boarding; enough clogging up Sam’s great blog.

  10. He’s not even 27 yet.
    Just under a month shy.

    And it isn’t like, if a kid tears up the camp next season, they’re going to sit around and go “oh, but we have Betts.” But what kid is looking to tear up camp as a grinder next season?

  11. “And it isn’t like, if a kid tears up the camp next season, they’re going to sit around and go “oh, but we have Betts.â€?

    Where have you been?

  12. you don’t see him blocking anyone? I just said who he is blocking. Brandon Dubinsky. what is Dubinsky supposed to think about the Ranger front office faith in him now?

  13. Pock has been far better than Malik, Tyutin and Kasparaitis. He needs to play in order to get better and if he isnt gonna play those “positioning issues” won’t get resolved. I have said it all along, Pock is probably our best Defensemen but if not he is definitely the best left defensemen

  14. that’s a good point. these guys saying that no younger players are being blocked. Just look at the Pock treatment to see the real situation. He finally gets a chance, due to injury, after sitting out for months. he plays well, and the first guy picked to sit out again when Malik returns is who else, Pock.

  15. I would hope Brandon Dubinsky is thinking about his next game, maybe working out, hitting the weights a little. Stuff like that. Which he probably is, the prospects in Hartford should leave the hysteria to you anyhow, you seem to have it well covered.

  16. Now you can probably trade him easier, but since there is no one better than him behind him in this org. it doesn’t matter. He has done just fine this year.

  17. If Renney played Betts on the 4th line he would be great. But Renney plays him on the 3rd and sometimes with Shanny on the 2nd line. Betts is under 50% on faceoffs so he’s OK and all around he’s OK but he will block someone because the rangers do that with established vets and Betts is Renney’s boy.

  18. the hysteria comes from guys who are celebrating the signing extension of a spare part ordinary plugger, a pedestrian, replaceable vet who played in Calgary but was found wanting by Darryl Sutter.

    He has 8 assists in 142 NHL games at C. and is -11

  19. Most 4th liners are found to be “wanting” by various coaches over their careers.

    Seems like pretty much a non-event. Nice day for Blair Betts though.

  20. I like it. Blair will be the 4th line center once we have a real second line center and Cullen moves down. He is a hard worker and a good soldier. Good for him. Now, as for Pock sitting again…….that is BS. He spent the Devils game trying to cover up for a series of gaffes by Rozsival. He played very well in that game. He should be in there tonight.

  21. it is likely that Nylander will be brought back next season, and they are interested in Gomez too. plus Cullen is signed.

    and now you’ve got Betts. tell us now how many spots are open.

  22. “”””””I like it. Blair will be the 4th line center once we have a real second line center and Cullen moves down.””””

    there, now you are admitting that all Ranger youth are blocked, exactly what I said.

  23. P4B:
    “He only leads all forwards in the league in blocked shots and leads the team in faceoffs..Yeah..horrible signing”

    Don’t know where you’re getting your blocked shots stat since I looked at TSN and NHL.com and couldn’t find a category for blocked shots. As for faceoffs, he’s currently the 3rd best center on the team as far as faceoff % and #108 in the league. Immonen is the top center on the team (and #6 in the league) at 64.8% and even Cullen at 52.7% beats out Betts who is at a poor 45.4%.

    I’ll ask, but I suspect I already know – where did you get your blocked shots stat?

  24. Cullen can move to the wing ….Dubinsky wont be ready – Helminen is more ready than Dubinsky. Helminen , if he can make the team will play 3rd line. Gomez is certainly not a lock and its ridiculous that you even suggest penciling him in on the team.

  25. tsalad, they probably are right now typing up a special “shootout” contract for Hossa.

  26. Cullen can move to the wing, so that Callahan is then blocked. you’re unbelievable, just don’t spill the kool-aid.

  27. The Rangers have 3 guys in the top 12 in blocked shots.

    Where did you think I got the stat from boy?

  28. Dubinsky outplayed Helminen in camp. and the guys who watch the Ranger kids, at BB, rate Dubinsky highly.
    and the hockey future site rates Dubinsky at #6, and Helminen is not even in the top 20 Rangers kids.

  29. I’m not losing anything except my mind when I read comments that 4Rangers and Twin post.Your all putting way too much stock in the quality of the players in Hartford. They are not as good as your making them all out to be.

    AHL stats do not always transfer into the NHL – ask Jason Lababara.

  30. Nice hostility there P4B. Thanks for the link, you’re obviously so much smarter than everyone else. How about that faceoff %. Pretty impressive huh?

  31. Well , faceoff percentage fluctuates frequently. On any given night a centers faceoff win percentage can go up or down several points. Cullen and Betts have both lead the team at some point this season, its usually one of the two. While Immo rates high , he hasnt played enough games to be compared with the rest of the league.And I never mentioned where Betts ranked in the league , just within the confines of the team. I am certainly all for keeping the center who lead the team last season in faceoff wins also.

    My hostility stems from you closing comment regarding the location of where I got my blocked shot stat from. If took the time to do your research before you quickly jab at someone , you might learn something as you did today.

  32. P4B

    Maybe just maybe some kids in Hartford are better than you say. Time will tell who’s right. If they ever get a chance.

  33. They may be …I hope they are..I’d imagine that the 2008-09 season will be the year you see a younger average team age and if any of the prospects currently in Hartford are any good , that will be the year to see your Dubi’s and Helminen ,Sanguinetti’s…etc…

  34. P4B:

    “Your all putting way too much stock in the quality of the players in Hartford. They are not as good as your making them all out to be.”

    YOU’RE putting way too much stock in the quality of the fourth-line caliber forwards on this team: Ward, Betts, Hall, Hossa. They are MUCH WORSE than you are meking them out to be.

    I’d rather see kids making honest mistakes and learning than a bunch of never-were veterans making those same mistakes. At least hopefully the kids have an upside, if our scouting staff is worth anything. If not, we’re sunk for another decade.

  35. Sign Shanny to an extension. When he stood up to “BrokeBack Brashear” (remember his comment about the league?), he showed that he is the true heir to Messier as a leader.

    This guy has done it all. He is one of the game’s best –even at 38.

    Lock him up for next year rather than lose him to a true contender.

  36. PS: adding to my Shanny extension comment:

    I want rebuilding and would rather lose with youth and have hope, than reach .500 with aging players.

    Shanny would be great to teach youth…….I cannot imagine a better teacher for a young player for ALL aspects of the game.

  37. On Pock:

    This kid has done everything right since being inserted into the lineup, but he will ost likely be bumped tonight in favor of Malik.

    All teams need 7-8 defenseman and I think Renney might be a bit more comfortable now with Pock, so I expect to see him get aa lot more ice time this season.

    I also think losing Malik hurt the Jagr line, so hopefully his return tonight will give that line a spark.

    I also believe Pock has been one of their best defenseman over this stretch of games.

    I am concerned about not having any muscle in the lineup tonight against Eager and Fedoruk, etc.

    Glad Betsy got an extension, I like him.

  38. Sam- Weekes tonight?? We all know its about time he has played. Id rather start him vs. philly than Montreal or the Islanders

  39. P4B – I couldn’t agree more. Here’s the cold, hard truth about Hartford: Most, if not all of them are not ready for the bigs. Bitch about Pock, fine. Immonen, I’ll give a listen. But Dawes wasn’t ready. He should have started the year in Hartford. As for Dubinsky, you’re nuts. He’s barely making an impact in Hartford right now. Byers and Callahan are the only guys even halfworthy of a promotion at this point. Maybe Baranka, if the big club wasn’t already trying to find a space for Pock.

    4Rangers: the guys at BB have been speaking up Dubi for more than a year now, and with good reason. He’s apparently got the attitude of a winner and the skills to boot. Still, at 20 years old, he’s got no business getting knocked around in the majors. Helminen, OTOH, has been bashed unabashedly by BB. I think the exact quote was “he’ll never make the NHL” or something like that. As for HF, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what’s posted over there. I mean, they’ve got Montoya rated as the NUMBER TWO prospect in the system…and listing Hugh “Mr. ECHL” Jessibust over Byers, Callahan and Pock, who’s in the NHL? It makes me wonder if Leslie Treff or whoever they’ve got writing over there has ever seen these guys play, or if they’re just going by the draft positions and out-dated scouting reports.

    As for Betts, I’ve never been a huge fan of this guy, however, he’s decent center with legs and an ability to score, much the same as Jay Ward, Jed Ortmeyer, Ryan Hollweg and everyone’s favorite Marcel Hossa. They don’t get a lot of minutes and they generally chip in where they can. Sure, guys like this are fairly common in the NHL. But the bonus with these guys is they’ve already skated one sucessful season in NY. They know the team and they’re as young as they are cheap. I’ve got no problem with them skating on this team, as long as they develop a winning chemistry. It’s a core and more of a core than this team has had in almost a decade.

    What they need of the kids in Hartford is to develope into first and second liners to start replacing some of the truely old fellows on line one and two. Nylander and Straka aren’t going to be at the top of their games for much longer. And neither is Jags. The kids will get more than their chance soon enough. But for now, watching Dawes and Callahan get roasted by other teams’ first and second lines is going to do nothing for either player or the Rangers as a whole.

  40. Anthony (Abev) on

    good for Betts. He shows flashes of brilliance, like the rush between the Ducks D (Niedermeyer) to beat JSG.

  41. stop with the dishonest b.s. I never said that Dubi would be in the NHL THIS YEAR. I never mentioned Dawes. and I never said Callahan would be on the first line.

    yeah, the same way that Lundy got “roasted” when Renney’s proclaimed #1 goalie got hurt early last season.

  42. P4B: Here’s some exhibition stats for you to chew on before you grace us with your knowledge that Dawes isn’t ready. If it’s based on his time with the Rangers, he got bupkis for TOI and the rest of the games he was upstairs getting coffee for the Genius. Oh, and by the way, he has as many goals in his miniscule time on ice as Hossa, who obviously, you think IS ready.

    Leading Exhib. Scorers.
    Player GP G A PTS PIM
    Petr Prucha 5 4 1 5 0
    Adam Hall 5 2 3 5 2
    Nigel Dawes 5 3 1 4 0
    Brendan Shanahan 5 1 2 3 6

  43. “My hostility stems from you closing comment regarding the location of where I got my blocked shot stat from. If took the time to do your research before you quickly jab at someone , you might learn something as you did today.”

    Hard to leave this statement alone, but in the interest of internet peace I’ll let this go.

    Have a good night.

  44. No one can tell if Dawes is ready or not for the NHL based on his 8 game tryout on the 4th line.

  45. I wouldn’t min d if Shanny saw time on the pp point tonight and sit down Rosival . Then Prucha could get legitimate pp minutes.
    I think Henrik should stay in net till he begs out from here on in.

  46. DAWES didnt show any energy when he was with the Ragners to satar the year…he looked timid…MAYBE MAYBE IF and a VER BIG IF he got more time he would have looked beter, OR it could have been pushing him to ahrd. WE as fans have no idea how he was handling the pressure, perhaps he was showings signs of being stressed out….time in Hartford will NOT set this kid back, he will make it to the NHL in due time and when he is ready.

  47. the Stepford fans are back in full swing again. they lie low during a 7 game losing streak, they pretend to be jumping on a new wagon, and then 2 wins and they’re right back in full ostrich mode.

  48. blueshirts2k6 on

    p4b where were you when the team lost 7 in a row? Bagdad Sather’s house? I’m sorry but you know next to nothing about Hockey other than Msg shills talking points.

  49. Immo also lead the team last year but only 6 games played….doesnt amount to squat.

    You guys who keep clamoring for kids to play remember what Uncle P4B has taught you and I’ll check in now and then to see if your learning anything.

  50. Blueshirts2k6 on

    Betts has been medicore on face-offs this year look it up on Nhl.com not Satherisgod.com please.

  51. P4B, I’ve forgotton more than you’ll ever know.

    Bet you are a season’s subscriber supporting this incompetant management.

  52. Why is it that on all accounts , no one , except a few message board posters and one or two bloggers claim that these kids in Hartford are ready. Why is their so much conspiracy/paranoia surrounding MSG management’s decision to not call up kids from Hartford? Why would they purposefully not play someone who’s better , not more deserving , but better? This isnt EA Sports NHL2K6 – you cant just plug a player in your lineup for the heck of it.This is a business – its all about the bottom line.

    PS . I am geographically unable to purchase season tix Lenny – if you werent so busy getting kicked off of message boards for trolling you realize I lived in Tampa

  53. Only message boards are two I have no respect for. And I don’t really care where you live. It would be nice if you would just stick to hockey and not badmouth people who know a lot more than you. You should listen and learn instead of being obnoxious.

    Tough to do for you I guess considering where you post on a regular basis.

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