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All this and to think, Martin Straka said he seriously thought about hanging it up after last season. “I guess when you’re 34 you go year-by-year,” Straka said. “I’m not getting any younger.”

Apparently not. Read on…

  • In the “It’s-all-about-my-personal-well-being” category: We’re talking to Straka after his three-goal effort and the left wing says that he feels a lot better seeing how he’s been battling the flu. And just like that, whatever Straka is saying losing all importance. Don’t get me wrong, I finished the interview. But it probably seemed odd that I did so from across the room.
  • Maybe because it was against the Flyers, but Henrik Lundqvist tried his best Ron Hextall imitation. Needless to say, it didn’t work out as planned, with the goaltender’s shot attempt ending in the gut of Mike York and leading to an easy Philly goal. When I saw Rangers goalie coach Benoit Allaire in the locker room, I asked him what his star pupil was thinking. Allaire’s answer? Lundqvist wasn’t thinking. “It was a bad move,” the goalie said.
  • Good game all around for the Rangers, but Tom Renney missed a perfect opportunity to start Jed Ortmeyer so Ortmeyer could be announced to the Garden crowd. It would have made for a pretty cool moment, and it’s not like starting the game means that much. I mean, I could start for the Rangers and…well, actually, that probably wouldn’t go well.

    OK, that’s all for now. More tomorrow….

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    1. yeah, i cant believe how many people are shirking the bonehead move by Henrik has being funny or worth a shot.

      It was a TERRIBLE decision and may have cost us 2 points unnecessarily.

      MAYBE you do that if youre up by like 5 goals or something, but the other team wouldnt pull their goalie in that situation, unless their coach is brain dead…or Tom Renney (had to throw in that little jab ;) )

      It was a moronic, childish decision, and hopefully Henrik learns from it.

    2. I totally agree, they should have introduced Jed, because it’s not a big deal and would have been the perfect pumpup. Good game though by the Rags, yet two fluke and bad goals the Flyers scored, and a good team would have taken better advantage.

    3. I totally agree, Sam. It was another low-class move by Renney to not start Jed and give him his due reception.

    4. I think Henryk was a bit giddy in trying that shot (stunt)…anyway so am I. I don’t get to see many ranger games these days (living a time zone away from MSG), but I did tonight, and I’ll put my two cents in.

      I thought the Jagr line at times just toyed with the Flyers, while Jagr himself was hardly dominant (Nylander was outstanding). I can’t really find much fault, Tyutin was solid and physical, Hossa forechecked effectively, Hall even played soundly esp on special teams, Rosival (and Malik) played well positionally, Kasper and the D in general kept scoring chances to a minimum, etc. etc.

      I realize the Flyers are a last place team; Montreal might be a better test. If Hossa gets so much wrath, could you imagine what Pitkanin would get here? It’s a wonder that that guy, who shows flashes of brilliance, doesn’t have at least a point per game.

      where would this team be without Jagr/Straka/NYlander?

    5. I am still baffled at the hesitation for Renney to start Pock in place of Rachunek. Rachunek has gotten a couple lucky bounces for assists lately, but other than that he has been a greater defensive liability than Pock.

    6. whoa, danroy you serious?

      Right now id consider Rachunek our 3rd best defenseman. hes been pretty damn good.

      Malik was absolutely AWFUL in this game though.

    7. Danroy33: I dont think Pock is any less a defensive liability than Rachunek. But Rachunek HAS done really well ont he PK, seems to play with a littel edge at times as well. Also, he is young to, so I dont see it as one or the other. A defender from the Rangers needs to be moved in a trade….but I dont know who. Tonight I think it was wise to play Kasper of Pock, agaisnt a team liek the flyers its always good to have kasper back there being nasty with the other team, but I tihnk the next game against a swifet skateing team that isnt as big Pock should be in…Renny has options to paly difrent guys for difrent teams as to “respond” to the typs of teams they are. But he dosnt make any decisions withought thought, so he might not cahnge to much up.

    8. Inferno : you think Malik was awful? What did he do so bad…I watched him diflect 5 or 6 passes that were going across to another player, he forced a few guys outside, and he played a low risk game…he did good tonight. Kasper was the worst defender tonight…it seemed he was a step behind all night long. Ward and Tyutin were normal, and Rachunek, I agree that he is better than others, and still young and learning. He also is out with Kasper, and that cant help his game at all.

    9. check out my blog, i know i mention what really pissed me off about him in it. he was terrible out there, and not just on that 1 play, he made several similar plays, all night long. usually they connected, but it doesnt mean he played well, it means he got LUCKY.

    10. anyone think Shanny is exhausted, at 38, with all the ice time Renney used up on him in the first half of the season?

      this is the kind of question best asked during the 7 game losing streak, but it is relevant now as it has been all season, as many fans have been saying the same thing:

      Do NOT overuse Shanny——–PP, PK, 5 of 5……….blocking shots, assisting, scoring, fighting………

      Great to see Malik get valuable ice time in the end of a one goal game again.

      Even better to see the slow and clumbersome D-man hook someone to the ice, at the very beginning of the Cullen penalty (why skate when you can hook?) BUT not get called for it……..

      phew. We dodged that one.

    11. Inferno,

      Did it ever occur to you that Jed may have asked not to be started tonight? After all, Mitch Beck and the Blusshirt Bulletin readers chipped in and got a beautiful “Heart and Soul Award” in honor of Jed and he refused to accept it. He said he felt he didn’t deserve such a thing just becasue of the embolism.

      Jed is a humble and self-effacing young gentlenmen and above all, a team player. He just wants to play hockey not attract attention to himself. Maybe he declined to be a starter. But, you will always assume the worst about Renney whenever you can because you are totally biased.

    12. Inferno, if you’re up five goals, the opposition net is not empty, so the situation would not arise.

    13. Rangers win and all you guys have to say is Renney sucks(man, when bandwagoners rain they pour don’t they?), Malik sucks(hmm, alot of ‘kindness’ towards him after his first game back in weeks, admit it you just look for him to mess up….), Henrik is a jerk(okay he screwed up that shot at the end but he stole more goals than he caused, i’m not worried that this would be a future problem, are you?)and Rachunek who i’m not a huge fan of but admit he’s played well recently.

      Okay, anymore b*tching and moaning about how we shoudlve won….oh wait…we did….

    14. Any halfway decent team would have blown the Flyers out of the building. The Flyers had 4 or 5 of their starters out of the lineup, and they were basically Esche, Knuble, some Flyers scrubs and Hershey callups.

      As usual, the Rangers played down to the level of their competition. In 35 years of watching this team, they have never had the killer instinct, except for during the Cup year.

    15. the name on the back of the jersey is not as important as the one on the front. those who think it was classless of renney dont understand the team concept and probably never even played a team sport. if jed wanted to be announced or recognized maybe he could do something like ummmm i dunno SCORE A GOAL for once and get a star spot at the end of the game. this “golden boy” nonsense with orts and holly is sickening. holly lost another fight last night against a guy that never fights but for some reason you dopes cheer him…. how embarrassing.

    16. Uhhh, right. Here you are talking about the importance of a team and you fail to recognize what Holly and Orts provide besides goals. I agree it would have been a nice gesture to the fans (the people paying the bills) to get a chance to recognize a popular player, but I don’t think it was necessary. Also, I can see Orts not wanting that recognition and putting the team first. As for Hollweg losing a fight, again, it’s not the result, it’s the willingness to fight for the team (again, in direct contrast with your supposed point). I don’t think anyone would say that Shanny “won” the fight with Brashear. It was the very idea that he would go up against a bigger guy. Holly does the same thing. I don’t think anyone here gives unwarranted praise to the “Golden Boys”. They deserve all that they get.

      I doubt that Jed “wanted to be announced or recognized.” He’s a team player. I think someone, I don’t know who, mentioned it’s the name on the front of the jersey that counts.

    17. I’m not sure we saw the same game. Malik, as I saw it from my seat, played a solid game (he’s not flashy, that’s precisely his game). The flyers had few scoring chances, were badly outshot, and their two goals came when pitkanen skated through the entire team and threw the puck in the slot and off a skate and lundy’s gaffe, that’s it.

      as far as “any halfway decent team would have blown the Flyers out of the building” well granted they didn’t have forsberg but they’re coming off a 3 game winning streak, beating the isles, tampa and carolina (all decent teams, no?, and no Maliks on their rosters).

      As far as hollweg’s fight, why just not see it for what it was, the lone ranger on the roster who’ll drop the mittens game in, game out and always respond. I think the flyers were just looking to get some spark, and that’s the role of Ben Eager, who is just the opposite of a “guy that never fights.” that’s why eager was in the lineup and is playing in the nhl.

    18. Renney gave Ortmeyer more minutes last night and that seems a lot more important than giving him the start. I’m sure Ortmeyer is aware of the affection fans (and teammates) have for him, and he hears the cheers when he’s on the ice…

      Renney may not be very good at a lot of things, but going out of the way to think up a reason to bad-mouth him more doesn’t seem very fair. Crap, he sat Pock — isn’t that reason enough? Why drag Jed into it?

    19. There’s more to Renney’s incompetance that the issue of not starting Jeb, Margaret. He is poison for rookies and prospects. Pock outplays every D when he was in there and gets benched, how can you overlook that?

      How can you overlook when Big Turkey told you the first week of the season on Rodent’s site and Bird’s site that Renney is overplaying Shanahan and he’ll be worn out in the second half. Also his refusal to see that Cullen is not a second line center, his limited look at Immonen, when in the lineup, the Rangers had a winning record.

      Don’t use the excuse of Jeb not starting as the reason Renney is being blasted, it’s a lot more than that.

    20. mhurley,

      dont know why you said that comment to me, probably should have been directed elsewhere, i never mentioned anything about that

      baha, i know, i said just that, hence, its never a good idea for a goalie to try to score, except if the opposing team elects to shoot the puck on goal from behind the blue line as a dump in and he has a chance to clear it out immediately (a normal clear, just up the middle.) thats the only time you should even try it.

    21. Sam,

      Any mention of Shanny hurting his left leg last night. I think he did it early in the third on a collision at center ice. I was at the game and in the third period he repeatedly looked to be grimmacing and flexing his left knee. He did not miss a shift but he did look uncomfortable. Any word in practice today on that?

    22. Big Turkey wrote”There’s more to Renney’s incompetance that the issue of not starting Jeb, Margaret. He is poison for rookies and prospects. Pock outplays every D when he was in there and gets benched, how can you overlook that?”

      The entire defense is inconsistent, Pock included. They all take untimely penalties one minute then make nice outlet passes the next. Pock is certainly not outplaying any single defender at any given time. But he is also not looking out of place all the time either. Renney needs to rotate all the defense so he doesnt tire any of them out.

      The the Turkey wrote: “How can you overlook when Big Turkey told you the first week of the season on Rodent’s site and Bird’s site that Renney is overplaying Shanahan and he’ll be worn out in the second half. Also his refusal to see that Cullen is not a second line center, his limited look at Immonen, when in the lineup, the Rangers had a winning record.”

      You knew all this in the first week of the season?? Shanny hasnt worn out , his hamstring is hurting , I’m sure at one point he had a touch of the flu that everyone else was getting. How do we know Shanny is askin for the PK time , or I should say , not rejecting the idea. He is a pro and will let Renney know if he is feeling tired or needs a rest. Don’t you think the team has open and candid discussions with their coach as to let them know how they are feeling?? Or is that one of the things you forgot in your expanse hockey knowledge base?

      “Don’t use the excuse of Jeb not starting as the reason Renney is being blasted, it’s a lot more than that.”

      Wrongful blasting of Renney–the same peole crucifying Renney are the same ones clamoring for Dawes, Dubinsky and all of the other borderline talent thats not NHL ready to be prematurely placed in the NHL.

    23. Hey guys —

      Yes, I think Shanny’s hurting. It was apparent last night. So you know, I’m not at practice today because I had to tend to some golf stuff. My man Josh Thomson should be on soon with the latest updates from the rink. Until then….


    24. blueshirts2k6 on

      p4b run back hockeybird’s site as you know jack about any prospects or the players you just buy into what the drones on msg say

    25. colorado mark…what exactly do orts and holly provide that no other 3rd or 4th line player in the league is SUPPOSED to do!? you want to give them a pat on the back for doing there job? gimme a break! congradulate them when they do something out of the ordinary….like SCORE!

      on holly losing AGAIN. ummm well all i can say is that “his willingness to fight” sounds like loser talk. Compare Shannys fight with brasheer with ALL of hollys fights with brasheer in the past. Brasheer thumped him, he has not business even attempting to fight. Shanny held his own with a younger taller stronger guy and no one will say shanny out right lost that fight. how does getting your face pounded in every night rally the troops…it doesnt.

    26. “S4B”

      “Shanny hasnt worn out”

      Back at you, how do you know that? The hamstring problem was probably caused by being overtired. Most injuries occur to players when they are worn down.

      Just like in baseball S4B, where the pitcher tells the manager he still has his stuff, leaves him in there and he loses the game on the next batter. A good coach knows how to allocate the proper time allcation for his players.

      Of course Shanahan is going to offer above and beyond what he should because he was taught to play hockey that way but a good coach, not Renney, knows when to put the brakes on.

      How did I know than Shanahan would tire? How do I know tired players are more suseptible to injury? Experience! Watching this sport long before you were born.

      Can’t believe the nonsense you spread on this blog.

    27. 38 years old and given more minutes than most top d-men, all season…

      he is worn out.

      1 goal in last 12 or so games…

      he is worn out.

      someone wrote that hammys and similiar injuries happen when…

      players are worn out. Exactly.

      Renney must go. Renney must go. Renney must go.

    28. I have no problem with Lundy trying to shoot on the goal. Gimme a break people… Everyone thinks their a friggin’ coach here. How many years experice do you have behind the bench? None. If Lundy scored, the Garden would have exploded.

      We’re up by TWO with only 30-some-odd seconds left against the worst team in the league. Of course he should have tried it.

      If we’re up by only 1 goal, then obviously, no way.

      Those of you who got angry at it are clueless. It was just Lundy trying for something fun, with PLENTY of insurance to back him up. (A 2 goal lead and no time on the clock.)

    29. Blueshirts2k6 on

      Hey whosorty by your post it’s obvious that you don’t get that there’s more to scoring goals. Orty and Hollweg add passion hard work, and energy to a team badly needing it. Ian Lappiere, Dallas Drake, Matt Barnaby, and Darren McCarthy among other have lasted a long time and added alot to their teams without scoring much, and nobody bashed them.

    30. Thats all you got Lenny? Comparing baseball to hockey and resorting to name calling? Not too impressive for someone who claims to know so much about hockey.

      You could have mentioned how a players pride gets in the way of making a decision thats good for the team. Or how a coach puts faith in his players and lets them judge for themselves whether or not they should have their ice time pulled back a little. We’re talking about a first ballot HoF-er , not Jarkko Immonen. Renney understands this because he has been around hockey all of his life. Sather/Maloney understand this because they have done nothing but eat and sleep hockey their entire lives.

      Sure , you can poke fun about Sather’s fishing trips and stogies – but your talking about about a guy in the Hall of Fame that runs the team according to what Dolan is requiring of him. You’ve been watching a long time , so you say , don’t you understand the business aspect of it yet or are you too short sighted to see that because your too busy ranting and raving to see some 20 year old kids play who won’t cut it. Read/Study and watch Hartford and minor league hockey and you’ll see what I am talking about.

      I didnt hear all this complaining about Renney or the Rangers last season when the team was winning.

      And if your so down on them , just stop watching them. If you dont like the team or where they are going , just stop. Pick another team , no one in the organization will care if you dont root for them.

      Say what about me following the drones on MSG , but being that I have Center Ice , I only get about 50% of the MSG feeds so I dont really pay too much attention to what they say. I recognize the organization , where it currently sits and how they are trying to balance winning with incorporating youth into the lineup. With an average age of 28, I’d say they are accomplishing their task and will only get younger through drafting and with the help of the free agency age dropping.

    31. In regard to Henriks blocked shot, Was it going in??? Anyway it was not a great idea but hey you guys would probably be saying something else if he scored a goal. He definitely made up for it and all is well that ends well

    32. “S4B”

      “Thats all you got Lenny?”

      You haven’t even absorbed that. I’m a patient guy. When you are ready for more, I’ll be there!

      Have a nice day!

    33. Wildcard:”I dont think Pock is any less a defensive liability than Rachunek”

      How would you know??? Have you seen him play 25 games this year?? No. He doesnt have a chance. 7 games is hardly enough to see how good or bad a player really is. Pock just kept getting better the morehe played. He IS the best left Defensemen the Rangers have and only second to Roszival in total defense for this team. They may say he has “positional issues”, but show me a defensemen on the Rengers who doesnt have postional issues. Malik can even hold on to the puck, and Kaspar takes more dumb penalties than anyone i have ever seen

    34. blueshirts2k6 on

      Sather in the last 15 years has had one winning season so if he really eats and sleeps about anything it’s cake. In the 80 year history of the Rangers the 03-04 team with Sather as the Gm and coach with Mess playing 18 minutes a night they had the worst record in the team history think about that.Sather doesn’t care his legacy is set in Canada no matter what, and he has an owner that loves him, and whether he works hard or not makes good moves (not bloody likely) or not nothing will change.

    35. blueshirts2k6 on

      and oh btw if the prospects are no good guess who’s fault that is? Sather had 6 drafts with good draft position, and we’ve only got a few kids that have made it, and that was in the late rounds. Hugh Jessiman over Parise , Richards, Penner, Brown among others good move no?

    36. blueshirts2k6 on

      Btw last year there was questioning of Renney like why he kept Rucchin as the second line center when he showed he was more of a third liner.There was also questioning him overplaying the vets, and shoehorning Weekes in net in big games were other rips of Renney.

    37. “Orty and Hollweg add passion hard work, and energy to a team badly needing it”

      thats their job. they dont have the skill to afford to slack off in the hard work department. im not bashing them just knocking them off a pedastal they dont deserve to be on! If they scored then you can praise them because that would be out of the ordinary for them. waaahhhhh renney didnt let orty have his name announced, wahhhhhh.

    38. Renney&Stimpy on

      be reminded that it was SAM WEINMAN who brought up the issue of Jed starting. and Sam was right.

      but then Renney apologists don’t care about facts.

    39. who raised the subject of hossa, ward and hall? take your pick of who you want to dump because we have like 8 4th line players IMHO. you could pick any 5 and dump them for hartford players and there would be no dropoff in “energy”. Hollweg and orts dont distinguish themselves from hossa, ward, betts, hall, and orr. id dump ward, hossa and hall in a heartbeat, my 4th line would be orr, holly and orts. and that is only because they make less money.

    40. Barnaby and McCarthy could at least put some points on the board which is a lot more than future HOF Hollweg or even Orts. All the Rangers forwards have warts except the Big 4 + Prucha. ANY of the so called 3rd and 4th liners are easily replaceable not just the usual whipping boys on this site.

      I do think 1 criteria for who plays among the lower tier forwards + the whole d is who is healthy and who is not. If Pock is healthy and Tyutin (as an example) is hurt then let Tyutin sit a game it would be better for the health of the whole team. Same should be for the forwards with regards to Immonen(and I am not in any way saying Pock or Immonen are the answer to our problems). When the Rangers traded for Immonen I went to various sites to see what the folks in Toronto were saying. He was at best below their top 5 prospects and many of their fans were not unhappy to include him in the deal.

    41. Go NYR: You’re right. Pock is the best defensemen on this team…behind Tyutin, Roszival, and lately, Rachuenek. In the game against Philly, he looked every bit as good as he was touted when he came over from the Senators -hitting, creating offense and most of all, not being an Ozolinsh-esque liability on the ice. Pock is good, no doubt. And I have a feeling, he’ll be in this lineup for good, once the indecisive Ranger management decides at last who among the defenders to deal(I personally think Kasparitis is probably done if they can find someone out of the east to take him).

      Whos orty: Agree with you whole-heartedly about the name on the front being more important than the name on the back. I’ve played on amateur teams that for that reason alone prohibited names on jerseys. As for your second assertion, as in take your pick among the bottom eight forwards, I couldn’t disagree more. If there’s one thing guys like Hall, Orts, Hollweg, Hossa, Ward and Betts have under their belts, it’s A SOLID YEAR OF NHL EXPERIENCE. This league takes getting used to. It’s faster and harder-hitting than perhaps any league on the planet. That can be quite an adjustment for minor leaguers to make. And while they’re making it, there are often egregious errors made(see: Philadelphia Flyers). I’ll tell you for certain Wednesday, but from what I can see right now, there’s no one in Hartford that would fill these spots any better than they’re already filled. In fact, they’d probably be worse.

      blueshirts2k6: call it idiocy, lunacy, conspiracy or whatever else you want, but Slats(and the Rangers in general) seems to have a habit of selecting players that everyone knows will need time to develop. Maybe it’s because they hope to unearth the diamond in the rough-turned Gretzky, maybe it’s cause Sather just blows at the draft table…Even the last guys to skate in their first season -18-year-olds Malhotra and Blackburn -would have benefited more, had they developed in the minors. Jessiman(a VERY BAD draftpick) was a known project, who they figured would finish college(which he didn’t) then spend a year developing in Hartford(now the ECHL rotting). This said, I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because this draft-now-for-five-years-later policy is starting to pay dividens, ie Lundqvist, Prucha, Tyutin. And in Hartford, it seems like a real good line of Byers-Dubinsky-Callahan might be ready for the call next season.

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