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You may notice this site of late has been devoid of colorful photos like the one here, mostly because of the computer problems I’ve been contending with over the past few weeks.

Well, loyal readers, my computer is fixed, my cell phone battery has been replaced, and outside of the fact that I’m one of the few people who still uses a wooden hockey stick, I’ve returned completely to the 21st century.

So away we go.

  • As I type the *U.S. and Canada are immersed in overtime* in the World Junior Championships, and mine might be the only eyes at the MSG Training Center not glued to TSN (what, and not report to you?). It’s on in the fitness room where the likes of Fedor Tyutin, Ryan Hollweg, and Jarkko Immonen are watching while working out. It’s on in one of the offices, where Jed Ortmeyer is sitting alone peering up at the screen. And as we met with Tom Renney just now in the plush Training Center lounge, we all were stealing glances at the screen behind us. “You stand over there so I can look over your shoulder,” Renney joked. As it happened, Canada tied the game at 1-1 right as we were talking, which of course interrupted whatever it was we were talking about.

    *Never mind: Canada wins in the seventh round of shootouts. Bastards!*

  • Among the updates: *Tyutin (ankle), Michal Rozsival (hip flexor and back) and Matt Cullen (rest) all missed practice today*, but are expected to play tomorrow against the resurgent Flyers.
  • *Marek Malik did practice* and will play tomorrow as well, meaning Renney is likely to sit either Thomas Pock or Darius Kasparaitis. The coach said moving forward he’s likely to platoon defensemen in and out of the lineup, not necessarily because they’re playing poorly, but to distribute the ice time evenly. The reason Pock and Kasparaitis are the most expendable is because they, like Malik, are both lefty, and it’s unlikely Renney wants players skating on the opposite sides. At the same time, both, and Pock especially, are beginning to play better, meaning neither should sit for more than a game at a time.
  • Meanwhile, how’s this for a good news/bad news scenario for Rangers fans? The good news is “thanks to Marcel Hossa, they beat the Devils in a shootout last night”: The bad news for those fans clamoring to see Hossa end up in Hartford, Charlotte, or driving the Zamboni at Rye Playland, his efforts last night might only further solidify his spot in the lineup. It’s the same refrain when it comes to Hossa, that in the team’s eyes, he still has a lot of upside provided he simplifies his game. And given who his older brother is, that hasn’t always been a simple task.

    “He should feel better about his game. But we have to keep expectations reasonable. He’s not going to be his brother. But he could be darn good valuable NHL player for this team,” Renney said.

    I know where a lot of you stand on this, that the Rangers should be giving opportunities to prospects instead of someone like Hossa. The irony, though, is that Hossa is only 25, and Renney views the forward, along with the resurgent Petr Prucha, as part of the Rangers’ investment in young players.

  • Driving home last night I heard the WFAN’s Steve Somers gushing over the fact that Kasparaitis called in unexpectedly to his show. I asked Kaspar about it today and what followed was the Lithuanian-born Kasparaitis launching into an imitation off Somers’ singular accent. Remarkably, the defenseman pulled it off.

    OK, plenty more to discuss. I’m glad to be back full-service.

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    1. Still in shock over Nedved being claimed. This organization never learns.

      Maybe Kaspar can do more impressions in the press box because Mailk will be back in. Not a good thing imo. The D gets slower.

    2. Sam,

      Great stuff!!!

      i too still use the twigs…i hate the graphite, hated the aluminum….

      Kaspar imitating Steve Somers (my favorite, um, only WFAN personality i’ll listen to) had to have been priceless. i can’t believe i missed the call!!!


    3. blueshirts2k6 on

      The other 5 teams are pretty idiotic too, I guess a Europuss center is like a lefty reliever in Baseball, no matter how bad they are they continue to get chances.Imo the Racoon should be the one that sits.

    4. Hey all, forgot to mention I’ll be one of the guests with Mitch Beck on Blueshirt Bulletin’s ( 4-on-3 chat tonight between 7 to 9 p.m. Please stop by and pepper me with questions I don’t know the answer to.

    5. I just wish that Renney would give the same opportunity to other prospects that he’s willing to give to Hossa. I was willing to give Hossa the benefit of the doubt last year in the hope that he was a late bloomer like a LeClair. However, I think a 20-30 game stretch of regular playing time exposes the strengths and weaknesses of a player and my evaluation after seeing Hossa get that chance is that he’s not worth the investment. At 25 he’s not young, he should be entering the prime of his career. This guy has shown *nothing* special outside of his shootout skill.

      The question that needs to be asked to Renney is why he doesn’t give players like Immonen, Dawes or Pock the same opportunity that he has handed to Hossa.

    6. Kaspar (or as Somers calls him lovingly “Kaspar-minus”) was great on the call last night. He really is a funny guy. He knows how to do interviews, commercials and I loved his team video last year when he tried to get Fedor to say something for the camera (“Say hello, Toots.”. I would like to hear his Somers immitation.

      Last night was a strong followup to the Washington game, even though they gave the Devils a point. It should help raise the confidence level as a team.

      I understand the rotating defensemen as long as Pock is not always the odd-man out. He deserves to be in every night and the more he plays the better he responds. In talking about the young players like Hossa and Prucha, Renny should include Pock in his comments. He is good in his zone (despite the penalty last night let’s remember how he helped kill the 5 on 3 against Washington), moves the puck well and has a good strong shot from the point.

      For all the turmoil we went through over the holidays, placing things in perspective the Rangers are a .500 team (7-7) in their last 14. Let’s hope the worst is over and that the vets step it up behind Shanny, the youngsters got a good lesson about performance and what a teammate is all about from his standing up to Bradshear, and maybe there is a good move on the horizon to lift us to an even higher level.

    7. Does Glen Sather even exist any longer? Does he ever give an interview to anyone? Ever make himself available to answer questions such as why claim Nedved?

    8. Hossa numbers speak for themselves. As does watching him do nothing game in and game out. If guys like Pock, Immonen, Dawes got as many chances then the Rangers would have a rebuild on there hands.

    9. Sam,
      Could you ask Hossa if he has the coach’s blessing to take it to the net. It seems he is very capable with the puck on his stick, at least along the boards, and after last night, you can see he’s got hands and some touch- why not try to take it to the hole! Perhaps not an element for the 3rd or 4th line cycle routines?
      Though I love what Kasper can bring and that he can throw forwards off their game with hits, he looked like he was behind the play and a step slow last night, so I’d prefer to see him sit as opposed to the others..although A.Ward looks worn out too? Any thoughts?

    10. i feel like A. Ward has been under the radar for alot of much deserved criticism. I think he has a been a disspointment as well. not sure what the reasoning was behind bringing him aboard. One thing we did have his a bunch of 3rd line stay at home D Men….He has not played as physical a game as I had hoped he would bring…

      Besides Rozy, everyone on our defense should be part of a rotation with Pock…..

    11. Oh man! I would totally pay to hear Kaspar imitate Somers.

      I love Somers. He is the greatest.

    12. Dawes had a cahnce to say “keep me and paly me more” and he did less than Hossa. And I am not atlking about stats…very misleading…but in work ethic and energy…Last night Hossa looked the best he has this year, but he didnt get ont he scoresheet…that wil come with time IMHO. TO sa a 25 year old is not young…than to ask why Renney dosnt give Immo the same chance, or Pock, Immo is one year younger…and Pock is the same age. Yeah HE may not be as young as Dawes, but WTF, are teh only kids that are aloud to get some palying time in the NHL the ones that the fans choose? DAwes trying to do Hossa job on the ice is laughible…it would be so bad, he wouldnt stay in the NHL at that position long…Dawes is a ofensive first palyer, not deensive first. Pock is a defensman, and you cant say he hould get time over Hossa. ANd Pock has gotten time on the 1st pair, what more could you want for a kid? Dawes again, had a chance to show something, and he showed somnething for 2 shifts. What did he do to deserve to stay with the big club?? WHat…hes young…thats no reason. I tihnk the Ragners fans want to much to fast when it comes to kids. Over the next couple of season you will see there will be kids fighting it out for spots all over the lineup, and the D will be mostly Ragners draft choices in the next few years, and as the top two lines have players leave tehy will be replaced by kids…IF any can take top line duty…there may not be many right now.

    13. blueshirts2k6 on

      Pure bs by wildcard, he played 5 minutes a game, how can he do anything? Btw in 8 games with no icetime he has as goals as Hossa in 40 games.

    14. Did I miss something about Nedved? Everything I see was that he was claimed by Edmonton.

      We were told before the strike that we were going to get younger and that youth was going to gradually move into the lineup. It has. Tyutin, Prucha and Henrik have been added, though Prucha’s was damaged by the coaching staff there for a while. Maybe he’s got the touch back. At the beginning of the season, Dawes was the only youngster given an outside chance to make the team out of training camp. He has had a chance but obviously wasn’t ready for the NHL and they have gradually tried out and Callaghan and Pock for short spells.

      They need to be committed to gradually moving in youth with skills and speed and not just pay lip service to it.

    15. Hossa has been doing little to nothing for a season and half.

      Love to see Dawes get that much time or Immonen or anyone.

      By time I mean a season and a half not 8 games or 14 games.

    16. and I don’t necessarily mean in place of Hossa, it would be nice I mean chance after chance to play. To play a season and a half.

    17. Brashear’s goonery was actually good for the Rangers. It made them stand up for each other, it brought them together. It’s too bad pacifist Renney dislikes tough hockey. It did what he couldn’t, namely get the players on the same page.

    18. Hossa this year. 39 games 1-2-3 pts -9

      As a ranger 103 games 11-8-19 pts -15.

      Sorry if I want more.

      No way any player could duplicate those numbers. I know numbers are only part of the story. How about more hitting or more upside.

    19. last year the Rangers had 100 pts., this year at the halfway point, they have 44.

      last year the 8th and final playoff spot was 92 pts.

      it will be a dogfight.

    20. Sam- Speaking of the World Juniors, I have heard that Staal has been one of their shutdown defensemen. Did you get to see him play much???

    21. re: points

      Very true last year it took 92 pts to get into the playoffs, but last year the Eastern Conference had good and bad teams, this year it seems there might be some more parity in the east.

      Last year the Isles, Pitts, Wash. & Florida were horrible, plus last year the Flyers made the playoffs.

      While I agree it will be a dogfight this season, right to the end, I don’t think it will take 90 pts to make the playoffs. I was thinking around 84-86 points.

      Which means of the remaining 41 the Rangers must win 20 and go into OT for 5 others and lose to be assured a playoff birth.

      I still say however they are a better team than the Devils, and their head-to-head record shows that. Jagr needs to get going and the Rangers need to get a center and a defenseman at the deadline.

      Still upset about losing Comrie… and who exactly did Ottawa have to give up to get him? Ugh!!

    22. Anthony (Abev) on

      Sam, there’s another Steve Somers-Kaspar story. I can’t really remember the entire gist of it, but it had something to do with Somers calling Kaspar “Kaspar-minus” (as in a minus rating).

      Apparently where ever they both were, Somers didn’t realize Kaspar was within earshot. I am pretty sure they both had fun with it.

    23. blueshirts2k6 on

      Vogs I’m no Comrie fan other than his 33 goal year he’s done very little. Comrie has been injury prone, and takes games and shifts off that’s why he’s now going to his 4th team since 03. The Sens gave up a very talented prospect for him.

    24. I don’t know how talents a prospect Ottawa gave up. By most accounts, the kid is a malcontent, selfish, refused assignment to the A and is now not even playing in North America. I think Muckler did ok, getting rid of a supposed festering cancer for Comrie. Yes, he is injury prone and has had some attitude issues but he’s almost a point a game guy this year with 7-13-20 in 24 games and the Sens were in desperate need of help. IMHO, a good job by Muckler and an upgrade if they ever got around to claiming Nedved.

    25. blueshirts2k6 on

      Yeah the kid is immature and all that, but he projects out to be a very good second line center while Comrie’s a free agent this summer.

    26. Thanks for the info on Comrie. I was wondering why teams have traded him. But than I think of a kid like Drury, who went from Colorado, to Calgary finally in Buffalo and I say to myself, why did he get traded twice?

      But we certainly don’t need players on the team that don’t want to skate every shift, but then again, what team does want that type of player?

      With Betts, Ward and Hall on the 3rd line, I’d like to see Cullen moved to that line and play wing. I don’t think Renney liked Immonen’s speed on the 2nd line.

    27. Anyone heard anything more on a Datsyuk trade? I think he’s a great player, but I imagine the cost would be prohibitive.

    28. hey, what about Callahan who CONTINUES to tear it up at Hartford while stone-hand zero producers remain the favorites of Renney?

      To bring back Malik into the line up shows that either Renney is in need of rehab, OR, Sather’s ego needs to be bruised: he overpaid for a slow, clumbersome, less than reasonably intelligent, penalty taking d-man and is forcing Renney to put him in the line up.

      Notice I leave no possibility for a 3rd alternative? In all fairness, can anyone explain:

      1. why is Malik a NY Ranger?
      2. Why did Al hariwig say, “I just don’t get why the Garden fans are booing Malik” if he doesn’t use Sather-approved, (or dolan-approved) cue cards?

      thanks in advance,


      PS: up here in the north country, my kids were on the backyard rink doing fine! south of me, Marc-Andre Cliche continues to tear it up also, but in the Ranger scheme of things, needs a shot with a new organization….same with Greg Moore…

    29. I call him Al Baldwig and yes he’s among the biggest shills that there is just witness his interview with Dolan about Isiah in the Summer.

    30. Hi Sam,

      I too still play hockey with wooden sticks. Although I was playing in my league tonight and one guy broke his wooden stick, thankfully I had another stick I could lend him. Screw composite sticks, long live the wooden ones – old school hockey, baby.

    31. Go NYR : shut up…I know cant spell worth crap..and when I blog its even worse..cause there is none to grade me…and I dont care…K? On DAWES: GET OVER IT HE ISNT READY!!! SO amny peopel want him to be ready so badly they over look that even with 5 min of ice time a young palyer can show they belong. It isnt about numbers, it isnt about how much tim he got with palyers that he needs to produce…its about dirve and how ahrd he worked. He had like 2 hard working shifts…and he scored on a shift that he didnt have to work that hard on. He skated areound totally lost for all him TOI, and you want to give him more time…and you use Hossa as an example…a guy who goes out and works hard every game…didnt used to do that, but this season he has really stepped up and done waht he is told to. He goes out and palys a relitivly mistake free game. And if tyou liek stats…here are some for you… HOSSA: 6th on the rangers with 48 hits, second among forwards, and 16th in givaways..he only has 10 giveaways all season. and lets not forget 2 for 2 in the shotout. Those are stats that are pretty good for a 3rd line guy who people say dose nothing good. He is on pace to be a -18…dosnt sound to good untill you looka t it this way. He is on teh ice many nights against teh other teams top lines. SO…if 5 on 5 his line never scores (wich isnt far from reality i know) if the other teams top line score once every other game only…and even THAT is a good 3rd line job of shutting down other teams top players, but anyway, if they score every other game against teh Rangers 3rd line they will be a -42. Lets say the rangers 3rd line pots 10 goals 5 on 5, than that makes them a -32…if they score 20 goals they woudl have a -22, the Ragners 3rd line, and Hossa havnt been ont he ice for nearly that many goals for, yet those palyers are not that bad +/-. That isnt jsut because of all luck. that stat isnt a great one, but it can help paint a picture. Those who see a minus and think all bad arnt doingf their homework. Hossa is far from the worst palyer on this Ragners team. Hall isn doing far less than he is on most nights, and Cullen is a bigger problem, at least were he is being palyed at this time. I tihnk he would “improve” on the 3rd line…but anyway. I think that peopel shoudl cool off about Hossa, he is only 25, by no means old, not as young as others, but he is filling a role that a player like Dawes isnt made for. HOPEFULY next season Dawes gets in teh lineup on the top 6. UNFORTUNATLY, I dont want to see the Straka/Nylander/Jagr line messed with, and I would like to see Shanny back. SO Prucha on the 2nd line would kinda put Dawes off the 2nd line. SO perhaps the Rangers can build a hybrid lnie, liek Hossa/Immo/Dawes or something…but that what about Callahan? Its hard to do, even for a fan…the Ragners have good young winggers int eh system…but not many Centers

    32. I dont understand how to NOT underline or put lines through things…dose anyone know??

    33. Seamus : for Callahan, I think its about letting him have a great confidence building first pro season. Dont forget He has only a half a pro season under his belt, he COULD still hit some adversity in the AHL, and it will be easier for him to overcome it tehre than if the same thing happens in the NHL. IMHO thats why he was called up to play, than sent back for teh Pack games. I dont think its about not useing a young palyer, more than letting him tear it up in the AHL…I dont think I disagree with that, the Rangers rushed palyers in the past, so it is good to see that tey are taking their time with this kid, makeing sure he is 100% ready for the big show. on MALIK, if you notice since he has been out the rangers PK has been even worse…except for the last couple of games. HE may reach with his stick, but alot of palyers get stuck doing that, but he uses those giant feet of his and his reach to chip passes, I tape alot of games…and after someone said that on another website i went and looked at some games i still ahd on tape, and he dose, next game watch him, he cause players, at least ont he PK, to make bad passes, or to elivate pucks, he chips passes and keeps guys utside so they cant drive the net from the corner boards. He sint the bet defender…but he dose have some upside. also IF Renney dose start to rotate defenders in and out of the lineup that will only help the Ragners. They have 2 or 3 defensmaen who are the “same” so getting them rest will help down the stretch when perhaps other teams a re getting worn out on D. I would hope Kasper is out the next game and NOT Pock, but who knows. Also, I would liek to Malik traded at the deadline, he dose bring something, but not enough to hold onto least IMHO

    34. Larry Brooks reporting that the Rangers will go after Scott Gomez this summer. 5 years, $30 mil.

    35. John: why do you say that?? If the Rangers want to have a decnt 2nd line he would do it…he would eb a great 2nd line or 1st line center. The Ragners dont have any top 2 centers in teh system that will be ready in the next 2 or 3 years most likely…and even if they do, Gomez would only take up one spot…I dobt in the next 3 years the Ragners have 2 top centers int eh system. UNless they draft one this next draft that will be ready fast. I dont know if I liek 5 years, in fact I know I dont like it, and I would say 3 years with an option year at the end would be good, and the timing coudl be right for a young Rngers palyers to step up. But why do you say Punk? Of all the Devils palyers he is one of the few i jsut hate cause he kills the Ragners on teh stat sheet…but other than that, whats not to like??

    36. Al Hairwig, err Trautwig.

      He is reading CUE CARDS this year, and insults the Garden faithful. I have never heard more dishonest reporting than I do this year. They spin everything like shills.

      Is this ONE of the reasons JD is not a life-long Ranger?

      Man, I miss his insightful and honest comments.

      For instance?

      How about this: Kasper is out for weeks, and rarely a word is spoken about him. JD would not have let that go……….it was like a news blackout, even though rumors were circulating from Hartford that he was a “distraction” down there, telling kids that they had no chance with this organziation………….

      JD would address everything; though he still knew who signed his paycheck. Al seems to have taken a serious step backwards. I enjoyed him on the Tour, but only when he stayed away from one aging female rocker who knew nothing about cycling, and because of whom major DVD editing must take place to keep Lance from being….well, humiliated comes to mind.

      Anyway, I miss the candor that used to come from MSG. Al, with a great voice, pitches in questions like an old, fat, softball pitcher trying to get the batter to homer.

    37. onetimer —
      It might all be mental, but I don’t think I have the same feel with composite sticks. Of course, I break a wooden stick pretty much every other skate, and they’re heavier, so it’s probably time to take the plunge.

    38. Gomez… I don’t think it’s going to happen because Devils will not trade one of their best players to arch-rival. Forget it. And btw – I don’t really like the guy, he’s not worth $6 mils a year. I’d love to have let’s say Kopitar or Wolski as a second liners for Rangers.

    39. stf: Gomez is a UFA after this year..thats what they are talking about….or at least I thought so…they ment to sign him for 5 year 30 mill…I say if thats the case make it 3 year 5.5 each year with a option year….

    40. JD was an even bigger schill than Baldwig him and Sather are very close buddies only Dave Maloney tells the truth about the team.

    41. Seamus –

      JD was more insightful, yes, but he was shilling just as hard for the “party line” in his broadcasts.

      He used to harp on every single mistake made by a kid, and yet never mention the many lazy errors by the veterans. Yet JD was totally different when doing national broadcasts, so I have to conclude that he was selling out – doing the bidding of his superiors – the Dolans – who will never go along with a rebuild while they own this team. All talk of a rebuild is forbidden in the MSG booth.

      Personally, I’m glad JD is gone…but now we have to move Sam, Fischler and Hairwig (I like that!) out of here too.

      We need more objective reporting from these guys, but it’s obviously a job requirement that you become a major shill – or you’re gone. Remember Marv Albert’s dismissal – he had too much integrity to shill for the Knicks so he was booted.

      Dave Maloney has shown a refreshing candor on his radio broadcasts – he would be perfect to take over the TV duties from Sam the Sham. Any warm bodies could replace Stan and Al. The sooner the better.

    42. To Wildcard: if you have trouble underlining or putting lines through copy on the blog itself, try typing it in a word document in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, doing everything you want there and then copying and pasting in to the blog. Worth a try.

      Dave Maloney is very good, informative and enlightening, but he is an analyst and not a play by play guy. They wouldn’t have him replace Sam, who does a good job in calling the game for TV and is there only to tell you what is happening on the ice. He is following well in the footsteps of Tim Ryan and Jim Gordon, who you oldtimers might remember were excellent B.C. (Before Cable) on Channel 9.

      Rangers have to come out hard tonight. They can’t fall back before the home crowd against a weaker team, no matter how well Philly has played recently. Each game is a test to the next level.

    43. Some news from the farm club:
      Rookie Dane Byers explained every aspect of his first “Gordie Howe hat trick” in two years.

      His goal, assist and fight were instrumental in the Wolf Pack reaching three milestones with a 4-1 victory over the Providence Bruins Wednesday night.
      First, Byers dug the puck out of the left corner to Brandon Dubinsky, who dropped a pass to Ryan Callahan for the game’s first goal at 10:49. It was Callahan’s team-high 22nd goal.

      “On the power play, we preach putting the puck at the net and having traffic in front,” assistant coach J.J. Daigneault said. (WHAT AN INTERESTING NEW THOUGHT!!!!!)

      Byers’ goal came after Al Montoya (28 saves) stopped T.J. Trevelyan’s breakaway with 24 seconds left in the second and made bang-bang stops off Jeremy Reich, Marco Rosa and Pascal Pelletier early in the third. Just 37 seconds after Byers’ tiebreaker, Nigel Dawes converted a rebound after Brad Isbister was stopped on a breakaway by Toivonen.

      Isbister capped the late outburst and 400th victory in franchise history with an empty-net goal with 46.3 seconds left as the Pack (17-16-2-0) moved above .500 and out of last in the Atlantic Division for the first time this season.

    44. Byers has had a nice season for the Pack so far he could add some grit to the Rangers but Renney feels Hossa, and Hall add something, not sure what though.

    45. Wow, this is funny. I haven’t been on this blog for a month at least because i got sick of saying the same thing over and over again and reading this blog nothing much has changed. I remember saying why hossa was on the team and Ozolish was old, slow and couldn’t skate and people got on my case. well, what happened to ozolish, history. It was about time for that non sense. I stil don’t understand what sather and his idiots saw in hall, he does nothing. Malik and kasper I’ve seen enough. Please stop this insanity and start playing the kids and get rid of old, over paying veterans and get younger which will free up cap space so we can sign better players to build around our young players. I have said this before and I will say it again. This is the new NHL era that is designed for youth and speed.

    46. The young prospects like dawes, callahan etc. will only get better is by playing in the nhl. This is human nature. The more hands on experience these players get in the nhl the more they will improve with experience. Playing these players in the minors will do nothing for them because the leagues are like night and day.

    47. re the announcers – Sam Rosen always is quick to verbally notice when the fans start a Lets Go Rangers chant. When the fans boo or chant vs Sather (not happening recently but should) Sam R never says anything. I know the reason (Dolan) but it still makes me lose some degree of respect for Sam R.

    48. that is true. also, it is ridiculous that almost every weekend there is a fill-in announcer because Sam Rosen cares more about football than the Rangers. Other teams don’t allow their play by play man to work part time, and the Rangers should not either.

    49. C’mon, when the New York Ranger fans boo, you have to comment. These are among the most passionate and informed fans in the league. Look at ESPN boards and no team has the activity level as the Rangers. To question why they boo’d Malik is beyond stupid. Al Hairwig (you know, like a good rug up there….) is smarter than that.

      our rebuilding is a joke. We’ve got some kids that SHOULD have made the team, others that SHOULD have been called up, and we do what—put in a bid for Petr Nedved??

      Ok, Sather fell into Gretz, Mess, Kuri and company. The 80’s are over (except for Darius Kasperminus’ hair) and he has done nothing of note for the Rangers. March 2004, he lifted my spirits with a fire sale of all millionaires and I thought….man, the Rangers are going with youth!

      Far from it.

      We have stone-hand career AHLers as our “youth movement”. Yes, some play passionately, but this league requires more than just passion. We need talent, as well.

      It is so discouraging, in spite of a great game against Washington, and a follow up with the Devils. But still………we’re just hoping for the 8th spot. That is not a very high view to take.

      With Renney, watch him put in Marek Malik with 1 min left in a 1 goal game and choke on your snacks. It is unbearable to watch. He may be a nice man (which seems to be the consensus) but he is not a NHL coach

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