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Greetings from Blog Headquarters. Given the option of spending the early part of the day at home, or spending needless hours in the Jersey swamplands, I opted for driving down to the game later this afternoon.

But here’s what I do know after today’s morning skate: Jed Ortmeyer is indeed “making his season debut tonight”:, Brendan Shanahan is in after missing practice yesterday with a tender hamstring; and both Marek Malik (groin) and Jarkko Immonen (healthy scratch) are again out.  Furthermore, Henrik Lundqvist is fine and expected to be in net after bruising his ankle in the win over the Capitals on Saturday night.

So there you have it. While the return of Ortmeyer to the lineup is certainly welcome news, it’s unlikely he’s going to see more than 10 minutes of ice time given his time away from NHL action.

Furthermore, I’ll be sure to ask Tom Renney about this later, but i presume Immonen sitting again has to do with the center’s lack of quickness, which is certainly a consideration against the first-place Devils. Of course, what doesn’t help Immonen either is that Petr Prucha appears to be returning to form, as evidenced by his two goals on Saturday, and thus has earned back a spot on the Rangers’ second line.

 But I’ll be sure to follow up later…

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  1. I would’ve loved to see Ortmeyer’s first game back at home, but oh well, the sooner the better. Here’s to hopefully a big win.

  2. while it is widely known that this is a flawed Rangers team, the solution has been evasive… despite the many arguements we have posed to help cure the problems (too bad we are not all coaches!) However, I think one thing we could all agree upon is that a rejuvenated and reborn Prucha would help elevate this team back into the upper echelon in the East if he can rekindle his scoring touch… add to that a smart, defensive oriented player in Orts and I like the direction in which we are headed!

  3. Sam can you please ask why Hossa over Jarko? Point Blank….I can’t understand it…I don’t understand it….

  4. Sam- You should ask why he doesnt seem to give the kids a fair crack at playing. He would probably say that they need to develop more. Well how can you tell with the 3-5 minutes they are on the ice each night??

  5. Hossa getting the nod over Jarko simply baffles me. Why does Renney consistently point to his speed when this doesn’t seem to be an issue for keeping Ward in the lineup, who in a defensive role arguable needs to keep up more than an ofensive player would.

    Hossa is taking up space. I hope to god Pock doesn’t get screwed when malik comes back. he’s been better all around than Malik has been.

  6. play jarkko or send him to hartford.


    he produced for the rangers and he gets scratched instead of hossa.

  7. I’m glad I’m not a reporter like Sam or Dubi (at BB), I don’t have the temperament for it. Walking a fine line to ask the questions fans want the answer to in the realm of keeping the communication link to the team open is one tough path.

    The way Sam handles problems here, I think he has a feel on just how far he can take Renney without closing the door.

    Push a little harder Sam. :)))

  8. hockeymanrangers on

    YO!! fellow Ranger peep’s I would so like to get a word to Mr Collin Campbell about Orr’s suspension. That was pathitic, maybe some of you hashed this out on the last posting. (But I was away for the weekend) Brushier (sorry for spelling) should have gotten the 5 game. Where and how can we get our words heard and also some kind of a explanation as to how and why this happend. Yes Orr’s hit was high and it was with his stick but I have seen a lot worse and they have only gotten 2 minutes. Sam where and how can we complain (if any) to the NHL about this??? thanks

  9. I agree with Gregg. Immo should be playing over hossa, even hall. Even though he might not be as fast as the two, he certainly has more hockey sense, and plays better in his own zone, which is what renney preaches.

    Good to see orts back, hopefully the rangers will come out fired up after last nights tango with the caps. Everyone on the two bottom lines better have learned a thing or two from shanny that night.

  10. I don’t understand how Prucha playing better hurts Immonen, nor do I understand how sitting Hossa would help Immonen. He’s a center while Prucha and Hossa are LW’s so it’s not a direct correlation. If it was my team, Immonen would be playing center on the 2nd line while Cullen was on the LW in place of Hossa or at 3rd line center in place of Betts. Betts would be the 4th line center with Hollweg and Ortmeyer. But we all know that Renney doesn’t like Immonen and is in love with Hossa so there you go.

    This whole issue of quickness and footspeed with Immonen is such a crock. Vets are given free passes when it comes to their “limitations” while kids are deprived of chances because of them. Immonen was 2nd line center when this team won 5 straight games and then was moved to 4th line and scratched and the team loses 7 straight.

    Renney’s stupid personnel decisions continue unabated.

  11. Twin: I tihnk the Rangers want to keep Cullen on the 2nd line…be it at center or wing. That maybe be the Ragners biggest problem holding back Immo. ON Hossa, I tihnk its because he has a quicker first step than Immo, and that helps on teh PK, and untill ORTS shows that he is back to NHL speed I ithnk they need the PK ability. HOWEVER once Orts has a few games back in the lineup, I tihnk HOSSA is the guy to go out, than Immo can get in, even if its just on the 4th line between Orts and Hollweg, that line could get some decent palying time, and if they are worried about Immos speed on a top two line perhaps he can get a little offense out of the 4th line. OR replace betts with Immo, but again you run into the PK problem….I havnt seen Immo on the PK anywee myself, so I dont know if he palyed in Hartford, has anyone seen him play the PK?? If so dose he look like he could do it a step faster in the NHL regularly? Also, I am not saying I like Hossa in over Immo, but he is a wing and Immo is a center, its just hard to figure out wich players to toss aside becasue they all bring a certain thing…well maybe except Hall, and he brings something sometimes…but he and Hossa should be left out in favor of Immo somehow IMHO but only after Orts is back 100%

  12. Immonen should not be sitting when Hossa and Hall are playing. The lack of vet accountability continues, and the young players lose out.

  13. Immonen brings more offense than Hossa and Hall combined! He has also shown the defensive side of his game as well. I forget who it was against, but I remember him getting praised for a smart defensive play to prevent a shot or pass on a breakaway. His speed has not been an issue on the ice.

    Right now he is a safer selection over either of those two – ESPECIALLY Hall!!!

  14. wildcard, you are an idiot. what you say makes no sense. stop talking. for the love of god.

  15. Jarko should be on the 4th line with Hollweg & Orts. Hall is one dimensional and that dimension is of so little use that it is just plain unremarkable. The third line should remain intact: Ward-Betts-Hossa even though Hossa is unremarkable as well. Jarko is NOT a2nd line center, no matter how you spin it, but he is more valuable than Hall if he centers the 4th line, with a little PP time.

  16. no doubt it should be Immo over that waste of space Hossa. But that’s Renney’s boy! Forget it! Renney has to stop thinking that this guy is gonna break out and do something…he’s a nothing….about as useless as a pair of shoes to a guy with no legs…


  17. I thought he’ll go to Ottawa…
    I won’t be surprised if he starts to score while he has his fellow countryman Sykora. Remember my words.
    Back to Rangers – glad that Orty is back and we HAVE to win, it’s a MUST tonight. Enough we gave up 3 games to Isles… brrrr… LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

  18. blueshirts2k6 on

    Cw in the 5 games on the second line he was nearly a point a game player, so I’m wondering how you can claim he’s not a 2nd liner no way no how? The Hossa-Betts-Ward line was godawful Renney mercifully broke em up a couple of games ago.

  19. This BS that Immonen is not quick enough has got to stop. Renney says it, the writers repeat it and people believe it. After Sam wrote it the first time, I specifically watched Immonen closely to see if I could detect a *glaring* lack of foot speed. And I couldn’t. Certainly not noticeably worse than such other “speedsters” as Betts, Ward, Hall and Hossa. Even Nylander is not fast, but he’s smart and creates space for himself and his linemates by controlling the puck and this is what I also saw Immonen do.

    Yeah, force feed us Cullen as a second line center. *That’s* a recipe for success.

  20. Colorado Mark on


    I’d personally replace Hall with Callahan, but he’s probably better off tearing it up in Hartford.

  21. There ya go Mark…

    i’d go along the same route, only i’d change my wingers for Cullen…neither Orty or Hollweg would even come close to helping Cullen produce offense on the 3rd line….a 3rd line HAS to create offense because, as we’ve seen, who else is gonna pick up the slack when our top 4 guys aren’t getting it done?


  22. Jed only got 11:06 of ice time last season when he was healthy, and a lot of that was on the PK.

    Meanwhile Hossa got 10:45 last season, and 10:51 this year. and Hall gets 12:38 per game.

  23. Mark – I am totally convinced that your lineup would do better than Renney’s. It’s so f-ng obvious. This coach is making me sick.

  24. Colorado Mark on

    AZ- Yeah, I get your thinking on the offensive wingers for Cullen, but on the other hand, he’s had two offensive guys with him all season and he hasn’t produced. I think he is more of a shoot first pass second kind of guy. Maybe having two bangers who can’t score might increase his offensive ability as he becomes the goto guy on the line, especially with a cycle where two guys work it out o fthe corner to the third guy screaming in from the slot. I like the chemistry Orts and Holly have together and yet I don’t want them buried on the 4th line, so I’d put them on the 3rd and make sure they are out there a lot.

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on

    immo played 5 games on the second line , the team won all 5 games. he had 1g 3or 4asts .HOSSA the great has 2g and 3 asts in his last 97GAMES THATS 5PTS IN HIS LAST 97 GAMES.but he is good defensivly (-29)in that same span .HOSSA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  26. Bob: what vets are you talking about? Hopefuly not Hossa with less than one full season in the NHL…and Hall hwo is what…26…some on…I knwo they have more NHL experiance than Immo…but they are FAR from Vets. Alex Roberts: first of all..grow up..stop name calling..IM an idiot?? If Immo isnt quick on his starts…wich he isnt, his top end speed is OK…but he takes some time to get there…Hossa is one of the Rangers PK guys…Immo I dont think has had any PK duty on the Rangers…you ever think there is a reason for that? I also said that once Orts is back 100% Hossa should go because he wont be needed for the PK…than Immo should be in…so IM anidiot…why?? I jsut think the Ragners are playing it safe….Hossa and Hall paly wing…Immo at center…so its not jsut take one out put the other in…there is more than that involved…I tihnk Immo, once Orts is back to 100% NHL speed and readieness, should be between Orts and Hollweg, than the 3rd line be hossa-Hall/ Betts/Ward than the top two lines will probably remain the same unless the rangerts get a 2nd line ceter in trade. I dont knwo how that makes me an idiot…cause it seems like I want the same thing that most people do..I am jsut realistic enough to see that there are other things OTHER than palying one young guy over another. Oh and someone brought up the points that Immo had…yes in those 5 games he did get a few points…but in two games…He seems to have taken a step back. One of the things that is talked about if you look at the scouting reports is that he is incosistant, and that along with less that top flight speed could hold him back from he NHL…that MIGHT be happening now. I tihnk however he should be tried on that 4th line, and if it works GREAT, cause he is good on draws, and that would help out alot. But otherwise trade him or send him to hartford…but Hossa in over Immo has nothing to do with how good Immo is, its cause Hossa is part of the PK and so is Hall…and the Rangers need to keep the PK doing well…and once Orts is back to 100% one of them can go easily for Immo…again, the same theing everyone else seems to want, but for some reason, even though IM the idiot, you cant seem to see that…

  27. czechthemout!!!!! : +/- is one fo the worst stats, Parise in NJ is only a +4, but he is bvetter than that…Hossa isnt onthe ice for goals for…his line dosnt score…thats makes it hard for +/- to really show what he dose. Also with that stat is says NOTHING about what the plays were…was he just on the ice for a change?? Was he covering his man properly and someone else blew coverage, was he helping out the offensive zone and another ranger messed up and gave up a break away that was scored on…yes a bad +/- isnt good…but it dosne trell the entire story of a palyer…and he is good dfensivly, he is good ont he PK…dont look at the stats what him play. He dosnt make very many mistakes defensivly, its offensivly that he messes up. I dont mean that he is perfect, but he isnt all that bad, and to take him out and put Immo in on wing?? COme now…unless you want to put Immo in on the 4th line OK…than MAYBE you pull Hossa, but that who poalkys the PK? Orts? I think he needs a game or two beofre he gets full PK duty, maybe he dosnt need it, but to be safe you leave your PK guys in.

  28. Mark,

    as much as i like Orty and the effort he gives, he doesn’t have the skill set for 3rd line ice time IMO…i mean, that might seem like an insult, but i do think it’s true…he’s a 4th liner along with Hollweg….Orty has the potential to go up to a 3rd line, but not right now….Hall has an offensive game and so does Ward….and i’ll tell ya, i really like Ward’s ability to make a play here and there…so i can see him being the type of guy to get Cullen or Hall the puck from the wing…my problem with the guys we have right now is that a lot of these guys are 4th liners….and it’s no offense to the likes of Betts or Ward, but that’s what they are…but going with what we got, i like Ward and Hall on the line with Cullen…more well-rounded line….IMO sticking Cullen with Orty and Hollweg gives him two wingers that combined have the hands of Todd Harvey!


  29. Colorado Mark : I love your lineup…but again…maybe after at least one game to see how Orts dose…he seems to have done OK in the AHL…but the NHL is a bit faster…and he may need a game or two to get up to speed. But after a game or two I would love that linupe. ::::: above thats saposed to be +4 and than afet the underline +/-…domt knmow how I got it to underline…hmmm…

  30. blueshirts2k6 on

    Ward showed some offensive upside last year, but zero this year, and has he thrown a hit this year? All you see him do is reach with his stick while players fly by him. Hall’s been godawful this year no way around it.

  31. blueshirts2k6 : good point on Ward…but I dont know why…he isnt really palying bad…just not as good as he did last year. Of course none of the bottom two lines are really palying liek they did before, save perhaps Hollweg, but the other guys on the 3rd/4th lines havnt been up to par. Perhaps they need a vet on the line…like COMark made a line with CUllen on the 3rd line…maybe that would help a guy liek Ward, and Betts would have less pressure and maybe he would do better as well…I duno though…but something other than roateing the same players in and out needs to be done.

  32. JWard doesn’t hit, can’t score and doesn’t play good defense. Other than that, he’s great!!! No wonder Renney loves him.

  33. what makes players perform better? COMPETITION FOR JOBS, that’s what.

    and since the Rangers have made it clear to the vets that they can go into cruise control because young guys will not be given a real chance to replace them, guys like J. Ward feel safe and secure.

  34. USA beat Finland 6-3 in the world jrs. playoff. USA vs. Canada tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. est on TSN, which should be on center ice package.

    Canada is loaded as usual, and has 3 Ranger draftees including Marc Staal, Pyatt, and Cliche.

  35. Twin: Ward palys fairly good D…infact he makes some really good playes in the Defensive zone…is he great?? no…but he is a decent 3rd/4th line player who was teh MVP of the AHL not to long ago. He is a player who brings things other than stats…he can improvew…and NEEDS to, but he is far from a problem on the team. Hall is more of a paroblem, and Hossa shoudl go after Orts is back to 100%, and I would love to upgrade Ward…but who is out there…or ready in the Rangers system? Immo shoudl play, but not for Ward, rather for Hossa or Hall, and I dont think there is anyone who should be brough up to fill Wards role.

  36. 4Rangers:

    Not only that, you get *rewarded* (like JWard) with 1st line center duty when there’s an injury.

  37. Wildcard, normally I overlook your long, rambling posts, but since you addressed one to me I’ll respond.

    I’ve been watching Ward carefully for a while now because someone here challenged me to watch the positional play of the Ward-Betts-Hossa line. I’ve seen him get caught out of position many, many times, *especially* when the Genius played him at center. Most recently he coughed up the puck along the boards vs Washington, right to Ovechkin in the slot, then had to watch while Lundqvist bailed his a$$ out.

    I’m sorry, Ward is *not* a good defensive player, and anyone who thinks he is isn’t watching closely enough.

  38. ward reminds me of mike knuble, who we gave away when he was 28, and we did not keep long enough.

  39. Twin: you bring up ONE play against a top line with a player like Ovechkin on it…how many other palyers can you bring up inthe NHL that have made a mistake with a top player on the ice?? I wathc the games as well…and I see Ward make LES big mistakes than alot of other palyers. He isnt great…I said that…but who do you replace him with?? And dont tell me Caliihan, cause thats the palyers who shoudl be up NEXT year, after a yera of making a killing in the AHL and fully developing there. But other than an AHL rook who is there that can do better than Ward?? I said I would love to upgrade Ward, but other than a trade, or a signing in the offseason there is little the Ragners can do right now. even if Immo is in the lineup, do you really think that Ward is teh first that shoudl go out?? I would say Hall first, than Hossa or Ward, but Ward first?? It dosnt make any sense.

  40. chardkerm: bagdad bob huh…funny..not take youyr insults…yes insults awayt from here…that is silly…

  41. with all the BS being thrown around about Immonen and his skating “limitations” (thanks to his coach bringing it up), I found these two “scouting reports” interesting:

    “Has limited scoring ability. Needs more work on his skating in order to succeed at the NHL level.”

    “Doesn’t own top-end skating ability, which hurts his level of production.”

    Who, you might ask, are these reports describing? Yes ladies and gents, they are two members of your New York Rangers. Two favorites of Tom Renney’s who’s skating limitations don’t seem to be an issue when it comes to his lineup decisions. The first one is describing Blair Betts and the second none other than Jason Ward.

    But Immonen can’t skate, right?

  42. Oh god..who care about proper writing…its an FN blog dude!! Not a college test!! get over it…my ability to ype, construct prper documents and spelling have nothing to do with this…I admit im not super writer…but only lowlifes bring it up when they have nothing else to say that has any meaning

  43. Knuble knew how to throw a body check, and was always pretty good in close. The “brain trust” here simply didn’t know how to use him, so they let him go. Boston used him correctly, so he blossomed.

    No comparison to Ward, who has hands of stone, and when he throws a check it’s like getting hit with a pillowcase.

  44. Wildcard, there are more examples but I chose the most recent one. How about the game (can’t remember the opponent right now) where he stood still behind the net while his check moved to the front to grab a game winning rebound?

    Who do I replace him with? That’s easy – Ortmeyer to start with. My RW’s on this team would be JJ, Shanny, Hall and Ortmeyer. And the way he’s been playing I’d be looking for a replacement for Hall. But at least I’d have him in the lineup at 3rd line RW and tell him his job is to bang bodies all night long and go hard to the net and if he doesn’t do it we’re sending him to Hartford and bringing in somebody who will.

  45. TWIN: oh so thats why they got him in trade…so they could screw over young kids…they got him JSUT for that, or wait…did they change teir scouting reports after they got him so they would have an out…thats so funny…who cares who said it…its not jsut the Ragners scouts im sure…why do so many people think that the Rangers org wants so badly to keep kids down that they would go as far as lieing about prospects…its silly

  46. Hossa wins a game in the shootout and still gets villified by the ‘greatest fans in the world’. What does it take for the 25 y/o to not go a day without being unecessarily dragged through the mud? Praytell oh mighty NHL scouts that post here , who would replace Hossa? Ward and Betts ?

    Betts hit finished every check last night , Hossa played a very strong game , Ward made some good plays , he certainly didnt cost his team a goal by taking a late penalty *coughPockcough*.

    Sure let’s put more kids in the lineup so they can make glaring mistakes and have the team lose so you guys have something to complain about the next day.Because thats what it comes down to; the need to complain. Kids dont play? WAHH..Kids play and dont win? WAAAAHHH.. You cannot have it both ways. Renney wore a brown suit? Wahhhhh…Shoulda been Hunter Green!!!

    You should hear yourselves. Like women sitting around complaining their husbands/boyfriends dont give them enough attention because they sit on the computer complaining about the Rangers

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