Ortmeyer returns against Devils?


UPDATE, 4 p.m.: Tom Renney says he has Ortmeyer “penciled in” for tomorrow night against the Devils. Still unclear is who the right wing would play with, especially since Brendan Shanahan missed practice today with a tender hamstring. With Shanahan still expected to play tomorrow, Ortmeyer would likely slide onto either the third or fourth lines, and could possibly be reunited with his old HMO linemate, Ryan Hollweg.

 We’ll know for sure in a couple of hours, but it’s a fairly safe deduction seeing how Jed Ortmeyer had to be called up from Hartford today, and the Rangers are already down a right wing “given Colton Orr’s five game suspension”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070101/SPORTS01/701010344/1046/SPORTS.

I’ll confirm this after practice, but in the meantime, an Ortmeyer return would seem to be another encouraging boost for a team that finally revealed signs of character on Saturday night. No, a checking forward with what can be generously described as limited scoring touch isn’t the answer all to the Rangers’ problems. But Ortmeyer’s presence in the lineup, especially given the road he took to get there, certainly helps them re-identiy with the scrappy mentality of a season ago.

Meanwhile, what to make of Orr’s suspension? The question asked by many of you is whether this is a blatant double-standard by the NHL. I think it is, but that’s not to say it should be taken as a surprise. Even Tom Renney this season has said the NHL should go to greater lengths of protecting its stars. At the time, of course, he was talking about his own Jaromir Jagr and not Alexander Ovechkin. But the same  principle still applies.

In the league’s eyes, a  hit on a rising star like Ovechkin is probably worth more than on a stay-at-home defenseman like Aaron Ward (which is also ironic, since Ward himself has said the NHL needs to do more to market its high-profile players). Double standard? Yes. Unfair? Possibly. But a surprise? Far from it.

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  1. Just having Orty back in the lockerroom should (hopefully) give the guys a little bit of a push. Perhaps they’ll want to play well with him considering all he had to go through.

    Plus, it’ll be nice to have him there to help block shots, like last year. Although we’re doing well on that already, it seems. (A quick check of the NHL Media website, and no stat list for Team Blocked Shots, so no way to tell — but I think it’s safe to assume the Blueshirts are high up on that list.)

    Didja get a chance to check out my comment in the last post?

  2. Not to keep harping on it (I know, too late!) But watching the fight again, and I’m wondering why Brash didn’t get anything extra for the showboating he did by dusting off his hands after the Shanny fight. What’s next? A player pulling a cell phone out from the goalpost and making a celebratory call?

    (For those who may have missed it, it’s 1:47 into this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djFnao1er5o&mode=related&search=)

  3. I know the league wants to protect its stars, particularly the up and coming ones, and ‘make the punishment fit the crime’ (to borrow from Gilbert & Sullivan), but this seems somewhat off-balance, given *all* the circumstances around it (which Campbell probably didn’t care about.) Yes, Orr should probably get more for using his stick, but 4 games more seems excessive. While Ward got an unsportsmanlike penalty at the time, it was still Brashear who acted on it, and even instigated it by dusting his hands after the Shanny fight. (Sam, you must try to find out just what Ward said to Brashear… I wonder if his penalty was for what he said, or just the fact that he said anything at all.)
    So, if Orr gets 5, then Brashear should have gotten 3; if Brashear only gets one, then Orr should only get 3. That would have probably come across as fairer in most Rangers fans’ eyes.
    Regardless, it’s time to move on and see if the Rangers can carry the same spirit with them to NJ. Having Orty back will certainly be another psychological lift.

  4. I dont like it.
    Ovechkin hits Briere from behind and gets a $1,000 fine
    But Orr hits Ovechkin and gets a 5 games suspension.
    Thats real fair

  5. There is no fairness where Colin Campbell is concerned. He’s still dishing out anti-Ranger “justice” since he was dumped as Ranger coach. He’s the last person to look to for a fair decision. He should be automatically disqualified when the Rangers are involved in any incidents.

    There’s no way that Orr should have gotten ANY more time than Brashear. Brashear’s goonery was responsible for this.
    Orr did go after Ovechkin as payback for the mistreatment of Jagr, but AO ducked down and got it in the chops. It wasn’t a premeditated stick to the mouth.

    And if the refs had called the incessant elbows being dished out on Jagr and Prucha all game, maybe this whole incident doesn’t happen.

    As usual, the Rangers get the short end of the stick from the league.

    What a joke the NHL has become.

  6. Sam, only reason I brought up Rodent’s site, he was attibuting quotes from you and I thought you should see them. That’s all. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  7. Happy new year to everyone but Colin Campbell.

    1 game for a showboating repeat offender goon clown.

    that’s NHL integrity for you.

    Jeff Beukeboom had his career basically ended by a sucker punch.

  8. Who will handle the rough stuff in Orr’s absence? There will be some tough, physical gritty games in his absence and we caertainly can’t have, nor should we want, Shanahan having to do the dirty work. I think, in addition to Ortmeyer, they need to call up Lessard or Weller.

  9. I agree. Hossa and Hall can be replaced by Orty on the PK, and someone else who will drop the gloves like Lessard or Weller.

  10. The call-up of Orty helps this team quite a bit. I think Shanahan will be fresher not having to be on the PK. he seems very tired and continuously killing penalties for a 37 yea old players is alot and probably wore him down alot

  11. Nedved to Ottawa? Muckler does it again! Maybe we can get McGrattan, Neil and Redden for Hall and Hossa, while “Muck’s” still enjoying New Year’s libations!!! Don’t worry Rucinsky, Dvorak and somewhere in Prague lies Janny Hlvac!!!

  12. blueshirts2k6 on

    Glad Orty’s back, I wish that Immo would play over Hossa or Hall, but no such luck. And oh yeah another wonderful decision by Coly Cancer whatta jackass if anyone’s more inept in their job than Buttman it might be him.

  13. blueshirts2k6 on

    Sam if the Nhl really was protecting their top players then Brier would have been suspended for his spear on Ovechkin or Hatcher’s elbow on Jagr or Neil’s jumping elbow on Prucha.

  14. I have been a Hossa “fan” but most say what I feel…now that Orts is back Hossa isnt needed….he can get some return in trade…also, I tihnk that Hall isnt going to work in the Rangers system..he has good shifts and some good games, but he is young, and with another young palyer in Hossa the Rangers shoudl be able to get a decent pick, or two mid round picks….I would think at least…but in anycase…Immo and Orts should be in…even if Immo is the 4th line center…

  15. if Hollweg, Betts, and Ortmeyer play together, it would be the HBO line.

    I guess the Jagr line would be Showtime.

  16. 4Rangers- I love the joke. Great pun. *claps*

    Now I would like to know, did Brashear get any fine of some sort?? That’s crazy if only Orr got the suspension. I’m just so sick of Brashear and his antics. One day he’s really going to hurt a player and nobody in the NHL seems to want to punish him.

    I’m so glad to hear Orty’s back! He’s worked so hard to get better and now it’s his turn to shine. Jed deserves to wear the Rangers sweater again.
    …alright, i’m stopping myself before i start babaling about how much i think Orty is a great player.

  17. At the Devils Tuesday. Another opportunity to show team unity. Lets see a follow through effort from A Ward and Peter Prucha. Orty should add some vigor.
    The Devils will be a great litmus test as to whether these Rangers have gotten the message to make sure other teams do not disrespect on the Ranger sweater.

  18. regarding barnaby, who knows? He’s only had one turn as a Ranger (that’s two less than nedved and rucinsky) and Dallas, like a few other teams, is hurting and could use some forwards.

  19. I am real happy Ortmeyer is finally back with the Rangers. His journey back to the team and the NHL, along with what he provides on a nightly basis is an inspiration. I think SHanny’s presence will only help Orts. As Messier once said, Orts is captain material. He is the lunchpail type of guy that defined this team last year. It is good to have him back. Now throw some checks against those Devs on Tuesday. I agree that Hollweg-Betts-Orts should be put together!

  20. Sam- I like Ortmeyer, but don’t we have too many of these players that just hustle and never score??? This is definitely why they have so much trouble scoring.

  21. We do have too many of these players, but orts has some of the other qualities that the otheres dont. First and foremost, he is always throwing his body around. My biggest problem with Jason Ward, Hall, and Hossa is that if they are going to be defensive players with virtually no offensive production they MUST throw their bodies around. They rarely do. Hall and Hossa are HUGE men and throw their bodies around as much as tom poti. Its a joke. Also if you are going to have your 3rd and 4th lines consist of all players with slim offensive upsides then the second and first line players should NEVER EVER have to kill penalties.

  22. NHL is a joke right now. Face it. And Brashear is a real SUCKER. Everybody knows that. I’m just surprised there is still place in this league for assholes like him while no one wanted to sign Oliwa who was the best enforcer for long time.

  23. Paradoxically, as someone who thought he should have been kicked off the team as early as a year ago, I think we can expect some output from Hossa soon, or he is through not only with the Rangers but also the NHL. A forward with nothing to recommend himself except his minor league press clippings is not going to be able to explain away having scored one goal and a shootout goal during an entire season unless he is an enforcer. If he has anything in him, it’s now or never in my opinion.

  24. Happy New Year, Sam and thanks for the outlet here on your blog. I enjoy your insights into the locker room, it’s one of the amazing aspects of the the web, being able to communicate with so many people so quickly, thank you.

    On Hossa – I agree, he basically gets the puck and goes and hides in the corner with it, to me that’s just not hockey. Orts should take Hossa’s spot in the lineup and I would call up a muscle from Hartford as “Gratton” noted yesterday.

    On Brook’s article “Phantom tix for Shanahan” – I brought this issue up last week after the Isles game. The refs are not interpretting the rules correctly. Stick checks and contact are part of the game and have been a part of the way these guys implement their game their entire professional careers. Because of the penalties being called on legal stick checks, players have become gun shy and frustrated. I think it has also led to players inadvertently being out of position when in the past they could have used their stick to check a player now they take the same spot on the ice and find themselves unable to stick check for fear of being called for a penalty, and subsequently the player gets a shot on goal or a break the other way.

    The penalty on Jagr the other game against Brashears was so horrendous. Brashears elbows him off the faceoff, hooks him and Jagr leans into him and Brashears falls and Jagr gets called… this is what they call officiating in the NHL? I think it’s time for a new Head of Officiating then.

  25. I love Ortmeyer — he was my favorite guy on the team last couple years (how can you not love a plucky kid from the Midwest?). But we all might want to be real cautious about how much we expect from him…and I’m just talking about his physical play, not the fact that he could never hit the broad side of a barn with the puck. But, hell yeah, I’m psyched he’ll be out there and in the locker room. Hope he’s ready to kick ass and remind these other players how lucky they are to be out there…

    And here’s to the stars aligning and the ice time converging for Prucha to keep up where he left off last game…that would be tremendous.

    Sam, Larry Brooks touched on Ozo’s seeming ploy to avoid the minors in his article this weekend. Any idea on what could happen if his knee turns out to be fine and it becomes more clear he’s been stalling/lying?


  26. I think Jed O. scored one of the only gaols against Jersey in the playoffs last year – a fitting return…

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