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Perhaps the most poignant scene of the season came in the Rangers’ dressing room post-game tonight, when Brendan Shanahan walked in after doing an MSG interview, and he was met with a string of hugs and hand shakes from players and coaches.

There were Perry Pearn and Mike Pelino both embracing Shanahan and saying, “Thank you.” There was Colton Orr seating himself down next to the veteran’s locker, hugging Shanahan and whispering in his ear.  

“You see an Hall of Famer step up and protect one of our leaders and it shows how big of a leader he is. It makes you play even harder when you see a guy like that send a message,” Darius Kasparaitis said. “It makes us really proud to be his teammate.”

It’s certainly premature to call Shanahan’s fight with Donald Brashear a turning point in the season. But it certainly has the potential to be just that.

“I thought this was just a game when our team needed a little extra in different areas and I think the opportunity presented itself with some of the things he did to Jaromir throughout the game,� Shanahan said. “I don’t know if it means an awful lot. I didn’t put too much thought into it.� 

Meanwhile, a few other quick hits on the night the Rangers returned from the world of the clueless:

<li>What did Aaron Ward say to Brashear to elicit the punch from the Capitals forward? “Just a question,” Ward said. “It was grammatically correct.” I wish we could get more out of the defenseman than that. But seeing how it had to do with Brashear dusting off his hands after the fight with Shanahan, I’m assuming it was something along the lines of, “What are you, a bleepin’ idiot?”

<li>And speaking of bleeps, Brashear apparently took exception to questions from Washington reporters about what happened, and told them to….well, I’m sure you can guess the rest.

<li>No, Washington isn’t very good to begin with. And yes, the Capitals were playing their fourth game in five nights. But look at records of the teams the Rangers had lost to in that seven game losing streak — specifically in Florida — and the Rangers should be happy to have anything that goes down as a win.

<li>Henrik Lundqvist said his right ankle was tender after being run by Alexander Ovechkin in the third period, but otherwise said he was fine.

OK, that’s all for now. I’m sure there’ll be tomorrow, but just in case, Happy New Year.

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  1. Happy New Year, Sam~! Big hugs to you and your family.

    A physical game like that was overdue for the Blueshirts, and wildly entertaining. I was getting sick of the pacifist routine. (and the losing routine too.)

    Thanks for keeping your blog going, it’s a must-read.

  2. ovechkin didn’t exactly “run” lundqvist…he got pulled down by ward and crashed into lundqvist. doesn’t make lundqvist’s ankle feel any better but it wasn’t a dirty play either.

  3. Anthony (Abev) on

    Renney gets signed to a 10 year contract after this game. Sorry Renney haters, he’s here to stay.

  4. Lundqvist also got kicked in the head by an off balance Tyutin on the play. I sure as hope Henrik will be fine because the human white flag Kevin Weekes vs the Devs isn’t a pretty picture.

  5. I thought Pock played a great game his shift on the 5 on 3 was incredible fighting off 3 caps players for the puck. Hopefully Prucha builds on tonights two goal game and catches on fire. Btw nice play by Orr from his belly moving the puck to Straka on Kaspar’s goal.

  6. I’ll answer the question for Brashear. he’s not only a bleepin’ idiot, but a friggin’ moron too.

  7. Renny: I dont think he is all that bad…but at teh same time he might not be the right guy for the job with THIS team in palce. But he isnt that bad. The rangers could do far worse…and yes tehy could do much better…but until AFTER teh rangers did good last yera, and Renney had room to do the things HE wanted no other coach realy wanted the mess in NY…thats why Renney was a good fit, he ws part of the team, AND was willing to deal with the mess…IN that case I think he gets a little more slack..but if he dosnt get things turned around for god than he should go…but he did do a very good job geting teh team turned around and he IS keepign them competative on most nights. I knwo he isnt the greatest, but he also isnt the worst…culd have Trotts back again…

  8. Ovechkin got what was coming to him after Brashear got kicked. You knew Orr would take a run at him after the way Brashear attacked Jags much if the night. You go after our stars, we go after yours. Shanhan’s uppercut was the highlight of the game. Its too bad Tyuting Blew the shutout for Henrik by allowing that guy to get behind him, but otherwise it was a perfect night

  9. Alex : its not that I think its the best thing…but at the time he was hired it really was probably teh best option for everyone…and now I think he deserves some slack…but next eyar or the year after he should be let go regardless…I eman unless he wins a cup, and I dont see that, so it shoudl be when there is a “perfect” coach for this team…but who is that? I dont think that any coaches out there right now would work…the Islander got teh guy teh Ragners SHOUDL have gotten IMHO, but now who is out there that woudl be a hudge upgrade?? I dont think there is one. I thik a couple other coaches in the NHL would be out of the job right now if there were more guys lookign for jobs, but right now it seems that good bench bosses are kinda thin, maybe in a year or two one will pop up after a contract is up.

  10. there are some good coaches available like Constantine, Quinn, Francis, Sullivan, etc.

    with Renney we missed out on Quenville, Laviollete, Hitchcock, etc.

  11. Hitchcock i dont think was right for this team…still isnt IMHO…Quenvile is nicely making the Avs into a mediocore team…who jsut the last two days lost twice to teh Blues, in a home and home lost one 4-2 (i think) and the other 2-0…so I dont think he would being doing much better…Laviollete would ahve ben nice…but he wasnt availible when Renney was hired…need to looka t that as well…and last year when some coaches became availible teh Ragners were doing really well…I dont remember to many calls for fire renney at that time. This year, Ok…when Hitch was fired the Rangers were doing OK, not great but everyone expected tehm to improve because JJ was still on the mend a bit…soHitch goes somewere else…and since the calls fro rennys head have increased no other coaches have been let go…also those that oyu listed…are you sure they are looking for work…or would want to coach the Rangers?? I mean that assumeing alot…and it dosnt hange that when Reneny was hired, noone else would ahve been any better with the state teh team was in.

  12. Gold stars to Shanahan and Orr for what they did last night. It was nice to see. Gold star to Renney to for not trying to hold his players back……FINALLY!

  13. Finally some passion last night. Every one stepped up…and thank you Shanny!!!!!

    Maybe this is the turning point…but only if it continues against the Devils and beyond. For all our complaints during the loosing streak, if they beat the Devils they will simply be a .500 team over the last 14 and can move forward.

    I was very happy for Pock. I have been promoting him for some time. He was excellent at Hartford over the last several years and deserves to be in the lineup. He is solid on D and has a good shot. What he did during the 5 on 3 should earn him a spot in the lineup against the Devils. I want him to be a keeper and not used as trade bait.

  14. Colton Orr and Donald Brashear need to be suspended by the league. Players and teams that live by the sword will die by it. With his stupid, gratuitous and cheap shot on Ovechkin, Colton Orr negated any good he had previously done in neutralizing Brashear. Were I Tom Renney, I would give Colton Orr a one way ticket to Hartford for his actions. Hard checking and fighting have always had a place in hockey. Cheap shots and intent to injure someone does not!

    where were you when Chris Neil attempted to injure Prucha? When Brashear took runs at Jagr? When Brendan Witt elbowed Jagr in the chops? You post is idiotic. If the league refuses to police guys like Witt and Brashear, there will continue to be a need for guys like Orr.

  16. Another reason he went after Ovechkin is because every play he skates right into the goalie. Im not talking about theone when Lundqvist got hurt, but much of the time he gets ight in the goalies face. Orr did what he is there to do and thatis sticking up for his teammates

  17. “mhurley”

    “Colton Orr and Donald Brashear need to be suspended by the league.”

    Sorry Margaret, totally disagree with you. If the league was a pure finesse league I’d be more inclined to agree with you. That is what they intended to happen but instead, we got a hybrid version which is the worse scenario of all. I’m from the old school, as you probably figured out, and back then (since 1946), teams took care of their own business. Since so much of this cheap shot stuff goes on now, I say take the gloves off and police your own team. Also getting rid of one ref won’t hurt things either, just another guy who sucks on the ice.

    Sure Orr’s shot was cheap but it was in defense and support of the cheap shot Breshears has been taking at Jagr all night. I support it fully. After reviewing Shanny’s remarks and some of the comments here about it, like Mitch’s, I now think they are right and Shanny supported what Orr did. Who know’s, he might have have conferred with Renney and told him to let Orr at him (Ovechkin).

    Margaret, I heard all about your fabulous cookies before I was exiled from Rodent and Bird Island. They go great with big turkey!

    See Margaret, there are other sites that don’t crucify you for having a different opinion than the bloated leader(s) and crew. We can actually talk here.

  18. mhurley:

    I would not want to win by trying to injure or instill fear of injury in another team’s top players, and I am glad Tom Renney is the kind of coach who would never do that.

    But nor I do not want to lose because opponents do that to us, and I fear that Renney has allowed that to happen.

    Because, if other teams take that approach, the only way to prevent that behavior is to respond in kind. Kudos to Shanny for what he did… but if an opponent decides to try to win by intimidating Jagr and other Ranger stars, they are not going to stop because our guy fights their goon. They are going to stop when we respond in kind, and only then, because that takes away their advantage, and creates a negative feeling about such tactics by their own stars in their room, and gives our own stars confidence that they can play in safety.

  19. Mhurley- If Renney sends Orr to Hartford then God help the Rangers in every game they have left to play this year. Every other team will get the message that beating the Rangers involves no more than cheap shotting Jagr and running Lunqvist as there will be no consequences for doing so.

    Orr and Shanahan should be commended for following the Golden Rule, (Do Unto Others, something, something…)

  20. Mhurley’s diatribe was done simply to elicit responses and arguements from fans. There is always somebody looking to put a damper on things even if they themselves don’t believe what they are writing. Just ignore it and laugh it off. Renney will do nothing since he and the team supported and backed up Orr’s actions and because Orr did the right thing. It’s “the code”. Learn it or go watch the NBA.

  21. Wow what a Saturday night Hockey Game at MSG! Scoring, Fighting, Penalty Shots, Running goalies. Great Stuff.

    As a Ranger fan, all I have to say is, Thank You Shanny and Colton Orr. You two have restored some respect to the Ranger Sweater. A season can be lost in many ways but, the worst way is to go down known as pansies. Shanny and Colton Orr have assured us this team will not be pansies.
    Peter Prucha scores on rebounds in front of the net. Excellent. Get Pruch more ice time.
    A Ward upgraded his game last night. I hope he can bring it every night from now on. We need it.

  22. Last night was so great to watch, but I still think Orr is a terrible fighter. Shanahan is the nuts, but it should never come to him having to fight. If we’re going to dress a goon — and i don’t have a problem with that, and i think it’s a traditional and noble role — we should have a better one…

    For once, I also have to agree with Joe Micheletti(sp?), the team looked so much better not trying to wheel back towards their own net again and again and again. They kept pressing towards Olie and it payed off.

    Fun hockey.

  23. Colton Orr owns you on

    Colton Orr is awesome, those penalties finally sent a message to the other teams that if you run jagr we are going to run your best player. im glad he went head hunting on ovechkin, he deserves more ice time. bench holwegg his soft hits and lack of fighting ability are useless. i dont want to hear about the energy holwegg provides because that is total BS. he provides nothing, my grandmother hits harder then him. I found a letter in Ryans locker after the game here it is:

    Dear Ryan,
    this is how you fight someone bigger and stronger then you. quit embarrassing yourself and the team by losing every fight.


  24. Colton Orr owns you on

    Colton Orr is awesome, those penalties finally sent a message to the other teams that if you run jagr we are going to run your best player. im glad he went head hunting on ovechkin, he deserves more ice time. bench holwegg his soft hits and lack of fighting ability are useless. i dont want to hear about the energy holwegg provides because that is total BS. he provides nothing, my grandmother hits harder then him. I found a letter in Ryans locker after the game here it is:

    Dear Ryan,
    this is how you fight someone bigger and stronger then you. quit embarrassing yourself and the team by losing every fight.


  25. Shanny and Hollwegs fights arent comparable. Shanny asked Brashear to go. Hollwegs fights are usually spontaneous and are from a late hit or something of that ilk.

    Jagr really should hand the C over to Shanny.

  26. Oh yeah, did anyone have visions of Malarchuk dancing in their head when Henrik was nailed in the dome? Hes the only goalie in the league I can think of that wears both an independent collar (not part of his chest and arms unit) AND a dangler. Good thing. My wife turned to me after seeing that and asked point blank “you always wear your collar, right?” “yes dear, yes”

  27. Colton Orr owns you on

    who cares how hollwegs fights start they always end up the same…..him on his back. jagr should hand over the C??? grow up. only in NY is the leagues best scorer asked by his “fans” to give up the C which you asked him to take and that he didnt want in the first place!

  28. yeah, he won’t talk about all the fights Orr has lost, including last night, so that Shanny had to step in to save Orr’s bacon.

    And no fan with a brain wanted Jagr to be captain.

  29. Hockey fights aren’t about wins or losses. As Shanny showed last night, it’s all about showing up. Orr shows up. As is the case with every fighter in NHL history, you win some, you lose some. No big deal. Orr stood up to Brashear last night and fought him to a solid draw. Sure the kid eats them now and then but when your an enforcer, you have to ply your trade to get better and keep sharp. Orr has yet to play the equivalent of a full NHL season and he’s only 24. Win or lose, he has the “hurt potential” and that’s something a lot of gihters today do not have. I’m sure the Orr haters were pissed when he had that great toe-to-toe with Jansens earlier this year or beat him down in the pre-season. I’m sure the Orr haters were pissed when Orr stood up for Jagr and the abuse he took almost all game from Eric Boulton earlier this year in Atlanta and Colton put Boulton on his ass. I’m sure the Orr haters were pissed when Orr turned two games around last year on Long Island by busting Godard’s nose in one bout and by putting on his ass in the second. Spoken like true couch-potato NHL coaches who have no clue what it’s like to fight another humna being on ice, on skates. Get real crybabies.

  30. Colton Orr owns you on

    orr lost last night? um no. he fought to a draw with brasheer and pummeled that other punk. he blasted goddard last year like mentioned above while hollweg got slaughtered by him and jansen.

    there must be a ton of brainless ranger fans because ALL the papers and ALL the fans were clamouring for him to take the C, so he reluctantly did to shut you up. he is a much better captain then leetch was, better then kisio or beck combined. real smart idea to want shanny to captain a team that he has no history with and only a 1 yr deal. BRILLIANT!!!

  31. I’m not knocking Hollweg. The guy is a punching bag but he’s got mxy and he shows up. That’s good enough for me.

  32. I think this guy is related to Colton. Well thought out and unemotional, non-derogatory responses. /sarcasm.

    Grow up? The “mature” thing to do would be to give the C to the clear leader of the team. Jagr gives a speech from the coaches platform in the middle of a game, no one responds. Shanny says, before the game “lets forget the past and move forwards, blah blah” and the entire team responds.
    Like it or not, Shanny is held in higher regard as an NHL winner/leader/champion blah blah by EVERYONE in that lockerroom. Even Prucha and Straka. Even Jagr knows his own amazing career cant touch the level of leadership that shanny brings to the table EVERY FUCKING NIGHT. Shanny’s True Blue now, and the fact of the matter is, HE is the one everyone is going to look to for leadership, so HE is the one that should be wearing the C.

  33. Colton Orr owns you on

    david g doesnt know hockey at all. he obviously doesnt know that their is a difference in how a Euro leads as opposed to how a canadian leads. shanny has given speeches and had nice things to say after and before all the losses in the streak and they finally win one and you write how they respond to him?!?!? are you kidding me? if 1 for 7 makes you a great leader you may as well give me the C.

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