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I’m back, equipped with my wife’s computer, my wife’s cell phone, but thankfully, my own clothes. A man has to draw the line somewhere.

As for the Rangers, I suppose it’s worth noting that the team they face tonight is the very Capitals team they opened their season against to great expectations on Oct. 5. That game, a 5-2 Rangers win, was a resounding effort by a confident team, and at the time, I had little doubt the Rangers had the ingredients to venture deep into the playoffs.

 And to think, I wasn’t even drinking at the time.

 Because here the Rangers are, losers of their last seven, and perhaps one more humiliating loss away from slipping into total irrelevance (if they haven’t already). You may recall a while back “Tom Renney told me that if the Rangers lost eight in a row”:, “we’ve got a serious problem, and certainly I would personally.” Well, now No. 8 is possibly 60 minutes away tonight. That’s not to say Renney can expect to clean out his office if the Rangers don’t finish 2006 with a W. But as he said himself, it certainly makes the prospect more likely.

Meanwhile, a few updates.

<li>Again, no Marek Malik, and as my man JT already filled you in, Bryce Lampman is already on a Greyhound back to Hartford. Scoff if you want, but Renney thought the Rangers backline was fairly solid last night, and doesn’t feel the need to make a change.

<li>It looks like Colton Orr will play his second straight game on the fourth line in place of Jarkko Immonen. Immonen is going to skate in warm-ups, but Renney said that is more a precaution in case Ryan Hollweg, who sustained a charley horse last night, can’t go. But that’s unlikely, meaning Immonen, who is one of the few players on the roster who might actually contribute some offense, will again be watching from the stands.

<li>Henrik Lundqvist is back in net.

 <li>As if seven losses in a row wasn’t enough reason desperately need a win, consider that the Capitals have played four games in their last five nights, and are lurking just behind in the Eastern Conference standings.

<li>In the continued interest of self-promotion, I should mention I’ll be a guest on  “Blueshirt Bulletin”:’s 4 on 3 chat from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Please stop by and send along your questions, provided they’re not about computers, cell phones, or women’s clothing.

 OK, that’s all for now. More later… 

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  1. Immonen shouldn’t sit again. He is playing against AHL talent (which he is) so he should feel right at home. Imo has shown me nothing, but neither has Hossa. Orr sucks, but he is the only guy that can go toe-to-toe with Brashear. So, while Orr (unfortunately) will play tonight, maybe Hossa should sit ather than Imo.

  2. This team is a joke! Immonen should be the 2nd center. But once again Coach Clueless is sleeping. I have had it!

    P.S. Thank you for the info even if it makes most Ranger fans sad.

  3. How dare you guys? According to hockeybird’s site Hollweg and Lundqvist are the reasons for all the loses.

  4. I’m still shocked there are people who are surprised or angry the kids don’t play or are scratched. You guys are aware we are talking about the NY Rangers right?

    Good move having Orr in to try and counter Brashear. Immonen, though I haven’t been real impressed with him, should probably be in and Hossa out.

  5. Hey Sam,

    What is the magic number of losses before this organization feels a a need for urgency? You are closer to the team than the rest of us, what do you think? I can’t believe they keep calling up these kids like Lampman and then not even playing them. They look like they have no clue what they are doing. I think it is a crime that Immonen is not playing, he is one of the smarter two way centers on our team and should be on the second line. Hey Sam, do you think if the Rangers lose another or a few more, that a trade or personnel move will be made? Also, how long of a rope does Renney have with this team before he hangs himself and another coach is in here?

  6. Nick —

    Good question. I think if Tom hadn’t built up the capital that he did last year, he’d be gone soon, if not already. As it is now, though, I’d expect a player move before they change the coach. The other thing to consider, as someone else just pointed out to me, is that Glen Sather hasn’t been that quick with the trigger-finger in the past (the lone exception being Trottier).
    But stay tuned. I could be wrong…

  7. “”””According to hockeybird’s site Hollweg and Lundqvist are the reasons for all the losses.”””””

    should be called hockey bird droppings if they spew that kind of crap

  8. “”””are people who are surprised or angry the kids don’t play or are scratched.”””

    not surprised at all, just emphasizing the deception and incompetence by mgmt.

  9. Wash. gave up 6 goals in the 1st period to Buff. this week, so this game is no surprise. the Caps have been as weak as the Rangers the past 2 weeks.

  10. I don’t really understand why are you crying so loud that Immonen is not in the lineup… Wake up! We’ve 7 games losing streak playing him as a 2nd line center! Of course cannot blame Jarrko for losing but he’s not NHL 2nd liner. Orr is not NHL player either by the way. Cannot play, cannot fight.

  11. I agree that Immonen isn’t a second line centre, but to be fair, he hasn’t played much on the second line during the losing streak.

  12. Immo hasnt palyed much at 2nd line center during the loseing streak cause he has shown that his skateing will hold him back. I think that he shoudl ahve been in instead of Hossa, but would he be any good at wing??? Anyway, I am not to upset that Immo is being sat, of any game this is one that Orr shoudl be in, he amy have gotten beat by Brashier, but its better than that big oaf trying to go after a smaller guy like Hollweg…I would liek to see one fo the Rangers 3rd/4th line centers moved, Ither Immo or Betts or one of the kids who might become a 3rd liner from hartford, and get a mid round pick or a player that might fit the rangers better…or a couple of guys, maybe Hall also and get a player that is a bit better than ither by themselves.

  13. also we dont know everything that goes on behind cloed doors…there may be something they are working with Immo on and they want to get something “fixed” before he palys again. But I wouldnt be shocked to see him in the next game, or the game after.

  14. That third period was so much fun to watch it was old school Hockey with passion and fighting, and about time the Rangers sticking up for each other. It was the Nhl I grew up with before Gary Buttman destroyed it.

  15. stf Immo was on the 2nd line during the 5 game winning streak but during the 7 game losing streak he was on the 4th line so your post was total BS.


  17. On the post game interview, Shanny said he was tired of seeing Breshear take liberties with Jagr and challenged Breshear to that fight and also said he didn’t tell Orr to go after Ovechkin. Didn’t sound like he supported Orr doing that, which is a mystery to me.

    Tyutin was at fault on the lone Wash goal, that was a beautiful long pass but Tyutin was playing up too much and had no chance to stop the shooter.

  18. 4Rangers, think this team is incapable of sustaining the kind of effort they showed tonight. Again Renney uses Shanahan for PK. He never learns.

  19. lenny, yes, and the big difference will be the opponent. the Devils are a much better team than Wash., and the rangers are out of no streak if they can’t outplay a top opponent.

  20. that’s it Rangers raised their sticks in the air as if they won 10 in a row and now Renney gets a 10 year extension.

  21. I think 4Rangers is right in that we’ll have to see if this team can carry tonight’s almost perfect play over to the Devils game on Tuesday. That said, I was at the game and I have to say it was one of the best overall TEAM efforts I have seen all season. Almost everyone played their parts and contributed something, including most of the usual whipping boys of this blog.
    Of course most folks recognize and talk about the talent of the stars like Jagr and Shanahan. We all know why Shanny earned that second star of the game without having any points at all. Jagr saw an opportunity and made the perfect pass to Kaspar. Prucha looked more like the rookie sensation than he has in a long time.
    Orr played his part (although possibly a tad overboard), but it was something. He actually got the upper hand in his scrap with Morrisonn. Hossa actually hit and hustled, at one point, singlehandedly keeping the puck the the Caps’ end while an entire line was changing. Almost everyone did their share of hitting, including the normally placid Aaron Ward (I would still like to know what he really said to Brashear), Rachunek, and Rozsival, who was being hounded by the Caps almost as much as Jagr. Everyone showed some fire.
    As a team, they gave out 32 hits (widely distributed) and had only 7 giveaways. And best of all is they put in the effort and executed it for the entire 60 minutes. Hopefully, they can bring that level of execution to NJ on Tuesday. That will be the acid test.
    Note to Sam: Thanks to you and Josh for keeping this forum going. Beg, borrow and steal whatever you have to (except the clothes) so that it can continue. Hopefully it is also useful to you. As serious and considered as most of the comments are, they are still just the opinions of the fans, rather than the professionals. (If you ask 5 people what should be done, you’ll get at least 4 different answers.) But you guys are the best means we have to let the organization know what those opinions are. Keep it up.

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