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The Rangers just sent out an email to announce they’re shipping Bryce Lampman back to Hartford. As you guys know, Lampman was here for the Islanders and Senators games this week but never saw any game action.

No further details, but they did not announc another move along with it. Either expect that later or assume the team will carry one less for now (maybe until Ortmeyer’s ready???). If I hear anything else, I’ll post it while Sam is out of pocket — even though “out of pocket” doesn’t really make sense to me.

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Lampman back to Hartford.

    Well, I guess if you’re a prospect and you don’t score, back you go! He didn’t play? So what? Maybe he should have lit Sather’s stogie for him between periods… I bet he watched the game wrong, too.

  2. Sam or Josh,

    Any more info on Jagr’s in-game [apparent] tongue-lashing to his teammates?


    And Sam, maybe you should start buying your computers at Curto’s Appliances. They’ve been serving their customers since 1948…

  3. pppfffttt, self built computers are ALWAYS the best. i havent had major problems with mine since i started building my own back in 94.

  4. Lampman being sent back to Hartford suggests that Malik has been taken off IR and will play tonight. Lampman had to go down in order for Malik to come off IR.

  5. “out of pocket” – made popular in spy vs spy films. not really applicable to “being unavailable”

  6. Frank, that’s the point, Lampman looked better fetching cigars for Sather upstairs than Hossa has ever looked on the ice. Get with the program!!

  7. on MSG they have a Knicks commercial in which they sing about “one finger up”

    well, Ranger fans also have one finger up for Dolan, Sather, and Renney.

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