Panic time


And I’m not even talking about the Rangers.

Of greater urgency, I’m having my second major computer meltdown in the span of two weeks — on two different machines, no less — and hence will be out of pocket until later this afternoon.

On the positive side, you can talk about the Rangers, who….oh wait, never mind….

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  1. This slump was all too predictable as Renney burned out his top 4 and insisted on playing lousy defensemen. Then, he killed his franchise goalie’s confidence by leaving him in a blowout long after he should have been removed. He continues to show no feel for lineup decisions. The guy should be fired, but the problem is that the replacements are not great options right now. Messier should absolutely not be the coach, what experience does he have? Keenan is a train wreck and always has been, he and JJ would get along about as well as cats and dogs. Pearn and Pelino don’t strike me as head coaching types.

    I’m glad I’ve been too busy to watch the last few games.

  2. With all that we are proposing (from GM and coaching changes to roster moves to playing the kids), this is fodder that the journalists can use to ask the powers that be point blank on what they are trying to do with this team now and long term. And not let them off the hook until they give honest, straight-forward answers.

    We suffered for seven years to get a great year last season. Why do we have to go through this again. Unless this changes a big way beginning tonight, I want to hear the fire Sather chants again in MSG, and louder this time. Move beyond the Potvin chant, and let’s replace with a chorus of constant boos.

  3. Mike, best way to make your point would be to not go at all. Not only will the silence be noted but the profit and loss sheet will take a big hit.

    Dolan and Sather don’t care if the fans boo, as long as the seats get filled, so why put any money in Dolan’s pocket?

    Now a demonstration outside of the Garden might be something to look into. Paper masks with eye holes and “SELL THE TEAM” might work better. You aren’t putting any money in Dolan’s pockets that way.

  4. 10 games is what it will take to finally see Renney gone. I love the paper bag idea if we can find a way to close the eye holes too.

  5. Last season was not a great year. Things were so bad that after the first seven years even the lockout looked good. I put last year under the category “you can’t lose them all.�

    Rangers will not significantly improve until Dolan sells the team and Sather shuffles off to permanent vacation or drops dead.

  6. I’m not sure if messages are automatically reposted on the newer thread (so far several have reappeared from the bottom of the just previous thread). Anyway, sorry for the double dipping (i’m not sure what the etiquette is with identical postings from previous threads), but I wanted to get some feedback on this possible acquisition. thanks.

    re above post: “Move the veterans you can, get back whatever you can, AND PLAY THE YOUNGSTERS.�

    would that include Shanny? I don’t hear anyone calling for him to be shipped out, though he is part of this losing streak, as much an others.

    I’ve noticed that Jim Vandemeer (sp) in Chicago has been a healthy scratch for the last few games, foreboding maybe a trade (esp as the Hawks just got Bruno St. Jacques as a 6/7 defensemen). I like Vandemeer’s grit and he might be a good add. Who would you be willing to give up? or how young a player would you send to Chicago?

  7. to me Vandemeer is another journeyman defenseman and the NYR are full of those. The only thing he brings to the table is a more toughness, which the R’s arguably could use. The only thing I’d be willing to send the other way would be a Raccoonek or a Roszival (of course if they’d take Malik off our hands that would be great, but it ain’t happenin). Otherwise, let’s replace these journeymen with some younger players to find out if we have anything better in the “system.” Personally I’d like to see Lampman play to find out more about him at the NHL level (I’ve seen him plenty of times in the AHL).

  8. Onetimer,

    No, we just reposted them so anybody following either thread can have continuity. At least that’s my reason for doing it.


    Maybe we can hire that SNY doctor who replaces peoples head’s with a TV. We can start by removing Dolan’s head first.

  9. We can start by removing Dolan’s head first.

    You’ll have to get it surgically removed from his ass.

  10. As for Messier, Keenan, stop beatin’ it. That ship has also sailed. RE POST

    T Bird
    I don’t agree. Keenan has built quite a nucleus in Florida. I watched the Panthers live twice last week and they are a north south team that gets chances to score every period. They are competitive in the corners , in front of both nets and quick. They lose allot. Because they haven’t learned to close out teams yet but they are young. Belfour is a steady vet. Pretty good stuff.
    As far as Messier, how can you say his ship has sailed? He hasn’t even begun his management career.

  11. Sam is starting to remind me of Renney, he just avoids the reality and dances around the subject that is important. He can never admit that Rangers and Renney flat out suck.

  12. You aren’t going to re-capture the Keenan-Messier “magic� of the 90’s any more than we re-captured the Sather “magic� from the 80’s.

    Keenan is no longer in Florida, (or Vancouver, or ST Louis or NY, or Chicago or Philly for that matter)He has exploded in every city that he was hired in, including New York.

    Messier has no management career, what makes you think he will be management material? At the end, he wasn’t even Captain material, the last 7 years of his career his teams never even made the playoffs. Never say never? Well, I’m saying it. Can Keenan GM and Messier coach this team to a Cup?


  13. I blame all the braindead idiot fans who like a bunch of sheep buy tickets, especially those season holders psychos.

    Sam are you using this blog to discuss hockey or to polish up your stand-up act, just in case…?

  14. Alex, I think if you read Sam’s stuff closely, you can see the disapproval of what’s going on. If he gets too offensive, they’ll just never talk to him and he’ll become one of us. We’ll do the heavy hitting and let Sam keep a door open.

  15. Funny, just got done reading Rocha’s report over at Bird’s and damn if he didn’t say the exact things I said there many moons ago and got booted off for when I said them.

    They have now adapted the Turkey philosophy. Wonder if I’ll get honorable mention???

  16. Lenny – just went to the article and surprise surprise he does not worship at the throne of Hollweg. When I said the same thing two of the regulars here lambasted my hockey knowledge and called me all sorts of names.

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