“Reunited, and it feels so good…..”


Barring the following unforeseen circumstances, Tom Renney plans to put his top unit of Michael Nylander, Jaromir Jagr, and Martin Straka back together tonight against the Senators:

  • *One of three comes down with the flu.*
  • *One of the three takes a boneheaded double minor penalty and is benched for a prolonged stretch.*
  • *One of the three has a spouse or girlfriend go into labor and is forced to make a frenetic dash to the hospital.*


    I suppose I’m kidding, although if you’ve been following the ongoing saga of the Rangers this year, you know all of this has actually occured within the past month (and all involving the otherwise mild-mannered Nylander).

    No, I don’t think any of this can be directly responsible for “the team’s mystifying six-game slide”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061229/SPORTS01/612290390/1046/SPORTS, but as with every other wrinkle of late, it certainly hasn’t helped.

    A couple of other items:

  • Meanwhile, the Rangers are going back to Henrik Lundqvist in net some three weeks after the sophomore’s stellar 34-save effort against the Senators, while Renney is again contemplating working Colton Orr back into the lineup.

    If one of those moves makes sense while another leaves you scratching your head, I say welcome to the club. For all the supposed benefits that an enforcer like Orr brings to the lineup — Renney in the past has said “Orr provides a certain karma”:http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2006/11/28/casual-tuesday/ — I’m not sure we’ve really seen it come to fruition. Orr fights reasonably well, and is probably less a liability than he was before. But he’s still not worth a spot if the likes of Jagr continue to get hammered while more complete players — i.e. Petr Prucha or Jarkko Immonen — sit.

  • Marek Mailk and Bryce Lampman are both definitely out.
  • I originally had Jed Ortmeyer’s conditioning assignment in Hartford at 14 days, but according to others, the rules say he’d have to be back up with the big club on Jan. 1. Of course, given the state of the Rangers, I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.

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    1. Is it still unclear as to how long Malik will be out??? In his absence hopefully Pock has done enough to get more of a chance

    2. “but it’s unclear who he (Colton Orr) would replace..”
      Sam. is that because Coach Renney has so many to choose from?

    3. Fix your defense, your goaltending and your overall lack of team physicality and stop worrying about an inconsequential fourth liner.

    4. why does Renney even BOTHER to split that trio up, i swear, inevitably within 1 or 2 games they are back together. I just dont get why he even bothers with them, they work, leave them alone, try to fix the rest of the lineup…

      OR have some Cajones and try new things, and STICK WITH THEM.


    5. I dont understand why the trio of Shanahan-Immonen-Cullen was broken up. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that one the lines during the 5-game winning streak??? They seemed to have some chemistry, Immonen got some points and Cullen finally got some goals. Alot of things Renney does is puzzling.

    6. How the hell is Orr supposed to provide ANYTHING with his usual 3 minutes total ice time??????

    7. how is Orr supposed to provide anything, at all? he’s awfully useless.. at the beginning of the year, he looked faster, better skater, etc.. but nope, he’s just wasting a roster spot.

    8. I’m not a Renney critic but I wish he would stop tweaking so much – especially when he includes the top line.

      I think Renney is forced to deal with Orr because (except for a few bangers) there is far to little physical play from the rest of the lineup.

      Hopefully they will collectively step up the play hard tonight – but there is little they can do to erase the pain of yet another Islander loss. That last one still stings.

    9. I think the opposition dictates who Orr might play against. With Neil and McGrattan playing tonight and considering how they ran the Rangers the last game, he has a right to think about it. Besides, if he plays, who says Prucha or Immonen will sit? More likely to be Hossa and really, who cares? Again, the problems on defense run so deep with this team, a 4th line winger is hardly one that should cause an uproar. As for Orr’s last fight that he came remotely close to winning? Check YouTube for his great toe-to-toe battle with Janssen at MAG and his one-punch KD of Eric Boulton in Atlanta earlier this year. Get real folks.

    10. Gratton —
      I think the problems of the Rangers have a lot to do with the fourth line — and the third for that matter — being completely irrelevant, which is what happens when neither is much of a two-way threat. If you’re using Orr in that spot, that’s one more reason to keep double-shifting the first line as opposed to spreading ice time more evenly.
      It’s not much, you’re right. But it all adds up.

    11. Sam,

      Any word on how long Jed O. will be in Hartford? I read something about him having to be back by Jan 1.

    12. Ideally, it would be great for the team to have four balanced lines, I agree. But, in my view, fix the major problem first. You have a set of D-men who do nothing but back in instead of standing up at the line. As a result, they are practically on Lundqvist’s face nearly every rush causing screens and giving teams a free chance to work down deep. What happens then? the D gets tired from chasing these cycling teams and we get the inevitable hooking or holding call. This team has surrendered a lot of shots on goal during this streak, almost 40 a game. Fix the D and then tinker with the lines if you want.

      Also Sam, remember, people cannot blame Orr for Jagr getting run and there being no retaliation. Not orr, not Kocur, Not Probert, not anyone will be able to help if their coach doesn’t use them. You cannot put Orr in and keep him glued to the bench. He can’t “enforce” if his coach won’t let him. This coach is so frightened of close games that if it’s a tie game or a one goal lead either way and Jagr is bloodied from being run all night, he’s going to let it slide. The ONLY way he will let Orr or anyone else enforce is if it’s a blowout either way. Think back to the Thrasher game earlier this season in Atlanta. Boulton played practically every shift opposite Jagr. He hounded Jagr, swatted him, gave him a face wash, etc.. Midway through the third, Orr comes out and makes Boulton answer for his actions by putting him on his butt with a solid right hand. Why did that happen? Because NY had a 5-2 lead. If it was close, Jagr would have had to keep taking Boulton’s crap. It’s the coach, not the kid.

    13. That’s true, Gratton, and you’re right, this is not an indictment of Orr as it is an indictment of Tom’s use, or misuse, of Orr. I agree, f you have him in the lineup to play that role, have him play that role. Otherwise I think he should have someone else in.

    14. He did it for a shift or two in the third period last game when he decided to sit half the team, but I wish it would just become a regular line.

      Prucha Immonen Shanny

      and with only if one or more of them are not on the line up that night, under NO circumstance should the line of

      Straka Nylander Jagr

      be split up EVER! it’s a law of nature, and the hockey gods frown upon such acts of separation.

      I’m sure we can all agree on keeping together

      Hossa Betts Ward

      so that leaves

      Cullen centering a 3rd or 4th line with Hall and…..(insert most fitting guy) Hollweg? Orr? ORTMEYER!?!?!?

      Can we make this happen please?

    15. I’d rather see Cullen with Immonen and Shanny on the second line because without Immonen or a decent playmaker, Cullen isn’t going to get anything done. At least if Prucha is on the 4th line and hopefully gets enough playing time, he can create his own chances.

    16. Agreed Sam. If Renney is going to put him in the lineup, and lets face it, the whole world knows why he is in the lineup, then at least have the gumption to use him regardless of the situation. Otherwise, you’re right, don’t put him in at all. You can’t enforce when it suits you. Renney doesn’t get that, though he did get it last year which makes me scratch my head.

      For my money, I’d much rather take an instigation penalty then see my star player cower everytime he goes near the puck or get run on every shift. The player is worth more to me then two minutes and a 15-20 percent chance the opposition may score.

    17. Talking about that Thrasher game – that was the ONLY game in this season where Rangers stuck up for each other. Rachuneck stood up for Prucha, Jagr went swinging for Nylander, etc… I wish this would happen in every game then maybe Rangers would not receive so much pounding.

    18. Sam what are the other lines? How the heck can Rachunek keep dodging the bullet? geez nobody asks him about that clowns play?

    19. I wanted to ask how the other lines are looking, but I see other people have covered that.

      I don’t necessarily like Shanahan and Prucha together (they are way too similar right down to the spots they like to shoot from), but I also advocate them with Immonen between them.

      I’ll be in shock, though, if that happens.

    20. From the TSN website:

      It’s expected Orr will replace Immonen on the 4th line tonight as Immonen was skating hard after practice – the usual indication that the player will be a healthy scratch.

      Why sit Immonen and not Hossa? What is Renney’s facination with this guy?

    21. Commenting on the defence I believe is on the money. Hockey teams are built from back to front goalie, defence, then fowards. The goalie problem on this team is a direct connection to the soft & slow defence. One of the foward problems on this team comes from the old saying “a good offence starts with a good defence” or vice versa. How many times hve the defence made a bad 1st pass, or a turnover in the defensive zone. That 1st pass is huge & we are not getting it done.

    22. While moving Ortmeyer and Lampman to Rangers, Wolf Pack have called up three from ECHL. (BTW: Lampman is a good player who deserves the chance at this level; he has done well at Hartford for several years.)

      Rumors are beginning to fly. Here are some things that are buzzing around, but take em with grain of salt for now. Though the call up of ECHL players should tell us that something may develop soon.

      Word is the Rangers are talking to several teams about several players. Everything from blockbusters to significant one-for-one swaps. Rangers are supposedly talking with Edmonton, St.Louis, Phoenix and Detroit.

      Edmonton is seeking a puck moving defender: Rachunek? Pock?

      St.Louis is trying to dump some veteran salary and some underachievers. That’s why we have heard about Rychinsky. Eric Brewer and Bill Guerin have been mentioned, but word is Blues are asking for too much for both.

      Phoenix is also looking to dump some pending UFA players. They are said to be shopping Derek Morris, Ladislav Nagy and Shane Doan. Rangers are interested but a new rumor is saying they are most interested in Mike Comrie. Word is that there has been an offer put on the table that is going to include Prucha, Pock and Dawes, and will return both Comrie and Morris. No Rangers source would confirm or deny.

      Detroit is rumored to be talking to the Rangers about Pavel Datsyuk. The Red Wings are denying all rumors to the effect that they are shopping Datsyuk, although contract talks to keep him from becoming a UFA have fallen apart.

    23. 1 jags staka nielander
      2 cullen jarko shanny
      3 ward betts hossa
      4 pruchs holweg orty

      The defence is where the trouble is & the only players I have liked there have been polk & tyutin, wards been inconsistent. But whoever plays the position must be a hell of a lot more accountable especially with their defensive zone passing. I would also like to see the puck held in the offensive zone for more then one shot. These guys looked shocked when the puck comes near them at the blue line, lack of confidence probably.

    24. Jen is right: Shanny and Prucha don’t belong together. Sorry, Evgeni, but Prucha has not been creating many of his own chances. He is lost and flailing out there this year. Sather and company decided not to keep his linemates from most of last year, Rucchin and Rucinsky. They were the playmakers Prucha needed. The three of them ended up with a total of 59 goals and 70 assistes last year There’s no one like that this year. The braintrust seems to have abandoned Prucha. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him used as trade bait.
      The D are not the only culprits of turnovers in the defensive zone. Jagr himself has done that many times. But the defensive play is sorely lacking, and that’s the main reason Henrik gets hammered every so often. Benching Nylander, when there are so many more worthy candidates in the defensive corps, is definitely a head-scratcher, but I guess benching one of them would leave the goalie even more exposed. So much for sending a message…

    25. “Benching Nylander, when there are so many more worthy candidates in the defensive corps, is definitely a head-scratcher”

      That is a head scratcher

    26. “Sorry, Evgeni, but Prucha has not been creating many of his own chances. He is lost and flailing out there this year.”

      I’m saying, compared to Cullen, Prucha can create more chances on his own. Without Immonen, Cullen won’t score at all. I think Prucha has more of a chance to score without a playmaker than Cullen.

    27. the Rangers have lucked out tonight, as the top 2 Ott. centers, Spezza and Fisher are both injured and out. Chris Kelly is the C tonight between Alfredsson and Heatley.

    28. The Ruchinsky talk seems to be growing tenticles. Can the Rangers actually be that stupid? Oh, Emil Francis and Gulf + Western where are you? Yes, I am old enough to remember both of them and when the Rangers were just one of six teams.

      Heard Leetch is skating and conditioning. If they are foolish enough to trade Pock with some other D’s, bringing Leetch back may not be a bad idea to help teach Tyutin. However, I would rather they not trade Pock.

      Saw Hershey play Philly other night and Nedved was not in lineup. Heard Toronto may look at him to replace Peca. As long as he isn’t a retread here.

    29. The way Neil ran around like a wildman crushing Rangers last Ottawa game, and the way Witt ran Jagr in the Islander game (especially that elbow he threw knocking Jagr’s head back) Orr must be in the lineup, and he must be given permission to go after Neil if he runs a Rangers player, instigator penalty or not. In the long run it will pay off as it will show other teams that they cannot run Ranger players without being held accountable. It’s pretty clear other teams are more physical against the Rangers when Orr is not in the lineup.
      Ideally the Rangers would have a true enforcer like Georges Laraque or Derek Boogaard, but there are very few of these guys left.

    30. czechthemout!!!!! on

      the rangers have one in craig weller .i have seen him play some games with the rangers in pre-season.ihave also seen some wolfpack games he has been in .he is a better skater than orr, has more hockey sense ,is a better fighter as well.hey sam why don’t you please ask our brilliant coach why he won’t give weller a shot up here instead of that scrubb named orr .P.S. scracthing immonen instead of hall or hossa is simply a stupid move that will hurt a kid who has done nothing to warrent a benching tonight.please sam help us get through to this crazy managment team.thanks

    31. czechthemout!!!!! on

      regarding weller ,during the strike year i saw the pack play the providance bruins and during that game i saw weller kick the sh-t out of orr twice.orr is so bad he also got his ass kicked by lifton in the same game towards the end

    32. They start off like the Keystone Cops with their heads on a swival, pucks jumping off and over sticks and give-aways. Maybe they are using reverse psychology…go in to the third period down and come back and win. Can they at least try to set up and manage a power play when they have it for five minutes?

    33. look i don’t think weller is a star but at least he can cacth up to the player he wants to fight ,plus he can also play a little .p.s. why was hossa on the pp ????????????????????????????????????????????????????he sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 pts in his last 93games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello renney schmuck can you hear me? he sucks,he SUCKS,SUCKS!!!!!

    34. That was for the cheap shot on Hollweg, good job Kaspar. They are looking much better after a terrible first period. Maybe they needed a physical game like this to wake them up.

    35. “Wow….what Pock said between periods was dead on�

      what did he say?

      He said that they have yet to play a full 60 minutes. Pock said he feels he’s playing fine, but the little mistakes turn into big mistakes at the end of the game. And if that is the case, he, along with the other players, have to play better. No one is playing well enough right now.

    36. I still don’t see passion. Fancy stick handling, figure skating but where’s the grinding in the corners we loved last year? A true Ranger team has grit and grinds it out. We have too many playmakers….sorry to say to many Europeans rather than Canadians. Can anybody say Kaminsky?

    37. Hey Sam,

      How long do you think this goes until the Rangers either make a trade or fire Renney? How many losses before Sather feels like it may actually be urgent for him to stop smoking his cigar and do something? Sam, have you heard of any teams interested in trading with the Rangers or any scouts from clubs that you have heard that may have been at any recent games? Hey watch out, I think that is Philadelphia that is nipping at our heels in the Atlantic division!

    38. shutout again. 7 losses in a row. and the video feed is lost for the last 8 mins. what a crappy outfit.

    39. 12 years since they lost 7 in a row in regulation. yeah, there’s no need to panic, right stogiepuss?

    40. of course they will probably win tomorrow night, because they are playing a weak Wash. team at home, but that is no great feat if more losses follow.

    41. When things are going bad you even get a game like this. They are just stale, and I don’t have any confidence that they can do it against the Capitals. Watch Ovechkin have a blowout game tomorrow.

      They are dropping too far behind the leaders in points and games played. A few more like this and you can stick a fork in them. They will be too deep to climb out. Last year was the fluke; it’s back to what we had the seven previous years.

      Hey, pitches and catchers report in just six weeks!!!!

    42. will Renney finally be fired?

      7 losses in a row, shut out twice in a row, MSG pulled the plug on the video feed, enough is enough.

    43. The notion that its not time to panic are correct. That time has passed, long ago. Good teams don’t lose seven in a row, with the last four being multiple goal-leads blown and two shutouts. The Rangers arer a very bad team. Bad as Philly, no doubt. On good teams, there are plebty of players who are at least capable of scoring. We have four players who can score, and one of them plays on a line with two guys who can’t pass or score. We have no power play. We have a good goalie.

    44. Washington ALWAYS plays the Rangers tough… so it doesnt look good for tomorrow either. JJ should sit for the game tomorrow…he’s always shadowed like crazy there, too. Give him a game off.
      …Leetch, anyone?

    45. czechthemout!!!!! on

      ok ,in the interest of adding some sanity to this web site ,i like all of you am a die hard fan.and as a fan i think it is time for us to come to the realization that we need to start looking to thhe future and stop hoping for a trade that will better this team in the short term.the only trades we should make are ones that in effect mean that we are now firmly in sell mode .that means trading jagr ,nylander ,straka,ward ,cullen,malik,jward,betts,and weeks.hope to get as much value as we can and rebiuld .the orginization does not think that we will be patient but i think we should show them that we are by supporting the team that eventually winds up on the ice after the trade deadline because i think it will be dramaticaly different and by the way if they go the wrong route and trade youth for vets then we as fans should not go to the games ,buy merchindise ,or even watch for that matter.

    46. Dave Maloney thinks The Rangers management should stay the course. Not make changes. He made the comments after the Shutout tonight. 7 periods without a goal.
      Out scored 27-11 in 7 games. The 5 game winning streak was a head fake. Real teams don’t win 5 the lose 7. Individualistic teams do that. There is no Hockey Team in MSG. There is a one line maybe even one player situation.
      I’m sorry Dave Maloney, but you are completely wrong. The Rangers must make personnel changes to save the season and playoffs. In my opinion of course.

    47. czech – I just hope if they go sell mode (will be February right before deadline) we get a lot more than Balej, Immonen, etc that we did the year before the lockout.

      Unfortunately Dolan wants to make the playoffs so he can raise prices – he is and always will be the biggest problem.

    48. czechthemout!!!!! on

      there is no season to save guys.saveing it to what end ?are they going to win the cup ?no are they teaching their young up and coming players how to win in crunch time ?no., they don’t have many young players in the line up .that being said they need to go into sell mode .get rid of all their so called star players for as much as possible and move on .also there appears to be a feeling developing that the rangers prospects for the most part are not all that good ,if thats the case then mgment needs to get rid of sather and his staff because they’ve had a plethora of draft picks lateley and buy dumb luck should have at least 5-10 top end prospects ,if they don’t they need to gut the entire organization.

    49. I’m not saying save guys – but the way the league works, especially with a cap, there will be more interest in players at the deadline when the players cost less $ vs a teams cap.

    50. czechthemout!!!!! on

      li joe-you are right .but he will not make them this year no mattrwhat he does or who he gets .the team chemistry sucks . most of the current players nor anyone else they bring in bleeds ranger blue .yhey have not grown up together like leetch ,zubov kovalov,nemchinov ,graves, amonte ,richter,karpovtsev,turcotte,patrick did. i know some of those guys were traded yhe year we won the cup ,but all of them learned how to win together and how to fight for what ultimately became a great team .

    51. hockeymanrangers on

      I agree with John M, that’s all the Rangers have.
      IS ONE LINE that’s it they have nothing esle. ok oneline and Shanny that don’t know what to do with himself. Renny all us fan’s are asking for is to &^%$#^& something. (I AM SHOUTING NOW) THE NY RANGERS HAVE ONE %&*$#%@^ LINE THAT’S IT.

    52. czechthemout!!!!! on

      we only have one line because we play 7-8 fourth line players every game .good teams only play 2-3 fourth liners.once again hossa played the power play at times today .this is a player who scored 5 pts in his last 97 games. kevin weeks could probably score more than that if he played forward.

    53. They suck right now. Renney needs to go. So many of these problems fall on him. They NEVER pick up men in front of the net. He does not put his playuers in a position to succeed ( see prucha immonen callahan). He has way too much faith in hossa and ward and rachunek and i can not understand why. He misuses his goalies. He never seems to angry when we lose he just makes copout excuses and nothing ever changes. Even when they won 5 these problems were still prevelant. Also Cullen is not a second liner. He is a checking center/wing. This is how he is most effective and how he was used in carolina. Wake up Tom.

    54. No points in seven (7) games. You have to be real bad to accomplish that with OT and shootouts.

      First time in twelve (12)years the Rangers haven’t gotten a point in more than six straight games.

      This club is in real trouble.

    55. hockeymanrangers on

      This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble.This club is in real trouble. Someone make it stop……………………… this is our team.

    56. czechthemout!!!!! on

      the sad thing is no one here would be upset if most of the roster was made up of young players because we would know that the team was building towrds something .but this is just painful to watch . I just hope that they don’t kill the kings confidence with all he 2-0 and 1-0 etc. games he is going to lose because i think he is a legit stanley cup quality golie .

    57. Rangers are now in 9th, 4 pts. away from 14th place in east. conf.

      I love how the Ranger mgmt. has no patience with their young players, but they want us to have neverending patience in Renney and his vets.

    58. czechthemout!!!!! on

      tomorrow will be 8 in a row .It might get very ugly when the fans start to boo jagr,chant fire renney and sather sucks. should be fun to watch.

    59. If we lose with kids, you can at least deal with it. Losing with virtually NO kids in the lineup is sickening

    60. Sather says “What, me worry? We don’t have to show you no stinkin’ changes. Let ’em eat cake.”

    61. Dolan is the biggest part of the problem. Until he sells out, this disaster will continue.

      Sather is the next biggest problem, Hockey has passed him by, all he does is try to reclaim over the hill rejects and fellate his cigars while MSG burns.

      Renney is not a coach. He’s not developing players either. I don’t know what good he’s doing, if any.

      Please, for god’s sake stop mentioning Messier! He didn’t do squat for this team ever since he sulked off to Vancouver. He should be stuffed inside his #11 jersey and put out front in the lobby of MSG. The Messiah is dead!

      Anybody so much as breathes Keenan’s name should be strung up with piano wire and left to twist in the wind.

      I don’t know the answer. I just know we’ll never win the Cup with Dolan, Sather, or Renney in charge of anything at MSG.

      As for Messier, Keenan, stop beatin’ it. That ship has also sailed.

    62. I just hope after dropping eight in a row Renney gets fired. I’m so lucky I don’t have to watch that crap while I’m on vacation. BTW – I don’t think I’m going to get that MSG HD I was planning to get in January, Dolan – can u hear me???

    63. Enough is enough, there is no point following this team, they will never get it, they only care about big names and ticket sales.

    64. Hey T-Bird:

      Clue in. That was a joke. Messier won the Cup — greatest thing ever, yes — then proceeded to begin the process that has put this team where it is now. He can take his cold rememdies and stick ’em…

      Meanwhile, it’s hilarious that people talk about Dolan having to go. Get real. He’s an owner. He doesn’t have to go and he won’t. He just needs to understand that he doesn’t know a thing about sports and that he must finally find someone who actually does. Of course he wants to make money. Every owner wants to make money; even seeming superfans like Mark Cuban. Even — gasp! — Mario Lemieux. Dolan just needs to accept that he knows nothing about sports and that he can’t recognize the b.s. artists with fancy, dusty, pedigrees from the real deal. Keep Dolan — lose Sather (and Isiah).

      And Renney…come on…Jagr’s even standing behind the bench now…and he is a guy who is famous for giving up.

      Ouch. We suck.

    65. Chris- Clue in? Did you ever notice that when reading the printed word there is no visible clue as to whether you are joking or not? Sarcasm doesn’t come across well when typed. At least put in a smiley face, j/k, or (ha-ha) so we don’t have to read your mind.

    66. Well that was quite a change. Instead of blowing the game in the third, they blew it in the first. Outside of playing the AI in NHL2007 I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more lopsided first. Were it not for Hank’s netminding, it would have been Toronto all over again…

      This said, I watched a few guys closely to get a bead on them. First of all, THE ENTIRE TEAM STUNK in the first. There wasn’t one player that stood out in the Ranger lineup. Maybe Straka(he made a few spirited dashes), but even that’s a reach. In the second, Jagr DID step it up quite markedly. And his line generated some scoring changes -as did Shanny on the PP -which is more then I can say about the rest of the team.

      Third period, well MSG in their infinite wisdom somehow managed to loose the video feed. But it sounded like the whole team was skating hard, just desperate. And desparation never pays off in hockey, especially not at this level.

      On to the individuals: Orr was a non-issue everytime he stepped on the ice. I saw him miss a check pretty miserably and his fight against McGratton(who granted is a lot larger)was nothing more than a defensive posture. I admire Colton’s heart, because he does look like he’s trying, but he needs to hone his skills IN HARTFORD.

      Hossa: I was about to jump on the bandwagon to skewer this kid after watching him in the first. He was a floater who did nearly nothing on the ice. Then in the second, he came out charged, drew a penalty and was in position to score a back-door goal, had the puckhandler (I think Roszy) seen him sitting there wide open. Overall, a C+, which is on par with the rest of this team

      Jagr: It’s a load of BS that this guy needs an enforcer. He’s a beast on the ice and one that’s double teamed by the opposition and still manages to get scoring chances. Ottawa was working hard to keep him out of the play, which left Straka and Nylander sitting there scratching thier heads. Like the rest of the team, he was flat in the first, but came out with fire in the second. Jagr hasn’t given up on this team at all. Like many NHLers find over the season, he’s in a slump.

      Henrik: nothing short of spectacular. Like I said, no Lundqvist, that game would have easily been 5-0.

      The rest of the team: here’s the big problem here, IMO. With Jagr and crew are slumping(Shanny too apparently), second and third line need to STEP UP. That means guys like Cullen, Hall and Prucha need to start making something of the icetime they get. I mean, for cryin’ out loud, Hall got PP minutes for some reason and sat there like an AHLer who’s never skated in the league before. Prucha’s catching passes like a high schooler and Cullen? Where the hell was he? I can’t remember a single play were I said, gee, Cullen really is worth the millions he was signed for.

      Last season, first line slumped and the Rangers went on an unprecidented slide from first and out of the first round. This season is no differnt; unless second and third line start scoring, this season will end in April.

    67. czechthemout!!!!! on

      were you watching the same hossa i was ? wow what an accomplishment ,he drew a penalty .please stop it hossa sucks ,has always sucked and will always suck.he has no upside .he has as many pts as kasper ,that is a joke for A forward.

    68. A few weeks ago on WFAN, Dolan said the Knicks were just one percent of the company. No doubt the Rangers are one percent, too. Coupled with his stupidity about sports, we can never hope for anything good coming from his direction.

      We got the great performance last year, because Sather et al. saw the light of the upcoming lockout. They got rid of dead wood, got younger, implemented a system in Hartford and Charlotte for the organization and got it to click on the NHL level. They also fed us the line about youth.

      So, what did they do after last season. Pulled veterans in at higher cost, left little room for young players, practically gutted Hartford (you’ll likely see one of them – Nycholat — tonight with Caps)and now likely will trade whatever they have down there along with Prucha, Pock and others for UFA’s who we will loose after the season.


    69. Chris – you are probably right re Dolan – meaning he is an owner and going nowhere. That is very bad news for usa s Ranger fans and me as Cablevision subscriber. An organizations mindset comes from the top down and Dolan will never stand for bottoming out for 2, 3, 4 years to build a possible cup champion. Pittsburgh (or wherever they move to) will benefit by getting rid of all their good players so they could build with top 3 players in the draft (+ some Crosby luck). We need to do the same but Dolan will not allow it.

      I have seen the only cup that I will in my lifetime and that is really pathetic.

    70. re above post: “Move the veterans you can, get back whatever you can, AND PLAY THE YOUNGSTERS.”

      would that include Shanny? I don’t hear anyone calling for him to be shipped out, though he is part of this losing streak, as much an others.

      I’ve noticed that Jim Vandemeer (sp) in Chicago has been a healthy scratch for the last few games, foreboding maybe a trade (esp as the Hawks just got Bruno St. Jacques as a 6/7 defensemen). I like Vandemeer’s grit and he might be a good add. Who would you be willing to give up? or how young a player would you send to Chicago?

    71. I’ve loved watching Shanny in NY. At the deadline ALL VETS should be available if we get the right price (and it should be better than the garbage we got back in the firesale before the lockout).

      I would rather be in Philly’s position than ours – at least they are assured of a top pick in the draft.

    72. Does anyone want to say Luncqvist has “lost it” or was a flash in the pan now?

      The only thing he’s lost, as we all have, is confidence in his defensive corps. its a joke.

      I hate to say this, god, it pains me, but I propose we trade Tom Renny and Marek Malik for Ted Nolan and Brendan Witt, I have a feeling Isle of Bizarre might go for it.

    73. Finally most of you are getting on my bandwagon. I called for Renney’s firing last season and Sather’s about 7 years ago.

      As long as Dolan is running things, it isn’t going to change. I got insulted, abused on Bird’s and Rodent’s board. They were downright nasty when I suggested Renney should be fired. I wonder what their feelings are now?

      Big Turkey told you guys (and gals)over there but you were too much in dreamland to consider it. Keep paying the excessive ticket prices for an inferior team and that will just keep Dolan prospering and keeping the team that much longer.

      The league gave Sather the chance after the lockout to try again and he is going right back to the type of teams he had before.

      A guy who played hard, dropped the gloves when any of his teammates were being abused, thought Ron Stewart (who reportedly killed Terry Sawchuk in a fight over a woman) how to put sandpaper in his glove and punch a hole in it so you could massage the other guys face with the sandpaper, and then turned Stewart in when Glen got traded, you would think he would get those type of players but he has done just the opposite.

      Could it be that Dolan is the cause of this? Putting pressure on Sather to bring headline name stars to the team to sell tickets? Dolan appears deceptive and stupid enough to do that.

      It starts at the top boys and girls and with no change there, we are in trouble as a franchise.

    74. This slump was all too predictable as Renney burned out his top 4 and insisted on playing lousy defensemen. Then, he killed his franchise goalie’s confidence by leaving him in a blowout long after he should have been removed. He continues to show no feel for lineup decisions. The guy should be fired, but the problem is that the replacements are not great options right now. Messier should absolutely *not* be the coach, what experience does he have? Keenan is a train wreck and always has been, he and JJ would get along about as well as cats and dogs. Pearn and Pelino don’t strike me as head coaching types.

      I’m glad I’ve been too busy to watch the last few games.

    75. With all that we are proposing (from GM and coaching changes to roster moves to playing the kids), this is fodder that the journalists can use to ask the powers that be point blank on what they are trying to do with this team now and long term. And not let them off the hook until they give honest, straight-forward answers.

      We suffered for seven years to get a great year last season. Why do we have to go through this again. Unless this changes a big way beginning tonight, I want to hear the fire Sather chants again in MSG, and louder this time. Move beyond the Potvin chant, and let’s replace with a chorus of constant boos.

    76. Mike, best way to make your point would be to not go at all. Not only will the silence be noted but the profit and loss sheet will take a big hit.

      Dolan and Sather don’t care if the fans boo, as long as the seats get filled, so why put any money in Dolan’s pocket?

      Now a demonstration outside of the Garden might be something to look into. Paper masks with eye holes and “SELL THE TEAM� might work better. You aren’t putting any money in Dolan’s pockets that way.

    77. Last season was not a great year. Things were so bad that after the first seven years even the lockout looked good. I put last year under the category “you can’t lose them all.”

      Rangers will not significantly improve until Dolan sells the team and Sather shuffles off to permanent vacation or drops dead.

    78. As for Messier, Keenan, stop beatin’ it. That ship has also sailed.

      T Bird
      I don’t agree. Keenan has built quite a nucleus in Florida. I watched the Panthers live twice last week and they are a north south team that gets chances to score every period. They are competitive in the corners , in front of both nets and quick. They lose allot. Because they haven’t learned to close out teams yet but they are young. Belfour is a steady vet. Pretty good stuff.
      As far as Messier, how can you say his ship has sailed? He hasn’t even begun his management career.

    79. You aren’t going to re-capture the Keenan-Messier “magic” of the 90’s any more than we re-captured the Sather “magic” from the 80’s.

      Keenan is no longer in Florida, (or Vancouver, or ST Louis or NY, or Chicago or Philly for that matter)He has exploded in every city that he was hired in, including New York.

      Messier has no management career, what makes you think he will be management material? At the end, he wasn’t even Captain material, the last 7 years of his career his teams never even made the playoffs. Never say never? Well, I’m saying it. Can Keenan GM and Messier coach this team to a Cup?


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