Through 2, Isles 1, Rangers 0


What an exciting period of hockey, spoiled, if you are a Ranger or a Ranger fan, by the Aaron Asham goal that gave the Isles their lead.

That period just had so many hits, some of Radek Martinek’s blood, and Mike Sillinger barely able to make it off the bench and to the locker room for the intermission.

The Rangers-Islanders intensity may prove to be a blessing for the struggling Rangers, but they still have plenty of work to do. Regardless of the outcome, they appear ready to fight to break their five-game losing streak.

The next 1:37 will be critical. They have to kill off the rest of Michael Nylander’s penalty (if you’re not watching, Nylander’s high stick was what led to the Martinek blood.) With the way DiPietro is playing in net and the job Brendan Witt has done on Jagr, it’d be awfully tough to comeback from down 2-0.

After the talk that Lundqvist had a quiet first period, despite stopping 12 shots, he made a couple terrific saves in the second period. His glove save on Alexei Yashin probably saved a goal.

The Rangers had one great chance, a 2-on-1 rush with Jason Ward and Michal Rozsival. Ward’s first feed was blocked by Martinek, but he recovered the puck and centered it to Rozsival. It looked like the puck jumped a bit and bounced over Rozsival’s blade. Either way, he wasn’t able to get his stick on it, and it may’ve been a goal otherwise. He had some open net to work with.

Anyway, the Rangers need to stay out of the box and get some offense going. Renney tried at least once during the period, shelving Jason Ward in favor of Petr Prucha for a shift, but Prucha-Jagr-Nylander seemed like they got in each other’s way. I’d be surprised if we saw that again in the third period.

Perhaps it’s time to put Straka back on the first line and bump Immonen to the second line???

I’ll be back after the game. Enjoy the third period…

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  1. “”Perhaps it’s time to put Straka back on the first line and bump Immonen to the second line???”””

    that’s heresy, Josh, to the Renney lovers on this board. they don’t want to hear a discouraging word where the deer and the antelope play.

  2. blueshirts, have to agree. That wasn’t a power play goal on the scoresheet, but the penalty sure led to it. And Blake had about three chances to score before that but Lundqvist made three good saves on him.

    As much as physcial play revitalized them for a while, it may eventually do them in. You just can’t take a 4-minute penalty in a 1-0 game.

  3. Well it’s now 2-0, and it’s obvious that Coach Renney isn’t sure of anything right now. Yes, he needs to reunite Straka with Nylander and Jagr, and yes he should reunite the checking line of Ward, Betts and Hossa but what can he do with the other two lines. Hall, Prucha and Immonen are not quick enough, and while Hollweg and Cullen are quick, neither of them see the ice well enough to compliment Shanahan. Certainly, a 4th line of Immonen, Hall and Hollweg won’t harm you for the 5 minutes of playing time a night they play, but the second unit with Prucha, Cullen and Shanahan can’t forecheck or do anything on the rush. THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM….. Can you hear us Slats???? I’m sure you’ve seen the last several games!!!!!

  4. The Rangers look like they are going to lose to the Isles. 6 losses in a row it will be. The last time the Rangers went on a slide, last year after the Olympic break, the slide did not stop until the season ended. I have no faith that this coaching staff has what it takes to stop this slide. I don’t think Renney will be fired, though. Instead, once the holiday trade freeze is over, I pray that Sather wakes up and makes a deal or deals. We need to get rid of some fat on this roster, take your pick – Kaspar, Hall, Rachunek, Malik, Roszival, Hossa, Aaron Ward, Orr, etc. Maybe now is the time to bring up the kids and shed some vets. Maybe we see what we can get for Nylander, Straka or Jagr – who is as soft as a plush stuffed animal. He hasn’t been scoring goals at all lately. I don’t mind Kevin Weekes, but this is the last year of his contract and maybe we can fetch something for him.

  5. This is disgusting to watch. Why is Nylander benched? Hes the first player to ever high stick someone?

    Think its time to trade for a gritty power forward?

    Ortmeyer and his passionate play cant return quick enough…

  6. that’s balanced scoring all right. all 4 lines got zero goals. perfectly balanced.

    that’s 6 losses in a row. closing in on the 9 in a row to finish last season.

  7. That was so hard to watch. It was like watching them play against the Devils. 6 TERRIBLE losses in a row. Maybe if we played decent in those losses, i wouldn’t care, but they were all pathetic. Something drastic has to happen.

  8. If the Isles front office was a laughingstock this summer, what does that make the Rangers front office??

  9. It appears the Islanders are doing a great imitation of the Rangers of last year.

    Questions for the powers that be:
    Why do the rangers defenseman back up on a rush, take a cue from B Witt tonight and hit someone as they enter the rush, rather then screen Henrik.

    Jagr is a cough the puck up machine, why wasn’t he benched?

    Kasper looks like he is skating in quicksand. Why don’t you bring up Baranka?

    Why in all that is holy is J. Ward playing on the 1st line? Hint: because Jagr wants it is not a valid reason.

    Stop messing with Prucha and keep him on the 2nd line. You are going to get him killed on the 4th line. 30 goal scorers are not on the 4th line.

    Why don’t you trade A. Hall and Hossa for a bag of pucks. Hall was supposed to bring grit, instead he brings lackadaisacal play, and Hossa is an uninterested sloth with no hands.

  10. nothing will change as long as Renney continues to kowtow to Jagr. No team in the league would have J. Ward on the first line. it is pathetic that your standing on the team depends on your relationship with Jagr. the “C” on his chest stands for “Cronyism”

  11. get rid of all the czechs.they are soft and lazy .every few have ever won the stanley cup.prucha is the exception as far as being soft.

  12. i gotta just say.

    Rangers played a great defensive game in this one, the shot total just doesnt accurately reflect it, because the Isles were putting everything on the net. Henrik wasnt really challenged with any of the shots, they were pretty casual saves. You just gotta tip your hats to the Isles, they played GREAT.

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    if renney was a real coach he would bench jagr ,straka,rozival,malik,rachunek. there are more czechs on this team than on the czech national team.And know they want rucinsky too.STOP IT PLEASE ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  14. czechthemout!!!!! on

    question, why is it that buffulo can have 5 rookies in the lineup every night and still be first overall?answer they have a real scouting department,a good gm, and a very good coach .we can not say the same thing.

  15. @ czechthemout!!!

    I agree with you on the Buffalo situation… good scouting, good drafting, good development, good integration.

    The Rangers have Pavel Brendl, Hugh Jessiman and Jeff Brown.

  16. If the Rangers had intelligent, reasonable management Tom Renney has 2 more shots at it and then he gets the Axe. If he doesnt win the next 2 he should be fired in my opinion.
    Dont start saying “Oh but he got us to the playoffs last season” be cause anyone could have gotten to the playoffs with the play by Jagr and Lundqvist

  17. czechthemout!!!!! on

    my dog could have coached us to the playoffs last year .it was all lundquist and jagr ,jagr was motivated last year ,now he wants play in russia and is just punching in the time clock.

  18. I believe they finished off with 9 loses in a row last year so this years team is closing in on it. I can’t explain how frustrating it is watching this team, last year everything went right, every move made worked out this year the exact opposite. The team has been up and down all year but they’ve really been in the toilet the last two weeks starting with the game vs the Stars that Lundqvist won by himself. From the disgraceful performances vs the Leafs, and the Devs to choking away third period leads to Tampa, and Florida. I’d say nobody is blameless from the Senile bastard Sather to Renney to the top players and to the role players. Lundqvist is going through a sophmore slump that alot of top goalies have gone through the junior high level defense is not helping neither is the fact that Renney left him in to get blitzed against the Leafs. Jagr looks about as miserable as he did his last year with the Pens and his entire tenure with the Caps, he’s been a total turnover machine lately, and he looks like he has zero confidence. Prucha is another guy going through a sophmore slump it hasn’t helped that he barely get any pp time has been put on the 4th line or scratched in favor of Colton fricken Orr! Shanny is wearing down lately due to all the games where he playes 22-23 minutes a night, and his game has suffered badly. I’d say Renney’s mismanaged the younger players as Immonen had great chemistry with Cullen, and Shanny , and all of a sudden instead of being given another crack with those two he’s centering the 4th line. The third and 4th lines the lifeblood of last years team have added very little to nothing except for Betts and Hollweg.Last year the team outworked everyone this year it seems like they’re outworked on a nightly basis, and unravel at the worst times. The defenseman other than Pock, and Rozsival right now don’t have a clue. I think we could see Senile Sather making a move soon and in all reality there are few things as scary as Sather making a trade considering how they’ve worked out for the most part.

  19. czechthemout!!!!! on

    @osminator ,iknow its a little early but montoya ,and korpikoski may be added to that list soon.

  20. it was 6 in the regular season, then 4 in the playoffs so 10 in a row to end the year.

    i believe they are now 18-26-4 in their past 48 games.

    thats like near the bottom of the NHL.

  21. Look at the bright side, nobody will have to worry about a ticket price increase for next year because this team will not make the playoffs.

  22. Why didnt Nylander have a shift in the 3rd??? Is Renney trying to repremmend him for that highstick?? He is clueless

  23. czechthemout!!!!! on

    it’s hard to believe that the people who run the rangers into the ground on a yearley basis actually get paid to do what they do.

  24. Watching Top 50 MSG moments, Bob Wischusen says “The circus was in town” and I was thinking yeah the circus will be in town on Saturday. Plenty of clowns

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on

    why are seven of the 12 forwards playing every night fourth line quality ?and the 2 forwards scrached are also 4th and(orr)line calliber.

  26. czechthemout!!!!! on

    everyone is supposed to hustle not just fourth liners .if they don’t they should sit even if it’s jagr or any of the other 3 or four forwards who can score on this team.

  27. here’s a snippet from Zipay’s blog about the LAST Isles game…

    “””From Zipay’s Blog:

    “But the reassuring, public face that Renney shows probably not reflect his personal feelings. After the Islanders loss, the word is, a concerned Renney and his coaches sought out assistant GM Don Maloney and asked for reinforcements and changes and President Glen Sather walked in on the meeting and told everyone to calm down.�

    so, Stogiepuss is in no hurry. why should he be. He has no worries about losing his job from clueless Dolan.

  28. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hossa the great 2g 3a in his last 93 games . jward 10g in his last 115 gms hollweg ??????????????????????. what is a
    Colton Orr? betts 7g in his last 115gms adam ant does not hit does not score does not skate does not fight .matt cullen should be a speed skater .jed is the only one of the bunch i would keep .bring up greg moore ,korpikoski ,callahan,craig weller for toughness ,and dawes for scoring,get rid of malik kasper (out of gAS)RACHUNEK,bring up baranka,lifton and girrardi.

  29. Another loss. Another third period with no passion. Brendan Witt , who can’t get a steady job on any top team, shuts down the Great Jagr again. Tom Poti is better than 5 of our starting d men. Adam Hall, Blair Betts are on the ice in the final minute of the third. I can’t believe it. Immonen played with big heart tonight. As did Prucha and Pock.
    Rosival tried too. He’s just not good.
    The Rangers cannot complete a first pass. The Rangers cannot play north south style hockey. At the first sign of an opposing player standing in a Rangers way in center ice, the Ranger swerves to avoid the opposing player. And the opposition knows it. It’s so easy to defend the Rangers in the neutral zone. Night after night, turnover after turnover, the Rangers will not change from swerving east west neutral zone play.
    Betts played better covering the defensive slot tonight. Cullen is really a waste. He can’t hem a puck in to save his or a line-mates life. Neither can Adam Hall.
    In my opinion of course.

  30. “Brendan Witt , who can’t get a steady job on any top team, shuts down the Great Jagr again. Tom Poti is better than 5 of our starting d men.”

    it is all about the coaching

  31. czechthemout!!!!! on

    as per my previous post ,some might think that you can’t dump so many players because of the cap. the rangers can they can either try to trade them for any thing they can get or simply put them on waivers and send them down and eat their contracts they can afford it.also bring up staal as soon as his season is over ,let him learn the game here instead of rotting in hartford it seems to have helped both of his brothers starting out in the nhl right away.give him a chance to play his way off of the team instead of the other way around . maybe the should try it this for a change .

  32. Alex I agree.

    Coaching is the key to who plays against who. Nolan knows. And Nolan hasn’t been in the NHL for what 10 years? It seems he is an intelligent coach who understands his opposition and formulates a game plan that adheres to the Islanders opponents weakness.

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