Scoreless after 1


Rangers-Isles are scorelsss after one period, although the Isles have definitely gotten the better of things. Here’s why:

*1. The Rangers are lucky this isn’t a basketball game.* If turnovers were a stat here, they’d have an embarrassingly high total through 20 minutes.
*2. The Isles have outshot them.* Isles 12 shots, Rangers 8. It was worse but the Blueshirts picked it up.
*3. Jagr roughed up.* Jagr was rocked twice, once along the boards, once in his own offensive zone when he took a Brendan Witt elbow to the head.
*4. A bad period for the Captain.* Not just b/c of the hard hits. He had a couple bad turnovers and twice stayed on the ice too long to forecheck, then left the team shorthanded when he went off on the change. Each time resulted in a wide open slap shot on Henrik, who looked a little hesistant on both.
*5. That’s a penalty?* Tough charging call on Jason Ward when he got 2 minutes for running into BU’s own, Rick DiPietro. DiPietro, as is his wont, strayed from the crease and was run over. I thought Ward reached him when the punk was on his stick and it shouldn’t have been called. Luckily, noted knucklehead Chris Simon took an unsportsmanlike penalty to negate the Ward minor.

All that said, the Rangers just had a couple good chances late, one on a Nylander wrist shot that DiPietro snatched for a glove save, another on a rebound try in the final minute. DiPietro also made a sick to save after a nice move by Adam Hall.

The moral: Perhaps more good is ahead after the intermission. We’ll see.

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  1. Patrick Hoffman on

    In your opinion, how do you think Lundqvist looks? Out of those 12 shots, I would say that not many of them were quality scoring chances.

  2. Patrick Hoffman : I was just about to say that the number of shots didnt seem to match the quality of scoreing chances…nither goali was really tested…the Islanders only had 2 or 3 good chances…otherwise Lundqvist didnt even have to move really. A good first period for a road game…and for a team on a loseing streak.

  3. Patrick, Wildcard…I agree about the good hockey. I commented to the guy sitting next to me about there being ONE stoppage in the first 12 minutes. Pretty amazing.

    Also, I don’t think Henrik was tested, but he did juggle the two slappers I referenced and he did give up a rebound on a easy shot (I can’t remember who took it).

  4. blueshirts2k6 : for a tea slumping they are doing good…and they arnt that bad…its your way of looking at the team that is the reason you cant see any good even when they win 5 in a row. Your probably one who thinks the team is to old overall, even though tonight ther are only 9 players in the lineup who are over 30…and one is the backup goali, so 8 guys out palying. anyway…tommy boy : what do you want them to do?? take stupid penalties and put themselves behind the 8ball?? The Islanders only have 4 more hits, and JJ hasnt takes more than one or two big hits, otherwise he has been able to avoid the big hits. Going after guys for hits isnt going to stop them, it will only make the Rangers change their game, and if they keep playing the will score and maybe win this game…they have only had one PP chance, they didnt do much on it, but if they can get one or two more in the 3rd than they will IMHO look better, they rairly look good on their first PP chance…

  5. no clue what your saying wild anyway my post was in frustration over the Rangers not being able to do anything on the offensive end at all. Jagr looks miserable out there, and by god was the pp dreadful.

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