One more to go


The Rangers need only to get through tonight against the Lightning and then maybe they can take a couple of days over Christmas to catch their collective breath.

Again, I’m only viewing from afar these days, but one would imagine they’ll get some bodies — i.e. Michael Nylander and Henrik Lundqvist — back tonight, and then have everyone healthy in time for a third meeting with the Islanders on Tuesday (meanwhile, you know things are awry when you’re pining for Marek Malik).

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m of the belief that this particular swoon — while perhaps symptomatic of larger problems — is something the team can not only emerge from, but even learn from. But that might be the overly optimistic vacation side of me talking. And no, I haven’t started in on the egg nog yet (emphasis on “yet”).

As for the Rangers possible pursuit of Martin Rucinsky, I wish I had something to add there, but I don’t. Word is they’re also taking to Rod Gilbert about coming out of retirement to kickstart the power play.

I suppose that’d be one way to make everyone else look younger…

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  1. Ruscinsky would be astupid move. they basically would have him at a overpriced salary for 1.5 yrs. Bad idea. Jagr needs to just suck it up. 7 or so Czech’s on a team should make him feel enough like home.

    Tell Jagr how about enough on the stupid turnovers in the defensive zone or neutral zone!!!

    Pock played fine, we do not need Malik… When Ortmeyer comes back I assume Orr will visit hartford, maybe Hossa(worse hands I have ever seen joins him)… They have about 3 guys who have less offensive skill the Fedoruk and Eager on Philly, that is scary…

  2. I posted a couple of weeks ago that JD would be trying to unload his vet garbage on the Rangers. and I said at the time, please spare us another encore by Rucinsky.

    But pleasing the pouting Jagr seems to be the main mgmt. mantra.

    Future Blue is fast becoming We Were Just Kid-ding Blue.

  3. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the Grinch Who Stole Petr Prucha’s Scoring Touch will have a change of heart…

    Forget Rucinsky. Maybe Dolan could fire Renney and hire Vaclav Havel. Or, maybe, if we really want Jagr to shut up and play better, the team should hire a Russian coach…

    Egg Nog sounds like a good idea.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Brooks’ assertion about Rucinsky is almost as fantasy-bound as Dellpina’s rumors of a Leetch-comeback. He sees Jagr slipping, he knows JD is looking to unload his over-priced vets. An obvious trading partner is his former employer and voila, you’ve got the birth of a trade rumor. How rooted in fact that trade rumor is could be debated at length, but the fact that Brooks never said word one about “sources” saying anything about Marty.

    Rather, Brooks’ source mentioned Tkachuk, Guerin, Brewer and Cajanek(of which only Brewer sounds remotely interesting). And I’m sure that’s JD asking Slats, “hey buddy ol’ pal, would you pluck one of these strapping vets for a few youngsters and help me out.”

    Bottom line: they didn’t sign Marty last season for a reason, and that’s cause they certainly don’t want him for year number two, which would be assured if he was to come over. I have a better feeling this is a case of Brooks saying “dammit, it’s Christmas and I’ve got nothing to write about.”

    And if it’s not, god help this team…

  5. There are some speculation about the Rangers are interested in Daniel Sedin in exchange for Petra Prucha !

    Sam, did you hear about that as well ???

  6. hey Sam,

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Do you happen to know when Jed Ortmeyer is eligible to return from Hartford? I know he played a stint down there and then was put on a two game extension to continue playing for Hartford. He scored a goal and assist last night for Hartford including the game winning goal with under 2 minutes to go. Has he play that 2 game extension yet? Will he be back for the game against the Islanders this week?

  7. word is from dellapina that HOSSA may be sitting tonight. shocked. i wouldn’t touch a sedin those two are joined at the hip and i would not like to experiment taking one especially for prucha

  8. Inside hockey is reporting

    “The Blueshirts have given up 22 goals during their ongoing four-game losing streak, and are looking absolutely exhausted. But if there’s a silver lining in this cloud, it’s that December is a much better time to slump than April.”

    Yeah I agree when Michael Nylander, Martin Straka, Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan playing almost 22-25 minutes a game as in the past, there will not much left in the tank come April :)

  9. Russian newspaper reporting that Roman Abramovich, oil magnat from Russia want to bring back Jaromir Jagr to Russia to play for Omsk offering 53 Million Dollar for a four-year-contract !!!!!

  10. Rangers winning 7-6 in OT squandering 6-4 and 5-3 leads and Petra Prucha scoring a hattrick, playing on the topline with Jaromir Jagr adding four assists. Henrik Lundqvist injured after second period with groin problems…Fedor Tyutin, Blair Betts, Darius Kasparaitis and Aaron Ward with the other goals…Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier with two goals each for the Lightning with Tortorella again ejected from the game….

  11. Jagr has said since the lockout that he would play in Omsk again after his NHL career. Apparently, Siberia is not the last place on earth he’d want to be. Go figure.

    Meanwhile, is it possible to get only one Sedin? Why would anyone do that? Do they have no-trade clauses?

  12. Hi, we need some inside about that ! I would love a Sedin playing together with Hendrik for the Rangers….!!!

  13. maybe the Rangers can get the Sedin twins, the Lundqvist twins, and the Doublemint twins, too.(two?)

  14. Orr is not the problem, he at least as a unique role as a tough guy who takes the body which is a lot more than a lot of other softies on this team, as opposed to Betts, Ward, Hall, and Ortmeyer when he comes back, who are all essentially the same player: no offensive skill, non-physical roster filling uselessness. Hossa is another example, but he at least can kill penalties. One of Betts/Ward/Ortmeyer is fine, but they’re all the same and all useless. It’s amazing to me how Ortmeyer has been canonized as some type of savior and saint. He’s a nobody, a nothing. Isbister is another useless player. An undeveloped talent turned journeyman, who also has no ability to take the body, who just happened to score a goal by accident last game. This team is full of so much garbage filler.

    The main problem is obviously defense. I could live with all the ineffective non-factors up front (Ward, Betts, Hossa, Hall, Cullen) if the defense wasn’t so soft. It’s incredible how horrible and soft the defensive corps of this team is. Aaron Ward is complete garbage. The only thing he brings to the team is sitting on the bench annoying everyone around him, trying to sound smart and being a loudmouth. He also occasionally will score goals for opposing teams off his body or giving them the puck right in front of the Ranger net. Rachunek is beyond awful. Roszival is softer than a marshmallow. Malik is trash. I love the Euro-style softy defense of this team which consists of skating backwards, away from all physical contact, waving their sticks towards oncoming forwards like they suffer from epilepsy. Kasparaitis is a shell of his former self who doesn’t take the body anymore, which was the best part, and perhaps only part of his game. Tyutin I can live with, but this team will never go anywhere as long as its entire defense is made up of European softness. Roszival, Rachunek, Malik, and Kasparaitis will not get it done.

  15. Mike – You couldn’t be anymore wrong with your assessment of Ortmeyer. Jed probably blocked more shots than Weekes last season first of all. Second, he’s the most solid defensive forward this team has seen in the past six years or so. No, he’s not flashy. No, he’ll never score 30 goals are tally 100 points. But Orts WILL skate his heart out every shift, backcheck with impunity and take the body more than anyone presently on this squad. His ethic is second to none, which is exactly why he is and will continue to be an NHLer. Scouts wrote him off after he graduated Michigan and he did everything in his power to prove them wrong. And wrong they were. I, for one, eagerly await his return. Even if his numbers aren’t great, what he brings to the bench is worth every penny the Rangers pay him. In fact, I’ll say the absence of the HMO line this season has been one of the reasons this team isn’t nearly as good.

    As for the other three you’re bashing, there’s an ounce of truth to what you say. All three are projected to score 30 points or so, and yes, they’re pretty expendable. But I think saying they’re “the same player” is something that only a person reading a stats book would ever say. Hall is a goal scorer, Betts is a two-way special teams player and Ward is more of a skilled journeyman. As for Hossa, I won’t even get into him. That subject has been beaten to the ground.

    Lastly, as I’ve said before, this defense is crafted around the precept that there are two solid lines of back-checking forwards, which is clearly not the case on this team. With Rachuneck, Roszival, Tyutin, Ozolinsh and Pock all being offensive-minded defensemen(and Malik, Kaspar and Ward not being very quick on their skates), the forwards need to start aggresively backchecking. Otherwise this season will continue to be a rollercoaster.

  16. Too many men on the ice? Does Renney know what he’s doing??? He should be fired for that!
    jk but thats how most of the arguements for him to be fired sound like….

  17. Ugly period but thanks to Henrik’s great play in net and two bad plays by the Bolts d it’s 2-0.

  18. the secret? no Hossa. the penalty killing is better w/o him, not to mention the lines.

    let’s hope it’s a better 3rd per. than last game.

  19. Deja Vu? … this game is becoming way to much like the last game. they get the lead, then carelessly defend the net, and get goals passed their goalie. they need to do a better job tonight than they did vs. the panthers. some rangers club needs to win today, the wolfpack just lost 3-1.

  20. an old, tired team, worn out by Renney’s 25 mins per game,10 games in 17 days, it all spells 3rd period collapses.

  21. Nolans Islanders will destroy Renney for 6 losses in a row. Hopefully it will be enough to seal his coaching career.

  22. All I have to say is…

    @*)($#%&)@&*#^)&*@#)^& )(&@^) &@#$^)&) @#&)(@#^ (&)^)&(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Old tired team. Again the Islanders are much older then the rangers.

    What a terrible loss, one of many.
    Gutless punks..

    Henrik let in 2 crap goals in the 3rd period…

    3rd most penalized team in the league, that is the key stat………….

  24. The blame for this does NOT fall on Tom Renney. You can only coach and teach a team so much. This team shows zero heart and it doesn’t matter how well you coach if your team can’t execute properly.

    Absolutely disgusting loss. Renney needs to just let loose on every single player. The only players who play with any enthusiasm or care on the ice are the front line and Shanahan. Everyone else just doesn’t care and has no heart.

    Lundqvist was a joke in the 3rd period…his confidence is easily shaken and after he gave up those 2 goals, I knew we were going to lose. 2 of those goals should have been stopped without a shadow of a doubt. If Lundqvist wants to be a starting NHL goalie, he needs to block things out.

  25. Thanks for nothing Santa.
    Maybe if we’re lucky, one of us will find Renney’s head in a box under the Christmas tree Monday morning.
    Why is Isbister anywhere near the first line?

  26. this is what happens when the team is loaded with millionnair Europeans, and a bunch of stone hand 1st and 2nd round busts and of course the most clueless coach in NHL.

  27. “The blame for this does NOT fall on Tom Renney.”

    WRONG!!!! Who is responsible for PP, for line combos, for icetime? Who overplayed top players and ruined confidence of the likes of Prucha, Immonen, etc. by not giving them much icetime?

    Who has the most predicttable offense and defense?

    Scumbag Renney, that’s who.

  28. I echo everyone else. But, will someone pay for the third period meltdown? Probably not. We’ll just keep plodding the same way, probably will make a deal to get someone over 35 and continue to fancy skate and fancy stick handle instead of getting shots on goal and crashing the net. That’s what Tampa did in the 3rd, while our guys were either in the box or playing soccer with the puck at our feet in our own zone. What happened to the luster of last season. Was that just dumb luck? Sometimes a move has to be made somewhere just to shake things up. Maybe our captian should be benched for a game to send a message.

  29. This has to be more Shanny’s team than Jagr’s from now on. Even Shanny seems exhausted by the soft, pathetic play around him (not to mention 800 minutes a game).

    And the Rangers need to stop putting traffic in front of the wrong net. On D they get in Henrik’s way and just wave their sticks at the puck (if they’re still between the O and HL at all) and that’s his worst problem. On O they never get near the net. Pathetic.

    I love Prucha, but skating himself full-speed into the boards behind the other team’s net doesn’t seem smart or strategic.

    Does anyone else get a sense that coaches in NY have lost all ability to punish/discipline their players? Rangers, Giants, Knicks…

  30. Captain Stupid will never be benched.

    Last season we made the playoffs because other teams didn’t take us too seriously and many teams struggled to adapt to new rules.

  31. What is it with these soft tip passes. Pass the puck like you mean it. Move it fast and on the tape. I am tired of the European stick handling and skating. Play it like Shanahan, like we saw from Boyle and Lacavalier tonight. Fancy is for women’s ice dancing. New Yorkers want hard nosed hockey.

  32. “Who is responsible for PP, for line combos, for icetime? Who overplayed top players and ruined confidence of the likes of Prucha, Immonen, etc. by not giving them much icetime?”

    Even if some of our lines are poorly designed, it’s still not an excuse for giving up FOUR GOALS in a span of 10 minutes or whatever. Lundqvist has lost his confidence and there are maybe 3 players in total who play with any heart or care on this team. Prucha has been horrible this season, so I’m not sure why Renney would move him back to the 2nd line.

    Brendan Shanahan should have been named captain coming into this seaosn…I thought that originally and I stand by it. He’s a leader and knows what to do to shake things up in the locker room.

  33. I think they are burned out. That’s two games in a row that they hit the wall about 2-3 minutes into the third period. That is Renney’s fault.

  34. Lundqvist is not mentally tough. He is starting to give me Jim Carey vibes, except Jim was a lot younger. Blackburn was a much better goalie because he was extremely tough mentally, if only he was being played properly and had a good goalie coach…

    “Brendan Shanahan should have been named captain coming into this seaosn”

    yep, I thought so as well, but this organization never does what is right, if it means hurting feelings of some star or veteran.

    Prucha has been “horrible” because Renney set him up to be horrible, he took away his icetime, they didn’t give him a playmaking center. Right from the start when Renney was saying that he rather Prucha score 15 goals and be +15 I knew that the clown will screw Prucha every way possible.

  35. you guys are missing the point of WHY Lundy has lost confidence. and it is the Totonto game where Renney embarrassed him, and had Don Cherry ripping Renney.

    that was the last time Lundy played until tonight.

  36. Yeah, Renney called a timeout at the “too little, too late” mark of the third period. Calling a timeout when the ship has already sunk doesn’t do much to save it, though.

    I’m done with Renney, I’m done with Sather, and I’m definitely done with “Knicks also stink” Dolan.

  37. I was watchin the game and walked by dog during the 2nd intermission. When i turned the tv back on, i was thinking to myself- “I bet it’s 3-2.” sure enough, Boyle had just scored his 2nd. I immediately knew we were bound for a 4-3 loss.

    We’ve lost 4 in a row and 5 in a row. It’s time for Renney to go.

    Also, what was up with Lq? all of Boyle’s goals were just LOUSY!! Especially that last one, what the hell was that!?

    But on Boyle’s 2nd goal, the whole team was just standing around. They ARE exhausted. Who had Christmas in the “Big Four Run out of Gas” Poll?

  38. OK, let’s list the guys we need to get rid of on this team…Hall, Malik, Hossa, Kaspar, Orr…I’m not a big fan of Cullen or Ward either. We need a physical defenseman who isnt afraid to take the body and knock people out of the way. I thought that would be Ward but I was wrong, it seems like when every goal is scored he is the culprit, or Malik that is. Suddenly our defense has turned ito a bunch of Tom Poti’s on defense, trying to stick-check everything that moves. We need to trade Orr for a puck or a hockey bag. Kaspar tries, but he is not quick enough and he just is missing his checks, he is not the physical presence he once was. How many fans would reverse the Hall for Moore trade from the summer. Moore had an amazing work ethic and could chip a goal in sometimes. Hall doesn’t use his body and has no nose for the puck, maybe someone will bite for him at the deadline. Malik has been miserable and its bad when you hope his groin is still hurt so he doesnt play. Hossa has tried to fill a checking role, but we wanted more from him and his minutes can be given to Jed Ortmeyer when he returns who works harder and contributes more to the PK. Cullen seems like he tries, but if he cant put points on the board with SHanny on the wing then there is a problem. I say keep Immonen playing with SHanny and let him develop alongside Shanahan. Put Cullen as your 3rd line center and make Betts your 4th line center. I have astrange feeling that once the trade freeze lifts, the Rangers will make a trade, however I hope it is not for another aging player (i.e. – anyone on St. Louis). FInally, I agree with everyone, Shanny should have been the captain, Jagr is a big wuss, a moody wimp who cannot lead if his life depended on it.

  39. ““Brendan Shanahan should have been named captain coming into this seaosnâ€?

    yep, I thought so as well, but this organization never does what is right, if it means hurting feelings of some star or veteran.”

    Definitely not. We already had this discussion at length a couple of months ago. After last season, it would have been a crime to name anyone except for Jagr as captain. The fact that he has done a poor job is a different story. But there was NO WAY that anyone else could have been named captain entering this season.

    “you guys are missing the point of WHY Lundy has lost confidence. and it is the Totonto game where Renney embarrassed him, and had Don Cherry ripping Renney.”

    I don’t know, I think that has something to do with it, but he has had a few other lousy games this season before that one, and let’s not forget that game in itself as well. Remember the Islanders game? He’s just been very inconsistent this season. I’d say that’s the entire team’s mantra. That’s a coaching problem.

  40. Krapper-itis sucked in that game. he got beat by Boyle playing the puck instead of the body on the 1st goal, and he backs in all the time ’cause he can’t skate anymore.

  41. San Jose just scored a goal to end what was possibly the most entertaining 10 minutes of hockey I have ever seen.

  42. “OK, let’s list the guys we need to get rid of on this team…”

    I say you just lift up Shanahan and slip a new team underneath him.

  43. also when Renney talks about his decisions and says every goddamn time that it was his gut feeling, that he has to go with gut feelings, etc. it just makes me laugh. Does he think he is a Picasso among the coaches? What, other coaches have to use their brains and think of ways to get the most of their team and stop the opposition, but our “genius” only has to go with his gut feelings? Who does this bastard think he is? But of course he is BSer first and coach second. He was the only one who managed to lead Rangers to the playoffs, where other “great” coaches failed before. Those 4 glorious playoff games, that we waited 8 years to see.

  44. Jagr is not a captain material, only a moron would disagree now or before. Half the time I can’t even understand his English.

  45. After the gutless and utterly pathetic performance in the third tonight how can any of the pollyannas now say we’re too negative anymore? As Dave Maloney mentioned on the radio anythime they are faced with adversity they unravel.

  46. “OK, let’s list the guys we need to get rid of on this team…Hall, Malik, Hossa, Kaspar, Orr…”

    Betts, Isbister, Jagr, Straka, Nylander, Ward, Weekes, etc.

  47. Alex: “Who does this bastard think he is?”

    You don’t like him as a coach, that’s fine. Leave out the terms that insult him as a person.

  48. Then you are ignorant. He’s a hockey coach. You have no idea what he is like personally. None of us do. Probably not even Sam.

  49. sure I do, I heard him speak, I heard him lie and contradict himself numerous times. He disrespects the fans and thinks we are all dumb. He disrespects young players and does not treat them fairly. If he was a good person he wouldn’t be doing these things, he would resign and ask Sather to have his old position back.

  50. Once again the Rangers pry a defeat from the jaws of victory with some horrendous, just horrendous goaltending, and a complete departure from smart play.

  51. Another disaster. SAM—good time to take vacation. Maybe you can stay on vacation until golf season so you won’t have to endure this dreck for the rest of the season. Dump it on Josh (sorry Josh).

  52. I’d rather still have Cloutier instead of trading him for Pavel “fat chance” Brendl. He would still be an improvement over Weekes, at least he doesn’t have a losing record…

  53. Has Jason Ward ever throw a hit in his life? It seems like the guy is reaching on every play instead of using his body he was again reaching on Boyle’s first goal. Immo should be playing with Shanny, and Cullen, but I guess he’s more productive centering the 4th line at least according Renney.

  54. I think the team is beginning to tune out Renney. Not a good thing as good teams don’t lose 3-0 leads. Then again this isn’t a good team.

    Why play the kids the vets are doing so well.

    Looks like the pre lockout teams to me.

  55. “Has Jason Ward ever throw a hit in his life?”

    under Renney’s system his 3rd line does not need to score and does not have to play physical.

  56. This team is a total mess. There’s no upside. Renney obviously has no control, and what little input he has is terrible. Every decision he’s made has been for the worse. I’m fed up of him looking stunned and trying to pretend like that’s “stoic”. He’s an idiot. And Jagr is no captain. These guys stink.

    By the way, Lundy’s subpar performance (and Prucha’s) is not Renney’s fault, it’s his own. He has an incredibly weak mental game and is incredibly young in toughness, not just in age. Leaving him in that other game shouldn’t be such a problem — it goes beyond that. Lundy’s basically an incredibly talented softie. Not that Renney’s sweet. He’s not.

    That being said, Alex, leave the “bastard”, “jerk” crapola at the door. What are you, in high school? Renney’s a bad coach — you don’t know anything about him as a person.

    God, poor Mrs. Shanahan, the bitterness she must hear every night…

  57. To answer a much earlier statement that the game sheet does not show the Rangers called a time out, I saw that one was called after the second goal, unless the collection at the bench had to do with some on ice problem we didn’t know about. And if that was the case, then NYR still had a time out and should have used it after the third goal.

    I don’t like to quote other journalists in this blog, but if the following from Brooks today is accurate, it tells you all you need to know about our captain, our leader:

    Brooks: The question is, will the 72 hours between games help?

    “I don’t know,” Jagr said. “Maybe it will be even tougher when we get back.”

    Also from Brooks: The question is, how far can a team that has Brad Isbister on the ice with 2:08 to go in a game that’s 4-3 against, as the Blueshirts did last night, be expected to go?

    I said the same thing when I saw Izzy on the ice at the end of the game.

    What gives? I will accept the first two losses due to fatigue and flu, but they should have grabbed at least two of the last three. That is just a lack of fire and discipline and heads need to roll for it.

  58. First of all, those of you guys who are blaming Jagr are being ridiculous. Not captain material? He’s the second leading scorer in the league, and the only reason they are anywhere near competititve on a nightly basis. Has he been having a few rough weeks? Yeah, well the guy has TWO defenders draped on him at all times and nobody on his team can play defense. If he does make a single mistake, it winds up in his net. That is not a team. Players make mistakes, make bad decisions, and sometimes it’s up to the defense to – EGAD! PLAY DEFENSE. Shanny may be loud and vocal and playing very well, but you don’t just hand him the captaincyt when the team is and always has been Jagr’s. I also find it amusing how people rip into Jagr for the things he says yet Jagr speaks the truth, and frankly I’d rather hear that than a bunch of rah-rah BS. Jaromir has said from DAY ONE not to be too disappointed if this team stumbles out of the gate, has said numerous times that the Rangers “are not a good team.” To me, he can be doing one of two things – sitting there trying to be positive when in his heart he knows exactly what all of us have always known – Hank is a complete head case, the defensemen are horrible on a good night, and outside of the top 4 scorers nobody else on the team can put the puck in the ocean, and they’re horribly coached. Personally, I’d prefer Jagr speak up because it puts some pressure on management to axe Renney and find a way to introduce some younger guys into the lineup.

    I mean really, what could be lost by bring up Dawes and playing him on the second line? Did we lose last night because Izzy didn’t play well, or because Hossa was scratched? Please.

    What I would do to get this team going would be as follows:

    1. Play Lundqvist no matter what he does. Screw these head games. Hank, you’re the guy, or you’re not. Right now you need to show us you have what it takes to be an NHL goalie. Get out there and do it. I’d trade Weekes for a pick, or send him packing somehow, and bring up Montoya so that A. Lundqvist feels like he has no way out and has to play well B.If Lundy does get hurt or does ultimately need a break, we get to see what Montoya has. It’s time to stop developing the guy. At some point you throw the kid in the water to see if he swims, you hand the surgeon the scalpel and tell him to operate, and you tell the young pilot its his turn to fly the plane.

    2. Trade Rachunek or send him down. Waive Kasparaitus. These guys can’t get it done. Malik would be on my short list. My pairings would be Roszival/Malik, Pock/Baranka, and Ward/Tyutin. These would not be very good, but at least we’d be trying to develop 3 young defensemen who certainly couldn’t be any worse. If I were trying to trade for someone, a decent defenseman on a short term contract would be it.

    3. I would move Shanny to Jagr’s line so Jagr stops getting double teamed. Pure and simple, Shanny/Nylander/Jagr. Second line would be Immonen/Prucha or Dawes and Straka. I do not know if they’d be any good. But something has to give and playing Cullen on the second line and forcing him to press for offense while ignoring his defensive responsibilities has become a huge liability. Third line would be Cullen/Prucha or Dawes/Hollweg because we don’t match lines, so we don’t expect defense from our third line. Fourth line would be Ward (he wins the Ward/Hossa/Betts/Orr sweepstakes because Jagr likes him) with Ortmeyer and Callahan.

    4. If I were Renney, I would then fire myself because my team thinks I’m an idiot and listens to nothing I say.

  59. I agree with Peter except on two points. Even though the blame falls on Jagr it is not just his fault, but he is not captain material. Starting Tuesday I would take the C away from him and go with 3 A’s for the rest of the season, one being Jagr. Shanny is already the most vocal one in the locker room, he doesn’t need a C to do that, but if he returns next season he would be my captain. Instead of bringing Montoya up I would bring up Vally, at Montoya’s age you don’t want him sitting on the bench every game. Let him play in Hartford, and if he shows this season that he can play well at Hartford then you bring him up next season.
    Also I really hope they trade Weekes, but I think they can get more then a pick back for him. Rumor is Tampa is looking for a goalie, I would see what they can work out with them. But definitely bring up the kids.

  60. Hey everyone,

    In terms of Tom Renney, I don’t believe that Sather will fire him this season. I think last season’s surprising success will earn Renney this full season to stay behind the bench. If they still sucks after the season, then he will be axed. He is one of Sather’s favorite that was brought in from the beginning to deal with player personnel. However, if Renney were to get axed, who would you guys want to be th coach? I want to see who people would pick as the next Rangers coach. Earlier in the season, I would have thought of Andy Murray, maybe Ken Hitchcock, etc. However, they are already snatched up. And I don’t even want to hear anyone say Mike Keenan – that is a joke. Perhaps Jim Schoenfeld? Any other takers?

  61. As Dave Maloney mentioned on the radio anythime they are faced with adversity they unravel.

    Maloney is correct in my opinion. This type of unraveling was evident in the playoffs last year. Thats why Sather got Cullen, Ward, and Shanahan and Hall. Sather probably felt the first three listed were playoff proven and tested and would help stop the unraveling under pressure.
    I don’t think Sather beleived Lundvquist would falter to the extent that he has this season. It has caught everyone by surprise.
    This has nothing to do with Renneys in game approach. Renney has made very very bad in game adjustments. From line matching to ice time amounts per player. I feel Renney lost his players sometime in late November. Part of it has to do with his reliance on Shanahan and also the Jagr possie doing their own thing every night. It is a recipe for disaster as we can see.
    The only solution to this dilemma is to be committed to rebuilding through the draft and use your prospects whether they are ready or not.
    Losing is much more bearable to watch if it is the result of youngsters making rookie errors ( as Pock did occasionally in the third in Tampa) than having to sit and watch a bunch of retreads and second string veterans making the same rookie mistakes. The veterans are sickening to watch in these mistake prone games.

  62. Peter:

    Jagr doesn’t deserve to lose the captaincy because of anything he says. I also like his honesty, although some of what he says belies a surprising lack of determination. I think he shouldn’t be the captain because I think his action on the ice has been unforgivable. I know, I know, he’s scoring. Blah blah blah. Our problem is team defense and penalties. So when the “C” plays every play on defense as if he’s about to be sprung on offense and simply waves his stick towards defenders, that’s not good enough. When the “C” takes mindless, lazy hooking penalties, often at terrible times, that’s not good enough. The Captain should go above and beyond their talent role. They should play their heart out every game. Shanahan does that. Christ, Straka does that. Jagr does not. He fills his offense requirement, admittedly impressively, and then contributes little else.

    For me, that’s not good enough. Gresch, Kelly Kisio, Mess, those guys led with ferocity. Jagr leads with assists.

  63. Nick- Have you seen the way the MSG trustees operate??? The one reason the Rangers won last year was Jagr was amazing and Henrik was a wall. Anyone of us could winwith them playing that way. That one season is enough to keep Renney around for 2 more years the way Dolan operates business

  64. DOODY, you seem to have an annoying obsession. That of trying to censor Ranger fans when they have a right to express their frustration/outrage at the bullshit that comes from the mouths of the frauds that run this team. If their language used in that expression doesn’t meet your approval, tough shit. These words that came from your mouth in the form of an attack on a poster here is a lot worse than an attack on Renney or Sather or Dolan, people with whom we have no relationship, but who are not only, on a daily basis are making horrible decisions that effect the team we’re rooting for, but coating those decisions with disdain for us as fans.

    December 24th, 2006
    So again you know nothing. Grow up. You’re being completely immature and just further illustrating your ignorance.

    You are not the only person on this board that has an opinion, no matter how it is expressed. To paraphrase the great Eric Cartman: You have have no effing authori-tay! So STFU.

  65. “Once again the Rangers pry a defeat from the jaws of victory…”

    That’s the only statement that has allowed me to smile about last night’s loss. Thanks Inferno ;)

    Come January 1, I want to see two things with this team: First, a banishment of Isbister back to Hartford. And permenantly. His stupid clutch-and-grab penalty FOR NO REASON gave the Lighting the PP chance they needed to continue their romp in the third. He doesn’t contribute anything more than Hossa, and actually, I’d say a bit less. He certainly didn’t do squat and a line with two highly skilled forwards. Meanwhile in Albany, Petruzalek is quietly amassing points…

    Second, a major trade. It’s long past time to dump bodies, if for no other reason than to shake this team up. Excluding Lundqvist, Prucha, Tyutin and Ortmeyer, I’d like to see at least three present-day players moved. No more mister nice guy, the only thing that’s going to get these @#$%ers to play 60 minutes is if a handful of them are wearing different jerseys.

  66. TDCHI

    I agree a major trade is needed to wash out the rancour on this team. BUT the only way you are going to get the Rangers, no matter what the lineup, to play their positions properly and do it for 60 minutes or more, if ot is involved. And to take their spot on the shootout lineup without hesitation, is by getting the team motivated to win. That , I am sorry to say, depends on the phsych of the individuals on the team. If our beloved Rangers are going to fade during adversity, then it is direct reflection on the coach.
    Notice John Tortarella. Dumped his goalie after the second. No biggie. Just enough to shift his team’s focus a bit. It is a Tortarella trademark. He is consistent. The players know what it means on the Tampa team when the coach reacts.
    Not so in NY. There is no track record for Renney. He has never won anything in the NHL. That is what players look up to. If we were playing prospects 10 plus minutes a night, Renney might be ok. But with Cup guys on the first lines, he has to find a way to gain respect. So far , it’s Renney giving the respect to the Players. Not the other way around. In my opinion , of course.

  67. jesus having to watch the rangers knicks and giants daily should be considered a crime against humanity

  68. I went out last night and was glad because I had a bad feeling but with the way we have been playing I realize I am no fourtune teller. I turned the radio on at the begining of the 3rd in the car 3-0 got out to gas up 3-2 everyone knows the rest. The point I was not shocked or even mildly surprised. The difference last year was win or lose I would have been very upset to miss a sigle game. I thought it was the start of something “big”. The catch phrase last year was team chemistry, this year oh well sad what can happen in less then 1 year. Team needs HUGE shakeup & that must start with Renney.

  69. For the last couple of games they have played 2 decent periods with one killer & it is not always the 3rd. They have dug themselves some very deep holes in 1st periods or have hung on in the 1st only to implode on the 2nd. But the worst is that last year the games they lost were actually more fun to watch.

  70. The fact that Isbister was on the ice in the waning moments of both of the last games is the final sign to me that Renney cannot expand his mind beyond his own past. How is this possible? Merely because Renney knows him from the past? Ridiculous. And Renney’s reputation as a “teacher” seems like a farce at this point — even if Prucha owes his career to Renney, it seems like all the coach has done this year is teach him how to lose confidence and touch. I didn’t want to believe that Tom Renney was Tom Coughlin, but he is: all talk.

    Sadly Renney’s going nowhere and, if he did, I suspect the only person we’d see behind the bench is Slats. Which is easily the worst prospect in our whole system.

    As far as a trade is concerned, I agree it might help, but the problem is the only players we wouldn’t want to trade are the only ones another team would actually want.

  71. Sam,

    A lot of announcers on other team’s feeds speak highly of Renney, though it’s always an opinion floated on the beginning of last year. Do you get any sense from other team’s reporters or staff what the league’s real opinion of Renney is? Is he still respected or have people caught on to the fluke that was last year and gone back to remembering why he got fired in Vancouver?

  72. Isbister In The Sun on

    chardman – In the process of criticizing someone for personal attacks you personally attack him. You are precious. Anyway, you’re the only guy here who should be allowed to have an opinion.

    There’s not a whole lot to dispute at this point anyhow. Teams in shambles right now.

  73. The Coach is the Coach. Period. The coach can’t be the players pal. He has to gain the players respect. I am not a fan of the so called players coach. Bowman,Keenan,Hitchcock,Crawford, Nolan are not fun guys. They win. They are disliked by their players but they win. Then the players have to play the coaches system or they’re out of town. Thats what a coach is supposed to be in Hockey. In my opinion , of course.

  74. ISBISTER IN THE SUN: “Anyway, you’re the only guy here who should be allowed to have an opinion.”

    Thanks. About time that was recognized.

    Re: Major Trade being made…Be very afraid of a major trade. Consider who is doing the trading. As in the past it will be our yout for the other guys’ geriatrics.

  75. last year sometimes Renney benched guys when they screwed up. like Nylander being sat out when he kept taking penalties. and he learned from it.

    but, as many have said here, there is no accountability this year. Vets have been on cruise control because they know Renney will not punish them for gaffes.

    he has become too much like their friend, and less like their boss.

    the Ranger vet attitude is if we make a bad play, or take a costly stupid penalty, we go right back on the ice our next shift. what kind of message does that send?

  76. TRADES: Like I said, trade any three guys off THIS roster, excluding Prucha, Lundqvist, Tyutin, Ortmeyer –and I’ll throw in Hollweg. The rest, have at it. I’m sure guys like Betts, Hossa, J. Ward, and Hall, as well as Rachunek and Roszival would fetch some return. Malik, A. Ward, and Kasparitus would fetch draft picks at least. Straka and Nylander would definitly score a good prospect, as would JJ(but his contract will prevent him from being moved). All I know is that the comfy little space these guys seem to reside in needs to be disrupted.

  77. “That of trying to censor Ranger fans when they have a right to express their frustration/outrage at the bullshit that comes from the mouths of the frauds that run this team.”

    I had nothing against his opinion of Renney’s coaching job. I had something against what he thought of Renney as a person, because despite whatever he does with the team, his reputation as a man is totally different. And I NEVER try to censor ANYONE’s opinion about the coach or the team, even if I disagree with it. I may voice my disagreement, but I will never tell anyone not to voice the opinion, so long as it is about something HOCKEY, not something PERSONAL.

    I actually was coming to the forum tonight to say that I won’t be around for a few days so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from now. Cheers all!

  78. I think Jagr’s lazy penalties are Renney’s fault. Two reasons: Ice time and no authority.

    If you’re on the ice for 25 minutes a game, of course you’re gonna be clutching and grabbing. How does anyone expect him to move after playing entire power plays? Thats completely Renney’s fault because he controls the ice time. And don’t say that Jagr does what he wants, because thats complete horseshit, and if it were true, then that’d be Renney’s fault also because its his job to keep his players in line. If you noticed, a lot of those penalties are because he’s so frustrated and that wouldn’t happen if he didnt play almost half the game.

  79. John M : Dont overlook some guys that PLayers liked…guys liek Hartley..he won a cup in COlorado…and he was well liked by the players…also was known as a teaching coach, so its not liek Renneys style is al thet crazy. I think THIS group to win the cup would need a harder coach, but right now there are also young palyers who need a teacher of the game…and thats wer this staff comes in IMHO. I am NOT saying that Renney is the best option, but who else is tehre?? And on teh matter of the team being SOOOO vet loveing..yes the top min guys are vets…but they are also teh BEST PLAYERS ON THE TEAM…and someone said that Renney ruind Pruchas By putting him on the 2nd line game after game with him doing nothing? He shoudl ahve been benched and moved to teh 3rd/4th line ,long before he was, if a vet played like him you all would have been screaming bloody murder. Immo is doing fine…he was sent down, oh well it happens to young aplyers…Dawes isnt ready, and Callahan needed more than a 3rd/4th line role. Unles you wana bench Prucha for him…yes? no? There will be a trade soon…hopefuly not for Rucinsky UNLESS a 1st round pick coems with him and no yung prospects go the other way. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, Happy Holidays to all!

  80. I like Hartley Wildcard. He would be on my very short list. So would Mactavish.Or Messier.

    On the rookies, How do you know when they are “ready” for the NHL?

  81. wildcard as usual you’re a total and complete shill for management and Renney. Prucha Has surely been ruined by Renney by not giving him pp time as well as sitting him for Colton fricking Orr, and also giving the worthless stiff known as Hossa more ice than him.

  82. How exactly is a fan a shill for management? Do you actually think they pay ‘operatives’ to tout their causes? Does management even have a cause? That’s a thought way to nixonian for my level of paranoia. I’m even having a hard time believing the Ranger management gives as much as a rats’ a$$ what fans think, especially after watching Rangers circa 1998-2004.

  83. blueshirts2k6
    : First of all…ither cut out the silly imature crap or dont post…a shill of Managment…sure…NOT! OK…Prucha didnt shoot for what the first 10 games…he was trying to be pretty…he dosnt get top PP min on ANY TEAM! not with the forwards the Rangers have, and even when he gets PP time he dose nothing with it…Prucha is haveing a TERRIBLE season, and its not Renney…he got benched GOOD he deserved it!! others have as well, but he really wasnt palyingHIS game. Hossa…well since you cant compair the two player…why are youtrying?? Hossa was out against the other teams top lines…a defensive role…you want Prucha to be a defensive must be more ignorant that I thought…hmmm..that would explaine some things….. Orr in for Prucha…well when you dont play well enough to be in the linupe someone has to take your place…Orr was the only guy. People like you make me sick, you complain about managment and as some put it a blind faith in vets…but you want blind faith in young players…Prucha was what, picked 200 and something in the draft, last year COULD HAVE been a one time thing…he may be a 15 goal scorer and nothing more, a little guy with lots of heart, there is no gurentee he will be a 30 gaol man every year, or ever again.
    ::John M:: Callahan is probably ready for the NHL, but I think he can still elarn from the AHL…Dawes is not ready…how can you tell…when they hit the ice you can tell…yes even if its only 3 min of ice time you can tell…Dawes looked at most times like he was trying to just keep up and be in the right zone at the right time let alone try to provide offense, Callahan hit the ice and looked like he was leading his line, and he was in trhe play every shift…from his first shift, Dawes looked like he was just trying to decide if he wanted to paly hockey or just go for a skate at the pond…they looked totally difrent, thats how you can tell. Its not about how much time they are givein in the lineup on a given night, its about what they do with that time…a rook can ither do nothing and say ” IM not ready” or they can provide as much as possible for 3 or 4 min of ice time and say ” give me more” Callahan did the later, and thats why he was called back up the other day to play.

  84. Wildcard:

    That’s the biggest load of drivel I’ve heard all season.

    Prucha’s points per time on ice is just below the Big 4 – and ahead of all others on the team – but he can’t put up points if he doesn’t get the ice time. That’s how Renney is screwing him. Fourth line? That’s something that should be reserved for Renney’s boyfriend Hossa.

    Prucha scored half of his 30 goals last year on the first PP unit, playing with a center (Nylander) who can pass. Now, he’s playing with a center – Cullen – who is a terrible playmaker. How many times does he drive to the net, but gets no pass from Cullen? Too many.

    If Renney had half a clue, he’d put Straka on the 2nd PP unit with Immonen and Shanahan, move Prucha back to the first unit, and have Cullen on the point (as in Carolina). Then you’d have two scoring units and a point man who can actually shoot the puck instead of useless Roszival and Malik. Both units should get exactly half the PP time. They would be lethal.

    But this is beyond Renney’s reach.

    Dawes looked like he wasn’t ready because he knew that he was going to get only 1:30 of ice time and if he made one mistake he’d be back in the press box for the next 4 games.
    Put Jagr in that situation and he would look like he wasn’t ready either.

    This team is going nowhere this season, period. I would rather see our prospects playing, making mistakes, and being groomed for the future than a bunch of retreads making the same mistakes with no accountability.

    Otherwise, what happens next year? Oh yeah, the kids had no chance to play so they’re still rookies, we still can’t trust them, and we have to bring in more retreads to make mistakes that just maybe our kids wouldn’t be making with a year of experience under their belts.

    Another case is Renney’s handling of the goalies. He waits until Lundqvist gets red-hot, then sits him until he cools off. He continually tries to shoe-horn a career loser like Weekes into a starting role. Then when Weekes inevitably gets embarrassed, Lundqvist is cold and off his game. Totally Renney’s fault.

    If he thinks Weekes is not a backup, then make a deal and maybe he’ll return a high draft pick or somebody we can use. Valiquette should be our backup.

    You’re right, Callahan showed that he was ready. So where is he now? In Hartford, while Hossa, Ward, Betts, Hall and Isbister are giving us NOTHING but mistakes. Both Dawes and Callahan should be getting regular shifts in place of these journeymen. They couldn’t be any worse.

    Ranger management is no smarter than any of the fans, in fact just listen to them talk and you see that they are a bunch of dummies. They think anything they say should be eaten up and swallowed and no questions asked.

    From what I’ve seen, most fans are a lot smarter than they are, and personally I think the team would be better off being run by a consensus of the fans.

    We need a complete housecleaning – Dolan, Sather, Maloney and Renney are the problem here.

    It’s time for the fans to start letting them know that we know.

  85. Wild- Not sure I agree with you about Hartley being liked by his players. He is a coach like Tortorella. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of those guys, but they are “barkers”/ The players eventually tune them out and they don’t last very long, unless the coach has total support from management (which I think is the cae with those two guys right now). I think Callahan should be playing now. I think Dawes could have played a lot more while he was up, but he needs to get going in Hartford before he’s back.

    I disagree with all the Jagr bashers. People who think we’d be better off without him are crazy. He tells it like it is and is definitely not playing very well right now. People make excuses for Shanny’s lack of production lately and basically excuse him because he is North American (not a dis at Shanny, but people who are not consistent with their criticism). The “C” is overrated. Shanny is just as much a leader as he would be with the “C”. Let’s get over it already. If I keep hearing about our “Euro” soft players when 3 of our 4 best players are european, and I don’t think I’d call Straka and Jags “soft”/ Nylander isn’t that physical, but if anyone questions his importance to this team, they’re crazy. Yeah, our D is soft, but people want Kaspar out of the lineup. Somewhere I read that Shanny’s production is down because he hasn’t had a consistent center. But these same people blasted Renney for sticking with Cullen as his center for so long.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Festivus! (Or “Chrismakuh” for the guilty pleasure set).

  86. Baron hits the nail on the head on all counts great post. Wildcard as far as your god Hossa all I gotta say is he’s awful in every single part of the game. Btw Wildcard as far as you banishing posters for having a different pov how bout you run along to the Hockeybird site where you’ll fit in with the pollyannas.

  87. colorado I have no clue what the heck you were trying to say in your post besides for putting words into peoples mouths.

  88. Mark Cullen has only shown life when playing the wing, he’s been godawful at center the line had chemistry with Immo at center but Renney all of a sudden moves Immo to the 4th line.

  89. Tonight should tell us if they used the last two days to think things through. Will they come out with some jump? And sustain it for 3 full periods? The Masoleum will be about one-half Rangers fans so they will have support. What line combos will Renny put together? How will our captain rise to the occassion?

    A solid 60 minute winner tonight can turn this around.

  90. blueshirts-

    Sorry, my post was a little but scattered. I wasn’t putting words in people’s mouths, but I am guilty of forgetting which board I had read where (I was responding to something someone posted on Blueshirt Bulletin! Whoops!Blame the eggnog!). There are a lot of people who say that Jagr should be traded and I strongly disagree with that theory.

    I agree with you on Cullen, he should have kept Immon with Shanny, (although I liked Hollweg up there and for two periods he set the tone with the physical play. I don’t think he had more than two shifts in the third). My comment was more about the fact that there are a lot of people who will damn Renney if he does and Damn him if he doesn’t. He did stick with Cullen for a lot longer than people wanted and then he tried to shake things up and he get s blamed for not sticking with a line. Even though I thought that line had been clicking, Shanny’s production had been dipping. This is not a slight on Shanahan, as I think expecting him to keep his torrid pace is unrealistic, but I can’t fault Renney for trying something different. It’s not like he put Hossa, Ward, Hall or Betts up there. Hollweg made sense as it’s a way to get the kid some deserved ice time. My point was that Jagr is getting raked over the coals for not playing well, but he still scored during the 5 game losing streak. Shanny did not.

  91. Is this where I write my jokes? The mentality on these posts is downright hysterical!!!!

    Jagrs’ bad penalties are Renneys fault!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Blushirts2k wrote:Mark Cullen?? Who is HE?? LOL,,,at least those Hockeybirders know the names of the guys on the team!!HAHAHA…Maybe Santa should have brought you a team roster for Christmas…or maybe a clue..!! HAHAAHA Funniest poster of the year..!!!!

  92. R4B –

    It doesn’t take much to get you hysterical… a simple misspelling of a name is the funniest post of the year?

    It’s the content that counts, and Blueshirt’s posts are right on the money. Can’t say the same for yours. Yours are the funny ones.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

  93. p4b must be a freudian slip by me because Matt has played alot like his Ahl lifer brother. As far as it being the funniest thing ever hey when you’re mind is in altered state like yours is everything’s funny.

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