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With the Rangers slogging their way through a three-game losing streak, it’s open for interpretation whether they should be commended for allowing for opportunities within their own system; or chastised for tapping the shoulder of another NHL retread. But the plan after practice today was to send Ryan Callahan back to Hartford and to call up the 29-year-old Brad Isbister for tomorrow’s game in Florida.

In eight games with the Wolf Pack since being acquired from the Carolina Hurricanes last month, the left wing has a single goal and is minus-1 — not exactly the numbers that scream “I belong in the NHL.”

But apparently the Rangers have seen something in Isbister that merits another shot (I can’t say I’ve seen him thus far, so I encourage those readers who have seen Isbister play in Hartford this year to chime in).

“They’ve seen a big strong man that has shot the puck extremely well, that has competed and has the nose for the net. And he has the experience naturally to help him apply himself to what we need right now,” Tom Renney said. “I had Brad in the World Championships and he played really, really well. Since then his game’s been up and down due to injuries or whatever, so we’re hoping that there’s something there that he can add to the lineup. Shoney (Hartford coach and GM Jim Schoenfeld) has said he’s played extremely well.”

If you’re feeling skeptical, I can’t say I blame you. But at this point, it looks like they’re searching for anything that can click.

Meanwhile, a few thoughts:

  • On the injury/illness front: Matt Cullen (sprained knee) was back in practice today and is expected to play tomorrow against the Panthers. Marek Malik (strained groin) is out, but is a possibility for Saturday. And while Michael Nylander won’t make the trip with the team today because of appointments with doctors, there’s a chance he’ll fly in tomorrow.
  • It’s hard to make sense of “last night against the Islanders”:http://lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061220/SPORTS01/612200375/1034/SPORTS, other than the obvious theme of the Rangers taking far too many stupid penalties. The fact that the two biggest offenders were also their two best players only complicates matters. With Brendan Shanahan, I’ll allow that it was the rare loss of his composure. But Jaromir Jagr’s lack of judgment is beginning to cost the team on a regular basis.
  • I forgot to mention an amusing scene yesterday at the Training Center, with flyers sitting at each player’s locker reminding them of a mandatory reception with sponsors after last night’s game. Also included was notice of a sale on Rangers merchandise available to players at a 30 percent discount. “Maybe you can get that Jagr jersey you’ve always wanted,” I said to the Rangers captain.
  • Shanahan skated today and managed to shave for the occasion. But not so for last night, when he and Jagr were honored at a pre-game ceremony for their 600th goals. The whole affair was a surprise to the players, even though Shanahan’s wife, Catherine, knew all along. But the only time she allowed even the slightest hint was when she asked Brendan if he was going to shave before the game. “I should have known then,” the player said.

    OK, more later…

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    1. Sign me up for the WTF is this team thinking/they screw the youth bus. If there’s one guy in this organization that doesn’t deserve to skate even with Hartford, it’s Isbister. Don’t like him, didn’t like the trade and now I’m liking it even less…YORK TRADE: I’m baffled the Rangers didn’t throw their names in the hat for that one. I suppose the Isles are more comfortable dealing with a diminunative Flyers squad…Robitaille and a 5th rounder? Unbelievable. York is worth so much more.

    2. “your joking right”

      LOL. My reaction was pretty similar, except it sounded more like, “WHAT THE F—?”

    3. What in the hell does a player have to do to earn time on the big club?

      Obviously the answer is to be older than Callahan is. He was great in the time he got.

      This is f-ing retarded. Never in my life did I think I’d see this BS happen.

    4. um maybe callahan would be better served keeping his goal streak alive than hustling for 4 minutes on FLA

    5. Is it only me or we are getting bigger but slower??? :(( I think we are slow enough as it is. If we had more fast skaters like Straka we should have been able to break through the neutral zone trap and tie the game last night (like he did on JJ’s 3rd goal). This sucks!

    6. is it me or is half of our forward lineup made up of ahl players

      j ward
      orty (god love him but he is what he is)

    7. kovy27 you mus not get it…EVERY TEAM has palyers like that…they are a VERY important part of the team…not everyone gets points…what is ORTs?? one of the BEST shot blockers in the NHL thats what he is. I think Callahan was snet back down to keep his great play going…he is still young, and an AHL rookie…no reason to keep him up if he can go get top line min. but Idont like whop was called up.

    8. wildcard i realize everyteam has players like this but give me one team that has 8 ahl players like thisin the lineup other than us. i realize not everyone has to get ALOT of points but they do have to get points. and don’t start with well they are defensive guys. take a look at the GA this season this team is a SIEVE and spare me your lectures on “you must not know hockey then” i’ve played at every level outside of junior A and pro’s so before you go into “talk down mode” which seems to happen alot on this forum, check yourself. this organization is a joke and i don’t mean to sound pissy with anyone but i’ve just about had it. we have been lied to by this organization countless times.


    10. Whatta shock wildcard spinning this stupid move. Kovy imo Orty, and Hollweg are effective Nhl players who play their collective hearts out, I’ve got no issue with the rest of your list. Wow Isbister played for Renney in Juniors that explains it all.

    11. Having seen him play a couple games, I would say Isbister has been “meh” in Hartford. Nothing to write home about. He had the game-winner in the shootout on Saturday night, though (It was a 0-0 tie when they went to the shootout).

      I tend to look at this more as the Rangers are looking for temporary help and not permanent help. So Callahan is most likely going back to Hartford either way. And he’s not getting a ton of playing time (he was among the lowest in ice time last night). I’d rather see him go back to Hartford and play their games this weekend (Friday and Saturday) and get a lot of ice time.

    12. Doodie Machetto on

      “Sign me up for the WTF is this team thinking/they screw the youth bus. ”

      Sign me up too. This move is crazy. Isbister for Orr? Yeah, I’d take that. Isbister for Callahan? Un-fricken-believable. Time for me to eat that humble pie, but Renney definitely has his boys and is loyal to them to a fault. It’s time for him to go.

      We can only hope against hope that Isbister miraculously returns to the form of his islander days where he averaged slightly more than a point every other game (quadroupling the production of most of our bottom guys), as well as a guy who isn’t afraid to drop the gloves and can actually win a fight once theyre down.

      Of course, we all know that won’t happen. Time for Renney to go. GMs can evaluate talent and pick up prospects or deal them away as they want, but when it comes to guy who are brought in to play for the big club, that is the coach telling the GM to get it done, not the other way around.

      I’ve got a good question: Who should replace him?

    13. Circling the bowl, the Rangers season is…

      And if these are the kind of moves we can expect, that flushing sound can’t come fast enough.

    14. hitch would have been perfect but he’s out.

      quinn is out there as is keenan(yikes) but then you have to worry about jagr being happy and he loves renney basically because renney lets him do whatever he wants.

    15. Doodie Machetto on

      The isles wouldn’t have dealt York to any team in the Atlantic other than the Flyers because the other teams are threats. One player won’t let the Flyers compete for a playoff spot so it was a risk free move to send him there. Imagine if they sent him to the Rangers and he scored 30 goals and the Isles miss the playoffs by a few points that the Rangers had over them.

      Want an example of an intraconference trade coming to bite you in the butt? Every time San Jose plays Calgary, they have to score against the reigning Vezina winner, and ex San Jose benchwarmer, Miika Kiprusoff.

    16. sam can you maybe throw out this tid bit to renney in your words of course

      Tom, the fans are wondering why you completely have abandoned the idea of rebuilding this organization with moves like benching petr prucha, not giving any of the hartford kids a chance and calling up ahl journeymen like brad isbister instead of talented prospects?

    17. Isbister should be brought up. He should have never started down to being with. What do you think they traded a pick for a guy to stay down in the AHL. Wake up. You don’t judge him on his numbers down there. He gives them some size and is an NHL player.

    18. Doodie welcome to the Renney haters club, your sports coat and coffee mug is being shipped out today.

    19. lmao joe he’s proven over the last few years that he’s not close to being an Nhl player.

    20. agree that the NYI wouldn’t trade York to the NYR’s. But maybe Philly will ;-). I’ve got a suggestion for our Genius GM: JWard/Hossa/Betts for Yorkie. Clears out the roster *and* gets a solid 2-way center in return.

      I’m beyond belief with the Isbister thing. Renney is delusional.

    21. Doodie Machetto on

      The same rationale applies to the Zhitnik trade. Actually, one other thing was behind both that is making Garth Snow actually look mildly competent in the wake of the DiPi deal.

      The Isles had a lot of capspace tied up those two guys who were both pretty much deadweight as far as this season is concerned. They saw the Flyers were done for the season, decimated by injuries, and struggling to put ANY team together, making them more than happy to eat up those numbers on the hope they might iwn a few, especially at home. The Isles now have a ton of cap space to make deals at the deadline, as well as have the ability to bring up minor leaguers, like Campoli, who played in Zhitnik’s spot last night. But still, he signed DiPietro to a 15 year contract, so… idiot.

    22. As for Renney replacements, the only logical thing would be to try to convince Schoenfeld to do it. I know he declined the job once but he’s the best candidate that I can think of. No way should they consider Keenan or Quinn. Other than that, Murray would have been a decent choice IMO, but JD grabbed him.

    23. Doodie Machetto on

      I don’t want Schoenfeld doing it either, I’m not a fan of coaching call ups from the farm.

    24. Ladies relax. Isbister will probably play instead of that star Orr.He is a much more skilled player then Orr and fighting is overrated nowadays. Cullen is back so O’callahan was not needed. Did O’callahan look decent, Yes. But lets be realistic he is 21 and the time with Hartford playing a ton will not hurt.

      Pock played fine last night a little weak in his own zone but appears skilled. Again I do not like what I see from Kadspar, the Rangers will be fine..

      Weekes is avg. Henrik is a difference maker and can steal games that is the difference. Weekes is good for about 3 goals a game given up best case scenario.

    25. So the isles trade there cap dead weight and the Rangers play and call up there cap dead weight. Makes perfect sense Sather is a genius.

    26. Doodie Machetto on

      tsalad: that’s not sather’s call, its Renney’s. Gm’s do prospects on their own. When it comes to the actual roster, GMs basically do what the coaches ask.

    27. This makes sense *only* if Isbister’s coming up to play in place of Orr. Given the fact that Cullen will be back on Thursday, and that Orr was benched for the second half of last night’s game, it would appear that’s the case. I’d rather see Callahan stay hot in the AHL than rot on the 4th line here. As for Orr, any move that gets him out of the line up is fine by me. Why they’re so concerned about losing him on waivers is beyond me. He offers nothing.

    28. Well alot of people have been calling Orr useless, and alot of people have said this team does not stick up for each other maybe just maybe this is a move to replace Orr and find someone who is gonna REALLY take care of our boys. I got one eye open, one eye closed lets see after one game.

    29. Doodie Machetto on

      Laurie: agreed with you on Orr and Isbister replacing him. I said when they first acquired him that if they wanted a guy like Orr in the lineup, I would rather have Isbister than Orr.

    30. Ah…………………………………………………….Renney sucks:

      “Since then his game’s been up and down due to injuries or whatever, so we’re hoping that there’s something there that he can add to the lineup.”

      Uh, Tom, that “whatever” is “lack of talent, plus age, plus sucking, plus being an Islander.”
      Hope on.

      Schoenfeld would be better.

      Either way, Jagr has got to become more disciplined and more responsible.

    31. the scary part is that isbister is a left wing and i don’t think he’s replacing orr at all, i’ll bet you anything you want that he replaces prucha on thursday and if he does i turn the television off.

    32. Word on the street is that, according to Slats, the Rangers have made a big-money offer to “a brilliant, promising up-and-comer who could turn out to be a real fan favorite”:

      Denis Potvin.

    33. Isbister is 29 not 40.

      also the supposed great Islander moves, they have almost no youth on there team.. The Rangers are younger then them…

      Also Bozo gave the Rangers over $1 mill in cap space. If Isbister stinks he will be gone in a few games there is no downside, he is a better player then Orr….

      The Dipietro move will turn out to be a terrible move without a doubt a multi multi yr deal!!! Henrik is better the Dipietro today..

    34. i heard that messier thought he looked so good between shanny and jagr that he’s already resigned with the club an will be centering our new first line, o yah nylander and straka um thanks for your services but mess is back!!

    35. doodie

      Whoever makes the moves both Sather and Renney stink. Isbister. I have seen this move in all the years the club didn’t make the playoffs.

    36. There seems to be a patern Renney brings up players that played for him sometime, somewhere and he thought played good…. A.k.a. Betts, J.Ward, Isbister… what he does not get is if they were good back then it does not mean they will be as good now. On Joe’s comment about adding size – Hall added size to us, well what else???? He does play better lately but the upseting part is that there is no flexibility with this team and no scoring from our lower lines. Last we needed a goal so badly and no one steped up. On opposite in the other teams it always happens.

    37. The Rangers are a mess.
      1. We don’t play kids.
      2. We do not discipline for a parade of bad penalties.
      3. We overplay Shanny and Jagr.
      4. We overpay retreads that no one wants (Malik, Rachunek, Ozo)
      5. We have a whole bunch of AHL low level players (orr, hossa, betts, ward, ortmeyer, and so on)
      6. We are not rebuilding, we are “putting on a show”
      7. Our new-age guru coach likes bike rides and handholding for guys who should be skating laps until they collapse.

      It is just awful. It is so hard to watch. Malik moves like a giant arthritic monkey, who is slow, ponderous, and clueless.

      Who to replace Renney with? A monkey with a dartboard to pick line ups would do better. It doesn’t matter.

      We trade away a kid for isbister?? We gave HOW MUCH money to malik and rachunek?

      No wonder kids want out of hartford. If I were a parent of a kid being drafted, I would REFUSE to sign with the Rangers and start a Lindros like stink.

      Sell the club to someone who KNOWS the game and loves hockey. Get rid of Dolan, ego driven Sather (the 80’s are over, and the Oilers are all retired) and this silly man, Renney.

      Man, am I venting today! Reading about Callahan sent me over the top. Quick, get me some meds!

    38. Just be a little more patient, fellas. Sather & Renney know what to do better than most of us. I don’t say that I like Renney as a coach but please – show some support! Do you think it’s going to help when you abuse the team? I don’t think so. I really like our third line (Betts/Hossa/Ward) but I think they have the worst +/- Why don’t throw Hall (who is better player than any from above) there? Fourth line is a mess and we all know that – Hollweg was just terrible in last few games, Orr… no comments, Prucha doesn’t fit there… but Isbister is a perfect player for any checking line. He’s got size, shot and he’s aggressive. Let’s give him a shot. Callahan like most of our young players is just not ready for NHL yet, Immonen too – he looks little bit lost in the game all the time.
      And please God – heal Lundqvist…

    39. laughable. and to see some pollys jumping on the bandwagon. and of course the usual suspects still shilling.

      Renney said, “I had Brad in the World Championships and he played really, really well. Since then his game’s been up and down due to injuries or whatever, so we’re hoping that there’s something there that he can add to the lineup.”

      So, he is going on how he played years ago, plus he’s HOPING that there’s something there.

      that’s what we’ve been saying about Ranger mgmt.

      meanwhile, the kids go back to Hartford and “develop”, sort of like hardening of the arteries develops.

    40. The Plus
      Jagr scored two goals. Ozo is gone, Pock played solid, Immonen was solid (again) – Callahan showed he can hack it. These are good things that took place last night on an ill team with non-standard lines. And the result was a 4-3 loss.

      The Minus
      Jagr gave up two goals – one on a giveaway and one on a very stupid penalty. I don’t care who you are! That is the reason this team lost last night – stupidity. Jagr’s stupidity. He is not alone – there were other “lazy” penalties that gave this game away (Kasper, hooking- twice; Orr, not lazy but still stupid – Roughing; even Shanahan though both players should have gone on that one).

      Summary – Even with a patched up lineup and ill players, last nights game should be a win. But only if the stupidity stops. At even strength the Islanders were no match for the Rangers last night.

      It is losses last night that put pressure on Renney to appease Sather and make moves like he did today. Moves that he probably knows are not long term solutions. Maybe they (Sather and Renney) differ on this whole rebuilding theory that we have been sold. Maybe it is more Renney than Sather – Sather wants the cup and he wants it now. So Renney does what he can to satisfy two ends while committed entirely to neither.

      Illness and Injury are part of every NHL season and team. These are times to be MORE disciplined as players – not less, captain Jagr.

    41. “””””””””Just be a little more patient, fellas. Sather & Renney know what to do better than most of us. I don’t say that I like Renney as a coach but please – show some support! Do you think it’s going to help when you abuse the team? I don’t think so. “”””””””””

      LMAO ! some of the funniest stuff that could be written. and the sad thing about it is, HE’S SERIOUS !

      don’t spill the kool-aid, w.c. might want a sip.

    42. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      I’m so confused right now. This team needs the play of some inspired youth…and I thought Immonen and Callahan were really good last night. You expect solid performances from Hollwegg and Prucha. But when you see Callahan and Immo step up in a big way I was very very happy.

      …and then the Rangers do everything in their power to increase the average age of this hockey club with this bonehead move.

      Is Renney afraid of working with a rookie? Isn’t that how he made it into the NHL – by working with young players??

      …I’m just so confused with this move right now.

    43. pollys say Renney is a “teaching coach”. yeah, he teaches the kids to go to the back of the bus.

      I guess the fans the other night were chanting “We want Isbister, we want Isbister”

      Isbister is simply Adam Hall with a hard-to-pronounce name.

    44. Hey 4Rangers, do you really think that you know what is going in Rangers locker room? Or you know hockey better than Renney & Sather?

    45. Over the holiday weekend, they need to rethink the roster.

      Move out Orr once Ortmeyer is ready at full strength — he and Hollweg can handle the banging. With the league as it is now, you don’t need so many bangers as you used to but you need the defense, speed, puck movement. Orr just can’t keep up.

      Find any way to get Prcha clicking and incorporate Callahan and some of the other youngsters. Maybe a third line of youngsters and move Prcha higher.

      Maybe it is time to dangle Weekes and bring up Valiquette, who has been playing well in Hartford. Let Montoya get the experience in AHL. Maybe we can get something for Weekes.

      They waited one game too long for Isbister. If there was any game he would have been fired up to play it was the one last night.

    46. apparently EVERYBODY knows hockey better than you, Renney jr.

      stf says…

      “”””””””””””””I really like our third line (Betts/Hossa/Ward) but I think they have the worst +/- Why don’t throw Hall (who is better player than any from above) there? Fourth line is a mess and we all know that – Hollweg was just terrible in last few games, Orr… no comments, Prucha doesn’t fit there… but Isbister is a perfect player for any checking line. He’s got size, shot and he’s aggressive. Let’s give him a shot. Callahan like most of our young players is just not ready for NHL yet, Immonen too – he looks little bit lost “””””””””””

      which color do Sather and Renney prefer their shoes, huh?

    47. this roster freeze is for one thing, and the holiday weekend gives them more time to do that one thing….figure out how we’re gonna get one or two of the dime-a-dozen AHL checking forwards we have on this team OFF OF IT!!!


    48. HEY SAM,

      The objectivity and innocence with which you approached this job at the beginning was appreciate by all here. But it’s wearing a bit thin on me at this point.

      You’re starting to pick up on the BS that Renney spews as just that. In fact, you hit the nail on the head here “In eight games with the Wolf Pack since being acquired from the Carolina Hurricanes last month, the left wing has a single goal and is minus-1—not exactly the numbers that scream “I belong in the NHL.â€?”

      Now, why don’t you ask Tom what the fuck he’s thinking with a move like this. Callahan, 19 goals in 25 games. isbister 1 in 8.

      Outfuckingrageous. This shit never ends. Sather and Renney are driving me nuts. Call them out on this crap, for christ’s sake.

      And althought it’s almost over, have a happy chanukah. La Chiam.

    49. At first, I thought the arguing was annoying. But it’s actually hilarious. I look forward to reading what the pro-renney’s and anti-renney’s have to say. And most of the time, the anti-renney’s have more points. Silly move bringing Isbister up. There’s no way bringing him up can help this team at all. The only thing that will help is getting rid of Orr, Malik, and probably Hossa and bring up some youngens.

    50. Is anybody REALLY surprised that the Rangers brought up Isbister and sent Callahan back to Hartford? I’m not, I’m just surprised that they didn’t call him up for last nights game. Just pray that Orr gets sent to pallookaville when Ortmeyer comes back.

    51. I thought Christmas was supposed to be a joyous time of the year– why do the rangers always find ways to ruin things for me.

      Callahan played well (yes, needs to bulk up a bit) but what kind of message are we sending here? hey kids– play well for one game, but we are still sending you down in favor of vets who can NOT perform at the AHL level?!?! are you kidding me?

    52. BREAKING NEWS——-Pens may have to move. gaming License not given to co. that would pay for new arena. Bettman says the word “re-location” is possible.

    53. It’s amazing, Sather just can’t get the idea that in the new hockey era you’re not going to win by using past there prime veteran players. The only way the young players are going to adapt and learn the nhl game is to play in the nhl. I rather see the kids play now. Lets face it, the rangers are not going far in the playoffs with this team so what’s the difference. The new nhl is based on skills and speed. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve noticed that the rangers are a slow team, this is why they take penalties.

    54. Now about Renney have any of you guys seen Rangers after they call a timeout??? And Renney comes up with some kind of smart play and talks to his players waving his little board??? I have noticed that since last seaseon Renney calls a timeout talks to Rangers, they come out and do not score….Makes you think isn’t it?

    55. Doodie Machetto on

      OK, no more hypotheticals of whta we want done with the team because we all know that those things won’t happen- like getting rid of Malik or Ward. Let’s just figure out how we can get some kids into the lineup in a way that won’t remove Renney’s favorites.

      Hollweg-Betts-Hall/Isbister/Hossa (Ortmeyer when healthy)

      the Cullen-Prucha situation depends a lot on whether Cullen can learn to play some defense when he’s at center. If yes, put him on the 3rd line center and slide Prucha up to the Second line. Let Ward and Cullen handle most of the defensive responsibility of the third line and Callahan can provide some offensive spark. Hollweg, Betts and Ortmeyer would make a good energy line, but In the meantime, any of those other guys, it doesn’t matter which, would be fine. Unfortunately, we all know it’ll look more like this:

      Prucha(Hall)-Hollweg-hall/Orr/Isbister (Ortmeyer when healthy)

      Realistically on defense, we know Renney won’t change what he has done all season. But this is what I would like to see from guys the team would actually consider using:(although we know there won’t be any changes to the usual guys):


      Roszival is definitely our best defenseman. Rachunek is arguably one of our worst- defensively. However, I like the way Rachunek has played offensively the past few games, especially on the PP. Putting him on the top line would decrease the amount of Pressure he would face in his own zone and lead to less bad turnovers that lead to goals (We’ve seen how the top line can just cycle in the other team’s zone it’s entire shift). I’d Really like to Bench Malik in favor of Kaspar but Malik is a golden boy that won’t be moved. So I put him with Tyutin because Toots hasn’t been turning the puck over that much and is physical (both the opposite of Malik) and Malik can just stay back if Tyutin wants to join the rush. Early this season Ward was our best defenseman but he’s been pretty bad over the last 10 games or so. Allowing him to just focus on the defensive side of the game by putting Pock out there with him would help him tremendously.

      Kaspar is the odd man out because he has taken so many penalties since he was recalled. I’d really rather see Baranka instead of him OR Malik, but we know that’s not happening.

      Sorry if none of that made sense.

    56. Blueshirts fan on

      We saw Bobby Sanguinetti last night and that interview is longer than we will ever see him in a single game

    57. Doodie Machetto on

      4Rangers- I did see that news report. The only thing is the NHL scared away Ballsilli and now there are no takers on the team. I figure the NHL will assume control of it and move it to Canada, or possibly Kansas City.

    58. Doodie Machetto on

      If Pittsburgh goes to the Western Conference, I figure that either Columbus or Nashville is headed this way. If Columbus switches, it would join the Atlantic Division. If Nashville switches, it would join the Southeast and the Caps would come up to the Atlantic.

      another possible NHL city: Seattle. (Have Seattle join the northwest, Colorado or Minnesota goes to the Central, and then Nashville or Columbus can come east)

    59. Sanguinetti will be another bust like Jessiman(you just don’t draft players just because they claim they are fans of your team or from NY area), he will probably be a Burke Henry clone.

    60. there is a new possible buyer, a brewery owner who wants to keep the team in Pitt.

      from TSN…

      The Penguins ownership group, headed by Hall of Fame player Mario Lemieux, was discouraged by the outcome and said the franchise would begin weighing all options – including possible sale to owners who would move the two-time Stanley Cup champions.

      ‘The decision by the gaming commission was terrible news for the Penguins, their fans and the NHL,” Bettman said in a statement. ”The future of this franchise in Pittsburgh is uncertain and the Penguins now will have to explore all other options, including possible relocation. The NHL will support the Penguins in their endeavours.”

      Toronto brewery owner Frank D’Angelo, meanwhile, officially declared his interest in the Penguins on Monday. And he said he’s willing to build and pay for his own arena in Pittsburgh and commit to keeping the team there.

      D’Angelo, whose bid for a CFL franchise in Ottawa was recently turned down, says he and billionaire partner Barry Sherman are teaming up to make an offer.

      Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a Pittsburgh native, is also believed to have contacted the league although it’s not clear how serious he is about making a bid.

    61. Hate to break it to you, Rich, but Orr’s already in palookaville, and now joining him is Isbister.

      What does it say that this is a move that clearly has pushed a ton of the “pro-Renney” people over to the Jedi side of the force? Could the overall reponse from this board and others like it be any more negative?

    62. Sanguinetti is just 18. He got suspended a month back for breaking curfew. So did Dubinsky last year in Portland, He has some growing up to do, but its just a bit early to write him off yet.

    63. Doodie Machetto on

      Well, Sanguinetti has significantly better numbers than Staal, so I’m not writing him off. I just heard he had some issues with his attitude.

      4Rangers- there used to be another group that was interested before the Ballsilli deal went through- and they were turned down. If the Toronto Brewery guy buys them, they’re moving to Hamliton, no question. I would LOVE to see Mark Cuban own the Pens and start a blog about how much he hates Gary Bettman.

      I met Gary Bettman once, he’s so TINY. He also lied to me, square in the eyes.

    64. doodie

      Sanguinetti is all offense and Staal is a much more rounded player so the points are always going to be with Sanguinetti over Staal. In the total game Staal really doesn’t have an equal in juniors.

    65. you’re dead wrong, doodie. the league wants the Pens to stay in Pitt. that is why Balsillie backed out. because he said the NHL wanted assurances that he would NOT move the team. of course they want a new arena there, that is paramount. but the team will NOT be going to Hamilton. the Buffalo Sabres would scream bloody murder at that, not to mention the Leafs.

      If the team has to move it will likely be Kansas City, where a new arena is ready, and they want a team. Of course, the Kansas City Scouts failed there years ago and eventually became the NJ Devils, after a stop in Colo.

    66. from TSN…

      “””””””””””””Sources say the NHL introduced a lengthy list of terms and conditions on the closing day that Balsillie would have to agree to if he were going to be approved as the new owner of the team. The sources added that those conditions included keeping the franchise in Pittsburgh under any circumstances and also provided for a scenario where the league could take control the franchise if it deemed it necessary.

      In any case, it seems clear Balsillie was not prepared to meet those terms and conditions. He and the league apparently have been negotiating for the past week trying to find some common ground that would permit the transaction to take place, but sources say Balsillie grew weary of the process and served notice to the league he was terminating his offer to purchase.

      Sources suggest the door isn’t closed to Balsillie resurrecting his interest but only if the conditions of ownership are amenable to him. The NHL, though, appears intent on getting some firm commitment that the Penguins will not be leaving Pittsburgh.”””””””””””””

    67. the hell with pittsburgh we’ve got our own problems like how do you make 8 echlers dressed as rangers disappear right before christmas without their families noticing

    68. Blueshirts fan on

      I am waiting for the part that says “April Fools” but i know thats not true because its December

    69. we already got our answer from Sather-Renney. by bringing up Isbister today, they said in effect, (screw you, fans)(a lump of coal to you, fans) because Rangerland will continue to operate in business-as-usual mode.

    70. Blueshirts fan: Why do you say that about a kid still in Juniors…also Kasper vs. Ozo, I take Kasper every time…he may not have any offense…but he is if not better the same defensivly, but he has alot more snarl, at least he hits guys, and tries hard, Ozo looked at time to try to avoid contact, early on he didnt, but as least Kasper worked to get into shape and playes with an edge…I like Kasper…if he can be traded for anything of value than yeah, do that, but if not, use him in some games, than sit him for time, there will always be injuries, and he is a good fill in at this part of his career..IMHO

    71. Blueshirts fan on

      You ask why I say that about a kid in juniors???
      Thats because our coach does not trust young players.
      And How come Kasparaitis is suddenly good enough to play??
      im a little confused here, after all this guy sat out for 2 months.There is more proof Renney doesnt trust young players. Kaspar over Pock?? Dawes sent down after about 2 minutes of ice time a game??? Callahan had more shots than Betts,Orr,Hollweg and Hossa commbine in 5 minutes and you send him down??? Is this a joke? You really think that kid is gonna be able to develop in the NHL with this guy as our coach? No

    72. Doodie Machetto on

      tsalad: thanks for the info on sanguinetti and staal. I don’t follow the juniors as closely as I should.

      4Rangers: yes, the nhl wants to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh, but without an Arena, that’s not gonna happen.

      Hamilton was where Ballsillie would’ve moved the team had he gained ownership. So I withdraw it as an option.

      The Scouts failed in the mid 70’s when no one really cared about hockey(not that it’s very popular now, but more so than it was then). They also failed in Colorado as the Rockies, but look at how well the Avs have done there (with the exception of this season).

      I still think Seattle is another viable option.

      Another city I’ve heard mentioned: Las Vegas.

    73. I agree Kaspar’s play hasn’t been great (maybe not even good), but I do think he adds a nastiness and a spirit to the team that is sorely lacking. Personally, I think that’s an important value, especially on a team as soft as this one. I like him in the line-up; I’d rather lose Malik or Rachunek any day.

    74. TSN showing Det. game. During intermission they ripped Renney twice more. Once for leaving Lundy in the game in Tor., and second for taking the side of refs over players concerning chirping after calls.

      Renney says they should just shut up and go to the box. he says “the refs are not manufacturing calls”. Oh really? there have been a lot of phantom calls.

      the guys on TSN said that the Renney will just be tuned out by even more players than he already is by saying that.

    75. 4Rangers-
      In fairness to the officials these calls have been soft but they go both ways

      Colton Orr NEEDS to go! He cant even fight anymore. Hes a waste

    76. I almost want this team to be bad so they are forced to develop the young talent from Hartford. I love Shanahan and Jagr, but it would almost be worthit to trade Brendan before the deadline and possibly shop Jagr around after this season. Lets face it, Jagr and Shanahan are awesome players but chances of them binging home the up are not too good considering we have 8 players that do the exact same thing which is skate around and never score. It is very hard to win with just 2 scorers. If they have any chance they need the Defense to step up, they need to get Pock in there on a every game basis and they need Prucha and cullen to step up big time. Straka and Nylander have been awesome but it is likely they will continue at this pace. One more thing for the 07-08 season everyone is getting a flu shot!!!

    77. People, its a stomach virus. It is very common for viruses to be referred to as “flu” simply because The Flu (The Influenza Virus, which is the only virus you are vaccinated against when you get a flu shot, and causes severe headaches, high fevers, severe muscle aches but generally NOT stomach symptoms) is a virus.ut there are billions of viruses out there, like the ones that cause a cols, or the ones that cause herpes or HIV, or ones that infect the stomach. While the latter illnesses are commonly referred to as the “stomach flu”, they are not caused by thye influenza virus. Therefore a flu shot would have prevented nothing. Rather than referring to it as “flu” perhaps reporters or people on this site should refer to it as a stomach virus so the distinction is clear.

    78. What a bunch of complainers and cry babies

      I know its not by much but arent we still in 3rd place in

      the confrence ?

      Not bad ….sorry but we arent Buffalo this year….

      When we start getting better overall Team D

      this team will be in alot better position..

    79. I may have to boycott watching the Rangers until Renney is replaced as coach. It is unexplainable what Renney’s decision process could be on the Isbister promotion and Callahan demotion. Colton Orr is the one that should have been demoted. No doubt about it. It is time for Renney to go back to Player Development NOW!!!

    80. What a bunch of complainers and cry babies
      I know its not by much but arent we still in 3rd place in
      the confrence ?
      Chris G;

      You are looking at the small picture. This Ranger team is in a free-fall. They do not play with any desperation. They do not show any signs of improvement. They play flat for major portions of games. It is a disgrace to watch this kind of Hockey in MSG.

    81. Doodie Machetto on

      stomach virus = diarrhea or vomitting and a fever. Either way, leaves leaves them dehydrated and weak.

    82. 4Rangers – Just curious, what guys on TSN said this? Were they reporters, or announcers? I don’t get TSN

    83. stf you’ve got to be the biggest clown ever, Renney and Sather know what they’re doing? Please in the last 15 years Sather’s teams have had ONE winning season, get it ONE IN 15, that’s almost as pathetic as your posts imo Sather’s one of the worst Gms in all of sports. Btw if Hossa had half of Hollweg’s heart and passion maybe he’d be effective as is he’s beyond worthless.

    84. waive Orr, Malik and Kasper, and sign Brian Leetch.


      Defense solved!

    85. Doodie Machetto on

      Adam: signing leetch would be the ultimate mistake. Messier, graves, anderson, gilbert, and the maloney brothers are always around for rangers games, might as well have them suit up as well.

      Also, a defensive pair of Rachunek and Pock would be terrible defensively.

    86. norwegian ranger on

      I see a lot of comments on Ozo.
      But is it only me who thinks Malik’s too slow and Aaron Ward has too many give aways?
      Can’t we expect better from those two high salary players?
      Or what?

    87. Renney has an affinty for Isbister from when he coached Isbister in the WJC’s years back. Again, it appears that management and the coaching staff prefer “safe bets” (even when they make more fundamental mistakes than the kids who have higher ceilings) over unproven young talent. We went down this road with Hall, Josh Green, Jeff Toms, ect ect. It leads to nowhere

    88. Oh… I’d love to see Renney replaced but it’s not going to happen soon. Let’s face it. I’d bet you were gloryfing Renney last season when we were 1st place on East.

    89. Ah yes, Jeff Toms!!! I have been trying to remember that name for months now. What a stiff he was – that guy was an AHL lifer before there were AHL lifers. But you know what? He did have a hat trick once. He actually was able to put the puck in the ocean, which is more than I can say for anyone on our bottom 2 lines and the entire defense.

    90. Sam –

      Here’s a real question for you. If they were part of the Devils’ organization, do you think Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan would be playing for the Devils as second or third liners right now, or would they be playing in Albany?

      Maybe the answer to that is that the Devils are solid defensively and have Brodeur so therefore can afford some rookie mistakes. Of course, if we don’t at some point bite the bullet we’ll languish in Ranger purgatory forever.

    91. fantastic point Peter!!!

      also, another question for ya Sam…..any word on who Isbister is skating with?


    92. I think you answered your own question, Peter. I think they’d have a better shot in both NJ or the Island.

      As for Isbister, I’d imagine him in a fourth-line Colton Orr-type role tonight…

    93. Doodie Machetto on

      Norweigian- Malik is definitely too slow. There have been a good amount of calls (a lot more recently now that Ozo is gone) for him to go too. But face facts- he’s not going anywhere.

      Ward has been turning the puck over a lot recently(past 10 games or so). This is sad to see because at the beginning of the season he was by far our best defenseman. Let’s hope he can regain that form soon.

    94. Sam:

      Is Immonen destined for 4th line burial….er, duty….tonight or will he move back to line 2? Any thoughts?

    95. Doodie Machetto on

      This from Spector’s Trade Rumours:


      ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION: John Manasso reported yesterday Thrashers GM Don Waddell dismissed speculation he was in the market for a defenceman. Agent Jay Grossman, the agent for UFA Brian Leetch, admitted he’s had talks with the Thrashers but wouldn’t reveal when.

      Spector’s Note: Is it me or does anyone else get the sense that Leetch is just stringing everyone along and ultimately won’t return to action? Sheesh, this nonsense has been going on since training camp. “Leetch should be back in action by the end of October”. “Oh, he’ll be back by end-November”. “He should definitely sign with somebody in December”. Now I’m hearing sometime in January! For Buddha’s sake, Leetch, make up your mind! Either sign with somebody or just admit it’s over and retire! Enough of this BS!”

      Hate to say it, but I agree with him. Retire already so that we raise your jersey to the rafters and you can get into the hall sooner.

    96. I am sorry that is a joke of a statement from a coach; Tom Renney about Brad Isbister..

      “I haven’t seen him,” coach Tom Renney said. “But they [Hartford] have seen a big strong man that has shot the puck extremely well. He’s competed and he has the nose for going to the net.”

      Everybody is entitled to individual opinion but how can you decide if a player is ready for the NHL, when you didn´t have seen him in the past. ????

      It gets more and more precarious at Broadway !!!

    97. Thanks for responding, Sam. and if they’d have a better shot at playing with the Isles also on the basis of the Isles having a better blueline, that’s also an indictment of Sather, who could have had Poti (not that anyone wants him) and Witt instead of Ozo, Rachunek and Ward.

    98. Doodie, Nylander didn´t travel with the team to Florida !
      He will not play in the next two games as he is facing a possible ear infection.

    99. Doodie Machetto on

      Buff, where did you hear that ear infection info?

      I knew he didn’t travel with the team, but Sam had mentioned he may have gone by himself today.

    100. It is written there, he might join the team Saturday, but I don´t think so, because Jochen Hecht of the Sabres was out of the line up with a similar problem !!!

    101. Doodie Machetto on

      I’ve stopped reading Dellapina because of his pining for Leetch. I’ve stopped reading Brooks because he is so in love with himself and his reputation.

    102. I don´t care about the opinions of those beat writers as well. just reading it to get informed what is going on, but try not to get influenced what they think !

    103. Sam you need to write a new entry because I got a cramp in my finger to scroll down all thse posts to find the newest one :)

    104. Here is my guess as what to expect tonight…

      Line 1: Prucha-Straka-Jagr
      Line 2: Shannahan-Immonen-Hall
      Line 3: Hossa-Betts-Ward
      Line 4: Orr-Hollweg-Isbister

      D1: Roszival-Pock
      D2: Kasperitis-Ward
      D3: Rachunek-Tyutin

    105. Huuuuuuuuh, I iced the finger, now it is better :)

      I don´t see Straka as a center



    106. I don’t think so, NYRich82. Cullen is in the line-up 100% and I think Shanahan goes in line with Straka & Jagr. I pray for healthy scratch for Orr tonight.

    107. I forgot about Cullen. he should be on the left of line two and unfortunately Prucha will be moved on the left of the fourth line in the spot of Orr !!!

    108. Oh, well thats good news re: Cullen. I still don’t like the idea of Shanny and Jagr on the same line. Don’t get me wrong, I think they can be quite the offensive threat together, but I’d rather split them up. I like Goofy’s line-up better anyway.

    109. Shanahan-Straka-Jagr would mean almost 25 minutes the game for all three of those after the last games coached by Renney

      So they would be ready for the sanatorium come March !:)

    110. Blueshirts fan on

      LOL Tom renney coached Isbister in the World Hockey Championships like last decade. So thst makes him good enough to play in the NHL. Another Renney favorite and we are now stuck with him for the rest of year. It now doesnt matter if you have talent and score goals, it only matters how hard you try. Last I checked this isnt peewee hockey

    111. Goofy Wrote:
      Sam you need to write a new entry because I got a cramp in my finger to scroll down all thse posts to find the newest one :)

      I agree. I’m Jonesin’ for and update.

    112. Jagr-Nylander-Straka

      Those are what our lines could look like if our Coach wasnt so anti-youth

    113. Prucha-Straka-Jagr
      Roszival-Pock: Kasperitis-Ward

      What did us Ranger fans do to deserve such a LOSER TEAM?

    114. Goofy, if our esteemed (cough, cough) coach plays another game with Jason Ward as the #1 line center then I would hope that he’d be fired immediately after the game. Only in Bizarro-Rangerland does Ward play first line center (and we’ve seen the results in the last two games).

    115. I am the man of the blog right now ! At least two others agreeing with my posts, which is a very seldom case !

      I feel very proud of me working with a injured finger caused by almost 150 posts on one entry….:)

    116. twin, you know Jagr likes Wardo as his center in the absence of Nylander…And Jags rules the world in every case…It is not my favourite line up as well but I just tried to anticipate what will happen to night at Sunrise Florida…by the way oh florida….oh florida, even warmer than here !!!!:):):):)

    117. Do you guys think the Rangers will shop Jagr around after this season to get some very good young players when he has alot of trade value? This seems logical but logic doesnt seem to be at the top of the list of the MSG guru

    118. It seems most teams that are successful in the league play some sort of “system”, the Rangers sadly do not, it’s just pond hockey out there for the Rangers. This is why the Rangers give up so many goals, the players don’t know where to be on the ice.

      But this is not Renney’s fault, it’s the fault of the G.M. who signs players (Jagr) who don’t/won’t/can’t/aren’t willing to play within a system. Can you coach a team where one line plays outside the system and others play within one? Why are our defenseman constantly being beaten wide? And why do we have so many penalties called against us?

      Now I’ll say this… hockey games stink now. There is no contact anymore, players are afraid to even touch another player or even make a stick check. Stick checks are part of the game and are a part of a players individual game. How can you expect, as an official, for players who have been playing one way their entire career to simply just adjust overnight. Ex: Mike SIllingers stick check last game was a stick check, pure and simple and was called a hook. Immonens stick check was a stick check, pure and simple. The officials have ruined this sport and ruin each game. Hockey is a sport of 5 on 5 not power plays.

    119. Goofy, I know JJ likes Ward, but one can dream that we have a coach that *might* just recognize that Ward is not a #1 center. Given the sorry state of our personnel and the unfortunate presence of Renney’s favorites, this is what the lineup *should* look like tonight:


      However, I have no doubt that this is not what our esteemed coach will put out on the ice.

    120. Well you are right, as I can understand the frustration of the above posters saying that hockey stinks now with”

      “Hockey is a sport of 5 on 5 not power plays only”

      But I am sorry to feel the danger of posting again so….

    121. For her sake it is better stopping now. Otherwise I will not be allowed to listen to the game tonight….I need to take care of…..

      She doesn´t like hockey at all, that is my big problem..

      you guys have a nice afternoon….

    122. Sather –

      Here’s a guy who has been in NYC for how many years now? 6? And this is what he has to show for it.

      Fedor Tyutin and Thomas Pock as Ranger draftees on defense. The rest are all free agents.

      Hollweg, Orts and Prucha as drafted Rangers as forwards and Lundqvist in nets as a drafted Ranger.

      Does this strike anyone else as a complete waste of 6 seasons? How can you not have a top 4 defenseman? How can you not have a top 6 forward? And Henrik Lundqvisst, as much as I love watching him in nets, has not proven to be a #1 goaltender yet.

      This is a complete failure. And he was given Jagr by Washington in a salary dump. Nylander, Straka, Shanahan, Cullen, Ward all UFA’s, Hall and Betts were trades, Orr was a waiver pickup and Weekes was a UFA. You stink Satther, what do you even do as President and GM? What exactly does Maloney do?

    123. Sather had a top D man in Zidlicky but he traded him away for Dunham. That was after riding Richter for 23 games straight then he got hurt thereby driving up the price for any goalie in that case Dunham. Another great move by has been sather.

    124. We need signs of discontent from the fans at the Garden, such as at the end of the pre-lockout season.

      Chants and banners of “Sather sucks” and “Sather must go” were successful in convincing Stogeyface to hang up his coaching shoes back then. Now, we need to let the media know that we won’t sit back and take it any longer. It’s the only way that we can influence anything with this rancid organization. We have to get on Renney and Sather (and Maloney) for their continued ineptitude.

      MSG can keep the cameras from showing empty seats, and turn down the crowd volume so it can’t be heard, but the media will have to report what is going on.

      Maybe Dolan Jr. will wake up from his drug haze, decide that this isn’t worth the aggravation, and put the team up for sale.

      THAT would be the ideal solution, getting rid of the Dolans, Sather, Maloney AND Renney in one fell swoop.

      Then maybe we can entice Gutkowski back here to run the team like a real hockey franchise.

    125. Doodie Machetto on

      vogs- I can’t disagree with you more. Look at the pipeline, there are two top 4 defensemen right now in juniors, one of whom will definitely be in at least the AHL next season(although hopefully in the NHL). Then there are Pock, Baranka, and Girardi, who all could turn into a 3-4 level defenseman. Possibly even a number 2 guy if we’re lucky, although probably not.

      As for the forwards, you listed Prucha but then said there were no top 6 forwards. You also left out Immonen(who Sather didnt draft but still picked up before he came to America), Dawes, Dubinsky, Korpikosi, and Callahan. All of them are potential top 6 forwards, and Immonen and Prucha are already established as such.

      Granted, not all of those players are ready yet, but they’re on their way. Some that are ready aren’t being used-blame the coaching staff, not Sather.

      Lundqvist hasn’t proven to be a #1? Yeah, that Vezina nomination meant nothing. Just because he has an off night every now and then doesn’t mean he isn’t a number 1. Did you SEE the Dallas game? Get real. They also have Montoya in the pipeline and Valiquette has been very good this season in the AHL. And they would’ve had Dan Blackburn if it wasn’t for injury.

      There were a lot of other teams that Washington could have dumped Jagr onto but Sather made it happen for the Rangers. Give him some credit. No production Anson Carter for Jagr straight up? That’s the steal of the century! And since when does signing free agents not count for a GM? It’s the GM’s job to convince them to sign with his team as opposed to any others.

      Yes, Sather’s first years here were terrible. But I like what he has got set up and ready to be implemented. If only the coaching staff would get on the ball and start getting those players in the lineup!

      Go NYR: you listed this as your line combos:


      Forget somebody? Petr Prucha? I say he goes in for Dawes or Dubinsky. Dawes he can go in straight for, or Slide Cullen into Dawes’ spot and Put him on the 2nd line. Or you can put Cullen as the 3rd line Center and Put Prucha on the 2nd line wing. I don’t like the idea of Cullen playing center because of how lousy he was defensively, but I really don’t think Dubinsky is NHL ready. Also, I don’t like a line of three young guys without a vet. Veterans REALLY help the young guys develop a lot faster. Look at how Shanahan is helping Immonen by telling him to shoot more. The only exception is if you have three Blue chip young guys (Malkin-Crosby-Staal). They don’t need that help.

      Twin: I liked your line combos for tonight. We’ve been agreeing a lot more recently, have you noticed that?

    126. Doodie Machetto on

      “Sather had a top D man in Zidlicky but he traded him away for Dunham.”

      Say what you want, but Dunham was by FAR the best player on the team for the rest of that season, and DEFINITELY played better than Richter. While I don’t like that Richter was overused, I was definitely happy to see him go(although not through injury, that’s terrible and unfortunate). Richter was the most overrated goaltender of his era.

    127. I hate tp pick nits but Pock was not a Ranger draftee, he was signed out of UMass.
      Please continue to beat each other about the head and neck.

    128. get real about Sather and the Jagr trade, doodie. the Caps needed to dump Jagr’s contract to a wealthy team. the Caps were so desperate to dump Jagr that they were willing to pay almost half his salary, and to take crap in return, just to get rid of him. if Sather was running the Edm. Oilers at the time, he could NOT have acquired Jagr, because they had no money.

    129. Doodie Machetto on

      Girardi wasn’t drafted either, but GMs should get equal credit for signing a player who has yet to be signed/drafted by another team.

    130. unbelievable. doodie says “””””Richter was the most overrated goaltender of his era.””””””””

      If you think Dunham was a better goalie than Mike Richter, then you are really out of it. that’s like saying Weekes is a better goalie than Henrik.

    131. Doodie Machetto on

      Other teams didn’t have the money? You’re telling me that Detroit wouldn’t have LOVED to pick up Jagr and essentially guarantee a cup(but instead they were dispatched early in the playoffs)? Or Chicago- Lord knows they needed him too. Boston? Montreal? Toronto was buying players that year- they couldn’t afford Jagr? LA later made a move for Carter that year. You think they didn’t want Jagr instead?

      Give the man credit- that deal was AMAZING.

    132. doodie: “We’ve been agreeing a lot more recently, have you noticed that?”

      it’s about time you came to your senses.

      Actually, I find most of what you write objectionable, but I’ve decided to let it go in the interest of “blog peace.” It is the holiday season after all.


    133. Doodie Machetto on

      Dunham had a 2.29 and a .924 over 43 games with the Rangers that season. Never once were Richter’s numbers that high.

      Dunham actually had a winning record on that losing team. The encore wasn’t impressive, although not really that much worse than Richter’s last 4 years in NY. It was actually better than one.

    134. He was hired by a different paper today the Ashbury news so he probably has no time today for the blog..!:)

    135. Sam, what’s with the photo removals/switches on your postings? How many difft looks do we need of Montoya?

      And have you spoken to Isbister at all? Is he hoping to get a larger role with the team or is your sense that he’s satisfied to just hang around and get Orr minutes?

      Any trade rumors out there? How’s Ortmeyer? Coming up, just to go down again?

    136. Doodie Machetto on

      I can’t believe you think Dunham was bad when they first acquired him. That’s the best goaltending the Rangers had in over 15 years. Henrik got a Vezina nomination for those numbers last season.

      Granted, I don’t like that we lost Zidlicky, but when your number one goalie goes down 13 games into the season and your riding your backup as hard as they were, you have to swing a deal. Dunham actually had a winning record. who knows, maybe if they had picked him up sooner they might have made the playoffs that year. They only missed them by 5 points. Dunham was only in 43 games.

      I definitely would have rather something else have been traded though.

    137. yeah, doodie is just waiting for the day when Dunham’s jersey is raised to the rafters in MSG.

      about the same time that Weekes’ jersey will be.

    138. Who can forget Jeff Toms’ hat trick vs the Bruins nearly 5 years ago, one of most shocking moments in recent memory.

    139. 4Rangers – you have got to be the most negative poster on this site (or for that matter other sites I’ve visited).

      especially in your putdown of other posters re a mere difference in opinion (the abbreviation fy you put on the one post really takes the cake).

    140. Sam you need to take care of what is going on your blog !

      Didn´t you realize that it caused a lot of trouble in the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Goofy ???:)

      I feel you have the duty to pay attention to it :)

    141. Doodie the Jagr trade was a salary dump nothing more nothing less. Toronto didn’t want him because of his attitude problems not because they couldn’t afford him. That trade was not amazing, I could show you 15 amazingly stupid trades or signings Sather has made in the last half a decade. Oh btw at the time of the Dunham trade Byron Dafoe was a free agent didn’t cost any players.

    142. Doodie Machetto on

      Talk about drinking the kool-aid 4Rangers. Look at Richter’s numbers. Completely unimpressive. Let’s play a game. I’ll post two sets of numbers. One will be Mike Richter’s career averages and the other will be Kevin Weekes. you guess which is which.

      2.89 .904

      2.89 .902

      Think about how terrible you think Weekes is and then look at those numbers. Let that sink in for a minute.

      These next two numbers are Weekes’ career best and Richter’s career best(from a season where they started at least 40 games). Again, you decide which is which:

      2.33 .912(same year)

      2.57 .917(taken from different years)

      Wow, Richter was AWESOME! maybe you need to stop drinking the 1994 koolaid. It has probably fermented by now.

    143. Doodie Machetto on

      blueshirts- did you miss my post baout other teams that could’ve picked up Jagr in the salary dump? or about how good Dunham’s numbers were?

    144. the irony is lost on those who criticize those who criticize.

      well then let me say something positive to you LI.

      you are positively clueless if you want to defend a Sather defender.

      let’s get one thing straight. the Rangers mgmt. are not sacrosanct. they are selling a product (hockey entertainment), just like any other company.

      when the local store is selling milk that is beyond the expiration date, customers should complain to the mgr.

      and when the local hockey team is using players who have passed their expiration date, well then their customers should complain about mgmt. too.

    145. Doodie Machetto on

      4Rangers- I agree. And I complain about the players I don’t like: Malik, Kasparaitis, Rachunek, Orr, Hossa/Betts/Ward(having one is good for PK, two is so-so, but definitely not all three), Hall, Cullen’s salary.

      The flipside of the coin is I’m willing to give him credit for good moves, while you and others will not.

    146. 4Rangers – People (assuming proper language and a fair amt of respect is used) have a right to their opinion. I am not a Sather supporter but the biggest problem is DOLAN -who until he is gone the GM and the coach would not matter since the organizational mindset would stay the same. If Dolan left I could live with a whole new management team including Sather,Maloney, Renney etc.

      I always was most bothered by Islanders fans. Reading the comments and the putdowns of other posters (not their ideas but the poster themselves) by several here with you as the most blatant come a close second. All I ask is criticize the ideas not the person.

      You seem to think that those who defend the use of a certain player (Be it Malik, either Ward etc) are defending Sather, Renney etc. That is not necessarily the case. I will say the biggest criticism of Sather et al should be that the youth in the organization (in particular Pock and Immonen) are just not that good. That is an indictment on Sather but does not mean that if someone new came in and played them that these “suspects” would actually become prospects. I doubt that if I live long enough to saee another cup team – that these “suspects” will be taking the turn to raise the cup.

      A couple of months ago I suggested that the Rangers would be best served to hit rock bottom for 3 years running to build a Pittsburgh like future. To do that they would need to let JJ and Shanny go otherwise they will stay mediocre.

    147. yes, I will. how’s this? sather did a good job of making Jagr happy by bringing in all his cronies.

      of course, that has delayed the future blue program, and that is what ticks off the critics on this board.

    148. “””””””””I will say the biggest criticism of Sather et al should be that the youth in the organization (in particular Pock and Immonen) are just not that good. That is an indictment on Sather but does not mean that if someone new came in and played them that these “suspectsâ€? would actually become prospects.”””””””””””

      you can’t have it both ways, LI

      if you believe that Sather is drafting poorly, then YOU should want him gone.

      and you say you want a Pitt.- like youth rejuvenation. well that can’t happen if they continue year after year to play vets who will only keep them in the middle of the pack.

      If they called up and played the kids as they PROMISED, and as the critics on this board want, well then they WOULD drop for a year or so, but then would have a homegrown hustling team that could contend annually.

    149. Its not that Sather traded for Dunham it was that he did it after the starter had gotten hurt because he played 19 or 23 games, I have forgotten, consecutively. Therefore the price went way up and Sather overpaid. Dealing from a position of weakness

      What are Weeks numbers with the Rangers?

    150. doodie

      Richter won big games a cup, a World Cup, a silver medal and Weeks has done nothing. Comparing the two is a joke.

    151. my choice for new Ranger GM is Tim Burke, the longtime head scout of the Sharks. he is responsible for the great young players the Sharks have drafted and quickly developed.

      he could pick his own coach.

      of course, Renney would be gone, and Sather would be eating cake in Palm Springs.

    152. I do want Sather gone (but as long as Dolan remains the mandate will stay the same – a couple of big names and an attempt at two home playoff games).

      that includes ALL Vets – incl Shanny and JJ – since they will not hit rock bottom while those 2 are in the lineup. I’m talking first pick in the draft. Its too late for that strategy this year so they might as well try to make the playoffs and see if they can get lucky. It just irks me hearing certain names thrown out there like Pock who BTW was never drafted as if he is the next Orr and I don’t mean Colton. The names I hear thrown out there are not the future – the future is guys like Staal and if they really hit bottom the players they drafted as the number one pick in the draft.

    153. Doodie Machetto on

      World Cup and the olympics aren’t the NHL so they’re both out. He won the Cup with an amazing team in front of him. Comparing the two is pretty fair when you look at the numbers. Especially from you tsalad, king of facts. look at the numbers. Uncanny.

      Jose Theodore won a Vezina and an MVP. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him terrible.

      PS, Richter did all of that stuff in a 4 year span. 3 events in 15 years as a starter, only one in the NHL, his only REALLY good year in the NHL, which still wasn’t as good as Weekes’ best OR his 2nd best. 1 good season in 15 years. Wow, I hear the Hall of Fame calling now. oh wait, tsalad, its for you.

      “Mike Richter was average.”

    154. Doodie Machetto on

      4Rangers, that’s actually a really good choice. Dougie Wilson has really surrounded himself with good people in San Jose.

    155. you just don’t seem to be reading the posts correctly, LI. what the critics here have said is “MOVE THE VETS ASIDE”. and they know Pock is not bobby Orr. he is a means to move the vets aside, so that the Staals of the world can start taking over next year.

    156. Doodie Machetto on

      LI Joe- Pittsburgh is dead when all of those 1st rounders start being Free agents in a few years. No way they can keep them all under contract. I wouldn’t even be surprised if when they are RFA’s, someone makes them a maximum offer, especially Crosby, and forces Pittsburgh to match, speeding up the process.

    157. I actually hope Pock and Immonen continue to play if for no other reason that I’m tired of people say play them. The same people who 3 yrs from now will want them off the team for the new flavor of the week. Again just remember that being young does not automatically equate to will be good at some point.

      They need to move ALL the vets aside to build a cup champion – so they can get their real future, top draft picks. Just like an expansion team they fill with older guys and some young players who never will be and they are real bad and are replaced with the reward for being so bad – the next Yzerman, Messier, Leetch, Sakic, Pronger etc. (times two or 3 years running). (and yes having the right GM and scouts in place is a must – so I agree that Sather, Maloney and Renney should not be a part of that)

      Doody – After at least 2 cups for the Pens with this group – I would take that tradeoff in a hearbeat.

    158. c’mon, LI Joe. Dough-lan has said he is not going to sell the team. so, I cannot change that.

      I hope the Rangers DO have a couple of stars. but SURROUND them with YOUNG homegrown players, not vet retreads and posse cronies.

    159. but they need to hit bottom – keeping JJ and Shanny prevents that from happening (I’m not talking this yr anymore but next yr and beyond)

      Do you really think a new GM (and again I want Sather AND COMPANY gone as well) will be able to get Dolan on board with a real rebuild (sans the 2 superstars).

      It will be much harder to build a cup champ by staying the course. You seem to think that Immonen and company are good enough to get us there in say 4 yrs – I say we need better players than what we have in the system and the easiest way is to really hit bottom.

    160. LI, nobody said young means good. or that Pock should have a spot locked up. what I want is COMPETITION for jobs, not seniority priority.

    161. they do NOT need to hit rock bottom to improve. do Det. or NJ hit rock bottom or get top picks or get rid of stars? no.

      all the Rangers need in the new CBA era is smart drafting and smart development (hello Tim Burke).

    162. NJ – had Lou and Marty among others.

      Detroit in a non capped league had the right players in place (and probably the best coach of all time and decent GM as well). Remember Stevie Y was a top 4? draft pick they received for being woeful before that. Colorado received Sacic (and were able to trade for Forsberg due to having the rights to Lindros)(and it does not hurt to be lucky enough to pull of the Roy deal). Tampa by being terrible got Vinny L, Carolina (Staal) even Ottawa had the talent and were picked to be cup champs several years running by hitting rock bottom before that. Hate to give props to them but the Fishsticks took advantage of their expansion status and the right mindset to not go for the quick fix.

      So no hitting bottom is not the only way – only the best odds of success if implemented by the right people with the right organizational mindset.

    163. Doodie –

      Sorry it took me a while to get back to you.

      The players you mentioned, Dawes, Korpikoski, Staal, Callahan, Dubinski are not NHL players. I’ll agree that they seem like good prospects but they’re not in the NHL and they’re all 19-21 years old.

      And what past track record do Sather and the Rangers have in developing all this young talent they have? As far as I am concerned all our youth will be traded away just like they all have been in the past.

      So until they’re actually in the NHL I’ll continue to give Sather what he deserves. This team has been a revolving door of coaches, UFA’s and trades, there has not been a system implemented with this team and is the reason why they have made the playoffs once in 7 seasons. And what did they get from that one playoff? 4 losses.

      Lundqvist did have a Vezina trophy season last year, but so have other goalies in their first season. Lundqvist is a nice goalie, but he’s shown to be inconsistent. However I’m going to chalk up Lundqvists inconsistency to the terrible Sather-made defense in front of him.

      Last night’s game was better than the previous 3, but I don’t see it anymore with the Rangers… their passive, their d is slow and Jagr looks like he is asleep. Teams have been pushing the Rangers around most games now. Case in point was last night with Allen, Sutter and Gratton running Rangers all night with no retaliation from our overly passive team. There is no passion in this teams game right now and I don’t know where it went. Playing Petr Prucha and Ryan Hollweg more might help. And Sutter, Allen and Gratton are all UFA’s signed by Florida, but for some reason they have some passion on the ice, but our UFA’s are to above that for this team?

    164. Three things (among others) that have really bothered me about this team all year:

      1) Their inability to clear the puck out of the defensive zone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team have more trouble chipping the puck over the blue line when the opposing team exerts some pressure on them.

      2) The first powerplay unit’s refusal to dump the puck into the zone. Instead they waste valuable PP time at the blue line trying to set up the perfect rush, which doesn’t usually happen.

      3) Jagr’s giveaways. When this guy is in the offensive zone it’s almost impossible to remove him from the puck. However, when he’s in the defensive or neutral zones he’s giving it away more than a teenaged Tracy Lords.

      I could list more, but I’m at work and don’t want to foul my mood any further.

    165. Jagr – and where is the Ranger captain after a loss? How come all the quotes I see are always from Shanahan? Where is the leadership or taking responsibility for a loss? If you don’t want everything that comes along with being a captain in NYC then take the “C” off your sweater.

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