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UPDATE, 2:40 p.m.:  As expected, the Rangers are calling up Thomas Pock to fill Ozolinsh’s spot on the roster.

 UPDATE, 2:10 p.m.: The Rangers have confirmed that Ozolinsh was put on waivers, which one would assume is effectively ending his tenure with the team. 

 UPDATE, 1:50 p.m.: TSN.CA is reporting that the Rangers have placed Sandis Ozolinsh on waivers, but we haven’t received word of that yet from the the team. Stay tuned… 

Finally, a day off for the Rangers, which might not have been earned as much as it was absolutely necessary. Consider the options, after all: the Rangers take a day off to heal in preparation for tomorrow’s re-match with the Islanders; or they try to work out some of their many kinks in practice, only with IVs stuck in all of their arms.

Ah yes, flu season, which is something I never really had to deal with while covering golf. I won’t lie: there were moments post-game last night when I could have sought out a few extra players for comment, but in the interest of self-preservation, I kept a respectable distance. I know, I know. Somewhere Edward R. Murrow is turning over in his grave.

Meanwhile, the good news about the flu is that is usually goes away, but I’m not sure some of the problems exposed last night against the Devils are going to be as fleeting. Are the Rangers destined for a spot in last place and an irrelevant late winter? Should Tom Renney comb the local Starbucks in search of more fruitful employment? And if so, shouldn’t a former Canadian Olympic coach and Jack Adams Award finalist rank ahead of a 16-year-old kid hoping to pay for new rims on his Corrola?

No, as hard as this may be to believe, but I’m not sure any of the events of the past weekend necessitate a full-on crisis mode, 15-3 combined score or no 15-3 combined score. Are the Rangers flawed? Yes. Could solutions be found outside their own dressing room? Sure. But more important now is to just get everyone back in one piece.

 In the meantime, a few quick hits:

 <li>The trials of Peter Prucha continue: Whatever the Rangers decide about their immediate future, one would hope that it would include the sophomore in the lineup. I was all for Renney’s decision to sit Prucha one game last week against the Flyers, mostly because I thought it might shake him out of his slump. But I didn’t understand him doing it again against Toronto, and outside of injury, I can’t imagine a scenario when Prucha is not at least one of the team’s top nine forwards. And this doesn’t have anything to do with Prucha scoring a goal last night, although that certainly didn’t hurt. More important is that he provides a spark on nearly every shift, and continues to throw himself into warm’s way without a moment’s hesitation. Players feed off of that sort of effort. I’m not sure the same can be said about every player in the lineup.

<li>Interesting post from reader Brad about his encounter with Glen Sather last night. In case you missed it, here it is below:

“After the game tonight I was walking out underneath, while Glen Sather was walking in. Someone yells at him nice job Slats team looks good and he thought it was me and said, ‘If you want to talk to me ask and we can talk man to man, don’t yell at me.’ I said i would love to talk to you glen but I did not yell at you. Among the highlights from our conversation… me telling him how the team is poorly coached and often lacks hustle, how the fans are getting disheartened by watching the same veterans make the same mistakes night after night, and how i can not stand when we change five on a dump in and give the team a free breakout. His answers to me were the kids are not ready yet and that he would love for me to sit down with him so he could teach me about hockey. All in all though, i respect that he took the time to talk to me.”

 As Brad pointed out, I’m not sure the Boss provided much in the way of a satisfactory response regarding fans’ concerns, particularly if one of those answers was that Brad didn’t understand hockey. But I, too, thinks Sather deserves credit for at least trying. I doubt we’re ever going to reach a point when every fan is content. But the more the Rangers keep the lines of communication open between management and fans, maybe the easier it would be to understand each other. OK, this ends the “We Are The World” portion of our program.

 <li>No updates from the team regarding Matt Cullen (sprained knee) or Marek Malik (strained groin) but I would assume the team is considering bringing someone up from Hartford. I’ll pass it along when and if I have something.

OK, that’s all for now. More later

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  1. This is a step in the right direction. Now what can we do about Malik????

    Let’s give Pock a chance!

  2. Patrick Hoffman on

    Here is my Rangers weekend report, which you can find at Let me know what you think:

    A depleted New York Rangers (18-12-4) team fell to the New Jersey Devils (18-12-2) last night at Madison Square Garden by a score of 6-1, capping off an 0-2 weekend in which they were outscored 15-3.

    While the Rangers, who were without forwards Michael Nylander (flu) and Matt Cullen (sprained knee), may have outshot the Devils 36-28, it was certainly misleading as the Devils cashed in on all their quality scoring chances, scoring three power play goals and adding three even strength goals in the third period, avenging their 3-2 loss to the Rangers just over a month ago in which the Rangers scored three goals in a span of 90 seconds to overcome a 3-2 deficit.

    There were many Rangers defensive miscues in this one as they had trouble clearing the front of the net and gave the Devils many odd man rushes as well as odd man scoring opportunities in front of their helpless goaltender, Kevin Weekes, who made 22 saves.

    This game featured solid goaltending from Devils’ netminder Martin Brodeur, who made 35 saves, and a team that got scoring from Jamie Langenbrunner (also had two assists), Sergei Brylin (2), Patrick Elias(2) and Zach Parise. When a team leaves these players open, they leave themselves vulnerable to scoring opportunities, which is exactly what the Rangers did not only last night against the Devils, but also on Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs (16-13-5).

    The only bright spot for the suddenly slumping Rangers team was Petr Prucha, who scored his first goal in 16 games.

    This is a team that is far cry from the Ranger team that won five straight games, beating the Pittsburgh Penguins (15-12-5), Ottawa Senators (17-16-1), Florida Panthers (11-18-6), Philadelphia Flyers (8-20-4) and Dallas Stars (21-12-0). These were games in which the Rangers got timely goal scoring, played solid defense in front of Henirk Lundqvist or Kevin Weekes, and got great goaltending. These characteristics escaped the Rangers this past weekend and now, they must get it back before they take on the New York Islanders (16-12-3) tomorrow night at the Garden.

    Rangers forward Jed Ortmeyer, who has missed most of the season with a pulmonary embolism, could possibly be re-inserted back into the lineup within the next few weeks as he has finished his conditioning stint with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the AHL. May be he’ll be able to provide the Rangers with the spark needed to get back on track again.

    For questions, comments and hip checks, feel free to e-mail me at

  3. pock has looked a bit rusty in the past couple of games, which is completely understandable. i don’t know what the protocol is for recalling players sent down on ‘conditioning assignment’.

    i would think Baranka could be called up as well..

    (regarding the Ozo thing, next step getting Orr out)

  4. I assume the Ozo roster spot is for Ortmeyer. His injury time is up and to continue his conditioning assignment he has to be on 23 man roster. correct?

  5. Still a lot more dead weight to get rid of. I personally think they should’ve started with Orr, but I guess this will do.

  6. hey hoffman…decent article. however, your sentences are way too long. Try using periods instead of commas and you’ll be set.

  7. Finally for Ozolinsh. Let him work his problems out and now we have some decent cap space to make a move. Perhaps the Leetch return isn’t that far out of the question.

  8. Can someone remind me how this will effect the cap? My interpretation is that burying Ozo in waivers will NOT alleviate the cap space.

  9. How does that work with the cap space? I read today that the Pens still take a hit on Leclair’s salary even thought he is now a free agent.

    Also, bringing back Leetch would be a HUGE mistake. He’s old and slow. Its more of what we have now and less of what we want to be. People need to stop holding on to the past. I hear Mike Gardner is thinking of a comeback. We should sign him too…I’m sure he’s still skating like he did in 94.

  10. *nakedjoe December 18th, 2006 at 3:31 pm*

    “hey hoffman…decent article. however, your sentences are way too long. Try using periods instead of commas and you’ll be set.”

    Count your blessings naked one, it could be Wildcard’s blog we would have to contend with. Think Patrick wins that in a landslide.

  11. if he’s claimed we are responsible for half his cap space…but if he isnt signed (who will sign him) what happens then?

  12. *Sam*

    Set up a meeting in the tunnel betweeen Sather and myself, Mark, Tsalad, 4 Rangers, Peter, Twin, Chardkerm, and Baron for starters.

    We’ll be nice, just want a genuine heart to heart with him.

    Think he’ll go for it??

  13. Ozo in the AHL means the rangers pay him but his $2.75 million does not count vs the cap. its gone buried in the minors. It would only count as it did for the devils with Malakhov and Mogilny if the Rangers signed Ozo when he was 35 or older to a deal. They didn’t so it doesn’t.

    They can put him through re entry waivers as the pens did with LeClair and if claimed the Rangers would be on the hook for half of what remains on his $2.75 deal. Teams do that to try and save cash not necessarily cap space. But that isn’t going to happen because the Rangers have the money to pay Ozo whereever he plays.

  14. So basically, after today we should never here the name Sandis Ozolinsh again! This calls for a celebration. However, I do not agree its time to axe everyone else yet. We no longer have a surplus of defensemen and have limited supplies of offensive reinforcements as well. Hopefully Sather uses the cap space wisely and makes some good trades, but whats the chance of that happening?

  15. See Sam’s update, Pock has been recalled. Although as someone else previously mentioned, he isn’t at the peak of his game. Too bad Renney & Co. didn’t keep him in game-ready shape by letting him play instead of what has otherwise been a failed attempt to bolster a depleted blue line.

  16. Let me clarify: If Ozolinsh clears waivers, he’ll be sent to Hartford. The Rangers could conceivably re-call him, but that would expose him to re-entry waivers, and if he’s claimed then, they’d be on the hook for half his salary.

  17. Think that’s the same rule that is keeping Labarbara in the minors. Understand LA would like to recall him but if they do, he has to go through waivers and will most likely be picked up by another team.

    Crazy rule.

  18. And something finally came from these two horrible losses (well, that and Prucha scored). Lets hope Pock actually plays — seeing as how just because he is called up doesnt mean he will play.

    On a side note,
    what has Renney thought of Immo’s play?? granted the last two nights they shoudl just throw out as the team was horrible, but overall? does Renney seemed pleased and feel this is a viable solution to the 2nd line center barring a trade?

  19. Good riddance, Ozo! Let’s keep rocking those waivers.

    Surprised Slats didn’t invite Brad to go hunting…

  20. *Chris December 18th, 2006 at 5:07 pm*

    “Good riddance, Ozo! Let’s keep rocking those waivers.

    Surprised Slats didn’t invite Brad to go hunting…”

    Brad isn’t that stupid. He knows Sather will give him an unloaded weapon and then challenge him to a duel.

  21. Inferno posted the following on the previous thread:

    “Im not a fan of Girardi, i just dont see his game translating to the NHL level.”

    Inferno, I’d still like to hear what it is *specifically* you don’t like about Girardi’s game. Positionally I think he’s sound, and he makes good decisions with the puck, IMO. Maybe the speed at the NHL level would give him a problem, but my feeling is you don’t know until you give him a try, and right now outside of Tyutin I think he’s the best “defensive defenseman” in the organization.

  22. I don’t understand this flu thing that hits the NHL every year. Don’t these guys get flu shots? I’ve never heard about the flu going the through the NBA or the NFL.

  23. so, Bozo, who I said since day 1 couldn’t hack it, is finally put on waivers. but here’s the kicker, and Sam, it is a slam at Renney again. If Renney had been smart enough to see what others could easily see, Bozo would have been benched long ago in favor of Pock, and now he would have a Pock in game condition at NHL speed. Renney does not have that now because he let Pock rust away for months. He now has a Pock in semi-game condition at AHL speed. and that is squarely on Renney.

  24. “I don’t understand this flu thing that hits the NHL every year. Don’t these guys get flu shots? I’ve never heard about the flu going the through the NBA or the NFL.”

    NHL players play on ice. Ice = cold. Cold = weaker immune system. Weaker immune system = greater chance of getting sick. NFL players can’t get sick. They play one game a week, and when they are playing they’re just standing around for most of the time anyway, especially with a commercial every 5 seconds.

  25. Not sure how this is directly related to Pock’s conditioning at this point, he’s still number 7 on the depth chart anyway.

    I don’t see how ozo’s 21 games this season has been that harmful. Obviously it didn’t work and now he’s gone. In all likelihood they were more interested in ridding themselves of D-Kasp since he is signed for next year. That’s not in the cards so Ozo moves along now. Not a big deal.

    The guy who really needs to be here at some point this season is Baranka. He has a real NHL future. It would be nice to get him some games this year so we don’t have 2 guys (counting Staal) starting off fresh on D next season.

  26. It’s got everything to do with Pock’s conditioning. If Malik is out with the strained groin, then Pock is NOT #7, he has to be ready to play.

    and you can’t see the damage that has been done? I agree with you about Baranka, and the games you say you would like him to have could have happened in place of BOZO, get it? if Bozo and kaspar had been both benched, then both Pock and Baranka could have had some NHL action.

  27. Twin,

    im no expert on Girardi, thats for damn sure, but from what ive seen of him, i think the pro game might be a bit too fast for him, not necessarily the speed of the players, but the pace of the game. i dunno, he just looked lost to me in the preseason, and easily pressured into turnovers.

    but im all for giving him a chance, believe me, i like youth (not in a nasty pedophile way) , id rather fail with youth than fail with vets.

  28. *Sam*

    Is Malik going to get his teeth fixed if he is out for any period of time?

    seems to me to be the perfect opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (assuming he comes back and plays on the pro roster)

  29. Guys, it’s the stomach flu everyone is suffering from. Generally speaking, people refer to viral illnesses that get passed around quickly as “flu.” Stomach flu is a stomach virus. It is not the influenza that people are vaccinated against. And the thing about the ice an the cold – complete hogwash. One guy geta a bad stomach virus, these guys eat team meals and hang out, shower, rtavel together in close quarters constantly so everyone gets it.

  30. jase sure it hurt to play Bozo in 21 games, first of all he stunk, second of all those 21 games could have been used to see if Pock’s an Nhl dman.

  31. 4Rangers,
    *shrugs* i didnt think that at all, to me he looked worse than any of the dmen weve got on the team right now, but again, im all for a try if people who have seen him more think his game would translate well. Im more annoyed about Baranka, who to me might be as good as Tyutin, not as good defensively (slightly) but a much higher offensive upside.

  32. from zipay’s blog Ortmeyer’s Hartford rehab extended

    Jed Ortmeyer, who was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in August and is attempting to return to NHL shape by playing in Hartford, will remain there for two more games on Friday and Saturday.
    Ortmeyer, 28, has played three of the last four games with the Wolf Pack, but was deemed not ready to be recalled and his special long-term illness rehab has been extended as allowed by the collective bargaining agreement, the Rangers have confirmed.
    The winger has played well early in games, but tires and was replaced by Frankie Lessard on every fourth shift the other night, according to Bruce Berlet of the Hartford Courant, with whom I spoke a few minutes ago.

  33. Inferno, I didn’t say Girardi looked better or worse than any of the Ranger Dmen. I simply commented on his style of play. we won’t know how he stacks up against NHL competition until he gets that chance. which is the catch 22 problem for almost all youth in Rangerland.

  34. i personally dont think girardi is good enough think filip novak good. he’s a tweener for me. baranka on the other hand has the goods.

    hey sam any word on whether or not renney is going to continue to make us pay exorbitant amounts of cash to watch echlers like hossa, betts, j ward, orr, and hall? that should be the next question lol.

  35. Main thing is he’s gone and things are a little more open on D. I don’t think next months problems on D should be attributed to playing Ozo. I guess that was my point, I think.

    Anyway, we can agree on Baranka, I would hope to see him sooner than later. Today’s move makes him the next call-up at least.

  36. 4Rangers: for good or bad that really is a problem on every team, unless therte are injuries or owners who dont care about paying for players who they know are good enough. There are always young palyers in every system that look good were they are, but there is concern that they cant bring it to the next level, unfortunatly most of those guys dont get a proper chance, but not very many NHL teams withough being forced, will put them in the lineup in a meaningful game. OZO: Well, it seems that his injuries and age are catching up, he isnt old by any means, but it seems that his body is ageing faster than it should. Hopefuly he takes it well and oes to Hartford and helps the young palyers win, and develope confidence as a vet leader, and hopefuly for him he gets another shot somewere…no matter who a palyer is, in any sport, I imagine its tough to find that you arnt on the top of your game anymore, and to go from one of the better players at something, the PP and offense for OZ, to a guy that is just a liability must be very hard. Same with Leetch, not that he becasme a liability like Ozo, but he lost his ability to force teams to pay big bucks for him, especially int he cap era that we are in now. POCK: I thought he would end up finishing his conditioning assignment, but the Pack must have though he looked god, lets hope he plays, and with Malik injured, even slightly, lets hope Renney decides that it better to rest him now than have him going out again later. He might not be the best Dman, but he dose well, so its better to have him 100% than 80% for the rest of the season.

  37. Inferno, thanks. I wasn’t trying to challenge you, just understand why you were saying you didn’t think he could cut it.

    kovy — weren’t you one of the folks saying Immonen couldn’t cut it either? Or maybe I’m mistaken about that. Baranka or Girardi, I could actually care less, I just would like to see one or both of them instead of Malik and the Raccoon.

  38. wildcard, I am so tired of your Renney excuses.
    as in your earlier post.
    wildcard says””””These vets are helping the Rangers regain some of the lost respect around the NHL””””””””””

    they just embarrassed themselves on national TV in Canada, HNIC. Don Cherry ripped Renney. the fans on the TSN board ripped Renney, and laughed at the rangers. so they are NOT regaining respect. and the proof of it is the Canadian media seldom talks about the rangers, except to deride them.

    the lack of respect wasn’t just about the standings in years past, but more about the front office follies. throwing money at washed up big names, spending the league into inflationary trouble, hurting TV ratings by having a joke team in the biggest market, hiring flunky coaches who have to be Sather puppets to get the job. and on and on.

    but you seem to be in the Ovaltine commercial, only replace it with Renney Kool-aid.

  39. no i said immo cant cut it as a real second line center in this league and i still feel that way. i think he’d be a perfect fouth line center though. i just don’t think he’s got the wheels. and imo other than the quiet points he’s pickedup i don’t really see anything wrong with that assessment

  40. 4Rangers: Thats funy…the Canadian media would rip an 82-0 Rangers as a bad team because they didnt get all shutouts, so lets leave the canadian meadia out of it. Before the lockout the Rangers were seen as a team to go and make money and retire from. NOW there are palyers who think the Rangers have a chance to do good things, teams dont look at their sheduale and mark off wins against the Ragners, against te Rangers there are no more “easy wins” that is respect from around the NHL, and vets liek Jagr, Streaka , Nylander, and others have done that, NOT kids, Lundqvist of course had a part of that, but if it wasnt for the top vets on the Ragners the other teams would still look at the Rangers as an easy win. If you bring kids into an enviorment that they are expected to lose that isnt good, now when a kid comes into the Rangers lockerroom, he feels like he is comeing into a winning eviorment, becasue the Rangers are winning alot more that they used to, and in MOST games they have a chance, things may not always work out becauser the team stil has problems, but there is a chance that with some changes the can go far. If you think that this team dosnt have ALOT more respect than 3 seasons ago you havnt been paying attention to whats hapeneing.

  41. frankly I am tired of Rangers “Fans” who only have negative things to say, a team that finaly made the palyoffs, and who gave us a great season, now a team who is fighting for the top, not fighting for 8th…or even 13th…A team that has worked hard to overcome a string of bad teams who were paid to much for their output of wins and losses. People who say they are Rangers fans, who really are WOlfppack fans aparently, becasue they want to see all the Pack palyers in New York, and somehow think that they will do better than the vets the Rangers have, a rebuild is NOT about putting young palyers ont he Roster, its aobut having the young player develope so that the Vets dont have to be resigned, or can be traded. People copair the Ragners to the Pens, well NO team has had the recent or ever had a draft record liek theres recently. Every teams fans wished they could have got the palyers that the Pens have got in the draft, but they cant. The Rangers do need to get some top line guys in the draft…but they in recnt years shored up goaltending, and Defense through the draft, they will ahve an abundance of 3rd and 4th line players and some may become 2nd line players and MAYBE 1 will become a good first line guy. Those 3rd and 4th line guys are important to team succcess….and hopefully the Rangers can get a good 1st line palyer in this draft or one of the next two. But for those who think that by tradeing a vet they can get a pick high enough to get a sure thing, or to trade for a sure thing are wrong, not in todays cap system, teams will hold those guys, and it would cost the Rangers way to much to get one…so untill they can develpope one get used to vets.

  42. kovy27 : I actuly think that if the Rangers can get a good 2nd line center, that Immo should move to the third line. I tihnk he is better than 4th line…and he would bring some offense to the third line, and he s good enough defensivly with being a smart palyer, that he could help on the 3rd line. I agree that he isnt a true 2nd line center, not bad, but not a true 2nd line guy. But he is good enogh for now, and a better option than Cullen IMHO. I just dont know who the rangers can get withough tradeing away to muc youth..

  43. try to peddle your pablum to someone else,’cause I ain’t buyin’.

    the Rangers are still trying to regain respect from their OWN FANS, let alone the Canadian media. or haven’t you read the posts here, or heard the chants at MSG?

    or how about the NY media? where they now are relegated to no-respect status by papers not even willing to send a full-time beat reporter to cover them on the road. get real.

  44. 4Rangers : I talk to SO MANY rangers fans who are happy with what the rangers are doing right now…are they totally happy with every little thing??NO but even Canes fans last yeras wanted changes and Buffalo fans dont like every little thing. The chants at the Garden??? who cares…they dont cahnt the sames things during Rangers wins..its called fans…Buffalo fans get ont heir team when they lose at do the Ducks fans, the Devils fans as well…so lets not pretend that the Rangers are alone in that. Some people…you included…wouldnt be happy if the Ranger won the cup this season, you would be mad that they didnt use enough youth…its a joke.its silly, and “fans” like you should stop trying to bring everyone down with you peddy crap. The team win 5 strieght…but they didnt dominate every other team so they suck right…or is it because Malik isnt a top two defender so the Ragners suck, or is it becasue the Penguins got top picks, so the rangers suck, or is it becasue not all the Rangers prospects turn out to bve supperstars, or what?? What is really funny is that you as well as other sthink that I love everything about the Rngers becasue I say they arnt the worst team in the NHL like you seem to think and hope for. I m upsert about many things, but they are more than one or two things that a team has to do in order to win and be a team that can win over years…its not as simple as you seem to think it is.

  45. “”””””””””””People who say they are Rangers fans, who really are WOlfppack fans aparently, becasue they want to see all the Pack palyers in New York, and somehow think that they will do better than the vets the Rangers have, a rebuild is NOT about putting young palyers ont he Roster, its aobut having the young player develope “”””””””

    well ain’t that grand. you consider Ranger young players nothing but minor league fodder to “develop” forever in Hartford, but they have no business on the Ranger roster. and a rebuild is then just a cosmetic coverup for Satherspeak. “Future Blue” is just fan-appeasing malarkey to you. and fans who actually want a homegrown hustling team are just Wolfpack lovers.

  46. Anthony (Abev) on

    4rangers: Educate us about the “chants” at MSG. You mean the “Let’s go Rangers” ?

    I just don’t get why you waste the energy to be a Rangers fan? Isn’t there something else you could be doing that you enjoy?

  47. you mean like the mocking, critical chants from fans leaving the game to Sather, as Brad reported.

    Or the “we want Leetch” chants during the game, by unhappy fans.

  48. Sam

    Can you tell me why Prucha was switched off Jagr’s line last night after he scored? Is there a coach’s move in there that I can’t see? I was very confused by Renney removing Prucha from the Jagr line and being replaced by Straka after Prucha scored.

  49. When the Devils and Isles play the games in hand they have the Rangers may not be in third or even eighth place for that matter. The Caps are only 3 points back and they have two games in hand.

    After 7 years of absolute sucking we have one good year and people want everyone to forget about the past seven. That ain’t gonna happen. Seven years doesn’t get a bye in my book.

    I want the Ranger prospects to get the chance to play. The chance to play and be better than what we have in the lineup right now. That makes me a Ranger fan and i’m not talking about replacing Jagr etc I’m talking about guys like Malik and rachunek and Hossa guys who can be replaced by kids. The Rangers just got destroyed over the weekend and the only reason they won vs Dallas was because of HL. If the D gave up 45 shots in the thirty second game of the year to an offensively challenged team such as Dallas it is not a good sign.

  50. Wildcard:

    “People who say they are Rangers fans, who really are WOlfppack fans aparently, becasue they want to see all the Pack palyers in New York, and somehow think that they will do better than the vets the Rangers have, a rebuild is NOT about putting young palyers ont he Roster, its aobut having the young player develope”

    How the hell can they develop if they don’t get tested against NHL competition and prove that they have the ability to play at that level or that they don’t?

    Let me let the cat out of the bag and reveal a secret – first, they have to be on the roster and second they’ve got to play in order to do so.

    PS – Because I like the Wolf Pack (two words, btw), I’m not a Rangers fan even though I want to see the young wannabes (most of whom are signed to NHL contracts and prefer Schoenfeld, Gernander and Dagneault over Sather and his clown college?

    Do you even remember that it was Sather (through his mouthpiece Maloney who represented that there’s a development program underway? (I suppose we were supposed to understand it was for a duration of one-year.

    Whatever success (if losing the last handful of regular season games and being swept out in the 1st round is is defined as “success.” it came because of Lundqvist standing on his head and Jagr powering the offense (with an unexpected contribution by Prucha who seems to have become under Renney, “yesterday’s news.”

    You want to put your faith in Sather & Company?

    Be my guest.

  51. wild

    The Rangers aren’t getting anywhere near the cup this season playing all vets or all youth so why not play some youth? Worry they may lose 9-2 and then 6-1?

  52. wild

    One more thing the Pens draft record was matched and surpassed by the early 1990’s Quebec Nordiques. Look up who they drafted.

  53. The canadian media is sees hockey in one way….the leafs are the best team and only team in the nhl. Look at the ducks, the only time that you hear anything about them in Canada, and I do live there, is if its about Pronger and why he left edmonton. The media here is more concerned about how well a 4th line forward called up from the AHL for toronto is playing then how any of the teams in the US are. TSN = Toronto Sports Network and CBC will only play leaf games. Its pathetic.

    The Rangers had a bad game against the leafs, and then had to play less than 24 hours later without 2 of their top forwards and a depleted defense core. If some of their players can get back in the line up against NYI, then it will all be good.

    And its nice to see OZO gone.

  54. we see the games on NHL center ice. and TSN and CBC do not just cover the leafs. we see the games of ALL canadian teams. they have doubleheaders on HNIC on Sat. like Habs-Leafs folowed by Edm,-Calgary or Det. at Van.

    of course they seldom show the Calif. teams, because most of their games are in the pacific time zone, and those 10 p.m. games are reserved for canadian teams home schedule like Van, Edm, & Cal.

  55. Mark : Two words by the way..oh Im sorry..yeah I forget the space…but let me tll you..I was number 375 to get season ticketys to the pack when I lived outh ere…so dont lecture me about the spelling OK. And players dont have to play in the NHL in their 2nd year to be developed…what Pack players have been palying for more than one year that deserve a shot in the NHL over the players there??? I bet you cant come up with many…and it would be long shots. You let palyters develope a year or two , or even 3, thats how teams develope…you dont just put them in the NY lineup jsut because they are young.4Rangers: I never said the Rangers kids dont belong on the roster…but as rookies or dsecond year pro guys there is a reason they were scheduled to start the year in Hartford and the Ragners got vets to fill holes. If you remember I wanted Immo to be the 2nd line ceter and Cullen the 3rd line center, I didnt mind the Hall trade becasue I thought that was what the Ragners were going to do, I thought getting a little bigger on wing and help for the 2nd P unit, as well as improveing the offensive from the 3rd line. I wasnt happy with Immo being sent down…or with Pock on the sidelines in favor of Ozo. But to have people saying that guys like Dawes, after only 1 year in the minors and no NHL experiance, or Calahan whos a rookie, should have been basicly handed spots because they are young I am confused, before it was players were rushed when they didnt have time to develope, that was in years past, Guys like Malholtra, and than now players should be put in the lineup just because they are young regardless o how ready they are.

  56. Wildcard you are not only the worst Ranger fan of all time but the most clueless, nothing you post ever and I mean ever makes an ounce of sense.

  57. Man I love polyannas like Anthony and Wildcard telling real fans how to react to horrible loses. I mean every post is how dare you question Sather and Renney? Who cares that the kids don’t play cheer mindlessly no matter what no matter the score no matter the situation. I swear the team could lose 25 in a row and wildcard would still see no evil.

  58. Calgary Flames 4th line is Jamie Lundmark, Jeff Friesen, and Darren McCarty.

    the announcer said they are called the “zero line” because not one of them has a goal this year.

  59. 4Rangers
    CBC double header is always leafs for the first game unless you live in quebec….even if its like a leafs vs florida game. But you notice that the second game is either van, cal, or edm? So why can’t they do the same things with the first game…show either habs, leafs or sens? Makes sense doesnt it?
    And as far as TSN, they even have a link so you can see why they are playing toronto games? How T.O. sided is that?

  60. they are interested in ratings, like any TV station. I didn’t say they showed all teams EQUALLY, I said they showed all the teams.

    you wrote….””TSN = Toronto Sports Network and CBC will only play leaf games. “”””

    also many of the Edm. games and Cal. games are on Rogers sportsnet. As I told you, we see all those networks down here too on the NHL package.

    they have the NHL package up there too, you can see any game you want.


    SLAM SPORTS: David W. Unkle reports sources tell Slam! Sports that Philadelphia Flyers forward Petr Nedved might be heading to the New York Rangers as part of a multi-team deal rather than returning to Europe after being waived by the Flyers. Nedved claimed over the weekend to have heard similar rumours but Flyers GM Paul Holmgren denied knowledge of such a deal whilst the Rangers claimed to be unaware of any deals.

    Spector’s Note: Hat tip to Paul Kukla over in his Korner. We’ll find out soon enough if there’s anything to this.

  62. It took Flyers about 10 games to decide that Nedved needs to be waived, took Rangers 34 games to decide to waive Ozolinsh (and that is with Kasparaitis and Pock being healthy scratches) hockey IS different here. Let’s see how long it takes them to put Orr on waivers.

  63. while i absolutely 100% DO NOT want petr nedved here, his numbers are a tad bit misleading. the guy is a scoring rushing forward, hes not a shut down defensive forward they forced him to be. its like asking jagr to kill penalties. he wouldnt be any good at it either.

    again, i DO NOT want nedved here, but i wouldnt look too closely at those numbers of his.

  64. uh, sad but it looks like i’m gonna check this blog less frequently since ozo is gone. i know guys you want best for your team, so no bad feelings, just sad you did not see best of him, or even when he played well last year, it was not enough. ozo’s a great player just too emotional, and when czech dressing room takes over, i guess its not a lollypop for anyone. so good luck, and i hope you get a good team one day like jersey or islanders.

  65. Maybe we should have Isiah coach a few of the Rangers games — we might actually get some grit. And Renney could take the Knicks — he knows all about leaning on exhausted vets.

    Man, I hope Pock gets a shot.

  66. Nedved has been on waivers twice in the last month or less than that and no one wants him. If Sather is that stupid to make a TRADE FOR him, we’re in serious trouble.

  67. It would certainly be a lot more fun to watch the Ranger games if they dressed Nedved. And by “Nedved” I mean Mrs. Nedved…

  68. well i could see them not taking him on waivers and making a deal instead because they could send a bad contract the other way. say like a nedved/kaspar swap or something of that nature. its a horrible idea to bring nedved in here though he’s got about 14 15 goals total over the last 4 years just horrible.

  69. 4Rangers
    I know they have the NHL package up here, I have it.
    But what you don’t see is that CBC is a federal government ran tv/radio station, as a federally corporation they should be delivering services to all of Canada, not just the GTA (greater toronto area). It would only be in their best interest to be showing more of the eastern conference canadian teams. They show each of the west coast teams, even thou vancouver is a larger market, so why not show more of the habs and sens games?
    and plus TSN does stand for toronto sports network – the panels and sports discussion shows are always dominated by toronto sports.

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