Was it all a mirage?


Did the Rangers really win five straight games prior to tonight? And if so, which high school JV teams did they beat?

OK, low blow. Truth is, this is exactly the sort of game you risk getting after winning five straight. Not that anyone saw anything this bad coming. But if the Rangers came into tonight even on a two-game winning streak, there’s no way they’d take their foot off the pedal in such resounding fashion.

Look on the bright side: it’s not like this game is being broadcast to millions of homes all over Canada.

Meanwhile, why did Tom Renney wait until the third period to pull Henrik Lundqvist? We’ll have to wait until the game is over for his official explanation. But I’m assuming it goes back to what happened two weeks earlier against the Islanders. If Lundqvist wanted out before then, he would have gotten it. But maybe the goaltender had something to prove about playing through adversity.

That, at least, is my semi-educated guess.

Oh well. If the Rangers were worried about what to get the Maple Leafs for Christmas, they apparently came up with something…

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  1. Sam,

    QUICK! Shut down the comments section! Do it now while you still have a chance.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you. :)

    Stay tuned for drama, sarcasm, and over reaction. In 3-2-1.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, you’re going to regret your post, big time.

    PS, can you get us more info on the Cullen knee situation?

  3. OK, so what lineup changes do we all see for the Devils game tomorrow and maybe even the Isles game on Tuesday? I say Prucha goes back in the lineup and gets given some meaningful time on the 2nd line or even Jagr’s line. The defense was atrocious, why isn’t Tomas Pock up here yet? I am a big Renney fan, but I don’t understand what he has done with the whole Pock-Kaspar-Ozo debacle. Plus, Colton Orr must be bribing Renney because nobody else can see why Renney plays him. I mean Orr couldn’t even win a fight tonight. Can Sather make a trade for a tough guy who can actually win a fight maybe? Oh yeah, and when does Ortmeyer come back, because we need some damn enthusiasm after tonight’s disaster.

  4. sam first question to ask renney

    why would you leave your 24 year old franchise goalie in that long for this beating?

    how is cullen

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Prucha will be on the second line because Cullen blew out his knee at the end of the 2nd. Cullen is done for at least a few weeks if it was even remotely bad. Knee injuries are terrible.

  6. I would not be at all surprised if Henrik goes on a several game losing streak because of this. Sorry, but you dont put your YOUNG franchise goalie in a situation like that. I feel like a broken record here, but Renney continues to show his ineptitude in handeling the youth in this Organization.

    I hear the next game he plans on making Prucha skate in the nude to teach him some mental toughness.

  7. Don Cherry just ripped Renney for leaving Henrik in the game. just what several of us here have said. He was kneed in the head by Pohl, and should have been pulled, but Renney cared more about Weekes and tomorrow night, than Henrik.


    Renney decided to sit Prucha again. That is such a BAD coaching move. This kid needs to be on an offensive line all night ,every night for him to produce. I hope Renney doesn’t sit him instead of 3 or 4 other Rangers forwards who add little or no value even during a 5 game winning streak. Now is the time to move Prucha up. The LUXURY of having won 5 in a row allows for experimenting with Prucha on the offensive lines. With 3 games in 4 nights against tough opponents. Now is Prucha’s chance. I hope Renney doesn’t blow it by scratching him.
    I wanted the Rangers to lose 10-0 tonight. Do you know why? Because it’s in Toronto. It means Hockey Night in Canada is there. It means Renney can’t hide the fact that he has a difficult time motivating,deciding who should play,and changing his mind during a period. It means all the Real Hockey world will talk about the Prucha situation. (which Hockey Night in Canada did between the 1st and 2nd period with Larry Brooks and 3 HNIC announcers) They will ask the questions that the blogsters ask. Renney will be exposed finally.
    What a disgrace. To lose 9-2 in the Hockey mecca. I hope the Rangers get there act together and call up Callahan with Ortmyer.

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Inferno, if you want to go check out what I wrote you in response its up there at Sam’s last article. Basically, if you make your case with facts about hockey, which is what I’ve seen you do, that’s cool – so I think you kind of caught the crossfire of my post. You were the cherry on top of all the previous Rangers bashing.

    And, i just checked out your Rangers site for the first time…and noticed your response to me is the cover post. Id oddly flattered. hahahaha.

    But, yea my post was aimed more at people who hope Henrik asks to be traded (what an assanine thing to say), insult other fans with name-calling, defame the character and integrity of players/coaches, and start a fight with anyone who doesn’t want Tom Renney’s (or Glenn Sather’s) scalp.

  10. Ok, good, i can live with that. But ive been accused of being a cynic (surprisingly as often as ive been accused of being a sunshiner) and im tired of the mediocrity being tolerated.

    I agree though, hating for hatings sake is just as foolish as drinking the Ranger Kool Aid.

    Im not a hater, but I simply can not stand foolish hockey. Ill take 3-2 losses all day long where my team plays hard than 5-2 wins like we saw in Dallas where we just didnt show up and still won.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    *don’t get me wrong. My last post wasn’t in support of Renney (I’ve said I think Hitch or Murray should have been hired) but some people just want to start fights here when you mention Tom Renney’s name in a sentence that doesn’t include a derogetory comment or if you don’t end the sentence with “…should be fired.”

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Totally agree, inferno. Without a doubt.

    PS: I read your page too to just get an idea about your thoughts on hockey and I told a friend on the phone about an hour ago that the Rangers played like crap in Ottawa. I actually think that was probably Lundqvists best game of the year, better than Dallas as the quality of shots were even better in Ottawa.

    Granted…Ottawa did miss the net on almost 20 shots.

  13. Yeah, I thought they played like crap against the sens as well, I didnt get a chance to do a writeup because of family stuff, but i agree, they played like crap, and got very very lucky.

    Really theres only been about 3 or 4 games where i can say the rangers played 60 minutes of smart hockey. Not good hockey, not gritty hockey, just plain old smart hockey, where you make the obvious, smart, and safe plays.

    1 was against the devils earlier in the year, and the sharks and ducks games.

    Other than that, i dont think ive seen a consistent 60 minutes of intelligent hockey all year from this team.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I thought their best game of the year was actually in Atlanta. They won 4-2 or 5-2 in November. It was the game they got physically thrown around but their hockey was sound.

  15. Yeah, the atlanta was another one of those games, i remember that for a fact because i wanted to go (i live in atlanta) but couldnt because of family stuff (again)

    but to me the best game the rangers have played all year long was the first meeting against the Devils. They played smart, 60 minute hockey. The Devils played great that night, but the Rangers were very very very VVVEERRRYYY smart in their decision making in that one.

  16. >>Oh well. If the Rangers were worried about what to get the Maple Leafs for Christmas, they apparently came up with something…

  17. I think at the end of the game the Rangers should have started one big melee, and once they each had hold of a Leaf, given them all big sloppy kisses.
    Why should the Rangers keep the FLU all to themselves?

  18. lol

    i love saying “this is a game we should just forget about” and usually in games like this, its true, but sadly the trends and problems we saw exploited tonight were NOT an aberration but actually the norm. We simply did not get the goaltending to hide these deficiencies that we usually do. Sadly i think this team really needs to get spectacular goaltending on a nightly basis to win, since the coach seems totally unwilling to show any sort of accountability with his team.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Inferno, to me that doesn’t seem very different from last year – especially at least the end (last 20-25 games). When Hank faltered, the team lost as happened last 6 games of season and in the playoffs. Only difference is that Jagr has a better accomplice than Sykora to help with some scoring and the team is in the form it had when they lost 10 games straight.

  20. Yep. and i can almost live with it, (us being a 2 man team, jagr and lundqvist) but what i dont like is that the team just doesnt play smart. *sigh*

    i think im done for today, gotta get my head out of this depressed “wallowing” feeling its in.

  21. OOPS!!! Oh well. If the Rangers were worried about what to get the Maple Leafs for Christmas, they apparently came up with something

  22. Wow, the anti-Renney sentiment is really heating up. I totally agree with it. Wonder how the pro-Renney boards (Rodent’s and Bird’s) feel about it now?

  23. Game like tonight was coming and I worry that bad games, bad efforts, bad play is going to continue. Sorry but that is how I see this team D first, deeply flawed. Hope I’m wrong but 45 shots to Dallas and 9 goals tonight. Yikes.

  24. Devils have lost three straight games are always up for games vs the Rangers, and after tonight’s debacle it could get ugly.

  25. Sather really knows how to build a winner doesn’t he!!

    We’re stuck with him as long as Dolan is running things.

  26. the 2 young Ranger heroes of last season both had their confidence battered tonight by misuse by team mgmt.

    Prucha was scratched for an “enforcer” who got his clock cleaned. and King Henrik got the Roy-al treatment by his coach.

    Is that the future blue commitment they were talking about.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Now now, we don’t know what happened with Henrik yet, so before the mob forms, maybe it was HL’s request to stay out there. you never know. probably not though. So get the mob organized, but just wait until the official word before you march.

    And I’ve been saying it all along about Orr not being able to fight his way out of a paper bag. I’d rather have Isbister than Orr. At least I could take pleasure at the though of him as an Islander taking a beating. Because he still is one in my head.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Look, the sky isn’t falling from the loss. Lots of teams lose a big loss, even the best ones. Let’s see how they react from it tomorrow. If they come out flat again, after this beating, then I’ll officially say there’s a problem. I bet 4Rangers, lenny, chardkerm, and co’s mouths are watering at the thought of me saying the team is in trouble.

  29. Doodie

    “I bet 4Rangers, lenny, chardkerm, and co’s mouths are watering at the thought of me saying the team is in trouble.”

    Hate to tell you but you are completely wrong. I would rather Renney/Sather & co fix things so the team is a Styanley Cup winner.

    That’s the problem with some of you who can’t face the situation confronting this team, you use the excuse that myself and the others you mentioned plus quite a few more want to see the Rangers fail. You do that because you can’t face that we might be right but get this straight son, I want the Rangers to win every game they play, got that??

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think you want them to fail. I think we’re all here collectively because we want them to succeed. It’s just that some of us think that management should go and others aren’t sold on it. I, for one, am not sold on it. But I’m close.

  31. Hey Doodie, I think I misread your post. Getting late and sometimes my brain gets fuzzy.

    I thought you were saying that myself and the others you mentioned were watering at the thought of the Rangers being in trouble. Skipped over the part where you said that it was you thinking they were in trouble that you we were watering about.

    Welcome aboard if you wish to board. :)

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll see after tomorrow. If they don’t look good tomorrow, then there is trouble. A loss like this doesn’t say much. Things can snowball pretty quickly and get ugly. It’s how the team comes back from it that says something about their character. That’s why tomorrow is so important.

    Any official word on Cullen? He was just starting to turn things around too.

  33. Its one loss…I know it was a big one…but it was one loss…I didnt see anyone cheering that the Sabers had fallen and would never get up after loseing 7-4 against teh Capitals…but wait, that would fit…this is Ranger bash land..I forgot. Anyway, no Rangers had a good game…some lineup changes need to be made…I say Orr out for sure, he isnt brining anything. Put Prucha ni, but dont just paly him on the bottom lines…get a him a shift aor 5 on the top two lines…put him with SHanny and Immo for a few shifts, let him out on the top PP unit one or twice, get his energy in the game. But otherwise, not much you can do, Toronto did everything right and teh Rangers did it all wrong…that hapens…but if you saw teh Leafs feed, you would have seen Lundqvist on the Bench laughing and talking to some kid in the 3rd period…he didnt looka ll that upset…hes a pro, he knows there will be bad nights and good, he will be fine. I thought he shoud have been pulled as well, but since we wernt in the locker room, well, lets not comment on what Renney decided to do, maybe teh King wanted to stay in to see if he could get going, I mean, after teh 1st there wasnt much need to try to get teh win…it wasnt going to happen…I think Pock shoudl get in as well, but let him play a couple more game sin Hartford to get his game legs back, also SOMETHING has got to give, a trade or some thing is going to HAVE to happen soon. I think it all Depends on Immo…he had an OK game tongiht amongst a group that played horrid..so maybe they make a trade around him staying

  34. those last two posts (as well as the last psots name) are not needed or wanted here. Hopeing for a blowout, pissing on graves??? Hanging by balls…what is the matter with you people?? For onw…its a gome, and for the other thing, teh Rangers have won 5 of tehir last 6 and this was only teh 2nd time in like 12 or 13 games that they didnt get a point…yeah it was a bad loss, but step back from the edge…you dont have to jump…and NO ranger fan would wish teh Rangers get blown out by the Devils…not for any reason.

  35. I feel so bad for lundqvist. Im sure he’ll recover but thats such a brutal beating he took. As if 8 goals was not enough he takes a knee to the head after one.

    I however feel equally as bad for Prucha, if not worse. Play the damn kid. His talent hasn’t and wont just disappear, everyone but Renney can tell.

    It’s the first time I’ll openly say that i am disgusted with Renney.

  36. Henrik Lundqvist is a professional athlete and a world class goalie who has won a gold medal and a Swedish championship and has been playing since he was a small child. Why does everyone need to act as if Renney and this game should be enough to rattle him so badly that he can’t play again and would ask for a trade? That’s absurd. If letting 8 goals in, and being left in, ruins his career than good riddance (and I think he’s awesome and hope he stays for a decade). I would have pulled him personally, but still…let’s give Henrik a little more respect as an athlete, as a pro, and as a man. He’s not a six year-old girl…

    Christ, the Rangers win a couple and everyone who predicted anything that went right want credit for saying it and start celebrating their genius, and the Rangers lose one and it’s as if the Titanic just hit an iceberg. Can’t we at least wait to see the ramifications of any one game instead of just guessing what they’ll be and screaming as if something permanent has happened. It’s not April…

  37. Lotus: I dont think Renney thinks that Pruchas tallent has gone away…thats the point of him sitting…he isnt palying with that tallent, he is aplying likte he dosnt know what to do out there, and not playing to his strengths…hopefuly he gets a shot soon and gets back to his game and gets going…if not that Maybe last year was a one time thing, or a few times thing and not the norm. I dont think so..but it could be….

  38. You know, Renney said last night that this team was a “developing team.” Can someone tell me what this exactly means? In my vernacular, a “developing team” means you are bringing in young players to mesh well with the veterans.

  39. gotta play lundqvist today can’t let him sit and dwell on last night speaking as a goaltender i know i’d be HAPPY that there was a game today and would want to get right back in there. but alas renney will start weekes and if we win he’ll ride weekes because he has no confidence in his GOOD young players even henke.

  40. More deception by Renney. This job he has is too overwhelming for him.

    Actually, off the ice, Renney can be a nice guy. Never forget how he stopped the team bus leaving Lake George because he saw a kid crying. Bought the kid on the bus and he got autographs and handshakes from all the players. What a thrill for that little guy.

    Tom should be a kindergarten teacher, he relates well to kids….except the ones developing in the Ranger system. :(

  41. Well at least this one can not be blamed on Prucha– though i could just see it now..

    Renney: Hey Petr, i can not beleive you did not clap loud enough when kaspar scored that goal.
    Prucha: Sorry coach, i will try to give a better effort next time.


    and why, with a 7 goal hole, would shanny be killing a penalty with 1 minute left??? do we really want him to block a shot and break an ankle?? i was cringing the entire time (After the nauseau of course)

  42. John M: Hartford likes to win games as well..and it dosnt sound like Montoya is getting it done…but thats jsut what I hear, and the stats seem to back it up.. EVERYONE CALM DOWN!! Since when did Renney show he has no confidence in Lundqvist?? After giving up 4 on 8 shots?? After starting slow?? COme on, and Renney dosnt blame losses on Kids, you just assume that he hates young players cause he uses his vets…well REALITY CHECK his job is to win PERIOD! and I think MOST of the time he dose things that give the Rangers that best chance , thats why they sit atop to Division…not because other teams arnt palying well, dont use that stupid excuse, but because the Rangers are playing good enough to win…you can bring up things about a re-build all you want, but once a season starts, and when not making traded a team wants to win, and whatever when teams are winning you stick to it. Rangers have won 5 of their last 6, and have had points and like 11 of 13 or something like that…so why dont you Lay off the coach who seems to be doing a HELL of alot better that any recent Rangers coach.

  43. Wildcard you are delusional about Renney and please use spell check, it’s tough trying to read your posts.

  44. Kool Aid Patrol on

    I bet several people posting here pro-Sather and pro-Renney are actually employees of the MSG PR department trying to calm the fans down.

  45. Pock would look good on D right about now. Could not be worse than what we have and he’s young unlike the stiffs that play every night.

    Rachunek was on for 5 against last night. When is Hossa going to do anything? Or Hall? But bench Prucha yea that makes sense. This is getting bad.

  46. Kool-aid patrol. that’s a good one. I was going to change my name to “Nattering Nabob of Negativism” but it takes too long.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    tsalad mysteriously returns only when the Rangers lose.

    Wildcard, type your post in MS Word or something like that, run spell check on it, then copy and paste.

    Like I said, tonight is what will be important.

    Any word on Cullen yet?

  48. Doodie, that’s a cheap shot and totally wrong. If you have to resort to that type of deception, you are scared that your love of Ranger management is a myth and can’t face it.

    Thought you were better than that.

  49. Tom Renney is the GREATEST coach the Rangers have ever had. Glen Sather is the GREATEST GM the Rangers have ever had. Jr. Dolan is the GREATEST owner the Rangers have ever had.

    the foregoing was a paid political announcement

    now back to your regular programming

  50. doodie

    Whatever. So sorry if pointing out that Prucha getting benched is a mistake, You see otherwise? You shouldn’t need me to point out to you that the Rangers have problems and are not that good of a team. They did more than lose last night they got destroyed. The Isles also beat them what 7-3. Good teams don’t have nights like that.

  51. doodie

    Yea i posted after the Stars game. That good enough for you or does that fact just get in the way of you being a tool?

  52. Wildcard you are delusional about Renney and please use spell check, it’s tough trying to read your posts.

    and please use reality check too.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Cheap shot? Deception? I’m just saying I havem’t seen tsalad post for a while and its strange that he isn’t around when the team wins.

    tsalad: sorry I missed your Dallas post. I agree that Prucha shouldn’t be benched. However, I think Orr is the mistake well before Hossa or Hall. At least those two guys kill penalties. What does Orr do, lose fights, if he fights at all?

    good teams, in fact, do have nights like that. I posted some from other teams at the top, such as the ducks, Sabres, Sharks, and Atlanta(who, by the way, were creamed by the Isles last night). Sometimes things just don’t go your way and snowball really quickly. Tonight is important because it will really reveal the character of the team.

  54. leafsforever13……….
    HORRIBLE coaching by Tom Renny. Lundqvist should have been pulled after the thrid goal. You should not treat a young superstar goaltender like that, I don’t care what your excuses are. Renny gave this game to the leafs on a silver platter. O’Neill played a great first period. Belak had a nice fight. Good to see him being aggressive instead of his typical defensive fights. Nice to see Welly finishing off so many plays! Still loving Carlo, Hope Tucker is okay… Go Leafs!

    LOL ummm…Renny? Haha leaving Lundqvist in there like that. Not good man, not good at all. Excellent game tonight though. We owned them right from the get go…just as it should be! GO LEAFS


    that is from 2 Canadian Leafs fans on the TSN board. so I guess the Ranger fans aren’t alone in their assessment.

  55. Jeeze. I just got back from a trip overseas and would’ve thought this team is at the bottom of the division by some of these posts, especially those suggesting Lundqvist might ask for a trade after one poor outing and his coach’s decission to stand by him for a second period. On that note, I totally understand Renney’s decission to leave Hank in, not that I agree with it mind you. I’m sure he was hoping the young tender might pull is game together, as would the Ranger offense; 5-1 is not an insurmountable game in today’s NHL. As for Lundqvust and trades, no way, no how. He’s a professional athlete that has demonstrated the temperment of a champion. Champions don’t demand trades after a bad outing. That’s reserved for whinners and loosers.

    This said, I’m more flumoxed by big Tom’s decission to sit Prucha over Orr, who seems to get clubbed like a baby seal everytime he throws the mits down. While Prucha’s play hasn’t been near last year’s level, I think most of his dip in production is that his role on the PP has been assumed by Shanny. And quite sucessfully, might I add. Needless to say, Colton just doesn’t have what it takes to skate with the players he’s iced with.

    Also, this defenseman situation needs to be worked out once and for all. Juggling this many blueliners in the system and on the team is making me buy into a bit of the naysaying about the coaching staff. Ozo should at last be given his walking papers, whether it’s flat out releasing him or moving him as part of a package deal. For what? Lord knows. And the next time the defense is as pourous in front of Hank, I’d send the two worst offenders to Hartford on a conditioning stint to give Patient Thomas Pock his deserved playing time along with maybe Danny Girardi or Ivan Baranka.

    Doubt it will happen, but it would be nice to see Immonen centering Prucha and Shanny. I’ve got a feeling that line would have some teeth.

    Wildcard: screw the spell check; it’s a friggin’ blog. I can read your posts just fine ;)

  56. “Champions don’t demand trades after a bad outing. That’s reserved for whinners and loosers.”

    speaking of spell check. Patrick Roy didn’t demand a trade because of a bad outing. He demanded a trade because his coach kept him in the game to absorb more abuse. he then went to Colorado and led them to a Stanley cup. some “looser”,eh.

  57. —Maybe Kool Aid, but don’t they have to be able to spell before being hired???

    maybe they are spelling like that on purpose to not seem like they are PR, but Doodie is definitely a PR employee.

  58. Colton Orr lacks basic hockey skills. He cannot skate, pass or shoot. Oh, yeah, he is also a lousy fighter. The Rangers ought to wish him well and send him on his way.

    Hollweg has such heart, I hate to criticize him, but has anyone else watched him and thought, “gosh, he appears to have no clue how to fight”? He appears to start every fight the same way: getting a good hold on his opponent’s sweater, using both hands, such that he is a well-balanced target dead in front of the opponent. He kind of wraps both of his arms around his jousting partner and then gets pummeled upside the head, all the while looking a little confused about how he is supposed to throw a punch while also hanging on to his opponent. Couldn’t someone give him some pointers? Hollweg certainly doesn’t lack heart or energy.

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