Break up the Rangers?


Our research staff at Blog Headquarters has been up all night poring over statistics in a dimly-lit room. Or at least that’s what I’m telling people. The reality is I just came up with this in about 45 seconds over a leisurely cup of coffee:

Of the six opponents the Rangers have faced with at least 40 points, the team is now an impressive 4-2-4. Throw in the two wins over the Devils, and the Rangers are 6-2-4 against teams with at least 36 points.


Start mapping the parade route!


I kid, of course. But what it shows is that the Rangers might soon be worthy of being lumped in with the elite teams in the league. They have already proven themselves capable of skating with anyone. The next part is proving they can beat anyone over the grind of a seven-game series.

Are they there yet? No, probably not. But with their goaltending peaking, and with seven of their last eight goals coming from outside their Big Four of Jagr, Shanahan, Nylander, and Straka, it appears they’re getting closer.

OK, this concludes the rose-colored glasses portion of our program. A few more thoughts:

  • As expected, Jim Dolan fully endorsed the work of Glen Sather in his remarks about the team last night. What we didn’t know is that Tom Renney’s contract was quietly extended through at least next season over the summer. This is telling for a couple of reasons. If we thought some of Renney’s decisions thus far were a reflection of a coach who absolutely needed to win now, we now know he has a little more latitude. Granted, “as the coach said already”:, a disappointing season is still likely to lead to his dismissal. But Renney has at least been given indication he’ll be part of the team’s future as well, and thus might not be coaching as much with his back against the wall.
  • In the where-there’s-smoke-there’s-fire department, “turns out the reports of the Rangers moving their farm team to Brooklyn”: weren’t so far off, after all. Only it wouldn’t be the Hartford Wolf Pack, but their East Coast Hockey League affiliate that could play out of a 2,300 rink at Floyd Bennett Field. This would give the Rangers something akin to what the Philadelphia Flyers have, with all three of the organization’s teams within a tight radius.
  • As I always said, once this team gets Karel Rachunek going, there’s no stopping them. OK, I never said that. But there is something to the fact that the defenseman can afford to come out of his shell a bit when he’s not paired with Sandis Ozolinsh. It’s sad to say, but it’s true, and Rachunek’s two goals last night offered at least some proof.

    OK, that’s all for now. More later…

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    1. Sam – Ruchunek is still terrible in his own end. At best, i can see him and Rosival playing on the PP but other than that, we need 4 other guys who can move opposition players out of the crease, punish them when they come into your zone and can skate. We got nobody like that now. Why not release Malik the Pylon, Ozo and Kasper and bring up Baranka, Girardi and Pock? They can’t be any worse.

      Print this comment out and give it to Renney. :)

    2. hockeymanrangers on

      Ok I have a question about our friend Peter Prucha. What line did he skate on last year that he was so successful??? I can’t remeber where he was last year?? And by the way where is everyone today. I’m thinking that everyone is off from work today so they don’t have to to reply to Sam’s post today. I’m sure you are making Sam very nervous, he may think no one is reading him today

    3. Prucha — Wasn’t he with Rucchin and Sykora?? Speaking of those two plus Moore, they were replaced with Cullen, Shanahan and Hall.

      Hall has been a bust, especially aggravating since he has size but refuses to use it. Cullen is a good skater but a bit stonehanded even though he has 3 goals the last 2 games but Shanahan has been everything you could ask for, the only exception was his “Sandy McCarthy” imitation towards Hatcher the other night, should have cleaned his clock. Only Moore for Hall I would like to have back.

    4. “What we didn’t know is that Tom Renney’s contract was quietly extended through at least next season over the summer. This is telling for a couple of reasons. If we thought some of Renney’s decisions thus far were a reflection of a coach who absolutely needed to win now, we now know he has a little more latitude.”

      So that makes Renney a liar, who gets a contract extension on the back of HL. He’s really adding to his resume.

    5. I dunno about Rachunek and Roszival on the PP. Rosy has been going in deep recently, and having just Rachunek back there would be a disaster. I think the first PP line is fine because Straka is quick enough to make up for Rosy’s mistakes. I’d like to see Tyutin and Ward on the second unit though. If Tyutin can score an empty netter from OUR blue line while under the weather, think of the possibilities. The ideal situation would definitely be getting rid of the dead weight and bringing up some youngens, though I doubt anything like that will happen.

    6. Sam

      I love your blog and just wanted to say thank you for the great work that you are doing. I really enjoy reading it!


      Why don’t you give Rachunek credit where it is due – he is not as bad as you guys think he is. He was best offensive D-man in RSL, so I think with time he will get better and better. He does seem to play better when paired with Kaspar who stay at home D. I mean when you pair two offensive D together is a recipe for disaster= Ozo+Rachunek did not work that well…

      And what performance from Henrik – I mean wow!!! He really did save the game yesterday, since our first line did not play all that well at all. Jagr looked like he was sleeping on his skates- no passion whatsoever. But they still managed to steal the game. And we found our 2nd line center. I like Immonnen more and more – he does have great playmaking ability – which Cullen lacked. This team is really coming together. LETS GO RANGERS!!!

    7. At least Rachunek and Roszival have legs, Malik is a traffic cone. He is always caught flat footed. Unfortunately, so is Kasperitis. In the new NHL skating is by far one of the most important skills to have and these two defensive defensemen do not have it. How are they suppose to keep the likes of Crosby from bum rushing the net if they can’t even skate along side of him?

      Can we please stop picking on Cullen until he at least has a bad game? The guy just came off of two excellent performacnes and we still manage to ask for his head.

      Hall is a dissapointment, I would rather have had Moore, but its not like Moore is a top 6 guy either.

    8. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      Every once in awhile even the blind squirrels find an acorn. It just so happened that 2 blind squirrels hit the mother-load last night (Cullen and Rachunek). But who didn’t love Rachunek laying out Lindros behind the goal-line, hustling his butt off to outskate 2 Dallas players, and then getting that to-the-tape pass which he shelf’d nearly perfectly?

      BTW…and how is Renney a liar? Awefully strong words, did I miss a line or something there. He is very PC and athletically discreet/desceptive (e.g. “its an upper body injury”, or “Yea, its a game-time decision”, or “I really like that Sam Weinman’s journalism”).

      j/k, Sam. Keep up the great work!!

    9. on the 6-2-4 record against teams with 36 points, they are 6-0-2 against teams not named buffalo over 36 points as we went 0-2-2 against the sabres. translation: we can play with anyone in the east besides buffalo.

    10. I thought that was Prucha, who took a flying leap at Lindros behind the net. If it was a different play involving Ruchunek, I guess I missed it. Loved seeing Shanahan plaster somebody behind the Ranger net also.

      Kirill: I did give Ruchunek credit for his offense last night, just don’t think his defensive play is up to par. But what is sad is that it’s better than Malik’s or Ozo’s game back there.

    11. Yea good point Kirill. Nobody here would be disappointed if he turned into a true offensive defenseman the likes of a Bryan McCabe. That was a pretty nice shot on the PP at the end of the game last night.

    12. Yeah, Rachunek does have a good shot. He always seems to put it on net when he actually does shoot. Wasn’t Jagr’s 600th goal from a Rachunek rebound?

    13. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      Lenny, I think you’re responding to me.

      Prucha did take a flying leap at Lindros and did actually fair decently in the David vs. Goliath battle. Although, just prior to Rachunek’s goal he flattened Lindros with (what appeared to be) good contact but a fairly mild hit. Meaning, he hit Lindros flush and Lindros went flying but it didn’t look like Lindros got hit that hard. Maybe he was woozy from Kaspar’s hit and had lost some balance still?? Regardless, Rachunek’s effort that shift was impeccable. (Notice: “…THAT SHIFT…”)

    14. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      *”he flattened Lindros” being Rachunek – who hit Lindros and then skated back up-ice (with good speed) to get open for the Hall pass and SH goal.

    15. I Heart Tom Renney on

      Now Renney’s a liar on top of being the worst coach in hockey history. How do you come up with this crap?

    16. Doodie Machetto on

      If you’ve read what I’ve been saying on this blog the whole season, it’s been about giving players a chance to work. Granted, Cullen and Rachunek finally managed to do something good only after I said that they had enough trial time and had to go. In Cullen’s case it was the next game. Rachunek took two. I’m interested to see if they are turning a corner, especially Cullen.

      However, now that they aren’t the biggest wastes on the team, I turn my attention to Adam Hall. (I would look at Malik, but c’mon, we all know he’s not going anywhere.) Hall has been a disappointment, and other than that game where he had 2 PP goals, useless. He didn’t look half bad on the PK last night, but we didn’t trade Moore for him to kill penalties. I would rather have had Moore to do that. Besides, in less than a week Ortmeyer will be killing penalties again. Now, I know I already used the name Hull in making fun of Cullen (Hullen), but with a name like Hall, you can’t really do much else. So when Jed comes back, I vote for Adam Hull to be the one dropped from the lineup.

    17. Why Renney is full of sh!t.

      From Sam’s talk with Renney on 12/1:

      “Renney also admitted to me he can never get too comfortable in his job. Renney:…if I lose eight in a row, we’ve got a serious problem, and certainly I would personally.”

      The gist of this was that he’s under pressure to win. So, playing to win (because it was thought his contract expires after this season) he’ll do anything he can to save his job, like playing vets who make rookie mistakes and benching rookies for no reason whatsoever. Example: Did Dawes have a fair shot? Why didn’t Immonen make the team out of training camp when he should have? Why is Prucha being sacrificed for wasted like Hall and Hossa and underachievers like Cullen? The defense, I won’t even get into because it’s so ridiculous. So I guess Tom HAD to win, as he intimated to keep his job.

      AND THEN, comes this today. He quietly signed an extension over the summer. That means he’s not under the pressure he said he was under. He could gives some kids a chance to crack the lineup. Kids like Pock, Baranka, Dawes, Immonen. But that’s not what’s happening. Like I said, Immo should have been here from game one, but was a victim of the double-standard. SO, in effect, Renney lied about his situation as presented. Therefore, IMO, he’s a liar. And I’ll add, gutless. A company man member of the Sather old boys club. And the whole old boys club can get down on their knees and thank Henrik Lundqvist for their jobs and extensions.

    18. ck:

      I’m still LMAO after reading your post about why the Rangers draft well in the late rounds. I’m not sure how many other posters here got the cake reference but I sure did. Classic stuff.

      Just so people don’t get too upset, let’s just say Renney is an obsfuscator. Sounds nicer than liar. Maybe Sam can ask him sometime why he obfuscates so much. I wonder if Renney will know what he’s talking about.

    19. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      1. We ASSUMED he meant that!!! He would have to have said “if I don’t win, I won’t have a contract next year” to in fact be a liar.

      2. And, did you even read Sam’s work?
      “If we thought some of Renney’s decisions thus far were a reflection of a coach who absolutely needed to win now, we now know he has a little more latitude. Granted, as the coach said already, A DISAPPOINTING SEASON IS STILL LIKELY TO LEAD TO HIS DISMISSAL.” – i’ve capitalized in case you selectively didn’t read that.

      3. Read how you like into the man’s words, but if he says he could have a problem, “personally,” it might just mean that he would think of himself as doing a bad job and being a bad coach. Could it not? The man could still be on thin-ice with the team if they go south, could he not? Sometimes (and this might be news to you) but your interpretation isn’t always the right one and when you call someone out and say they’re a liar you sure as hell better be right. Thats just plain wrong, bro.

      The personal vendetta’s in some of these “fan” (and I use the term loosely) postings are such a waste of time for people that actually know hockey and care about this team.

    20. Doodie:

      Maybe Hall should go, he certainly hasn’t done much. However, I would rather have him around than Hossa and J. Ward. At least Hall has shown some willingness to throw the body around (not as much as I’ve liked but some). Hossa and J. Ward seem to be allergic to throwing big checks. Watch these guys closely sometime and you’ll notice that when they have an opportunity to hit someone, they usually pull up and just nudge them or tie them up. These are big guys, both well over 6 feet and 200 lbs but they play like finesse players (who can’t score). Give me a third line of Cullen, Hall and Hollweg anytime over these guys and put Prucha back on line 2 where he belongs.

    21. I Heart Tom Renney on

      Wow…you’re the one that’s full of it. How can that quote be taken to be anything more than an analysis of the position of any coach in any major sport? It’s a pat answer, a throwaway line. You’re way too much!!

    22. #1:

      The Rangers have outplayed the Sabres in every game since opening night and managed to lose them all.


      The Rangers get outhustled and outplayed in Philly and Dallas and won both. Is there a moral here? I dunno.


      The Rangers have players all out of place on their team. Nylander is not a #1 center without Jagr. Don’t get me wrong, Nylander is great to have on the team and I love watching him skate, but take away Jagr and Straka and his stats will shrink. Cullen is no #2 center and Hollwegg is a winger who should be pounding bodies not worrying about playing defense and carrying the puck. Colton Orr never fights when he is in the lineup, I mean whats the point?

      #4: best 4th line in the league? Mair, Gaustad and Peters, better than our 2nd line.

    23. Hey Vogs, how have you been? Ever get married?

      I Heart Friggin Renney: Think it’s you that refuses to take off the rose colored glasses, don’t you know when you’ve been scammed?

      Chardkerm has it exactly right. He is a realist as are a lot of us, including myself, on here. Listen and learn.


      Your moniker says it all. Agree with me, the coach, the GM, the owner or you’re not a true fan. Well, my friend, I’ve been a “true blue” Ranger fan for over 40 years. Used to have season ticket before I moved out of N.Y. Y’know that series they’re doing “50 Greatest Moments in MSG History”? Well I’ve been to just about every one of those that have to do with Rangers. Do you want me to list them? O.k., I will…

      Gretzky’s hat trick vs. Fla. in ’97 playoffs
      Eddie Giacomin comes back to MSG as a Red Wing
      Pete Stemkowski’s triple OT goal vs. the Black Hawks
      Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!
      Game 7 vs. Vancouver (plus every other home playoff game that year and I wasn’t even living in N.Y. Do you want to know how much I paid for games 5 and 7 vs. Vancouver? O.k., I’ll tell you. 4 grand.)
      I even saw the Bruins clinch the Cup on MSG ice in ’72.

      Do you want me to continue, because there’s more. O.k., I won’t bore you.

      So, please…Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about hockey or care about the team.

      As far as Renney goes, I interpreted what he said by his past words and actions. They tell me he’s full of sh!t. IMO, he’s a high school coach who’s rode on the backs of HL and Jagr last season until they both burnt out and then he didn’t have a clue about what adjustments he had to make to win. This season, same thing. Jagr, HL and add Shanny. Playoff time? If they make it, same result as last season. You can buy into any kind of b.s. you like, but the way this “brain trust” is running the team, we will never have a future.

      That’s the news. You want the weather and sports?

    25. Drew so the Racoon scores two goals and all of a sudden he’s the next Mccabe? Good lord get a clue.

    26. Twin:

      “Maybe Sam can ask him sometime why he obfuscates so much. I wonder if Renney will know what he’s talking about.”

      Watch out. Tom may be wondering how you know what he does behind the door of his bathroom.

    27. RW&B

      You lawyered that last response to Chardkerm. Hey, both he and I and many others see things differently than you and Doodie to name a couple. Let’s agree that we are all Ranger fans who want to see them do better, we just see the solution differently.

      But you crossed the line, you said Chardkerm was full of crap. Don’t think insulting a contributor here is what this blog is all about. If you don’t agree with him or me or others, say so but leave the namecalling to your views about the Ranger organization.

      I happen to agree with Chardkerm that Renney is full of shit. See nothing wrong with posting that.

      You’ll notice that I haven’t called you or Doodie any names so learn from my example even if you don’t agree with me what is wrong with the Rangers. Carry on.

    28. What does everyone really expect from a Head Coach anyway? Is he suppose to share every detail about the organization? Trash talk under performing players? And verbally assualt his bosses? Who would that benefit and what would that prove? I have no problem with a coach telling the media slightly obscured versions of the truth? Its what they all do.

    29. **Correction**

      It was “I Heart Friggin Renney” that made the crap attack on Chardkerm, not RW&B so leave that paragraph out on my response to you RW&B and add it to the respose for “I Heart Friggin Renney”.

    30. Rich,

      In most cases, doesn’t matter what he is saying to us but it does matter the way he coaches his team. But in this case, he is being deceptive about his contract situation, he is trying to deceive us and let us think he is under pressure from above, which would influence the way we discuss him.

      It may be OK with you but not with me.

    31. I Heart Tom Renney on

      I was at many of those games cwhatever listed…so I’m not being scammed I fully understand the positives and negatives of this team. So no rose colored glasses here. Anyway no one is being scammed. That’s the absolute hilarity of what people write here. It’s not Enron or the war in Iraq or even getting ripped of in one of those Nigerian internet schemes. If you don’t like the coach fine, but if you call him a liar because he said that he would be in trouble if he lost a bunch of games in a row then well, if were allowed to say you’re full of crap here on this blog, then I would say it right here.

    32. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      Wow…lenny and chard remind me of sidney crosby last year. Not only that, but apparently I called chard something innappropriate…?

      Maybe you should read what I said…its, in fact, that you don’t call someone a liar – unless they’re 11 years old, you’re 11 years old, or they did just that. And, Renney didn’t lie. I take it that you and he are grown men and that means you should act like grown men. You dont call someone else a “liar” if they don’t warrant it, that’s one thing men don’t do. Disagree on his style of coaching – and make your point. I too agree last year was ridden on the back of Lundqvist, Jagr, Prucha, and the hard work of a team disproving the ranking of 30th. I think Renney was setup in a situation to only succeed, no matter what he did…even when he didn’t want to start lundqvist – weekes got hurt. When he didn’t want to use prucha – rucinsky got hurt.

      However, i’m not here calling the man a liar. Nor did I use an epithet/name for you or he — find one in there, and i’ll give you my address to apologize. But, i hate the personal vendetta crap – that stuff is the worst thing on this board.

      You two need to conduct yourselves with more respect. I owe no one here an apology as I didn’t disrespect anyone. What exact name did I call him…BTW? Or did you two read into that also?

    33. Lenny, I can understand judging him on the way he coaches, but what difference does the contract truly make. He could have a 10 year deal, but if he lost 10 games in a row he’d be done. Renney’s whole mantra is 5 game segments, he is always looking at the now, and IMO he should be concerned with both. Having a stable contract under him should incentivize him to do just that; worry about his future while making sure to tend to the present.


      Not that I don’t delight in the name calling and the dozens of back and forth posts about whether or not Renney is an a–hole, liar or idiot, it’s just not why I check in, really. Maybe I’m the only one…

      Any trade rumors? I read that Tampa Bay was looking to lose some players. Any of you guys know much about their defense? Anyone we could use?

    35. I Heart Tom Renney on

      I guess that was me…oops…I meant “full of crap” in the nicest way…in all honesty…didn’t mean any offense

    36. “You two need to conduct yourselves with more respect.”

      Treat who with more respect? Renney? Why, I have no respect for the man. And since when is it forbidden to trash a coach who you think “SUCKS”. Is that word disallowed too? As far as lying goes, Renney is an amateur compared to Sather. Ooooh, I said it again. Omigod, I think I hear the PC Police at my door now!!!

      Secondly, I didn’t call anyone on this board a liar. Or any other name. I’m talking about a guy in the public spotlight, the fishbowl, who gets paid to be there, by choice. Jesus, some of you guys are pretty fragile. Better stay out of the corners.

      Thirdly, I never asked for an apology. That was my buddy Lenny coming to my defense when I was outnumbered. Thanks, Len. I don’t need no steeeenking apology. Lighten up, troops.

      “Sidney Crosby last year”??? WTF does that mean? I haven’t a clue.

    37. vogs:

      I agree with you on most of your points except your Nylander comment. I beg to differ since he is 1st line center. Do you remember the game against Toronto where Nylander was dropped to 3rd line centering Dawes and J.Ward? He had 2 assists and scored PP goal. His line was most dominant line for Rangers that night. Put Nylander on any line and he upgrdes it into a scoring line. He assisted on both J.Ward’s and Dawes’s goals. He is not Lecavalier but he is a great playmaking center. If we had 4 Nylanders we would had 4 offensive lines.

      On Hall – Maybe this move is a bust but at the time it did seem like an upgrade from Moore. Rangers needed somebody to go to the net and score garbage goals and in the preseason he did exactly that. Last year we had nobody like that. Plus Rangers did need to get bigger. I loved how he stood up for Holloweg against Gaustad at the end of 1st Buffalo game. So maybe there is some hope for him after all. After all most of his goals are garbage goals! Only time will show. But what kills me that he seems to be a little passive. I read that Toronto is shopping Darcy Tucker I would love for Rangers to make the trade for him.

    38. RUMORS

      did you know that leetch is definitly going to have his sweater raised to the rafters at msg? they say that at the end of the show, #2 Leetch. i think that he really deserves it. he was a great player.

      I also heard something about Glen Sather wanting to acquire Foresberg… i mean he’s a good player and all, but the rangers have enough leaders on the team.

      that’s all i’ve got for now.

    39. Even poor Sam has to put up with the constant back and forth bickering between internet dweebs……

    40. Chris to answer your question on Tampa Bay:

      TAMPA TRIBUNE/ST. PETERSBURG TIMES: both report the Lightning’s inconsistent performance this season has frustrated GM Jay Feaster and head coach John Tortorella. Both papers suggest that regardless of what changes take place Tortorella and his staff won’t be replaced and don’t expect any of the big-name players to be moved. The club could use defensive help, and the Times suggests “underachieving forwards Vinny Prospal, Dmitry Afanasenkov and Andreas Karlsson” could be shopped.

      THE SCORE: notes numerous rumours over the years have had Lightning forward Vincent Lecavalier getting traded to the Montreal Canadiens but notes his value to the Lightning means he won’t be going anywhere.

      Spector’s Note: Yet that won’t stop the speculation that he, or Brad Richards, or Martin St. Louis, will be traded, even though St. Louis has a no-trade clause in his contract, and Lecavalier and Richards respective salaries makes them virtually untradeable. As the Times noted, if any Lightning player gets moved it’ll be guys like Prospal, Afanasenkov or Karlsson, although their trade value is probably low and they might not fetch much of a return.

      They are shopping garbage which we do not need we have enough underachieving players in organization as it is.

    41. I Heart Tom Renney on

      Nah, call the guy a liar all you want, but you can’t honestly believe in your argument. You don’t like the guy, that’s cool, but don’t insult everyone with your twisty logic.

      Was that okay lennynyc?

    42. I think Forsberg is broken for good, I hope we don’t get him. That seems like a classic NY mistake.

      And that is great that Leetch’s jersey will hang from the rafters — because he was awesome and because it pretty much guarantees he won’t be wearing it again on MSG ice.

      Kirill — thank you very much, that was incredibly informative.

    43. Renney is Satan and I got pictures to prove it on

      hi I am new here. Did any of you see if Renney has a shadow or a reflection in the mirror, well guess what…he does not! Did anyone ever see Renney’s feet? no, because he has hooves! Satan and his minions and demons are in charge of this team, am I the only one that can see it?

    44. Doodie Machetto on

      “You’ll notice that I haven’t called you or Doodie any names so learn from my example even if you don’t agree with me what is wrong with the Rangers. ”

      Lenny, that entire post may have been the best one you’ve ever done. You’re right, we’re all fans, and we all see the solution differently. But the namecalling has no place in it, and you’ll notice I have never called anyone a name either.

      That said, I think the no-name calling ban should extend to those not on the forum as well. You think Renney is a bad coach? that’s fine. Call him one. Calling him an idiot and a liar? That’s attacking his character and I feel like it should be left out of this. What he does behind the bench during games and who he calls up to play, etc. is what he should be judged on. Personally, he could tell me they were going to scout some players on the moon and I wouldn’t care because I dont trust ANY coach in this league, or in any other sport (with the exception of Tortorella, who is honest to a fault). They all mislead reporters and fans. All that matters is what they actually do.

      Chardkerm, I can see why you’re so bitter at management. Being a fan for 40 years and watching the team losing so much will definitely have that effect. What happens if they do well this year, will you still attack them? If they win the cup, will there be complaints? What about the conference finals?

      twin: “Maybe Hall should go, he certainly hasn’t done much. However, I would rather have him around than Hossa and J. Ward. At least Hall has shown some willingness to throw the body around (not as much as I’ve liked but some).”

      Hossa and Ward have been a part of the 3rd line with Betts that (excluding last night’s penalty fest) has been fantastic. They have consistently shut down the other teams’ tops lines. Good goaltending is only part of the reason why they have allowed so few goals over this win streak (again, not including the penalty-fest from last night that kept it from even looking like a hockey game). You know what I’ve noticed as their biggest improvement? Positioning. They are always in the right place to break up passes in the defensive zone. Keep an eye out for it.

    45. Doodie Machetto on

      “I also heard something about Glen Sather wanting to acquire Foresberg… i mean he’s a good player and all, but the rangers have enough leaders on the team.”

      This news on interest in a player is typical. When teams are looking to unload a player, they throw the Rangers into the mix to help generate interest. The Rangers do not have any interest in him, and furthermore, I think he is going to retire. He is getting some skates custom made for him, but if they don’t alleviate the pain he gets from skating, he’s hanging them up. Talk about an unlucky player. Could’ve been an all-time great had it not been for all of the injuries. He’s had huge playoff numbers and who can forget his PS goal in the 94 olympics. Classic.

    46. Good start Doodie.

      RW&B, you obviously didn’t read my correction. Go back and read it. I nailed the wrong person (you) for the crap comment but I stand by everything else I said addressed to you.

      Let’s get one thing straight. It isn’t us who are the realists on here who are the problem, it’s Ranger management. Anybody thinking that some of us are the problem is hiding from the real truth.

      Let’s see where we are in March with this coach and this team and then your darts might be justified but on the other hand me and my brethern who feel about the team problems the same way might be throwing them at you.


    47. Doodie

      “Lenny, that entire post may have been the best one you’ve ever done.”

      Can I frame this? :))))

      I’ll try to do eve better!

    48. Why is Renney’s contract signing any of our business? If he wants to share with the fans his status, then thats his own business. If he doesn’t want to share, thats also his business. God, leave the guy alone. He’s not an actor or a celebrity at that, he doesn’t deserve to be media-hounded like most of you are treating him.

    49. You know, the personal attacks on players and the coach that have been posted here, along with the personal attacks that some of you dish out on each other is truly disgusting to read …

      Some of you people are truly classless. Are the Rangers perfect? Far from it, is Renney perfect? Of course not, I take a lot of issue with how he chooses to distribute certain ice time and some of his response or lack there-of to certain things …

      But to personally attack him? As well as any playing on this team is just classless and immature.

      I think I will stick to just reading Sam’s entries and avoid the comments section altogether.

    50. Matty, you’re going to miss a lot. Like going to a movie and spending all your time at the concession stand. You nevervknow how the movie ends!!

    51. seriously though, Sam, you are falling for the Bettman scam. you call a 4-2-4 record “impressive”.

      may I point out (pun intended), that 4-2-4 means 4 wins and 6 losses. since when is losing in OT good? since Gary Bettman said it is by instituting a phony system that says that a win in OT goes into the win column, but a loss in OT does not go into the loss column.

      It is a manipulative sham that a game that ends after 60 minutes is worth 2 points, but a game that ends after 61 minutes is worth 3 points.

      if you lose in OT in the playoffs, you get nothing but a trip home. so why foist a regular season sham on the fans?, because of course it keeps the standings closer, and fans of bad teams can hang on to their hopes longer, and thus it sells more tickets to pretend that weak teams are still in it.

    52. My individual players analysis,

      Jagr = A, needs to back check more and skate harder to the bench when ending his shifts

      Straka = A+, hot as hell right now, keep it going

      Nylander = A, shoot the puck when the time is right, Jagr isn’t the only scorer on your line

      Shanny = A, STOP USING YOUR STICK to slow down players unless its absolutely necessary

      Immonen = C-, listen to Shanny and become the player we all know you can be

      Cullen = B+, great hustle, good work ethic, but remember that your hear to either score or help Shanny score

      J. Ward = C+, good hustle

      B. Betts = C+, great hustle, increase your FO%

      Hossa = C, excellent improvement, way to lift up those around you

      Hollweg = C, bang the body but don’t get trapped and if your going to fight, how about learning how to first?

      Prucha = D+, what happened?

      Hall = D+, while there is potential we are not seeing consistency

      Roszival = A-, way to bring up your offensive game

      Malik = C-, learn to skate faster and stop getting caught flat footed

      Tyutin = B, keep improving your doing great

      A. Ward = B-, we know you are better than the way you’ve been playing like it, so hopefully you’ll step it up

      Kasperitis = C-, keep working hard and don’t lose sight of your goal

      Rachunek = C-, one good game won’t make you a star, so build on it

      Lundqvist = A+, you are the reason we are #1

      Weeks = B+, what a relief to have 2 good goalies

    53. BTW, I know I’m not 100% correct here, by any stretch of the imagination, but the point is, can we at least start talking about the 20 people that actually play hockey and forget about the he-said-she-said BS!?

    54. you tell Shanny to stop using his stick to slow down players. give me a break. Jagr and Malik have a total of 38 + 38=76 mins. in PIM, almost all of them HOOKING penalties. talk to them.

    55. OK Rich, here’s my ratings (only where different from yours)

      Immonen = B, best 2nd line center on team. Smart offensively and seems to work well with Shanahan.

      Cullen = C, misses too many scoring chances although he got 3 goals the last 2 games. Can skate though and might improve as season progresses.

      J. Ward = C-, Refuses to use his size to hit.

      B. Betts = C, As 4th line center is most valuable since he can PK.

      Hossa = D, Other than size which he doesn’t use, can’t control puck, can’t shoot and dogs it much too often.

      Prucha = C, Totally misused by coach. Not scoring as he had last season but still has more points per ice time than most of the forwards. He should be with Immonen and Shanahan.

      Rosival = B, certainly has improved by A- he hasn’t earned in my opinion.

      Malik = D-, Should be bought out, he’s a pylon who refuses to use his size to hit opponents. The sooner the Rangers get rid of this guy, the better.
      Toss up on Weekes for B or B+ but based on his last two games, he’s closer to B+.

      You forgot Ozo and Orr. Orr really hasn’t been used enough to give him a fair rating but Ozo has.

      I’ll let you pick a rating for him and I’ll drop it a grade or two. :)))

    56. Doodie:
      “Hossa and Ward have been a part of the 3rd line with Betts that (excluding last night’s penalty fest) has been fantastic”

      I beg to differ. They’re all ok players, but they don’t use their size *at* *all* and they don’t score *at* *all*

      I just said I’d rather see Cullen, Hollweg and Hall on a 3rd line than Betts, Ward and Hossa. However, I’ll keep an eye on their positioning next game I see.

      NYRich82 — not sure how to respond to your grading system. What did Immonen do to “earn” a C- from you, while Cullen, the guy he replaced because he wasn’t cutting it, gets a B+? And I got news for you, Malik isn’t going to “learn” to skate faster.

    57. 4Rangers — I was actually having a discussion with someone about this last night and they were taking your exact side. I agree, a spot in the third column these days is worse than a tie. But the side you have to consider is that because of the 4-on-4, two-point, one-point dynamic in OT, teams don’t play NOT to lose, but to win (and the same goes for the shootout, which, while a skill in itself, has little to do with what takes place during the game). My point is that if you skate to a tie after 60 minutes and then lose, it SHOULD count differently than a game that you lose in regulation.
      Now, as far as the effects on the standings and how it makes records deceptive, that’s a fair argument. But it doesn’t change the fact that 4-2-4 these days is not the same as 4-6.

    58. Contaract only let a coach know he will be getting paid…it dosnt say for what. He can be fired at any time, contract or no. Most likely its a contract that also has him going back to his pre-coaching job, thats why IMHO he probably has less stress than other guys behind the bench, he has a job, and he liked his other job as well, it must be nice to have that, if you lose one job you just start up the other one you like as well…But funny that peopl ebash him as much as the last few loseing coaches we had showing us how the Rangers can lose….Renney is winning but people bash him as much as Low…crazy…must be because they think they know whats bnest for the NHL, even if they have never worked with an NHL player let alone a team of them. on HALL, I say bench him in favor of ORTS when he gets back, HALL early on looked OK, better than people made him out to be, because he was always going towrds the net, now he dosnt, I dont know why, but its not good, and he was using his size a bit more early on as well, now there is nothing…he needs to be moved to a team that is really weak on wing, I tihnk he needs lots more ice time to get his game going.

    59. “”””””””My point is that if you skate to a tie after 60 minutes and then lose, it SHOULD count differently than a game that you lose in regulation.”””””””””””””””

      Disagree, Sam. WHY? In the NFL, if you lose in OT, it goes in the loss column, even though most NFL OT games are decided by a FG kicker.

      if you lose in baseball in extra innings, or in NBA in OT, they go down as losses. so WHY should the NHL be any different?

    60. Wildcard, agree with you on Hall but of course disagree with you about Renney.

      If the season ended right now, Renney would be a hero but it takes 82 games to finish the season. Will you agree with me if the Rangers collapse again and even if they make the playoffs, get blown out in the first round??

      Renney’s coachong methods, in my opinion, will lead to an end of season collapse. I hope I’m wrong, asd a Ranger fan want them to win, but with Renney in charge, don’t see that happening.

      Let’screview this in March, fair enough??

    61. Renney and Sather have benefited from circumstances that fell into their lap. the Caps need to dump Jagr’s contract to a wealthy team fell into Sather’s lap. then, the lockout allowed Sather to re-load with vets who complemented (and complimented) Jagr. and Renney’s decision to kowtow to Jagr, to bow to his every wish, has kept him happy. And Shanny sought out the Rangers, thus again falling into Sather’s lap. And despite Renney’s best efforts to “pock” him, injuries gave Henrik the chance to become the #1, and lift the team to heights unreachable the previous 7 years.

    62. I completely agree with everyone ever. Lenny, I have some bad news for you…the conspiracy is in your head. Guys and gals, this is hockey. It is entertainment. Waving the whole “I’ve been to this game and this one and this is how much of a fan I am” flag is pointless. Here’s a concept: Renney lied? Who cares? Life will go on. Sather is a fraud? Who cares? It isn’t the end of the world. Why don’t we discuss strategies or what the team could have done better in a particular game. Hell, in an odd twist on reality, maybe we could have discussions about favorite ranger games or why we like the rangers so much. Cut out all the garbage trash talking about the management and each other. As I’m sure that comment will generate an eventual response of: “oh…so you’re on THEIR side” or “if you can’t handle the truth…â€? I’ll head it off with this. The Rangers are winning and we all are ranger fans…life is good. You’re either preaching to the choir or you’re making new enemies. That goes against the whole point of Mr. Weinman’s blog and the ability to post comments. If I was him, and I read the crap that’s being tossed around…I would remove the ability to leave comments from the page. Why? Because I don’t want to have my poor brain destroyed by comments that are against the fiber of my being? No…because hockey is entertainment…it’s a sport. And while we’re here yelling about this or that…our comments ultimately mean NOTHING. Open your eyes, and not in a self realization kind of way. Open them and watch the game and enjoy yourself…it’s ok, I won’t tell anyone.

    63. Doodie Machetto on

      4Rangers: I hear your complaint on the OT loss. This is my proposed solution:

      Make regulation wins 3 pts and OT wins 2 and OT losses 1. This way, every game is worth 3 pts, and the teams get a reward for being able to win it without going into OT, and are still given some reward for winning in OT. The losing team in OT gets 1 pt as a consolation of keeping it tied through regulation. Splitting the points so to speak.

    64. apparently YOU care. or else you would not have written your screed defending your heroes, trying to deflect attention away from them. you say our comments mean nothing. then why bother to read them? you say it’s entertainment. well, so is this board. it’s not just a rubber stamp for the ranger PR dept. although you and some others would like it to be.

    65. Chap27 — Where did I ever say it was a conspiracy, if you read my comments thoroughly, you will discover I think it’s stupidity.

      You are also wrong about what I think is the goal of this blog. It’s to voice our opinion pro or con, not to tunnel opinions that just agree with yours.

      Have a nice evening.

    66. Doodie Machetto on

      But then a shootout loss would be worth nothing? The difference between our overtime and all of the other sports is that it isnt continuous, except like it is in the playoffs. A shootout loss shouldn’t be a no credit loss.

    67. Anthony (Abev) on

      Sam, maybe Rachunek playing has nothing to do at all with Ozolinsh. You would think one of them wont last the season. And you wouldn’t be showcasing the one in the Press Box.

      A particular speedy center, and most especially the defense, sure do like the up tempo style of the West Coast Offense.

      So the question is: do you try to get more like an eastern team, or just wait till you play a west coast team again to test the theory?

    68. oh yes it should. when the Rangers lose it OT, or in a shootout, fans feel as though they lost. and they did.

      only the phony, moral-victory, one-point-for-losing system of Bettman, created out of thin air, makes you think that there should be a reward for completing 3 periods tied.

      then why not get a point for completing the 1st period tied?, or the second? see how ridiculous it really is?

    69. 4Rangers: You’re missing my point. Of course I care…about the rangers. Not about who is stupid or a liar. While I do agree that all of our comments mean nothing, I was actually referring to the “grander scheme” (that means “life outside of hockey”…just to make myself as clear as possible). Furthermore, you and Lenny don’t know my opinion, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t assume you are both going against my views. Believe it or not, I don’t really care for Glen Sather. I like Renney to some extent, but feel he has made some disasterous coaching decisions.

      Lenny: I’m sorry to have thrown the conspiracy thing at you without a quote. You wrote: “Let’s get one thing straight. It isn’t us who are the realists on here who are the problem, it’s Ranger management. Anybody thinking that some of us are the problem is hiding from the real truth.” Hmmmm…sounds awfully conspiracy theorist to me. Would you agree? Hiding from the “real” truth? Lighten up, it’s a sport :) and no sir…YOU have a nice evening.

    70. Doodie Machetto on

      Because the game doesnt end after 20 minutes, it ends after 60.

      I’m a big soccer fan. Games that end on Penalty kicks are the worst. During the regular season, I would rather have a tie than it ending in a shootout if you get nothing for the loss in the shootout. You play a hard fought game for 65 minutes and then the shootout determines who gets the points? That would be the worst.

    71. screw soccer. I could care less about it. I am talking about hockey. and when the fans left the Buffalo game, they did not say “oh boy, we just got a moral victory”. they were disappointed at a LOSS. as they should be.

    72. Immonen = C-, listen to Shanny and become the player we all know you can be.

      Guy gets 4 key pts. in 2 games, jump-starts Cullen’s awful season and he gets a C-. Do you work for the Ranger front office?

      Prucha = D+, what happened?

      You know very well what happened. No first unit pp time and Teflon Tom, that’s what happened.

      DOODIE: I think you asked me recently if I’ll eat humble pie if the Rangers win the Cup this year. Same answer: I’ll gladly eat a humble pie bakery. As George Bush One said: Not gonna happen.

      If the team is still constituted as it is presently, I’m thinking first round disaster like last season. Why? Because we have one world-class goalie, 2 forward lines, 6 penalty killers, 3 #6 d-men, 3 #4 d-men, 1 high school coach, one faux legend GM, one spoiled brat idiot GW Bush prototype owner.

    73. chap27 — I don’t see that as a conspiracy theory and don’t understand how you do, it’s just an opinion of mine.

      Tell you what, let’s both have a nice evening even though we disagree.

    74. chap, no, YOU are missing the point. you can’t separate the Rangers from the mgmt. of same, and pretend that the players are in a vacuum with no “suits” making decisions. take off the blinders, and see the “whole” Ranger picture, including those who pull the strings.

    75. Pens bid pulled…

      from TSN…

      Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie has pulled his bid to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins.

      Sources tell TSN at the last moment the NHL provided a list of terms that Balsillie didn’t want to agree to. Among those terms was a promise that the franchise would remain in Pittsburgh regardless of circumstances. Also, if problems arose, the NHL would take over control of the franchise.

      The sale is not entirely dead yet, as Balsillie and the NHL may still find a way around the terms or eliminate them altogether, but right now everybody involved is in limbo and Balsillie, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the league are not talking.

    76. I Heart Tom Renney on

      Arguing about sports used to be so much fun. Now it seems it’s just a bunch of dudes getting their views on the record so they can reference some random blog post weeks or months later and say I told you so. Real life people do the same. It’s sort of sad.

      Anyway, I’m going down to Starbucks to get a grande Doodie Machetto!

    77. no, what’s sad is some “dude” professing his undying “heart” to Tom Renney, and then naming a drink after himself.

    78. ZING!

      Yeah, it’s so much fun when everybody agrees on everything and we can join hands and sing Kumbaya. Oh yeah, and then drink some Kool-Aid.

    79. Doodie Machetto on

      You’re not suggesting I’m I Heart Renney? I don’t actually like Renney, believe it or not.

    80. I’m suggesting that “I heart” should ask the bartender for vodka and prune juice, and call it a “Trots-sky”

    81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

      Lenny: Only saw your correction after i posted, must have been typing at the time. I do concur, we are all Rangers fans. I enjoy the debates and discussion when its based on actually hockey knowledge, decisions, and facts. I don’t enjoy some of the character judgements that are made. However, I have to say if Renney keeps winning (albeit in stunning fashion or via these ugly wins) I won’t care. My first interest is seeing this team win, not ripping the players and management apart even when they find a way to win.

      Chard: The sidney comment was a reference to whining over nothing…all sid did last year.

    82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

      Carolyn, hahahahahaha…That was great. Thanks for finding the clip!!

      PS: It was “Power-Play” but that looks exactly like Henrik.

    83. Doodie Machetto on

      I saw pictures of their band. They look like a really bad hair metal band. Not animal suits.

    84. Crap, these kids on other teams are sick. Just watched Crosby get his 4th point tonight on a play where he passed to himself twice behind his back then fed it for Pit’s 7th goal and then I flipped to Atlanta-Washington and saw Ovechkin score to tie the game with :30 left in the 3rd. Hockey kicks ass.

      Let’s go Rangers — still the f’ing best.

    85. Hey. Ryan Callahan is a scoring machine in Hartford. Can he replace Hossa,or Hall, or Ward? I am not even mentioning Orr. Now is a good time to bring Callahen in. The winning environment will help him relax in the NHL. Orts and Callahan for Hall and Orr . Orts moves in with Ward and Betts. Callahan -Prucha- with Hall.

    86. Sorry. Getting too excited! What I meant was Orr and Hossa sit. Hall -Prucha-Callahan become a very speedy line with huge scoring potential and Hall takes care of the middle responsibilities.

    87. Nyrich82 your grades for players are assinine. My god Immonen has been on fire, and gets the same grade as Hossa who has had maybe 4 or 5 good games in his ENTIRE CAREER for gods sakes. Doodie all three guys on the third line are all minus players only Rachunek, and Bozo have been on for more even strenght goals than those three guys.

    88. we have to get Forsberg. Because it would complete the UNHOLY TRINITY of having Lindros, Forsberg and Kovelev play for the Rangers. They were all centerpeices in the Draft Debacle of Neil Smith. Yeah remember Neil Smith don’t you guys?
      When Forsberg becomes a Ranger We would be able to say that all top 3 picks from that draft played for us and failed. Then and only then would the Spirit of Neil Smith leave MSG. And the Rangers can win another Stanley Cup! WOW

    89. Forsberg would sit in the exec. box and eat cake with stogiepuss. or groom his beard. he seldom plays. he’s always got an injury of some kind.

      Headline on

      Slats’s draft picks! Not Toe Blake!

      Neil Smith seems like Toe Blake compared to Sather in NY.:

    91. here’s an interesting stat.

      non-PP points

      it shows that the 2nd line is doing fine for the amount of ice it gets.

      A. Ward-10
      J. Ward-7
      Immonen-4 in 5 games
      Pock-2 in 6 games

    92. Doodie Machetto on

      Forsberg isn’t coming to NY,I haven’t heard that rumor anywhere except here, so don;t worry, it’s not happening. Even Sather isn’t THAT bad of a GM.

    93. lennynyr: If the Ragners fall apart due to a tired team, or get injuries due to being tired, I will agree that Renney let something happen that he shouldnt have, IF that happens…but not if a guy breaks an arm from blocking a shot, or that type of injury, or a guy getting put headfirst into the boards on his first shift, I mean, those things will hapen tired or not. But if players start going down at teh end of the season with pulled muscles, or start to show fatiuge ont he first few shifts, yeah, that I will say Renney went to far with playing them. I wont however guess that if teh Rangers get a comfterble leade in the standings (if tha will ever happen this year) that he wont scale back how much his top line is playing. I mean, already there is a difrence between the first 10 games and the games after that, it was like 23 min was the least of the top 4 guys…now its like 20 or so for the top 4 with the exception of Jagr, and if tehr is ALOT of special teams. But in teh few games were tehre hanvt been alot of calls made the ice time has been fairly good, about were you would expect it. But I wont presume to know what Renney is thinking…he may be triying to get the team going, and what better way that getting wins? I hope not palying t olympics has an affect, I mean most of those guys played an extra 2 weeks of games…if there are no Olmpics, dosnt that mean they wear out about 5 games later…maybe win th first round?? Maybe not, but its something to think about.

    94. *From Evgeni December 15th, 2006 at 12:51 pm*

      “I dunno about Rachunek and Roszival on the PP. Rosy has been going in deep recently”

      I’m a little late in responding to this Evgeni.

      I didn’t mean at the same time, I meant no more than one of them on the PP at a time. If they were both on the PP at the same time, it would be a disaster, also both shoot righthanded and belong on theright point.

      Headline on

      Slats’s draft picks! Not Toe Blake!

      Trouble is they rarely seem to get to play in New York. Picking is one thing, (and I’m not conceding that point yet either) but developing and getting icetime in the NHL is another.

    96. T-BIRD

      I know what you mean. Part of that problem lies within what is complained about on this blog everyday. That the Rangers don’t play enough prospects in MSG on a nightly basis. Instead, the coaches use other teams busted prospects on the 3d and 4th lines in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. I guess that makes Donnie Maloney feel smart.
      It seems Maloney is basing his strategy on The grass is always greener on the other teams lawn approach. While the Rangers prospect keep getting buried in the minors until Maloney can trade them for more reclamation projects.

    97. right. while other teams kids who are eligible for team Canada jrs. are unavailable because they are already in the NHL, the Rangers kids are all available because they have to be 25 before they even get “pocked” to the NHL healthy scratch status.

    98. It was Neil Smith who looks like Toe Blake compared to Sather. Not Sather being better or worse than Blake.

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