The Lundqvist Bowl is on


I’m not sure any hockey executive has ever made a roster move purely to appease us media types, and yet thanks are still in order to Dallas GM Doug Armstrong, who called up center Joel Lundqvist from Iowa just in time to face his twin brother Henrik tonight in Dallas.


Oh, the possibilities!

Henrik stones Joel on a a breakaway!

Joel runs Henrik and incites a bench-clearing brawl!

Joel beats Henrik top shelf for his first career NHL goal, leading to a marathon session between Henrik and Rangers mental skills coach John Phelan!

Of course, seeing how Joel was just called up from Iowa yesterday, the more likely scenario is Joel spends most of his time whiling away at the end of the bench, and manages just a feeble wrist shot on Henrik from an impossible angle. But hey, a writer can dream…

Meanwhile, along with the neat storyline this provides both teams, the more pertinent info to the Rangers is that Joel was actually called up to replace Mike Modano, who was placed on IR with a “lower body injury” (thanks for being so specific). I can’t imagine the Rangers are too upset, although Modano is less the sniper he was and has instead morphed into more of a two-way center.

Either way, it adds another element to what should be an intriguing game between two suddenly defensive-minded teams (the “suddenly” applies more to the Rangers, who, for all their early-season defensive woes, have allowed just five goals in their last four games).

In other news:

  • These are grim times for the Rangers defense. First came Aaron Ward with food poisoning on Tuesday. Now comes Fedor Tyutin with the flu. No word yet on whether Tyutin is definitely out tonight. But it does open the door for another Sandis Ozolinsh outing. In other words, maybe this game won’t be so defensive-minded after all.
  • Cablevision chairman James Dolan is expected to meet with the Rangers writers tonight, but chances are this session won’t have nearly the intrigue as Dolan’s remarks on Isiah Thomas on Tuesday. Dolan has long admitted he’s not much of a hockey guy, and has made clear he has faith in Glen Sather. And given the disaster that is the Knicks, Sather, at least in Dolan’s eyes, looks like a genius by comparison.
  • Good to see Jed Ortmeyer make an immediate impact in his return to game action. The Rangers right wing had an assist on a goal by Brandon Dubinsky in the first of a three-game stint in Hartford.

    Anyway, that’s all for now. More later….

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    1. This is one of those games where either teh Rangers will fight them tooth and nail with a great road game or they will get blown out.

      I am preparing myself for a frustrating neutral zone clogging Devils style. Hopefully they can jump on the Stars early and force them to open the game up a bit.

      Ozo playing is like spotting them a goal. He is a human point spread.

    2. I was at the Hartford game last night.

      Pock looked alright I suppose, but it was obvious he needs this condition. He was neither amazing nor bad. In my eyes he lethargically skated out at game time while Jed was speeding around the rink.

      Speaking of Jed, he looked great.

    3. So Exciting about the Lundqvists … Henrik had said how he was a little disappointed that Joel got sent back down as he was looking forward to seeing him …

      I don’t know but is this the first time IDENTICAL TWIN brothers have faced off, one a forward and the other the goalie?

    4. …praying for a shootout with the Dallas shooters = Lindros, Barnaby, Zubov. Fourth Shooter is Joel, Hank stops them all.

    5. I hope Tyutin will feel better and will be playing tonight. Otherwise…. well Dallas Stars are huge upgrade over Philly Phantoms.

    6. Doodie Machetto on

      Truth be told, a shootout against the Stars would be really interesting. In Dallas, you have the best team in the shootout since its inception. In Lundqvist you have the king.

      Sidney Crosby may have passed Jagr last night, but has anyone noticed that our entire top line is in the top 10 in scoring?

    7. Patrick Hoffman on

      Just wanted to inform you guys that I now have my own Rangers website called No, I am not a beat writer or anything like that. I am just a huge hockey/Rangers fan who has aspirations of becoming a professional hockey writer someday.

      So please, go check out my website. I would really appreciate it.

    8. FYI: Dubinsky has looked like real crap for most of this season. To see him score on an Ortmeyer assist is great, IMO.

    9. According to the Lundvist brothers are the third set of twins to play against each other in Nhl history.

    10. Renney Sucks!!! on

      “FYI: Dubinsky has looked like real crap for most of this season.”

      this is based on what?

    11. dubinsky has not looked like crap he’s learning the pro game just because he isn’t racking up points doesn’t mean he’s not getting better. the kid will be fine.

      i have a feeling lundqvist our lundqvist, is gonna be lights out tonight with his brother playing against him. when this guy is focused he’s the best goalie in the league.

    12. I still can’t believe Senile Sather drafted Jessiman over Parise, Carter, and Richards in the 03 draft, oh wait I can since his draft record the past 15 years is a joke.

    13. Renney Sucks!!! on

      If Renney was Dallas’ coach then Joel would get about 3 minutes on the 4th line and then be sent back to AHL

    14. worse than that, blueshirts. how about Anaheim drafting Ryan Getzlaf at #19, and Corey Perry at #28 in ’03. they got 2 outstanding young power forwards AFTER the Rangers took Jessiman at #12.

      not to mention Steve Bernier of Sharks at #16, and Dustin Brown of LA at #13, all good young power F

    15. >>>> praying for a shootout with the Dallas shooters = Lindros, Barnaby, Zubov. Fourth Shooter is Joel, Hank stops them all.


      Zubov goes in the top 3 for Dallas always, but not Lindros or defenitely Barnaby(I hope you were joking) … Jussi Jokinen goes in the top 3 too .. if this thing went to a Shootout then it would have to get deep for Joel to go unless the Dallas coach thinks that by putting him in it would psych out Henrik …

    16. JESSIMAN: You all are about as crazy as can be…the KID is in his 2nd pro season…jsut because another palyer developed faster dosnt mean squat! and you ripp the rangers…but those guys went what 19 and higher…that means 17 other teams other than the Rangers didnt want them, as well…and how about Lundqvist? Prucha? one forgets so eaisily…the Rangers dont draft all that bad, probably have the same sucess rate of palyers after the top few picks as any other team…its just SICK to see people want Parise…most people I seem to see write about him think that what you see ow is what you will see in 10 years…so wow, wish we had him, just because he got into the NHL fast…wipdeedo…The Ragners have some good players int he system, and a couple on the rangers roster, I dont see hwat the big deal is. ALOT of teams had Jesiamn in the top 15, or top 20 very few had him out of the first round, so its not liek he was way off the charts when he was draftd…so teams had him as high a 5th from what I remember reading…so lets not go jumpping off, well pushing Sather off bridges. Its silly…a pick dosnt work out so its bad drafting because other picks DO work out…what about all the other netmindes drafted ahead of King??

    17. there he goes again. wildcard with his brown nose so bright, he could pull a sleigh tonight.

      I am not knocking Jessiman. I am knocking Sather, your hero.

      he should know better, that players from Cdn. jrs. are much more developed from the competition in that mini-NHL environment. and college players from small programs are more of a crapshoot.

      I hope that Jessiman someday becomes a Ranger power F, but given Sather’s record of suppressing youth in NY, it could be years before we find out.

    18. 4Rangers : Yeah your ripping Sather…my point…Lundqvist went at number 205, Tyutin at 40 not as big of a deal, but Prucha went at number 240, Dawes at 149 and looking good to develope are Cliche at 56 and Pyatt at 107. I made a valid point, its not about which picks develope, its about how many…if you cant look beyound the first reound your not worth my time talking about the Draft. Alog with the fact that you like so many other are not aptient enough to let players develope, I have talked to a scoutr who said that if Jessiman gets all the parts of his game togethe, and imporves in just a couple of areas he will be scary…its all depends if he can get it together…its amazing how ignorant some fans are, its less that halfway throw a young kids second season and he is already conciderd by some a bust…its a joke…if you think that you dont knwo much, cause MANY players have takes into their 3rd yera to develope enough for the NHL, and you want some palyers to do it ovr night….how silly

    19. Wildcard is on the money. What makes Rangers Management the last word on whether Jessimen is an NHL prospect? They don’t play prospects in MSG unless it is the Apocolypse!!

    20. wildcard is nothing but a pompon waving, PR dept. shill, whose rambling screeds in defense of stogiepuss are nearly imposssible to decipher.

      he was wrong about Bozo, about Immonen, and on and on.

    21. Our early draft picks have sucked because Sather’s been awake. By the time they get to the lower numbers, he’s either asleep or zoned-out from a layer cake-induced sugar coma and his scouting staff makes the picks. Hey, this is the same guy that traded a young Miro Satan to Buffalo for a guy named Barrie Moore and another guy named “it doesn’t matter because he also spent about 5 minutes in the NHL.”

      Defending Sather is a fool’s mission.

    22. Doodie Machetto on

      “Ryan Getzlaf at #19, and Corey Perry at #28 in ‘03. they got 2 outstanding young power forwards ”

      Perry is a playmaker. Getlaf is supposed to be a power forward but he still needs to work on his physical game. For now he’s just a sniper.

      This is not to say I’m defending the Jessiman pick. But all of the players everyone point out aren’t that good, except for 3, and 2 of them haven’t even been mentioned yet:

      1) Seabrook (14)
      2) Getzlaf (19)
      3) Eaves (29)

      Perry’s production is about the same as last year, even though everybody else’s on his team is up. Parise sucks, he’s the next Jamie Lundmark. Richards has a whopping 1 goal and 9 assists in 29 games (and he’s out 3-6 weeks with a sports hernia to boot). So we really didn’t miss out on too much, and we’re yet to see what Jessiman does.

      Blueshirts, Carter was drafted before Jessiman, get your facts straight.

    23. Doodie Machetto on

      Not that Carter is any good either, 5 pts in 12 games and he’s still out for another week.

    24. here goes his alter ego, and second member of the ranger PR dept. Just doing his doodie.

      If you think that Anaheim is not benefiting from the play of Getzlaf and Perry, you are so clueless it’s is useless to continue. but I will for others.

      Getzlaf has 14 goals and 9 assists, and is +7. Perry has 7 goals, 13 asts and is +7. the team is 25-3-6, leading the entire NHL. and they’re about 21 y.o.

    25. Doodie Machetto on

      I didn’t say they aren’t benefitting, just they aren’t power forwards. And Anaheim leads the league because of Pronger and Niedermayer. When your team is winning, everybody gets points.

    26. Doodie Machetto on

      Perry is benefitting from his team, not the other way around.

      And I already listed Getzlaf on my 3.

    27. “””””””When your team is winning, everybody gets points.””””

      oh really? then I guess that the Ranger 3rd and 4th lines must have a lot of points too. Oh, that’s right, they don’t. well, there goes that false statement out the window.

    28. glad you admitted at least that. and anybody who has watched the Duck games this year knows that these 2 kids have been very involved in their success.

    29. Resident “genius” and serial-poster Doody says:

      “Parise sucks, he’s the next Jamie Lundmark. Richards has a whopping 1 goal and 9 assists in 29 games (and he’s out 3-6 weeks with a sports hernia to boot). So we really didn’t miss out on too much, and we’re yet to see what Jessiman does. Not that Carter is any good either, 5 pts in 12 games and he’s still out for another week.”

      Last season Carter was 23g 19a 43 pts. Richards was 11-23-34. Parise was 14-18-32 and is already 10-1-0-20 in less than 30 games this season. But Doody would much rather wait till we see what the AHL underachiever Jessiman, our dynamic #1 pick can do. Oh yeah, we’re seeing first hand what he can do in Hartford, and it ain’t pretty.

      Doody’s got about as much credibility as Dolan favorite, Glen “Uh, did the game start already, I must’ve dozed off” Sather.

    30. Parise has 10 goals, 10 asts., is +4 on a minus team , and has 4 game winning goals. yeah, he sucks alright.

      keep on exposing yourself.

    31. Doodie Machetto on

      Chardkerm- youre bringing in of last season’s numbers shows that you totally missed my point. They had a good year, but they aren’t any good now! one season does not a career make.

      Parise will NEVER improve. The only reason he has as many pts as he does is because the Devils have to use him in every offensive situation since they have no other offensive players after their top line. He’s got 7 PP pts. Just something to think about.

    32. I don’t think Henrick looks completly identical to Joel… I think Henrick has the better looks in the family

      …I HATE Lindros, ahh… i hope hollweg crushes him! When Lindros played for the rangers, he never put his heart into it, but oh, when he plays for another team he plays his heart out…

      I’m so happy for Jed, and I’m so excited to see him play next week… or lets just hope Renney plays him; the rangers need him

    33. Doodie Machetto on

      I missed the beginning of the game. Who is in and who is out?

      PS, this Dallas camera angle sucks.

    34. Doodie Machetto on

      HAHA, it never fails. we bash someone on the board and they do well. Granted, Rachunek was a little overdue.

    35. What a brutal period. Nothing gets me more PO’ed than them not showing up ready to play. I mean, don’t you do this for a living? How is it possible to show up so unprepared to play? I guess that’s just the type of players we have. Lucky to be 1-1, and if they don’t start playing better in a hurry, this one will be over real soon.

    36. Chardkerm- youre bringing in of last season’s numbers shows that you totally missed my point. They had a good year, but they aren’t any good now! one season does not a career make.

      Doody, you never have a valid point.

    37. Henrik is the hero of this game, no matter how it ends. the rest of the team has been awful. awful lucky.

    38. Glen Sather was hired nearly 7 years ago, and in those years the team has played 4 playoff games, and for the most part of those years they’ve been a laughinstock. Most Ranger fans understand Sather’s reign has been a failure except Wildcard, and Doodie who think Sather is the best Gm around, and shouldn’t be questioned.

    39. good posts, wildcard. if anything they resemble reasonable responses, unlike the constant bashing of the rangers not playing youth, drafting Jessiman, etc. Those appeals are tiring, if only due to repetition.

      Good pt. about the preponderance of solid players who were triple-digit draft picks. I don’t know about Parise, but Carter and Richards are the real things; everyone develops at a different pace, some not at all.

      Jagr, only one shot on goal tonight? incredible.

      and Sam, great photo of Joel Lundqvist.

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