Potential talking point…


…for Tom Renney in between periods:

“Um, guys, feel free to disagree here, but I’m going to ahead and suggest we limit the penalties. I’m not sure they’re helping right now.”

Meanwhile, how’s this for a vote of confidence for Sandis Ozolinsh? With their own debilitating stomach ailments, both Fedor Tyutin and Aaron Ward are each a stiff wind from keeling over, and yet they’re both more appealing to Renney than Ozolinsh right now.

I’d hold on to that No. 24 jersey if I were you. It might be worth something on Ebay pretty soon….

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  1. Hey, I have a game-worn Nordiques KAMENSKY jersey… What do you think that’s worth? (:0) Hey Sam, ask your linemate-buddy there if he wants to get a look at it!

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    z1ny, I’m sure his linemate has plenty of game-worn Kamensky jerseys. haha.

    Sam, you forgot to mention that Ward also has a broken finger.

  3. It’s weird seeing Joel Lundqvist play. Him and Henrik could switch places and nobody would know the difference.

    Devils lost to Boston. This could be a huge 2 pts.

  4. Anyone see the Leetch biography before hand? Great piece, but strange ending, “Although Brian will not finish his career a Ranger, he will always be remembered as one…” or something to that effect. Any insight Sam?

  5. The Dallas announcers encapsulated the first 2 periods perfectly with this quote…

    “Henrik Lundqvist should be arrested for Larceny”

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe Cullen really is turning a corner.

    Either that or his hard-work has paid off in some luck.

  7. Ward has a broken foot or toe, a broken finger and a horrible case of the flu, said Sam in the first period. In addition, Tyutin has a bad case of the flu. When he went to the penalty box he looked as white as the Rangers road jerseys. However, I agree with Renney that they are both better options than Ozo. However, if both of them are better than a healthy Thomas Pock is another question.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Dallas has some heavy shooters, especially Boucher and Zubov. Dallas has more shots on the PP than they do even strength. Lundqvist has been unbelievable.

  9. I think it’s also worth mentioning how much better Rachunek seems to play when he’s NOT paired with Ozolinsh.

  10. maliks worst game of the season…and he’s been horrible for every other one. he needs to go quickly

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Just put your stick on the puck and don’t get down on your luck, it’s the Rangers victory song…

  12. “maliks worst game of the season…and he’s been horrible for every other one. he needs to go quickly”

    I dunno about you, but Malik was one of our better defensemen out there tonite. Definitely not his worst game of the season, you must’ve been watching a taped game from October.
    And agreed, I’d like to see Immonen/Prucha get some PK time, especially when we have 12 penalties against us.

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Not Malik’s worst game – he wasn’t atrocious. But he wasn’t good either, many turnovers as Nakedjoe said already.

    And for all of you who think Rachunek sucks – (and the one person who said Rachunek actually makes Ozo worse) this one’s for you. He’s not the best out there but he can be decent – even affective, especially with a stay at home d-man.

  14. Malik is a pylon out there. Once in a great while he’ll stop a play but he’s even worse than last year. A product of Sather’s “rebuilding” program

  15. That was as good as a game as you’ll see a goalie play, Henrik had to make at least a dozen highlight reel saves in the first two periods alone. The defense was slow, and lazy nearly all night long, the forwards were beaten to the puck time after time. The Jagr line didn’t have one good shift in the entire game, and they still won thanks to Hank. Renney allotment of icetime for borderline crimnal how the frick does Hossa get more ice than Immo? Oh yeah he this amazing pker. Zubov imo looked better than ever, I don’t think there’s a better pp point man in the Nhl today. Zubov probably the most overlooked great dman of this era. Taking 11 penalties is ridiculous if not for Hank the score might be reversed heck if Smith could stop a beach ball the Stars probably win the game. Rachunek had to goals but he was awful in his own end as was Tyutin as was every dman. The good other than Henrik was the play of Immo and Cullen along with Hollweg’s energy one of the few times he got icetime.

  16. I cant beleive after the Rangers have a gut check of a win, pull out one they shouldnt have got, against a great defensive team giving up jsut about 2 goals a game, they get 5, and all you Rangers “fans” can do is bitch about things…whats the matter with you?? I bairly saw any prais for Lundqvist, or for the hustle of the second line, or even the 3rd line who had the puck deep almost every shift. Hall helped the PK tonght and for a guiy who is looking bad or worse, he did a good job halling the puck up ice shorthanded and made a great pass right on the tape of Rachunek for a shortie to tie the game…and others were palying well…Tyutin looked good for having the flu, and Ward as well just after being sick. Roszival is playing his best hockey as a Ranger IMHO, and Immo has 4 points in the last two games…stop complaining, not every game is perfect, not every win is great, thats what the Devils did for years, and people priase them, but the Rangers do it and I I see is so called fans bitchin and complainin…stop it…or stop watching is what I say

  17. A couple of things:
    Dallas announcers were impressed by Lundquist, but boy are they homers! Ludvig after the first period was ridiculous with his praise of how wonderful the Stars were. (Granted, I didn’t see the first period, and I know it was rough, but come on!)

    The best was when little Prucha hammered Lindros into the boards, the announcers said that Prucha bounced off of Lindros.

    BTW- Carolyn- You mentioned how Lindros didn’t play with heart for the Rangers. I know a lot of people like to dis Lindros, and he wasn’t nearly what we expected, but I think that he played hard and with class. He also carried our team for a while, until he would get his bell rung. I hated Lindros as a Flyer, but after his stint with the Rangers, I realized a lot of the whiny drama was caused by Boobie Clarke. The other guy I thought showed heart and was entertaining as hell was Theo Fleury. Another guy who had his problems and he did embarrass himself, but he always showed up to play when most of the Rangers were sleeping.

    Was Hollweg okay after the hit from behind? The Stars guys didn’t say a word.

    Barnaby is another guy I wouldn’t object to having around. He is a poor man’s Dacry Tucker. I think Hollweg can become like those guys, eventually.

  18. >>> No Lundqvist they lose 10-5 tonight.

    And yet they didn’t lose … and have won 5 games in a row … and since I got the Dallas feed they showed something interesting .. over the last 10 games the teams with the best winning percentage are

    1. Anaheim
    2. Bufallo
    3. San Jose
    4. NY Rangers

    …. But then .. you know … this game wasn’t pretty on the Rangers side and they cannot expect to win many games playing like this … Henrik was spectacular …

    They cannot take these number of penalties, they just can’t … BUT I am encouraged by the secondary scoring that we got …

    Rachunek for all his bonehead play in parts of this game had a GREAT hit on Lindros, a shorty, and a PP goal … then Cullen with two and Adam Hall had a great assist on Rachunek’s shorty …

    Overall I find it hard to complain about anything right now but I am certain that plenty will …

  19. barnaby had good hands and could get a regular shift….we dont have anybody gritty who can roll with a scoring line like that

  20. “he coughed up the puck in front of the net at least 3 times directly leading to scoring chances”

    Tyutins 2 penalties + Rachuneks 2 penalties + Wards 2 penalties + Kaspars one penalty = a shitload more scoring chances for Dallas compared to Malik’s mistakes. I’m not saying he was good, but it was definitely not his worst game of the year.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Blueshirts, very very fair assessment. Hossa gets more ice via PK’s alone. Ward’s been shakey for 3-4 weeks now and he (plus Tyutin) followed suit tonight. I hope they break that slump when they both break that bug. Malik slipped into old tendencies again — and Rozy wasn’t as solid as usual. Rachunek wasn’t anything to write home about neither.

    Cullen had a new found zip — definitely a little peppy’er tonight using his speed.

    Jagr’s non-chalant attitude concerns me. He looked like he didn’t even care tonight. I saw him hustle one shift.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “Zubov probably the most overlooked great dman of this era.”

    Truer words were never spoken. The problem is he was never number 1, or even number 2. But he has been in that 3-5 spot for the past 10 years.

  23. blueshirts2k6: first off your wrong…the top line had some good shifts down low, but the Dallas D stopped them from getting good chances…but they had some good shifts…also HOSSA IS ON THE DEFENSIVE LINE!!! He gfoes out agnst the others teams top players 5 on 5, AND he kills penalties…HELLO, Immo isnt on the special teams much, I tihnk he will get more time, but Renney is patient with young players, Immo had enough ice time to get two assists…and he looked good. He was out for important draws in the defensive zone, and he isnt needed on the PK really. He got a bit of PP time I think…but why rush him into it, let him settle in first 5 on 5 thats were he is REALLY needed…Hossa has a job, he dose it well, THATS why he gets more ice time when the rangers take what..12 penalties…he kills them off rather well.

  24. >>> Betts got more icetime than any other forward, Renney you are braindead

    You make me laugh, really you do … with your uninformed posts …. What does Betts do exactly … Do you know?

    Let’s think about it for a moment .. He’s a penalty killer and plays on the Rangers top checking line …

    We had to kill 12 PP’s … SO … gee, I wonder WHY Betts played so much tonight …

  25. “Betts got more icetime than any other forward, Renney you are braindead”

    Maybe because he was out there killing the 5 million penalties we had? Yeah he’s braindead, yet we just won 5 in a row.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ummm…yea, Betts warranted as much time as he got. Diddo – but last 2 guys beet me to that post.

  27. Forget it Evgeni .. this team can win 20 in a row and people would still call Renney an idiot and want Sather to be fired and blah blah blah, whine whine whine and complain some more … it doesn’t really matter …

  28. Renney Sucks!!! on

    Maybe because he was out there killing the 5 million penalties we had? Yeah he’s braindead, yet we just won 5 in a row.

    he got almost 10 minutes of even strenght icetime, and braindead Renney has nothing to do with those wins.

  29. Renney Sucks!!! : the only braindead one is you…who is one of the top PK guys and faceoff guys for the Rangers??? if you thought about that and how much time the rangers spent on the PK you would say Betts, and that means he gets alot more ice time. He had a good game, and he did his job VERY well…so you think he should be sat down more just to make you happy about the spread of icetime?? wahta the matter with people like you??? The rangers wind behind good team D and great ghoaltending, and people are ripping the PK guys and the defensive guys…what a joke…who should ahve gotten some of that ice time??

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The centers even strength time:
    Immo got 9:20, Betts 9:40, 11:23. Thats good ice sharing dude!!!

    …what do you want Renney to do? Ride Jagr into the ground like they did with leetch?? 30-32 minutes a night??

  31. Renney Sucks!!! on

    hey, Wildcard and all you pro Renney faggot losers when will you realise that you are idiots and that this coach sucks?

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    “Betts got more icetime than any other forward, Renney you are braindead”

    Betts is our number 1 PK guy, and there was 18 mins of PK, so yeah, I’d say it makes pretty good sense that he has so much ice time. To do otherwise would be braindead.

  33. Renney Sucks!!! GO AWAY !!! Renney had alot to do with that…he is the coach..silly…and Betts is out against the other teams top line…his line gets lots of min…it happens every night, most nights 5 on 5 his line gets 2nd most ice time since they go out aginst the other teams top lines…ANOTHER thing that most rangers fans prised the Devils for…now that the Rangers have a line to shutr down other teams everyone has a prob with the amount of ice time. You will say Reneny dosnt have to do with the win, but you want him to change things?? why, if he dosnt have anything to do with it, why chanbge it the players are winning like this.

  34. Renney Sucks!!! : nice…what a ewaist of space you are…you dont happen to live here in COlorado do ya??

  35. I seriously think that half the posters on here watch games and wait until we lose so they can call Renney an idiot and try to give comments on how they would do a lot better. When we win the cup this year, I can’t wait for you guys to jump on the Renney bandwagon. But “Renney Sucks!!!” is right, the coach never has anything to do with those wins. Were/are you the kid who always blamed the teacher when you failed a test?

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Renney Sucks – if you have an opinion, that’s one thing. Using a deragatory term has no place in it. I am ignoring what you say and am asking others to do the same because words like that don’t belong anywhere near this forum.

  37. Sam,

    What did Dolan have to say? Just blind confidence in Sather? What did Renney say to his players post-game? Also, I remember at the start of the season there was a lot of talk about Jagr and his loss of “9 pounds of muscle”. Any word on whether he’s gained back this mythical muscle mass?

    Don’t know how it’s going to happen, but Prucha does need more ice time, and not on the PK alone. Then again, that game was absurd with the penalties, almost all of which were legit. Our D corps is just too slow…

    Oh, and that Prucha hit on Lindros was sweet — except it’s as if a huge hit by a Ranger disturbs the other Rangers more than the players on the other team. The Rangers reacted to that hit as if they were stunned, and slightly scared, by it. Panic ensued, then a penalty (shocker).

    Say what you want about Sam Rosen and Co., but, man, do most other cities’ announcers suck. Dallas included.

  38. How bout after he has a loseing season with this team…he had a winnig record last years, and so far this year…when wil you look at whats going on RIGHT NOW instead of being a braindead idiot

  39. Wildcard if there’s anyone that knows less about Hockey than James Dolan it’s you. Doodie Zubov was a #2 dman here until Colin Campbell ran him outta town. Zubov has been a #1 dman for the Stars the last ten years, but gets no press cause of where he plays.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It is funny how the bashers dissapear after a hard-fought win. Granted, i’ll give the credit where its due (as this game was won on the shoulders of Lundqvist) – but all in all it was a good game against a very sound opponent.

    …and yet, people will still find a way to bash: Renney, Hossa, Rachunek, Malik, Hall…hell, somehow Kevin Weekes will probably make someone’s rampage.

  41. Oh yeah:

    Great hip check by Tyutin.
    Walk on water game for Lundy.
    Immo: another two points. I think he can stay, huh?
    Rangers Power Play on the Rachunek goal was amazing the way they moved. Not a lot of standing still.

  42. Renney Sucks!!! on

    Doodie, Wildcard, Evgeni etc. you are all clueless and braindead keep singing (or typing) that Rangers victory song that Doodie Granger is so fond of.

  43. Also…did anyone notice that Rachunek was on the PP point alot more tonight?? And it paid off…not sure how they are setting up, and how much time he got, but at least twice I saw him on the point on the PP, maybe it was just after his gaol, and Renney likes rewarding guys like that.

  44. You have to be an Islander fan. At least I know the Rangers will have a better goalie than you guys for 15 years.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Blueshirts- I wasn’t talking about on a team, I was talking about in the league. He’s definitely a number 1 d-man for any team in the league other than Detroit or Anaheim.

  46. For those of you who think some of us are bashing Renney and Sather too much, remember the collapse at the end of last season. Renney is using the same formula this season and is very likely it will lead to the same end of season collapse.

    If it was a 20 or 30 game schedule, Renney’s formula might work but not for an 82 game schedule.

    He doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He is a friggin idiot!

  47. Renney Sucks!!!: seriously…go away…you dont have anything constructive to say once someone counters your point, all you do is jump on people, not thie thoughts or opinions…you ripp Renny personaly like you know the guy…be an adult, I went over the line a couple times myself,Im sorry to you and everyone else on this Blog for that. But it shoudlnt be here, if you are going to talk crap about people like you know them jsut because their opinion isnt the same as yours, you dont belong in a formum like this.

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I have to say, if Renney played Jagr as much as you want him to get played, “Renney Sucks”, then we would have lost and Renney can then be certified as a completely useless coach in this league. IS he the best coach, heck no. I personally dislike him. Did he coach a decent game tonight (barring the inability to stop his players from taking phantom penalties), YES!!

    Renney Sucks…if you haven’t read all the posts the other guys have listed then you should. Betts is a defensive specialist and HE WILL get alot of ice time on PK’s and on EV against top lines to shut down the opponent…no matter if Renney, Scotty Bowman, or God himself is coaching this team.

  49. lennynyr : so the only scoreing guy on the rangers will have an injury late in the year, and the starting netminder will develope a nearly crippling condition (at least for a goali) but wiat, there isnt just one line now, or one player, and the goalie has some more experiance and knows about the condition that could start up. Difrent team, formula will come out difrent…I jsut dont see anything near the same this yera as last…I dont get it…

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    The Olympics caused the collapse. The olympics schedule was so hard and grueling and we had so many players that were in it that our team burned out down the stretch from how hard it was to go through that. Another example: Detroit.

    No olympics this year, no problem.

  51. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, great point. Lundqvist came back exhausted and with what a hip/shoulder issue? Kaspar came back with the abdominal and shoulder injuries. Jagr took that jarring hit from Ruutu. Rucinsky busted his finger around that time (or shortly after).

  52. Wildcard your spelling is on par with Lindsey Lohan’s spelling in that missive she wrote a week ago. Doodie true he’s never won a Norris, and likely never will, but imo he’s a borderline hall of famer.

  53. I guess the Rangers players were the only guys that played in the Olympics , no other team had players or issues oh wait Ottawa with Hasek.

  54. RenneySucks=Vinny Pooh= Mr. Rothma.
    Rothma was a Blueshirt Bulletin Board poster who basically got run off the board.
    Immediately after, Vinny Pooh showed up here with the same tirades.
    Pooh disappears after dropping references to Nazis and pedophiles.
    Then RenneySucks shows up and calls anyone who doesn’t agree with him “Pro Renney Faggot Losers.”
    Hmmm. Common denominator of these three (there was another, but he only posted once uner that name) guys: They all have a personal vendetta against Betts and Renney.(Straka, too, but after Straka’s points caught up with his effort, even he realized it was a folly to criticize him any more.)

    And I didn’t even read Sherlock Holmes as a kid!

    I’m sure we’ll have a new antagonistic, bitter poster tomorrow and he’ll build upto claiming that Renney is an Islamic terrorist who masterminded 9/11.

    Your credibility is Zero, especially after complaining about Betts getting the most icetime in a game with 12 penalties and after most people (I think one of your identities as well) complain that our four horsemen play too much.

    And before you call me a “Renney Lover”, I disagree with a lot of his moves. But the bottom line is, I’m not the coach. I’m allowed to disagree with him, but as much as the lack of physicality annoys me, I’m not going to take it to a personal level.

    So I await your childish response. (Although your response to Evengi was pretty dang funny, I have to admit!)

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hahaha – blueshirts, I admire the sarcasm. But the Rangers and Wings struggled the most after the olympics and they both, coincidentally, had 5/6 players make it into the medal rounds…or, perhaps, it was more than mere coincidence. Prucha was getting over a knee injury, unrelated to the olympics. So, Rangers caught a bit of the injury bug last year.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brilliant deduction, Sherlock…err, Colorado Mark.


    I knew there was something that stank with all those posts.

  57. They gave up over 40 shots and took 11 penalties. How I’m I supposed to be happy about that? Great they won but they can’t keep doing that because they won’t win these games. They played like crap and if not for HL they get blown out. But I’m supposed to be happy because just about everyone in front of HL looked slow and disinterested.

  58. Wildcard

    When you overwork players, they are more susceptible to injury. With all the minutes Jagr’s line is getting plus overworking Shanahan, it’s bound to catch up.

    If he would give the other guys more minutes and less to the top guys, they would be in better condition towards the end of the season. If he doesn’t trust his guys enough, then he should get rid of them and try some of the kids in Hartford.

    Look how effective Immonen has been since he come up and Renney only gives him 9 minutes??

    I don’t get that you don’t get it.

  59. The Wings were knocked out early because Legace proved once and for all he’s a backup goalie , and Shanny was worn down in the playoffs, and the younger forwards didn’t produce.

  60. I believe a year ago or so Colin Campbell a once marginal dman, and an even worse coach bragged about running Zubov out of town in an interview.

  61. Doodie

    “The Olympics caused the collapse.”

    The Olympics certainly exacerbated the collapse but it was a team wearing out beforehand, caused by Renney’s inept coaching that was the main culprit.

    Other teams sent players to the Olympics and didn’t collapse. The Rangers sent the most but that’s a lame excuse.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    “Zubov will make the Hall of Fame�

    Renney won’t.

    Neither of them will.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    “Other teams sent players to the Olympics and didn’t collapse. The Rangers sent the most but that’s a lame excuse.”

    They had all of their top players go. ALL of them. No other team came close except Detroit, and SUPRISE! they were out in the first round also.

  64. Blueshirts

    The Rangers have had braindead management for a long time. They got it right in 1994 so what happens?? Keenan walks, Gutowski is let go and Paramount bought out by the evil CVC and so begins the dark days of the Dolan regime.

  65. President and general manager Glen Sather isn’t going anywhere, Dolan said. “He’s built a real fine organization. Not just players, it’s the coaching staff, the medical staff, we’ve got the best goalie coach (Benoit Allaire) in the league….[Sather] essentially has an open-ended ticket…he can stay as long as he likes.”


    Coach Tom Renney isn’t on thin ice either. “I think you have to be pretty happy with Tom Renney,” Dolan said. Renney’s contract, which was to end this season, was extended at the end of last year, Dolan revealed.

    Acquiring a high-salaried veteran at the trade deadline is possible. The salary cap “makes the farm system more important…. ‘Do we have a youngster who’s up and coming?’ that’s what I ask first. But if you need a year from a veteran, we can do that,” Dolan said.

  66. Renney Sucks!!! on

    Colorado Mark you are a loser who needs to get a life, you post and read every Ranger forum, board and blog. Get another hobby, like read a book, do something useful.

    as for Betts and Renney, yeah there must be only one guy that thinks they stink, which they do royally, Sherlock, too bad you haven’t deducted that one.

  67. Renney Sucks!!! on

    ““Zubov will make the Hall of Fameâ€?

    Renney won’t.”

    unless they need someone to clean toilets once Doodie resigns

  68. “”””””Acquiring a high-salaried veteran at the trade deadline is possible. The salary cap “makes the farm system more important…. ‘Do we have a youngster who’s up and coming?’ that’s what I ask first. But if you need a year from a veteran, we can do that,â€? Dolan said.””””””””

    and guess who will be trying to peddle his over-the-hill, overpaid vets to the Rangers? JD, that’s who.

    please spare us from another Rucinsky encore.

  69. Renney Sucks!!! on

    and guess who will be trying to peddle his over-the-hill, overpaid vets to the Rangers? JD, that’s who.

    please spare us from another Rucinsky encore.

    ouch, and I bet the likes of Prucha and Dawes are going the other way, and all the idiot fans will be ok and even defending these trades.

  70. Zubov will make the Hall of Fame. Look at Borje Salming’s numbers and then take a look at Zubov’s. They will be around the same when Zubov calls it quits. That is just one example.

  71. Tom Renney is in the bottom 3rd of NHL coaches.

    Great instructor, but so was my gym teacher.
    He has zero feel for the ebb and flow of a game, none.

    They are certainly playing well though, and alot of it has to do with timing. To say Hitchcock couldn’t coach circles around Tom Renney is assinine, but Renney doesn’t deserve to be fired, he broke a 7 year playoff drought and has them 8 games over .500 nearing Christmas.

    Big W tonight, some have to be messy like this one.

  72. and Zubov played a large part of his career in a defense first NHL while a player like Salming did not.

  73. that’s exactly what JD is going to be looking for, young players to try to resuscitate that franchise.

  74. Renney Sucks- You’re right, How could I have been so stupid. I’m going to go read a book. I am so sorry to have misjudged your brilliance. Your insightful posts have enlightened me and your willingness to engage in open minded debates without venomous attacks has been inspirational to all of us here. Don’t you get it that your opinions wouldn’t bother people if you would just talk hockey (as monotnous as they might become, many of your points are valid) and drop all the immature name calling.

    I’m sure glad I didn’t touch a nerve.

    And how would you know I read and post at every Ranger forum unless you do the same? I have mentioned Blueshirt Bulletin (I admit I have posted at three. Damn, I am a loser!). At least I stick to one name.

  75. Barret Jackman is the type of crease clearing dman we need and Sather would never trade for plus he young, he’ll find his new Bozolinsh maybe Ric Jackman.

  76. Renney Sucks!!! on

    “And how would you know I read and post at every Ranger forum ”

    it is pretty obvious, a loser like you has nothing else besides posting and reading on hockey boards, you all post the same thing and think you are very objective and know a lot about hockey, but all you are are just shallow fools with too much time on your hands. If you happen to fall off a mountain somewhere in Colorado I am sure nobody will miss your ass except Evgeni Watson.

  77. Renney Sucks!!! on

    BTW, who didn’t doubt that Blues would suck when instead of rebuilding they started signing a ton of crappy vets, JD is a moron that still doesn’t get that you need to rebuild with youth.

  78. Renney Sucks!!! : you know whats really funny…JD wasnt involved in signing those vets that are their..most of tehm had contracts…and now at teh deadline I bet teh team lets as many go, just liek the Rangers did to start their rebuild. Also…you shoudl ask ColoradoMark the list of players he had a hand in couching in one way or another…he dosnt brag about it, but from what I have picked up reading his posts, his is one of the more knowlegible hockey people who spends time on these boards and blogs. I spend alot of time on these pages, not because I am a loser, but because I enjoy NY Rangers hockey and teh NHL. If its such a loser thing to do, than why dont you leave us loser to our stuff and go away. I apoliogised for going over teh line, and you just tried harder to keep going over the line…and COMark made you look silly. go go CO ;)

  79. Wildcard JD re-signed Tkachuk, signed Weight, signed and gave Rucinsky a no-trade as well as Guerin all horrible moves, stop being a shill and open your eyes.

  80. *Sam:*
    Again I have to complain about this 3 stars of the game thing.

    Lundqvist OK
    Cullen OK
    Ribero? WTF?

    Rachenuk played his *only* great game of the season, recording 2 goals! (one of which was shorthanded, pretty good for for a defenseman), his first 2 goal game of his career by the way,…and he gets snuffed out by…Ribero? who managed only 1 *assist on a 5 on 3 goal!* (wow thats really hard) Cmon, do the people deciding the 3 stars even try? and they awake? Hello..,Mcfly?!

  81. blueshirts2k6 : except JD didnt sign them…the GM did…and I am betting that JD told him to do what he felt was right…I thought he was the president NOT the GM….those guys were in contract talks before he got there…and some they neded to re-sign. Rucinsky I dont agree with the no trade, but anyway, he didnt have a hand in their signings to much i would magine…thats teh GM’s job.

  82. Zubov deserved to be one of the stars of the game as he was the second best player in tonight’s game. Yeah Rachunek had two goals, but he was still a trainwreck in his own end as usual.

  83. Wildcard all the guys that signed mentioned Jd being the reason they signed, and the fact that he talked them into coming to the Blues. Pleau is a figurehead that will be scapegoated after the season, Jd took lessons from Sather on how to do that.

  84. Renney Sucks!!! on

    JD signed Dvorak, Weight, Guerin, Rucinsky, McKee, Legace, Drake, Cajanek, and Hinote. JD really unloaded a huge hard on he has been carrying for years, now he can finally be the Man and not just a talking sock puppet with Dolan’s hand up his ass.

  85. I am happy that the Rangers won and sit in first place.

    I am even happier that Immonen had another 2 assists and whatever else he brings, he’s managed to help get ullen going and help turn our second line into a second line.

    I was very impressed with Rachunek’s two goals because he did a nice job of locating his shots both times. I remain unimpressed by his defenseive play.

    I am also very happy that our franchise goalie looks more and more like our franchise goalie every day.

    But for the majority of you to look at this game and find nothing to complain about is unsettling. I don’t think Renney coached poorly – in fact, he did a great job distributing ice time. And although Jagr’s line was a no-show, with all the penalties I think its difficult for them to really get into a flow. Most concerning to me was that the team just didn’t come to play last night. Their game really lacked an edge, overall, and I think that even though yes, you do need a goalie who can steal one for you here and there, the Rangers need to play a better team game or they won’t go very far.

    Bottom line is there are a ton of good things going on out there right now, but the one thing that always bugged me the most – them not being ready to play – happened again last night. It best not continue.

  86. Some things i liked about the game:

    – Kasparaitis flattening a Dallas player during the 1st period melee in front of the King

    – Rachunek’s 2 goals, the breakaway showed great instincts and patience, the 2nd was a good slapper from a good position after some great puck movement

    – Cullen’s 2 goals, the first was luck from throwing the puck on net, the 2nd showed good foot speed and skills

    – Renney spreading the ice time, the only reason Betts got so much was the amount of PK time, which is prob the reason PP and Immo didn’t get much time

    p.s. We won, we beat Dallas, on the road, we’re on a win streak, 10 points from 10, we’re top of the Atlantic…so for God’s sake be happy…!!!!!!!!

  87. The top line didnt show up BUT we put up 5 goals with 3 from defensemen. Immonen, does not make spectacular plays but always finds the open guy, he really makes that second line go. We are really getting that secondary scoring now and with Henrik playing like that, we are tough to beat.

  88. How is the first line supposed to “show” when every other shift they have to sit down for an extra 2 minutes while our PK is on the ice. What makes a line “show” anyway? Because they didnt put up any numbers? They got the puck deep in the Dallas zone all night. I would’ve loved to see them score, but when you’re on the PK every other shift, it really is hard to get some flow. I think calling them a “no-show” is a little strong. They were just flat-footed, but then again so was the entire defense. It was an awkward game, and I’m not concerned with it (because I love RENNEY SO MUCH!). Hopefully Weekes and Henke can keep up the good work while our team “no-shows.”

  89. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Lenny: Immo had 2 less even strength minutes than Nylander had!! Nylander had another 5 minutes of specialty teams (basically power-play) time. But, how much more do you want Renney to play him? Immo hasn’t played NHL level PK, he’s not the fleetest of foot either, so he may never play NHL PK.

    As far as Renney not playing Immo and Prucha on a second power-play unit I think thats a great question for the great Tom Renney (sarcasm). I would like to have seen the 4th line (namely Hollwegg for hitting and Prucha, to get him some confidence) with a little more ice time but, all-in-all, this turned into a specialty teams game and Renney did a decent job managing his players ice time.

  90. Lets see if the CVC policy of lying to the fans about what’s really going on will result in ramifications for Bruce Bertlet the straight shooting Hartford Courant reporter. He had to nerve to post an article titled “Rangers Misusing Some Young Players”. Right now he’s persona non grata at the buffet table, if it’s more, we’ll know why.

    We have a very evil empire running things at MSG. Dolan has to be the biggest idiot owner in professional sports.

    Speaking of MSG, what happened to all the ushers that would keep fans in the tunnels until there was a time out, seat you if requested and keep order in case of unruly behavior? DOes it have anything to do with the fact the CVC is the owner??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  91. RW&B

    Immonen is the best 2nd line center on the roster right now and should be out there whenever Shanahan is, except when Shanahan is killing penalties which Renney should cut down on.

    Last night there were just too many penalties. The refs suck but can’t use that as an excuse for so many lazy penalties like the two Wards committed. Too lazy to be on the move, both used their sticks to hook and slash as the opposing player skated right past them.

  92. The reason why we are ALL not rejoicing is that while the 10 points in the standing are something to be happy about this 5 game stretch could easily have been 2-2-1 instead of 5-0-0, because even the game against the Flyers the Rangers didn’t lock it up tight. While we ARE winning, IMO we are still not playing like a cup contender. The penalties are killing us, our tendancy to back into the net is driving me nuts, but the biggest thorn in my side after watching last night is WHY! OH, WHY!!! Did we ever give up Zubov?!?!? Imagine Zubov instead of Malike or Ozolinsh, what a difference that would make.

  93. “Speaking of MSG, what happened to all the ushers that would keep fans in the tunnels until there was a time out, seat you if requested and keep order in case of unruly behavior?”

    I was at the game against Florida, those ushers are still there. Not sure about the 400’s or 300’s, but I was in the 200’s and they were in every tunnel.

  94. CO MARK….Thanks for the perfect response. When I saw the attack on you here, I was immediately excited about reading your response. You did not dissapoint. RENNEY SUCKS….I don’t know what your problem is, but I hope you get some help. In the meantime, perhaps you can find something else to do besides ruining this blog. Your screen name is the first clue that you don’t know what you are talking about. Want Ron Low back? Bryan Trottier?

  95. Renney Sucks!!! on

    lets face it, sports fans are suckers and mostly are dimwits who have nothing better to do in life that be glued to TV or stand in a huge line all night long to get some playoff tickets. Yes I am not proud that I got sucked into watching sports, but at least I limited myself to only 1 sport and 1 team(that constantly betrayed and disappointed me) and I am caring less and less, but for those losers that follow multiple sports and teams and post and read multiple message boards it is probably too late and they will probably brainwash their kids into being suckers like they are and teach them to sing mindlessly the Rangers victory song.

  96. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Dude, you have problems. I suggest one thing…instead of posting here and at blueshirt bulletin…check out this website:


    You’ll find some psychologists there, that MAY be able to help you.

  97. Renney Sucks – How do you know posts are being deleted unless their yours?? I do agree with most of your views but please, tone it down a bit. Sam is doing a great job and is a great conduit between us and the Ranger team. Let’s not make Sam sorry he started this. I have been like you on sites I didn’t respect so I know where you are coming from.

    If you really want to spout your anger, go to Rodent’s site or Bird’s site where they deserve it, Sam doesn’t.

  98. Renney Sucks!!! on

    “Renney Sucks – How do you know posts are being deleted unless their yours??”

    I know at least mine were deleted

    I will post here till I get banned, I love getting banned by stupid people that can’t handle the truth. And Lenny, don’t worry, this place is not that far away from Rodent, or Bird or Fish or any other douchebag.

  99. Renney sucks:

    Don’t know Fish but I can say that Rodent’s and Bird’s site are not the same as this one. I’ve voiced my opinion of those two, especially Rodent, so no need to repeat it but you are totally wrong about Sam. He is different. Why? Because he deals directly with Ranger management and provided this blog to allow us to get involved.

    I might be a bit tougher than Sam when interviewing Renney, Sather etc. but that would probably be my last one. :)

    As someone, a friend of mine, said on here, stick to softball and let Sam stick to reporting.

    Think about it. Go easier here. Not in your opinions, calling Renney a friggin idiot is no problem as far as I can see but insulting other people commenting here is over the line as well as them doing it to you.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    “Dolan has to be the biggest idiot owner in professional sports.”

    Look across the Sound. Charles Wang?

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks lenny for trying to calm Renney Sucks down. While I am almost always at ends with you, you’re spot on there.

  102. Doodie,

    What??? Can’t you see that Wang has a new unique novel way to run a team?? :)))

    Comparing Wang to Dolan doesn’t change Dolan’s suckitude level.

    As long as we just differ in opinions, no problem here. I’ll try to convert you. I can see I’ll have my hands full!!


  103. Sam!! You laid a bomb on your last sentence there!!!

    QUOTE:Meanwhile, how’s this for a vote of confidence for Sandis Ozolinsh? With their own debilitating stomach ailments, both Fedor Tyutin and Aaron Ward are each a stiff wind from keeling over, and yet they’re both more appealing to Renney than Ozolinsh right now.

    I’d hold on to that No. 24 jersey if I were you. It might be worth something on Ebay pretty soon….END QUOTE.

  104. Dolan imo is the worst owner in Sports history he destroyed two once proud franchises, and has screwed the fans badly. Doodie if you see Dolan in any other way then you are on his payroll.

  105. Doodie:

    That’s the point. By bringing Wang into this and claiming he’s worse than Dolan sounds to me that you recognize how bad Dolan is but want to use Wang as an excuse to give Dolan a pass like you would a wayward child who you can’t fae is really bad.

    Try this, drop Wang out of the picture, he has nothing to do with the Rangers, and just consider Dolan as a lone entity.

    Believe me, I feel the pain of this Dolan regime. I probably have been watching this team long before you were born and I know pain.

  106. It is quite obvious that the development of young players is impossible with Tom Renney as the coach. In my opinion he should be fired but he wont be fired due to poor management.(The same people that refuse to fire Isiah Thomas) Tom Renney refuses to let the kids play. Look at Thomas Pock for an example. This kid is at least the second best defensemen on the Rangers. He has offensive skills that only one other Rangers defensemen has.(Michal Rozsival. 90 percent of the he is scratched for Darius Kasparaitis who takes awful penalties and apparently was not good enough to play the first 20 games or so. As soon as Malik is able to play he is going to continue to be scratched. Last night Ryan Callahan was called up for an emergency start type situation. In the third period he had 5 minutes of ice time. I know there were penalties but 5 minutes in 2 periods is absurd. It is clear we are stuck with Mr. Renney because Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundvist had AMAZING years last year. Henrik and Jaromir made Tom Renney seem like a genius last year but anyone could have won wiht Jagr and Henrik playing like they did.

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