Soon they’ll have a full line


If you hadn’t already heard, Michael Nylander’s wife has gone into labor with the couple’s sixth child and the center has left the game to join her at the hospital.

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  1. oh, btw, you know Immonen, and is 4 minutes or whatever, of icetime is going to be sent down after this game.


    why are so few people on the Fire Renney train. we need some more.

  2. ummm 6 kids? excellent! that is a LOT of kids, but hey, if you can, do.

  3. >>> Some team player is he…

    I hope that this wasn’t a dis at Nylander, and it was posted in jest … Because in the grand scheme of things this hockey game? Was just that .. A GAME! It does not take priority over the birth of a child …

    congratulations to Nylander, a baby girl *clap*

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Jagr is bad on breakaways, he always has been. He knows it. His strong suit is onetimers and utilizing screens. Cullen came to a dead stop because he was paralyzed.

  5. jagr sucks at pk’s, but how could he let stonehands shoot ahead of him. id rather kaspar try one than cullen

  6. >>> How did Marc-Andre Fleury not get a star?

    Henrik faced a lot more shots, had harder saves and Shanny scored two goals and Crosby the lone PIT goal so there’s your answer

  7. Jagr’s shoulder must still be troubling him. If not, weird move.

    Why Cullen and not Prucha? Cullen is a waste. Actually both Cullen and Hall have been bad moves. When will Aaron Ward stop giving the puck away? He hasn’t been that great either.

    Sather makes some great acquisitions, doesn’t he. Except for Shanahan, who really sought out the Rangers to sign him, Sather should have hid under the 42nd Street bridge.

    Instead of Cullen, Hall, Ruchunek, Rosival, and A. Ward we’d have Dawes, Immonen, Pock, Baranka and Girardi. Think we’d have a better team?

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Just put your stick on the puck and don’t get down on your luck, it’s the Rangers victory song…

    Feels like I haven’t said that in forever.

    Ward has been in a slump recently, but before then he was the best defenseman on the team this year.

    PS, Tampa Bay is DESTROYING hotlanta 8-0.

  9. Inferno HE got alot more min and ended up on the 1st line…so just stuff the Renney hate crap!! lennynyr ::: I am wondering if Hall has shownn in pratice that he can score on King or something, and good one on one and stuff, thats something we as fanst cant see SAM, do the Rangers pratice the SO in pratice, and if so dose hall look good. JAGR: im glad he wasnt in the first 3 of the SO he isnt good at it or on breakaways…he scored by using his size and strength and moveing across and ripping his shot…the rangers have much better SO guys IMHO, also some players who arnt goo5 on 5 or on the PP are good going 1 on 1 with the Netminder

  10. Doodie Machetto no cullen stopped hpeing Flurey would go down and give him something…same thing Crosby did to KING, but I bet you think it was a great move by Crosby and a bad one by Cullen huh

  11. yea but cullen cant buy a goal in any situation…bad choice when you need 2 points against a division rival

  12. Birthday Suit Joe,

    I was just mentioning the players who Sather signed for this season. Rosival was one of them. Malik was signed last year.

    But I do agree with you, I’d rather have Rosival than Malik.

  13. Okay, so maybe Kaspar (and everyone else) looked frozen on the crosby goal, but that was exceptional. I thought he had a pretty good game, with a few nice hits. Also, his passing seemed a heck of a lot crisper than any of the other defensemen’s have been all year. For a first game back, good on him.

    And, damn, the Rangers managed to squeak back in. That was a positive thing.

    Go Rangers!

  14. Wildcard, actually Cullen and Crosby looked like twins on their shootout attempts although I think Cullen was a little slower and didn’t get off as good a shot as Crosby.

  15. KASPER looked goof for sitting as long as he did…and 100% better than his last game he played. So he got beat by a kid who will be challanging for the lead leauge in points…and if a Rangers, lets say Jagr did the same thing, it would be a great move and goal by him not the other teams bad D…so just remember it was a GREAT play by Crosby, and he probably noticed who he was comeing in on, knowing he hasnt played in a while and attacked him…wouldnt shock me with a player of that skill

  16. at least kaspar threw some body checks, more than Bozo has done all season.

    kaspar looked like he got more comfortable as the game went on.

    and Henrik was excellent.

  17. question should be why hall and not prucha. i actually like the cullen move there as renney was just trying to give him some confidence and see what its like putting the puck in the net, however im surprised that neither prucha nor straka was up next. hall?!?!? just weird. jagr can’t score on breakaways he knows it we all know it so why waste a shot.

  18. Wildcard.

    our 2nd line center, while we were playing down our first line center mind you, got a grand total of 11:29 of ice time.

    to put it another way, the only players who got less ice time are our 30 goal scorer from a year ago, Hollweg, and Nylander who left for his daughters birth.

    till me again your argument?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    The differences between the Cullen and the Crosby(which was also not very good):

    1) Cullen came to almost a dead stop much higher in the zone than Crosby
    2) Crosby tried to fake, feint, and juke to get Henrik to commit, Cullen looked like a deer in headlights

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    The one defense of his lower ice time is that there were a lot of penalties and he didn’t see special teams time. Which I don’t think is much of a defense, because he should’ve gotten some PP time. But, I think he got a good amount of even strength for his season debut. They won a game that they looked like they were gonna lose, so I’m not going to question assignments.

  21. ok, he got 9:39 of EV strength time. wanna compare that to the rest of the team?

    only players who got less even strength ice time than him…
    Hall, Prucha (6:54!!!!) and Hollweg.

    sorry, the defense just doesnt work. Renney continues to mismanage his players, and the ice time given out. How can anyone let him off the hook for this. we were playing without our top center!!!!!!!!

    this means all the centers should get more ice time, and that should START with our supposed #2 center to start the game, one would think.

    And its not like Immonen was terrible out there, he was pretty good, and saved the GWG with a great backcheck.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree, Immonen should have played a bit more, but again, they won, so I’m not complaining. I’d rather take the win we have then more Immonen time and a what if. That said, I would like to see him get more ice time on Saturday, and Cullen dropped from the 2nd line to the 4th. I think Sam is a bigger threat offensively at this point.

  23. See, Doodie, thats the problem, at least to me. This team played just terrible hockey for 40 minutes, was poorly coached for almost the entire game, and really won because of 2 really outstanding individual performances, Henrik, and Shanahan. Seriously, w/o those 2, this one is a throw away laugher.

    We play like this, 9 times out of 10 we lose, and i bet 6 times out of 10 its in a blowout.

    Im very unhappy about this. I tend to look more at the performance than the result, which is why im not one of the people harping on Pruchas lack of scoring. The effort and play is still there, hes just not scoring, i can live with that. but when you have poor performances compounded with poor coaching decisions compounded with wins, it actually is worse than a loss, because you get complacent, and bad habits and attitudes develop.

    Id rather lose 82 games and play smart, hard, smart, physical, smart, 2-way, did i mention smart? hockey than win 82 games because of a few individual standout efforts.

  24. Actually I found out that Cullen’s wife was also delivering so he left the game after the 5 minute overtime. The Rangers were desperate and who walks by but Sam. They grab him and suited him up in Cullen’s uniform, then sent him out there for the shootout.

    Didn’t anybody recogize the stone hands????

  25. the Renney system is “ride your horse until it drops”

    and with 10 games in 17 days, a lot of them may be heading to the glue factory.

  26. Inferno, that’s noble how into smart, pure hockey you are, but get real, this isn’t a little league team or an inspirational movie. Enjoy winning, it’s not a bad thing. When was the last time 17,000 people jumped up and felt collective joy and exchanged high fives with strangers over “smart”? Enjoy Rangers wins. It’s fun.

  27. sorry, i dont work that way. if i see things that bother me, i dont turn a blind eye. dont get me wrong, ill take the 2points, but i am by no means satisfied with the way the team played.

  28. I thought Kaspar got stronger as the game went on, he looked terrible on the Crosby goal , but looked very strong in the third and ot. Kaspar threw some punishing hits and even got a nasty crosscheck in on Cindy Crosby. Pock deserves to get in the lineup over the badly struggling Ward or Rachunek.

  29. Chris, when someone uses the phrase, “i dont work that way” what they are trying to say is, their internal processes do not function the manner described previously. Like if someone says, hey, just cheat on your test, and i say “i dont work that way” what it means is….see, now im bordering on extreme egotism, and thats not who i am. you can say whatever stuff you want, but the way i “work” (on the inside) just doesnt allow me to be satisfied when the team i love plays like dog crap, and still wins. that doesnt work for me.

  30. Blueshirt2k6:

    I agree, as much as i got on him over the crosby goal, he definately played better as the game went on, but his lack of foot speed is going to eventually become an issue. but as long as hes physical, and getting under peoples skin, he serves a purpose and can, and should, stay in the lineup. the problem is before, he was SO slow (and even many times tonight) that he couldnt catch up to the people to hit them. this time he punished them when they were stationary, as he should, and played a more mean, nasty game. THAT is the kaspar i want.

  31. “…and with 10 games in 17 days, a lot of them may be heading to the glue factory.”

    What is it about old horses, and hockey players, that make them ideal candidates for a glue factory??

    How old do you have to be to produce super glue??

    I know this is a hockey blog but inquiring minds (at least mine) wants to know!

  32. immonen got almost 12 minutes last night?? well then i can’t complain. its his first game of the year and he wasn’t glued to the bench all night. there were also tons of pp’s and pk’s so what can you do. renney figured why mess with all the lines keep these guys together and lets go. im glad he got the ice time he did but he is not a second line center imo though he looks like a very solid 3rd or a great 4th.

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